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Christian Astrology, written in 1647 by the English astrologer William Lilly, is considered to be one of the most important seminal works of Western astrology. William Lilly successively treats the rules of western astrology, horary astrology and 'nativities', about erecting and analysing a birth chart in natal astrology. He wrote the book when he was ill and had to stay at home. Running away from the plague in London, he spent a year in the countryside to study, reflect, and write Christian Astrology.

Lilly himself explains that he was influenced among others by Ptolemy's Quadripartitum (Tetrabiblos), De occulta philosophia by Agrippa, De Astronima Tractarus 10 by Guido Bonatti, 120 Aphorismi of John Dee, Medicina Catholica by Robert Fludd, Epitomes Astronomiae by Johan Kepler and Paracelsus' De Meteoris, all of which are mentioned in the appendix of Christian Astrology.

The modern edition of Christian Astrology consists of three volumes:

  1. Book 1: An Introduction to Astrology
  2. Book 2: The Resolution of all manners of Questions and Demands
  3. Book 3: An Easie and Plaine Method How to Judge Upon Nativities


Book 1

Introduction to Astrology

Lilly referred to this book as a course for astrology students in which he expounds the general principles of astrology. Topics covered:

  • the use of the ephemeris
  • preparing the horoscope
  • the nature of the 12 signs of the zodiac
  • the nature of the planets
  • the nature of the 12 houses

Book 2

About the solution of many questions and issues

This part of Lilly's work is a methodical instruction the student must follow to be able to answer all kinds of questions - on disease, wealth, marriage choices, travel, etc. - using the techniques of horary astrology. Lilly includes 35 examples of such questions. He gives a detailed explanation of the procedure to be followed and elaborates on all elements that are important in the analysis. The act of choosing the right "significator" is especially important, as well as choosing the right house and its ruler that are involved.

Book 3

An easy and clear method for the natal chart

In this third part "How to judge upon Nativities' William Lilly discusses the interpretation of the natal chart.

He treatment includes the following topics:

  • determining body build, shape, color and intelligence of the unborn
  • if the person will be born rich, which diseases he will likely suffer from, and whether he will suffer a violent death, his marriage, the number of spouses, their origin, his children and what will be the most appropriate career
  • In the section on primary directions (predictions by 'advancing' the birth planets according to a formula) Lilly gives advice on the use of solar returns, transits and the signification of the aspects the planets make.

In addition, he also gives clues about how these techniques can be used to 'correct' a natal chart in case the time of birth is not exactly known to the astrologer. This he finds to be of major importance to make accurate predictions.

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(iUUELMUS LILL1US Astrolc&us Jfetu, Qmitat: prices t:



MODESTLY Treated of in three Books. The firft containing the ufe ohnEpbemerit, the er^aingof a Schcam of Heaven . nature of the twelve Signcs of the Zodiack , of the Planets ? with 4 moft cafie Introduftion co die whole Arc of A $ t u o l p c y.

The lecond, by a moft Methodical! way Inftru&cth

the Student how to Judge or Rcfolvc all manner of Que- itions contingent unto Man, w*. of Health, Sick-

nefs, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journies, &c> _ Severall Qucttions infe'rted and Judged.

T%, third, containes an c3ca<St Method, whereby to Judge upon Nativities * fcvcrall wayes how to reftific

them ; How to judge the gcnenll fate of the Native by c he twelve, Hcufcs of HcjvcK, according to the n.uiirall influence of the strks ; How his particular and Anniull Accidents, by the Art of Di- rection, and its ex.uSt mejfure of Time * by Profeftions, Revolutions, 1 ranfits. A Nativity Judged by the Me- thod preceding.

Tbc jecond Edition \C»r reeled , and Amended.

By WiLiHM L illy Student in Aftrology.

Omne meum, ml menm: jNihil d, quod non dHhm pritis.


Printed by John Maco.gk, 1659*




Treated of in three Books. The firft containing the ufe of anEphemerit,

the erring of a Scheam of Heaven . nature of the twelve Signcs of the Zodiack , of the Planets $ with A moftcafie Introduction

Co the whole Arc of Astrology.

The fecond, by a moll Methodicall way Inftru<ftcth

the Student how to Judge or Rcfolve all manner of Qyc- ftions contingent unto Man, w*. of Health, Sick-

nefs, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journics, & e . . Several! Queiiions inferted and Judged.

T%,third, contain^ an dead Method, whereby to Judge upon Nativities * fcvcrall vvayes how to rectific

them j How ro judge the gcnerall fate of the Native hy the twelve, Hcufes of Hcpta, according to die niturall influence of the S TTk s ; How his particular

and Annuall Accidents, by the Art of Di- rection, and its ex.ift meafure of Time

fcy Ptofeftions, Revolutions, 1 ranfits. A Nativity Judged by the Me- thod preceding. /.

The fecond Rditioit Corrected , and Amended.

By William Lit l y Student in Aftrology. Omtie meum, ml menm: Nihil d th M) <j Hv d non dittum Jrius7~


Printed by John Ma cock, 1659. \


J C Maf ifoZ • C'uiicl- Atarjhatl Jcutysi't. -



MODESTLY Treated of in three Books. The firft containing the ufe ofmEpbemeris, the ercaing of a Scheam of Heaven . nature of the twelve Signcs of tfie Zodiack , of the Planets $ with a moftcafie Introduction £0 the whole Arc of Astrology.

The fecond, by a moft Methodicall way Inftru&eth

the Student how to Judge or Rcfolvc all manner of Que- ftions contingent unto Man, w*. of Health, Sick-

nefs, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journies, & c . Sevcrall Quekions infcrtcd and Judged.

TKj third, containcs an dead Method, whereby to Judge upon Nativities 5 fevcrall wayes how to rccliffc

ttieni ; How ro jud»e the gcnenll fate of the Native by the twelve.Hcufes of Heav?^, according to the nuur/ll influence of the S r s j How his parri.;uhr andAnmwIl Accidents, by the Art of Di- region, and its exi£t m'ejfure of line t>y Profe&ions, Revolutions, 1 ranfits. A Nativity Judged by the Me- thod preceding.

Th e jecond Edition drrecfed , andAmendeir' By William L i l l y Student in A ftrology. "

Omnenjeum.mlmeHm: Nihil 7t. tl.-tm^d non d'Mumljrlm.

LONDON, Printed by John M a c o c k. i6^ t



T o his mojl learned and vertuous Friend Bolstrod Whitlock, Eft/; one of the Members of the honorable Houfe (^Commons in this prefent Parliaivient.

(JWticb honored Sir :

Hope this Dedicatory EpifUe of mine, publiflied without your knowledge , fhall beget no fuel) finiftcr conftru&ion in

you , but that the fault (lia.ll be admitted' ._ as a vcniall tranfgrcflion 5 and this my prefumpuon findc cafic remiflion at your moft gentle hands. I am now fo well acquainted with your plea* f/ng native Difpofition, that in things of this nature where you are not in queftion , I dare a little offend 5 for its a fixed nauirall Maxime ingraffed in you,to love your friends fincercly , and rarely to take offence- upon flight failings.

Pardon tins boidnefs j vaily 3 fo many , fo number- A * lefs

The E fifth ' Dedicatory^ lefs are my engagements unto you , that I could do n* lefs , having no other means remaining whereby to ex- prels a gratcfull heart, or to acquaint the prefent and future times, of your Ardent and. cpntinuail promoting me and my poor labours, fince firft Divine Providence made me known unto. you 5 fo that I do freely ac- knowledge , next unto Almighty God ^ been the Inftrumentall meancsof inabling me to per- form , not oncly what is already publique , but alfo this enfuing Treatifc , which now I humbly offer unco your Patronage , as a thankfull teftimony of my fmccre re- fpcfls due unto you : for had not you perfevcred all a- long a firm and an allured msenas unco me , my car- kafle and Conceptions had been buried in eternal! fi. cnce 5 fo that the Students in this Art muft acknow- ledge the Reftauration of unto your good- nefs. For, Sir, you have countenanced me your felf . you have commended me to your Friends f you have never omitted to do me, or my friends for my fake, any civill courrcfics ; And this I mail adde to your honour that I no fooncr at any time importuned your favour' but I was intently fcnfible of your acluall and real! performance of the thing I required.

Should I enumerate your vertues or curtefies in this kinde performed unto many be fides my fcjf the day would faile me of time, and my hand grow weary of writing: but as in private you aflift your friends,To have you moft faithfully for almoft feven yeers ferved your Countrcy in this prefent Parliament , even to the mani- feft decay of your health , to my own knowledge, and confutation of many thoufand pounds of your Eftatu you have refufed no paines to benefit this Common wealthy and bc^ng ever delegated an honourable Com-


The Epiftte Dedicatory! mhfimtr upon all Treaties for "Peace betwixt the King and Parliament, you have demeaned, your felf with fuch candour, judgementand integrity in all of them, that the Whole Kingdom are fatisfied therewith, and we of the Commonalty /land indebted unto you.

Brevity beft plcafcth you, few words may become me j yet I cannot reft in quiet untill I deliver thofc ex- cellent exprcflions of yours,which my own cares heard from your mouth in 1644. at what time this prefent Parliament was low, and yourfclf tampered withall to become Turn-coat and renounce this Parliament; NO , J'le not remove from this prefent Parliament now fitting at Wcftminfier , for unto this place was I called, and hither fent by my Countrey for their fervice , And if Cod hive fo decreed^ tfathisAOje fly /hall overcome us % yet am I rejolved t$ abide here , and to dye within the wals of that very Houfe ; and I will take the fame portion which Cod hath aligned to thofc honourable Members that jhall continue firm in this caufe. Thefe words you have made good even unto this day , to your eternall honour nor can the black mouthcs. of the moft accurfed fnarling Curs detract a grain from you r worth.

I have now a large Field to walkc in , and mould I further proceed, I am affurcd I fliould move that fweet difpofed temper of yours, which is not cafily offended? I am filcnt 5 onely 5

FavcAs (precor) primitiis crefcentis Jndolis , qua ft fob * tuo file adoleverh , & juft am tandem maturitatem confe - quutafuerit) nonindignos frutlm retributarnm confido. Sir , I hope you fliall have no diflionour to Patro- nize the Enfuing Work, wherein I lay down the whole naturall grounds of the Art,in a fit Method:that there- by I may undeceive thofc,who mifled by fome Pcdling


The Epiftle DeMcatorf, Divines , have upon «o better credit theft their bare words,conceived Aftrology to confiftupon diabolical Principles: a moft fcandalous untruth,foy fted into both the Nubility and Gentries apprehenfions, to dctet theth from this Study, and to referve it inure unto their own fclves,

Wfthing to you and your honourable Confort all happinefs , I conclude in theic laft words, that I am with all my heart.

■Tm moft humble Servant}

Strand 16.

William Lilly;

To the Read er,

Have oft in my former Work? hinted r(:e maty j "cares I hud of that danger I was naturally like t* be in the yeer 1 647. as any may read , fit her in my Efiftlt before the Conjmlilon of Saturn and Jupiter ,prlnted 1644. or m V A & e thereof 10%. or in the Epiftle of Anglicus 1645. where yon fhall fnde thefe words : I have run over more dayes then fifteen thou- fand five hundred fiftyrand nine, before I am lixceen thoufand four hundred twenty two dayes old , I (hall be in great hazard- of my life , but that yeer which atAi^s ine will f {agger a Mo- narch and Kingdom, &c . what concerns my felf, hath almoji in full meafure proved true , /» 1647. having in this untoward yeer been molefted with Palpitation of the Heart , with Hypocondrj me- lancholy, 4 dlf*ff<tttd Spleen, the Scurvy^c. and now at this pre- fern viz. Auguft j 647. when 1 had almoft concluded this Treatife, Idmfhut up of the Plague , having the fourth of Augull buried one Servant thereof, and on the 28, of the fame meneth another, my felf md remainder of my Family enforced to letve my proper fiac , and betake my felf to change of ay re ; fo that If either my prefem lipi- ftles , or the latter part of the Bool^it felf beany thing defective, m wall they may., being written when my Family and felf were in fuch abundant fir row and perplexity ; / defire the Reader tvbcfo civ 1 'II, auto pafsovcr thofe fight imperfeUions ( if any be ) with a candid cvtfure.

( thank, Almighty God , who hath prolonged my life to this pre* feiit,attdhath been fe gretciom mio me,ai to fpare me fo longtime- by I have been enabled now at length to perfect that Introduction fo

M oft


To the Redder.

t Q *ftby mt promt fed , fo eameftly dtfired by many well-mfhers unto

i this learning.

The Utter part of my prediSHou eoneerning Monarchy , ie now upon thi ftnge and the eyes of millions atmdtng what jkaU become •fit •• let m leave the event hereof mo God, wht U hafteningto re- quire a ftrill accompt cf fome people entrufted in the K'tugdomes tffaires ; fiat JuHuia ; y'mi Rex ; florest Parliamewum.

The Cuiztns of London makf fmall reckoning o/Aiirology • there are in one ofthofe Epiftle* of mine , words ftgnificant, W of which time will w^s them fenftble ( that they were not wrote in vain)bnt now too late, «aum eit. T r the work, in Booi Ufc of the enfmvg&hich u divided imp three Treaties >tb< firft whereof doth Irft Book, mtb much facility , and after a new method , iaftrud the Student how to begin his mrk,v\l. meaehefh him the tife of an Ef hemeris, of the Table ofHeuf'Sy IL acquaints him kow to erebl a figure of heavenjiow therein to place the Planets ,how to rettifie their motions to the hour of his Figure ; it mfaldt the nature of the Houfes,ofthe Planets, of the Signesoftht ZodwMeir dfaifion^nd fMyifm, their feoer all properties, terms of \Art, m d whatever elfe it fit far t he Learner to know before he enter upon ■judgment : unto whom And every ■ one that will beftudieut thie way* 1 give theft cations.

Firft,that l.e bs very exalt in knowing the ufe of his Sphemerk and in fatting a Scheam of Heaven for Ml the hours of the day or nigki yoitd w reducing the motions of the Planets to the haw there- of when need requireth , and to know their charaUcrs diftinftly and readily. /

Secondly , J would have the Student very perfett in knowing the mature of the Houfes , that he may the better difc over from what houfe to require judgment up*n the queftim propounded s left for want of true underftiwding he miftake one thing far another.

Thirdly , / would have him ready in, and well to under ft mi the Dd'ihties and Fortitudes of every Planet , both Ejfentiall and Ac- cident all.

Fourthly, he muft be well verfed in differing the Mature of the Sigmficator ,.what heftgmfies naturally, what accidentally, ami how to vary his figmficat'm, , as neceffit t Jhall require.

Fifty , let him well under ftond the nature of the-Signes , their properties and qualities , and what form , fhape and conditions they

Cautions for yauag Students.

To the Header.

%*ve of themf elves naturally, and what by the perfanall exiftenee of a planet in ttny of them, _ f ,

S'txtljfbat he be ready in the, fhape and defcription which every Placet deftgncs , and how to vary their fhape as they are pofited in Sign and houfe, or aftciied of the Moon or any ether Planet.

Seventhly , he muft oft read the termos of Art > and have them frejh tn his memory , and effeeially the twentieth and one and twen- tieth Chapters of tlie firft Boik.

Jf God Almighty fhall prefer ve my life , / may hereafter adde many things , and much light unto this Art , and therefore I dejire the Students herein , that if they meet with any extraordinary ca- fualty in their prdiice,they would communicate it unto me.

J have with all upright neffe and fincerit) ' of heart , plainly and hnneftly delivered the Att, and have omitted nothing willingly, which / efteemed convenient or fit , or what might any thing aftift the young Students herein ; / have refufed the Methods of all for- mer Author s^and framed this Da Novo , which J have ever found fo eaftt and fuccesfull > that as yet I never undertookjhe inftruttion of any, whom I have not abundantly fat is fie d, and mode very capable of the Arc , /* lefte time then any could expeit j for although J am not yet ftx and forty jttrs of agtcompleat , and have ft udied this Science but fmce 1632. and have lived fix yeers fince that time in the Countrj-, yet I k»ow I have made- more Schollers in thii Profef- fwn % then all that prof tffe this Art in England. It remaines, that I give every Author his due, and deale plainly, unto which of them I am engaged for fnch matter as they have affifted me with in theltx- 1 :oductory p<irt : verily the Method is my own y it's no tranflation ; yet have J conferred my own notes with D.irioijBonacus,Pcolo;iiey, Haly , E[zler,Dietericus,N.ubod, Hasrurtus, Tjnfkttor, Agrippa, Ferrkrs, Duret, Magnus, Ori^anus, Argol.

Thefecond part of this Treatife judging of horary Qncftions, ^Thc fecond very l,ir;>c, ,111 d far beyond my firft intentions, hath exceeded its jtift Book. propmfbx f In building this 'mrk^I advifedwith Bonjtus , Haly, Darior , Ltupoldus , Pontsnus , Avaiezn , Z,ael : / examined the Mtwtif crips of Ancitnt and Reverend Profefl or s in this Ait, who lived more remote from theft corrupt Times , {for unto the vulgar PfOl'otTors now refidinq. in this City, am J no wayes engaged ; ) and Xa 2) thnob

The third Jiook.

To the Ruder.

though it was at [null trouble unto me , to fee the dlfcrefAncy of judgment amongft them and the more am tint printed Authors y yet I have with fomt trouble rccmciled their dtfaereementf , and re- farmed and correlfedwhat might have led the Reader into an er- ronr '■ for indeed the Writings of our ¥ ore- fathers in the Language they did deliver their minds ih^-as found find folid, hut the Jimp li- cit y of f/ich as mdertookjheir tranflationt was much and did be^et miftakes , whilefi they endeavouring to tranflate the- Authors into batin>or any other Language they thought jit , did not twderftand the Art or the Ttrmes thereof; fo that ofihofe their Labours , the/

9 endrcd at ill accomp unto Pofhrity, as any may fee in the tranjta- tion of that we call the J udicium in Novem J udiciis , &c. other pieces of Alkindus , one whereof lately a learned Gentleman g ave me , guilty of the fame deficiency in the tranflation.

In this jycondBook^I 'have omitted nothing which 1 could devife

10 be helpfully and if my own way of judicature p leaj * \any , it fang fomewhat different from that ef the Ancients y he may in many Chapters make ttf ' of it . I have illuftrated every honfe with one or more Figures } and therein fhtwedthe method of judgment^ which / held very convenient for Learners , it being my whole intention to advance this A rc, and make even a Jlemder wit capable hereof.

Ton may in the third Beokjbehold the entire &4rt o/Nativities, / have made ii pi tin and jtgnificant : part of the Method,and much , of the waiter J had f rem Leovitius,ir6» woitheftrft that methodi-

  • ed the Art of Nat ivities , before his time extreamly defective in.

that point ; where he was not cop'iow,/ f apply ed my felfor enUrged from Orig mus , J un&ine , Pczelius, Naibod , Cardan , Garteus, ^chonerus, Albiib.uur, MontiilmojKdcus,Ptolomey,Lindhold: Perhaps fame will accufe me for differing from Ptolomeyj I con- fefe I have done fo , p.nd that I am not the fir ft, or (hall I that have doiefo,be the I aft ; for I am more ledbyreafon And experience, then by the Jingle authority of any one man, &c. / have inferted mmf judgments of my own , 1 could have addedmanj mere : but who xm J t being all errour,that fbou/d contradiU thefayings of fo many wife men > who ft learnings and paines I fomuchefttcm and reve- rence.

1 it tie did J think, this Work, of Nativities would have fwollen


To the. Xetdtr.

\ofefpiAt 4 bulk^i lajftire Jou it tiecitdt my firft intentions : the paines however liAth been mine, Aid notwithftanding the import uni** i ies of feme, and they not afew y who dejired I fhould not deliver the. Arc in fo plain and cafe a method', yet .1 profejfe , their word f rather invited me to difcover nil I k>iew } then to conceal* one ftllable materiiill.

Hud I refpclfcd ?nj own private lucre, I need not have wrote at all ; who could have compelled me ? my own fortune is competent : btrt thii thing rec call :hc ptiblick^good , was ever , andfkall be my n;axime to guide me in fitch like atl ions: how {hall I my felfexpell truth in any Author-, if I my felf } being an Author } play the knave in the fame kind : Quod honVib' tibi, ne facias alteri.

This Art of Allrology hat)) many mere parts in it then at thii prefent t ime 1 have handled,or indeed a* yet have leifitre to do j yet J know it will be expelled 1 fhottld h*ve wrote of Elections , of the Effetts of the greater and lefter Conjunttions of the Planets, of kdipfes , Comets, prodigious Apparitions, the variation and in- clination of the Weather , De generalibus Accidencibus Mundi, And by the ingrcfe of the Sun into Aries , of every yeers particular Fate, o/Monethly ObfcrvAtion?,ePV. Verily fttch things as thef'e may Juftly be rea aired at my hands ; for unto God be the glory \t hey are all in a large meafure known unto me , and J can perform them all file fed be his name therefore: But as for H Ie&ions, me things he can be no ingenious Afirologian , that having ftudied or well entred into this m) > Book. fhaH not be able (ad libitum) to frame his own Fi- gure of Elections, let the quere be what it will.

He that fhall read my Difcourfe upon the C°»j»»^i°»of T? and % y may make himfelf capable to write of the Afa'or >wd Minor ConjunClions ; / had no pref dent for that , but wrought it out of the lire,at what t ime I had great leafure.I do write Annually of Ecllp- fes , at they happen in the yecr , of prodigious Appearances twice I huve <tAftrolog ically wrote, both times tog'jod purpofe } fo did never my before that I read of.

OfCammets I have had no occafton at yet , but fomewhat I be- gan in that Traii oft he 6 of 1? and U , wherein I a I'm le treated uf the Commet in 1618. Pofterity may ktiow by th*t little, what Me- thod I hold fttteft to be followed , in that kinde of judgement . Of Mather , the knowledge thereof is fo vulgar , yet wit hall the true

(< ;) ' Key

To the Reader,

Key fo difficult , it requires a long time of experience j And beftdes, <Jlfafter Booker hath prsmifed to undertake that burthen; and in- deedjnc is onely Me of all the Englifh Nation 1 1; now to perform it: 1 have great hopes of Mafter Vincent Wing , but ht is yet more Mathematical! then h.lho\og\u\\\there mey be many private men of great judgement therein, but its my mhappinefte I l^now them not.

Annuall and Monthly judgements I have not jet d'oefted into a Method-, I hope to live and perform it ; / am the firft of men that ever adventured upon Monethly Obfervations in fuchphr > lan- guage ',yet is it my harty dejire to communicate hereafter what ever I know unto PofteritJ. Having been of lal e traduced by fome half' wittedfooles , I deliver my felfto PofteritJ who 1 am , and of what frofffion ; / was born. -at DitYworch in LeicefLrflmc May 1602. in an obfeure Pillage, and bred a Grammer Scholler at Afliby, and intended for ■Cambridge, &c. 1618. and 1619; my Father decayed his Eft ate fo much, that he was not capable of fending me thither ; thoft two yeers 1 lived in fome penury and difcontent j in 1 620. an Attnrney fent'me up unto London to » ait on a Gentleman , one Gilbert Wright , who lived and dyed in the Houfe I now live in ; he never was of any Proftffton,bnt had fometimes attended the Lord Chancelhur Jbgeiton , and then lived privately. 1 624. his wife dyed of a Cancer in her left breft. 1625. I lived in London where J now do , during all that great Sick'jeffe , Cod be praifedl had it not. February t 6z6. my Majler married again • he dyed May 22. 167.']. having before jet led twenty pounds per annum of me during my life, which fo this day I thankJ3odl enjoy \ nor did J ever live Jo freely as when J was his fcrvant. Ere the jeer i6z~j. was attitc run out s my UWiftris was p leafed to accept of me for her husband. During f owe ycers of her life J pa fed my time privately and with much obfatrity > yet we lived exceeding lovingly together ; but in 1 6 fz.J wasftrangely affctted to Attrology, a:-.d dejiromtoftudy it-, onely to fee if there were any verity in l: , there being at thrfttime fome Iwpeflors , that fet out M il.' public/tit !y what they could do. I met with a after I confefe, but fneb a o*e> as of all was the ve- rieft Knave : 1 bis gave tt:e fmall encouragement ;.if ».r fix weeks J ' raft him ojfhor to this day do we converfe together. I was then for ■ ted t* ftudy hftrd , for rsil her then to intaxgle myfelf with another


To the Raden coxcomb, I nsft refolved to lay all aftde; but by diligence ami hard ftudy, and many times conference with font* as ignorant at my fslf, / at /aft became capable of knowing truth from falfhood^nd percei- ved the vulgar AHrologer thai meer/y lived pf the Art , was a Knave.

In September 1^33. my wife dyed , not knowing any one in the World that had affinity unto her ; Jhe left tne a competent fortune • and this J (hall acquaint Pofterity withy that having fome Lands to difpifi of, rather thtn jhe would fufftr me to be at twenty Nobles charges to convey it unto me, jhe gave me the whole money, and fold it for ICO \.

1h November 1634. 1 married aoain. In i6i$,I was opprejfed with the Hypocondryack Melancholly fo fere/y^kar I was enfor- ced to leave London , and removed into Surrey %6$6. where until/ September 1 64 1 ./ lived amongft fuch whom I may name the s-noft r sir all of all men living. I then came for London,ft agger ing in my judgement inpsint of Church-government ; and knowing that it is ntitffary, I ever hytd Monaypty, but ftill thought without <t Par- liament preferved in their juft rights , it would vanijh to nothing. I was nothing known thenar takgn notice of by any; time produced me acquaintance , and amongft thefe a good Lady in 1 643. about fe- biuiry , de fired I would give judgement upon a moft noble Gentle* masts Urine a Councellor at Law,whe then was not well;! confented, the Urine was brought, my judgement returned', I vi fned him, whom I no foiner beheld , but J k>^ew there was aboun dance of gallantry in t be man ; for indeed he is all Gentleman and a friend in very great earncft ; my vif* of him was the happieft day I ever faw in my whole life j for by his alone gene rofity and countenance, I am what 1 diw, and AUrolopy is in defpigbt of her enemies reflored, and muft call him her Reftaurator.

Being by his goodneffe admitted to vifit thim , / prefented him with a' fmall LMawfcript of my Allrologicall Judgment of the jeer 1 644 wherein I was free in delivering my opinion niudeftly of that yeers affaires : it plea fed him to communicate it , Copies were obtained and difperfed ; fo that by his alone commendation of that pojr Manufcrip unto his private friends, this noble Art at firft had refpett amongft our Worthies in the Parliament ; ftnee which timet the Judicious of the whole Kingdom had it in a better efteem ;


therefore Itt bh name live mte- Tojfferity mm hMW4kl' eftt*»h that Hftn fr p»dtr afyMfoi once with ihiAmfor , with thtforiy haihbeen frddvaiit&htyteh-ihthi '•• A

7 he Erratais perhaps Are f*anjr f I dejt're the Sindentt* corn® ' them before he enter Hpen the Difconrft i / wijh the/ vttre leffei but in 4 rvtrf^of this ft/iture, it's impojftbh.

<AH the Curt tjiei which either the Authors precedent to this Age , or a: prefent living have afforded me J verit) faleeve 1 hay*;, mentioned : I am heartily forrj if t have committed any f 'rre-itrt f cr emitted a») ct>rreUio»s t ;

Corner houfc over agiunft

Strmd-brid^ Auguft . .' '-' '1-

21. JO47, , ' K 1

Tt Ms kmred friend the All t k o t. ..

VV L'tln Aktcfa&tb Wlfehttofpcafe In Englifh ! Trifmegiftus, Htrcule^ Pythagoras, ThJeHJrtr*ki#edN* % ■: >. \\ .'. Great f^/Aw/, m&f *li¥ff WWh r , . ; .

tfaliyBonaMtW.pmJijrtmtPi And Iohfids&egicfflatevGamvetus,

Pitf[^L^viti^uMHh^4 r M^hA y J cW*», and M»W, Tif K men of tame 5 All thefcand mote, are dead, all learned Men % Were they alive, they might come learn again. But are-they dead* Behold AArology, Now Phoenix like, revived again in thee { . <

Tranfitcs, with Jr\*YOtoti©n$a#l prpfcclions 5 Satttrn muft lay his Allien prankes aitde, And Mm hi? madnefs, left he be defcride, 5 ^/w/herluiks h^thcfts ; miiflt A/wr>5, . Sol his ambition^ /f'Stf h^ oijity ? , ; - ,

herjfipkl.CWMQPO.nttani: motion^ / Is now notor|ou?to each vulgar notion . Aske what ypij wUi , Would you;e,folved be < Obfcrve your tioVe. (earn your Nativity: . . • , Were Piftts, QjiAtybt*** *.V*M S 9 M * l H»-> 9P U ?. \. Vims, to write agajn, all men would jeer yce. Youdurftnot let u$ know, when you "were born, Your ignorance is b/ougr^ to#ub1icfc fcorn Our Latin Li(ly is fcxrBoy tfare young* Our Englifo Ltlly is for Men more ftrong. The Sybils Books were burnt^they are all gone 5 I will prefcrve my chtfyte, This is that one : Be yyu for or againft, or will ye, nill ye $ I'm for the Art, and th'Author William Lillp

(b; Johk Boo

TjEhold UrdttU with tLSUjdtckt; - O'PKfcnts-herfd^B «  Let Envies fquarc , or opjptoliW a(pe^ f Not dare at her a frovv^ W^flfow i >■> - , x - 'Leftit.bc.faid, iotfm ^r*^iW^nWj ■'/'"' A Lilly late hatfc tyfuAg ***png the tno*<ic*fc ' , i

To tfc fyaMtf C a tt i s t i a n'/

W ondcr you may. i thrvolumcs of tfte #tye. t

I n our own Cb&a&crs you bcredefaryv

L 0*4 ii\d Herm<s t yekkfMxhi%tt$t

L V*o£*e W<^j^

I wt and old &g?r*| ^by W<tirlhlk<^c%d>;

And their Con juri$io*$ our TPtfgufc a&jpitf&

M ay i " i'^'V

l et feu >*MM>e&;'^ '

h oe I ba^U£ht|r^^

L ea rning 4 that once i^r^zcnpajrt di^ftan^ 'V

Y ou now may fee Is Prihtcd ih oiir tan^." 4 " K

R. L» in M<4. Student &


On ^

Noryettoveictheprying'Rcadcnfcncc r

Do I crowd in thefe r,u<Je unpojiiht lines. ; h

But ^theif t6liiebrih thegiday titfiit • How much they at* Ws Dcbtdtt* what the v ow*

>Tis now a crimes Md qufogtown oa&of falhion* :■ » T^ncotogoA«>tttwngft<h« *^W(WVW>: .

The gloW* 1 ^mw^t^ t5od<d«hW dpwaal^fethw/ Nor will allow the' Planets to fulfill

( As inftrumcms ) 0ods high decrecor will. Nay, fome there although letted wife, they can

Not yet bclccve that all was made fd*Man. Barkc bfajBt- njjnth'fl Envy* ca*pe at what'i well done.

This Book mall be my choyee companion.

>Tp H B Author'? Gpi j, £btag$fc;r antfthd Setter

Heavea is his Book 5 >tbe Stajtfboth greatand finall

Are letters fyonr&ili anf! Capital* Difpcrft ^0$^

In thisthy Woi^iii»comfiltf^ an4f«fh w - Could man contyofd bi fct Heayths letters right V

He would, like, Printing^ briii^ to publick fi£ht AH^hatwasddne, naywJtfs ^as'thpu^t,^^

Forty this wa^, I fceft m'ay bc doB© >-w r

., . ■ . 1 . ; ; •■■ .•-■-V>:-...,-m. la,'

THE number of 'Planets, Sigms, Mother brief dtfeript ion of the Afpells, with their feverall names fhapes.and forme, of the Planets, 84 and charalt er i if.) V V Pag* 1 5 • ' . > 0/V/;r S/Vm *f//>f Zodiafk.

Of the ufe of the Ephemera, p. 27 ^ manifold diviftons, 8-5 77* r/jfc /> W «/ //^ £/>W- 77* Ato* r , ■ />/W, Coumries.gene- rumfydfdy. j.j. )..•,••='•;/ • , 3o rattidefcriptiin an&*J)ifeafes fiomfied.

How to erefl a figure .'of Heaven by by the, twelve houfi?, * o?

the-pt.^ms mW*fflty<Hmtf*i& fiachiht what ufe may be made of fo'fydf />< - vh33 tj>e tfomer difcmfe of the twelve

Of the daily motion of the Planets, Signes, Joo W tow reduce their motion td^avy Of 'the Ejftntiall 'Dignities of the hour yf the day,- and to the Mertji** ef % Pfoets, \ K 101

London, V ; / "4 2 Xlab/eofthe.EffcntiallDionities

Horv to fittde the ej*mfy>1frtk$ Hfihe P/ahetf, ; "<' : "104 W// motUnof any Planet by the T*-. , Of feverall Termes, Afpetts, words die follow^, 44 of Art, Accidents h /wo inr to the P/a-

Of the twelve houfes of Heaven,aud nets, with other ueceffny rules, ioc. fomenajuesor termesofAjlrolog,eAl A Tabic of the afpelh of the Signes Of the twelve hotifef of heaven their (l mor,gfl one another, 1 o3

mure andfouifiMMy , , . ' 50 A ready Table whereby to examine Of the Planet Sawn, and ktsftgm- the Fortitudes and Debilities of the fcatwns, 57 PUnets, IIy

, Of the Planet Jupiter, and hisftgni- A Table fhewing the mafculiue and fi<>y ,0 "f> • 61 feminine degrees of every Si on, 1 16

Of&e 'Plaoet Mn^andhufeveratl A Tube {having what members in fgnifwations, tf y mnm fafy (w; Plane: fiMeth in any

Of the Sim, his gencr all and parties of the twelve Sig n e>, }l a

UrrgmRcamns, 6 9 Onf derations before judgment,

Of the Pl,vie> Venus, and her feve- 1-1 rallfignif cations and muure, 72 what Sign fica^ or , Querent t ~nd

O/Mtfrc myMjigntficanons^ature Quefted are: An lntroduiiun to ^dr- and property, n 6 me»t, J X 'U

Of the Moon , her properties and 7 0 know whether a thina dcmandld fgvficanons, ■ < 8e will come to vafe yea or mi, x' H

  • ( b ? ) ' ' The.

The Contents

The Ctnteatt ofthft fcWhd Book, conwiningthc icfo^tlipiriof " QiieMoDs,

Quefttons concerning t he firft Houfc.

, • . Page

Jf the Q/terent is Hkfly to Jive lo»g ther hfignifegoedor ill,, 148 pa or not, ** page 120 Wktf marly » ^ aw/ir j>r fear the Que*

Signetof health or long life, idem. rent hath, idem.

77w f/W when any accident {hall Whether one abfentbe dead or \alivt ; happen, *?o ... ,: }$ l

7 e what V*n of heaven iff beft the An Aftro/ogicall figure expla}wn£ Querent dirctt his affaires, 131 the aforefaid demands, v ' . ; ' 1 5 2

what fart of his life is like to be beft % %A Woman whether far Son ' pert 134 with his M after or rsot, if?

An Afito/ogicall figure judging the Off Ship at Sea > her fafety or de-, termer Demands, ^3$ {bullion, ; \ \ty ■

Of the Pare of Fortune, and how Example of a Ship at Sea ufw*\ fi-< to takj it either by day or mght> 143 g«re judged* 161

M*w to examine its fortitudes, 14 j Example of another Ship-, 16$

Jf one {hall finde the party at home The timt rof 'receiving any Qtteftion, ene would ffeakwiih, J47 * * "

■ Ofath<% faddenly happening* »he- ■ '■ ' ^ ' ; '

Judgnricnttconcenvng the lecondHoufe,^*. of Riches.

Whether the Querent (hall be rich, Of the time when the accidents trea-

i6y ted»fm A y happen, 175;

>' By wlm means <i.tain Richest 1 6$ \ A figure revolving the doubts and

.7 'he rcafo or tmf< why the Qutrtrt dmsms aforefaid^ 1 97

may nk attain a Fortune, v .. .' ^71 Of that Vianet or VUnotsimf editing

Jf the QHerefilfbali obtain jhe Sub- the iffetting or performance* of what t$

fiance he hath lent, 173 demanded in ever} Quejlion, 184

lfo^ fhall acquire hu wages or Si Jf : the Querent {hall continue rich,

fend owing him, 1 74 ' v > - r 1 u I^tf

Of t he third Houivv z/f& of Broken, S^ V,Kinre(l, (]>ort Journeys. ' If the Querent a»'d his 'Brother* ttne or falfe,orftyntfiegood *r evil** 9\ •Neighbour or S{fler {hall agree,, ^ f 8,8 Jf-Rumtturt bp. Me*. .^91 Of a Brtoher that u'aM%( t f , ^1 Sto Of cotincdl or advice whether pod. Of Report* i./^eflljenceorPenretyiforeviflt 194 ' Whether

Whether the Querent have Brethren An Aftrototicall fioure of an abfent orSifttrs',, ... - i^jjf Brother^, . 106

OUfhort Journey -, if fad togiff Jf Caitibridge' wat'takfu yea or no. which way, rtf'r 20( J

Oi the fourth houfc, u*. of Pirehi?, land*, Tenements, Cities, Tovvnes.

T ? finite a thh^ilot^ijl'aid* . 202 WfYh'e Querent fhaflVnUy t!if -Mate What part of the houfc org rw«*#, 203 o//7/> Pother, r , 210 Of buying and felling Lands, Hon- If oo»d to remove from one Uufc to

fet , Fam/es) &c. ' 204 another, ' 2I2

Of the goodnejfe or badnejfe of the Of ' turning the twfeof Rivers >&c.

fyandor Houfej 205 " ' n "' " IX .

Quality ofthcjroundl v " ! ,2uo* CfTre.afiM'd mtbtgnmi, 2 1 < Tenants good or ill, iMn. if the Querent fhall ok am it, 217

lfmodonthe£rou*a\ id^m. . If the AmherfhouU pur chafe feme

If good to hire or tak; the Farm or ffeufes^n Afirolooicall Figure there- ,.2.08*/, . ,. : 2ip

Of the fife hoiife, and its qucftioijs. Ifone fhalihave children,, <222 If a man jhallhave Children by hu

If a Wor.tau ask. whether {he may Wife yea or no, or of my. other Woman

■ewectve, 213 whom hewminatej, 21*

Whether the Querent fhafl have chil- Whether {he is with child or not, 226 dren , be he man or woman that rtketh, Jf the man ask unknown (0 the W»-

224 ma»i a2 g

! . < ><. . . Orficr Judgment?. .

whether a Woman- M with childor- WhelhcrsuH)tY is? tike C be bemeen > ^ .... %%9 the Infant md Parent, - 234 If a Woman do conceive pi)h ihild 0/ Embaffadouri a»d &tcffcnocrZ of more thin one y < 230 \%\

If ma/cor female, < ide'n. Of a Mejjenger font forth uPonnny

How long the Woman hath been con- errand, 2 /f

6tl niW l L^'r-ti 1 /f the Querent {h JH ld ever have chik Of the time when the Btrth mil be, dren 7 a fignrc judged thereof, 2&

xvL l ,t j.i n „ .... , ^3 « r If were with child of a male or Whether the forth {hall be by day or female } what time {he {hould be delive-

  • W r > r fa\ a figure thereupon ludgedr .240


the Content*.

Of the fat Houfei andips qttefttons,.™*. of Sicimefe, Ssrvant?, >v fmall Cattle; •

Judgment of fickneftebj t Aftfafogie, Whether the Difeafe be in the boif, 243 minde, or both, 264 What part of the body if affiled, 24 3 Of the Cry fir, hr dayes crititall, %66 From what caufe the ficknef t <*>1'44 How long e* e 1 he fick^ recover, 1 6y . .DifeafesfignifiedbrtheHoufes,7^ Hermes rriltncgilius upon tbeDt* D/feafes figmfied by the Signes, 245 cumbiture of the fickj, ^ 26$

Dtfeafes of the Planets, 246 . Of the S'ignes and conjectures of the Whether the difeafe will be long or Dife ft , and of life and death by the

fhort, 347 good or il! dijfofitiin of the » at the

Signes of a long or fhort fckpefs, 24% time of the Patients firft lying down, Tefiimonies that tise Querent (hall pa$. ^73 /rzjjl

live and not dye of the. Infirmity now tAftrohgicail Aphonfmcs judging

affixing, 253 of S'tcknefs, ' 28 a

' Arguments of 'death, ,2.55 A figure of a fit k.Dott or, if curable,

JD ► riot abridged, 258 286

7/>/jf /wr/? fickj>f whom the que- ' A figure fet to kjtew whether the fic^

ftion is demanded, 2^9 would live or dye, 289

Caufe of tie Difeafe, inward or out- Of the Cryhs inDifeafes, 2 po

ward, z$9 A Table jhewing how to fet a figure

■ Of the quality and nature of the Dif in ficknefs offixteen fides, * •• ' 1 - 2^4

tafe x \ 261 ' If a Servant fhall get free from his

Whether the Difeafe be 'in the right (Jyfafter, 1 196

or left fide,' , ' " 2<5? . ' ions of the fev.'nth "Home, vi*.'of Marriage, Enemies, LawMuitS, Cdhtf Wars F"",' r i vcs > Thefts.

Aphoriftnes confider able before jitdg- 'Whet! era manfhall Marry,- 307

m ent, *' 298 The iime of ^Marriage, idem.

OfOtfarriage, 302 How many Husbands a Woman fhall

tJMore ^Aphoriftnes of Marriage have, 1 •• idem*

i/Alkindus 'V ; '$c3 From what part one fhall starry,

•■■ Of Carriage whether it fhall t*h - ; .< '■■ "".308

sffelt or Mti, ' ' ' : ' " ' 1 id&m. -What manner of per fon he or fhe is,

v Of (Marriage, ??4 • idem.

What /ball be the occafivn of h'm- whether a man or woman be more

dring the Marriage,. * -305 wble^ ' — ,. .-.idem.

Which love or defire it rht>fr> idem. frlso fhall be mafier of the f >n>,idem.

> * Whether

Whether fhe h rich or not, , vy

Whether the CWarringc be legiti- mate, ' ■ . - \ idcii}.

How they fhall agree after Marria- ge, t . ■ ■ * * id;m.

DJfagree. idem.

Who fhall be caufe of their ftriferfio

The Contents;

W ' &tfraftsftrayed,or Fugitives, 323 Of Beafts or fir ayes, 324 7hat the Jfeajh art loft, J 2 J j Deader alive, idem. In Pound or not, idem. The Cattle (hall be found again, id. How far of a thing loft ufrom the

That thft Marriflge fhall be broken. Owner, ,^5

ondthe caufe thereof, idem. Beafis ftolne or firayed,in what place

Whether a man or his Wtfe fhall dye, which way, ijf e{1} .

ffl*;. 311 In what ground, , a7 *

Which of the two fhall hve lohgefi, 7 he fatite fhall to Pound and be

■> ^em. long in Pound, idem

WhetherfhebiAMaid,orchafie,ii% Ffcapt the c PouneL 2i 8

/f^r n Vttmofcll be a UWaidor ■»h \ idem.

Whether a woman be hontfi to her Husband or net, 313

Of www whether [he hath a Lo- ver be fides her Husband,

whether a Woman is fouefi, 3 . ^

Whether a woman trades with any father husband, idem.

If ones Sweetheart ha ve a Lover bt fides bimfelf, '

Math fhe a Lover, iqem .

// a <JHarriage jhall be perfetfed or

not, 2i ?

Whether the child conceived is the fon of the reputed Father, . 1 g

Whether- t werm living frm far husband , fhall be received into favour, vr live with him Again, 318

Of Servants fled, Beafls firayed,and things lofi, ... .

¥> -vs. : ... 320

Hm the Goods were lofi, 3 2 1 WhctherjhtCatdebt ftolne or »«.id. W&tfAw f*ff thing miffing fled of it M> ■■ ■ .. . , idem.

wi)(ther the Fugitive fhall be taken,

0/5> /» aneflions of fugitives, idem.

