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Diane Noomin (1947 – 2022) was an American comics artist associated with the underground comics movement. She is best known for her character DiDi Glitz, who addresses transgressive social issues such as feminism, female masturbation, body image, and miscarriages.

Noomin was the editor of the anthology series Twisted Sisters, and published comix stories in many underground titles, including Wimmen's Comix, Young Lust, Arcade, and Weirdo.



Books and solo works

Comics stories

DiDi Glitz

  • "Restless Reverie," Short Order Comix #2 (Family Fun, 1974) — later collected in Titters: the First Collection of Humor by Women (Macmillan, 1976).
  • "She Chose Crime," Wimmen's Comix #4 (Last Gasp, 1974).
  • (with Bill Griffith) "Bottoms Up!" (Claude 'n DiDi), Young Lust #4 (Last Gasp, 1974).
  • "Bingo Bondage," Arcade, the Comics Revue #1 (Print Mint, Spring 1975).
  • "A Bitter Pill," Arcade #2 (Print Mint, Summer 1975).
  • (with Aline Kominsky) "DiDi 'n Bunch in Hot Air," Twisted Sisters (Last Gasp, 1976).
  • "The Fabulous World of DiDi Glitz," Twisted Sisters (Last Gasp, 1976).
  • "DiDi Glitz and the 3 Bears," Arcade #5 (Print Mint, Spring 1976).
  • "A Perfectly Divine Vision with DiDi Glitz," Arcade #6 (Print Mint, Summer 1976).
  • "I'd Rather Be Doing Something Else" (The DiDi Glitz Story), Lemme Outa Here!: Growing Up Inside the American Dream (Print Mint, 1978).
  • "Stupid Cupid," Young Lust #6 (Last Gasp, 1980).
  • "Mix & Match," After/Shock: Bulletins from Ground Zero (Last Gasp, 1981).
  • "Utterly Private Eye," Wimmen's Comix #9 (Last Gasp, May 1984).
  • "Puttin' On the Glitz," Weirdo #13 (Last Gasp, Summer 1985).
  • "DiDi Has an Orgasm," Weirdo #17 (Last Gasp, Summer 1986).
  • "Glitz to Go," Weirdo #18 (Last Gasp, Fall 1986).
  • "Glitz Tips," Wimmen's Comix #11 (Renegade Press, Apr. 1987).
  • "A Blonde Grows in Brooklyn," Wimmen's Comics #12 (Renegade Press, Nov. 1987).
  • "Don't Ask," Wimmen's Comix #14 (Rip Off Press, 1989).
  • "I Had to Advertise for Love," Young Lust #7 (Last Gasp, 1990).
  • "Lesbo-a-Go-Go with DiDi Glitz," Real Girl #1 (Fantagraphics, Oct. 1990).
  • "I Married a Hypochondriac," Wimmin's Comics #17 (Rip Off Press, 1992).
  • "Lava My Life," Young Lust #8 (Last Gasp, 1993).
  • "Back to the Bagel Belt, with DiDi Glitz," Weirdo #28 (Last Gasp, Summer 1993).

Other stories

  • "Home Agin," Wimmen's Comix #2 (Last Gasp, 1973).
  • "The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Shayna Madel," Wimmen's Comix #3 (Last Gasp, 1973).
  • "The Happy Couple Take Acid, or, Higamous, Hogamous, Love is Lobotomous," El Perfecto Comics (Print Mint, 1973).
  • "Frozen Creeps in Space," Arcade, #3 (Print Mint, Fall 1975).
  • "Brillo 'n Burma," Arcade #4 (Print Mint, Winter 1975).
  • "Some of My Best Friends Are," Arcade #7 (Print Mint, Fall 1976).
  • "Rubberware," Wimmen's Comix #10 (Last Gasp, Oct. 1985).
  • "Bare Despair" (Brillo & Burma), Weirdo #16 (Last Gasp, Spring 1986).
  • "What Big Girls are Made Of," Weirdo #18 (Last Gasp, Fall 1986).
  • paper dolls (2 p.), Wimmen's Comix #11 (Renegade Press, Apr. 1987).
  • "Coming of Age in Canarsie," Wimmen's Comix #15 (Rip Off Press, 1989).
  • "Meet Marvin Mensch," Wimmen's Comix #16 (Rip Off Press, 1990).
  • "The C Word," CHOICES (Angry Isis Press, 1990).
  • "From Jawbreakers to Lawbreaker," Mind Riot: Coming of Age in Comix (Simon and Schuster, Apr. 1997).
  • "I Was a Red Diaper Baby" (The Comics Journal Winter Special, 2003).


  • Drawing Power: Women's Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival (Abrams Books, 2019).

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