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Return may refer to:


In business, economics, and finance

  • Return on investment (ROI), the financial gain after an expense.
  • Rate of return, the financial term for the profit or loss derived from an investment
  • Tax return, a blank document or template supplied by a government for use in the reporting of tax information
  • Product return, the process of bringing back merchandise to a retailer for a refund or exchange
  • Returns (economics), the benefit distributed to the owner of a factor of production
  • Abnormal return, denoting the difference in behaviour between one stock and the overall stock market
  • Taxes, where tax returns are forms submitted to taxation authorities

In technology

  • Return (architecture), the receding edge of a flat face
  • Carriage return, a key on an alphanumeric keyboard commonly equated with the "enter" key
  • Return statement, a computer programming statement that ends a subroutine and resumes execution where the subroutine was called
  • Return code, a method of messaging status in software
  • Aux-return, the input complement of an Aux-send output
  • "Return", synonym of "register", "grille" in HVAC system

In entertainment




In politics



  • Return Point, Antarctica
  • In gridiron football (American or Canadian), "return" can refer to either:

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