/;<• yW/ Ar 3 Z p

//« f ugitive fhall be found or come idem, agam, idc tn . 314 Diftanccof the Fugitive, 330 ^ _/7;«5j f rQm , her Husband, idem.

O/4 Thtefand Theft, idem. O//^ Significator of the Thief, 33 1 Significator of thethiug ffolne, . . . idem., Approved judgments of Theft, 332 Whether it be fiolne or no, 3 34 The Goods are ftolne, 335 Nfitfolne>, . idem. 7/ »/// ^ , or « intended to he ftolne,

r , . n „ icIe m.

Its. loft or ftolne, idem. Age of the Thief,

..Of the fame* 3j? 7J&/V/ ^ W4« *r

If one Thief or more, 339 C /^/ r%; idem:




Jf Tht Contents.

Name/of Theeves or wen wording wlmher the Thief fhall be kuowuor to Aftrologte, 54 o mty " , %66

Whether the Thief be of the- bote fe or whether the Thief be f»fp e St,d 9 f

the Owner or not-, idem.

Who Aid the deed or fatt, idem. - Whether it be the firft fati the Thief did, 36o • Liiiie's exptrimcntcdRules of Theft, idem.

Of Battle, War, or other content ions,

If one fhalhttmn fafe from War or 367 ?<58

Stranger or familiar ', ..... Rules bj the Lord of the feventh houfe, ( 343

Whether the Thief be in the Tow ft erwty 344 . J>t fiance betwixt the Owner and the Thief. 345 Where the Thief is, idem. Towards what pan the Thief is a danger oh« Voyage, t one, > 34<> Whet will enfue of the War,

> Ofthe houfe of the Thief, and marks' Win fhall do beft i**.ba»-fuitf->6 9

r/i r .347 Of Partnerfhip betwixt two f if it

Do* of the houfe, idem. fiallte, audvho fhall debeft, . . *6q

1 okens of the Thtefes houfe, 34S . Of familiar it) betwixt Neighbor

Tie Goods. w the Owners hards, 349 and Neighbour* ?70

Wfo&r f£# be it, the enftody Of removing from place to place, id.

•t tie Thief, idem. . // good to remove or ft ay in any

Jf he earned all with him, 350 Town or City y ,71

Diftance of the thing f -om the Own- Of Hunting, idem.

, „ ' icfcm - W/Wr #r cmroverfiebe-

Place where tinGoods ftolen are, 3 5 1 f f W) w fo yfc w # ^ ^ ?7a

Mere the G,ods are, p 2 Of buy hg and felting Ototrmdities,

L,9jt or Jtolne } in what part of the ?7 354 abilities, fidelity, &c. , ? go

7"/>f jwrf/,/; #/ //* (7 oods ftolen, id. , yf /JW ^r«/«. , 8 ?

%/; of recovery,, .355 Q^rtnt have, open enemies^:

if it fhall be recovered, . ^em. ^ „ ^ yj^^

in what time it ffral be recovered^ marry the party defirMi .'385

Aphorifms concerning Recovery, id. ^ /, t W ^ wrf /f,/,.

The difcovcry of the Thief , and rc- marry the man beloved, '380

  • overy«f the Goods, 358. ^figure for a fugitive Servant #90

VHhtth ^9 A figure for a Dogmtfwg, 3i?2


CVwybft, who ftole it y^figure Waller ^ RafohHopton Ffftolnetafiweferit, j97 ^ ^ w , / ., , . ,« ^

_ Of rhc eighth Houfe, of Dent!), p 0 w ry , ^ ' ^ ?«rty be alive or dead, ■ ^fherthe P orLof\h,^f^

Whether^ abfent rrill rcj°?r tl^& mt,andwhen ^ o6 , If one he afraidof atfa, J^t

Of the death of the Querent ,or fpace Afott rc tok f ow ^ ofhH.wnhfcy ... , ... manfhoHlddyefrft,

Jt l ^figure of ^Lta f ts to hm iftel

u T y i ) y i \, ; n W M»**d« Sea were alive or 'dead ly

Hhctkcr.theMan orW t fe N Uye A figure t. W X

4 r { %' - rr . 4-? anything or not. A<

" ViV ' tery fhall ftond^ ' A

Sc " m , %^;» e ^

The .ppptcnJV

Of the Profeffton or Trait any one aF^rohtrfiHp^ 4Md'j^imHM/i- is capable of , • . 45P wed, •'-',,44*

If Prince Ruperc fhould get honour If the Qtftty.tken fn tfotyrth, f$tr *art % *fyure t hereof » , . ,4 $ i would, advance with her Amy ; . tf^fhe


if he fhould war ft the E. of i:flbx,4 $j would profper;whenjhe and his Ma)tjlj

ffliat fhould become of him t 454 would meet , , idem.

if his Mafeftyftmild procure Forces if attain the Preferment de fired,

put o/Irefand to harm the Parliament, ., . , 45^

■ " * . Eleventh Houfe, viz,, Houfe of Friends, Hope, Subfance of Kings* -4 Of goodor ill in qucftions concerning hoped for, • 458

this houfe, 457 Of the agreeing of Friends, 459

// a UVlan (hall have the Thing Oflovt betwixt two, • idtim. Of the twelfth Houfe, w*. lmy-rifonmcnr, Great Ottle, Witchery} • ■„.•. ^ . private Enemies, Labour* banithed Men. Of feeret enemies m named, 460 A figure to know if one were Be- Tokymwhoafccret enemy is, id. witched,' 4<$8 Whether any man committed to pri- A figure of a 'Pri finer efcaptdout vf finfhallfoon be delivered, 461 Prifon. *' 476

Oftbelmprifined-, 462 ALadyofhephte/bandinfriftm^a

If a queftionMeusl^d for a Captive figure «fit %

  • r Pri finer, 46 3 A figure upon the Earle of Efifex hi*

OfaCaptheorSlaye, 4 6 3 laft going into the weft, , :■ 47 j

If 'one be bewitched or not, 464 Arable of 'the Plenary hoftr t /tf4 Naturall %emediet againft witch- To finde out what Planet ruleth any

craft, •. * 4 6 S hottrof the da) nraigh.ty ... , 4 8 *

e/f figure fir a Horfe loft, 467

v The Contents of the third Book.

A Table converting hours and mht. Correction of an eft im ale figure by

ef time into degr. andm'm. of tlje tA^.- Trutinee/;Hermef, 502

(juator, .,-489 jtettificaiion of a Natiyuy by hm-

■ +4 Table of right afce#l<ms t 492 modljr ? , . . . S^5 A Table of oblique a f cent ions fir the Reltification by Accidents -{he way to

latitude of 34. degrees, 494 frame m A ft rologic all Speculum, 507

A'Tableofiblique afccr.t ions for the *A Speculum of a Nativity, J 09

latitude of '49. degrees, ,49$ Charaifert of the wv ufpetts , the

A Tr.b/e of obi que afcemions for the number of the degrees of the afpefl,$ 1 2

lath ude of s 3 . degrees, 49 8 Erett'ion of a Scheam by Reaiomon-

Divers wayes of rectifying Nativi- tanus, 5x9


The Gbhtcnfc;

7'///Vf t cwfihr able before judgment the P/arietf, %%9 given' upon 4 Xftlvity, , $24 0/7/i< undemanding ef'the Native,

Ufthffp**(oflife x wb9lhcrtheNa- 543 r/t-> J&rf// Aw- ^ ' jrty ' ' OftbeJlature,fhape and firm of body, Of Uylccb or Aphacca, and the in- 44^ ttrficient Planet, $ i'j ' Nature of the Signet , colour of the

Of the Lordof thcGcnlture, 531 Face and Hair, 547 Of the Complexitn , temperament of Of the groffeneff e or leanntffe ofRo- the bod) jjualiiy of 'Planets and Signet, diet, 549 1 S3 2 Of the grncrall fortune or mifery of

planners of the Native, 534 the Native, 55 -l

Quality of manner s difcernable from

Of the fecond Houfe, vix>. .of Riches, Or che goods of Fortune. Whether the Native ■flfallte rich, If the Native (hall attain his Eftate

  • ' - S*5 3 by juft or iniirctt dealing, f6l

B) what meanes the Native fhallatr If the Eftate of the V^uive fiall be tain Wealth, 5 54 durable, 562

Judgments upon the third Houfe; Of Kinred, Brethren, Sifters, 5^4 Of the unity or concord tyttwixt the If have Brethren or Siftersi idem. Native and his Brethren^ f6y Fortune & condition of Brethren,^ Number of Brethren $58

Judgments upon the fourth Houfe, concerning Pafent; s &c. Of the Father, 569 Of the mutuall agreement of Pa-

Of the CMother, ^70 rents, %jz

If the Mother had difficult labour at « Of the Parents mutuall love to the

Xaiive, t 574 Significations of great fortune out of 57 S

the Native's B irth, 571

If the Native fhall enjoy the Eftate

r,f}yv Father, idem. CMines,

Of the fixe Hotue, w*. of Ihfirmlctes.

Of the Infirmities of Bodies, 576 Of the falling Sick»cfa.

Aplwifmcs ufeful for this houfe^tf Of the Stone, '

Kinds and qualitie: of 'D'feafesyhotv Of the Gout,

dlfcuverable from the Planets and Of violent Falls, .

Sign's, 578 Whether the c D'<feafes of tht Native

  • Ofwcakr:(ff( in the Sight ,or cafual- are curable er not. . * idem.

ties portended :o the Eyes, 581 Of Servants axdfmall Cattle, &6

'hefrtts in the Fares, 582 _ r , _ y

Impediments inthc Tongue, idem. Of the feventh Houfe.

OftbeTooth-ach, 583 Of mens <JM arrives, 5 8< *

( c 3 ) Whether

idem. 584


The Content**

Wither the Native flail marry or tAfhorifmts mctrnlng the pofmr e

not, ' idem, of S, . 59s

Signet of Marriage, 5 38 Of the mutual 1 love and concord b(>

W)>ether the Native fhall obtain his twixt man and wife,

wife wkh eafe or much difficult y, 580 wlwher the Native or his wife (hall

The time of Marriage, idem, dye fir fr, 599

Of the number of wives, 590 Of the Marriage of women, , 600

From whence , or what quarter the If the woman fhall man y, idem.

Native fhall marry, I91 If with difficulty ;when;from whence

What wanner of wife or wives the what manner of man,

Native fhall have, 503 .If rich: If agree.

The fife Houfe.

Of Children, idem, have,

Afhorifms concerning this houfc, 603 Whether male or female,

H«p? many Children the Native may Aphorifms of Albulxtcer,

jnd°m;nts upon rlie ninth Houfe, of Journeys and Religion.

Whether the Native jhall travcll or 1 Of 'faccefietn travel!,

not, . 606 What Region or Country will be befi

To what part of the World the Na- to travell into, , tfu

tive fl'al I travell, 607 The Kjligion of 'the Native, i&m.

Hi)ether travel by land or water,6o% Aphorifms belonging thcrcHnto,6l 1

The canje of travell, 609 Of Dreames, ' 9*3 Haly his Aphmfmes, idem.

Of iherench Houfe.

Of. the Ilmur or Dignity of )he Of the Prefejfionofthf Native,6ia

Native, 6*j Experimented Aphorlfmes cmcern-

f ti/jet far tlx Native fhall have Pre- ing the Natives Profejpon, 626

ferment or not, idem. Of ^ when Urdof the Prof efliontfij



60^ 6o<; idem.


619 fejfivn, idem.

JOtlts from the two Luminaries^ 1 7 ' Aphorifma from the 0, 618 Concerning the i\ Of the Mid'hcavcH, ' Of 'the Afccndaht, 6"io Of 'the fixed Stars, idem, What manner of Preferment , its f unfit;} 62 J

If t he Dignity or liononr frill con- time, (5 a 2

Speciall Aphorifmes concerning that Art, judgment, 62?

When joined with others, idem. Of 9- when 'alone fignifies tlx Pro- (fan, ■ " 6%?,

When mixed with others, - idem. Of $ when Significator of the Pro- fejjihn, - ' ^ 6%o

when mixed m t h 0: hers, iti: • n . Of 2 and ? when commixed \ 6 3 0 6f\ with 6, idem. Of 6 and ? when Significants of Q\ 1 With

The Contents^

With whsd fasctfe the Native fhall Quality of the Trofeffion, 6 3 3 handle it, idem,

Judgments belonging to the eleventh, Houfe. Of Friends, 6*34 Wliether there may be unity or con-

Sped All rales concerning that houfe, cord betwixt two, 637 635 whether of the Friends is more fin- Oua/ity of Friends, 636 cere, 619

Co^fiancy of Friends, idem.

Of the twelfth Houfe, Of enemies, , 6 19 -Of tk*th, arguments of a violent

What manner of enemies, their qua- death, 644 /;,« 640 The kjnds of a violent death, 645

If the Votive fhall overcome his From the Sign, from the l\onff the enemies, 641 quality of a violerit death, ($46

tvhofe friendfhip the Native {lull From and 6, <?47 mofi. avoid, 642 From the Lord of the Afaendant

Of Captivity or Imprifonment, id. and fixed Stars. 648

The effects of Ditt&ions. Directions wherefore, 651 Mid-heaven diretted to Promittors*

EjfeUsvfDireEtiant, '652 and the r.eafonrvhy direthd, (568

What places of Heaven , what Tla- To the body ofM,or his T trm,afpcft, ne s'Diretled, and for what, 6*53 669 How long the effects of a Direction To the body , Termor rayesefll, lap, ' '654 *dem.

Tlye AfccmUnt its fignificatitm.when To the body, Term or fcvtrallafpe&s dircUedto thebodjwermir afpettsfln, ofS, 6jl , 6f6 To the af peels or 6 of Q, £73 The Ajcendant dinUed to the Toihet>ody,Term,iHcof$ f d 7 i Terms, body or affccl ofK, 6>n To the fevcrrll afpclls or X trmjpf Tothebody,Termsorotherafpeilof 5, <$74 £ ' v 6 5 p 7W A* of J) w /wr afpetts, 675

<JW.C. to the 11 or ii houfe, 6j6 M. C, to fever all fixed Stars, id. The 0 direlled to Promitoors , and wherefore, 679 To the liody or afpeih of % 6%o To the af pells or body of%;

To the body or other afpeU ofO,66o To the body,T rrm or afpell of '$ ,66 1 To the body , T erm or any afpett of S, 66z To the 6 * A □ or <? */ J>, 66 3 To r p ?J , /o © , or enfp of the fecoud, third or fourth houfe, 66$ To fever all fixed Stars } 666 } 66j

To the body or fifpi T j the bod) or afpett of c ; ,

681 68a 683 TV

the Contents.

Te the like of t, 685 A T'/tblt vfProftttiont cxttiljmitdi,

To the like oft, 6W * ' 717

To Qor or © , *r <■#//> of <w/ of 'I be ufe of ProfeUtons And their ef- thehottfet, 6%y,6M fells, ' 71K

The 0 diretted to principal fixed Lord of the yeer,n>h4t Plsnet, 730 ft art, 6$ $ cA table converting degrees mo

The 5 directed to Promittors, viz. to d*)es And hours, &c, f 731 1j his bed) or s.fpur, 691 A Table of the dyes of the yetr,

To the bod), term or afpett of 'U-,694 teaching whst moneth and day of the

To the afpettjerw or vodf of '6 \ 69% moneth when the ProfeUionall Signify

To the body or tiff eft of ©> 696 'ctttor or othr^ and the Prowittor meet;

To the body, term or afpcU of%6^ feverall examples, 7*2

To the body or afpett of $ , 69* How to judge 4 figure of frofett'ms,

To the Qy^^y and to the twelve ' 726

h tufts, 700 Judgments upon the Prof eft tons ef

To the fixed Stars, 7°* the Afcencfait and V>their fignificatio^

© wherefore direttedjts ejfetts jthen direttedte or his afpetts, 703

To the affetl oft $ and ©, 704

Tothe*fpeVtsof%*nd^ 705

Tv T> And herAftethjoQ And 1 %yo6

To the cttfp* °f the twelve ho»fes,yoy


whtt the. mid'heAven And ®/gttifie>

. . . 731 SigmficAtien of&,

Of R\evefutio»s, "1 34

The Return of th Pl^ttf U their

Of the meafure of time in Dirtth- own places , and of other Planets in 4

MJf " 708 Revolution^ 73 8

ThefirftA»dfcrondjva)fofme4uring The iranfit of the PlAuets, 741

tmt , 709 Aftrcltgicall judgments by way ef

The third me*jhre of time >accerding ex Ample upon the twelve houfes , And

wNuibod, 7 1 ? ^fonVireUigns^ Profettiw* Rtvolh"

Of Ammll 1 Proftttions menfurAll tions And trw/its , upon A MerebAVts

  • nddinr»All, 7M>7 J * Nmvity, 742

To the Student in As t R o 1 p c y.

MY Friend , whoever thou -m,tliat *itri To nuwih esfo ftule receive the benefit of my hard Studies t *n\ daft Intend to proceed in this heavenly knowledge of the 'Siais, wherein the great and admitablc wo ks of the invisible and al- y, ! orious God arc (o manife(lly.5Ppaant. In the liiil \he< } con(idu an.l admhc thy rirdiit , ac.d be tharikfhl unto him , be thou humble, anil let'rtb haWual knowledge,

Jiou magnific the power and wifdom of Almighty rJod,andn\-ive toprclcrvc thy felt' in his favourjbeing confiJcnt,the i:<orc holy thuu artjand more nccr toGoi,thcjnircr ?,uiimm thov. (Walt eive. Beware of priJc and f;lf-conccit , and remetnber how thac jong'sgo, no iit'atinnM 6'«Jf«re»durit i.ffend Mm>che Microcofm 5 but did faithfully fcrveand obey long as he was Mr. of his own Reafon and PtflTKins.or until he f.'.bj-.ftcd his Will to ilie unreafonable part. But Was 1 when iniquity abounJcd.and lfisn i;ave the reins to his own iffWon , and defected reason, then every BeajhCru* tun and outward harmful thing,bceame rebcllicrus and unftrvictable to his command. Siand fad, oh »vu\ i'to thy (?o.f,ai)d allured prina'pl?s,\\xt\ coniider thy own noble- njis, liow all created thiiigs 3 lwth preluit and to com;, were for thy lake created j nay» t. thy fake Gei became M*m thoit attthat Crcdturc , who being convcrtanv with Chill , liycft and raigneit above the heavens, and lus above all power and authority. How many prc-ttnincnces^rivilcigcs > iivxntisgc}\\v.h Godbiltowcd ou thee? thou rangift above the heavens by cojiffwf/^t/jrtjconceiveft the motion and magnitude of &.:'{} jrs ; tlicii talkcft\vith Angels , yea with Goi himfelf ; thou halt all Crmurcs w thy dominionm^ kccp;ft the Vcvili in fubjcc^ion:D 3 not then for ihamcde- thy nature , or make ihy lelf tinwotthy of fucb gifts , or deprjvq thy (elf of that »reat power , titty and blcjjl\lnc[s God hath a'otted thee , by catting from thee his i'ear, tor polllfiiun of a few iinp:ifeft pictures. Hiving conp.iered tbj Go.l, and ivbtt tl>j- fdf injuring thy being Gods fcrvSiit ; »w receive fitftruftion hew in thy pri* tie: 1 wtnld have th;c carry thy (df. As thou daily converfelt with the heavens, fo iinimtt and form thy minde accoi-dlng to tho imsgc of Di vinity i learn all the orna- menrs of vtrtuejbe lufficjcntly inllmcled therein} be humnw,cutt>:&us/amili3r to all, ejfic of a.ccel^, afflift not the mfcr ablcw:h terror of a havfli;«^;«e»» i in fuch cafes, ice ili.m know their* h-»rd fate by degrees i diuft thtm tocall on God to divert his ].tUmcnU impending over them : bemodenSconveiYan: With the lc<irned s civth[ober mn , covet not 3n cf/rftcj give fiedy to the poor ,both wont; and judgment ; let no


')-:,: R<ics fubj-tcm It ybv.i StelUrum: marry a wife of thy own»rejoycc in themim- h t thy frttnus/ivoid law and contvovcrlic : in thy Study,be Mm in tllu t'.at thou n-.ailt be fintului in arU\ be not exttavagant or ddirous 10 leatn every i\um c,be not dimid in omnibm;bc faithful, tenacious, bcuay no ones fecras,no,nolcbiee thee r.< vcr divu'cc either friend or enemies ti uft committed to thy faith. Inftrutt all men v Live weif, be a good example thy fdf, avoid the falhion of the times, love thy own N. :ive Cmntry : ixprobrate no man,no not an enemy ! be not difmaid,il ill fpeken of, Co-ildentb milk teftes; God farters no fin unpuniflicd, no lyc linrcTcnged.

January hath xxxi. dayes.






27 "





I 3D








The daily Motion of the Planets and ^.


id 1 1 »i

j=3 18

28 38







9 1 I


if 28









~i9 n~

ii' 13- ""46 1 5

3 4* >4 2S IS



9. _5> 4'



M t> M

^ 54 5 " 7 I 5

13_31 £_ _}7\ I

aj ?5 7 26 a




1 12( C_

Ma R»


|i8. SO S3

!22',fl_l 28


|27lf 29 js*. g_ 59

3_o bj i_5i£5

ill L.' 32__ 2cl J 5 j(jt 1 1 2 3 t,5~

jo/ ; io2 £9'o

•f>/f* 20 2 2t<'o

22 16 '

1 2.1 w_


1 ! 19 'S

  • <! 20 _f

llj 17

5 18



4?! i5 "46i c6

- 5 l*$

58! 26

"2; 26 .

O i 2<5 2

5l| 20 46 2 L

42; 22

v 11 3V 23

24 35

21 26 _ 17 27

..13. 3 7 _

10 ;8

_7_ 2?_ 4 or.

  • 7


, , , - 44 15 8 11 42I

i4 ^7. « 35 io _i8 it5 5<; 11 14 j

M 38i9" 4? » ^S4lu 5-1

59 5* x ?_l? 10 L* 11 L

7 41 1 12 2 • 14 4$ 3 2:5 1 10 14'

10 1 5 10 if 1-, $ 14

33:**7 44 9 9*1

5gjioXjjl« 50,

54 20 2 iz ? , 4 ' 3 $

42 21 _7_| 6 T 18; 9 6J

50 21. 6 j I9 38' 9 "35}

42: S 43 jH

4*i i$ 47': 17

18 17 1* 18



I* 2 i

9 54 10

u 56 57

13 58

14 58

1 5 59


J.1 :"j 0 i ? ^.lijl£. 4 i *3 47j «7 9|io u £4 _£5 x _-?i3 : 1 1 I/, M 4715 5»{ U 24__23 M 57 11 I)' 29 , 1 5 0 i 1 5 »V u - >

6 ^5 24R 53; 0 il.ijj i_o_,44

27 4^ *4 3J|'i+ ?oj' 9 49 28 .jy 13 5_3 1 xp I ij 8

59 1 S_7 2_

ti L

'5 [o 4 .0 2 o

8| 18

-ii 1 12

4lj 10'

-.3!! : -_.


47 51 55


52! =■?

9 i

c V

57: « 



  • II


6 [ 20





14 18 _


l8i »7



21] 15


}4 }±_


1 1





( o S

9 /* s


J a n u a r y i 6\6+

The Lunar Afpefts.



L b

j .« 

r.- ; 'g I'l'c'c



i l8 !s-L



j 15

  • 3j*

d? 11 A



  • j © j

>k 14


A 6


n 6

ET "25

A "10

■tf 14

6 11

□ ~T 3

A 18

□ 13

A 11

□ g. 15 >jc__ 20


The. Planets Mutuall A-

  • b V- 21 ;

p Ap°g._


_ Vc o i^ss <y 2 •

  • 5

□ 1*2

A i 5

5 in Elong. Max!

!□ "V 8 22 "

(J 3 1 5 >S T? $ D cQ) E- Vc V <T icjp.tttil

|A ic " Orient.

!□ 1

A 13

A Table of Houfcs for.the]L atitude*of 5 1. degrees!)


It 1

l! ' :



• IS


0 in Yjio tiauft l x.Hiitff. } ZHonfe A JJo;iJe.\i Houje. Tim from\ J I

N^on. \deg. win. dtg. deg.m'm. \icg. nr.n. dcg.m'm. WthMm\ V ' ' - -


o 41


o o

A Tabic of Homes tor the Latitude 6l J2. degrees. • in b' voHoHfe 11 H<w//r 12. Wo«/< r /7g«/g. 2 7AW^ % Ho-ife

Tunc from X joh.

A. Tabic ot Houi'cs tor the Latitude oi $2. degrees. j

Tmc [fun. " j\>i'jh. A:g.K.i •) \dc<r. mix,

s 1 ^ ° I 1 -

Table ot Houfes for the L atjtude of 52* deg rees,

0 in ^ Tim J'rcm

•Ms Mih

6 6

laHetife 1 1 Houfe 1 2 Honfe

dr g. min. dg. rrtirtUj^.mhi .

I Houfe. \z Houfe.'w.

3 //* •//>


f ;

A Table of Houfcs tor the Latit ude of 52. dcg tecs.

0 in cSlj 1 o Houfe] i 1 Houf e 1 2 Hew/ .

Noon. \ieg»min. Ho.min.\ £V

1 How/g 12 Ho»/f. </f^. wi'w.U ffi wi n.

~7 _ ! 8 S |

A" Table of Houfcs tor the Latitude ot.?_». degrees



•) uTnc) 10 * * HoMftTiHwfi

deg. mm.

,•- • V_





A" 'Table of Hotifcs for the Latitude of 52. degre es.

0jin.n1 10 Ho ufelt HoJ*fA l2 Hof tfei t Hckf e.\iH9Hje.$ Hof*(e\

2 4<>4





'2S ( 4

16 6



  • P


28 2.0



O 46 .i 1


  • 5

Y 11 ?7

2018 26 20


6" 7

78 8__

23,12 3 14


25 21







26 25

i 4 |i8








54 21








?7.' 2 4

1 ?.

  • >1




31 2;

2 4





  • 7





  • P

  • 4





4^4 .





4, ;









, 3c




A Table of Hbufcs fey the Latitude of ^*.

£"Tablc of Houfcs tor the Latitude ol- ja. degrees.

^TxTio H#ll tfwA I a H^ /» a Houf e\ ,

• - - 1 --- I"

T 3 S S ^





7/f mmber of Planets , Signs, Aftttts , with their feverM Names and Char alters.

jN the firil place you muft know tint there are feven Planets, lb called and ctanftered.

Saturn T?, Jupiter U, ArVx c?,^/ Q.Venw ?, Mercury $ , 2> : there is alio the Head of , the Dragon, thus noted O; and the Tajle (J. — £}and(J> are not Planets but Nodes.

There be aJfo twelve Signes : Aries Y, Tmrm & t Gemini JT> Cancer 23 , Leo Si , r/rgo , L/'/r* ^ , Scorpio m, Sagittarius ? , C'lpricorntuvr, ^narim^ , ♦P//"/ X r Through chefc twelve Signes the Planets continually move, and are ever m one or other degree of them. It's necetfarv you can perfectly diHiiiguiflitho chafer of every Planet and Signe , before you proceed to any part of thislludy j andalfoche-clMratters of chefc Afpe&s that follow, w*. * a A ^ c5.

D you

4*- 'AnJntrodumon u Aftrclogle]

You mull know, ^^^^f^±^ daetees , and every degree MfW^es , «ec. chcbcMMrtejs

Sckcxmtaines ?5o. degree*, the fecond degrce^of « is

the fortieth ,and fo in order all throughout the twelve^nes ; ™ Sft ever account the Aff^ftomthat degree of tte LfaWwI^mtheP^

and I woiild luiowtowbatdegree of ihe Echprak decaitetn h* fmto Sextil Afpea ; rekoning from Y to the : tenth dc- See of 3i , I find h co be in the feventieth degree of the Zodi- f ck , acco d^.o his longitude ; if I addefixty degrees more co feventy , they make one hundred and tbrcy which , anta» to the tenth degteeof the Signed, to which Tz caftetb his * Afpea , or to any Planet m that degree.

fixty degrees , wefay they are in a Semi Afpea , and note ic

^E^JJSpS^ ^ ninety degrees diftant one from ano- ther , we call .eh* Afpea.a QhmtM Afpea, and write u

fb wSn Plane* are one hundred and twenty degrees diftant, we fw rhev are in a Trine Afpea, and we write it thus A- W w y hen Iwo Planets are one hundred ftant , we call that Afpea an 0;;*,W..and duufet the Afpea

th When two Planets are in one and the &me degree^ and mi- nute of any Sigoe , we fay they are in C • an£ * wme !t

thU Solhen if youfindTzinthefirftdegreeofY, and » or any other Set iZ the firrt degree-of jr youIhaU fay they are m a SiSea, for tfaeyZe diftant one/rom anther fiKty de- urees, and this Afpea is indifferent good. fc tfCany ocherPianet be in the firlt degree of Y, and ano- JrPhnet L ? the firft decree of * W^gJSK D Afpea, becaufe there is ninety degrees of the Zodiack bc- iwuctrhem : this Afpeft is of emmty andaot Rj*d. jf h be in the firlt degree of V > and any Planet- m dK fi ll

^ Wtodutiion to AffrticgU. %f

degree of 41 , there being now t.he diftanee of an hundred and twenty degrees , they beholcf each other with a T*m Afped ; ,2 cius d<Sh denote Unity, Concord and Fnendflhip. .

If you find n in the firlt degree of Y , and any Planet in the fid* decree of & , they being now an hundred and eighty de- o e ea h from other! are laid to be in Off*** A bad Atva- and you mult be mindfull to know what Signes are oppofice each to other , for without it you cannot the

11 When h is in the firft degree of Y , and any Planet is in the iiw degree, they are then faid to be in Cmjurtmi And this Afpea is good or ill,according tothe nature of the quelboa demanded.

Signes Opfnfte to one mother *¥t

Y *5 31 SS <Sl VZ £i m / vf & X That is Y is oppofite to ^ , and ~ to Y ; to m , "Uo c* :

ceLTnd then they will molt eafdy understand the ^Ephemens; j» « i«  which is no other thing, then a book containing the true pa- ccs of the Planets,in degrees and nunmcuo every of the twelve Si«nes both in longitude and latitude , every day of the yeer at n^andevcry hour of the day, by correaton and equation.

I have interred an Ephemeris of the moneth of Jaunty 1 54* and after it a Table of Houfes for the latitude of ja. degrees, which will ferve in a manner , .all the Kmgdom of England on this fide ^ iupon Trent, without fenfibleerrou r ; and 0^ I have done of purpofe to teach by therro the ule of a I Ephe- meris, and the manner and means offing a Figure of Hea- ven , without which nothing can teJa^W^or made ufe of in Alt.ology. h V : • '

' r " ■ *'<• " ' ^ — ;

C H A fyM.

Of tfif Hjeofth Etttnew. \
  • T He firft lineon the ieft-lunSyage >, JMtr? bath

i& An lntrodufiiofl u AflriUgit]

You mull know , eveiy Signc comaipe* in tamiuffa degiees , and every degree liofcj minutes , cJwTH^trtatojs ftom Y , and fo in order one Signe after another .• fo the whole ZodLukcontames 300, degrees, the fecond degreetif is the two and thirtieth degree of the Zodiack , the tenth of tf-is the fortieth , and fo in order all throughout the cwelve>Signes ; yet you muft ever account the Afpeas.froai that degree of the iodide wherein the Planet is , *s if % be in ten degrees of ar and I would know to what degree of the Echpnek necafieth his finilter Sewil Afpea rekoning ftom Y to the tenth de- cree of , I find Tj to be in die feventieth degree of the Zodi- ack, accordmg to his longitude ; it I adde fixty degrees more to feveiuy , they make one hundred and thirty , which anfwers to the tenth degree of the Signed, to which T2 caftetb his #■ Afpea , or to any. Planet in that degree.

When two Planets are equally diftant one from each other, fixty degrees , we fay they are in a Sextill Afpea , and note ic with this character*.

When two Planets are ninety degrees diftant one from ano- ther , we call . that Afpea. a QuartM Afpea, and write it chus^O. .

When Plane*; are one hundred and twenty degrees dUtant, we toy they are in a Trine AfpecV, and we write it thus A •

When two Planets are one hundred and eighty degrees di- ftant , we call that Afpea an 0/>;#>'fl«,and charter the Afpea thus <j\ 11-

When two Planets are in one and the fame degree and mi- nute of any Signe , we fay they are in £<w/W?/'<w , and write ir thuso*.

So then if you find \ in the firft degree of Y , and 2> or any other PJnut in the firildegree of jr, you lhall fay they are in a Sextill Afpea, for they are diftant one from another -M«y de- grees, ancfthis Afpea is indifferent good.

It Tj oranyother.Planet be in the firlt degree of Y, and ano- thex Planet in the firft degree of S , you mull fay they are in a D Afpea , becaufe there is nin.'tv degrees of the Zodiack be- iwixt rhem : this Afpea is of emmty and not good.

If h be in the firft degree of Y , and any Planet, m the fiilt

degree .

"jin introduction to Affrdcgh. %y

toee of & , there being now the diftanc* of an hundred and rvencv decrees , they behold each other with a Trmt Afpea ? and tlus d<5h denote Unity, Concord and Friendship.

If you find Ti in the firlt degree of Y , and any Planet in the firll degree of & , they being now an hundred and eighty de~ \ I each from other , are laid to be » Oppofinon, A bad Aura- and you mult be mmdfull to know what Signes are oppoiite each to other , for without it you cannot area the

11 When h is in the firft degree of Y , add any Planet is in the fame degree, they are then faid to be in Cmjudhmi And this Afpea is good or ill,according to die nature of the queluon


Slgfies Opfoftt tv one amthtr *¥*

Y *5 3i S3 S\ VZ A m / \y «f X That is Y is oppolite to & , and «== to Y ; to m , m co » :

" l iV^iZsll\uJr^in and readily apprehend what pre- BMcrV cedevndthen they will molt eafily undcrftand the Ephemeras wfet, andi* which is no other thing, then a book containing the true p a- ces of the Planets,in degrees and mmutes,in every of the twelve Manes both in longitude and latitude , every day of the yeer at n^n.andevery hour of theday, by cordon and equation.

I have inferred an Ephemeris of the moneth oi January 1*4* and after it a Table of Houfes for the latitude of 5 2. degrees, which will ferveinamanner, all the Kingdom of E*g land on this fide T^iupon W, without fenfibleerrour ; and kh* I have done of purpofe to teach by them, the uf« of an Ephe- meris, and the manner and means of , getting a Figure of Hea- ven , without which nothing can beJa>oVv^;or made ufe of m

Altrology. ' *h

- — 1 • ' _ " 1 "V — — " - ' :

C HAX> rs H. ' 5 Of the */* of file mtmem.

  • T He firft lineon the left-lian^age eels you, JMW hath

Jr. 3i:daycs. r ,

  • 8 Ah InmhUtM u Afitologiel

In. the fedond line vou find , The daily motions of thePla*

nets and the Dragons liead. In the third line andiover the character of Ti you have M. D. ,

M. lignifying Merididkally D. Ttefctn&wg \ that is,Tj.hach Meri-

ciional I latitude, and is Defending . •

. Indie next column you find M. D. and underneath U \ that

is , Jupiter hath South or Meridionall latitude, and. is. def-


In trie third column you find M. A.anfl under thofe letters «J ; that is,<? hath Meridionall latitude, and is afcending. The © hath never any latitude.

In the next column to the Q you find 2 and then^,\vi(h the t itle of i heir latitude : Now it over any of che Planets yaii find S. A. or D. it eels you that Planet hath Septentrional/ or North latitude , and is either afcending or defaming, as the letters A. or D. do manifelt.

In the fourth line you fee T*U cf© 9 ? J> Q ; now you -muft-obisrvecver , the O is in the oppofite Signe and degree to che ^ t , though he is never placed in the Ephemeris.

In the fifth line you have Y n VP-V? X s» »u «5l .• Over Y you have l?j that is to acquaint you , that "his in the Signe of Y : Over ai you haveU , W*. U is in the Signe of jl • And fo over yj* {lands <? : And fo of all- the reit one after ano- ther. :.

In the fixt line ycuhave the figure i. telling* of yourfsthe -firlt day of January, and fo underneath it to the lower end, you ■ have the day of the moneth.

Next to the Figure om , you have the letter A , whiclvis the letter of the day of the week ; and- if you run down under that column , you fee the great letter to be D , which is the Sunday or Dorrunicall letter oftheyeer \6^6.

Over .againlt' the firlt day of January under the char after of "h you fin J 27. 48. over thoi'e figures you lee Y ; the meaning is , h is the firltday of January in 27. degrees and 48. minutes of Y now you mult obferve , fixty minutes make one decree, and that when any Planet hath pafled thirty degrees in a Signe, ^goethorderly into the next j as out of Y into tf., out of into u> frc. •


An Jntrtdutt 'm ts AttroUgU. .. - 2p

In the fourth column , over againlt the firlt of the moneth, you find 28 R 11 , over them n ., and over it U ; that is , U the L\ of jmuMrj is in 2$ degrees of n and 1 2 minutes The lcc- n R tels you that he is Retrograde ; had you found Di. or D. it had told you he was then come to be Diretf in motion, Qj all thefe cer.nes hereafter by themfelves.

In the fifth column- you find 10, 5 , over thole figures y* d> zi*.<S is the firft ofhvwtrj in the tenth de-re* and fivs mmurcy

01 And by this order you find cbe 0 to be in 7 1 degrees and M minutes of } and 9 \n $ ^egr- 7 miu. of X ; 5 in 5 degr. and 19 min. of s* 5 ,che 2> in 21 13 of n j ft in 12 deg. and 34 of <5V. . , „

So that you fee on the loft-hand pag? , there are ten fe.vcr.tH columns ; the firll containing the day of the moneth ; inc le- cond j the week-day letter ; the third, the degree and minutes of \ • the fourth containes the degiees and minncesU isin j am' fo every column the like for the relt of the Planets.

Over againlt the tenth of January , under the column of the q you find p« 44 minutes, which onely fheweth you the © to be that day at Noon , in o degrees and 44 minutes of

  • ~ In die lower end of the lefr-fide page,after the 3.1 of Ianxary

you find Lac. of Pla. that is, the Latitude of the Planets.

Under the letter C you find 1 1 0 20.

Under the column of "hover againlt x, you find 2. 31. then continuing your eye , you have under Uo,j; under 6 0, 47 ; under $113; under 5 1 45. The meaning -hereof is, that the firll dayof January T? hath 2 degr: and 31 mm: of latitude j % o de^r: 5 min: o* o degr: 47 min: ? 1 degr: 1 3 nun: 5 1 degr: 45 min: of latitude : To know whether it is North or Sourn , calt your eye to the upper column , and you may fee over the cha- racter of T* Hands M. D. tna&is , Meridionall Defending , or South latitude; where you find S. it tels you the latitude is North ; if you find A. the Planet is Afcending in his latitude.; if D.theh Defending.

P 5-

3 o

An Introduction te Aflrriogif* 1

CHAP. II I. The right-hand fn^e of th: Efht uteris nnfcidti. \

THere are eigh: columns : the firft contains the daycs of Ac moneth ; the fix next contains the manner , quality and name of thole Afpetts the 5 hath to the Planets ; as alfo , chs hour ot' die day or night when they perfectly meet in Afpeft ; the eighth N column hath onely thofeAfpects which hUcf© 5 5 make to each other, and the time of the day or night when, • .

In the fourth line under \ you find Occid. that is , ft is Occi- dental of the ©,or fets after him; and fo of U,or where you find . Oc c id. it noteth as much.

Under cf you find Orient, that is , cT is Orient afl.oi rifeth be- • fore the ©. And fo at any time.

For better underftinding the true time when the s> comes to the Afpect of any Planet, you are toobferve, chac all thole thar. write Ephenerides , compute the motion of the Planets for the noon time , or juft at twelve : And you mult knew , we and they ever begin our day at Noon, reckon 14 hours from the noon of on? day to the noon of the nexr, and after this manner you mult reckon in the Afpefts. As for example:

Over againft the firft of Jan««r) 1646. which is Thurfday, and under ife column appropriate to the 0,you find # o. Tlie meaning whereof is , that the » is in *• afpec> with the 0 that firft day of January at noon,or no hours P.M. or Pojt Me- ridiem.

Over againft Friday thefecondof J*nttarJ> you find under the column of ? □ 6. and on the right hand over againft the fame day, under s * 9. which is no more then this , W*.the fecond of Jamnry at fix a clock after noon , the 5 comes to the O or Quarttfl afpeft of ? ; and at nine of clock fhe meets with rhe*of$. -

Over againft ths fixe day of January , being Tuefday, under Tj you find □ i4.that is,fourteeu hours after noon of that day,the s comes to the □ of Tj now you may eafily find,thac the four- teenth

An IntroAuttm u AJtrotyfc* 3*

tcenth hour after noon of Tuefday , is two of clock in the mor- «in^on Wednefday.

Again, over againft the 6 day,imder the column of the © you fn\i~6 1 1 48 whtt?h is no more but this , the 2> comes to 6 with the ©at 48 minutes after ele\en of clock at nighuNow you muft know the » her e> with the © is her change , her next □ after 6 with the ©is the firft quarter, her <? with the © is full D, her □ after d 3 is her l ift quarter.

Jf you underftand but this, that thirteen hoursi* one of clock the diy fubfequent , fourceen hours two of clock , fifteen hour--: three of clock in the morning , iixteen is four of dock , feven- teen hours is five in the morning, eighteen is fix of clock, nine- teen lioiirs is feven of clock , twenty hours is eight in the. mor- ning ^ twenty one hours is nine of clock , twenty two hours af- ter noon is cen of clock the next day,c.wenty three hours is ele- ven of clock , &c. Now we never fay cwenty four hours after noon , for then it's juft noon , and if we fay 00. 00. after noon tine is juft at noon , or then it's full twelve of clock : Under- iianding this and you cannot erre.

In that column under the Plinets mutuall Afpe&s, over againft the third of Umtry being Saturday , you find * \ U 21 that is T? and U are in ;¥ afpeft 21 hours after noon of the Sa- tiirday ; and chat is, at nine of clock on thfi Sunday morning following. .

Over againft the fourth day you find S &4f>>g4imjms. ts,fhe is men remoteft from the earth; over -gainli the eighteenth day in the outmoft column you find 2) Terigton^hu is,the D is then neat eft unto the earth.

Over againft the twelfth day , in the fame outmoft column, You find 5 in Elong. M<tx. it ihould be $ in Maxima Elonga-

it>»i; or that day 2 is in his greatelt elongation or diftance from

the ©.

Ova apainft the fixt of Ianitary , you find in the outfide co- iiuv.n Vc © U SS 6 5 J that is, the © and U are in a gjtincHnx afped that day; now thatafpeft confiftethof fiveSignes, or

'50 degrees.

SS is a Ser»ifexti/,and eels you,that day & and $ are in Scmi- ftxril to each other : this afped confifieth of 30 degrees.

f Over

31 An Introduction t& Aflnlogit]

OveragamiUhe2s of imtmr) , you find in the oucmoft co* lumn □ "h cf 1 1 , and Q. 0 T? : The meaning ^ , that at ele- ven of chxk after noon , h and 6* are in a Qitartill afpeit ; and Q.0 Tt eels you, the 0 and T? h.uea Quihtill afpec-Vroeach other that day: A Quintill connUs of two Signes twelve de- grees , or wlwn Plane's .ire diitant 72 degrees from each orher : we feldom ufe more afpefts then the * □ A to thefc of late one K & r l b r , a learned nun,hach added fome new ones, as follow, viz..

e^T Semifextill, chartered SS, confjfting of thirty degrees.

A Qii 'mil Qj-otififihi^ of f tvexty t-xo degrees.

A Trednile Td corffing of 1 oS degrees .

