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"Did it date from so far back, from the harm women had done to his race, from the rancour laid up from male to male since the first deceptions at the bottom of the caverns?"--Jacques Lantier, protagonist of La Bête humaine (1890), wondering why he desires to kill women he does not even know

"A whore [Hure] had been Alraune's mother, one of the lowest sort, who had bartered herself away for pennies. And a miserable lust murderer [Lustmörder] the father, Noerrissen had been his name."--Alraune (1911) by Hanns Heinz Ewers

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A lust murder is a homicide in which the offender mutilates the sexual organs or areas of the victim's body. The mutilation of the victim may include evisceration and/or displacement of the genitalia. It also includes such activities as posing and propping of the body in different positions, generally sexual ones; insertion of objects into bodily orifices; anthropophagy (the consumption of human blood and/or flesh) and necrophilia (the performing of sex acts on a human corpse).

A lust murder begins with the obsessions of the offender. Generally, they have a sexual obsession with their victims, and organized lust murderers may stalk their victims for weeks or months before the actual killing. The signature component of the crime, that which names it a lust murder, is the killer acting out their fantasies with their victims and the bodies of those victims. Lust murder is a common feature in the criminal careers of serial killers.

The term is also used in a related but slightly different sense, to refer to an individual who gains sexual arousal from the act of committing murder, or has persistent sexual fantasies of committing murder, even if the murder itself does not involve the genital mutilation or other characteristics cited above. As such, it is a type of paraphilia.


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  • Lustmord is a 1922 painting by Otto Dix. Another painting by Dix has the same title.
  • Lustmord. Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany a book on the subject of lust murder in relation to artists of Weimar Germany
  • Bruce A. Arrigo, Catherine E Purcell, The Psychology of Lust Murder: Paraphilia, Sexual Killing, and Serial Homicide (2006)

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