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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Un Regard Moderne is a bookstore located at 10, Rue Gît-le-Cœur, 6th arrondissement, of Paris France, the same street where the Beat Hotel was located. Its owner was Jacques Noël. Un Regard Moderne is regarded as sui generis, specializing in underground and countercultural books and zines.


The regular stomping ground of lovers of underground art

Anonymous review:
Un Regard Moderne is the regular stomping ground of lovers of underground art and literature. This kooky shoebox-sized bookstore is located on a narrow, picturesque Left Bank street and caters to all sorts of fantasies and fetishes. The colorful window display is an instant indication of what the store specializes inbooks on manga, SF and erotica. Space is scarce so watch those elbows around the piles of books towering precariously in an unorganized but friendly clutter. If you're looking for something in particular, you may have to ask the owner Jacques Noël to help you out, since he's probably the only person who knows where to find anything. Otherwise, it's a fabulous place to browse, even if you're not an amateur of all things strange and bizarre. Tiny as the place is, there's also a little gallery areasome regular faces there are Pierre La Police with his dark and humorous comics, and Romain Slocombe, notorious for his photographs of Japanese girls in bandages.

Mensomadaire : L'étrange rendez-vous

Television programme on Canal + France, Monday 28 May 07

Pierre Jamin et Frédéric Temps ont exploré la librairie Un Regard Moderne en compagnie de son fondateur, Jacques Noël. Les aficionados de ce lieu hautement artistique et culturel témoignent de leur passion pour les indispensables ouvrages à dénicher dans cette caverne remplie du sol au plafond. Jacques Noël est un bibliophile unique, un puits de science doté d'une grande générosité. L'ÉTRANGE RENDEZ-VOUS est ponctué d'interviews de Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Marc Caro, Blanquet & Olive, Kiki Picasso... Ils font tous partie de la «famille" de Noël, qui considère ses clients comme des amis, pas comme des consommateurs...

Un regard moderne (arte radio)

Où trouve t-on de la BD américaine, du graphisme underground, de la pornographie japonaise et des livres introuvables ? Guy Debord, Pascal Doury, William Burroughs et Chris Ware? Au Regard Moderne, une minuscule caverne pour amateurs de belles choses étranges, racontée par le libraire Jacques Noël et le dessinateur Pierre La Police.[1]

The best library in the entire multiverse

I finished with my yearly visit to the best library in the entire multiverse. Every time I go there I have the impression I took up some weight. Every year it's harder even to pass the entrance door, because every year more books pile up in front of each other op to the ceiling. I think this year it's up to four layers of books, but since there are not many shelves cupboards and most books are simply put upon each other, I have no idea how far the walls are. There is only room for two or three customers, and they have to get out on the street to pass each other. The owner seems to take it all in zen-like fashion, standing (or sitting) on a pile in a corner, using another pile as a table. A house made of books. All of them - absolutely all of them - treasures. All in excellent condition, about diverse subjects as underground comics, surrealist books, limited artsy editions, revolutionary texts, mangas, bizarre literature, obscure SF and fantasy, magick, erotica, thousands of fanzines in all possible formats… I told the owner he'll end up with only accepting dwarves as clients, and he replied he had a lot of dwarves as customers… who managed to discover marvels at the bottom that other customers couldn't find. I sometimes tested him and the guy knows every book in his store and where they are.--Report of Clinamen's visit

"Bücher sind wie Waisenkinder. Meine Aufgabe ist es, neue Eltern für sie zu finden."

"Books are like orphans, it is my task to find them new parents." Jacques Noël via Christian Gasser, [2]

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