A B/9«/«;//7Bq conjiftingvf 144 degrees.

A Quincunx Vc corffting, of 1 50

1 only acquaint you with thefe , tint finding them any whew yoir may apprehend their.4neaning.

After thofe two fides of an tphemeris , followech in order, A Table of Houfes ; for without a prefenG Ephemeris and Table of Houfes , it's impoffible to inltruct you to fee a Figure, withouc which we can give no judgment , or perform any thing in this Art.

Tkufcofthe As there are twelve Signes in the Zodiack , through which Tablt of bcu- the © and all the Planets make their daily motion , fo are there as you may fee twelve feverall great pages ; and as Y is the iirft Signe of the Zodiack, fo in thefirlt line of therirltgreacpa^e doe vou find © in T ; m the fecond grand page and firltlin; you find © in » j in the third page and firit line 0 in H ; and jo in order according to the fucceffion of Signes one after alio- tber through the twelve pages : By help of t hefe Tables we frame a Figure, as 1 fhall now acquaint you.

C H A P.


r An Inmditfthfr ft Aftreltgit. 33

CHAP. IV. )h v t*tre#<t Figure of Heaven by the Ephemeris AndTMt af Houfes , aferefaid.

TN r the'firrt place you nTe to draw the Figure thus ; and to Jainw that chofc twelve empty fpaces are by us called the

'- ^ twelve Houfes of

. >y / Heaven ,• that fquare

<±> >y NR> G\ in the middle is to

write the day , yeer, and hour of the day when we fee a figure : the firit houfe begins ever upon that line where you fee the fi- gure 1 placed , rlie fc~* cond houfe where you fee the figure of 2 ftand , the third houfe where you fee the figure 3 , the fourth houfe begins where you find the figure of 4, the fifth houfe where you fee ihe figure 5, the frxth houfe where you fee the figure <5, the fe- v<:iub" houfe where you find the figure 7, the eighth houfe where you find the figure 8,the ninth houfe where you find the figure pjche 10th houfe where youfind the figure io,t he eleventh whew you find the figure 1 1, the twelfth houfe where you find the figure 1 1 what fpace is contained between the figure one ro rhe figure two , is of the firll houfe/ or what Planet you fhall rind ro be in that fpace, you fhall fay he is in the firft houfe ; yec . if he be within five degrees of the Cufp of any houfe,his vercuc fiul be affigned to that houfe to whofeCufp he is neerdtjBcc.buc of this hereafter. The Cufp or very entrmceof any houfe , or firft beginning , is upon the line where you fee the figures pla- ced ; upon which line you mult ever place the Signe and degree of the Zodiack, as you find it in the Table of Houfes., as if you E find

14 J** l*tr*k£tk* r# AHrtltgiu

find 10 degree!? of T foi the tenth houfe , you mnft place the number i o and Signs of T upon the line of the tenth houfe,. and th*t fame tenth dcgrae is the Gufp or beginning of thir houfe, and lb in the reft.

In erecting or fetting your Figure , whether of a Qyeftion or Nativity, you are to confider thefe three things.

Firft , tbe yeer , moneth x day of the week , hour or part of die hour of that day. f

Secondly , toobierve in the Epf.emeris of that yeer and day clie t rue place of the 0 in Signe, degree and minute at noon.

Thirdly, hours and minutes in the Table of Hoiifcs doe aniwei or tfcmd on the left hand againft the degree of thai Signe rhe © is in die thy of theQueltion ; for by addin* the hour ofrhe day , and hours and minutes amwering to the pUr «f the 0 , .your Figure is made , and this Signe where the © is yjmnutt alwayes look for in that great column under the title of thi tenchhouie , where you findthe © and that Signe toge- ther ; as u upon-any-diy of the yeer when I fer my Figure die Q is in V , then tbe fir/1 greit page or fide fcrveth/or there you find © in Y; \i the © be in ,then the fecondpage ferferh,and io> ui orders and as j« the uppermoft line youfmd © in Y 2i, &c. fouiuierneaduhofe^baraaeri^nd^ ijoule , you lee o .x a 3 4.5 6 , and fo all along to 20 de- grees ; fo due let die © be it» wh :t degree he wnT, yon h JV e ic e^aiUy to degrees in the iecond lefle column, under rhe tide of fte- tenth houfe,- if any minutes adhere to die ipiioeof the© dsalwayes there doth, if thofe minutes exceeds thirty, take the ^iwandminures adhering torbe next grater degree the © is in; iHeffenunusw then diirty belong to rhe 0 , take tb*fame you tad him mt h , for you mult know it breeds no error in an

  • y Qjjcftion. -

EapMlf, ^ 1 would ere& a Figure of Hearatctie fixe of bein" tb« Fijwtfol- Tnefday , 1646. one hour thirty minutes afternoon , orV

  • w» s . that », Pf.Mm^em: Firtt, 1 look in the Ephemeris over

ajamttche hxrh of for rhe true pl^of the©' and I

find Kj»heatf 29 j then I look in the Table of Homes un-

j T: ®» v > which I doe in the jrenth great page j and antechc-jnumbsr to, >vkchfigni<i«chrlieieflthhotile , I find


1 . ficnim iomtii J?Ms>ttAfiernoott

V ; I enter with tbe decree of the

0 which being 26 j<; I look for 27, and on the lefc Iimd againft it, I find 19 h 5^ m ; in rhe head' of the Table over them H. M. iignifying Hotires and Mi- niitesjThele boats and minutes vix*. 19,56 , Iaddeto the time of day in my Queltion,W*.

1 50 (and fo I \\y\\ alwayes in every QuelUon adde both numbers togetlier, jiid if rliey make more then 24 hours J muftcaft away 24 hours, ami enter the Table of Homes, under the title of time from no^n, feeking fojuhe remainders die neereft number to ic,and on the right hand oyer againft it , under the feverall columns, you fliall have the Cufps of the tenth, eleventh^welfth.firft/e- c«ud,third,fourth houfes:but to my former purpofe: I add io,$6 to 1 ,30 and they produce 21 hours,a6 minutes ; which number I &C< for in that column , entitled Time from voon , or Hour?, minutes, and which number 1 find precifely In die eleventh ^jreat page , under the © in j and over againft 21,26 on the

right hand rmder the column of die tenth houfe , I find 1 9, 7Wj houfe. and owr its head upward , the Signe of as, fo then I put the 1 9 degree of upon the Cufp of the tench houfe.

In the third column > over againft 21,16 1 find 17,6*, Overic Eleventh the Signe of X , above X the number 1 1 , which appoints you hsxj c* 1 7 degrees , and 6 minures of X for the Cufpe of the eleventh houte.

In the 4th column you find over againft the former number Twelfc ^>n>°Vvr that the character tf,atthe upper end l^whkh tels^j/y/p, you,rlwt 1 ij j_7 degrees of muft be placed on the Cufp of the twelfth houie. ' E..z In

3$ AnintiQdtttiimuAftYflegiil

Flrft f:on[c. }\\ the fifth column owr againft the former number, vow have 25, 31 > over it n y over ir 1 Houfe , anddireas you to place the 25 degrees and 31 minutes of ir upon the line or Cufpofthefirft houfe.

Skok4 In the fixth column you find 17, 10, over that® , % Houfe,

houfe, which ids you 17, 10 degrees of. the.Signe <$ muft be placed on the Cufp or line of the iecond houfe.

Tlxul houfe. I» the feventh little column over againft the former numbet you h.we 2,2;, over it the Signed, an;f in the upper line z Houfe; fo you are directed to put the 2 deg.and 22 minutes of Si upon the Cufp of the third houfe.

Having now petfe&edths tenth, eleventh, twelfth, firft, ie- cond and third Home , 1 mull direct you how to perform the wit. *

You muft for under/landing hereof know, that the firft fix- Signes or the Zodiack are oppofite to the fix hit, as formerly J

told YOU.

Y»is An?

Y is oppofite to ss: , and a to Y;to to m , and m to ¥ , and fo all the reft in order. The twelve Houfes alfo are oppofite each to other: as thus 10 11 12 125 4 S -7 8- 9- So that the tenth houfe is oppofite tothe fourth , the fourth to the tenth ; the eleventh to the fifth,the fifth to the eleventh* and fo all the reft as you find placed : The ufe you are to make of it is this , That if on the Cufp of the tenth houfe you find the Signe Y , then mull you place on the Cufp of the fourth' the Signe j and leok-whatxiegree and-minutepoffefleththe Signe of tlve tenth houfe , the fame degree and minute of the oppofite Signe mull be placed on the Cufp of the fourth houfe, r.nd ioof all the other Signes and Cuibs of houfes - and this is general!, and ever holderhtnie ; without which rule obferved, you cannot erect tlie Figure aright. Jivour former JFigure you fee. 1 0 j^.-on the Cufp afahe tendi

> houfe,

An Tntrodiitfm U Aftroltgitl 37:

\\cdz , S\ is oppofite to s» , and the fourth houfe to the tenth ; to tiien I place the ip degree of SV upon the Cufpe of ch^c


Upon the line or Cufp of the eleventh houfe you fee X 17,6, nr. 15 the Signe oppofite to K , and the fifth houfe to theele-- v:nch ; 10 that I place the -17 degree and -6 minutes of upon th: Cufp of the fifth houfe.

Tlie Cufp of the twelfth houfe is the ir, 37 of-tf , Ifec*n is oppofite -to # , and the fixth houfe to the twelfth ■> I there-' fore put the 1 1 decree and 57 minutes of »n on the Cufp of tlie tivJi lioule.

I tioe loin the reft of the houfes , and by this means I have' f.MTied the twelve houfes , and placed the feverall Signs of the Zodiack upon the Cufps as they ought to be.

Hiding flnifhed your twelve Houfes by the Method price-' cling , you mull now learn to place the Planets therein which' you mult doe by obferving in tlie Ephemeris , the exact place or* the Planet- in Sign and Degree at noon the day of the Figure, and in what Houfe you flull finde the Sign wherein the Planer i? , in that Houfe mutt you place tlie Planet , within the Houfe if the Planet be in more Degrees then the Cufpe of the Houfe;" without the Houfe , if his Degrees be lefle themthofe of the' (' up of the Houfes.

Ov:r againft the fixtdiy of January aforefaid , I finde Tito 1 be in 27. 58. of Y : I look for Y in the Figure, but find it not ; 1- fin J X on the Cut e of the eleventh, and Won the Cufpe- of the twelfth Houfe 4 ; fo I conclude that the Signe Y is inter-- ceprcd; for fo we fay when a Signe is- nor upon any of rhe Cufpe > of Hoiifes , out is included betwixt one Houfe and ano-* ther : 1 therefore place "ft in the vi Honfe, as you may fee;-

in the next place- 1 finde the pfoce-of U to be ,2 7-40.iT. I find' 25.31. h to be on the Cufpe of the firft Houfe,becaufe the De- ; 3:^3 adhering to U are greater then th&Cufpe , I place U with-- in the Houfe.' And becaufe he is. noted-Retrograde 1 place the letter K, the becter to informe my judgement.

In the fifth column of the Ephemeris I find <? the fixth of/*— smry inthe 13. yj. vy ; which Signe in the figure is the- tufp of. the eighth Houfe ; I therefore place 6\ii> ns« che-Cufp- E 3 as*

3* An Intrabttm t* Afinkgiel

5 b r h ¥ ™ th L Sign , e ^ W& then the Cufoe

otthe Houfe, I place him without the Houfe, 1

I hnde tl*5 0 the fixrh day offy^to be in 26. 3 o.Y,who-n I pUe beyond the Cufpe .of the eighth Home % &e D^esorti^

la the lime kne , and over againll the fixe of U vtMr/> i fa j e $ to be m i o. Degrees, and 53 mimics of X. 7

and rk"r T th " o^' ? f * °!! I thcCl,r P e ^ eleventh Houfe, andthere .put : $ ,n the tench Houfe,neer die Cufpe of the ele- vaitn Houfe , but not in the Home , becaufe the Decrees of th> toe /he win aw nor cqiiivjlcnt to theories of theCuibs oi cheelevench Houfe, but are foorc of them* V In the «y|,t Column 1 fin Je under the Career of 5 i , , <j

tw. ^ if' 1 1 t f °ff p,ice 2 neer che Cu, f* ^ d« tench Houie, but notin the Houfe; for you may feehe is neere? n

10 Cui P* tenth Houfe then the ninth s for

Houie , having the lame W , by lb much the never neVh't to bs placed cothe Cufpe of tint Houfe. wtnigoc In the ninth Column , under the Column of the S I find-

^ '"-7 5-1. ^ndover the Figures

V • 10 then I place the » very neer the © in the eighth H%uk and betmxr trie Cufpe of the houfe and the 0 ; for you T? £c the , hath not io mariy Degrees as may put hty beyond tKe G ; nor. hath Ihe 10 few to be without ihe^hth Houfe. Hosv to reduce die motion of the S and other Planets to any hourc «t the day, you Ihatl be inflrucled hereafter.

v^o t • i? n 5 C ° li ; C S> n I f]mi ° m my faid day, A ; vvhtch I place in the m^dls of the third houfe ,%eai«fe ten

ruccs and applies the fame day . I find cbefixc of l mHXr1 on <{ 1C ^ghc-lvand P a§e of the Book , that the J> did \l7^l^tol

  • o oi rf and now uannluinotA w ,,c^n' r n

  • rtt* jt \ a ■ . • w, lvlu Y ***** *>i«ieperjtetro

-rd^n rf^T '"tfty^ t0 '<* <*G« ix*8 , that -t eleven of .look and 4$ minutes jfrer at night , then to a 6

An Wni»M*n to AHnkgk: *A

of T> at fourteen hours after noon , or at two of clock the next , corning. «^a»cac

Tin* have you one Figure of Heaven erc&ed , and the Pla- nts therein placed,rhough not reSifiedtothe hour of he day,

I u,r. Hut becaufe I have by experience .found . that many L«rnew have been much ftumbled tor want of furfident dir^ •:\«m in former Incrotibflions to fee a Sheameof Heaven, J Hull be a ludc more co Pl ous , and H iew an example or wo

n)ore« i>

for eleven or clock and iwency afc,r noon: the 0 that day of r^blV^ Z, ^ ^ s ? ° f ^ •' ^ chc eleventh p.^ houie I look lor the ei-hth decree of « , btc M ^ 5a m i-

^o„T£? ltC, f ° f 5 ^ € .> ^•'S^ttheei,h 5 chde- few on the left hand, under the title of Timefam*^ I find -« -is. vi*, ao hours.^ minutes., fo then I work thus,

Ti.neofthedayis 11 20.

hours and minutes anrwertngto the eighth degree of ™ ^ P ? chere being tfa mm. two tnin,more then one . tour, I raVe that hour andadde both numbers to S e- bou. min. lv r * t . and they make 22 02

Houfes , but 1 find 8 0, 8 2

whwi is- neer my number, andwhkhfcrvis very well • ovt- .^ml8i, a ndo-«l.find 2 8o, andintheupper pVrcIffhd© ! andorericcteceiithhoufc, fothen I have zSde^ees o tf

! ^ « f « HPPerpftthcetevewh houfe; fothen adeJ.:tf

S ^hl h ?5 l,fp0f L he !L^ h ^i cSn 4 hw?you.. ^ agauift the faid nombet of^hours-omin. in the- fourth-

column -

<jo An Intndutltm tt~ Aftrtiogei

tofumn, 0* 4, over its taad the twelfth houfe, thistelsvou the dap or the twelith home' is o degr. 4 ruin, of a : in tip huh column ovNjr againlt the faid former number., you have

the 2.1. dcgr.aiKi ? mm. of ^ mtheiixth column,! find 1 owr it the Signe , in the upper pare die fecond houfe, by which I know, that 15 degr. .md 57 min. of m mult be piacej on chcCalp ot me fecond houfe. ii>thefeventhand£mo:l column overagauilljny forefaid number of 8 hours and u min J hno £ j. 4 d, over them the Signa •/„ in the uppercolumn over g=»rheui the tjuctf houfe , pointing outaj degr.. 4 6 min. of/ forthe Curpot the tiurd.houle ; fo chon your Cufps of homes Hand thus: > r

Tenth houfe 28 Eleventh houfe 4. 35 nt. TvveJfrh houfe 0.4-.. T'\u\ houfe 21. 3 ~1 ' Second houfe 15.57 • Third houfe 15.45./.

The Cufps of the other houfes are found out' by-theo*™. lite Sisnes and houfes , as I formerly direded , ti/i. the fourth houfe being oppose ever to the tenth, and the Signer to-<s, J p ace the 2 S degr. of on the Cufp of the fourth houfe : the I fifth is oppose to the eleventh , and K is t he oppolite Si°ne to T »cj V*™ 6 ** pi«» the 4 degr. ^ min. of X for the dip <tf the fifth : the twelfth houfe is oppolite to the fixch, fo is v op- polite to ^ , therefore I place o degr. 4 min, of t on the Cuip pi twe iixth houfe: thu fevenrh houie is oppoiite to die hnU houfe, and Y to I therefore place the 2 1 degr. and , min. oi Y : , the op f ohte Sjc; ne ro ^ on the Cufp of the feventh hemic : the. .eighth houfe is oppolite' to the fecond , and bwn. I

C ^ r - °.L\ P k r che L x 3 a,vJ 57 mm. of » on the Cufp of the eighth houfe : the ninth houfe is oppolite to the third , >nJ jr to * , I therefore make the 1 5 degr. and 46 of n the Cufp of the ninth houfe ; The Planets axe to be placed in the Fi'

An IfHrtotttftM ri AUrologU) ^

gurcas formerly dire&ed $ nor let it trouble you, if you find lo.v.edmes two Signs in one houfe , or almoit three , orfome- times one Sign to Be on the Cufps of three homes , ever place your Planets orderly as neer the degree of the houfe , as the number of degrees your Planet is in will permir.

You mufl ever remember that if your hour of the day be in the morning, or as we fay Ami Mtriditm> or before noon, you mint reckon the time , as from the noon of the day preceding : As for example. 0 '

  • I would erec* a Figure the atf. day of Jam$arj 1646. biin°

Munday, for 9. of the clock and 45 min. before noon. * My time Itands thus : 0 ho. 45 min, s To this 1 adde 12. hours , becaufe it is croperly in our ac- count , hour and 45 minutes after no.m of the Sunday I preceding : fo then you may fay thus ; the Figure is fet for p.

hours and 45. minutes memcridim, or before noon of the I Monday.

i Or elie 25. of Jantary , being Sunday, 21 houjs.ind4s min. W mtr.dttm , or after noon , which is all one with the former time.

I find the 0 at noon the fame 16 day, to be in 16 degr.and 59 mm. of s» ; I look in the Table of Houfes what hours and min. correa-ond to the 17 degrees of *s in the tenth houfe ; in the eleventh page 1 find the Sign ^ , and along in the colum of the tenth 17 degr. o min. on the left hand I find over a^iinft j them, 31 hours tS min. to chefe I add the hours andn:in.of the ! aay,t;u.. 21. 45; added together, they make 4311 C 3» from winch in regard they are more then 24 hours, I lubiiracl 24,

r . Kelts 19 oj

With my 12 hours and 3 min. I enter the Table of Houfes, and under the title of hours and minutes , or Time from noon, 1 loejc my number, In the tenth page I find 10 hours and 1 miu«  wmc.'i is the next number unto my defire , ov^r againtl ic I fee M-o> and in the upper part vr and tenth houfe , fignifying che 14 degr. of the Sign v? is to be placed on the Cufp of the f: * tenth



■ : . r

r I


MtJ MmTCWtCJIVrt JO Jtjtrvfvgtfi

tenth hotffe, the reft of the hotifes are fbundoutirtofcfcra they fttnd in the Table of Hotifes over ag«n!l my number of i$> 'hour 5 and i min. I hope thefe examples will be ftfficicnt for all youhg Learriers ; but that they may prefently conif<j«  whether they have let their Figure right yea or no,let them take this general ni!c,thac if the Figure \k ereclted from noon to Sun fer , the Q will be in t!ie ninth>eignth or feventh houfe ; if ir b< erected f:o:r, Sim fee till midritghrjhetha) find the © in the fw f fife or lourch houfe ; if it be fee from midnight till 0 rife , be fliall find the 0 in the third, fecond or nrlthoufe ; if the Figuj be fee from 0 rife till noon then he fliall find the Q in th: twelfth, eleven:h orient houfe, &tr. .

'Ait 4£

Examples* . • .

Uhav) 7. ac noon > J f s 28 > ° Q Y • mri*is a, »)'». '! 6. at noon, \i is 27, 5»

H, re you ke tl»e daily mot ion of Tj is onely t\Vo oiinuces. ,

J.,h. 6. U R. 97* 40 ^ 'i)/!;^ moth* is 6. mlk,

'].i>i. 7 ^ 27, 34 f.w. 7. cf is in 14, 41 Vf


So rbe duirnali motion of J is 4^. nun*

— — n



7j/;. 7. G is in 17,40 fj-;. 5. ©is in 2(5> w


• ' < ;

Of the iLll} motion of the Thmets, Andhovt to reduce>:lv to tui heave of tht> and to the Meridian of L ondon.

1 01

Tne daily motion of the' Q i$ pi?e and o.»ie nun. •

i 1

! i I :

f ;

i ' '

I 1 '


1 jl

T7V7E havefeldom occaiion to erect a Scheam of Heawn V V jiiftat noon \ to which time the motions of the Pii- net? ?re exactly calculated, and need not any rectification ; but uuully all Quel* ions are made either fome hours before,or af:e: noon; therefore it is nccdfull you know how to take their din;- nail or daily motion , or how 'many degrees or min. they i\w in 24 hours , th,-t thereby you may have a proportion to add 1 to the of your Planets according to the hour of the an or night when y»u \ci your Figure ; And although in horary Qiieliion>, u OiOi*one r h no error (except in, the motion of cisc 0> ) yec I thought fx touid.ruet the Learner -herewith , thau'o Jie may know how to doe hii work handfomely. Example.

You mutt let down the place of your Planet in Signe , de- cree and minute as you find him at nocn - 'and if yoiu Plant; ■fee direct, you nrHift VuUtrat^ 'him in degree and minute from d* ^Ij'.e l>e i « in the day fubiecjuertc ; but when a Planet is retro grade , j oh mutf doa the ton nfv , viz.. fubttract the motion <x J our Planet the day fubieqw.rit fio.n the day going before.

^ is in ii, a -X

".t *.c5. 9 is m to, 5?

1 9

T!£ duly motion of ? is.i. degr. «nd 9. min.

/I? .-. 7.-; is in 14 45 «  )'.!>;. <?. 5 is in 13 18 i 17

So the diurnall motion of $ is 1. degr. 17. min.




■ i

J.;>:. 7. 5 isinflg^ I ^ 7»». <?. 5 is in 20 54

.Subftraft .20. degr. 54. min. of VP from 30. degr.the comple- ment of a Signe , and there re(t 0. degr. 6. min. which added to ?.degr. 1. min. of zz , make the diurnall motion of the i> to bs 1 a degr. and 7. min. The work had been ealier , but that the » was removed into another Signe before the day fubiequent ac noon:


•!«  1

F * W


I*».rf.flisin ix. xo <SV Jm. 7. Q is in 10. 14

The motion of the ftis 4 $. min. whom you muilcarefdlv oW , for he fometimes move, fonvord inVe S,Wo "7 nn:,s backward which you may eufily pcrodw hj She mem, withouc further infiruai6n.\ y P


^ lnthduttfoh u Apohgie) ^





o ii:

7 joji:

l'. jo_j22

15 '2.


r 0 jo



iP o_


L c o



i c


12 o








  • ?:





_ U<L

i_;ioo J

L f L5 £_

lI 20 °'

2 a 'i fo!

i-'ii'SL H+o'oJ


tds P« > tjiatthe hourly motion of d,e sin 7n?i^?!b "J 18 ! thirds, ^M'o»m a yf,,mtheu P % \^rcci-

t e colmnn oyer (beheads of the h>ri. Pf ^ 1 1

,lc n - on °n o cf is 46. min. in cIk Figure abpyjiumed ;

46 A* lntrduttkj t* AUroUgU]

1 enrer down the fir't column, and find 46, againft it I find 1 nun. 55 fconds to bs one hows motion of S, yhai 'm 2<{ hours he mows^min. .

You mull note, it you enter with minutes, you mult hive minutes , it' with f.-conds , feconds 5 and fo in the reit : This in the mo-.ion of T> U © $ ? ; with the 3 otherwayes.

It' the motion of your Planet be above 61 ntin. vii. 70 or 75 or So min. then enter the Tabic twice : as for example.

The motion of J is , .is you perceive , 1 degr. and tj min. I would know what his hourly motion is , I enter firlt with 00 nun. againll which I rind i, 30, vU, 2 min. 30 feconds, then 1 enter with 17., ,ig.unil which I rind 1, 7, 30 , vU. 1 mm. 7 fe- conds , thirty thirds , which I cart away , and adde the two for- mer lknmes together tints, 2 30

  • 7

added together they make" % min. Seconds, and fo much is the hourly motion of 2 , when his dLrnill motion is 87 minutes.

The daily motion of the ? you fee is 1 2 degr. an^7.niin.

I enter down the firit column with 1 2 , again!! ic 1 find o * 0 o, vi\. o cke^r> 30 min. o feconds. 4 ' 1

I enter widi 7, over againft it I find o 1 7" 30

I adde the number to it 30 o 0 * ;

they produce 30 min. 17 fecends , and 30 thirds for the hourly motion of the 3 in our figure ; you. may in her operation reject the feconds and thirds.

By this n:Je I would know where the trueplace of the © is a 1 1 H u hour w he n we c retted the Figure.

The hour of the day is 1 30, the tire admitted by Sichfi* Mia for reducing his Ephemeris to the Meridian ofLwrftnjs 50 min. of an hour in motion., for they being more Eatt then we, the © comes fooner to t.b;m at thetr noon , then to us that are more W eil-ward , by fo much time : I adde jo min. to my for- mer time , vix.. 1 . 30, trie whole is then * hour* 20 min. now ii the morion of the 0 m one hour be 2 min. 32 feconds, then in two hours it will be a min. 3 a feconds mor e;

added together thev are 5 min. 4 ieconds :


An Intrtfuftm t$ AfnUgui ^

Which being adefed to the place of the© at noon, make the trite place ofthe © at time of erection of the Figure , 16 de" .14 min. and 4 fee. of ; there is 20 min. of one hour mor?" [ <;: becaufe they produce nothing of coniequeiue, I omit fur- ther trouble herein.

The place of the 5 the fame day at noon is 20 54 • if you adde her motion in two hours, you fhall iee it will' be twice -o min. viz., one whole degr. and then her true place will b» 21 54^-

\\ e that fee many Figures, never care for this exaflnene, hut ire rhi> ^enerall rule ; In the motion of the%9 fln d y , if the * figure Be let fix or fevefi hours after noon , we adde about 1 5 to their places at noon, and fo allowing for every fix

i.o ;:> 1 5 min. motion. "*

Hecu/fe the 2> goech 12, 1 3 or 14 degr. in on day , we con- ihmly acrde to her place at noon 3-desr; for every fix hour.*, auJ ;o ; r.e min. over; doe fo with rhe 'other Planets according to -Juir cimrne motion ; He that would doe t!>em more exacT° rr.;y work them by multiplication and diviiion, or procure for e old Ephemeris , wherein there is usually large pro^orcio- r.d! Tables concerning this bufinefl'c.

No»v as 1 have acquainted you , that in morion of rhe Pla- nus you mul* in a Nativity or Quefiion , ifyoupleafe, allow t::e Pi.mexs fo much to be added unto their place at noon as can I e go: in 50 min. of an hour , fo you mutt obferve the contrary in :r,e Ai'pe&s : As for example : The fixt oijanum you find »

n "3 h 14 P. M. -rna. the }> comes to the □ afpeit of ^ at 1 j,

i'.0L::-= after the noon of the lixt day of Ja>u.\ty, or at two of the tick 1 he next morning on the feventh" day : now vou mult fnb- Ci:ct jamin. qf r an hour from i-j. hours , and then 'the true time o:v\i l\ her perfect □ to T> wi:h us at Lwdc iyU at 1 3 hours and 1 c " afternoon : doe fo in all rhe Afpec^s Sec,

i Afp< C H A It vl


' He whole_Sph=are of Heaven is divided;-into four equal! 1 arcs by the CUfendim and Hcrisun , and-again into four

Quadrants* ,

4$ An lntr»d*£ll$» to Aftrekglu ~

Quadrants, and every Quadrant again into three parts, ac- cording to other Circles drawn by points of Sc&ions of the aforedid Msri&in and Horizon j fo the whole Heaven is di- vided uuo twelve equiii pares , which the AUrologers call Houfe? or Minuont, taking their beginning from the Baft.

.The firlt Quadnnt is deicribed*t'rom the Ealt to the Mid- heaven, or fron the line of the firfi houfe to the line of the tenth houfe, and contains* the twelfth, eleventh and tenth houfes, it's called the Orient^ rermll, A^cntinc >S ant Hint y [». f.Mt tfwter.

The fecond Quadrant is from the Cufp of the Mid-hewn to the Cufp of the feventh houfe , containing the ninth, eighth and feventh houfes , and is ailed the Meridian, EfilvaU^ F<ml- ntnty Towhftill, Choltrlcl^ quarter.

The third Quadrant isJrom the Cufp of the feventh houfe to the Gulp of the fourth houfe , and contains the /ixth , fifth and fourth houfes, is called Occident AntHwnM, Ma/chIIm, MtlMicholltijiUyMitnkooAiColdanddr^.

The. fourth Quadrant is fromthe Cufp of the fourth to the Cufp of the firlt houfe, and contains the third , fecondand firii fbufe, is Northcrn,Fcminlnc Old tgttfthe mure of Winter* Phlcjmatiquc,

TMrU , tenth , feventh and fourth houfes hereof arc called, the eleventh,fecond,eight & fife are called Sncctdants, the third,twelfch,ninth and fixth,are rearmed Cedents t the An- gles are molt powerful! , the Succedants are next in vertue , tlx: Cidents poor , and of little efficacy : the Succedanc houfes fol- low the Angles,the Cadents come next the SuccedantSiin force and virtue they ltand fo in order:

i 10 7 4 n s p j 2 8 6 11 The meaning whereof is this , that two Planets equally' <M«  • fied , the one m the Attendant , the other in the tenth houfe, you {hall judge the Planet in the Afcendanc fomewhat of more power tocfrcft what he is Signirlcator of, then he that is in cite tenth : doe fo in the reft as they ftand in order , remembring that Planets m Angles doe more forcibly fliew their effe&s. When we name the Lord of the. Attendant , . o* Si £ nificator


Ah Mrtfatfion to Xttrthgif. ^

ot the Qiierenr , or thing quciitcd j womean no other thin- then that Planet who is Lord of that Sign which afcends , or l ord or that Sign from which houfe the thing demanded is- re- ared ; as it from the feventh houfe , the Lord of that Sion deciding on the Cufp is Significator, and fo in the rdl : but at t hi.; m the enluing J udgments. * ~

to'&lficator is when you find another Planet in afpeft or : conjunction with that Planet who is the principal! Si<>nifi~ rtior: thu laid Pl.uiet flvill have Unification more orieffe and either, afhft or not , in cffccling the thing defired , and fo .urn loiuethmg to doe m the Judgment , and ought to be con- ivered: « a fnendly-Phnec, he notes good j if an inforcune contrary , w, either the <fc«rwftion'of the thing , or dtftur- lv.ii.-e in it. ° ^

Ah,*™, of any houfe is that Planer who hath mort dignities • m t,v swn .-tending or. defcending upon the Cufp of any home, whereon, or from whence, you require your jud*tvcnr

-Umuun of a F lgH r<& that Planet who in Efientiall'Snd Ac- cuvntall dignities , is molt powerfull in the whole Scheam of I ne.'vcn..

Tne Dragons Head we fometimes call .An&bvam.

neDngonsTa.le Cat«blb**,o». 1 he U»ytude.<& a Planet is his diihncefrom the beginnin* ot Aries , numbred according to the fucceflion of Signs , unto I the pace of the Planet. '

Lulrndc is rhc diltance of a Planet from the Ediptick.eicher towards the North or South , by which means we come to i!!y a I'bnet hnh either Septentrional! or Meridional Latitude, I whm either he recedes from the Ecliptick cowards the North I or South.

Ojiely the Sun continually moveth in the Ecliptick , and nc- ■erinth any .latitude. . Declim'ion of a Planet is his diftance from the Equators ' land as ; he declines from thence either Northward or South'. I n,;rd, lo is his decimation nominated either North or South. ' '



CHAP. VII. Of the tmlv< Hoftft f> thtir 1iftt$r* *xd Jigmfaatiotu *

AS before we have faid there are twelve Signs , and alfa twelve Houies of Heaven , fo now we are cone to rehte the nature of thefe twelve Houfesjtheexift knowledge where- of is 10 requitire, true he who (hall learn the nature of th; P anecs and Signs without exact judgment of theHoufes, k Jite an wprovwenc man , furnifheth hiinfelf with variety or HoufhoMUufe, having no place wherein to bellow them.

There is nothing appertaining to the lift of man in this i vyorlci , which uione way or orher hath noo relation to one of the twelve Houies of Heaven, and as the twelve Signes arc jp. I rropriace to the particular members of mans bodv ; fo alfo doe the twelve houfes recrclent not onely the feverali parts of man, but his aavms , quaky of lile and living , and the curiofcy and judgment of our Fore-fathers in AUrology , was fuch , as they have slotted to every taeajwrdcularfignirication, andio (filhngtuihe t hum,me accidents throughout the whole twelw houies 3 as ne that underdandstbe Queltions appertaining to each of them, flulinot want fulficient grounds wberon to or gtve a rationail aniwer upon any consent accident , and fuccefie thereof, J I

The firlj ; home, whuh container* all that partof Hem from the hne where the figure one ftandeth , untill the two, where the fecond hotu'c beginnah. s>

It ruth iignification of the life of man , of the nature, colou/, roptaon , form and fbape of h<m th^t propounds the qJ. Ihon, or 15 born; in Echpfcs and great Conjuriaions/^J upon the © his aniuull ingrefle into T j it fignirierh the com • mon peopk , or.generail5tare of that Kingdomwhae the R. gure is erected. |

And as it is the fipft houfe ., ic reprefents the head and face c* man , .fo that if either Tj <T or be in this houfe , either at the tWPU QueiUon, pr ac cbedpej* birch, youlhailobferve

fo ne btemilh in the face, or hi that membet appropriate to th? Syne that then is upon the cufp of the houfe ; as if T be in the Ai'cendanc , the mark , mole , or fcarre is Without faiie in the head or face; and if few degrees of the Signe aicehd, the mark i- in die upper pare of the head j if the middle of die Sign be on the cufp , the mole , mark or fear is in rhe middle of the face, or neeri-; if the later degrees afcend , the face is blemiflied neer riie chin, towards the neck ; This I have found true in hundreds of examples.

Of colours, it hath the White j that is, if a Planet be in thw houfe that hath lignification of white, the complexion of the Party is more pale , white or wan ; or if you enquire after the colour of the cloaths of any man , if his fignirlcitor be in the tirlt houfe , and in a Signe correfpondtng , the parties appa- rell is white or gray , or fomewhat neer that colour , fo alio if t he Quel Hen be for Cattle , when their Significators are found iti t his houfe , it denotes them to be of that colour or neer it : The houfe is Mafculine.

Tlie Conhgnilicators of this houfe are Y and \ for as this home is the firlt houfe , fo is Y rhe firll Signe, and h tiie firft of the Pbnets,and therefore when Ti is but moderately well fortU lie-in this houfe,and in any beneuolent afpeit of V. $ 0 or X>,it pomifsrh agood lobe rconflitut ion of body , and ufually I6ng life: 7 doth alfo joy in this houfe , becaule it reprefencs the 1 lead , and he the Tongue , Fancy and Memory : when he is well dignified and pofued in this houfe, heproducethgood 0> mots : ir is called the Attendant, becaufe when the 0 com-

nech to the cufp of this houfe , lie afcends , or then arifeth, and

is >ihble in our Horizon.

glueftiotu conctrnhig the fectnd Honfts.

From this houfe is required judgment concerning the eflate or fortune of him that asks tlie Qiieftion , of his Wealth or Poverty, of all moveable Goods , Money lent, of Profit or gaine , loffe or damage ; in fuits of Law } it fignifies a mans 1 liends or Afliftants j in private Duels , the Querents fecond ; in an Eclips dfc great Conjunction , the Poverty or Wealth of

G i the


« laiports (heir Moines ^oaimon-woaldi fb^l fovc ;

It's a Feminine home J'ffiL^ ^J?"™ from hen,, , chors Anchor*. u ^nt , a\k<i m ioJie Ljtin Ai;-

Ic hat h ConligniiicatOK U and h - fo* ,y v k f iioulc , or be Lord hereof, it's ?„ n- ™ c ^ pIaced in rl)I *

Cher, ihe* citt~ r Ho« oV i ^^ lncl f houfe » ci ^ro? Tfo thlrlHouf^

•vmg fcoT. on; place to anoA V Fr;7t? J r rn -" > s • ° c ra;< >- . { ^S&ffi;^,*-^

the Places (7 . which i^ff r r V °* rieSigmu.

>^ed or a,oc bdic.;7. ^i.T ovv " s ' CtUMorCiftfc..

  • >^ed ar ai0 c b-?W. !n g; • i0VYns > Cities or Cittfc

groun :>

i ) t ^oiou« , tlw Red .-.It's Coniignific« 0 ? is S anWPl

■ Th fifth Honfe. t By chs louilnve judge of Chilean , cf E'ribifr,d« H r * „r

ll|..-v ■ rJtn - r >, Axaiumcion of a Town be-

I t'; 'o l : XomH C 'f ^1! ^n g forth m/ort M i "cvJSion dn;iU * hls So » Daughrer tint

U,;;^ 1 the Sto:mck • LW > > ^% ^ ^

l^. 1 TdLo^ S r 0l 'W l0rc, T K b >' * ° r ' chcy 7A- Jixtb-Ihife,

|^V-^rh^ 0 ^^

  • • -'-i^cfc,,^,^^ rM-lly, and imeifes ev,*

0 •> k>


-j^ An Jntruhttk* t* Aflnbtfei

to die Arte : this houfe is a Feminine and Cedent houfe , unfor* | cumte, as having no afpeft co the Afcendant. | Of Colours , black colour , cf rejoyceth in chis houfc , bw his ConfignihVator is of the Signes n? , of Planets $ ; wc ufu* ally find that 6 and 9 in Conjunction in this home , are argu- ments of a good Phytic ian.

Tht fevmth Hwft.

It givech judgement of Marriage , and dellribes the per.oa I inquired after , ^whether it be Man or Woman , all manner o: I Love quetUon^our publique enemies; the Defendant in a Law* r fuic , in Warre the oppoling party ; all Quarrels , Duels , Law- j fiiits: ; n Altrology the Aruft himfelf ; in Phyfick die Phyf.- 1 tian ; i ^ves and Thefts ; the penbn dealing , whether Alan I or Woman , Wives, Swcetharts ; their lhape, dcf.ripcioii, con* J cition , Nobly or ignobly born : iu .tn Annual 1 ingrejflfe , wh>* I ther Warre or Peace may be expected : of Vitfory , who o«r*| comes, and who worried j Fugitives or run-awayts ; Banilh-f edandOut-lawcd-men. I

It hath conlignirtcator & and !> , or 6* unfortunate herein [ {hew ill in Marriage.

Of colour , a darke Blacke colour.

It ruleth the Haunches, andche Navill to the Buttocks ; d\ is called the Angle of tl»e Welt : and is Mafculine.

Tie eighth Houfc.

The Efhte of Men deceafed, Death , its quality and naruK J the Wi lis ,Legacies and Tellaments of Men deceafed j Donr! of the Wife , Portion of the Maid > whether much or little ,e;l lie to be obtained or with difficulty. In Duels it reprefems ikI Adversaries Second ; in Lawfuits the Defendants fronds. Wfasl kinde of Death a Man Hull dye. , it h'gniries fear and angica! of Minde. Who iliall en joy or be heir to the Deceafed,

1c rules the Privy-pares. Of colour?, the Green and Blade.

Of Signes it hath m for conlignificator , and "h , the Hc» foids , the Stone , Strangury , Payfons , and Bladder are

| An lttroebtfiti* u Aftilqh. y>j

Vy this Houfe j and is a fuccedant Houfe , and Fcminins.

Tht ninth Honfe.

Bv this Houfe we give judgemenr of Voyages or long :our- nks beyond Seas of Religiousmen , or Clergy of any kinde, ' J whether Bimopsorinferiour Minifters ; Dreames, Virions, for- Inign Countries, of Books, Earning, Church Idvihgs , or | Ben.' , Advow.iont ^ of the kindred of ones Wife , & fee

0: colours it hath the Green and White. . Of mans body ic ruleth the Fundament, theHippesand J Tbtghes , t and U are- conrignifiarors-of this Houfe* for if 1 IU bt herein placed, it naturally lignifies .a devout mart in his I 'Religion, or one modeillv given ; I have cfcobferved wlien the j Dragons tayle,or S or \ have been infortunately placed in this Houic ; the Querent hath either been little better then an A* thciit or a defperatc SetYariir: the 0 rejoycedi to be in this J Houte, whieh-is Mafculine, and Cadenc.

The tenth Houfe.

t Commonly it perfonateth Kui^s , Princes 3 Bfikes , Ear les, . J Judge; , prime Officers. , Commaaidtrs in chief, whether in Ar- I mies or Town*; all forts of Magistracy and Officers in Au- ' Itjoricy , Mothers , Honout,.Preierment, Dignitv, Office,Law- I vsrs ; the profeflion or Trade any one ufeth ; ic'iignihes King- I dan j, Empires, Dukedotts, COuiiries. '

It hath of colours Red and White , and rofeth rti* knees ani I Hammes. • .'

? Its ailed the Medium C#/i,ot Mid-heaveHjin*d is Feminine. I Its coniignificators are ^ and d \ either it otthe © doe much I Fortunate tbu Houfe when they are policed therein-, Ji otQ I ly deny honour , as to perfons of quality , or but little e- - I fleets in. the world to a. vulgar perfoni, noVmuch jby^ift-Ma.- | tetlion, Trade or My ftcry, if a Meihaiiitk^.


5^ Jnhtt^HHhAn.Jfireh^H ]

Tlx eUvtnth 'Hoafe.

Ic do:h naturally rep'refent Friends and Friendfhip , Hope, Trull , .Confidence, the Praife, or Difpraife of any one ; the Fi- delity or falfenetTe of Friends j as to Kings ic peribnates their Favourites >Councellours /"Servants, their Afloviates or Alive?, their Money ,* Exchequer or Treal'iirc ; in VVarre, tlieir Ami:. nitioiiaridSouIdiery ; it rep'relenrs Courtiers , &c. in a Co u- iriolv-wealdi governed by a few of the Nobles and Common-, it penbnates their aiMance in Councell: as in London the tenih Hoiiie reprei'ents rhe Lord Major ; the eleventh the Common. Cowv elj j the Afcendanc the gener^ity of the Commoner* of the, laid City. . ,

Of members it rulech the Legs to the Ancles. Of colours, ic rufeth cjie Saifron or Yellow.

^ It huh or the Signs s» , and 0 of the Planets , for config- nificators * do:h eipecially rejoice in this.Houfe • its a fucce- dant Home, arid malliiline/and iu vfrtue is^quivalenc either ;o the icveinh or fourth HoiUes. "

The nretrb ifonfc.

It bath iignification of private Enemies , of Wicche? , great Cattle , as Horfes, Oxen, Elephants, &c. Sorrow, Tribulation, Imprisonments, all manner iof h ffiittion, felf-undoing, &o: an J of fuch men as maUuouily undermine theii'weighbouK, or in- form tecredy agairUt them.

