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Interplanetary Bridge from Un autre monde (1844) by Grandville
Interplanetary Bridge from Un autre monde (1844) by Grandville
Venus at the Opera (1844) by Grandville (French, 1803 – 1847)
Venus at the Opera (1844) by Grandville (French, 1803 – 1847)
"Les poisson d’avril" (1844) by Grandville, see April fish
"Les poisson d’avril" (1844) by Grandville, see April fish

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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Un autre monde (Another World)[1] is an illustrated book by French illustrator Grandville, first published in 1844 by H. Fournier. The text was written anonymously by Taxile Delord under the supervision of Grandville.

The book is subtitled Transformations, visions, incarnations, ascensions, locomotions, explorations, pérégrinations, excursions, stations, cosmogonies, fantasmagories, rêveries, folâtreries, facéties, lubies, métamorphoses, zoomorphoses, lithomorphoses, métempsycoses, apothéoses et autres choses.

The book features 34 chapters and more than 180 enigmatic illustrations with puzzling captions. It was published in 1843 in 36 weekly installments and the following year in book form.



Un autre monde describes and depicts a parallel world, observed by three demiurges named Dr. Krackq, Dr. Puff and Dr. Hahblle.

Each also travels within this world, describing its people and their customs. Puff visits the Earth; Krackq, the sea; and Hahblle, the sky. Obviously, the "other" world is a thinly-veiled parody of our own.[2]

Grandville sends the three demiurges on excursions through space and time during which time they make the most incredible observations. In the last chapter, the three meet again on earth, deliver a scathing review of the existing world and build a steam-powered Noah's Ark to colonize a new world.


Sir John Tenniel and many cartoonists from Punch borrowed very heavily from his imagery.

The fantastic metamorphoses of plants, animals and humans caused him to be revindicated as a surrealist avant la lettre by Breton.

Surrealist artist Max Ernst produced a frontispiece for a 1963 fascimile edition of Un autre monde entitled Hommage à Granville (subtitled A New World is Born - Praised be Grandville!).


Charles Baudelaire, who thought little of the art of Grandville, wrote on him in 1857: "This man, with superhuman courage, has spent his life rebuilding creation. He took it in his hands, turned it around, twisted it, rearranged it, commented upon it and explained it, thus turning nature into an Apocalypse" (see Baudelaire on Grandville in Quelques caricaturistes français).

The philosopher Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) in Arcades Project, his study of early capitalism, saw in Grandville's drawings, especially in Another World, a glorification of commodity fetishism: "The enthronement of the commodity ... is the secret theme of Grandville's art" and "if the commodity has become a fetish, Grandville is its sorcerer-priest." (translation mine)

The Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch denoted Grandville as a "schizophrenic petty bourgeois" whose ridicule had produced only "utopian nonsense."


Chapters include:

1 La Clé Des Champs. 2 Apothéose Du Docteor Puff. 3 L'Univers Au Scrutin. 4 Concert A La Vapeur. 5 La Rhubarbe Et Le Séné. 6 La Terre En Plan. 7 A Vol Et A Vue D'Oiseau. 8 Le Carnaval En Bouteille. 9 Caractères Travestis Et Travestissements De Caractère. 10 Le Royaume Des Marionnettes. 11 Une Révolution Végétale. 12 Un Voyage D Avril. 13 Toujours Comme A Longchamps. 14 Le Royaume Des Marionnettes 15 Le Louvre Des Marionnettes. 16 Une Èclipse Conjugale. 17 Les Amours D'Un Pantin Et D'Une Étoile. 18 Une Après-Midi Au Jardin Des Plantes 19 Une Après-Midi Au Jardin Des Plantes 20 La Mort D'Une Immortelle. 21 Locomotions Aériennes. 22 Les Mystères De L'Infini. 23 Les Quatres Saisons 24 Les Marquises. 25 Les Grands Et Les Petits. 26 La Jeune Chine 27 Une Journée A Rheculanum 28 Macédoine Céleste. 29 Course Au Clocher Conjugal. 30 Les Plaisirs Des Champs-Elysées 31 L'Enfer De Krackq Pour Faire Suite A L'Enfer De Dante. 32 Les Noces Du Puff Et De La Réclame. 33 Les Métamorphoses Du Sommeil. 34 La Meilleure Forme De Gouvernement 35 La Fin De L'Un Et De L'Autre Monde.

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