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Ruggero Deodato (1939 – 2022) was an Italian film director, screenwriter, and actor best known for his film Cannibal Holocaust (1980).

His career spanned a wide-range of genres including peplum, comedy, drama, poliziottesco, and science fiction, yet he is perhaps best known for directing violent and gory horror films with strong elements of realism. His most notable film is Cannibal Holocaust, considered one of the most controversial and brutal in the history of cinema, which was seized, banned or heavily censored in many countries, and which contained special effects so realistic that they led to Deodato being arrested on suspicion of murder. It is also cited as a precursor of found footage films such as The Blair Witch Project.

Deodato was an influence on film directors like Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.



As director

Year Title Notes
1964 Hercules, Prisoner of Evil Also known as Ursus, the Terror of the Kirghiz
1968 Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankhamen
1969 Zenabel Also known as Gräfin der Lust
1975 Waves of Lust Also known as Una ondata di piacere (English: A Wave of Pleasure) and Loves of a Nympho
1976 Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man Also known as Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore (English: Born a Man, Die a Cop)
1977 Jungle Holocaust Also known as Ultimo mondo cannibale (English: The Last Cannibal World)
1978 Last Feelings Also known as L'ultimo sapore dell'aria
1979 Concorde Affaire '79 Also known as The Concorde Affair
1980 Cannibal Holocaust
The House on the Edge of the Park Also known as La casa sperduta nel parco and Trap for a Rapist
1983 Raiders of Atlantis Also known as I predatori di Atlantide and Atlantis Interceptors
1985 Cut And Run Also known as Inferno in dirreta (English: Hell....Live!) Also known as Amazonia, The White Jungle
1987 Body Count Also known as Camping del terrore and Camping Terror
The Barbarians Also known as The Barbarians and Company
1988 Phantom of Death Also known as Un delitto poco comune (English: An Unusual Crime), and Off Balance
Dial Help Also known as Ragno gelido (English: Frozen Spider) and Minaccia d'amore (English: Menace of Love)
1993 The Washing Machine Also known as Vortice Mortale
1998 Sotto il cielo dell'Africa
2004 Padre Speranza
2016 Ballad in Blood
2019 Deathcember segment Casetta Sperduta in Campagna

As actor

Year Title Role
2007 Hostel: Part II The Italian Cannibal
2010 Red Warlock - Awakening Client
2013 Chimères Butcher

Video Games

Year Title Role
2022 Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare Script Director

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