Ic hath coni.gniikators X and 5 &#«>vv doth much joy in tlm;,Houfe, tor n*nuraltjt5»///r/; isiaurhor of milchi«f} and j it ruler h in Mans body the Feet. - j

, In colour UpreKntpihMjrecn..V > . - '

Its a Client Houfe , Feminine , and vulgarly fometimes cjI- | led C^aphora , .as all Cadent Houies-Hiay Jie^ This is the true Cara&er of die feverall Houfes , according to rhe ftoiomeiM Doftstna and t lie. experience my felf bnve had for fome yeers : 1 muft confefledK^r^Wbavemadefeverali 'odicrdivinofls -| of the Houl'es, buc I could never in my practile finds any verity in them, wherefore 1 fay nothing of them. *

An tntrid»&U* n JifirtUgicl

C H A. P. VIII. Of the Plantt Sarurn , twd hisfgrnfcatiM.

HE is called ufally Saturn , but in fome Authors ChrwNjunet', Phano.i, Fa/cifrr. He is the fupreamell or highert of all the Planets j is placed betwixc Jupiter and the Firmament, he is not very bright or >rious", or doth he twinckle or fparkle, buc is of a Pale} Wan i

i:!o.»— ., ~ ----- r ■ - ,

or Leiden , Alhy colour How in Motion , finiftiing his Coane thr^cii the twelve Signs of the /Lodiack in 29 yeers, 1 5 7


AJotton. Latitude.


Triplicln, Ttrme,

1... > i"*- vi. — ; t — -y ' j /

jj\e> , or thereabouts ; his middle motion is two minutes and on'e fecond : his diurnall motion fometimes is tliree , four , five, cr i.\ minutes., or feldommore; hi< ^reacelt North laiicude fro.v. the Ecliptick is two degrees 4S minutes ; his South lati- tude from the Ecliptick is two degrees 49 minutes ; and more c!vn this he hath not.

In the Zodiack he hath cwo of the twelve Signs for his Hou- fe? , : •»'&. Coprkonte \y his Ni^hr-hoiife, <tAqnar\m ~ his Day- ho'.;fe ; he has his Exaltation in ~,he receives his Fall in Y ; ne

! oycerh in the Sign AqxAriw.

\ iz governerh the Aiery Triplicity by day , which is compo- fod of"thefe Signs ; n & ^ ; in all the twelve Signs he hath thefc degrees for his Terms, allotted him by Ototomy.

•In Y; 27 *8 ap 30. In c5 , 23 24 25 2t5. In n, 22 23 24 2^. In© , 38 49 30. Jn Si , 1 s 3 4 5 6. In , 19 20 21 22 23 24. In ~ , i 2 3 4 5 6. In ft , ^B 29 30. In 1 1 21 2223 24 25. In vy, 26 27 28 29 30. In *3 , 1234^0% In K , 27 28 29 30.

The meaning whereof is, that U ft in any Qiisftlon be in Aw H any

M Mridiclm u AHrtiagit*

any of thefe degrees wherein he hath a Term , be cannot be laid to be peregrine, or void of eltentiall dignities ; or if h> be in any of rhofe degrees allotted bim ibr his Kate or Decanate he cannot then be faid to be peregrins: understand this inali the other Planets.

He hath alfothefe for his Face or Decanate, .

In ^ , 21 12 2$ a 4 25 26' 37 28 20 50. IntSl , 1 2 5 4 j 67 89 10. ln~, 111:1? 14 1 5 16 17 18 icp 20... Jn * , 21 22 2$ 24 25 26 27 28 29 jo.. . Irt h , 1 2 34 yo'789 10.

He continueth Retrograde i4odayes.

He is five dayes in his firlHhtion before Retronudation

i iid 10 many m his fecond (Ittion before Direction ' Natur*. He is a Dkinwll Mirier , CoIdandDry ( being far ren o-

ved iro n the heat of the Sun ) and moyrt Vapour*- , Meianclio-

Ink , Earthly , M..fcutine , th e greater lntbicune, author of So-

htannefle, Malevolent, See. Manners & Thin he i< p rofoiihd in Imagination , in his Acts fevere , in tAtiiwf, words reserved, in freaking and giving very fuare, inUbcwr when well pat lent , m arguing or disputing grave , in obtaining the good; AiihifieJ. 6t cms lue ftudious and i'olicitotis, in all manner of a&ions


Wfr* 7ft Then lie is envious , covecous , jealous .ind-minrurtfull , u- moms , loidid , outwardly cmembling., i!u«gifh , iufpiriotn. ilubbom, a contemner of wamenya elofe lyar, malicious mur- muring, never contented, ever. repining,

Ccrpratitn. Molt part his Body more.cold and dry > of a middle ltature ;

his. complexion- pale-, fwartilh.or muddy-, his Eyes little and black, looking downward-, a broad Forehead, black or fid Hair, and it hard or rugged, great Earlis.} hanging, lowriiv Eye-brows , thick laps aml Nofe , a rare or thin Beard , a hn> pilh , unoleatanc Countenance , eichsr bdlding his Head for- ward or Hooping, his Shoulders broad and large, and many times crooked , his Belly ibmewhat iliOfc and lank , his Thighs Tpare,; lean 4nd.n0; long t_ his Knees and^ws* indecent , many

An i»trtdu8ic» t$ Afbfdqitl f9

times (howling or hiding. One agatalt-ariotjier , $tc.

y ou nuit obiiirve, if ^ be Qriencalt of the fe, the fta- Tl Oriental! . cure is wore ihorr, but decent and well compofsd.

Th : mm is more black an i Um, and fewer Hairs • and Occident all. ■uum , if iiw wan: latitude , the bo ly i> more lean , if he have o?:it latitude, the body is more fat or lleftiy $ if the latitude be Mcruiiomll cr South, more rtefliy, but quick in motion.

If the latitude be North, hairy and much fie flu ,

h in ins rirrt Italian, a little fat.

In his fecond liacion , fat> ili favoured Bodies , and weak > A n i this obferve conUanrlv in all the oth.r Planets,

In s'cncr ill he tignirieth Husbandmen , Clowns, Beggars, Quality of Day- labourers , Old-men, Fathers, Grand-fathers, Monks, J e- men. furs, Secbriils. m ,

Curriers, Night-farmers, Miners under ground, Tinnen, Profeffw. Potters, Br00T.fT.en, Plummers, Brick-makers, Malders, Chir. ney-iweeper^Sextons of Churenes,Bearers of deid corps, Staven:v'rs , Hoitlers ,Co!(iirs, Careers, Gardiners, Ditchers-, Ch.r.dLrs , Di?rs ot" Black Cloth , an , Shepheard or (>.v-keeper.

All I .! /edimenw in the right Eare, Teeth, all quartan Agues Sick>-ijfet. rro.ceoing of cold , dry and melancholly Diitempers , Lc^ ro- nes , , Confurnptiqns, black Jaundies,Palhe^, Tre.n- bliog» , vain Feares , Fancalies , Dropiie , the Hind ;nd Foo:- goat , Apoplexies , Dog-hunger , too much flux of the Hemo- roids , Ruptures if in Scorpio or Leo , in any ill afpeit with


So,ver, Bitter, Sharp, in mans body he prin:tpally ruleth thi savours. Spleen.

lie governed! Bearsfoor , Starwort , VVo^, Her.Ioek, Hcnrbs* Feme , Hellebor the white and black , Henbane , Ceterach or Fin; er-rerne , Clotbur or Burdo;k , Parfnip , Dragon , Pulfe, Venine , Mandrake , Peppy , Mofte , Nightfliade > Bythwind, Angelica , Sige, Box, Turtait, Orage or golden Hearb, Spinach, Sne^iieards Purfe, Cu nmin, Horitaile, Fumitory.

Tamarisk , Savine , , Capers ,'Rue or Hearbgnce , Poli- plans and poey, Willow or fallow Tree, Yew-tree^ypreiTe-treejHemp, Trees.


H a



Bird' , CV.




! I'm her. r>rk.


to r An l»Mi»m*i to 'Aflnltglu

Wolf , Bahltsk , Crocodile > Scorpion , Toad , Serpent, Adder Hog, all manner of creeping Creatures breeding of putriMi* on, either in the Earth, Water or Ruincs of Houfcs. The Eele, Tortoile, Shcl-tiflies.

TheBatorBIude-black, Crow, Lapwing, Owle, Gmr, Crane, Peacock, Gralhopper, Thralh , Blackbird , UrtritcL


He delights in Defects, Woods, obfeure Vallics, Caw? Dens , Holes t Mount lines , or whore men have be^n buried' Lhi!,v.MMrds , &c. Ruinous Buildings , Cole-Tines, $im< Dtfty.or Stinking Muddy Places, Wells and Houfes of 0'- rues,

He rulerh over Lead, the Loa.Mione , the Droifeof all Met- tali,.as alio, the Dull andRubbidge of every thim*

Saphire , Lapis Lazuli , all black , ugly Country Stones not pohlh.'.ble, and ot a tad, ally or black colour. , Cloudy , Dark , obictire Ayre , cold and hurrfi.ll,

nuck , buck and cadenlc Clouds : but of this more particularly »na I re.ui'e by it felf. 7

He ddi^hreth in the Eart quarter of Heaven, andejufeth Lalkrn W inds,ac the time of gathering any Plant belonging to bin , the Ancients did obierve to turn their faces towards'rhe Ealim his hour, and he, if.potlibj ,in an An>le,either in the Af- cen nnt , or tenth,ot eleventh .ioufe, the ^applying bv a& or ^ to him .

His Crbe is nine degrees before and after j that is , his in-lu- ence begins to work, when either he applies-, oranyPIurt applies to hun , and is wichin nine degrees of his afpeet , mJ consinucth in force until he is feperate nine decrees from that afpect.

In Generation lie ruieth the tirit and eighth moneth after Conception. 1 The greateft veers lie figniiies — 465. His greater— 57. His mean yeers — 43 a*d t1 half. , His leait — 50. .

The' meaning wherof is this ; Admit we frame a. newBuil- . din &

Ah Mrodutttin tt jiHroIogiel ei

ding j creel a Town or City , or Family , or principality is be- gun when Saturn, is effencially and accidentally flrong , the Ailrologer may probably conjei\ure the Family , Principality, Sic :iuy continue 465 yeers in honour &c. without any lenti- I bit* alteration : Again, 'if in ones Nativity Saturn is wel dig- | niiied, is Lord of the Geniture f &c. then according to 11 irure Iumimv live 57 yeers , if he be meanly dignified, then the Na- tive but a j ; if he be Lbrd of the Nativity , and ycc weak , t he child may live goyeerc, hardly any more ; for the niture of tenw is cold and dry, and thole qualities are dclhuctive to sum, &c.

As to Age, he relates to decreped old men, Fathers, Grand- fathers, the like in Plants, Trees, and all living Creatures.

I.;:e Authors fry he ruieth over Bavaria^ Saxon; t Stiria t Ro- Gouitrlen »•:./>:.: ;'. I •, Ravenna, Cohftamia* Ingoldjlad,

Is ( .ijjh!, alias Capn'el. ^ * ^ngeU •

His Friends are U 0 and his enemies d" and 9.

We call Saturday his day,for then he begins to rule ar 0 rife, th the flrlt hour and eigkh of that day.

CHA P. I X. Of the Plant t Jupiter , and bii fgnification:


j "Jp-itr is placed next to Saturn ( arr.onglt the Ancients ) you 1 i'o.netimes finde hi.n called Zew ^or Phaeton : He is the preateii in appearance co our eyes of all the Planets f the 0 3 and 9 excerted : ) in his Coloiir he is bright , deer , and of an Qclour Aztue colour. In4iis Motion hs exceeds Samn , finifhing his Mot :' < w.* through the twelve Signes in twelve yews : his midle

lf-) '.'t -. 0 .. . x.(,.n,.. mmvMV JVSIJ , 1113 illKHC

I ;r.'».;on i> j. piin. 59 fecouds-: his Diurnal motion is 8, 1 o, 1 2

  • 1. \ ruin, hardly any more. * *

•li'.s greatelt North latitude is I lis created South latitude is



i^e hath two of the twelve Signs of the Zodiack for his houi „ - ,f , / his Day-houfe, and X his Night-hcule.

H 3 *


He waives Dciri v.cnr in n and «»F: He u Edited in S,Kuh his Fall in v. .' He rulerh :h: Fiery Triplieity by nighr, w. ^ £V /. He !i.;th alfo diefe ta»ree.* aUorccd for Ins Tearme*, w*.

InV, i 2 3 4 5 tf. In b , 16 17 1 S 19 20 21 23. In it , S 9 1911 12 12, 14. In -j , 7 0 1 o 1 1 1 2 1 j . In $\ , :c:i 32 23 24 25. In "T , 14 1 5 16 17 18. in — , 1 2 1 ; 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9. In "i , 7 S 9 1011 1 2 1 ; 14. In /, 1 2 2 4 <; 6 7 S. Inv?, 1 ; 14 15 itf 17 x8 t>7. In sr , :i 22 2; 24 25. In K , 0 1 o 1 1 1 2 1 s 1 4.

Ik aliened him fvuhis Ficcor Decamce,

Of r. , 12:4567890. Or" S\ , 11 1 2 I : 1 4 1 5 1 * 1 7 1 S 19 20. Of - , 21 22 25 24 25 25 27 28 2? 50. Of V , 1 ; ? 4 5 (5 1 8 9 10. Of K , 11 12 1 ? 1 4 1 5 1 6 17181920.

He is Retrograde about 120 dives, is five dives in nisiim lUiion before retrogndrion , and iourd.iyesli.mon.irv before Direction. . * I

h'e is .1 piurnnil > Mafculine Planet , Temperately Ho: ?r,J Mo) i\ , Awry , Sanguine, the greyer Fortune, author or Tct.« | perAnce,Modelty,SoL.riecy, Jiiltice. ' MMvtrs or Then is he Magnanimous , Fairbfull , BaflitulJ , Afpirin; t. I ^Jtfltr.s en lionoi:r.-.ble way at high nurter* , in .ill his actions .1 1 ok: I ir/v« of feir Dealing , de! : .rin£ ro ben .fit all men > doin^ <jl~rioj I

}!.tc(J. things , I lonour.'.Me : mfivtFii.ious , of fweet and affable Ccr- 1 version, wonderfully induigem to his Wife end Chil.'r»r. | reverenmn; Aged men, a greac Reliever of the Poor, fuilc Charity ?nd (jodiineile,, luting ^11 Sordid actions Jui, I Wiie , Prudent , Thankful! , Yemious : when vo.i r

Xmu. e.

Ati nmfotthn to Aftrologic. €f

  • i 1S1: S ; : ;nifu\uor of any mm in a Quedion , or Lord of hi?

Ai-cmunt in .1 Nativity, and well dignified, you iiyy judge htm eidmed is abovetaid.

' V, hen U is unfortunate ., then he vvafles his Patrimony , fuf~ rrkcu ill.

ia nfelf «n Jl Companies, crooehing and Uoo^ im; where no livVeifiry i>.

lie Unifies Jn upright, (Iraidir and oil Stature ; brown, Cor P uw ,-udiiy md lovely Complexion ; of an ov.ill or lone, Vifa<;e, ' and it mil or flefliy ; high Forehead ; large s;ny Eves ; his Hiir ,km more deer, his Cbmplexion tfoncy-colour, 01 OritKtaU b.:w:\r. •, white and red , ianquina , ru k\y Colour j ;;r.MC Eyes, t ;e t -dy more ilefhy , uiiullv 1' Mole or Searre in ihi rishc I Iock. 0

! A ; v ie .md lovely Complexion , the Stature more fhorc , the OcdA^n Hair a iipc Brown , or near a dark I'laxen • llv.oorh, bald about k ! the lernvle or Forehead.

H-e ip.nirtcs Judges , Senators , Coun cell ours , Ecdeh'aiticall

«ors of theCivilll^v, youiu; SdiOhers and Students mm ^X Jl llniv:r.-.:y or College, Lawyers. Cl xhieri , Wollcn-nwpcrs.

Kibs , and proceeding fro.n corruprion of'Blooil, -yr.v.r^ , Wmdinefle , all Purriftdion in the Blond , or Fea- v.r* proeeeijiug from too greac abundance thereof.

He Kov.rneth the Sweet or well femed Odours, ortlmSavws ^cii: wh:ch m fmell is no way cxtream or ottenhve. ^>gieen orBlew > Putfle, AQi-colotfr, a mixt Yellow and .


$4 An Jrttndu (Hon 1 9 Aftrologit]

Hearbs <md Cloves and Clove-Sugar , Mace , Nutmeg, Gil ly-flower, tli* Drngs. Straw-bury,the hcrbBaifjnvlkctonyjCentory^Jax^rs-imart, j Fumitory , Lung-wore, Pimpernel, Watworr, Organy or Wild ' Majorane, Rubbar ,0 S.k-heale, Borjga,Buglofle,\vk*iC > Wil. low-hearb, Thorough-Leafe, Violets, Laskworc,Liverworc,Bi <til , Pomeqrjnecs , Pyony ,Liquorifh, Mync, Mallix, the, | lev^rfend, Saffron. Prints, Cherry-tree, Birch-tree, Mulbury-rree , Corall-tree,th:

Trttts. Oae , Bnrburies, Olive , Goosburies , Almond-tree /Hk: Jvy, Manna, Mace, the Vine,the lig-tree, the Aili,rhe Pear-trce,tl\ Hazle, the Beech-tree, the. Pyne, Rayfons. j Betjh. . The Sheep , the Heart or Stag , the Doe, the Oxe, Elephant., Dragon , Tygar , llnicorne , thole fiealts wluch are Mild .ind I Gentle , and yet of great benet^^l^ankind , are approbate | to him. ■ ^S^(n ;

Pink. The Stork ,rhe Snipe ,thc Lark, tffc'JBagle, the Stock-dwJ

the Partridge, Bees, Pheaianr, Peacock, the Hen, I Fijht. The Dolphin the Whale > Serpent > Sheath-iifh or Riw;-|


yi.ices. He dclightcth in or neer Altars of Churches, in public* I

Conventions , Synods, Convocations, in Places neat, lwect,io

Wardrobes, Coilrcs of Juliice, Oratorie. Mirer. Tyn. . Treciom Amethilt, theSaphire, the Smarage or Emrald , Hyaan^l Stones. Topaz, Chryftal, Bezoar, Marble, and that which in E»jr1mdxn j

call the Free-Rone. t j

Whettker. He ufually produoeth ferenity , pleafancand healrj^fuj Kotthl

Winds , and by his gent le Beams allayes the ill. weather of aaj I

former Malignant Planer. I n wtls. He governeth the North Wind , that pare which tendcthtcl

theEalt. I Gr l K . His Radiation or Orbe , is nine degrees before and after m

of his afpetf . j Gwration. He governeth the fecond and tenth Moneth » his proper feci

in man is the Liver j and in ihi Elements he rnleth the Ayr.:, f Ttert. greateft yeers are 42^. his greater 79. his me,?ii4j.

leaft 1 2. " I

Agt. Men of middle age , or of a full Judgment and Difwuon. I

An Mrtdntih* t* MnUgkl 4i

He governeth the fecond Climate. Ctimml Btbiln, P*rf*> H**&*r**> S P**»> Conntrles. The number of three is attributed to him. Number. Zadkjri. ^"Z' 1 ' Thurfday, and rules thi firft hour after © rife, and the D*) of the eighth; the length of the Planetary hour you mull know by we*., the riling of the 0, ond a Table hereafter following.

Ml die Planets except d are friends to U. In gathering any Hearb appropriated toU , fee that he be very powerful! either in hflentiat or Accidental Dignities , and the D m tome man- ner in good/pea With him , and if pofftble, let her be in fome of his Dignities, ere

CHAP, X, Of the PJrtttt Mx$>**dhisfeverA!lfemfic*tiow.

\A A R S doth in order fucceed J»fiter, whom the Ancients AVi fometimes called &l*v#t , Arts y VjroU, Gr.tdipm ; he is lefl'e in body then Jufiter or Vc*m> and appeareth to our fight Colour mthe of a (hilling, fiery,fparkling colour,he finifherh liis courfe in the Element . Zodiack in one yeer 311 dayes ,or thereabous ; his greateft U- L«tttHde. titiide North is 4, 3 1 inin. his South is 6 degr. and 47. His mean motion is 31 min. 27 feconds.

His diurnal motion is fometimes 32, 34. 35. 38. 40. 42. 44. Mtqito. min. a dav, feldom more'. ".;'.*'. ,' . , . v ,. , ,

He hatn Y for liis Day-houfe ; and m for his Night-houfc ; Ik- is exalted in a8 degr. of , and deprefled in 28 ffi , he re- ceiveth detriment in & and h^is retrograde 80 dayes* ftati- onary before he be rewograde , or three dayes , Ccc. He is (tacionary before direaionxwo 4yes ; after, but one day.

He ooverneth-wholly tlie Wa4i:y Triplicity, v*. S. ^. H . Trtfttcit^ .

In th: whole twelve SiguV > f tolmji affigneth him' chefe de- Terms. grees fox Terms, f/*. : \.\ .', -

InY, aia* 242*2$. In.a, 2^282930. In iff, 2627 ad 29 36. In®, i 13456. Ih£l, art a^aSap 36. In»fr, 15 26 ajr^8a^ 30.

Ift^, 15 l6 2^ 28 2p^Oi

Iit^ , ti J4 jif. Ih £ , itf 27 28 29 30. Jn\#, tail 22 1^24-254 ln», i(5 27 28 29 3d. In X ,21 22 23 242^ 26.

He hath aloe ted him for his Face rhefe ckgrees.:

In Y , i 3 3 4 5 * 7 8 9 1o «  In it , 11 12 1$ 14 15 V6 Y7 18 1920. In til , *i as *3 *4 atf x*r 28 29 3d* lnm , i 2 3 4 5 67 89 10. In Vf.- ir *i 13 1415 i(S 1^18 19 "Ibt In K ^ a 1 ia 23 i4 »J a6 ifc 19 30.

He is a Maf«iUheiNd!ftin*tf 1 ftihet,in Mutt hoc aitfl dff t chclcrick and fiery , the letfer infettujie , author Of tjyitreu, StHfes, Contentions.

In teats of Waife and Courage wvthcibfe , icdrhihgan) fliwld exceed Him, fubjec) to no Reafon. ^dld, Confident-Im- movable, Ctfrftehtiofe, cnalfenging all Honour to themfelvej, Valiant Rovers of Warre.and things pertaining tteraiintb , hi- kpiirig himfelf to all Perils ;wttfihgly "Will obey no body , hef fubrnit to any ; a large fte£6rtir of hfebWn Acts , one thai JlfeKts nil things ih cbmparifbh df Victory j and yet of pruddrt behaviour in hUbwh affaires. nit* ill fir Thehiieis 1 Prarler wii^Mt.rnbcfeHy or'hbnftty , a rbvertf

' Slaughter arid Janets )^ ^ •„ dition , Frayes arttf^omriibtwns , an H^h way-Yjfeef > as m-

vering as the Wind , a Traytor , of turbulent Spirit , Perjured, Gbicene , Rafh , Inhumane , neither fearing God or caring fo; man, llntbnkiul,Treckrou^,pppreiTdp,&venoiis,Ghcatcrs Tfcrious, Violent, .

  • ■ CeiK« 



ji^um, their Bodkis ftumg. and th^ Ropes b,g rathe? kitten 5* j their Co^onQf a UdWi),ruddy cqloi^r Kh col Jur , their Vifage round , their Hair wd pr gn* ten and many 1^ <rifcjiiu or aiding » fhvp Mf Byes, P they ni«dng , * bold con&fcpt countenance , and ch* mm

^Whf*fSS'i«* , he «ie S Valiint men, fo:m white .Orim*. roweJwicliihsifwdqeifc, acWulndteol Body, hairy ot

a fmooi iSy , and not hairy i yellow Hair , IWfc the nw«l

Vu£^^^ llfofpers, Trincet,

"^eXr^ie. , Coin A. Captaine,, o, ,ny ^t. QgM? * b^n^nd in Armie. , all m ? ner of Souldier. , Phyfi- cbns Apothecaries, Chirurgions, AlchimilU, Gunnep , »i^h- «k, Ma4aU,Serg*ant S , b3hB». Hang^inen, TJbws, ftwN.

, ArmoureFs, W«ch,.M Botcher., Tailors, Cutien of Swords and Knives , Barbers , Dyers , Cooks , Cw»Ufif * GaineUers, Beir-wwds, Tanners, Carriers. 7)//i^/.

Tiw GaU,tbs lefcB^re , tertian Feavers , penlleru burning Fe • viH , Megrams in the Head > CarbuncJtles , the Plague mi all Plague-fores , Burnings ,lUng-wor.nes , BHlto Phrenlics, mid fudden dUtempers in the Head , Yellow-jauMef, Bfo»J£ flux, Faiulaes,all Wounds and DUeafcs in mens Gwitton^ W Stone bothin the Reins aiidBladder,Scusor imal Poda m the F.uc, all hurtsbv Jron, the Shingles,and lilch dther Dlleates a, aru bv abundance of too much Choller, Anger or Mion.

He aelkhteth in Red colour , or Yellow , hery and Ihuiing Colour «d lfc Saffron j and in thofe Savours which are bitter , 0).irp and Savours. burn the Tongue ; of Humours, Choller. ir » (

Tiu Heirbs which we attribute to cf are fuch as cooje near to a rednefle , whofe leaves are pointed and (harp , whofe ttflte u .-.olKA and burnmg , love to grow on dry places , ar v * jqio- fiie and penetrating the Flefli and Bonss w«h> moll Iwbcil hen ; They are as followetli. The Nettle, all manu^r pf Tin-

J 2 ItlV-Sj

7 Wis, Fc.tjh a»d

Fljhes, Birds,


StorxS, H'e.vher.

triads Oiic.






68 An lntr%d»ttUn t$ Atfrtlotff.

flies , Reft-harrow or Cammodc , Devils-milk or Percy foam, the white and red Bramble?, the white called vulgarly oythe HearbaliltsRamme , Lingworc , Onions-, Scommohy , Garlrdr, Mullard-feed , Pepper, Ginger, Leeks, Ditandfcr, Hore-hound, Hemlock, red Sanders , Tamarindes , all Hearbs attracting or drawing choller by Sympathy 9 RaddifiV, Caltoreum , Arfniarr; Afl 'arum, Carduus, Benedictus, Canttarides.

All Trees which are prickly, as tlie Thorn, Chefnut. .

Panther, Tygar, Malutte, Vukure,.Fox jof. living creature, rhofe that are Warlike , Ravenous and Bold, the Catlor, Horfe, Mule, Ottricch, the Goat, the Wolf, the Leopard, tlie wild Afte , the Gnats, Flyes, Lapwing , Cockatrice , the Grirlbn, Ee.^r.

Thi Pike<, the Shirk , die Barbel , the Fork-filh , all iliuking Worms> Scorpions.

The Hawke , the Vtiltiir , the Kite or Gleud , ( all ravenous Fowle) the Raven, Cor morant, the .Owlej( fay tlie Eaglej the Crow, the Pye.

Smiths , Shops , Furnaces , Slaughter-houfcs , places where Bricks or Charcoalcs are burned, or have been burned , Chim- neys, Forges.

Iron, Antimony, Arfenick,Brimrton, Ocre.

Adamant, Loadltone, Blood-ltone,Jafper,tlie many coloured Amatheitt, the Touch-llone, red Lead or Vermilion.

Red Clouds , Thunder , Lightning , Fiery impretfions , and pdWent Airs, which ufually appear after a long time of dri- neffe and fair VV heather, by improper and itnwkblelbme Mylta.

He ilirreth up the Weitem Winds.

\ \k Orbs is onely feven degrees before and after any of ht$ aipc&s.

In man*he govejneth the flourishing time of Youtb,and fre.T, 41 to 56 ; mis greice(t yeers are 164,: great ex 66, mean 40* ■fcffeij. , « 

S.iromMtia, LuaSlarJf, Bx,tv't.i t Fcrratia, Gothland, ainlthe third Climate. .:

He governedi Tyefday , ?.nd thetein the firft hour and eighth from 0 rife, and in Conception the third moneth.

Sitffhtcl, : His Friends are onely. ? j Enemies allihe cthct ^lasers. CHAP.

AnltttndniNtn tt AflroUgc. * £ 9


Of the Sun, rtfid bitj^entrali *nd particular fig/tificatioes.

' He Si* is placed in rhe middle of all the Planets, and is Sol. called amongft the Ancients, both Poets and Hiliorians, $>!, TiNHylii^P/^w^poh'^PeMyOJym^iefpiter : It's need- Idle [0 mention hisColour , being lo continually viiible to all •r.ortal-men: He pafl'eth through all the twelve Signs of the Mack in one yeer , or in 3.6" f dayes and certain hours His Afetim. mean motion is 59 min. 8 letonds , yet his diurnil motion is ibmecimes 57*° 16 seconds ,fometimes more , never exceeding tfj minutes and lix feconds.

He alwayes moves in the Hcliptick , and is ever voyd of lati- tude , lb that ic is very imprope* in any Atirologian to ipeak of the 0 his latitude.

He hath onely.che Sign of <ft fcr his Houfe , and*s for his Honft, Dctii-nenr.

He is hxalted in die 19 degrccof T > and receives his Fal in 19*.

The Sm governeth the fiery Triphcity, viz,. Y , cSl , / by Triplicity.

He huh no degrees of the twelve Signs admicced him for his Terms, Terms , though fome affirm , if he be in the fix Northern I Signs , viz. . Y , , ai , S , Si , VX ., lie Qui be faid to be in his I Teinr.s, but becaufe ithere is no reafon lor it , I leav.* : t a$

! Idlj.

In the twelve Signs Iw* hath th:fe degrees- for hii Decanaie

I or Faces,

In V , the 11 1113 14 i 5 16 17 18 1^20. In 11 , the 21 zi 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 50*- In*»? , the 1 2 2 4 5 678910. In"', then 12 15 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. In c y the 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 50.

The 0 Lj alwayes, dire'cl, and-never can be Jaid, to^be Retfo- igradjit's true,he movech more llowly ac one time then another, .

I 3 He



Wl&t ill dignified.


70 r A» Mrtdnftt* t* Afr$ltgk\

He i< mcurallv Hoc , Dry , bur. more temperate cheno* ; in Maiculine , Diurnall Planet , Equivalent, it well digmhed w 1

F0 Verv'tauht\«U , keying their Pro-rife* with all mutuality, a kind of itching deiire ro Rule and Sway wteietecanei: Prudent ,and of incomparable Judgment^ of great Ma^tty and SrateJinclfe, Indubious to acquire Honour and a larjje 1 am- mony, yec a* willingly departing therewith again ; the Sola man ufwllv rpcaks with gravity , but not many words , and thofe with' *reat confidence and command ok Ins own attest, on ; mil of Thought , Secret , Trurty , teaks ^^erately , in! noewkhttanciins his ureac 1 lean , yet is he Aftable , I rat able, and very humane co all people , one loving Suajptiioufiicikand Magnificence , and whatever is honourable ; no lordtf thought! can enter his heartj &e. ., Then the Solar mail is Arrwjant and Proud , dildauiingiU men , cracking of his Pede*>ree , be is Pur-blmd in Sialic ind juttemeni , reltlelfe , rroubfelbme , do^ineerum*; , a :ueerv> pour , expcniwe , foolifh , endued with no gravity mwora; ,01 fobenielfc in Anions , a Spend drift , wartuig hu Pat nmony, and tonkins after an other mens chancy , yec thuus all m«  are IxJiimi to hi:r, becaufe a Gentle nan bom.

UIuaUv the © preterits a man of a good , large and Urooj Corporuture, a yellow , farfron Complexion , a round , lus Forehead: goggle Eyes or large , fliarpaiid piercing ; ftrong and well compofed, not fo bcauuiulhf lovely , lulW heilth , their hair yeliowifh , and therefore quickly b?td , siwi Hvr on their Beard, and ufiully an high ruddy Complex* andtheir bodies fleihy > in conditions they are very boui;:iiua honeft , uncere , wel-minded , of great and large Heart, h£ minded, of healclifull Conliiturion , wry hu.nane j yec luHw cntlv Spirited, not loquacious. I In the 0 , we canon;ly fay hi is Orientall m t\u Hgur.,fc int lie Orientall quarter of the Figure ,Qt QcfidemaH , S^l oilier riuiets are eiricr Oriencalt when chey rue , aprx-rlv fore him in the morning. , Occidental! , when they are feen above the Earth after*

An Mndt&h* u AHttltgu. 71

He iignifictb Kings , Prinoes, Empetourc, &c. Dukes, Mar- jQualitjt of^ queues i Earle? , Barons , Lieutenants , Deputy-Lieutenants of men and Counties > Magiilrates , tjentlemen irigenerall, Courtiers, de- their pr** firersof Honour and orcfennent , jufticesof Peace , Majors, ftjpm. High-Sberifrs , High-Obnftables, great Huntfmcn, Lieutenants, Deputy-Lieutenants, Stewards of Noble-mem hoides, the principal! Magiilrate of any City , Town , Caitle or Country- Village , yea , though a petty Conltable , where no better , or greater Officer is ,* Cioldimirhs , Brafiers , Pewrerers , Coppei- fiuvhs, Minteu of Money.

Pimples in the Face , Palpitation or Trembling , or any Dif- sickfffi. eafes of die Brain ot Heart, Tinipanies Jnlirmities of the Byes, Cwnps , iudden nvoonings , Dileafcs of the Month* and liink- inq Breaths ,Catars, rotten Feavers ; principally in man he go- tfflieth the Heart, the Brain and right Bye, and vicall Spirit, in Women the left Eye.

Of Colours he rulet lithe Yellow, the colour of <3old,ihe £'ofonrt W ' Scirlec or die cleer Red, fome fiiy Purple : In Savours,he liketb Suvwrs. vwl a mixnrre of Sower .and Sweet togetlyer , or che Arona- ik al favour , being a little Bitter and Stipcical , but withal Con* forrativj and a little lharp.

ThoiePlancswhiclure fubjedroilieo doe finell pleafant- ^» ly , are of good favour , their Flowera ar^ yellow or reddilh, are in growth of Majeflical form, tliey love open and Sun- (hine places , their principal Vertue is to Hrengtlien the Heart, and comfort the Vitals, to cleer the Eye-light > reliltPoy- fon, or to diffblve any Witchery,or Malignant Planetary In- fiuenccs; Jndtliey are'Saffron , thel.awrel, the Po:necitroiv t' ! tlte \'ine , Enula Campana, Saint Johns-wort ,, Ambre, tVlns^, . Ginger , Hearb grace ,"Bal ai , Marigold , llofetniry, Rofafdlis, , I €inanion^lendine,£ye*btight, Pyony,«B4rley 4 Ginquefoile. . Sf^cnardjLignom Aloe's, Afintck. .

AOi-tree, Palm, Lawrel-t ree,the Myfrb€-tree,Frankinfence,-7r WJ , the Cwc-cree; or Planer, tlie Cedar , hkleirepioix, the Orange j -31>.lLen"ion-cree.

The Lyon, theHoj!;e,the Ham,die Cfocouile,rJie BvAfiiov, Beafts* j t^jht-wonnesor eiotv-wormes.

'fteS^Galflor&tt^^theCwbafJ^tlie'St^ Fijkes; .

The .

Birds. Places.

Minerals or








Angtl. Da} of the week.

72 Aii IfitttdutfiM to Aftrdhgih

The Eagle, the Cock, tlePhaeni*, Nightingale ,Pecdd, ! the Swan, the Bu2?M rhaflyeCaniKm^ thc.Gofhjwkc.

Homes , Courcs of Princes , Pallaces, Theators, ull magmfi. cane Stru&ure* beins> clear and decent , Hals,Dining-Room Amongft the Flem-mrs 0 hath dominion of fire and elect iliining flames, over mettals, lie ruleth Gold. '

The Hyacinth , Chriiolite , Adamant , Carbuncle, tlie Eut«  (lone found in Ea»ks netts, the Pantaure, if l'uch a (lone be, the

Kuby. , " .... 1

He produceth wheat her according to the fcalonun the Spring geiule moylling Showers; in the Summer heat in extremity if with c? : in Annum milts ; in Winter fmall Rain.

He loves tlie £a<t pare of' the World j and that winde which proceeds from that quarter.

Is 1 5. degrees before any afpett ; and Co many after fepaji- tion. , . 1

In age he ruleth youth , or when one is at the ftrongelt ; to 4;reatelt yeers are 1460. greater 120. mean 69. lcalt 19. ' Italy , Sicilu , Bohemia ; and the fourth Climate , Phinuu, Chaldea.

Michael. , He ruleth Sunday the firit hour thereof, and the eight ; and in numbers the firlt and fourth 5 and in conceptions the toura

  • moneth. His Friends areall the Planets except T*., whoishs 1



» C H A P. XII.

Of the Ptrttxt Vanus .wd Arr feveraH fgrnficatioM andmtttrt,

nr a Frer the Sun fvfeceedeth Venus j whoisfometimescil-

NtinU ' J\ l:d CrrAtr** eAphrod'te, Ph*fflmos» f'cfpervgcEnau r 0 /,,r in the She is of a bright fhihing colour-, and is .Well known among!

the vulgar by the name of the evening Starre or Hefperus ; aw that is when fhe appeares after the Sun is fee ; common pec- 1

Element, Jlftfie.i. Latitude.

mat is wnen inc a^ioaiwmw».» » k«  pie call her the morning Starre , and the learned Lucifer, WW fhe is feen long before the riling of the Sun: her mean mo- _ tion is 5 Q.min.and8.leconds: Iter diurnal! motion is l«J

|tin\«6s.;min. aa*ay^4^j.^..9r70.^4»7^minutcsi} but8*.J |rt\in. toe never exceedeth; her greatelt North or South laci- Lutitttte, Itui- is nine d;!gr. and two min.irt Feirttarjr 1643. flic had eight, [de^r. and }6 min. for her Nortli latitude.

I she Inch and £?, for her houses , ; fhe! is exalted in 27 X, f{ 9H fes.

tvCiivech det rinient in Y and "1 , and hath her fal in 27 UP. I She governeth the Earthly Triplkity by day vU. n? yp iTriplicitj. I {he is two dayes Itaiionary before retrograaacion , and lb many I before direction , and doth ufually continue retrograde 4a

She hath thefc degrees in every Sign for her Terms. Her Termi.

Ill Y > 7 ft 0 1 o 1 1 1213 14. In ^ , 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. In ic , 15 itf 17 18 19 20. In 35 , 31 aa 25*24 2$. 26 27. In^l, 14 is *<* 17 18 xp. . In nc,. 80 10 11 12 13. In^, 789 10 11. In w , 1 5 itf x 7 18 19 20 2X. In /, 9 to x 1 12 13 14. \y ln\tf , 1 2 3 4 s 6. In&», 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. In K , i 2 3 4 f <> 7 8.

Theft degrees are allowed for her Face,

Tn V , 21 22 23 34 25 26 27 18 29 30. t ; \ In , 1 2 3 4 $ £ 7 8 9 10. , L»W > ix 12 13 ry itf 17 18 19.20. In ,n , 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30. In 3t , 1 2 3 4 5 d 7 8 9 10.

! She is a Feminine Planet , temperately Cold and Moyft, hlemm.

\ Nocturnal, the lefler Fortune , am:horof Mirth and J olity ; Mamre. the Klements r the Ayre and WaCet are Venerial j in the Hu- y mours , FJegme with Blood , with the Spiric and Genual feed. . . * . .' i

, She ligniffes a quiet man > not given to Law , Quarrel o? Manners & Wrangling , no;,V|t;ioHS , PJeafant a Neat and Spruce < loving quality when

K * Mirth, well placed

Minh ih his words and: -anions, cteailfy in Ajpjfetiel'j ratfej Drinking much then Gluttonous , prortewv Vener/ , : 6%; cfl. I tangled mLovesnatcers, Jealous in their affe&ions , Mafital, delighting in Baths, and all honcitrnerry Meetrngsi or Masfej I

)Xt no caulc iorm

When ill. Thsn he is Riotous , Fxpcnfive , wholly given to Loofah I and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Rcpti. tation , coveting wplavxful W,s> Jnajlluoys, a.n A<Aiiterci , J Fan- cattical , a nicer Skip-jack, of no Faith, no Repute, no Credit : finding Iiis Means in Afohotues , Taverns , .ind amorigft I Scandalous , Loofe people ; aiheer liazy companion , notliirg careful of the things of . t hi* Life , or any thing Religious j i meer Atheifi andnarufalmaiY. • I

Ccrforature.. A man of fair, but nortall Stature, Jris Complexion be- 1 ing white , tending to a little darknefle , Which makes him moii I Lovely ; very fair Lovely Eyes,and a lift fe black; ,f round Face, I and not large , fair HaSj fmooth, andblentjTof it, andu I ufually of a light brown colour, a lovely Month and cherry I Lips , the Face pretty flefhy , a rolling wandr[ri& Eye , a Body I very delightful, lovely and exceeding \yel Heaped, one deli- f rous of Trimming and making himielf neat and compleac both I inClo.uhsandBody v a lovedimpre inius Cheeks , nlkd" Bye, and Ail amarous enticement?., .. .

Orieatrtl. When Oriental the Body mc^e^to tafneuV,, orakindofl upright flnighrnefle in Pexfon , jppt (forpdenror very tal M I iieatly compofed. A right Veneriar) P&Abjx, M »w» as we fay, I is a pretty, cpmpleat, hahdibme Man o|.)V6inanr I

OccidtvtaUi When fhe is Occidental , the Man is Of more pwrtjft.itytf, I , yet vtcy decern and cooiely; in Slvjjx:^ndFo«n, wel bleed tfl •/ all* ' - •<•' f--' 1 ; -' ^ t • •" ' [

Qualities of '.Mufitiora > Garrreflersj Si^-mertf Mfercewi Zmrr^Ifrjpcr?,

men A^fro-Vwn&Ky Jeweltas,PhyefSjLapi<iaiie^

ffffit/t. tailors^iws^othersjVirgms^lKMilkrSjFidlers^ir^rs,^ •j^oed with the 1 fiaHaiMingiira, IH^ur^j Seniffef^Pi'it^

I fall thofi? Conv^ties which adorn Womej» either. , in Body

\( as Cloaths )or iii luce , ( as Go^lwoji-AVtffits^

1 . Difeaies by Iwr fignitfed , arevpcindpaUy jjHhe Matrix and Sickpeft.

I members of Generation i in : the wines, > . belly , back , navil m \ fhofc parts-, cjhe Gwotrea or running of the Reincs,French or Spaniih Pox j any 4fcafe orUiug by inordinate luft. Pna- pifme > iaipptency ^generation , Hernias, &c. the Diabetes or . pilling diliufe. , .

In colours (he fignifieth Wince , or milky Skie-colour mixed Savours with brown, or a little Green. In Savours (he delights in and C obnrs'1 tine which is rleafant and toorhfome j ufually in moylt and fweet,or what is v^ry d«d*.elable j in fmels what is uuitious and

Aro mtical, and incites to wantonnefle.

Myrtle alwayes green • all hearbs which Ihc governeth have Hearbs and a fweec favour , a pleafant fmel, a white flower j of a gentle hu~ 'Vlantu mnur, wliofe leaves are fmooth and nor jagged. She governeth the Lilly white and yellow, an 1 the Lilly of the valley, and of the water. The Sacyrion or Cuckpe-pintle > Maiden-hair ? Vi- okt ; the white and yellow DjflFadil. Sweet Apples, the white Role, the Fig, the -white Sycamore: Treeu

! wilde AOa , Turpentine-tree , OJive, iweet Oringes, MugWort, Ladies-mantle , Sanicle , Balm , Vervin , Walnuts , Almonds, Millet , Valerian ,Thyme , Ambre , Ladanum , Civet or Musk, Coriander , French Wheat > Peaches , Apricocks , Plums, Raj- ions ' v •

The Hart., the Panther , final cattle , Coney , the Calf, the Beajfr. . Goar.

