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Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels (detail, c. 1450) Jean Fouquet, see Madonna (art)
Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels (detail, c. 1450) Jean Fouquet, see Madonna (art)

The roots of Madonna are the early eighties New York club scene. Especially influential were DJs and producers Arthur Baker, Shep Pettibone, Junior Vasquez and Jellybean and vocalists Loleatta Holloway, Rochelle Fleming, Jocelyn Brown and Taana Gardner. --Sholem Stein

"Madonna is a dancer. She thinks and expresses herself through dance, which exists in the eternal Dionysian realm of music. […]. Madonna consolidates and fuses several traditions of pop music, but the major one she typifies is disco […] I view disco, at its serious best, as a dark, grand Dionysian music with roots in African earth-cult." — "Madonna II: Venus of the Radio Waves" in Sex, Art, and American Culture by Camille Paglia

"Indeed , time may show that Madonna has been as much the ladder as the climber. Association with her did not hurt Steve Bray, John Benitez and Nick Kamen one bit."--Sex & Sensibility (1992) by Julie Burchill

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Madonna (born August 16 1958) is an American singer-songwriter. She is one of many artists who have borrowed from sexual minority cultures, including her appropriation of vogueing.

Her song "Into the Groove" (1985) was covered as "Into the Groove(y)" (1986).

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