Sio. kdove , Wagtayle , the Sparrow , Hen , the Nightingale, Birds. the Thailli , Pellican, Partridge, Ficedula, a little Bird Feeding on (Jrapesjthe Whsn,EaglcichcSwah,thcSvy'allow,the Owfel oi Black bird, the Pye.

The Dolphin. Pijher.

Gardens , Fountains , Bride-chambers, fair lodgings , Beds, pfoces. Hangings, Dancing-Schooles, Wardrobes.

Copper, efpocially the Corinthian and White j Bralte, all Mends and Luton ware. Minerals.

Cornelian , the Sky-colour'd Saphyre > white and red Coral, Stone s. Margaiite, Alablafter, Lam lazuli became it expels Mclanrho- ly, the Betil, ChrifoliK* K.i ' she

ff'indt and mat htr.

Ork. Yeers.

Countries. Jngel.

She governcth the South-winde being hoc and nioyft ; in the I temperament of the Ayre , (he ruleth the £re)7«ejftie forecellctb I inSummer,Serenu:y or deer weather s in Winter,rain or fnow,

Her Orbe is 7. b jfore and after any afpecl of hers.

Her greateft yeers are 1 51. her greaterSi. her mean45. k\ I leart 8. In Man fhe governeth Youth from 14. to ?,8. E

ArahiAiAujirtAflnnfjtHiaiVlimui^PolwlA the greater,Twnff, I Part hi a, CMedia, Cyprus, and the fix c! imare. * ' ■

Her Angel is Idnael.

Her day of die week Friday , of which fhe rules the firihnli eight houre; an J In conception- the fife Month. Her Friemi- jr allthe Planets except f>. '

An Mrtdutflm H Appllgi*>




Triplicity. Tints >

CHAP. XHI. Of Mercury, and his fignification, nature and property.

HE is ailed Hermes, Stil^on y CylienitUy <tArchai. Mercury is the lead of oil the Planets , never diltanc fm I the Sun above 37. degrees j by which reafon he is feidom viljWil to our light: He is of a dusky lilver colour ; his mean moots I is. 59. and 8. feconds ; but he is fo iwifc ck I he movet h one degree and 40.^111. in a day , never more j fc I trur you are not to maf voile if youfindehimfometinie5£«| 66. 68. 70. 80. 86. or 1 co. in a day : he is Stationary one iy, I and retrograde 24. dayes. , I His created South Latitude is 3. degr. 35. mm. His qrWil North Latir.Js 3. dcg. 33. min* " " " *" E

He huh it, and «t tor his Houfes , and is exalted in the ij.l of *r : .he receives detriment in Z and X , his ft! is in X. | He rulcch the aery ttiplicicy by night, viz,, ji & ks.

He heth thefe degrees in every Sign for his Terms. InT , if 16 17 18 192021. In b , 9 10 n 12 13 14 iy. In 11 ,1234567. In ?o , 14 1 ? 16 17 18 19 20. In Sly 7 8 910 11 12 13. . JljnC, 1234567.

In A, aoai 2a a 3 ln"^, a»a3 24^5 2^27. In/, '15 16 17 18 19 ao. Invf, 7891011 12. lns» , 7 8 9 10 11 12. In H , is lc5 "7 lS x ? 20 - Tbefe fubfequent degrees are his Faces or Decanate ; Face. t 1 a 345 67 S 9 10. In© y 11 ia 13 1415 16 17 18 19 20. In nt, 21 222*3 24 iy 26.27 28 29 30. In / , 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. In sat 9 11 12 13 14 ij 16 17 iSxpaoo We may not call him cither Mifculine or Feminine, for he is Nature. either the one or other as joyned to any Planetjfor if in o* with a Mafculinc Planet,he becomes Mafculins ; if with a Feminine, Hk-h Feminine , but of his own nature he is cold and dry , and therefore Melancholly ; with the good he is good , with the Elements. evil Planets ill : in- the Elements the Water ; arnongft the hu- mours, the mixc > he rules the annul fpirk 1 : he is author of iukiltv, tricks, devices, perjury, &e.

Bein* wel dignified, he . reprcients a man of a fubtil land Manners politick brain , intelle&, and cogitation ; an excellent difpu- „./„„ ,„,// tun or Logician, arguing with learning and difcretion, and yi ac ed. uilnsr much eloquence in his fpeech , a re trciier inco all kinds of Myiteriesand Learning,(harp and witcy,learning almoil any thin» wirhouc a Teacher ; ambitious of b.>ing exquilite in every Science, de/irous nitutillyof travel an J feeing foraign ' parts : a man of nn unwearied fancy / curious in the iearch. o£ any occult knowledge ; able by his own tienitu co produce wonders j given- to Divination and the more fectet know- ledge; if he turn Merchant, no mm exceeds him in way of ■ Traue or invention of new wayes whereby to obcam wealth,

A troublefomewit , a kincle of Phrenecick m m , his tongue ^r lUWCrs ami Vcu aga'mlt every man , wholly bent to fool his elhte.and n ^ - }l > time mi pruing .nnd trying nioe coneluiion? to no purpofe j . a . ^ w iXttityar, boaller, prat let , buhboJy, falfc, a t ale- carrier, given co wicked Arcs , as Necromancy., «md ludi like ungodly *

K } know-

knowledges ; eafieof beleef,4iiaue or*oiy ideor, conrtant in no place or opinion , cheating »tid*lK#^gtOvety where ; * news-monger, pretending nil fanner of iknowJutlge, bin guil- ty of no true or fond learning j krriflecj a nicer trantick fel- low ; if he prove a Divine , shelva meer verbal! fellow , frothy of no judgement , eihly perverted, con(tanK in nothing but idle svords and bragging. Cowattfn. Vulgarly he denotes one of an high flature and (if .light thin ' i pa re bodv , an high forehead aiid fqmewhar narrow long face, long nofej fair eyesmeither perte&ly blackor fpyj£hm lips jmi nolo; little hair on the chin , tut much on his head , audita lad brown inclining to blackneflej long arms, fingers ana* hands ; his complexion like an Olive orChefnut colour. You mutt more obierv'e $ then all the Planets'; for hayinsanyi- fpedt co a Planet , he doth more ufually partake of cneintk* ence of that Planet then any other doth ; if with fr'riien hea- vy , with U more temperate , with 3 more rail* , with © rr.orc genteele, with 9 more jeUing, with I> more iKifcef.* Orient all. * When 'he is Orientaj , his complexion is honey colour , or like one wel Sun-burnt ; in the ftaturcQl hijbody noi vqf high, but wel joynted, final eyes, not much hair ; hi very truth, according to the the height of body, very wel composed, buc Hil a defeci in the complexion , v'ue. fwarty.brown , and in tSie tongue, vU. all for Iiis own ewis. - Occldtnut't. • Whin Occidental , a tawny vifasjc , lank body , fmsll Hin- der limb?,hollow eyes,and fparkling and red or fiery; tl>e win* frame of body inclining to drinefte. Oualitv of He generally fignifies all literatcd men % Bhilolbphers , Mi- mm p J(; , Aftrologians , Merchants, Secretaries , Scrive- 'fcjRsHs, ners , Diviners , Sculptors , Poets, Orators, Advocates, School- matters , Stationers , Printers , Exchangers of Money , Attor- neys , Kmperours , Emb:fladonrs , Commilfioners, Clerks, Ar- tificers, generally Accomptants,Solicitors,fomeume$ Thee**, pratlins muddy Minilkrs, bulie Se&aries, and they unlearnt <;ramarians , Taylor , Carriers , McOengers , 'Foot-men , U- ferers. , . ,

Sxhtttit Al1 Vertigo^Ledurgtes or giddineffe in the Head,Maane!|, cither Lightnefle, or anyDifeafeof the Brain; Ptilw»>'H

ftimme^an*«Mnp<rfft!ftion in ttatfo;nguti vakiAndibnd Imaginations', *ti 1 defctff in the Memory y Hoapwndle,

Mixed and new colours , the Gray mixed with Sky-colour, fa!onrs fucli as is on the Neck of the Stockdove , Imaiie- wool lie co- Savours* lour< , or ronfittm&of many colours mixed in one • Of Savours- an hvg-podge of all.things together , lb due none can give it any true mine ; yet uiiully fuch as doe quicken the Spirits , are iubtil and penetrate, iutdin a mariner inCeufible.

Herbs attributed to * , are known by the various colour of Jle.irh (t»d the Howe r, and love fandy barre*vplaces,chcy bear their feed in P/.tnts.. husks or cods, they fmel rarely orfubtilly, and have princi- pal, relation to. jhei tongue, brain , lungs or memory ; they ttiipel windd.',: antUdfitfort the Annimal ipirks., aniopen ob- SUucUcns. fleanes , three ieavejd-graffc, the' Walnut and Wal- nut-tree ; thaFilbert-cree and Nut j the Elder-tr;c , Adders- ion°ue > Dragon-worc , Twopenny-grafle , Lungwort , Annt- lecxis , Cubebs , Marjown. What hearbs are ufed for the Mules sndDivtnaucni,4S Vervine,tlw lleed 5 ofDrugs/freaci^Hiera, Diunbra. . i : \c •• ' c\y ■ ■ • ' '

Tixr Hywiu.VvApe^f^ i^cjiuwdl.j Weafirl ,the Sjrtder, the Beaftj, Grayhound,the.Hejimophradkevbeuig.p;rtakeE lexes • all dinning creatures. ••• . ■■ • r ■ • • " •

The Lynnex, ther Parrot the •ffjflpinian^heS.w*llaw,tl), Birds. theUeetla^PUmu^XQtuflSjB^^^ ' The Forke-<UUvJ4idleo;. i ^ a \' ■ . 1. : ■: Fifies, Tracteen^£hofis^ Mafket^ /Payrus jSchooles ^Common- puts. Hals, Bowling- AltyetyO^dmttu^ Tennk-Courts.: (^lickiilvef* t oa Mim4*.

The MilHone , Marchafite or firer-ftonej the Achates, Topaz, Vitriol, all item of cflvers colours, !} ■ * ' 1 \V

He delights in V/ind^fitbrmy and.VioIent, Boittrous Wca- winds and tlrcr, and airs up that Wind which the Planet hgnihes to which f rentier, he applyes ; fo3j^«rve*R^.,ir<xl»ei' times H*Ue , Lightning, -Thunder and.T«npetts,in WCoiintiie Eartli<3uakes,.but this


Orbe. Tens.

Countries. Angel. Day tfthe

8# A*titMi0k» nMHffyUk

muft be obferved rcaUyffom the Sign and Seafoh of tiji year..

His Orbe is feven degrees before and after any afpech

His greatelt veers are 450 j Ms greater 7 tf; his rnean48 } hit liccle or lealt *o ; in Conceptions be governeth the lixih moncth. ■

He hath Grecial Fl*ndtrs> v&X?ptj *P*rx,

His Angel is named Ktfbael.

He roverneth Wednefday , the firft hour thereof , antlrh: ei^bt. His Friends ar^ % 9 Tbhis Enemies all the other Planet*.



Hoafe., Triflichy

C H A P. XI III. O/f Moon Aw properties andjignijicaiitHs*

THe we find called by the Ancients, LkeiH^Cjmitu, 1 D/Vw,f, Ph«k,LAtMa\No8ituc,t,Trterfi** ; the is nesrdt to the Earth of all the Planets • her colour in the Elcmcmis vulgarly known: fhe finilheth her courfe through the whole twelve Signs in zj days , 7 hours and ^3 min. or cbere;.boitts : her mean motion is 1 3 degr. 10 min. and 36" feconds , but Ihe moveth fometimcs klTe and fomeumes>more,never exceed- 1 iiig 1 j degr. and two min. in 24 hours fpace. . Her greater* North latitude is 5 degr. and 17 min. or thin- Her greacett South latitude is 5 degr. and 1 2 min. *tbo.*tt. Shets never Retrograde, but alwayes dire£ j when fhe k flow in motion , and goeth leffe in 34 hours then 1 3 degr. aid 1 o min . flic is then equivalent to a Retrograde Planet. • She hath the Sign S tor her houfe, andvyfor her dctt- menc ; fhe is exalted in 3 /and hath her fal in 3 grid.*;! flic governeth the Earthly Triplicity by night , v#*..« Ul V The Sun and five have no Terms ailigned them . 1

In the twelve Signs (he hath tbefedegrecs for her canatcorpace.

Ins, n ia 13 14151^17 18 19 JnSS , ax *i 1 3 *4 *5 *7 *8 %9 3*-

In 1V3 '4 7' 8 p io,,> ,<:.> . - In/. 11 14 x? x4i*S *<* 'f^?' In j 4.1 *3 M M *7 ? 8 ^ -3?'

She i> a Pcw'nincV.No^HrfiAlPlancc^qola, MoyiVand i^ /Wrf .

(iunitieth one of CvTiipo/ed Manners^ foFt,tender trea- Manners or xi:\ Lover of all honitt and ingenuous Science?,! Searcher of,AlHvns ind b"l' l, hter in Novelties , naturally propenle to Hit and tluft ^fan mil lis Habintion , unltedfalt , wholly carii^ for th,e_prelent^/Wflr. ti riros- , Tix.ortus^ Prodigal , and eaitly. Frighted, however lo- dignified. "' to-' Peace, and to live free from rhe cares of t|u^ Life.; if a Me- hantikk die man learius many Occupations , , and frequently • , . |vilbcwniKering\vrhnunyw.iye?tp;radem. .

A ir.ea Vanaboid , iulePerion ,.hating Labour, a Drunkard, trkeu ill. , Sot , 011 3 o\ no Spirit or Forecalt' , delighting to live hvgy^rlv nd cireleilY, one con«pc # no condition of Life , c^ither ^ood

.till. " •■.,u,;rJlv; i ,' 1 . - • ,. : , : . ^

5>hc ^|ly}r2ienteihamanof fairltature, whitely co- e . loured the Face rounds gr »y Eves , and a little louring ; much rhirbotlt on the Head » .Pace. , mid other parts j _i:fuallyon; lye 3 lirtlelirger^hen ij^pr.her. j fliort Hands andlleflny ,.the .•hole Body inciinin^tal^flefhy „ phv.Mp, corpulent and tkg- natiOjUciiMhe b^impedited of the 0 in a Natiyity or Quefiion, ,e u-.iially lignilies lo.r.e ble/nifli in,or neer the Eye; a ^leimjli .tcr c!k Eye , if flie be impeditcd iivSuccedant Houfes. ; in the Mghi . if Hie , be uqfpR,MiWte in Angles and \vith,/i^cd >tarre?,

aHed \<l>s.'ofi<. . .-.ij. .-, ) * •'. '. , , ,••

She 1-onilietli Queens, Countefles, Ladies, all manner of Qttaliues »j A'or.en ; as alio the common People , Travellers , Pilgrims, m cn <\U >.ilor>3 rinvr.nen, Fifli-mongers, Uceyv^v Tapfters, Vintners, mmtn. -tner-carricrji , Co.uh-men , Hui)cs-meu / KfelUngers, (tome fay tie Popes Lcgan) Ai,vritie^? s ^iiller^ Ale-wives,. MaUter^ ! Vu:-kards, Oilier-wives, Fiftier-women;ei|ir^7Women,\ripc- ./o.neu , and generally inch Women as carry Commodities in the ^reetsjas alip^licsYiyesjNurfeS&e. Hackney-men,W. s ter- |«Kn, Water-bearers. I 1 •

Apoplexies, Paliie , theChollick, che-BeUy^ke^ Dnea- sick^effe.

L ' ^

t8 r jiri>'$ti^tthNi < to^tijfttifiglfi? "

eafes in tlie left Side , Stoned the fetackter andmember j of ft, neration, the MciMftes and liver * in Women, Dropfe, Fluxes of Belly V all cold Rheumttick Difeafcs , cold Stomi the Gout in the Rills and Feet , Sciatica , Chollick , Wormse 1 Children and men , Rheumes o^Hutts uuhe Byes , v/*. intbc Left of Men, and Right of Women: Surfets, rotten Coug^ Convulfioh fits , the Falling lickneffe , Kings-evil , Apoiksj, final Pox and Meafcls. , AW ^rf Of Colours the White,or pale Yello%viai vvhit e,wk,Gr^l otalittleof theSUver^olour, OfSavours , t heHefh,or^ out any favour, fuch as is in Hearbs before they be rtpe, onus as do^tuoyHe ; n the Brain, 5cc. - H> »4s Thofe Hearbs which are fubjea to the 46* have fittas P/rf chick ;uicy leaves , oft waterKh or a little fweetifh tatte , the. Tmi. ' love 10 F ow in wat ^P laces > and grow quickly into a

magnitude ; and are. . , .

The Colvvort , Cabbafce , Melon , Gourd, Pompion, On*i Mandrake, Poppy, Lettice, Rape, the Lmden-tf ee,Mulhrorcd Endine, all Tree* orHearbswhohave round, lhady , gta icreading Leaves, andare little Fruitful. 1?,,/? • <>• All fuch Bealfc , or t he like , as live tn the water > as Fw f- T w the Otter, Smiles, fee. the Weafel, ^heCunny, ail Sea Fed mr ' Coockoe, Geefe and Duck, the Night-Owle; I ' f/ a. /b The Oyller and Cockle , aUShel-fi(b, the Crab and LoWtej

"' Tortoife, Eeles. / "< ' u . ,

„ . Fields , Fountains , Baths > Havens of tte Sea , Hjghw

F/ ■ and Defcrt places § Port Towns , Rivera , Fifh-ponds , ft

ing Pools , Boggy places , Coiumon-flioars , htrfc l> Springs. '

i?""'***' The Selemte, all foft Stons, Chriftalfc . fr^Er With T* cold, Ayre ; with % Serene ; with Wu* "* • Clouds j with trie 0 according to cha.Sulon ; withal Showres and Winds. ri ',;/'/,-' . . Ma j

^ Hermctical operation , (he deligWeth towards thv N<* and iiltullV when (lie tsthe ilrongeft Planet in the Schramm in any Lunation , (be Airs up Wind , according to the na»R the Jtynccflw- next allies unto.

j . j j, degrees before and after any Afpe&. Or/*. I H C -reatell yeers are ^o/gr^atcf <*8. mean leaft » j. Yeert. tin conceWonsMru^h ^X^^jpMp^ v

I •Tcl« Sun.

i 1 Ik: Head of the Dragon i^ifculihe j[ !af die nature oi % . land*, and of himfelf aForauie; yectHe^ncientsdoelay, Itlut being in 6 with the?,oodhe isgopd, andmcJ Witluhe I evil Planets they account hqveyij. . # . , . I The. Tavle of the Dragon uf oiurune nature , andcle^n Lntracy to the Head j fot heis evU vvj^mjoyned withgob^ I Planers ; and good when in conjunction with the malignant Piaws. Thisisthetoilltant opit^iph of all the Anaents but upon wiur. reafon grounded Unow not ; Ievertoundthe n equw.dent to cither of tjierq^wes f af>d when joyned wick I the evil Planets to le(fen their nialevblenc figmticatioii ; when I jovned with the good to increafe the good pro lufed by them : For the Tayleof t|ie Dragon > I alwayes in my pracltle found when he was joyned with the evil Planets j their, malice or the evil intended tlKrfeby was doubled and trebled , orexcreamly aiwncur*)-, 8f c. and when he chanced to be conjunftion with I any of die Fortunes who were figniHcatprs m thequelUon, [though the matter by the principal fignificator was fairely bromifed, and likely tobeperfeSe^in a ; fmal time ; yet did I rfcr,- ever fal out many iubs anddirturban^s, nuu h wrangling «id tjr^t conrroveriic, ,thlt the buhqefteyVfs many tirnes given •over for defperate ere a perfec\ condufion could be had ; and Lunlefle the principal fignihcatob were ^ngular andwelfor- tiMwith elVential dignities t many times unexpeitedly ttie vvholc matter came to nothing.

L 2


■ 1 o" • OH A V. XV. -

1 t 2 r? Tgttificch one of a Mart colour , palifh like lead , or of 1 1 earthly brown ; on; of rough skin , thick and very hairy on the Wly , ,not great eyes , .many times his con- plexlon is bvitNVixt^Watk Mici yeUow ^orasif He had a iptceoEl the blacker yeftW j aundies : he i< lean , crooked , or beet|> browed , a thin whay l Bsard ; great lips , like the black-Moora ; he lookes to the ground , is flow in motion , either is bow-leg- ed , or hits one leg or knee against another ; . moil pare a {link; ins breath, leldom ike from a Cough : he is crafty. -forte This where own ends, feducing people to his opinion, full of revengej he is pert- and malice , little canng for the Church or Religion j its a fok srlne or nifty , flovenW knave , or a whore ; a great eater , or one of » | mfm«**tt. large Uo.mck', i i brawling fellow , big great (boulders, cos- toils, ,md yet feldom rich, &c. -

U We muft defcribe U and a Jovialilt , to be one of a cote I Jy nature , full faced , full eyed , a fanguine complexion, or m* ed with white and red, a large fpace betwixt hi? eye-brow*, ufually hb Beard is of a flaxen or fandy- flaxen colour t' times alio when U is cojibull yery fad or blick , his ml thick , hU eyes not black , hi? teeth well fet ,-good broad teeth, I but ufuallv lomemarkof difference in the two fore-reeth, frl ther by their Ibnding awry , or blacknefte o: imperfctH ■on in them; his hair gently cuds (if. hs be ina fiery Sign-UI man well fpoken ^religious, 6r ab leaita goodmOrall honeftl man • a perfon comely and fomeWhat fat ( if U be in moviil ^Siens ) Aefoy ; if in Ac y Signs , bigge and ftrong ; if in etfM ly Si°n?, a "man ufually well defcerldedj but if ha :bsl^*-| catort of an ordinary clown , as fometines he may be , thenul he of more humanity then ufually in fuch kinde of men. S

S A Martiall Man, is many times full faced with a lively I h\°h colour like Sun-burnt, or like raw tanned-Leather, i|

An InUoduliion to Attrologi< t

enance, hi? eyes " ing , and of yellow colour \

fierce countenance, his eyes being fparkling or (harp and dart- colour j his Tutr both of head and beard

watery hgns , being with fixed Sraives or his own nature , he is of a flaxenilh or whitith bright hair; if in earthly Signs, the hair is like a fad brown , or of a fadChefnuc colour. ) * He hath a marke or fear in his face , isbroid-fhouldered, alturdy ilron« body, being bold and proud , given to mpekc , fcorn, quarrel! , drink , .game,, and wench : which you may eafily know by the Sign he is in ; if intjie houfeof $ he wendieth, if in V he deals , but if he be in his own houfe he quarrels,, in Summer is dogged ; in the SH*>;es ) is lo:dly • in the jlUmetjs a drunkard.

Q The Sun doth generally denote one of an obfeure whire colour mixed with ted ; a round face , and fliort chin , a nir llature , and one of a comely body ; his colour fometimes betwixt yellow and black, but for the moU pare more f.mguin then otherwayes : a bold man and reibhirc , his hair curling ; he bath a white and tender skin , one detrain of praife , fame and clliuwiion amongll men; he h.ith a deer voyce and great hcid h\< teeth fomewhat diilorc or obliquely iet,of How fpeech but of a compofed judgement- tiling outwardly a great deco- rum in his aibon> , .but privately he is Ucivious and inclinable to many vices.

9 Who is Agnified by Fonts, whether U in or Wo.nen, hatii a goodly and fair round vifage , a full eye , ufually we fay go'^le-cyed , red ruddy lips the nether mor: cluck or bigger then the upper , the eye-lids black , however lov:ly and grace- full, the hair of lovely colour ( but mod part according to i he Sign as before repeated ) in fome its cole-black , in others alight brown, a fotc fmooch hair , and the body excreain well . flwped, ever rather inclining to fliortneft": then calnefle.

I We defcxibe Mercury, to be a man neither white or black .

but betwixt both, of a fad brown ot ckrkyeUowijh colouring vifaged> high-foreh^d, black or gray cyfes , a thin long to noTe , a thin fpare beard( many times none at ail; ot an abum lad colour next to black , (lender of body, imal legs, apntlug buiie fellow, and in walking he goes insibly , and always would be tliought to be fui of action .

ti she bv reafon'of her fwiftnetfe , Vatuth he* (nape very oft , but mthe general , foe perfonates one having a round w lace and ful faced, in whofe complexion you may perceive* mixture of white and red , but paletietfe overcomes ; it (nebs in fiery figns, the Man or Woman fpeaks haihly ; in wawry fions , he or foe hath fome freckles in his or her face , or is blub , cheecked ; no very body, but a mudlmg creature, and I vnletTe very wel dignified , fhe ever figmftes an ordinary vulgar peifon.

Tin colours of the flints *W Signs.

h Giveth black colour : % a colour mixed with ted uA \ green: S red, or iron colour: © yellow or ycllojv Purple; ; 9 white or purple colour ; fi sky-colour or : J) a co- lour fpotted with white and other mixt colours.

Y White mixed with red: « white mixed with Citrine:

  • white mixed with red ; ffi green or *uffa : fl red . oi -green;

n? black fpecWed with blew : * black or dark crimfon , «  tawny colour: ^ brown: * yellow or a green fangumid vy black or reflet, or a fwart brown : « a skye-colour with I blew : X white glittering colour.


Of the twelve Signs cf the Zodlnck^, And fair mtmfott Divifons.

> H e whole Zodiack is divided into twel* equal wlueh we call Signs, and gwethennhe mmcs of mi

Creatures, either for tJwir properties they hold with living Creatures, or by reafon of the fcituation of the Starres in thofe pIaccs which fomewhat relemble that effigies and firnilicude of livin" creatures .- Their names and characters follow.


7 8 m







9 10 II 12

^ y>> ftw K

Every one of thefe Signs contains thirty degrees or pares in longitude ■ Hence it comes to paife that the whole Zodiack dodvconlilt of. 360 degrees,every decree contajnes 60 minutes, which we aho call fcxuples , every minute contains 60 feconds snd 10 further if youpleafe, &c but in Afirolpgy we onely mike ufe of degrees , and minutes and feconds.

Thefe Sis>ns are again divided many wayes ; ashrlt, into four ciiJidrants or quarters , anfwering to the four quarters of tl^year. . ,

The Vernal or Spring quarter , is (anguine > Hot and Moyft, concaines the M\ tliree Signs, v I*,. Y t$ Jf.

l ii- e^Eilival or Summer quarter is Hor, Dry and Cnolenek, ami containes the fourth, fifth and CxthSiens, w*. $ <a nr.

The Autumnal or Harveft quarter is Cold , Dry and Melin- cholly , and contains the feventh , eighth and ninth Signs , vik.

Tne Hyemnal, Brumal or Winter quarter is Cold , Moyft and Phleo,matique,and contains the tenth,elevench and twelfth

They are again divided in divjfion .of the F.lemencs , for force Signs in nature are Fiery , Hot and Dry , W*.. Y Si and t hefe three Sh;ns conftitutt; the F«y Tnphcnf.

Other* are l}ry , Cold and Earthly , w*. » VX VP , and make the H-M-thh Tripficitf* .

Others are Airy , Hoc and Moyft » w*. V «P» whjch make tiv tsiier]/ Tripltcitj. , .

Otliers are Watty , Cold and Mpyrt > ® m K > ^ •ilkd the WAtry Triplicltj. • .

J r Again,,


Fixed Signs.


88 Mttrtrdatflin ti Afirdogki

•Again, feme Signs are Mafculih^DiufnaUand therefore H«j a -,Y jj ^ «Gi / ass ' • N -

Some are Feminine, Normal, therefore Co\d^ "« ffi *

m The ufe whereof iuhis,Thatifyouhavea Maluiline Plato in a Mafculbe Sign , it imports him or her more manly ; audio if a Mafculine Planet be in A feminine Sign, the man or wo- man is Life couragious, fcc * .

Sore Signs again arc called Bo*e;l , -Septentrional or Northern, became they decline ftbm the tqumoiUal North- ward , and thefe are Y « ai ® A ' ^ ; and theft i« Signs cor, tab half the Zodiack, or the ftRfctni-cttcte thereof. . , .

Some Si?ns*re called AuhYal , Meridional ot Southern , for that they dedbe Southward from the Equmoftial,andth^ m & m j -vy X . . . i

The Si^ns a*ain ore divided into Moveable , Fixe.! ani Common , Y , r.h> W * rher ;nd Seafon of theyeer quickly varies and chants ; ibcj rre ailed Ordinal, becaufe when the © emers into any o; thoie Signs from that time we denominate the Quarters or dw

y °"por from the 0 eritrini? into Y ?nd«*the » Eqifinof tbl ce I the Spring and Autumne arife ; /rom the © Ins Entrance mio 95 andyyarifethihfc Soil ke of Summer and Wirtcer. , | So then the Equinoctial Signs are Y^. SoUiitialandTropiAs ' 35 vr._ . the Fixed Sfrns doe in brdir follow the.EnumottulanJ Tropicks; and they are called fixed, .for that When©ente6I into them , th, Jbuoh bf the yeer ^ fixed , ^nd we do: mo. evidently perceive either Heat ct Gold, Moyiiure os Dnnefl.. The fixed Signs are thefe, » e>\ *?. " ' . Swim ire conllituted between moveable ahd fixed , anfl.H tain* troperry or nature , pel taking bOrhvftth the freccd* and confequem Sign: and they are it €?:K.

They a re called By-corporal or double bodied, heJM they r- P r:ient Wo Me* : * it t\vo'Twihn:s , X w«l

.Tiie light knowledge of thefe in Alkology is much j and you inurt underftand it thus ; In die Quedion or Figure of Hc,\ven 4 if the Planet who is Lord of the Afcendanc be in a moveable Si-m , and the Sign amending oe alfo one , it denorcs the per- lbtv to be unliable, and of no refolution, cafdy muuble,perver- tcd, a wavering wiconlhnt man. I cr us admit the Afeendantto be hxed,and the Lord of that

, si»n alio in a fixed Sign, you may judge the party to be of firm refolution , no changibg j or as we lay , one that will

ftmd to maintabe what he hath find or done, be it good

° 4 If the Sign -afcendbg be common , and Lord of that Sign alio in a Common Sign, you may jud^e the man or woman I l0 be n i:hec very wilfull or «afdy variable but between

I both.

1 Ik 1 Signs alfo are divided into

Initial or Qiiadrupcdalt, in vU. Y » ft / Vf ; iliefe have re- jtcfinutionof Four-footed Creatures. Fruitful or protifical, vi%,. SB n * X . Barren Signs, at SlW.

Manly or humane, cuneous Signs, H TO ^ aw . Fcrali Signs are Si and lalt part of t Mute Signs or of flow Voice , © X ; the more if? be in any of them, in d □ or T*.

The ufe hereof is, that if your Significator or Lord of the , Afcend'ant be in Y V A / y?, there's in the conditions of thac party fomething of the nature of that Beall which reprefents (hit Sign he is in ; as if he l>e in Y , the man is rafli , hardy and I ltfdvious < if in Hedfatt andrefolved , an^fomewhat of a I n;uddy concfition, vitiated, with fome private imperfection, &c. and fo of the reft.

Ur us admit , one propounds his Queltiqn , if he fliall have children , then if the 2 and principal! Signtficator be in Pro- titicall Signs , and ilrong , there's no queltion bi*u Jie thaH the fame doe , if the Queilion concern BarrennelTe, if the Af- cendanc or fifth houfe be of thole Signs we call barren Signs, k generally reprefentsfew or no children. • ' la Queitionsjf jr m tfs or afcend,or the Lord of tlie Af-

M cendanc


•9* Ah imrMtttlm 99 AftnUglt*

cendam be m humane Signs > then we may judgfcthetoan to be of civil! carriage , very affable and eafie to, be rpoken with* all,&c.

A«>rc1» »f Beftckss tlwfe and many other dhifiOni of the Signs , I

X Warns. thm $ ht S*** 1 t0 P lain m ftttilS S tkwn lha A*^" 5 of ^ ' Planets.

T>ro! Ai& tht •AM&km Signs are t hofe , Which are of the fame verfo: V 2 and are ecjually diihm from tha firtt degree of the twoTtc pick Signs fiB Yf , and in which degrees whileli the & i?, the dayes and nights are of cqualHength ; by example it will be plain; when the © is intne tenth degree of , heisa far diUaiic from the lirft -degree of « as when in the twentieth degree of <& ; therefore when the ©is in the tenth of b ,te )>ath his Antifcion to the twentieth of that is,he givecii w tue or influence to any Star or Planet that at due time either is I in the fame degree by Conjunction, or cafteth any Afpeit unto

' "'But that you may more fully and perfectly know where y<w Antifcion fals m degrees <md minutes , behold this following Table.

zA gthtrAllTAble of the Amifcivts inSigxs.

Any Planet in *&hcls his AhttfcionmtaS , ot being in & I irftofc. • '.

If you would know the exad degrees and minutes, your wdrkasfblloWeth. ' . ■

"L<* us fupfcoife \ m4\Vehty degrees and thitvy fiveminntt j <tf A , \ Wotrldtonow in whit part of the Zodiack he hath b I Antifcioti. 1

Over againft SI I find , fo then I conclude his Amtkml is in To know the degree fcttd minute, Work thus : I

See whtc^ttetfid'mittirei^ fubitotfthil


4n iHtrp&tt}** ** Jflrikghl 91

from ;q degree^ and the remainder tcls you both the degree

" As IXtng in "ia degrees ai\d j y minutes of Si > I lubAraft


o 15

""91 a S SnhfirdieA. Here I fubHrj& 4; rnin. fro none whole degr. or ftom 60 ff in. which I borrow , and there retts 7 5 mm. one deor. 1 bor- rowed, uken from ro, and there red 0 that I borrow- ed Mid two are three , taken from three, then .nothing remains, io 1 iKii I find my Audition oi \i fals to in p ctegr. 8c *$J™"- of f , which Sign as you fee is over agaiiill <$l i but this Table exy retVerh ch;: work more quickly.

The ufe is eafie if you enter with the wliole degrees of yoi;r ••PI wet,- the twofirlt * columns feive you , as c? fupiofcd to be 14 degr.of a Sign,lobk 14 in" the lint column, over atfintl ir is icyq th.u degree he rends his Antifcion.

If you hive minutes, enter th^ four toll co- luir.rxs' 1 as if you enter With 17 mhyn the fife column, ov:r ?$ml\ it" you find 43. or lirll look tho -bign where

thePLmet is in, from 30 , what remaines is dRifcgw* and minute whew ti»e Antifcion is* j and as diere are M a Antifcion*'



r d\ Antifcions ofth

vv.i in

ucs ui mwHtes.

1 1

1 \



■ 2.









19 n~







2 i






7 in











ji7 l


««i •'














Antifcians , which of the good Planets we think are cquall m fo are there Concrantiicians, which we find to be of ^ nature of a Ooro° : and to know where ic is, you doe no more then obferve in what Sign and degree the Antifcian is, in the Si^n and degree oppofite to that place theContramifcian; asm the former examples, the Antifcian of ft is irintnedegr. and 15 mm. of t> , nis Contrantifcian mul> then be in 9 degr. and 15 min. of «t.

There a.e alfo many other divifions of the Signs: as into fcgns commanding, vis,. Y 8 .n S A U And Signs obeying & "» / yt X. Aninto Signs of right or long afoention, v #«. & Sim&vtA An intoSigns of fhorter oblique afcention,ty/x..yf »H.Y8I Signs of long afcention continue two houres and more in the afcendant ; and Sigm of fhort afcentions , doe arife in little more then an houre., and fome in lefle , as you may experiment by the tabic of Houfes: ». 1 j*onld kpow in low m*»y heart f the Sign tf $l centimtts in tin tAfcindtVitcrHorixAtt} / In the firtt column of the Table of Houfes,I look for the figu , under the title of the firft Houfe , and in the fourth line , I finde S fl ai,W*. no degree, 11 min, of A.

Over againlt that number on the left hand, under the tide of koures and min. or time from noon , I finde 00. 18 mm. or no houres, 18 min. I then continue with my ftgn A in the fame column untill I finde ip. 40. by which I perceive that thefignilis removed outoif the Afcendant I feek un- der the title of houres and minutes from nibon over againlt tte wid 49. 40 of 41 i on the left hand,, what hour$s and nib. fiand there. I .finde the number of 3 A 6*>. X-iiibdu&mj former number of 00. 18 min. from 3 hours and 6 min, 3 K 6 00 18

a a8. " there remanes two houres and 48 im of an houre , which is all the fpace of time that £1 continues in, the Aicendont , and in this regard ic is called a fign of . long afcentions.

You. flull fee ch* diftecenct now in a fign of fliorc AJceuri-

- * . '"" tion.

An Introiuftm t$ Ajhohgbl

1 lion. I would know how long the fign of ss continues in j die Afcendant. See in the ninth column,aivJ under the title of Llis firft houfe: in the third line I finde 00 «s 57. W*. o j degree ,57. min. of p , over againlt ic under homes and min.. I hnde 16, 4 min. in the tenth line under the firlt houfe I find 39. iS.againftit on the left hand 17. 8W*> 1 7 houres , 8 inin. 1 fuMracl my former houres and min. from the latter

  • 7 8

\6 4

x 4. the difference is one houre and 4 min. and lb J long time the fien of «s relts in the Afcendant : without ex- I j^t knowledge hereof, one cannot attain to any exaitnefle in I iiitunll Magick , vU . in gathering Hearbs, or perfecting many I other rarities.

Tim which is moft neceflary for every Student indie Art-is, • I that he know and be expert in the following Chapter. .


7h 'fyuHrejDffcriftiort, and Vlftjfes fi&wficd by the 1 ' w/w Jignt.

lYjS a Mafculiuc, Diurnal! Si°n» moveable ,Carr!inill, Equi- I no&iall : in^uture fiery , W and dry ,cholcrick„ beUul, ■" . Munitions, intemperate and violent -vthe diuniall houle ©f 6".

of tin- Fiery Triplicicy ? and of t he fcait. All Pufhes , Whelks , Pimples in the Face, fay II Pocks,hjre- B\fen[*ti

Lips, Polypus , me twigerc ) Ring-worm , falling-lick-

nefle , Apoplexies , Megrims , Tooth-ach , Hcad-acli and Bald- •■


I Where Sheep and fmall Cattle doe feed or ufe to be ,, ftndy pi M es V Ind Siilly Grounds , a place of refuge for Thceves, (as fome un- fomficth, ttcquunred place ;)in HoufeSjtheCoveringjSeeling or Plaillring . if it, a Stable of fmall Bealts, Lands newly taken in, or newly vhssedy or where Bricks have been burned or Lyme, f A dry Body, not exceeding in height , lcanorfpajf.,.>ucxV/fr;W/Wi |i4iy jBoaes , xtid the-^arty tn his limmcs rtrong the Vifage • J r

M 3 8 long;

long; black Eye-prowes , a long Neck, thick ShwldtfMl*

Complexion dusky brown or nvartijh. v t », f German , Swevuu, Pohni<t % B*rgn*d;, FiWf, 8ngM> £><* fSf Y ^ tbs higher, J«M A>/*.

ftp r ' " A fL;/,f

,W,r ' stn<>Mjh>C % ><:jarc.i>P<idit*>Ji<rgAmo.

QmIU'ks of 8 Isau b.)rtlilv,Cold,bry,Mcl«Khply,Femintne»NftiW«  r/b S/V« ml > Fixed, Domeiiual o: lkllul Sign,of the Earthly Trifliiiiy, and South, the Night-honfe oi Venus.

The Kings Evii , tore Throats , Wen« > Fluxes of Rhcuaus filling intcTrlii Throat, Quinces, ImpoUumes in thpfc part,

Stables where Horfes are , low Homes, Houfes where th; implements of Cattle are laid up , Paltere or Feeding ground; where no Homes are neer, plain grounds , or where Bullies have bin lately grub'd up, and Wberin Wheat and Com is fow- cd, little Trees nor far off, i» Houfes, Sell irs,lpw Room lr prefeius one of a fhort , bur of a full , ftrong andwel-fe: fhtiee , a b.oad Fo.ebead , great lives , big Face ; large , firong Should, rs ; gre;.t mouth , end thick Lips ; groffe Hands ; block iii^ed Hair.

7v<mmVi the great, Nort h pare of SwwkUnd , Rufiia, In!ai, . Switzerland, Lona'iMy Camptwa, Pa/fa, Cyfrtu* Parthia. Novjr/dc, T.irma, Belonia, PamrmWyMantHdiStn^rm^ droiji.^i, N.wts, Lityjfei BerViplh. n **A M I c's an aerial , hoc, inovft, liuiguiiw > Piwnal , common «  p^ytf ^ouble-bpdied humain Sign; cte oiunuH htmfe of S s of ibc

Differs. Piiiccs.

Shrpe ami defer piion.

K'wgdmt Cities.

operty of ir.



aay triulicity, Wcftern, Mafculi»>.

He l-.gnfties allDiieafesorinfirMtie^iinhQ^nies, SI«H dt rs , Hands , corrupted Blood > Wuvfattfid in the Veines,**! {tempered Fancies. , I

Wainfcot , Plaiilering , ;md Wals of Houfes, Ml llall>, or where Play is ufed , HilsandMnuntaineJ , Barms] Storehpufes for Corn, Coffers, CbeiK, Higla Places. I Kitgdcms IttmUrdy , Brnltm t FUmden > the Weiland SommveftK I Countries. ^Md, Armenia. . • ■ • I

GV/« . London , £0 tvuw< , Bruges , 'NjmtuUrg , £ # wwfci , I

Ment^BambergiCeftm. DefmptitH. An upright , ta^ a Uraighc Body eitjicr in Man or Wo^|

An lntrriutfm u AHrtbgiti the Complexion fangutne, not deer, but cbfctirc and 'dark, lon^ Anus- , but many times the Hands and Peer fhorranc? very fieuhy ; a dark Hair, almofl black ; a ftrong, rttivdfiody, a goo,! piercing hazle Eye , and wanton , and of perfcel fight. , of excel lent underilanding, and judicious in wordly affairs.

ffi Is the onely houfe of the Moon , and is the tirft Sign of OanVn y ani the Watry or Northern Tripliciry , is Wany , Cold , Moyfr, property df Flcgmatick , Feminine , No&uriul , Moveable, a Solllice Sign, s % • mute and flow of Voycc, Fruitful, Northern. •

It lignifies Im^rfec^ions all o\-er , ortn the Bre(t , Sronack Dife.fcs, and Paps , weakDigeli ion , cold Sto.nack, Prifickj fair Flegms, totcn Coughs , dropficall Humours , Irnpoftumations in* the Sro:mck, Cancers whi«'h ever are in che BrclK The Sea , great Rivers, Navigable Waters ; but in the Inland placet, \ Countries it notes places neer Rivers , Brooks , Springs , Weis, I fcll.irs in Houfes, Wafh- houfes , M rfli grounds, Die dies with ! Rulhes Sedges, Sea banks, Trendies, CiHernes.

Generally a low and fmall fbture , the upper parts of more shape and bignelVe then the Imver , a round Vilage j fu kly pale, a wliitcly description. Complexion , the Hair a fad brown , lutle Eyes, prone to liave many Children, if a Woman, j Sco:/,t»d } Z(al.t^d,Hotlaml i Priffia 1 Tttfifs/A/gU Kmgdomt Venice, d Uiilinfiemt, Amfterdam , Torkjt^AIag debirgJVm tuber g y £ ohm ries |SaintZ*r<!/,CWf%. and Cities.

I $1 Is the onely houfe of t he by it iture, Fiery,Hor,Dry, Quality and I Cholcrick, diurnal, Commanding, l^eftial, Baircn,<>f th~Eill, property of [and Fiery Triplidty, Malluline. si.

I AIMicknelfes in the ribs and /ides , as Piuriiks , ConvulliOii.^ Difiaftr, lining in the back , trembling or paition of the heart , violent I buming-feavcrs,all weakneffe or difeafes in the heaff,tore eyes, I the Plague, the Peftilence, the yellow -Jaundies. ,; I A place where wilde Beafts frequent, Woods^FcrreftSjPel'crc q>fa ceft l^accs, ({ecp iocky Dhces,unacccnable places,Kings Pa|aces,Ca- IlUes, Fores, Park^mufes where fire is kepc,t7eer 1 Chiinney. I Great round Hwi^^jig Eyes Ifarting or (taring ova , or gog- shape and: Igle-eyes , quick-lighted, n full and large body and is more then f, jrm , lot middle Uature, broad Shoulders , narrow Sides, yellow or j dirk flaxen hair and it much curling or turning up, a fierce


Kingdoms^ Countries, Cities.

countenance, Hut ruddy; high fingufoe complexioo , ftcta* valiant and a&ive. " , ■ *

4* Inttukittin n 4fr*h#t. ix febrill ot Header therxgwlfc a rouncj,, ?Qvely ajidbaautifull VuV'»-» a p|toe fanguine colour ; inYout^, noabimdance or, exoni: in •eiilwr. white or red , but in Age uluallyfome piav

pics , or a very h^h Colour * ths Hair yollpwtfli , fmpot}* and.

fropertj Tinas.

Kingdoms, Countries^ Cities. Shape and form.

It's ?ii earthly , cold , melancholly, barren, ^^"'^ ■ ^ higl)ir , Savoy its Dukedom , ^AfM , Livonia, Kingdoms all , Southern Sign ; the houfe aid Ration of * , ofite fl J^'V* £ ^ K^^i^e/^ii the Territory, ly trijphcuy. 3 rto 1 DaiwH inuVw/ where io;ueuihe^he ^

It LmLs a Study where Books are, a Clofet, a Daw houfc , Corne-fields , Granaries , Malt-houfcs, Hay-ricks, or tt Barley,- Wheat orT>eafe, ; oraplacc'ivher^Chetfe and'Buttcr ic vrei'erved andftored up. , " . ,

Vhe Worms, Winde, Cho|lid«, all Obfiruaionsmtfe bowels and miferakks , croking of the Guts wfirmeneflc m ths Stones any chfeafe in the belly; . ,

GY^whc Sourh part,tliereofA*tf,**,the Athena* termor/, Mefopoutmia, Jffricafte South-wetf of France famyHicnfr UmlbodfSy Lyons, Thonlom, Baftl, MeidSurge. Brwdufiw.

A flendcr body of mean height , but decently compoied 5 a ruddy brown completion , black hair , well-favoured or -lovely, but no beautiful! feature , a fmall flirill voyce, all memkrsw- ciihin" to brevity; a wittv difcreet foul,juckaous and excellently wdlftoken, lludious and given to Hiitor'y , whether Man 0: Wo:wn ; it producethacare, undemanding, if 5 be in this tyn and *> in 55, bu: fo mewhat unliable. > . ' ,

Ar^«r, JsaSignaeriall, hot andrnoyR, Sanguine, MafcutaJ.

^ Moveable , EquinoiUdl , Cardinall , Humane,-Dmrnatl, ot lb

  • /£r*ul! Triplicityi and Wellem, the chief Houfe ot ?,

All Difeafes or the Stone or Gravel I in the remes of tK Bicke ,' Kidnitf, hiatsand dileafes in the Loynes or Hancfcj Impdliumes or Ulcere in the Reines, Kidnersor Bladder, weat- nefie in the Backc, corruption of Blood.

In the Fields it reprefents ground hect Winde-mils, or ftfc fln»liiv Barn or out- houfe, or Saw-pits , .or where Cooptfi work o? Wood is cur, fides of Hils, topsjjMountaihs, .groun* Where Hawking and flbritbg is ufed , f^J^id gravelly W pure dec r Ayre and Oaarp , the upper rooms in Houfes , Uw o l}Mte m j b?rs, Garrets, one Chamber within another. ^ It pctoUa well framed body, fl^ht., ^landg

lViftufes* PUces.

of the watry Triplicicy , fixed and North , the houfe and joy propers; tp oi LMitrs, feminine j ufuil ly it doth reprefent fubtill> deceitfull r ^ .

^nviU , t!>- §tone in tlie Secret parts ,Bladder .., Huprures, Vifatfes. Fillulacs, or the Pyl<s in 4™* QonorrkVjSjPmpilmeSjali atfli- ain» tlu Privy parts eicher in man or woman ; defers in the MarVix.

Places wlk»re all fprcs of creeping Beafts ufe, as Beetles,3:c. Tlaccs, prliicb as be'vvirhouc, wings, and are ppyfonous j Gardens, Orihartls, Vineyards > ruinous Houfes neer Waters j muddy, Kwviih Groups, itinking takes, Qiiagmires,!»inks,t{ie Kitchin or Larder, Wafli-houfei .

A . corpulent j (|rong,able Body, fomewhat a broad or fquare Form M d

Face , a dusky muddy Complexion , and lad , dark Hair , much Defcription, and: tfifping j an hairy Body , fomewhat bow-legged , fhorc , -necked, a fquat, wejrtrujnfed rellovy., f . . . .- t . ...

ISorrh part of jiavarut , the \V poddy part of Nonvajt , Bar- Kingdoms .V/> t)ie Kingdom 9f Ft** Catatonia in Spa'w^ Calentia, Vrbine £oiwries ayi Forjm 'fpiij in hnly^mnfl^Mejftna in ltd) yGamtfruike- Cities, futii upon O^/r. . , , r . . ■; .:>■

. : Is of tli2 flerv triplicity , Eaft ,jn nature fiery , hocy dry, Qutity and MafouliiiJ , Chpjericlce -,* Diutnail, Common , by^orporaH or mturc of I, double bodied, r he Hpufe and joy of .

It ruleth the i;higbes and Buttocks in the parts of mans bo- Dife r ifcs. dy , and all FUiulaes or! Hurts falling irr thofe.iriemJber.N, and ge- nerally denojtet^ blood heated 9 Feavers Peftilentiall , fals from Horfes , or hurts from thern, or four-footed Bealls ; alip pre^U- ■dice by Fixe, Heat, arid mcemperateneffe in Sports,

N ' A

A Sable of great Horfo, or Horfes for theWaMW jW«  where ufually r,reat four-fcoted Ikafts are kept jW^ws in the Field/, Hits , and the htgheft places of Undir Ground? that rife a little abovo the rdtjin houfes upper rooft. neer ths

It rcprefenw a weMavoured Countenance , Tomewhu long ffA* VifaAsV. full and ruddy , or almolt like Sun-burnt ; the Han

Sue : a conformity in the Members, and Uronq able body.


O 2tr W bnchollv, Harthly, Feminine, Soltticull, Cardinal!, Moveable, DomeUtcall, iW-footed, Southern,; the exa ration of <f. ^- - , , nr Lr«menr nf the Knaes , and all Diieafes ma


Ir huh government of, the Knee* , and all Diieafes incident to thole i hecs,«khctby Straines or-Fnaures ; it notes Lepro^ lie, the Itch, the Sab. ■

it thews an Oxa-hcufc , or Cow-houfe , or where Calves are kept , or Tooles for Husbandry , or old Wood is laid up ; «  where S.ules for Ships and iuch Materials are (lorcd ; aifo SkqvPem , *nd grounds where She^^^iUow^ndj barren Fields Bulhy and Thorny ; Dunghils ui F elds , or Where Soylc is laid [in houfcs low,dark ?laces ; necr the pound

i\^tun ^iS^Ay Bodies, not high of Stature, long, lean .ml

Itrtomr*. m« y. J ^ Beatd , black Hair , a narrow Chin , long finall feck and narrow Brett , 1 hav* found many rimes > afcenuW , the parry to have white Hair, but in the fevenchotf Black! 1 concave the whitenefle. proceeded from the nau* ofthe Family rather then of the Sign. ^

xr,Wm„ Thrve , Mac e&nih GrtectnoW ' Turk** Albto***»l«*

c2fZ' ^UeSourh-wertpa.^

Nature J » 1 anaie/ andmoyn%i,of tl^ a^ry Tnphc

  • fw * , diu ; n1 i f infM ,ine , fixed , .rational » humane <, toafcuhne , *


  • fctfr. W ^Sovcm«h.the Leg*, M-M marincrof infirm;

• -HrJ^Mit to thofe members , all melancholy Winds coagu- V^wrfft^ the Blood, Critni* *c.

ni tres hew t iiieed. or wi

Jl&Sd^ 5 xta •' if , WhoVtord of this houfc , & in wot » , tte P „ i.hck in Hair , «nd in Complexion fangmnc , with dt-

Xt oi to ComplMton , and of 6„dy<oiouc«IH«c, or »• »T f Jmt the Well and South pans pf B*t*ft*,M>Au>, Comxmi, r '« \'lffhf Watty'Triplicicy. .Northern, «ld Sign, moy«, P«W Sio'vtn idle,cffcmm S K, fatly Sign, or rcprofenttng , p«ty of

  • jS mLtein thiwi- rife. f£s& &v ^-

Ari«« incident to thofo Mobthirtd fe Sf"*^.^ tolls.ltch.Botches.BKakingsour.Boyks.a id I rl^rs pipce..j m Bh>odpmrifaaed,eold S »mlmoy/Hii*>M. , ; •airi-JU Fowl ott , «lto F,m-ponds or Kjvc , rfl ^o i 14 , la-Mils , in houfcs ncer th« : wawr .,«> to Come Well or Pump,

.R^^ •.fttMote^but tatuCTatujglbintohar.WtfntteHeatlKi ■: • n

N a


H5 'AntmfidMmt^Apcl^H '


Teaching nh/tt ttfe waj he made of the former Difcourfe of ik twelve Stgnt,

IF ons demand of ahe tAniftpf what<ondiuon,quatityoM thture the perfon quefited , or enquired of is, then obfervj the Sign of tluc houfe whereby ha is fignified > the Si$n wherein the Lord of that houfe is, and wherein the MomtA mix one with another-, and by the greater teftimonies judge; for if the Sign be humane , aerial , that attends or defcends,ard the Lord of that Sign or the i> in *my Sign of the fame tripli- tficy or nature , you may judge the Body to be handfojne , and the conditions of thepany to be fociable , or he very coune- 1 ous, &c.

If the Oner e be concerning a Difeafe,and Y be either on tk I cufp of the Afcendant , or. defending, in the fixt r you may judge lie hat h fomething in his Difeafc of the nature of Y > but | what it is , you muft know by the concurrence of the other fig- nihYators.

If a Country man or Citizen hath loft or miffeth any Git- 1 tie , or any materiall thing in his houfe , let him obferve in what Sign the Significator of the thing is in ; if inY, and it ben fteait ftrayed , or the like , let him fee what manner of ph«i that Sign directs unto , and let him repair thither to fcarch, '. cotifideririg the cprrer. of heaven the Smnfignifies : if itb: in uiriuWeable piece of Goods > that without man or worruri I cannot be removed, then lec him lools; into fuch parts of te I houfe, or about hi? houfe as Y fignibcs. S

Jf one aske concerning Travell , whether fuch a Country, I City or Kingdom will be heakhfull or profperousumoliini:! yea or no ; fee in the figure itjAvhat Sign the Lord of tlie.Af- cendant is in , if the fignifieator be fortunate in V , or it Utf o. be therein, he may fafely travell orfojournin.fuchCuie5 or Countries as the Sign of -Y reprefeurs, which you rosy ei ly dlfcern in the abovenamed Catalogue .\ Thofe Country iub ject to the Sign wherein the I»for,iwes are pofited , iinkUs ' * do;* 1

An lnthduttion to AttroUgii,

fclves be i1gnih"cator*,are ever unfortunate : where remember, ihit a Gentleman enquires ufually , if he fhall lave his health, and live: jocundly in fuch or fuch a Country or City ; the Mcr-

  • bjnr he wholly aimes at Trade , and the ehttcafe of his Stock,

therefore in the Merchants Ligiire you mult conhder the Coumry or City fubject to the Sign of the fecond houfe, or where rlv: Part of Fortune is, or Lord of the fecond isyind which h molt fortified, and thit her let him Trade.

C H A IV X V II Iv Of the Etfefltiali Dignities of the Planets,

1 {e cxatf way of judicature in Attrolog y is , firft, by being

  • pcrfed in the nature of the Timers and Signs.

' Secondly ,by knowing the Urength, fortitude o; debilility of dragnets, Significators, and a well poyfmg of them and their jlpe^ts and feverall mixtures, in your judgment. ^ .

Thirdly , by rightly applying the influence of the. posture of Heavan t retted /.and the Planets afpefls to one another at the rime, of the Quettion, according to mtmullfand not enforced; maximes of Art; for by how much you endeavour to flrama judgment beyond nature , by fo much the more you augment yom Ktrour.

A Pl.mec is then faid to be really Arcng whin he hath many llfcniial dignities, which are known, by hi. being cither in his Houfe , iixAlcation , TripHcky , Tuvne or Face , at time of cwtii-.o a>e Figure. As for.txample :

In any Scheam of Heaven, if you find a PI met in any of £(f c ,,tiJ thole Signs we call his houfe or houfes , h: is then etfentially t i\gm t jby ihong , 'and we allow fo: that I'm i ; as h in' v? , % m Houfe.

i^t- ........

h\ wemctit , when a Planet or Signihcator is in his own houfe > it reprefents a man in fuch a condition , as that he is Lord of his own houfe , e&\te and fortune ; or a man. wanting very little of the Gqods of this world , or it tels you the man is b a very happy ttate or condition ; this will be t rue , unle lie the' N- ^ lignill-




tm An Mroduttim to Attnhtfe*-

lignificator be retrograde, or combiner afflicted by any other malevolent Planet or afr*&.

If he be in th it Sign wherein lis is exrfred , you may allow him tour dignities efl'entiali , whether 1* be Mttc^wryifc gree of his exaliion, Vea or not i as o* in v* or U M « .

Ti' the fipnificaior'bi in his exaltation, and no wave* wipe- ditcd, but Angular ; it prefents a perTon of haughty condition, arrogant , aituming inore unto him then his due ; foi it s obftr- ved,tne Planets in lo ne part of the Zodiack doe more evident- ly declare their effet^s then in others ; and I conceive this tola m thofe Sipns and degrees where fixed Starres or the Uvm na- ture with "the PI met, are more in number, and neeror ths

EchptKk^ i||anvof thofc Signs which are alotted him for his , Tfiplicitv, he hath allowed him three dignities : but herein you i mult bs cautious ; as for example s In a Quellion, Nattvi- | ty 5 or the like , if you find the 0 irt Y , and the Queihon , ot Nativity, or Scheam erected be by night, and you would ex. amine the 0 his fortitudes, he Hull have four dignities f«  beine in his exaltation, which continues through the Sign; bur lie (halt not be allowed any dignity , as being m hit ttf < ! city ; for by night the 0 ruletluiot the fiery ; I notary bat % who had he been in place of the 0 , arte by night , mull have had allowed him three dignities ■: and this doe gene NlM in all the Planets , 6 excepted , who night and day ruietfci*

W ^A^anctln'his triplicity , (hews a man modeftly indd Tvith the Goods and Fortune of this world, one prettily* «ndcd.and the condition of his life at prefent timeOf the Q*- ' {Uon, to be good ; but not fo, as if in either of the two former

any Planet be in thole degrees we tf&i for his Terms, I >ve allow him two dignities j as whether day or night , it yv. in one, two, three or four- &c decrees of Y, he is then in M own Terms, and mult have two dignities therefore ; and loSM any of the lira eight degrees of b, &c. \ I

A Planet fortified, onely a* being in his ©Wn lemis Oiewsa manmoreof the cofporature and terrtpet ot

A* Intfkkftion to Afinhge. ioy

net, then any extraordinary abundance in fortune, or of emi- nenJy »» Common-wealth. m

If any Planet be in his 'Dccatmte , Pccurie or JFVrrtf , as c? in fVrnr. the lint ten degrees of Y , or V- inthefirii ten degrees of he is then allowed one ciTenihli dignity ; for being in Ins own D/nnore or Face, cannot then be called peregrin.

A Planet having lictle or no dignity, bur by being in his De- mrti ot Ftcc , is alnottlike a man ready to be turned out of door^s , having much acjoe to maintaine himfelf in credit and rcriiration • and in Genealogies it reprefents a l amily ;it the iiltgjfi> , even as good as cjuite decayed , hardly able to luppprt

it felf. * ~ . .< A

The PUiicis may l?e firong another manner of way,™*.. Ac- cidentally ; as whui pircft, fwitc in Motion, Angular, in A or * sfpcci with U or $ , &c or in 6 with certain notable fixed Stars, as (ball hereafter be related ; Here follow jth a Ta- ble of fcffentull Dignities, by which on dy calling your Eye thereon ,you may perceive what eflfemiiH dignity or imbecility any PI met: hath.

There hath been* much deference between the <*.sfrabittnt> ihetkj and Indians concerning the Bfentiall Dignities of lIio Pl.uv:ts ; I mem how todifpofe the leverall degrees of the Signs fitly to every 'Planet; after many Ages had paned,and untill the time of Ptohmif^hz Aptlt&iw were not we I refolved hereof; but line- Pt^mejf. his time, the Grsciun unaiuinouily followed , the mctho\i he left ,. and which ever lime ilie other Chriftians ! of Lurope to this day retain as moit rational ; hue tlx; Moons | of B,vhr) at prei'enc and t\\ofcdjlroh&i*H*Qi their Nation who lived in Spain doe ionewhat ar this day vuy fro.n us-j iowevcr Lprefeju thee w V h a Table according to Vtctomer?'



An lnirobttm H Afaltft.^

Aubkof^^nciad Dignitkt of the *U*tUU?d^*Z^

T rig "5iA






ThcTerim or «l* lMancn

Tbc F*cai o£ the c Wtnct*.






? *7

g *o[> ?o

T? to

¥ *o|$ jo



e» DlT> »ilfW* '»g_*4^ |oQ 'Q.T?

iSflpij >OC* S2i!£-i 0 5 03p<^ L»^9MBft I

PQjOiQ g w »4|g *p ftfr 1 ^ ! ^ i isll^'

Thc.Vfc of tbc Table* v

Very Planet hath two Signs Torres Hoiue$V«^ '^«jf ^ they but one apiece >^ hath ^lOTff / M % S Y * j 0 Si ; 9 « ; g * nt j » ©..Thed^bFth^c Hon- XesiSalled jD/ar/w/Zmoted in the/fecohd Column che^ettal "25, Theother is 7«W/,. noted by the tettfer J\T. Inth* Si£n* the Planers hive theit/Exaltations , which:ihethirdt>l lumn points out j as the ©ihloY; :Hi ^ jJJ^ 31, &c. are exalted. „ . . „ ^. . • • tJ

Thefe twelve Signs are drodedintofcur Tnphcities : iki fourth Column tels you which Planet orPhnetsbothnightort I day govern each Triplicity : Asover agAinft r a TV y«f»l ©V, w«. © eovernethbydayin thatTripUaty, anW I night : Over agaTnlt t> * yf, you find § and Dj .jy.dgl hath domination by day , and/ by night ui ^t tripl cuy. Over againft Bft» you find W j which rule afiwcWjl

4* MnMhtWAfr&gK*

Over againft 9 m K, » you find cf ,.who', according to ftohmjr wAN^&bfa&f th« Triplicity both day and night. <

.6^^iVt»ini0ieiift , fixr ♦ fevendi »»gfaEh ', lumus , you fin$Dk$,$ 14. which teis you , theMlfiMegcee*; of v. are tj^&rms of » ; from fix to fburtejm, /the term*-

^ O^ngaiiill Y , irrthe tenth, eleventh and twelfth columns* voufindcf 10, a2Q. ?730« i^th^firft ten degrees^ Y are the Face of 4; from ten to twenty the Face oi .<•),; from twenty to thirty tneftce of 2 , &c v . ' • \\

In the thirteenth <Q]umn , over jgainll Y '» you find °, Ver irimtntivb. ?beingit\Y,isinaSignoppolitetooneoi net own Boufe?, and fo is laid to be in her Oet nment. • .

In the fourteenth column, over againft Y 3 you find ^> oyer bis heid.Fa ; Ahat is , h W^n he is in Y is oppollte to f Ins Exaltation, and ib is Infonunate, 8cc- Though thefe ttonj>s t M oprcflcd in the nature of the Planers already., yec tins Table makes it appear more evidently tp the eye.


Of fevcr.fli nrms , ^f/Jttff/, nords dfjrt, Accident f> and other t»/iteriall things hAfpenmg ammgfi the Planets ; with other ve- cefir; Rules to well know axti mde\ fodd before an) fudg- mem cam be given upon 14 J^Mefiim, L ,

rHe mpft forcible or flrongeft llayes, Configuratioiv^ or jAfpeAs^ areoneiy thefe. (nominited before) the Sextil ^, Quadmc □ , Trine A » Oppoficion cP , we ufe to call the Con- jiinaion cJ, an Afpecl, but very improperly.

A SextilsfyeSt is the diftance of one Planet (ton another by- the hxt pare of the Zodiack or Circle j for fix times fixty degr. doe make. 3dp. ; degr. this afpecA you ihalliind called fomctimes iScwgilfrfifystUot an Hexagon.

A gaadrAtt afpeavor Quadrangular^x Tetragonall^ the di- /kucc of two Points , or twcPlanetsby a fourth part of 'the Circle , for fouu times ninety doe contain three Jumped and

(ixtydegreev . « ^ - T j 13

The Trirti afpea confitls of 1 10 degrees, or by a tlnrd pin of thi OVcfc , for three times an hundred and twg«y degree* make the whole prelect 36*0 degrees.* It's tailed i lriMtjrulMt afpea , or Trigc»<tU, -and if you find fometitrtes the word 7V/£. twcrator 3 it's as.much as a Planer ruling or bavmg dominion in fuch a Tripliciry or Trygon j for three Signs make one Trygon orTiiplicity. . . ' „

An Qtfiftionoi Diametral Radiition-is , v wiien two Planets are equally ditac 180 degrees , or half the Circle fromeacfr other. /

A C o>:)unttlcr,£oiti<>»,SynQtl otC^refef (or fome ufe all ttefe words ) is , when two Planets are in ofle and the fame degree and minute of a &gn : Other new Afpeas I hive formerly mentioned in the beginning of thisDifcourfe. You mull un- derlbnd amongft thefe Afpeas , the QtMdme Aspect is a fign of im|erfccY emnity j and that the Opptftiw is an alpea or ar- gument of pcrfett hatred j whkhis to be underftoodthus : A Quellion is propounded, Whether imferfoNS«t variance maj ht reconciled ? Admit 1 rind the two Jiguficatfirs reprefenting ihc two Adverfaies , in Q afpea j I may then judge > becaufe the afpea is of imperfed hatred , jdiat the matter is not yer fo far gone , but there may be hopes of reconciliation betwixt them, the other jignificators or Planets a little helping. But if I find . the main /gmficat^sin oppofttion , it's then in nature iinpo/Tr ble to expert a peace bet wixt them, till the fuitis ended, if it be a fcit of Law j until! they have fought, if it be iflktlttHgt.

the 'SextiU and Trim a^ofts are arguments 0? Love , unity and Friend&ip ; but the A is more forcible, ( vi*.) if the two /ignificntors arc: in * or A > nodoUbt but peare may beeafiiy tontlucled.

Conjnxtthns arc good or bad,, as the Planets in o* art friends or enemies to one another.

There is alfo a TMw/J mdP/mciC afpeft : <Pamlt afoeft il when two Planets are exaaiy fo many degrees from each otiief as make a perfcaatyea : as if $ be in nine degrees of V* , and U. in nine degrees of $1, thlsi* a Partili A alf*a : fo 0 & one degree of b' , and P in one degree of 95 , make a PartiU#> . and this is a itronglignor argument for perftamaflte of any

""' chins J

A* Wrdntim iv AfirdtgU. W#

thmo , or that the matter is neer hand concluded whjsa the *f- tnuia>^ ... ,~ •c» Ba ~sA . >>**A ir's as muchafianor

ztlZuTU fignifie any matter.: Af if $ be instead* dLreeof V, and&n eighteen degrees of ne hereShatba. Su It k A or U in a Platick A to Ti , becaufe the is within the V ^otio£j$Orh i for7he*,,v) of ^ his Rayes or Orbs U fiyefand of f 4 > «kI the dUtance betwixt them and their per- feft a&S U 45* degreesi and here I will again inferc the Table of the quantity of their Orbs, although I have ni the V n ets feveralfdefctiptions mentioned them ; they ftand thus as I htvc found by the beft Authots and my own Experience, '

Mcordip&t* others 9 As [owe have wrote 9

\ m

\ 10 o

\ u. o „

k n 30 Allcor^tnt 7

0 I7 o Mtffo. L M

33 o Mutt) write but 7 570 vfUcinfentwel) -7

j> 11 30 Generally but 1%

f I fomtimes ufe the one , and fometimes the other,, as my Memory bell Remembereth rliem> arid this without error.

Application of Planets is thrcefeveraU wayes : Ficft , when AffUtmm a Planet of more fwift motion allies to one more flow and ponderous, they being both direa } as dm ten degrees of T, Sfive : hure2 applies to 0* ^of 0*. ,

Secondly , wfijn both Planets are retrogra<le, as^ in 1 ten , dej atees oi Y , and in nine of Y j $ being not direct untill lie Bath made ci wuh <Ts this is an Ul Applicauon and ^aii .argu- ment either fuddenly perfcamg , or breaking oft the buimeffe, according as the tvvo Planets have-fignifiation. . Thirdfy , when aK.met is difea , and in fewer degrees , and

.... .iidden- ttfionasftaowoch,

tfbtf AH 1'ntYodMon tb Aftrofyief JftlifAtion. It- is when two Planets are drawing necr together either by 6 or Afi>e£t , vi*. to a # A □ or cP J where you muft under- Hand , that the fuperiour Planets doe not apply to the inferi- . our ( unlelfe they be Retrograde , but ever the lighter to the more ponderous ; as if ft be in the 10. degree Y , and S be in the ft vench decree of Y the fame Sign , here 6* being in* fewer degrees , and a more light PI met then ft , applies to his 6 ; if 6* nid beenin the fev^nth degree of ax, he had thenar plyed to a * Afpect with ft : hid 6" been in t he fevemh de- gree of $ , he had tkn applyed to^a Q of ft • had ha beenin' the feventh of Si , he had applyed to a A of ft j had S been iq the feventh degree of & , he had applied to an d 5 of ft , and the true Afpett would have been when ne had come to the fame degree and minute wherein ft was : And you mult know, that whett^ ft' is in Y and calteth his *■ □ or A to any Planet in the like degrees of 3i or or £0 , this Afpeft is called a Sinw Her *- □ or- A* and it is an Afpe& according to the fuccelfion of the Signs ; for after Y fucceeds » , then jr , then 33 , tec. and fo in order; Now if ft he in Y , he alfo calfcrh his* n or A to . any Planet that, is in or * » aiKUbisis calledaDcx- tef Alpcif , and i$againrt the order of Signs,* but this Tabic annexed will more ealily inform you.

aA Table of the Afpttls -fifth Hij^neJ Antongft, one Mother.


. 1*



  • -







■ ?




















vr '















H .




















ffi \








An tntitduZUon to ABftlogUi

tbtnft ofthe TMe aforefaM,

1 0^

Yon may fee in die a, 3, 4, and fifth column , in the upper of the Table,* □ A <?• . fDtxttr. 7

You may fee in the fecond line and firft Column^ Y r

tSimfter. 3

and in the four Columns over againftthem rJ» V ? o

C ji ffi «Sl S '^

The meaning is thus ; a Planet pofited in Y , andanorhet

in like degrees 3 he in Y doth behold the other ill as with

I a^f dexter Albeit.

' A Plinet in Y and another in *i? , he in Y beholds the Plj- | mm yf wirh a □ dexter*

A Planet in-V beholding another in / , cafts his A dexter > I tliithcr. v

A Planet in ?Y beholding arK>ther in - , caft's his oppofite I AfpeA unto him.

I Again , over againft Sinirter , and under Y you fTnde ir ^T* I A ; thai is , Y beholds 31 with a * Sinilkr ; •• ® with a n Sini^- I iter , cSl with a A finttter : Obferve the dexter afpeel is more [forcible then the Sinifter s this underlland in the Other Co- I lumns , viz. that Dexter AfpeAs are' contrary to the fuccelfion I ©f Si^ns, Sinilter in order as tliey follow one another.








i ^



•vy ,




I AW 1







Tliefe are called Signs inconjuncV* or fuch, as if a Planer be ■in one of them, he cannot haVe any afpeft to another in che Ifign underneath : as one in Y can have no afpeft to another in hs. or «n 3 or one in- « to one in Y & ^ or ^ fo underhand of Tbercft... 1 1 l, : . : _ .:.r


no 4* itatufoZlh* i$ d&nUgli.

C*<r*i«v. Separation, it is in the firft place, when two Planets arc de- F mrcdbutfixminut^diftajicefrpM.CKliociwt, as let h be in

i o. degt. and i 5 . of Y and % in 10. degr. and 2 s • min. of Y : now in thcfe degrees and Routes they are in perfect 6 j but when U (hall get into id, degr, a*J 31. or ja. minutes of he (ball beT*idt<>b*.f^

9. dig?. Allowed him for his rayes , and U hath alfo the fame nunibes allowed hun /.Uannot, be/aid ro bsf^ally foetal or deer from the raycs of V> umuT hebathgotj?. whole de- gtees further into Y, oris fully p. degrees dillant from him, tor tlie half, of U bis orbe is 4. <fcgr,^mm. arid the half* ot tj his orbe is 4. degr. 30. mm. added tQgether they rnakeo,, Whole degrees j for every Planet that applies is allowed half his own orbs and half the orbs ^f tjiat pfonec from whomhi feperaccs . ; As if 0 and i> be in any afpc#>ths » (Kill then W fcperaced from the @ , >VBeh£b« is.f^cWlantfram the 0 7 . cfe^r.and so.min. vU. half the orbs of the©, andf degr, dwmoityof her own orbs; in all,*?, degr. ani 30. minutes.

The ex^ knowledge hereof is various and excellent : to: admit two Planets u&nifcators in Marnage at the time of ^he cueuibn 3 are lately federated but afew minutes ; I would rfca jikjgs there had been buf fcw dayesbafow great .probably of etfcAuig .the Mtf riage ,Vn*t now it hung in fufyence , and there teemed' fome diflike or rupture init;,anda* the ngmhcatoii do^ more leperate > fo will the matter and affeaion of tliepar- ties more alienate and vary, and according to the number of degrees that the fyifter $ahst; vyaAtetkere he can be wholly feuetated from the more ,pohc|erou>;, fo will at be fa many weeks, dayes, moneths, or Veers ereshe t wo Lovtw will whol- ly dehu'or fee the 'matter qutetapkeoff * iTbeitwo/^* tors immoveable 'Sign's:;; Ah'gdtt aijd. iwlft in 1 motion , doth batten the times; iri 1 cbmm^n.figns^thd time Will be.aiore long; in fixed,* longer frac<*bUme wil^ /Prohibition is when , tm lHm\S ihtffi&tii&K&m or bringing to coiWlufibnany thing demanded , are applying to ?n Afpetf j and before they, can come to atrue^Aipca , anodjj )te interpofeth eUbet .bis body ^lf^a ^fiatfiar thexeW the matter propounded is hindered and retarded 3 thuis<»j


A* lmrtto&m u AHrittgfo lit , N

ltd Prohibition. For Example , 3 is in degr. oF Y , and h is in the ii. cT fignifies the effecting my bufirielfe When'he owes tothe-body of ft 3 who prormfes the conclufioh , the Q is at the fame time in dV degr. of Y ■•' Now in regard that the q is fwifterin motion then, & , he will overtake c? , and come to 6 with h before Whereby Whatever «?• or ti did for- merly fignifie 9 is now prohibited by the © his firft impecKting c? and then 1\ , before they, cih come to a t*'ue 4, This man- ner of prohibition is called a Conjun6ti6nall orBocUJy pro,, hibuion ; and you rnuft^aioW thlt the combuflion of any Pla- BEtis the greateft misfbrturt'e that can be.

-The fecond manner of Prohibition is by Afpeft , either ¥ 2 . D A » when two Planets are g6iiig fo Conjiin&ion J as 6 in 7. degr. otV, *h in *$ of V ; let us admit the Q in ^. degr. of 31 • he 'then bein° mor^ fwift then' ( cT in his diurmli morion, doth quickly overta^ and paffe by the ^ dexter bt* 6* fand corned before 6* dan coiVietbo' ) tb a ^ dexrer of \ : This is called a Prbhibitibb by Afpe&jin tne fame, nature judge if the Afpeft be □ -&4>. / '. ."' . ! ..... ; ' ,

There's' another manner ^Prohibition by fpme more pro- Rffrenme^- pcrly called Reft^nat^oh j as'thus^ ti in«r..ofT,d'jn 7. tkgr. kre?c? hittitki tdadpf. % > but bifore lie comes 19 the tenth or eleventh degree of Y he becoiies lletrograde,and by chat meanes refrains to come tb^a ^ of ^ \. who llill moves> fenvard in the Sign, nothing, Signified by rhe^ormercj. will cwrbeeffeaed,. '; ,! ' V •'. \ ,0. 1 :

Tranflation of light a1r|d nature is,', when a jigHt PXariet fe r Trmfimonl- perates from a mote weighty one , and prefentty jpyns to itii-J otkr more heavy-; and its' in rthU manner,, Let h be in 2b, degr. of Y : 6 in 1 5. jfY, and?.in : i5. of Y^fcre^ be* ing a fwifc Planet lepetates from & , a'ncl tranrtices.the yercuq of S unto Tj. its done alfo as/well by fay Afpeft as'by^; And the meaning hereof in judgemeht'j is lib more then thu$ | That if a matter or thing' were . proifiifecl by r then fuch a man as is fignified by ? {hall procure al 1 the affiftance a iMtoi man can doe untb Smm x whefeby (he bufmeffe may be the •better effeaed ,nn Mamage*,laWfuits,ancl indeed in all vulgar queftions Tranflation 3 is of great ufe^nd ought well to be con^ Jidcred. • Reception :


Rccnticn. * Reception is when two Planets that ace figmficators ia ah/ Queilion or matter., are in each others dignity, j asp mH y and'c? in «a ; here is. reception of thefe tWo Planets by Hok«. " fes; and certainly this is the UrongefUnd bettof all rerepii., ens. It may be by triplicity, term* or face,, or any effentull dig- niry ; as $ in Y., and 0 in b ; here is reception by tnphcity, if the Quellion or Nativity be by, day: fotfm ihe^ofYjatf S in , the 1 6.' of u ; herj. isrcoepcioriby term ,.o* being in the terms of , and ilie in his terms. ... ■ ■

The ufc of this is much : for many times when as theeffoft- in^ of a matter is derived t>y the 1 Afpu&syor .when the fignifh caton h.we no Afpect to each other, or < when it Teems very doubtfull what its promifed by , O or cf of the fignificatots, yet if mutuall Reception happen betwixt the principal iligni- h'cators > the broughc,co pafond that wichouLany great trouble, and fuddenly to the.content of bofh parties.

A. Planet is then faid to be Perigrine , when he 19 in the da- erees'of. any Sign wherein he h.ifli no eflentiall dignity : As )l in the tenth degree of Y , that Sign being not his Houfe, Exaltation, or of his Triplicity, or he having in that degree either Term or Faces , he is then faid to be Peregrine ; hadhc been in. 2*7,2$,^. of Y> he could, not be termed Peregrine, bscaufe then he is in his ovyn T e * m - ; •

So the,© in any part of $ : is Peregrine , having no manner of dignity in that Sign. , i •■■

This is very much materiall inallQuelUom* to know the Peregrine Planet , efpeciaUy in qiteaions of Theft ; for ever al- I 1 moil the (ignjneator, of thcTbeef is known by the Peregrine Planet poficed in an Angle, or the fecond Houfe>

A Planet is void of courfe ^ when he is fcperated fro:n a Vh- net,, nor doth forthwith, during his bein£ in that Sign, apply to any other : This is molt ufually in the 2)jin judgements doe yw carefully obferve whether Ihe be void of courfe yea or no ; you

~ a '„ Fruftratibn is , when a fwift Planet would corporally jop Fru/tranat. ^ ■ morfi ponderous $ but b e f 9 re they can come to 6 ,

more weighty Planet js joynecj to another , land fo the <5 on

Vnd of courfe.


Sen of m tees to;comeco^iW*th^ -te-djftrft aastod mmttia&t * isfcunratedofthe,^ o^nnQiie- (lions isfignificsas muchasbur common Proverb , Two Doggis a*xrt% * ikird y g*twtki.B*t*' • - * ' !i > :i - i . . M ;' | "mil isylwheWMafculihe and Diurnid Planer, is iftithjg jty time above che earth >' and in a Mafculine Si$n , and fawhen a Eeniinine , No&imal Planet in the night k w a Eemirtfne Sign and under the earth : in Qijeftions it ufually foe ws the content of the Querent at time of the Queliion .when hisfemficaHr is

M n^n Jupmrmi Mars being placed above the Orb; Qt&t Superior S» tti arc ailed the Tuperiour, ponderous and more weighty inferior PUnct^ Vt»His Mercury and Lmn are calledthe inferiour Pla- Planets. nets, being under the Grbe of the Shu. : . . , . % - ■ r i

A Planet is faid. tO be Ctwbuft of the©;* when urthe ^m-Cornhnfim. Sign where the&isin » he is not diftant from-t-he © eight, de- owes and thirty minutes, either before or after the © ; as % m> ?he tenth degree of . Y, and © in the eighteenth of Y j here ^ is combufi : or ift the © bein eighteen of Y , and % in tvventy, .:xi„ M «Af *\r 4u»r^Ui« rflmA«/?:andvoumuft obferve ft'

(hew ttetimebf^^'V,,andnotofU ; fpxby.that rukU {houldnoc be^w^. before within four degrees and a halt of the 0. I know many are againft this opinion. . :.>; ,

Ufe wMftooH find rftOfts^ity in \, ih& figwfcttwot the Querent cQaibqft ir .fhews • hlnxof her in great i'ealr,, and powredtb^tortgKtii-i^rfoiM.:: : :r. ■ ', ,

' APluiet is.(a\dto;k fti.U : Mftder phe Sun-beams : s until! he is VixlirHbe ,,iu, ^ nno ^\ rsr rKftanr from hLirbodv 1*. dear, either before <d ^4m/.

,,..„.,. r „, 17. mui«, oris vyuiiui ir/.iWM« v * 'XjhfbMrt

or backward , as © in'i 5. 30. 4 ah *.f ; l:*5^af^«'\^ of the inCami, and all Authors doeholdaPIanetinCazimitobe fortified thereby; you muft obferve all Planets may be in Com- ^ .. ^ p bullion

buftionof die © , but witbiioiie%<afidtbitCon^ oneiybe'by pcrfonall 6 in one Sign , not bf a»y ftl|pe&*eithtf

  • U & or d* , Ms d or opposite afpe&a are affli&lrig ,.butd«e.

not Comburc or caufc the Planet to be in Combuluo^

0rl***n Ti U and 6* , are Oriental! of the © > ftoa*$w&n* Of their <f with him, umill they tOtaetotfiis cP i fannfWiencc umill again they cOTie' to^ V tfcey arefeidtobaOfittAbtattj tobe

Occidental! Orientall is no other thing chen*orirebaroiteitte&'> tote ' Occidental! is to be feen ab^be Horizon* .wwwfcrafter die 0 is down.* 5 and 9 can make; no # O /Var*?' w du 0; their Orientality is whenthey* are in- fewer degrees of the Sign the 0 >s, ot intbeSigri'preceding ^tiwOeddent^ ry , when they are-in Fftoi: * degrees of- che Sign : the 0 is u>, or in the next fubfequent: for you muft know ? cannot be more degrees removed ftomtbe © then aBVnor $ more then, 48. though fome allow a «ew more* The D is Orientall of the © from the time of he»\tf to her conjtin&ion , and Qco dcntall froiuhe time of her Con|unaion to Oppofiiion ; and the teafon hereof is , becaufe (he far e weeds the Sun m (Wiftnefle of. motion, and ft> prefendy gets fuciher mto the

Sign, &c. .,' . "', ' , v

Mceht. -• Befieging is , when any Planet is, placed bet wiwihe bai«  of the two Mafc^ofcint Planets TV and £ : ai % tn. i 5 .Y, in 1 o. of Y , 9 ir* 1 3 Y : here fhww isVefiegotf by the two mfortunc? , and it reprefent* in quettiou^a Man going ouc<tf • Gods bleffingimottewwmSunjlmeanif ? bwtfgnifawa •that time in the figure: : • *.' ;;! -' : ; Vi ^ V. " "'•

There we other aca<tentft>tf©ngto£ ^ mengft another mtotionecrby the Anddnts, batof l«cle pnrpofe in judgement* that I havfccleeriy Oiauttootbem. 35i*#««iw. When aPJanet fnawhferWatainthfcS^ i a< going outcf x " f# *"* *>degr.ii^o t4vandfOSlong. :»»•*• ?o .^ik,. _ r«n.rr^ When a Planet jgoeth^backward^ aioutof^.mwj,

' When 1 he move*net at all , <«* tbt *ta not i, 3>oi,

An ***

A ready Tabib whereby:^ eiftonine che^fT'r^ m I 1 PekUhlcs of the Planets.

E&ntiatl Dignities.

^ plirn in hif mt hqrfe^ in v^ry ■ml rcctft'w mtk <Wtt#r by houfcy fhaU have Vtgmttes 3

dttxion _ ' # ' , J

In khom Trrftichj , . . ,

h, his own Term j , r •

c ])tcAtt*t* or Face ; - . ' , . ". ' ;'"


[J» T>etrimtnt hibis'fd Peregrine

J: 4 5

AccidentallForijitudia. hihtMlfcheWnfrdfcindfat hti Ufeventh >pn**h '&}ltW^™»l* s Jnthejceondandfifth ],

h the ninth '_ : '

tn the ihirdhitttje . 1

( © W » are\flw*)*s jelyl - a to thmfhUHDoyd\ 1 S

Swift in motion j

^S^henOrietthtll " -

^And9tvheiiOccident4ll \'

Tm front 0>mhj^fimtMQ^M k the heart tftheX®) 4r C**>im

f wft 4 #f ... j:l * 1 .

ffi pmill i fhkfo : l v j . ' ; j «r funfitf A iw v - ; • ■* r r j tn}Ar$fajo% and 5

Ww <5 mth $pk*n, in 1 8. ««.

Accidental Debilities.

/» »^ f /ft Uoufc 5 Uthe eighth &fmh% Rctro^rads , J Slowtnmption 1 yi ,U Qccidtniatl a ^Orienta/r % ^ h jfcreafiwiH Ugh a a Cqmbtift oftheG) % Under the® Bennies 4 P*rv// ^ »>/VA Tz or 6* 5 •*?drtilli with S&*S4


'5 .5 4 4 ?


Wfcicdtfli ^artitt S 1 t>f \ or 6 4 PmiUOofyiorS 3 /« 4 with C apt Al-~y ^i Jh zQ. & t <»r>.s within five atgrct*}

I forbear here to explain the Table , becaufe I (hall doe it better herMfter^ponfotiKi Example^.. ;

. -Mil-; .-. \ . ' i . V.' •

7** nebtffarj Tab l ts of 'the ' Signs ,fit to icWderftbvdhy tvtty Aftrologer, W'Pr&kiiimfri-' ;

Degrees mafcH-\Oegrees llghtjark^ fine and feminine, fmoakje, wiA


Degtedeep. or fitt ed,

maf. 8.15.30.^ 3- t-M* *6./.20 fern. 9. 2 r. \v.24J.29 . p. ?to.

maf. 1 1. 21. iod.3J.7- v.i2. /.is- fern. 5. 17.24. ^20. /. 1-8. j#cv maf.16.26. 7.4. 4.7. /.x».

w. 2. 10. 2 3 . 3d /. 12.. ^ 1 4< v » r <7». 8.12,27 • vAa8»*..3Q.

wrt/. 5.15.30. /fw/8.23.


maf. 12.30. ;^5' $8»v.i6.jf.46. fow.8. 20.. l/w. ,2a.^.a7. ^30.

w/*/! 5 . 20. go. A 5 ■ ^ foV

/m. 1 5.27. W;2i. /. 27. V30.


or dtficlent.

6 li 2? 23



Z 12 I7

16 4o 1

678 9 . lO,

26 apv

6 13 1 5

5*2 23 2

2-i *i '


20 ?'0

^W/iii.30. _■ fern. 19^

J 9.



I2i *7...*3p K?| J;fc*

1827 28

I 2

S 7 19

r. h 20


^\maf 4,17.3°-^ / ' 8 ' v '?t y 22 ! 9 10

14.25. ' J/wj 04.^.2(9. jrf.39. *|. ;< ^7. 1 -v .„

23.7,30, I,.', , u k *9 .vS


d,22i V.2'$. d-'l6.

7 \i#i*2l*$ ( *7 »4 *9 i ~

2'8 a?

1 12 17I18 j.^i

22 24 29! ?! 4

1 0,2 3 . 3 .I.12. d.\ $i 4 9, 24I ; " * l


1 77?

■ x8 20

13 - 20

14 10

7, 16

<j 20 -.'

yfti utnduttm to Afir^K **7

Tbe tf* of the Table.

Many times ^happens, due ic is of great concernment to th« Querent to know, whether a Woman-be with chdde of a Malebr Female; or whetherthe Theef be Man or Woman, L When it {hall fo chance that neither the Angles, or the fex of the Planet, or the Signs doe difcover it , but that the teRi- monies are equall; then if you confider the degrees of the wherein the J> is, and wherein the Planet figmficator of thethingor^artyquefitedis, and the degree of the Gift*.

of the Houfe fignifyin3 th - V zC)t t i ^ '> a " d ^ the fccond Column whether they be in Mafcuhne :or Femyiine Degree?, you may poife your- judgement, by concluding ^Maf- Sepany , if V&y be polked in Mafcuhne degrees ; 01 r Fe- • minbe, if they be in Feminine degrees. You fee the hrft eight decrees of Y are Mafculine, the nmcn degree is Feminine, from nme to fifteen is Mafculine , from fifteen to two and twenty is Femine/rom two and twenty to thirty is Mafculme j and fo as tkyilinddireaedin'alUheSigns. . _

The third Column tels you there are in every Sign certain Degrees , fome.called Light , Dark, Smoakie. Void, Sec. tlie ufc

he Let f a'signafcendinaNativity or Quqflfioti , if '^Aten- . in thofe Degrees you fee are called Light , ^Childe or querent (hail bf.mcK^iM^^^^^ t f[ thofe we all Dark, his. Complexton fliall be nothing fofnj, but more obfeure and dark j and if he be born dcformed.the de- foimity mpre and grater ; but if he ]k ^med when the light degrees of a Signafcend, the rmperleaion (hall be

more tolerable. n ' . .. . . , nii> ..

And if the 5 or the .Degree afcending ,be ,n thofe degrees - wccall Void, W ^ Native or Cerent fair or foul, his un- faOandins M > ^nd his judgement leffe then he.

vvnriH Jm^H * anSrhe more thou conferred wi^h him , the .

ixf. An IntrtJftftrto to Afttvkgfil

foule , buc of a mixc Complexion , Stature or condition , be* .*twixt fair and foule , betwixt tall and of little Stature , and to in condition neither very judicious or a very A(fe.

You fee the thr:e firii Degrees of V ire Datfc, from three to eight are liglit ^ I'rom eight to lixceen arc Oatk , fromnxteen to nventy .ire Light, froii twenty to foiir and twenty are Voyd ,fromfoi<f and twenty fcomne andtwehty we Light, tfo latt Degree is Voyd* ' *

Degrees deep or pitted prefented inthefbnrtaCplumn hwc

this figrrifiatioh , t liar if either the D or the Degree attending or Lord of the Afcendant be in any of them i it lheWs the Man at a ftand in the quertion h; askes , -not Jcnowing which way to turn himfejf and that he had need of he^'tbbrmg him into a better condition ; fora8amailc;Htmto aDitchdothnote>• fily get out without help , fo no more can this querent* in th: cafe he is without .iflilhnce.

Degrees lime and deficient are thofc mentioned in the fifth Column j the meaning whereof is thus , If in • any cjuduon you finde him that demands the queftton , or in a Nativity , if you finde the Native defc&ive many member, of -infected with an infeperable difeafe , halting , blindueffe , deaftiefle, &<\ you may then iuppofe the native hath eithertmc of thefe Aziincne degr. afcending at iiis birth , or the Lord of the Afcendanr , or the $> in one of them * in a Queflionor Nativity ,if you fee the Querent lame naturally,, crooked, or vitiated fat fame mem- ber , at|4 on the fudden you can in the figure give m ptefent fa- tisfaftion to your felf , doe you then conhder the Degree £ cending > or Degree wherein the S) : ^,in , or the iotd of the Attendant, or 'principal! Lprd of tHe Nativitf iot'.QuelUon, and there' is too doubt but you'fhatl finUe one oriftj&j of them in Awroene degrees. . • ' ' '.' '

Vcorecs w- Thefe Degrees are related in the fifth Column, and tertdto cremfkt for- this undemanding, that if the Oifpe t>f the fecondttouie, orif tmi tne Lord of the fecpnd houfe 9 6i% \ bl; the part; c/f fortune te in , any OF thofe degrees, its an argument df mqm Wealth^nd - . that the.Native ox QjicKnt WoTbe rich. 1 !J *- 1

Degrees deep or fitted.

C Ailed by fome AxSi- mene de- grees.

i< 4n l**#*M*» t9 Afinhgkl


. T A b l u dewing what members in Mans Body every Planet A llgoiheth in any of the twelve Siones,

Brefi, Arm.

Throat, Heart, Betty.

Shoulder. Arms, Betty, Neck.






Secrets, fanes.

thighs, itfSenets, Fett.

Brejl, Retries, Secrets.

Bern, Stcrys, Thighs.


Rewes, facet.

Knees, Thighs.

Knees) Legs.



Betty, Head.

Thigher. 'Reintf, Feet.

Secrets, Leas.

Knees, Head.


• 11.1


Retries, Threat .








Thighs, Breafi.


Knees, Hearty Billy.






$he*tden Artftt*

Bead, Secrets, Arms, Thighs.

Br eft, Heart.

Feet. ...


Thighs i Knees,

Tegs, ,

Legs, Brejr,

Feet, Arms,

Heart. Shoulders \Throat.y


Feet, I Sho*ldcrs\ Arms, j Thighs.

T ead, Brefi, Stomackj




Feet, Stomach Heart , Belly.


JBrefl, Heart.


Throat-, Reirus, Secrets.

Threat, Heart*

(wal gun Stemacltj Belly.

Shoulders Arms, Bowels, Back,




BrW Reines, Heart, Betty, _

Stomackj Hearty Secrets, Betty,


An Mrtiuffmi* /tptottgJR-

  • ' "1

dr ; »

" 0

t $ i

" T 5 -



Legs y Feet.

Knees, Head. Thighs*

Ttiroat Thighs, H^nds, Feet.

Heart, Be fly.

Shoulder, 1



Th M hf -

Brejr, Reines^ Heart, Secrets.





Head, Feet.


Eyes, Knees.

Arms, Shoulders Knees, Legs.

Belly, Back...

Brefi, Siomackj Heart, ^Heart, Thighs. ] Secwf.

Re wet t Kr,ecs } Thigk),

Nec^ Hta4.





Brefi, Legs, Heart.

Kernes, Secrets,

1 Heart, Knees, .


Bowels, Thighs, , Heart.








■ .

Head, Brefi, Heart.

Heart, Feet, Belly, ^Ancles.

Secrets, thighs.

Reines, Knees, Secrets, Thighs.

Thifkt, Fee?, ,

The Vfe and Reafon of the faf

IT was well ncer four yeers after 1 had ftydied Aftrology, be- ' fore I could finde any reafon , why rheTtfanets in evcfrof j the Signs ihould lignifie the members as mentioned in tilla- ble i at latt, -reading the 8S. Afhorifntt of Hirms^L underftood ! .-the meaning of it , viz. Erh tm-fedimemum circs iliam yartm j torf oris attorn figtilficat Jignum^juodfttertk nativitttis temportfa- peditum.Thztt will be lome impediment in or heer that part of j the body , which it figniried by the S&ruhac (hall be afflidtedat time of the Birth The ufe of all comes to thus much :

That if you would know where any Difeafeis, I mean in - whac member .of the body , fee-in what Sign the fignificatn -of | • thefickPanjjs, and whacpart of man*? body * hat Planet k- \ nifies^in that Sign , which you may.dofeT>ythe former Table, j that member or part of body (hall you fay the fick party a . grieved or difeafed. . .• ■

AsitV'TibeSignu1eatoroftbe.M-^y,ancIatrJmeof yfl ' * Quell""

An inmk&m to AfnUgk. la * ,

« .a;™ in * i have retourfe to your Table , and you fee in

  • {JSnteiSSfof thisfignfctionof every Planet m fuch

hird S an from his Houfe , therms and Shoulders ; and rrSSnSf ■ through the twelve Signs : as * in vf rulethjthe: S,5fa£ k l£X * ^ A™ and Shoulders: foUin/ K thl HeadV to 4 the Neck , : to « the Arm. and Shoul-

dC The P obferves the fame order as the relf '; X«  rJn whom this learning is , doe allow her in Y the Head as S : The Head , becaufe ^y Unifies To much :

The Knees, becaufe^r/W is the ninth Sign fromCW.

Y^Syobl^ttotatheinarkiof mans Body, and ma- ny ok judgments , and make lingular ufe of it ; ever remem-. Sn* "this the mo e the Sign is vitiated, the greater mole or K the neeSr to an h2mm*M otdific.ent degree of the Si S u, the ftronger is the deformity, fickneffe, fee.

Con S Vfe SR ah on s be fere 'Judgment ...

ALL the Ancients that have wrote of Qiteftions , doe givo he we I Sder Whether The Fignre is ra^call and capable of U m ntTthe Queftion then (hall be taken for radicail , or fit ToT judged , when as the Lord of thehour at the time Of Qieftion, andereaing the Figure, and the Lord of the AfcendanTor firft Houfe,areof one TfipUcity,or be one, or of the fame nature. . , '

^,/ or r*«.ffr J let che Lord of the hour be c? , lecthe Sign of m ffi or X afcend , this Quellion is then radical! is Lord of tl* hour', and of the Watry Tuplwcy , or of thofe

Again, let the Lord of the hour bee? f^Yaftend, tb? <iuelUonihallbe radicail, becaufe cf is both Lord of thehour and Sign aicending. . ^ ,- ^ eE

hsik } aithou^thfcQ'tetmc of YheX<#<fo<of th'attory 7'fiptici.. ty lamd -ift>lc> iqrd't&f^ha ii^tt tfl^ ytf'foaUche QwdlWMvbe judged ; becaufe the © , who'is Lord of the.Afoendant 3 and who is'Lord of therbouY, ateboth of OMe liAure, :mwu : Hot and

'• When mtkit dot' degrods y br the tfrft iorf. fboortd idigrues of a SigiviaCdeod. (?c(^eclilly^iSig^s«>f 4hDftpfa&ioiw y «.</«., yp

  • Stf War, yourtlaynotiadventure judgment, uiileifcthe.

Queitttt be very young >; m>dhis corporatnce » complexion and moles orfcarres of his body agree with the quality of the Sirn

If a-Jr, 18, or bo degwe-s afefend of nnySign , it?s no wayes fitfe to give judgement, except <tbe Qucwht bs in veers corref* ponding to the number of jdegrocs afcending $ or unldVe th< Figure be fct iipon a timecemm , r vi&. a'nun went away or fled atfnchatime preafe here you may judge , becaufe it's no propounded tjueftnn..

". ItYnoci«&c6> judge, whan the S'isiiKifae Ijcer degrscs of a Sign , cfpecially itt Ji w.ox w 5 or 'as tome fay , flVhen Seisin Via Combufta, which is,when flie is in the laft * 5 degrees of £, or the firftiifteeh ^egree^ bf 'm .

All manner of matters goe hardly on ( except the piinripall j^juWor t rbz iviryflftngj) when the'^ is void'«f:<burfe ; ftt iomtn^h^ i^' peribtrns iff void of toiirfe, and be cither ii\ b « ? <vr H>.- '■<■•■'

• Y6U ibuft alfo be Wfliry > When in any quefiion propounded you ^iiithe CnfpiOf ihetfeysnto houfe.aiJli^tedjOr.ihe Lord of krwt 1 h^fbiRerr^grade' >or imf*edioed * and the matter at due ^eafo-qmcetyixg *toe foventh houfe i ibut belonging to .my other houfe , it's an argument the judgment/of the AUrologer rwill gtve ftnatt concent , or any thing pleafe the Qgercnt ; for •the feventh houfe generally hath figmficatianof the *4nijt.

Thto4^NMs y mJil\ittd4is and others, rioe deliver chefs fol- lowing rules , as very fit to be con/idered before a QueUion be •judgVdi

vi&jfh be in the Afcendanr,effcecklly Rett og radc ,tbe mat- te t of that Queflion feldom or never comes to good,

■• ■' ■ ■- " ■■- ,

Ti Tn the fetentriVt'chercoTPu^s tte jwrfgfemdnt.itf tbeAjto* Jo-, or is aSlgn the; matter projpoun.<itd will d>nwilRxn'Ottd n^fortunexo anooher* ' >'. . - ' ,'

If theLordiof the Afcendant UCombuft,T!Qithaf queflioit rropounded willtaTvc, ox Ouerew be-wgulated. ^

fir Lord Qf the feventh utuortunat&i. olr in : his fait, ot* Tcr.ns of the Ihfortunes, tlw^iiyiniall;^^^*^ 1 "

^Wlrn the tettimonie§iof Fortunes and Wort lines arc equal, defcrre judgmenc , it's not pofTtble to know which way th* Bal- lanoj will turn j however , you your opinioiv Uil mo*. thcrqueftion batter infofrrtyoh. . : .


Via* $knificm or* QHCKrt *nd Quefitt&arr ? yard att Ititrodttf ro$ tttfe Judgment if a <^fiio»i '

TH E Qyarent is he or dye that propounds thequeftion, and 1 defues refdikion : the Qyefited is (he , or the tliin^, fought and inquired aftfer.

the frmficawh no more tkn that Planet whtcbruleth the- houfe that hgVifie* the thing demanded'^ afcente, c? being LordofY,{hatbp^^M/^of -the Qiierenr^cthe Sign attending (hall in part figmhe hi*eorporature j body or ftatute, the Lor J of the Altendarirythe » and Planet in the Afcendant, or that the ^ brtord^f the Afcendarlt are in afpe^ with, {hall (hew ]iis«uaUtyfOrddridid6ns equally mM together j ft>. £ bic let anySign ascend, 'vvhatPlariet- is' tord of tharSigtv, fhall be called Lord of the Houfe, or Significator of theperfonen- quiring &c, • , "

So that in the fifft^lace therefore, When any Queftion is

unto him or her that asks the! que$ojju

f»4 '4* Mrtd*#iM to Jftrokgli.

how , arid in what Sign and what part of Heaven he is placed, how dignified , what afpec* he hath to the Lord of die Afceo4 dant , who impedites your Significator^\\\o is friend unto him,.

what Planet it; is , and what houfe he is Lord of , ori n what houfe pofited j from fuch a man or woman figniiied by tJiac Pluief , fliali you be furthered ofchindered ; or of fuch re- lation unto you as that Planet fignifies; if Lord of fucha houfe, fuch an enemy, if Lord of fucn a houfe as lignifieth enemies, then an enemy verily • if of a friendly houfe , a friend : The whole naturall key of all Aftrology reftech in the words pre- ! ceding rightly underftood : By the Examples following I (hall make all things more plain ; for I doe nor defire, or will referve- any thing whereby the Learner may bt kept in fufjJeiiceof rrgnt underlianding what is ufefull for him , and moft fit to be known. ' .

In every" queflion we Joe give the 5> as a Co-figmficator with the querent or Lord of the Attendant ( tome have alfo allowed the Planet from whom the. 2> feparated as a ftgnifcator which I no way approve of,or in my practice could ever find any Verity therein, j

In like manner they joyned in judgment the Planet to whom the 2> applyed at time of the queflion , as Cojignificttor with the Lord of the houfe of the thing quefited, or thing demanded. - Having well confidered the feverall applications and repara- tions of the Lords of rhofe houfes fignifying your queflion .,?s alfo the D , the Scite of. Heaven and quality, of ihe afpc&.the 5, and each Significator hath to other, you may begin to judge and confider whether the thing demanded willto come pafs yea or no ;,by what , *>r whofe,means , the time when , and whether* will . be good for the. Querent to proceed further in his demands yea or no.

G H A R XXL Tv kymwkcthci a tbitig demanded whi le hroHght toferftttin | yea or nay ^

iTHp 4w<»ts have delivered unto us, that there are four C_ wayes. or means, which difcover whether one queflion

■' ■ - - ■" oi

An lntroduftion t* AflroUgie*

or the thing* demanded fhall be accomplifhed yea or not.

Firlr, by Cenjm&ion ; when as therefore you find the Lord of Conjmttm^ th- A fcendant,and Lord of that houfe which fignifies the thing dcnvndecl, hafleningto ao', and in the firlt houfe , or in any An°k>and the fignificators meet with no prohibition or refrena- tic?, before they come to perfe& 6 } you may then judge, that the thing' fought after, fliali be brought to palfe without any manner of let orimpedi.ncnt,thc fooner,if the Significator s be fwift in morion, and Lflencially or Accidentally lirong j but if this 6 of the Significant* be in a Succedant houfe y it Will be perfected , but not fo foon : if in Cadent houfes , with infinite loifc of time, fome difficulty, and much flrugling. • ■•

Things are alio brought to a pane , when as the principall Afptft of& fignificrs apply by * or A nfpe& out of good Houfes and pla- or A. ccs where rhey are elfentially well dignified ( and meet with no malevolent Afpeft to intervene ere they come to be in per- feft * or A ; I mean. to the parcill Sextill or Tryne.

Thin gs are alfo produced to perfection , when the Si^niri- Afpells of otors apply by □ afpetf , provided each Planet have dignity q M g ^ . in the Degrees wherein they, are , and apply out of proper and ; .

good Homes , othervvife not. Sometimes it happens , that a matter is brought to paffe whenthe Si^nificato/s have apply- ed by cP , but it hath been, when there hath been mutuall re- ception by Houfe , and out of friendly Honfes v and the » fepe- raiinf? from the Significator of the thing demanded ,•' and ap- plying \ refently to the Lord of the Afcenclant j . I have rarely fecn any thing brought to perfection by this way of oppofiti- on j hut the Querent had been- better the thing had been un~ don : for if t he Queflion was concerning Marriage , the parties - feldfcn agreed,but were ever wrangling and jahgling,each party repining" at his evill choice , laying the blame upon their cove- tous Parents , as having no minde to it themfelves : and if the. QueRion was about Portion or JMoniesitheOjuerent did,its true, 1 recover his Money. QrPortiort promifed, but it cot* hirn more t o; procure it in fuic bt Law , then the debt was worth , &c/ind fo l W 1 feen it happen in many Other things, &c. * Things are brought to perfection by TranUationof h^'TrMfati^ id Nature* in this manner,. •



\yh2» the $'tgnific4ws both Of (grtrtr* and *f ata ©at aK<i {corn, d . ©* ^ <w & afp&it koi each or her i r.ncKo Tie on! - <; ; • jp£r*Qt Q* QtheNoth fepawte hitnistf from one of the Signfo f4tor*i <>i wl?oaihe UreceivcdefcherbY Houfe ,TrlplLfcy,or Term » and then this Planet doth apply to the ochec Si&mfc* (or by d Of afpe&, before lie meeteth' wirh rfce J or aipctV of sny other Planer, ho pbtntrmflares the force , infliuncsand vitm of she firtt%nui«acorto (he o:her r and then this inters ^enin$ Planet ( or fuch a man or woman as is fignuicd by due Planet ) fliall bring the matter in hand to perfection. . Conner what houfe the Plan-it interpoling or cranflatinj the nature and light of the two;Planets i$ Lord of, and defcrito • him Qt Mw y an* &vtQ ihi party , that fuch a party (hill do: gqod in. the bulinefleof , &c. vk» if Lord of the fecond, a goal ftjrfe efte&s the, marcer ; if Lord of die third , a Kinfmanoi Neighbour ; and fo of. all the refi of the Houfes : of which mow fhall be faid in the following Judgments. CMiw ' Wi^ej3$ .are. .alfQ brought to perfection-, when as the two principal! Sigmftcators doe no: behold pne another , but both caft their feverall Afpec)s to a more weighty Planet then them- fclves > and they both receive him in Tome of their eftentbll dignities.; than fhall that Planet who thus collets both their Lights , bring the. thing demanded to jferfetftion .•• which fig* nifces no mom in Art then this., thata Perfon fomcwhu ins- , relied, in borii parties and delcribcd andfignifiedby thatPli* net, &a}j perform ,etfe& and conclude the thing, whfeh orlw wayes cou W not be perfe&ed : As many times you fee two Tall at variance , . and of diemfelves cannot think of any way ofac- 1 commodation , when fudctenly -a Neighbour. Or friend acciden- tally rec^cUe^aUiclu^^

Ana this i$: aHed CffW'fl*. . • < ( .

^ajllyi i things are fometitnes perfected by the dwelling^ j Planets; in houl'es,^*.wi?en the^W'^^ofithething deman- ded is, cafualljy pofitfid,inche ^ftendaht > ajs if one demand U> .feflwit obtain, fuch a , »laee><w?.Wg«lt^y<lP'thfttt the'Lortf of the tenth be pla^d iii thi AArendanc ; ; he jltoali obtain ths f Benefit, Qffice, Place or. *%hi* rule of the Ah i < cients holds not true, or isconfentanioustoireafon : except- 1

An \ lmtilu&ion t* Affrtkgte. u>f

they will Acinic v thw when the » , hefides this&Velhngin hoi', dwh tr iivferre'the light? of the Sightfictttrvf the thing ddiir c!,to the Ldr 'I of the Attendant ,• for it was weli obferved tint the a \ lication of the ShnificatdrJ fhew inclination of the pmiv j 3, but ion ufually privation j that is, in more rfiin terns when you fee the principal Sighificahri of the Omr.'Mj'nd thing or party queiited after feperacedithsre's then little hops of the effecting or cerfe^linz U hefired , (not- n'uhllnnding this dwelling in houfes?^ but if there ! be applica- tion , di- parties feem willing , ana the matter is yet kept on fcor , and there is great probability of perfecting it , or that things will come to ! a further treaty.

hi all Qiteliidns you are generally to obferve this Method following.

As< h^ Afcendmt reprefents the perfon of tbe.QjjerentjnnfJ' fa fecond his ElUte, the third his Icinred, the fourrhhis Father , the fifth hid -Children , thefixth his Servihtor Btek- ncflc, the fevenrh his Wife,the eight the manner of his Death, , th: nin'h his Religion br s journeys , the tenth his Elii nation or hour , the eleventh his -Friends, the twelfth his fecret E~ neTiies.

So you muft alfo underitond , that when one asks concern- ing a Wo nan or any party (ignified by the feventh Houfe and ih: Lord thereof, that then the 7 th Houfe fliall be her Afcen- dmt and fignirie her perfon , the eight Houfe fliill fighiric her Elate and be her fecond , the ninth Houfe fhall iignifie her* Brethren md Kindred, the tenth (lull reprefent her Fathsr,the eleventh her Children or whither apt to have Children , the twelfth her Sicknelfe md Servants , the ftrlt Houie her Sweet- hiarr, the fecond Houfe hzv Dea:h, the third her Journey, they fourth hei Mother , the fifth kr Friends, the fixth her lorrow, «re and private Enemies.

Let the Qiteftion be of or concerning ctChurehman , Mini- flcr,or the Brother of the Wife or S\veet-heart,the ninth Houfe ftull r.^prefent e.ich of thefc , but rhe'tenth Houfe fhall be Sig-< nificator of his Subliance , the eleventh Houfe of his Brethreni, and fo in order and fo in JIl manner of QuelUons the Houfe fortifying the party cjuefited (hall be his Afcendant or firft


i x 8 An ikrUulTm to A&t*Uglt>

Houfe , the next his fecond Houfe , and fo continuing rojwd^ J bout the whole Heavens cr twelve Houfes. < . 1

11 aqueUionbemadc of a King , the temh« his firft ho^ the eleventh his fecond , and fo orderley : but m Nativic^the Afcendant ever ugnifieth the party born , whedizr King o, Be^ar.Thefe thin|s preceding being well underaood,you profeed to judgment j hot thatit is nealfaryvpuhaveal tk is wrote, in your memory exacttyM that you be able to know whenyouareinanerrour, whennot ; when , to judgeaque. lion, when not: I ^ould alfo have foevvedhow to take t: Part ofVonum , bun that I will doeih the firtt Example .thsafe of "the Part of Fortune being divers y but hardly underUood r#t- lv by any Authour I ever met with : However note , it a King propound and Afirologicall QHefrionfte Afcendant is for \m» , well as for any meaner party j and att the houfes m order , a for any vulvar perfon : For Kings are earth , and no more then men } and tne time is comming, 8cc. when. j


Of aU manner of

Questions and Demands.

CHAP. XXII. jgijktos concerning the frjt Houfe.

If the Qji e R e n t is likely to, live long yea or no:.

b A N Y Men and Women have not the time of their mivmtspt know how to procure them, either their Parents being dead , or no remem- brance being left thereof; and yet for divers, weighty confiderations they are dehrpus to c^vjav^ knowbyaqueUionof Aflroiogy, whether they (hall live long or not ? father any Sicknefe is nter them ? mat 'pm of tbiff Life is like to h m0 ham ? together wuh many ote fuch Qgmv people doe demand incident to tins houfe. S\q of Health or lwg Life.

f W this Quefiion yon muft confider if the Sign afcending,the si s of I Lord inland the » be free from misfortune, ««. if the If(a(tk Wd of the Afcendant be free from Combuftion of-tlK©,

r iiom

1$ * The RefiutiM if

- -it

trfhW-oj oue thc contril ry: for as you conGder the Lord of theAfcen- Stckfcp* ^ nt . fo t he Arcendant is tobe eonfriered , and what afpe& is J)^ , err. ft St good 0f eviH j and by.whae Plan-cot Planets, Mtfwtmt* in<jtbi whac houfe or -h oll fes they are L*>rds of.

It's <'enerally received , that if the Lord of the Afcendant be under ?he Sun beams , or going to Combuluon , which is worfc then when he is departing, or the D cadent and unfortiimted by any 'of t&ofef Planets W ito- have dbftiwoniia tie eighth or fixth, and either the flgh or 6 in the Afcendant orleventh houfe , 'peregrine or in tbeir detriments, or retrograde } or if there bz in the degree afcending , or in that degree of the Sign wherein the Lord of the Afcendant is , or with the. J , or with that Planet who atfi6ts any of thofe ; I fay, any fixed Smw of violent influence or nature of the Planet afflicting , or nature o£ thc Lord of the eighth' or fixth ftoufe , then you may judge t he jQueretft not long lived ; but neer fome danger , or fhall un- rtergoe fome misfortune in one kind or other , at cording to the quality of the Jignifiwtor and fignification of that otthqfe noM- ^estruy are Lords of* ,

Tbetimcwk»s»y oftheP>h£<ii*> * nt* {haS happen.

YOU muft fee if the Lord of the Afcendant be going to

Combuftion, or to-

is alfo ftiftinc from any Inforcime , or t£?& C^rds of the fixth or eighth, an{m what S, gn or Sfei their Nature , Quality and Houfe wh.Kin they are ^Thirdly , confider if there be an lnfortune in the Afcendant, how many degrees thjCufp of the houfe wants of that degree KSunate Planet is in, or if the unfortunuin* Planet be ktlr feventh, bow many degrees the Afcendant wants of his JufopSn , and compute the time of Death , Sickneffe or MUfSe according to Vhe dimenfion of degree ui Signs

thellrdof the«xt,andmtheiixt ,oru cheLoidof the Al- endmt come to Combuftion in the fix; you may judgethe Omm tfUHnve very mmy and tedious ficknefcs , which will fSave himtilifc de/h , and I the more certain the judg- ment will be, if thc Lord of the Afcendant, and Lord of the eighth and the J) be all placed ui the fixch. . If you findtheLordof the Afcendant , ^ he Sign afcending, or > moft principally impedicedor unfortunated bv the Lord of h eeighSi , or^bVPlaWwhoatfi^ 1™%"$"™™ of the e|hth , then you may jndge that the Scknefe wi h whuh heisriow amifted, orisiliortly w*5*^"ft"j will end him, and that his death is approxchmg tor that death • " But TL find that the Lord of the Afcenctenc , or Sign of thc AfcenLt, or the > ate chiefly alfliAed by the tefs f fome other houfe* , you (hall ludge his mistortunc from ttaw m- m^Lk'iU wner&f the Planet o. Phnca affh- ain« are Lords ; and the firlloriginal thereot,ot difcovery,<h «  b fen fied from toething,MaSor Woman,&c. belonging to thVtUfevvhetanyoufma^ thereby you (hall judge a misfortune and not death i rhe bxed StanJlmetttAmeci, being of^he nature of S, rig* Tk Refibtlon of diffempers of body, or Fearers, Murders, Quarrel &c ; of xk nature of Ti, quartan Agues., Poverty, cafuall hurts by Pais, &c. of the nature of 12, they declare ConfumFtions.Madneffe, cozenage by falfc Evidence or Writtings : of the nature of the !>, Tumults, Commotions, Wind-chollick, danger by Wjt ter , Ccc. of the nature of the © , envy of , hurt in the Eyes * & c. of the nature of U , oppreflion by domineering Priefts , or by lome Gentleman .* of rhe nature of 9 , then pre- judex: by fome Woman, the Pox, or Cards, Dice and Wanton- neffc. . ' Caution You muft carefully avoid pronouncing Death rafhly, and .upon one hngle teiiimony ; you mull obferve , though the Lord of rhe Afcendant be going to Combuftion , whether either U or $ call not fome *■ or A to the Lord of t he Afcendant , ere hz come to perfect Combuftion, or any other infortqne, for th;t is an argument that either Medicine or ftrengch of Na- ture will contradift that malignant influence , : or take off part of that misfortune ; but when you find two or more of the rules aforefafd concurring to death , you may be more bold in your Judgment .• yet concerning the abfolute time of death of any party, I have found it beftmbe wary, and have as much as, I could, refrained this manner of judgment ; onely thus much by the Qu:ftion may be known , that, if you find the fgnlficators , as aforefaid , aftiiaed , you may judge the man or party inquiring to be no long livid man , or Cubject to many miieries and calamities and this I know- by many verified ex- amples : the knowledge hereof is of excellent ufe for fuch as would purchafe any Leafe or Office , or thing for Life or Lives, Uc or for thofe who would carefully in a naturall.way prevent thofc cafualties their natures or inclinations would run them into. > ToivbAt.part of Heaven its bejl theQuemt'dirf^htt^ff^rci, or wherein he may live moft haffily. You muft know* that the twelve Homes are divided into tlie E aft, Weft, North and South quarters of Heaven, ) : ■ The CuXpe of . the, firft Houfe is the beginning of the M> all nwuHr of SjyPhnti 13$ and its called the Eaft Angle,from the Degree of the firft houfe 1 10 the Degree or Cufpe of the tenth Houfe ox Medium C*/#, containing the 1 2, 1 1, and tenth Houfes , are Eaft , inclining to cbe South : from the Cufpeof the tenth Houfe to the Cufpe of the feventh Houfe , containing the 9, 8, and 7, is Soudi , verg- j n o towards the Weft : from tho degree of the feventh Houfe to°the Gufpe of the fourth Houfe , confiding of trfc tf, and fourth houfes, is the Weft, tending to the North i from the Deeree of the fourth Houfe to the Degree of the Afcendant:, containing the 3, a, and firft Houfes , is North inclining to the HaviiV' viewed the feverall quarters of Heaven , fee in which of them you firtde the Planet that promikth the Querent moft good , and where you finde %■ 5 » or © , or two or more of •tkn , to that quarter direct your affaires ^ and if you have the part of Fortune and the J> free from Combuftion and other I misfortunes, go that waves, that quarter of heaven wliere I youtlnde her"; ; foryou muft confide* , that though U and 9- be I Fortunes , yetcafually they may be Infortunes , when they:are I lords of the 8, 14, or 6. in that cafe you mult avoid the quar- ter they are in , and obferve. the © and the 3> andXord 06 the I.Afcendant ; and f as:neer as you can avoid that quarter- of I Heaven where the.inforcune.s are , efpecially when they are fig- I nificatoro of mifchief, othervvayes either 'cf or being Lord I of the Afcendant or fecond Houfe, tenth. or eleventh,may (be- lingeffentiully ftrongj prove friendly. The gcnerall wav.of re- I fo'ving this Queftion is thus, j If the Querent doj onely deiire ■to live wrure he may. enjoy moft health , look in what Sign land quarter of Heaven the lord of the Afcendant and » aw in, land which of them are ftrongeft » and doth caft his or her more ■friendly Afpe£ to the Degree afcending ; to that quarter of ■Heaven repair for Healths fake : If the Querent defire to know |to what part he may fleer his courfe for obtaining of an Eftate ■or Fortune , rhen fee where and in what quarter of Heaven the ■Lord of the fecond is placed , and the © , and his DiftoQtor-oz ■two of them ; for' where and in what quarter they ate beft for- Itiiied from rhence may he expect: his moft advantage , &.c. Of This I flull fpeak cafualty in fubfequent Judgments. s K 3 ' What >^ 4 , rtt&ffattorf Seeckhet inwhat Art#S« quarts of Heaventhe .fottn&tt and ptomifing -.Planets are foiiifcd uv j Jfcr urthtiway of J«4 cacure * we«we ufuaily to;evwy hottfe five yeers, bat lomm more or ietfc* wording vyritefc-fafe^tW^ Life or Death , ( but commonly five yeers vve give ) begintta* with the twelfth , ■ and fo to the eleventh , then the tenth , then the ninth, 8tc: and fd to the Afcendant J as if in your Queltion vou find % or ? in the eleventh or tenth houfe , you may judge the Man or Woman to have Uvea happily from the hfc yeerof iris ageto the fifteenth, or irt'hi* youth.* if they ,Qreitherof them , be in the eighth or feventh^heydecUre that (tomm ty to thirty , he will , or hath lived ^atid may hvf content^ : • if Uor,?fee in the<5.' j.-or.^Acn judge after His middle ag<, or from ?o.*o 45. htfmay doewrywell * if *>u.fihd % om third ,-feflond or Jirft , then hisbeft dayeitf Or his greatefi hap* nefle will be towards hi$ 6!d age, Orafttff he is forty five utl fixty i if you find thtft*ifir##s& Ltfewy ftrong, andfignt. fYii loiiR Life , you may adde one yeetro every houfe, form sheri l poflible the Qmrert may faeiifbMtbto^^iiJ** till fevent y, .or mortis many we know doe. ; • ' .• LaMy , you muft obferve at the tune of -your Qu«flion,w the Lord of theAfcendantandi:hei>are feparated , {mm Planet , and by what afoeft j ckfcpftitipiiW tht>te flietv tk manner.o* Accidents which h«ive preceded the Qflhoii} rt«  nexr application:, what in future i-jity- beiWpjftctf 'j- if you «► iidcr Whit houfd or hduft'v, thePlkner ttffltawtt they fepar^ ted from are Lords of, icstcquatnts you With the matter , _ m- ture , perfon and quality Of <tk |hvng alWidy tjappend : fl the afpea was ill 3 Good/f t&ela^eft ■WWgood j and if yoii rt-1 ferve the quality: of the Mxr^Jtf df^*»* oM well or II iW and potoii of the J>lahet «* Vbneu #fl unto, itdeliiStheqiftfity of d*^fltftttotaA{A«  and Casualties , their nature , proton >■ time when they m •happen or come upon the 4>j*Wwrt/ ■•• \ . • 1 • • all m^ x tf*J&fl®' [An Astro logic all Jucfj&mejit concerning thefe demands propounded by the Afferent. ! . if be were like te tive Ung , yea or not. 2, To what fart of the World UmreJbcf (Hrctf his cpvrfc 1$ Ufa , i 3, What part of his life 9 was In frobahilitj like U hem ft firiMM. 4r Be deftred I mM relate ( if pfihteby A Figure ) Jome of the gcntraU Accidents had h*tft»$d unto him already 9 , ■; ,., 5. What Accidents In future he might e*ft&? gndor cvilL . , • . ' ' f. The time wht# t : .. • ■ > « t - ; ' c <\\ The Stature of the QUttehiC Is"figm§ectby S kending; theti ; i? jffixed^tar called Cor'ttahU iieer'thp.cjifpe •• lof the jirtt houfe, W*. in 24, 24: oif^of .tha nature,^ c?, apd |U , and firrt magnitude- 5 both the Cufpe of the firft houfe an'd ' fegwe of the fign wherein.0 Lord of the Afcendant is in , nrc the trie termes, o£ ^U^^Uiia ^ afraft .with hgM . andd and they ifcj% <*mh •^.M% t *^Wf? ,,ft f 1 this j2«rWto iWwiTO^^^^^^ 8 ^! compa&ed t netipt %;6r ^>bco$ely *jgm* eracefulnefle in its' cda^a^'i^Jw^m^i y reddith Hair, 1 ?leer Skin 6n ^i#fc9S& ffl k TS' cendant , fell ^epre|reno?^Fa^vVoaiiioiijd tt»te hurts* j fcarres.'; . J" • -v^V : >-, rVVa? , .J As the Sign afcen line is fiery ; ,andastheLord&t the AM cendant is itf a r% Sikn xan^fr-WW^i^?*^ ? ' this GentlJrnatos temper WtMMiUbA; be*>£i!x«&inRVi. tms ijentieinaos tciwpci auu , vx»» ^-'M — 5 liant, ChSeri^«kMmTtedi r™£^%k¥ r * Lord of thiAf<55#it U Mi»is £^^f5to^j yec> regard the * , is in A witti thBtwoffl^r^the^s forfer., 'model}, andby Education e&ellently qualify and thereby haUgreat cojh mand of hte^j^wrr biir'aVthe^atfr^ toi? v he had hi times of Anger m$ trolly , whereby he much prejudiced his Af« | fakes. But to our Quellion. • Jf live long', '&c. finding the Afcindani not vitiated with the pretence of ei- ther Saturn, who is Lord of the fixth^or of Jitter who is Lord of the eighth. - t \\ Seeing the Lord of.the AfceudaM was in Zxakmionflom* | impeditedjpretty qukk in motiojyn theninth'h^ufe^nd lntjfc '•OWerfihi feparareMom^bf $i ^plying to A of I U , and he pofited in the mid heaven , and*tereby' the malice ofj cf retrained by the m^erpofition of ' , ' \ '* ' J [I Conlidering the © was above the earth , the fortunate Pla- nets , v/*. U and 9 Angular , and more potent ttotheuw tunes, fw«* T*pje?\: from rKrnce I conceded v ,thataccor^ to haturaU Caufes , he might live many yeers j and that Nature was ttrong , and he fubjeft to few Difeafes. This hath hitix* \ to provecftrue j he being yet alive this prefent, March mo. btjtafplj hmftlf f Ltv* w. Tlr Lord of the Afcendant is ©,wlio being necr the £*#>,of the ninth houfe/lignifying /^ Y«r^M)ind the Sign thereof Movable; I imimited h: was refolving luddamly upon a >«>•- nti South-call: , or to thofe parts of the World which lye from London Souths $*^,becaufe the quarter of Hewn where- in the Lord of the Afcendmt is in , is South haft , becaufc the Sign whsre © is in is Eoft , [ this he confejfed: ] And as the © was but two de«r. i o m , dilfcmt from the Cufp of the ninth, he went away within two moneths j for © Was 4. 1 8- Y. I judged thofe. fiWrw fabjeft to the Sign ot Y .might be flutable and propitious to his Affaires ; which you may fee in die mcure of Y, pag.9$. and what their Names are, to which I now refer you. „ , j l ^ 1 Had his refolution been to have ftaid in England , the & ; and O bain? both in Y, (hsw it might have been good for him, forWWis fubjea to Yj I would have advifed him to have (leered his courfe of life towards Kent, Effexjaffexpt Sttplkj> for they lye EattorbySouth from Lo;idon\ bat if fometimes you find that a City, Town or Kingdom fubjeit totheC^- ^W/Sign which promifeth you go?d A {tands not , ^as to die aumr of Heaven , dirdtl) as yon AVould have it or as the ?ign joints it o«t ; herein you mult ojblurve this gene.rjll rule ; if your occafions enforce you, or you fliall and mull live in that Country', City or Town , fb diretted unto you in cArt., that t(ien you mult lead your Life, or direa your anions, or manage
„..U.„vw,.,-„ r/v rlt/»fi.'.rv.rfs of rhnr CitV or GountrV
airectea: astoccxarnpi^j 1 ou uii^.i .'.f^i^-r -■• - SignY,.it lyeth'fro.n Lcndon Sputh-welt : had this Gentle- anan gone into ic would; have been beft forhimto -hiye leatedrijvnleif ,i;pvyarc|s. t.he South : eail : parr y p&fcaif pa.rc -0(f r ^r«i ( 8(?rA-;\:. ;.':! •■'> ' -pA - i : V. .7 ;:•) : i ..-4 . > r !' • NOW heaufe.tfiq ? applied fo. ft?9ngly fco the, £ of , j ancl tint he and WW 8 > .^.thac Sign figmhWr*« i \ ' ^ ; advued "dvifcd him that WW would well agree wkhhts Conl\itua- oMdXt he might m H T »t ther^beciafe the Stat «  • whom the I> applies- isTii thehdufcof - , Anc verily tfc£Wtf di . d ^ InUnd , and there pec- the ; as I could mariifeit, but that I will not mention*? Name of the Gentleman. . . yvhat pan of his 1 1 f b mnld he lift/ Conftkring the two Vmmes were placed in the tenth houfe, ond that O, and© were in the ninth , I judged his younsei veer woulclbethemoftpleafant of all his Whole hfi; feck jffo ' c? in the eighth houfe , which according to our own J- r aion of time "comes to^be «bcmtrhfc *«»s-ot-i«^ta -re • I kicked that about thofq times he had many erodes , or hrftof a" hisaffiiaionsthenbeganjandfeeingfurtherno^ tunue Planet was either in the fcventh ,hxth, fifth , fourth or ihirdhoufes, I judged the remainder of his Aft for many m Would be little Comfortable rinto him/ but ful of labour ari trouble ; yet 1 jud^d thole Calamities ;or Mtsforwnes H^ld , 10 t ludcknlv come uron him , becaufe the J> was in a Pf licatm to a A of Uj and wanted almoft three degrees of coming w Ins pctfoa ^wherefore J conceived bf means of fome nw Li luthb,ity, Wrefented by or fprneCoumeror M auattty ; for al W three yeers .afttr the propo^lof the (to fa /he fbould be fupported and , orelfc ^etlWioymentanfwerVbletohisdefires , had U been tlfen- ■cully fortified , I -told have judged him a more durable fortune. ' ■ ' • '. : fj>hat genemtt Acc IDENTS W happehtd *lwdf Although it is not uftiall to be fo nice o^n^ificiye , Vet j^- -3ng deC&Moij fo radical! * * ^^j^T^it net or Planets the 0, who is Lor,d of the ^Ff^^A ' ^med ;if you look frstfte Vpbmnk J^^you^
m , '«£* ® *«* lately /during h* pafcg^hroug « 
40 )Mntt;*f gvfi™^ if* Sum H ,t»arfiiftiaU with c? , then in G of fc, toty»*-<*
  • 5 -?? vv ' r* ; „. Wtilu in rh- eichth. which
^ w s alfo applying to an f of c? , in this F^ur, : p aced £ the eighth houYe r^the? W«gwtte§^»^J th'LcJl vk., the' fecond, intimated the Quarrellor Strife £?d bi for, or concerning Moneys fuch dungs as a*e figm- tad b V tha(i houfe - \ \ti/(n& this if as very tvtte'A TcUft0ittd lately been in Oof \ U who is Sigmfrf °J
  • rSwV Wifti I told him I feared his Wife and he had
Lfw gre t variance j and becaufe T, h* ^/Jc^rdid ^sF-n**;.! judgedftehadnommdhe ftSdhtve^ny of bi Mate , or manage ic , but kept it to her oSfe- foU«llet^grade ,afupenour PLuut, and m ahcry tl wd thl lign ZloT™ a g^ant fpirked Woman , anc I not wilhng to be cu^b -d , or elfeto fubmit i\Xhis was cotfeJJed.\ b^ufe O waalately in ^ with U , and U was m the /, wai , he tcn ^ Lldhim^her feme gre^ Ij^or (>,m<rJwden- W Co- iivouted coreoondle the dift^rencas becwixtthem ; and foraf- v , ntry . S^Ml5^0whowas:hb.^**r, andhwhowas K tdd^wbo^pplytoa ? rent a wili^netf/mWh^rcies to be receded afteit viiSi h , did impedtteflt 'i il judged^ in the generall , o isJtord of the j^^fecond, it might be becaufe the Qs**# would not iohient tag vaor.allow luch a ,Awi of Mo n.y as , mighc b.demande^or that the^, purfe was fo weak , he hi ml whereivithall^'ToUcite 1m caufc j««^;>J^ (Lord of che'etevaith.houf, V- ^ p^ended twnd would « the ekvsnth is the fifth from the feventh , a Child of th. ^r^V.Wife ocafion of coricinumg the Pr.ach, / <Zt*M the ocetfm pr thing Wurbingtheir unity or ■ degrees there is Want be t vvtxcl> and* , fincctheir <?. eihth 3 * th 'Wives Fortune fi> flielud enrruued her Eft,* ■ tW emy one nun. which noted that he had been >n feme want l^cr^t t^I^T M of Money for about fix moneths and fomewhat more, or there- tozgwt MlemA*. ^ ■ ^Lfore the timeofdernan^ what Accidents infutttybe might expeft t Time vthett, U mftjftd.'] 1 • , -r , '■ • : .'. . < J a ' H jjjftiy t feeing the J> was applying to a A of % , of which In this j(W,I firfticonfidered the 0 Lord of the Afcendm, ? * "* ' : " " s ka "" ,> " Mrt h * mr< * rh< * " m A!,r Af t,,A who beihg ho wayes unfortumted ,. or in.any evill afpeft With any Planet , which might impeach oriinpedite him. , but on the contrary -excellent ly fortified , I judged, he had the wide world ro ramble n5 , (for aPlanct ttrdng, and in no afpefl with others fliews a man at liberty to doe what he will j ) and that for many veers he might ( amtd c*f*x ) live in a prosperous condi- tion ( according to the preceding limitation; and traverfe much cround , or fee many Countries j becaufe V , the Sign wheraft the O is in, is moveable , placedxm ths Cufp of the ninth, fig- nifying long journeys , which' prenoted many turnings and fliiftings , variety of attion in fundry parts* Secondly, 1 obferved the 2) in the, Querent's houfe of fub- ttance , vi*. the fecond ,-did apply to U in the tenth houfe , and that U was Lord of th* fifth houfe and eighth r the fifth houfe ficnifies Children\t\\t eighthdenoses the lubftance of the Wife: Fron lieneel gat-hered, that the Querent was very dihrous to treat with fome Nobleman (becaufeUis in the tenth) about the Education^ his Child orChildren, and that there might be a Salary payable for their fo breeding and education , outof the Wives Jointure orannuall Revennue : [Such a thing aithtt inane kinder other, he did fettltMfor* he ventoftsof Enjdand.] Thirdly , I found the » in the Sign W ( Peregrine ) it being a Diurnal Quefiioni, etfe&ehichaTriplicity intbacTrygonoy m Fourthly, Itfound $ Lordof his fecond hoiife, .w*/ign'tfying his Fortune and filiate, in K which is his Detriment , yetuj his own Terms , amifted by, S , from whofe <f the 5) lately had ^rom hence I coined,, chat he had been in great want of Money a Utile before the Queftion asked ; and if, welook JJj im an u -W yeers or times of pleafure , he wouW be in great I danger of lofing his Life, Goods , Lands and Fortune.' His llL becaufe # is in the eighth i His Goods or f//tff,becaufe J> is in the fecond : His Lttnds or faheritancefccM^ efts Lord of the fourth , now placed in the eighth. For the fourth houfe fig- I aifies Lands, &c. The' Tim* When. f ;, \, \ t In this qutre I confidered the application o^ the S toiA of I % , which wanting about three degrees from, the true alpecl ,:I I judged for fome times fucceeding the Queflion, or for three [yeers, he might live pleafantly. ' r , I Secondly , feeing the © Lord of his Afcendant , during pis I motion through the Sign T , did not meet with any malevo- llent aftject, and had i6 degrees to run thorough of the Signer? ■he got into « ; I gave in this nature of judgment, for every de- Igreeone moneth, and fotold him, That for about z6. moneths ■following , or untill after two yeers , or much about that time, II judged he fliould live in a free fX>ndition in thofe parts into ■which he .intended hii Journey, §cc. . . T Laft of all, I confidered how many degrees the 2> wanted er^ be came to the true & of 6\ ', Longitude of & •*$ .40 'Difference 7 22 hk difference is feven degrees and twenty two minutesjwhich if I pro r ortion into time , and neither give yeers, becaufe the are in Common Signs , and not in Fixed ; or mo- ■cths , bscaufc the Signs doe fignifie fomewhat more ; but doe Iroportion a mean between iC& r the "me linked in this way ■ of. 1 if of the 2> t6' & (hatitake afea : Biitih tegardhisg**iw : B&i&tt'/I hltghthaVe alMedfor^d^ce ott^ ycet; Af But as ths 0 at time or tncv^gciwn vvdbiuui^ , overcome all manner of difficulties tor rnany yfeers > l .md fob! ed ; arid fifth M'ouf unlucky tfforehtei had'h^ura^ ft mvtbi Without ^^eti»6\«^y arid exdamaiioM the Mfc : ; tibr 'was ft ins forrtJhe i thdUgh nvgreac<fcn : | mandH ever to doe his ^ajelty any notable piete of Schia'; wouch', wmign in ionic mcaiurc i * . y - the i> hcr ^?<x'&;biiSiig Lord oftheWth, w*. the end of a
  • Htde' J bf this >^cht^ ^e^y Failed; Hgl
^•.rie'rits'do^v.iry'ftol| theToVmon Rules "of t,heA^ c'rt* ^KOndidiy pletfe- aiid he rtfu^oW, that' from nw' Convention it jheft NVifcthgs, I ^veittained the Method 1 follow. I ' " St X. V.* -I./;- A' . . i.ltir .'.;-d • vn .,»• T.v.-.' r -'.'.r - • 'i /ir .fi '.'fin ,. mil--
•. .': : ' •.)< " :r ' '
' r . :" • • ' • i . i! • ..I 1 l o m y doth not more cc^dem,Pl$ner>tlien the i?^ Yof Fortune , thus chartered 0 j it hathno afpeel ,but any I planets mav cut their afpe# unto it.:,'/ . • i •• ; Ttr ereaceii ufe oHt * that hitherto I rnV.3 cithen rwrtor.; Udatf it for, is "thus ; Thatjf we rindir. wellplaoed uuhfc : he.,ven,in a good houre,or in a good afpec* of a Benevolent Pla- I net we jucige the Fortune or eltate of the qaencntia be corre- fpondent unto, icq Hrengrb » vU. jL )t be well policed, or m m \mU or in ihofc figns whereih it's fortunated v MQ judge*he A of the to be found and firm , if © is otherwayes I placed, we doe the contrary. ■ , s T/jf w<?wwr c ithm uijfht or day to take n ts thus -■ Firft, confider the Sign, degree and muiuce of tin ^ . Secondlv{ the Sign,) idegnee and mihute of the 0. . • _ , Thirdly fubflwft the place of the 0 from the i> , by adding twelve Signs tpithe 3 if.;y<oucannoc<dbeit othzrWayes ; what refill?, referve and adtii to the Sign and degree of the Af- ccndint ; if both a^ded togetlicp make more then twelve Sicns , oil away twelve , and what Signs , degrees and minutes remain , let ycHJr P^rf e/f to^beiifiere t:For' example in our I prefent I^ur.*. , 1 v . Thesis" in 2t.:i8.of -ne , or after $. Stgns,inai. degr. x8. I min. of w. Tiic © is oo. Signs, 4, de^r. 18. min. of Y. Set ihcm together thus: :i VUceoftbe. 8^5' 18- Of the® 00 4 18 ■ .1 ' : > s 1 fubflnic't the 0 from the S> thus : I begin with.mmutes, 1 8. min. ftomi 8. remains nothing. Next I fubflraa degrees, 4. degr. from ax . reil 1 7. degr- ] Then co. Signs from 5. remains j. Signs AU put together, I tlure doth reit in Signs and degrees as follower h : ■ . 5 V ij A 'Oo 1 ■ ' To theft s. Signs 17. degrees , I sddtthe Sign afcendjng, which .*44 **$ *tfiht*9* 9f which is 4. Signs , a*, degrees , *f rninutes , or ths 2 jj, of 41. . *. d . ... Then it is chiis 51? 00 dtftmcctfQ from [». 4 2 11*? md degr. of the Afctn&w, Added togetHir^ioTo 27 th<^make : ^ anfl 4? . m i ftute s : , which dired vou to know j that after ten Signs numbrcd from Y , you mull place the ©, in 10. degr. and a 7 .min. of ss/for Y ; » e ffi i« tss m / vy are "ten Signs, &c. and the eleventh mordy, Whether your Figure be by day or night , obicrvi this Me. thod ; for how many degrees the,© isdiltanc fromthe V<> many is the ® from the Afccndant j but becaufe this may ho: be throughly underftood by every Learner upon a fudden, let him obferve this gensrall rule, the better to guufchim. If thi ® be taken upon a new h k Will be in the Attendant, If upon the flrft quarter, in the fourth houfe. If upon the full » , in the feventh houfe. ='•, If upon the laft quarter , in th&centh houfe. After the change , and before tfas.&ft quarter, you (halloa have her in the firft,f«ond or third boufe. After the iirft quarter unctll the full 2) , in the fourth , hftoc fiX After the full.l> untill the laft <{W eery in the feventh, eighth or ninth houfes. - • After the laft quarter , cither in the' tenth , eleventh ct twelfth. ■ . .. i'i! So that if the Learner do* miftake , he may by this matai j eafily fee his errour ; ever rembring , that the more daws ate 1 pafled after the change or quatcer , &cvthe more remote tlie 9 is from the Angle preceding. - . ' ' ^ , _ . . Some have ufed to take ^ in the night from the J> to rt: 0, which if you dos, you mult then-make t he place of the 0 ynj firft place , and adde die Afcenqbnc as in the former mctho . ftolomie/hy. and night takes it as above direcled^vith whan* l^raaitioners at this day confent* ' ! ■ • •*£ Here followeth a Table , by help whereof you may ex.iir.ifl. ihe ilrength of © in any Figure you grc&i: ' . .f> V 'iLM O »» /i^/A J limit iei - ... 7 ifln6mth%or% kh4th deities rFirft »r Tenth, it h*rh allowed dig'tm ei ® is ftwg \Sevemh, Fourth, £fcve/tih> bemg in ImfesASrtopji or Fifth, , mJfift J Ninths Lrhird, , . ' - a W irirA «y ^^/O^/AVpica Virgin^ /. 18- 33. ^ hxtdStarres, ; l Not fa m b H ft y0 r underthe 0 . - © w » V ^ ,w < w 7.*/ tht f e fe ns u fmf} M tlmes * ^ ^/» Y ^ neither gets or bfes. " ^ cT, debilities S s*- 4'f 4'/ 5 4 4 f 1 ' 5 ^ _ /V Jtfrt/; by 6or*fpett tJinttfmsonioro 4; / MffACapu; Algol m zo. 54. There are many orlier Parts which the have memU oiwd their Writingu ,'of which we make very lit- tle ufe in this Age : I fhall , as occaiion .offers, teach ft& hnclmg them out , and what thiy W s they did fignifie: lbmetimes the ■9 h.uhfigmficaiionofLife,and fometimes of Sicknefle ;.whicli wcafiomlly Ifhallteach, as matter and occahpn pfter , .addhe- ring to the true obXervation of the Anient* ; but I am little hi- therto Cuisfied concerning © its t.ui effe&ss intending to take pains therein hereafter, and publilli my intentions. T . T" e ' . Me t w o*. ^ j i The not aiflifted,Lord of the Afcejdant Efo- tftally fortified,che 5 in A with both the W*tmi&&* of long L, t ' U and 5 in the South Angle , in » , a South-aft Sign y 0 in Y nn^erly Sign ; » in a Southern or South-welt Sign; f»-ft ro rnvell Southward or a little Eaft. .... . U?nd ? in the t>f^- , ft «nd ©in the ninth ; ha vouneer veers are molt full of Pleafure.' ■ V 4 8 0 Lord of the AfccndmM^i * om illlfpelts ; » nlfo reputed as wellborn cJ'oM 5 as ; A of 9; ^ewborhHoodrfnd^lhndrMppened^.late: Good, becaufe of the goo! averts ill, by *** of ^"j^W ftdt evill afptft s being more in number then the good , ffW» ed by ft.periour D Planet S j augment the Evill and leflcn the ' G 7. d Va P plyingto A of U the © Lord of tte-^fcndmh Exaltation ; promife Preferment. ..... a ,\ » wwk in t he fecond, and after her A with *£omg to <P of | o* 5 mews, after a little time of Joy, great danger. I 6. The fmall dif lance of degrees between the V of J> toU, and the Angular ; denote a prefeiit hafpiftefs or fortune,^ to | %§<"reater diftancc from cP of o\ ffiew-fc miferics tofuc- i cecd fome yeers after his times of Honour are expired ,&o in | fuch a nature I ever contraft my Judgment. • I vvifh all young Beginners at firft to writedown their -J* men* in length , and the reafons in A* , fj^^ I and afterwards to contraa their opihious into a narrow co^ \ Paffefby^llovving S their' memory : 1 tjlfo W|fo them in ddrt* toglhefr Judgment to the Qnertnt* to avoid terms of their Difcoutl,unleffe it be to one unhands the An, I
  • U nmw\
C.H A P. XXX ; If cue jhall find the Tarty at home he would J^eak^ withall. TH E A fondant and his iprd are fox the ^W^he fytmU ■
  • houfe and his Lord fpr him yQUiWcMci withal ;
rhisis underload, if ypu go^p, fj^ak with oneyoufamdurly dcale withal! /or are much converfant with.,, and w nor . allied untoyou, &c, butif you would gqe to fpeak.wuh the tather, muft take tbe : JLojtf of nhe fpurth ; )t Wjth the Mother, . the Lord of the fljntb,; ,<*e frther would, fpeak.with h? Qbild , the Lord of th> hfth ;l a«d.^ in ths rett } vary y our rule .aflditiervesforall. ... »\ r a < If theLord of the feventh houfc pe in any of thefour Aisles, vou may conclude the party is at home.w.ith whom you would fbeakwitb i but if theLprd ©ftjie feventh, or Lord of that houfcfromwrfp>tj;udgmenc|is required, be many Succedanc houfc , vi*. the etenthi fecond, fifth or eighth, then he is not ftr from home; hut if b^ignJficator be in a Cadent houfe,then k is far from home. ■• •:■ . T i If you find the the Afcendant applying to the Lord of the feventh houfe byany.perfecT: a&«c^ , ; lwday that you intend to goevifit him , you may be affuwd either to meet, him poing to his houfe , or hsar of him by the way where he is, for he .cannot bpfe^bfent ; or if any PJlanpt , or the Mm > .{e- oarare from theLord.of A^en^houfe , and transfers his light unto the Lord of the Afcendant,he (lull know where and i)i wlut:pla<^ ^ P« is;, by fudi a f one, as,is W«Jf4 7 chat PUa« ■ vj/fco Wan^rre^iis.liglit t. dtfcribe thq : PUn«t it i^rfpw^s ;tr^;topr\ypjnan accor4m^y > But whe- ther it will be Man or Woman , you muft know by the nature ■fclicy oi ^^ ; T^on^ ft argiift aiRiaapthe fpptrary a . ..... GwdtrJEvtlL Etta your Figure of Heaven at what time the .Add* Rippeiiecf. i clfe when you firrt -Heard of it, then, confefa Xis totd of Sign wherein the is , and the Lord of that Sign wherein thesis, ritl*l^+f£*\ of Life , wUis ever the Attendant , and fee, which of theft u> ir oit powerful! in the Afcendant,let his pofition bexonfideM 2nd * he : b-in * or A' with, the© U or 9 , there will no. drill chSwwMi the preceding Accident : -Rumour Or Report i but S you find that pWt w&k in the5cheatxi ,;co^ of in □ } or 6 of 6 hS , there will fo m e misfortune follow afteirhar accident, in oneVindor qtHer r it you confider the j>i^t affixing four Shmfc^or j his pofiture and *a i ure, t n a? eafily 'he ff d iicovcreS , in what nature the evlll will chance Wwmm decanon if the Ldjd of the third from or by Neighbour or Kinfman i if the Lord of theTecond impe- S^henloflc in fubtoce ; VLAti oft^b,«^ difcoment withoneof ypur Parlor ^J^^jft if the lord of the fifth, ^d*Wordf^inan^ hdufe of Tavern, or in Company keeping* b; by mWn« of feme Child, fire and fo of the reft. ; . . ' . ; ; - V - . /rtrt Murks* Molt or Scarre the Querent h*h m*») Been one mam argument of W^mW^^f t Z p.irts of Anrology , for very rtrely you MV find theft ruR* "'when you have upon arty i^.tr^i^^^ ft reprefents , andtefl the pirn* he hath aMole : Sea or** on thatfart of his body reprcfenred by that Sign j as if * S?gn afcendingbe^ , it^orj^e Neck, {f See alfo in which oFthntwelve Signs of theZodfaktl* I lord of ihs Afcendant is in, chit member Kprcfimted I k that Sicni he or (he hath anc^wif* •' *'.'-' I Then obferve the Sign defending on the Cufp of the fixe Ihoufe, and what pare of m^sbodyicperfonues, for indue I member (hall you find another* fo dull you difcover another I in that member which ii fignified by the Sign wherein the Lord I Lalfof a H i ronfider what Sign the J/*** is in , and what: I member of mans body it denotes , therein (Ml jou alio find a Mark , Mole or Scarre : r if Ti figpifie the Mark , it's a darkitt,: obfeure , black one ; if 6* , then it's ufually fome Scarre or Cue I if he be in a fiery Sign , or elfe in any other Sign , a red.mole } I and you mutt alwayes know , that if either the Sigwi-or the. I Planet fignifying t'he Mole , Mork or- Scarre , be muchatmcted, I the Mark or Scarre is the greater and more eminent. , I If the Sign be Mafculine,and the Planet Mafculine,the Mole I or Scar is on the right fide of the body. . . , I The contrary judge , if the Sign be Feminine , and tbt Lord- I thereof in a Feminine Sig». . , If the Significator of the Scarre or Mole be above the eart n, I (that is,from the Cufp of rhe Ai'cendant to the Cufp of che fe* I mh , as citheriin the twelfth, eleventh , tenth , ninth, eightji I or feventh J the Mark is on the fore pare of the body , or vili- I ble to the eye,or on the out-fide of the memberjbut if the Sig- locator be midet the earth , i/<*. inthefirft, fecond, third, I fourth , fife , fixt, the Mole or Scarre is on the back part of the I body, not vilible, but on the infinde of the member. 1 If few degrees of a Sign doe afcend , or if the Lord of the I Sign be in few degrees , the Mole , Marl; or Scarre is in the up- Ipcrpartof the member; if the middle of the Sign afcend \ or I the Lord thereof in the middle, or neer the middle of; the^Sign, I the Mole or Mark is fo in the member , W*. in the middle ; If I the Ijtter degrees afcend , or the Mom , or Lord of the firll or Ifixthoufe be neer thalaft degrees of .the Sign , the Mole, Mark, I or Scar is neer the lower pare of the member, v - : 1 . J I If your Queaibn be radicall ,the time rightly taken, and the I party enquiring be of fufficient age , or no Infant , you (hall 1 rarely find errour in this rule : I have many times upon a fud-
  • T 3 ' ■ " eni
den in company, tryed this experiment upon , fame of the co* pany and ever found it tru&|#ttiany in this City well know, in November and December &\kii Signs of (hortafceaifaoiM^ in the Afcendant.* you mutt be tyary , for in xe^cd many rimes the 0 is not thenvifible, and*€iocks may fade , itapoffibk you r iay be deceived , and mifle of a right Afcendant , forK and Y doe each of them afcend in thefpaceof three qutr- ters of ?n hour , and Come few minutes ; m and S inobs hour and fane, odde minntes ; but if you have the time of the day exatf , you need not ever rniltruiltte verity of pit judgments : which will infinitely fatisfie any that are Students herein , and caufe them to take great pleafuie in the An , d make them fenfible , chic thete is as muchfincericy uialltbj whole Art of Aflrohgie , .when it is rightly underttood atrip* aized, which at this day I mutt confcfle ir. is by very few. As thefe rules will hold -certain upon the body of every p- rent , and in every quefUon , fo will they upon the body of the qttefiptd , ( mutatis , mutandis ; ) as if one enquires fomewk concerning his Wife , f hen the Sign Of '.the feventh houfe , d the Sign wherein the Lordof che feventh is, £hal! fhewths Womans Marks j fo {lull the Sign upon the Cufb of th: twelfth y for that is thefixth from the feventh , and theSign wherein the Lord of the twelfth istn , flhew two more Mold or Marks of the Woman. ., f °, lifuallyifln Infortune in the Afasndanc bletnithentiehtt with fom'e Mole or Scarre according co his aature > (otthsM houfe fignifies the Face, the fecond the Neck* thetrurdw Arms and Shoulders , the fourth the Breft and Bps,, the W the Heart , 8gc. and fo every vhoufe and Sign int>rder , lew- ding «o fticoeflion ; .for: what : Sign fpcverisintbe AfcendW) yeti in every Qyeftien the firliiioufefcpcefentstbe Face: Mi») 'times if : the ». be in 6 or.»P of. i\xQ f *thi querent hatrtfow blemifh or the like near one of. Ms Eyesi; >«nd this is ever m if the tP or 6 be in Angles, mlzuklttf *h«ttJuVfia4y* 'efpe&tO<^£fr/.. •.' /... : :■■ j .\-:v:r\ . -,r; ■: : ■••/•• .. r -:-X • ■ - --V.r! ;-.!.. P ■ , ... . ,, . x . . ■ i'" Whether em dfem h dead <fr dive. If a Qucftion he demanded of one abfent in a generall way, and the querent hath no relation to the party j then the firft Houfe , the Lord ofc that Houfe and the 2> fliall fignifitf che ab- fent party ; the Lord of the eight Houfe or Planet policed ei- rher in the Houfe or within five degrees of the Cufpe of the 8 ,<l Houfe fhall (View his death or its quality. . In judging this Queftion , fee firft whether the Lord of ths Afcendant, the 2> and Lord of the eight Houfe or Planet in the eight houfe be. corporally joyned together ; ot that the » Lord of the Afcendant and Lord of the eight are in oppofition cither in the eight: and fecond, or twelfth ancjiixr, for thefe are arguments die party is deceafed. of Gclr, and very neer death. ki alio if there beany tranfktion of the light of the Lord of the Afcendant unto the Lord of the eight , e'fpecially in de- grees deep, lame or deficient ; or on the contrary , that there be any tranflation or carrying the vertue or influence of the Lord of the eight unto the Lordof the Afcendant: ; or if , the Lord of the eight be pofited in the Afcendant,or if the Lord of the Afcendant imd the D be placed in the fourth Houfe , thefe are tellimonies the parcy abfent is dead. If the Lord Of the Afcendant be feparated from a bad Afpedl of the Lord of the fixt , you may fay the abfent hath been late- ly ficke ; if from the Lordof the eight, he huh been in Hanger of death , but is not dead ; if fr6m the.Lordof the twelfth , he hath been lately much troubled in mihde , in fear of hipru'on- menr, arreft^ &c. if from the Lord of the fecondilie hath been hard put to ic for money , or in diflreflfc for want ; if from the Lord of the feventh , in fome quarrell oc contention ; if ftp n the Lord of the i|icitb* i>r? ftiitd » iie/hatfh fceen caolfed in'his Afcendant be in the ninth , tentli , or eleventh ( t:hou»b many reports went- the abfent was dead jyet I found him to live.Now if you finde the abfent alive , and you would know , when hap- Ely you may hear of him ; ftc in your Sphemerides whaite ] ords of the eleventh and Jx»rd.bfcbe Afoendaht come to a a 1 or # Afpe&s , and about that time , if not that day , news will j be had of him ; or if the » apply to a #or A of the Lordof | ihc Afccndant, fee how marly degrees (he wants of theAf- .pec>, and give dayes, weeks or moneths, v/*. For every <fyt<t m moveable Signs a day, in common Sign* weeks, in hxd\ Signs moneths. — . ; p- A further Explanation of the preceding Judgments I) the Figure fttcceeding. ' a manner *{ < S&fiim.
  • 13
Refolwions of thefe C^fticwis folldwiflg. f A tbihgJMnly hdpptni/tg , whetbtr gtsdor fad *w| What Moles or Marks the gterini hath i if em ahfem be deader alive? CHAP. I
  • C H A P. XXV.
Vh. A IVman being at my ffonfe in the Cenntr) Remanded if her S.n were with bit (JUafler, or at her am Houfe. I Wvmmn vsmr "V -j- — Sen were with hie LMafter, i N this Figure $ is Lady, of the 4fcendant>*nd thai figniffe her lthat askeS the Qudiion ; the matter quefitcd after mull, be t&JiSm that W which fignifieth .Children, ^ that "he fifth : I confuted U who is Lord of the Sign K , for X isthe houfe of U, andlfoundU, the'Youths Sign.ficator , m the An°le of the Eatt , or .Afcendant ; one argument , that the Sty fought after was at home at his Mothers houfe at ume of heQii^hon: I obferved further , that the j* did a PP y roj J* to of h , Lord of the fourth houfe , which lignifies the houle or dwelling place of the : from which two, 1 ud J i& Youth was aThis Motherland that fhe fhauld find him there at her coming home , as indeed fhe did : now, had I found U, Lord of the fift, in the tenth, becaufe that is the houfe which lignities the Matter , or had the » fcparated from U , S g- nihVatcr of the Youth,md prefently applycd to a gooH or indif- ferent afpea of the (?, & M*- V^fi ^ have adjudged him at his Mailers houfe , &c. I did further confi- der.tiutcte25.or ^following, at two hours after noon, U and % being both their Si&fceufsai*. both the Mothers and the Sons, came to a A aft*&, and therefore I judged fhe fhould fee him t hat very day,but Lardly any fooner,or betoK;(& indeed (he (laid in the countreytill that very morning j but when the llren.'th of the influence grew powerful!, & as well mt Sigwh- «r£, a. hi s ,wete (o neer their perfect afpAOw could not be induced toiiay any longer, and tokens nele»s)wm ^ay,and it was about three in the afternoon the fame day before fhe couldget home, where fhe found her Son in her ownjioufe,abi- ding her coming j .for ufuajlyaboutthat day , when the Ar- m$«,rs come to a *.or A #tf Cw^youmavlffiowfif jw£iA«r** ) itVvery probable you (hall have a Jitter , or lews of the Party ^//after ( if the fiance of places be- twixt you can afford it , ) but it the Party enquiring , and. Per. fon inquired after , be not far afunder , without que(Uon they 1 y meec 1^4 Tk%ej9t*tkM4f meet that very day, though neither of them formerly thought ^Hadlhi^ fll0nld have found a Neigh. bourorBiotherorSifterathonieyornot;. ' You muft have taken fignification from U , who is Lordof the third houfe; for you may fee in the figmficauon of tie Houfes, p^i. that the third houfe fignifietb Brethren, Siflw, Kinrcd and Neighbours- ; you might fafely have adjudged , ftt (liould hive found any one of thefe at home , becaule U tnor Significarorisinan Angle. fl - u , f . fiuc if (he had enquired, whether (he IhouWhAve found i Party at ho ne , yea ©r not , to whom (he had no relation , but astoaitwnger j then 6* the Lord of the feventh, had been Jus Siwficator , whom I find to be in the Sign of / , and in the , fecond houfe of Heaven ,' for wanting more then nve dtgteestf j the Cufp of the third, he is not admitted to have ifignihatn ' hi that houfe. In the fitft place therefore , I rind 6 inthefc cond houfe , and in a Northern quarter of Heaven (-for from the Cufp of the fourth houfe to the Cufp of thrift or Afcendant, is fo, as you may feef^.48.; nextlhiri S , who is -Sigmficator of the Party with whom the would fpeak with , is in t , which is an Eatferly Sign , as you may fee
  • a£ &lng S is not in an Angle , I fey he is not at home ; Tfce fc- ,
cond houfe wherein he is being a Succedant , I fay he is not far ; •from home. . - * ■< L . . , The quarter of Heaven wherein at prefent he is , is North- , caa, for fo Sign and quarter import. ■ ' His diftance from home maybe a Furlong, or a Uofea two, becaure his Stgnificator is in a Succedanp fapufe. The quality of the place or ground whflg vm may expeft to find him, muft be ju%ed from the SigitWhereinc? his Ju» fm* is , v*» * , a fiery tig**- what rftafmerof placet!* fegn fignifies ,fee'in iw. 5^. arid you (hall there find, it rew- -ftMts in the Fields, Hills, or Grounds dm ru\a tode uo m the Party enquired after being Sbfent, you muftdire& a melle* ; ger to find km , in fuch or flich a Oround, or part of the Ground , as is of the mwt and qutfey^oribed , and butting 4S m*m# 4 Sterns. 15 j or lying to that quarts Of Heaven, as is fosmerly diw&ed, w*. But had it been fo , th,* you were mfQI med , tlu man was in Town , and not in the Fields , then enquire in the Town neer I to fomc Smiths Or Buchers (hops , or cto'lifo being North-eitt from his houfe , for y o« m iy read cT delights in fuch \ lace* , les Of a Thing faddtnly htyfwnfr whether goedvr ill, RcfolHtion thereof by the laft Fignre. Ut us admit the Figure preceding to be fet upon fuch an qc- i ciiion; the O is here Lord of the Sign wherein he is ; ttis I Lord of X , the Sign wherein the J> is , ? is Lidy of the Af- cendant , or houfe of Ufc J 9 i* here molt powerfull in the Af- cendant , * being her houfe , and (he hiving the Term therein, and ending her A Swifter unto the Cufp of the houfe J as alfo, bein* in /\ wichU , and he in the AfcOncJam ; from hence one mh have fafely judged , had this been the very time of a fud- ' din accident, or thing done , that it could not kwe redounded to the Querent's difadv.tnugc , but rather good : Now had % been newer to the <f of S , lie being in the lecoiid , which i fig - nilies Riches, I fliould hive judged the ^WMVOuld hive, received iofle fhorUy ; and fo of the rait j or falling one i .bout Moneys. What Mark} the Qunem had. I find the ay. of * afcendin&aod U in the Jfce»dm\ which as I acquainted you^nified the Face ; this Querent had a Ware or Mole on the right iide of her Face, neer her Mouth Wr^ ' ismaf<:uline,foistlieSign^ ; and as the latter degrees ot ^ afimd , lb .the Oucrm confefteda Mole onxhe lower p^rt ofc bet lleiaes , towardsi-thu Handles j Y b^ng.the Sigaot the ink, Shewed 4e hid one on theSore-hcad, noer the- Hair, ton youfc: the Culb of the houfe is but four degrees ;d Uwt Qt T* feginamafcu4ine«ign, vhs.. in 7 kit under theeartihAevv^ iMole on ilieiright Thigh , towarcbtho middle of it , on the X5* Tbt tefrittb* 'f back pare, or that part Which is notable;} tte I>beirlgi!# ? vi«. a6 4 43 mi » a Feminine Sign, and under the Earth, I told her flie had one Mole under her Foot, towards the extremity of her left Foot; . , , ThejteftMf party being her Son, had X the : ninth degra for his Afcendant , which denoted a Mole on the left fide of to Cheek; and as X fignifies the Foot, lb he had one on the left Foot > a little below the Ancle, for you fee few degrees afcend. The fixt houfe from the fift , is the tenth in the Figure , where you fee 4» which figniried , that necr his right Side , below his Breft , he had forrle Scarre , Mole or Mark, &c. follow tbefe Direaions* and they are furticient Inllruftions m this kind of Judgment, whether one abfent be dead tr alive , by the f receding Scbtm of Heaven, In the Figure abovefaid , let us admit the Queftion to haw been demanded for one abfent .• ' . .„ . The Afcendant t therein,? and 7> are Sigmfcatcrs of the i abfent Parcy. ' . \ The afcending Sign manifefts his Stature , U gives comluw unto it and » argue his Conditions. Nrither is the 5 or Lord of the Afcendant jcyned to anv I'll- net in the eight by d, but are all free from the malignant beams and afpe&s of the Lords of the 8^ or 6tb,or is the Lord of the Afcendant or the D in cP with the, Lord of the eighth. Or is there trandation of light from the Lord of tb( eiehrh to the Lord of the afcendant, or is the Lord of tlx eighth in the Afcendant , but a Benevolent Planet , oris* or rhe lord of the Afcendant in the fourth houfeel fhould there- fore pronounce the abfent in health; but becaufe 9 Lady of W Afcendm , had not many dayes before been in f with <? , m \ is Lord of the fecond and fact ; I toould adjudge he hadbeen lately difconcenccdibr want of Money, and alfo inclinable w a Fever; but by U his pofiture in the Afcendant , ^ d ™*A 10$ , I fhould judge Medicine , or fuch a one as % had refcjj kirn and becaufc 5 I-ord of the eleventh , applies to a D «* all winner *f Ssfan*. ifj I \iiteAfce»d*a,bQth <>t them being in Signs of long afcenfi- «i, which is equivalent to a. A > I fhould judge the Qne- mt \o have news of the abfent about ten weeks from the time of the Queftion , becaufe $ wants ten degrees of the □ of U ; if the abfent be known robe at a necr diftance , I would have hid in tea dayes they (hould near of him, becaufc the Signs are I ipoveabk*. CHAP. XXVI. Of a Sh'>p> and whatever are w her, her Safety or Deftrt&w. TH E Amient s doe put this Quetlion to chofe concerning the ninth houfe , and I conceive for no other reafon , then becaufe it mull be granted , that all Shi. s are made for Travel! and Journeys : however , in regard the molt paic of the J udg- merft concerning its fafery or rmne is derived from the ATcen-v dint and his Lord i and the 2>, I thought fit to place this Judg- menr as belonging to the firft houfe. t > Generally, the' Sign afcending, and ths T>, are Sigm\icators of the Ship , and what Goodsare in her , the Lord of the Afcen- dant of thofe that fail in her : if in the Queftion demanded youfind^aU tliefe unfortunate , that is , if a malevolent Planet by tofit ion be placed in the Afcendant , he having dignities in the eighth; or if you find the Cord of the Afcendant m the eighth, in any ill configuration with th^ Lord of the eighth, twelfth, fourth or fixth , or the » combuft , or under the earth,, you may judge the Ship is loft , and the men drowned , ^unlettc - you find reception bstwixt themfelves ) for then the Ship was cifuallyShipwrackt, and fome of .fhi Sea-men did efcape : bui if you find the preceding Signijicators all of them free from mis- fortune, both Men and Goods are all Cife j the more ftfe if any reception be. But if the Afcendant and the S> be infortunatc,. and the Lord of the Afcendant fortunate , the Ship U like to be j drowned , but the men will be faved ; Some for, better know- I ledge and difcovery of whit pare of, the Ship was like to be freeft from danger , have divided the feverall pares of the Ship, and have affigned to every of the twelve Signs , a part or place " V 3 of of the Ship , by which if any damage wfcfco efcttt to the Slfy, they couloor might better prevent k. Vat o Aries they give the Brefi of the, Ship. , , T» Taurus is under the Brejr a little towards the Water. To Cancer the Bottom or Floor of the Ship. \ To Leo the top of the Ship above Water. ToV'iigotheBelljofit. jr • To Libra that part which fometimet u above, mdfometimes bth the Water, or betwixt Wind, and Weather. To Scorpio that pan where the Seamen are lodged , ordoeiktir Office. ■ To Sngiorius The Mariners themfelves. 7*Capricornus thetnds-of the Ship. T« Aquarius the Mafier or Captain of the Ship. To Pilces the Oaves. ; . At the time when the Queftion is asked concerning the well or ill beiiir, of the Ship , fee which of thefe Signs , or how ma- ny of them are fortunate , of hath the » or the Lord thereof fortunate , it's Ian argument thofe parts of the Ship To ftgnifietl, will have no defect, or need repair theteof, of the Ship wj receive* any detriment in thofc parts :but which of theCe Signs you find unfortunate , or' in what 'Sign )>ou find the » of Lofd of the Sign where (lie is „ unfortunate > in that place 01 part of I the Ship \irtign impecjiment'and misfortune , and thereof git; j warning. • . . . \ , But when th^ Qukrent Ml demand of any Ship whichislfr tin** forth , and rhe State of that Ship ere (hi return , 3iv»f mav be hoped of her in her Voyage^hetl.peH&d the Anrfeso, the'Figurevnd fee if the fortunate Planets^ therein t<Aw\ ot falling in o Angie^and the Info'rtunes gemote from Apglev 0^m;,iepmbui| t.pnftder ^Pfffiimfa&im tfe'Shb\vi{l fa fate X6 tfte §ikS4Wtffcfityh M the Of andtoidjrtg'in'heT^Biit if yOa 'find;'t,he.lnfortune« in AngM o^fcedii^ k©ufesvth:re the Slit?, and it'ftisitt be" In tbycVpnit: Whf>:h ffic S^n fignifi| where the .nfor^k'cefijhet is ; if ^feMelrirbicune^ the Ship will be i^if* and the #m gowned, p* tecciverhyrc by fome bruife > ormnning a ground .* but if jr. be > anghein any of htsEflendall Dignities, or behold a pUce where heiiatb any Dignity or be in an earthly Sign , he (hall then fignifie the fame which Hi did, or very «reat dinger and damage tothe Ship : but if the Fortunes cart their benevolent rayes or afped"* !oihe places where o* or T* wsnd the Lords of the foujr Angles of the Fisure , and efcecially^, qt more properJy,the A&eMutf, 1 andLorJof that houfeorSign where the » is in be free , then j ic's an argument, the Ship.lhall labour Jiard , and fufrer much f damage, yet httanding the gfeaterpart both of Goods and Men flull be preferved. But if 6 doe afflicl; the Lor<& of I the Angles, and Dilpofitot of the P' y theMariners will he in great fear of their Enemies, or of Pyratc-s or Sea-robbers, ChaJl even tremble for fear of them : and if r.bere,alfounto thisevill j configuration chance any other r ; affli&ion in the Signs , thore will happen amonglt the Mariners BIpodr.fhed,, Controver/ies, quarrelling one with, another , theeving and robbing each other, purloyning the Goods of the Ship j and this judgment will prove more certain if the unfortunate Planets be in the Signs which fall to be in theDivtfion of the upper part of the Snip, towards the height or top. of, Jier. . ; If in the IiVe-n«.ure doe a(flift,as'WAS before reciied df o*, ihete will be many thefts committed in the Ship,buc no blood- died ; the Goods of tl»e Ship continue, no body knowing which way.. I If the unfortunate Signs ( viz. thofe which arejifilifted by tliepr^feuceof Ji tfpr i ^ ( be thofe which tfgnifie the bottom I or that part of the Ship which is under Water* 'it's an argur I mem of the breaking Sana drowning theteof', ©^receiving I dangerous Leak : if the Signs fo 'unfortunate be in theMid- Ibeawn, and 6* unfortunate them, itsilike the Ship will be I burnt by fire* thun<kr.or lightning., or miter. f.\ IUngfout of K tbe Air into trie Shjjpj riiis^U then rikeipladeivvhen the S^giis I we fiery, and neer violent fixed Scats, i I If that Sign wherein 6* or the unfortunate Planet be cbe I Sign of the fourth honfe, it notes firing of tbe Ship in the bot- \m of her ; but if <£be tnere^.. awtbe Sign humane , -vi** 1 either Tke Refitothfi of tithfcr it '£» or , that fire or burning of the Ship dull prj. . Wed from a fight with Enemies , or they (hall call fire into her,
  • r (lull tear the Ship inpLces ingnpluig with her, andtfc
fire (halt in that part of the Shipfirtt take hold, fignifiedby the Sign wfcrein an Irtfortune. was at time of askmgthi Qyeilion, , . If h inftead of c? doe denunciate datomage, and be phecdin the MicWieav^n, the Ship (hall receive prejudice by contrary Winds, and by l#ak* in the Ship, by rending or tiling of bid Sailes ; . and this misforcune (hall be greater or Idler , according - to the potency of the jigtlificmr.oimt misfortune^nd remote. I ne(fe of the fortunes. If the fame Infortune be in the fevertth houfe , and he 'be \ the latter part of the Ship will be in danger of misfortune, and the Stern of the Ship will' be broke. Moreover , if any Infortune be in the Afcendartt, fo ne loft- will be in the fore-parr of the Ship , greater or leffe , according to the quality or Urength of the fignipcator thereof ; or if ih: Lord ofjhe Afcendant be Retrograde , the Ship will proved . forward a while, but either return or put mto fone Harbour I within a little time after htf feoting forth ; and if the Lord I of theAfcendantbe in a moveable Sign, and Retrograde, and the Lord of the fourth alf*; viz,. Retrograde ,> the Ship will re- turn again, crofled by contrary Winds, co-trie every Port fton which fhe firftfetout : and if nheLordof the Afctndamhw no oih:r impediments thin Recordation , there will be w lolle by the return .of it ; but if to Retrbgradatuon othif misfortune happen , che Ship returned to amend lomeining amifl"e,andwa?alfoindonger. ...... , 1ni Befides , if the Lord of the eighth <]pli mfortunate the wrt of the Afcendant > elpecially if the Lord of the Afcendant teu. the eighth, there will come hurt to the Ship, according to the nature of the Planet anting : as 'f tlje.fame Planet thArH Lord of the' eighth houfedoe impedice the Lord of thitm of the*S the Lord of the Afcendant and rhe^ , it imports tte deathof the Mailer or Governour of rheShip, andof hisMne and' principal! Officers of the Ship : and if tht Part *} Form and the Lord of the fecond honfcbe both unfortunate , it pro- 4* mqm&fcNW* lft 1 nounceth lpffe,'0i fale of thpfe Qoods in the Sfe^veuwi| !?Xml or that they will not come to a good W$ iSCTte inthe fecond hoiuc, £te of the Sign the $ b in, there will good ptofiq he Vovigeof thatShip, and fale of Goods therein, tS^fUors areefleruially ttrohg , theimore pro -j fi S?ffifo?the* Afcendant and tordVpf the h^oftte* be Lw ofcourfe , and thofe Planet* thatdifpofe of them, hen ■ iv/lrobile the Ship wUl be (low in her motion, and make a VJvon* Pf it : W ^ aforefaid Sigmfic^s be quick iS S£ theS iip'(nall make ^ood fpeed to the Port inten- ded wiric«im home again in (hotter time then isex^ ^fnd if it happen that there be an cP or □ ?^ u ^» th . e LoX the Kdant an<l Lord of that Sign who Afrofoh S2fl» and-tiS afpeft be without reception, then will there wberethe 5> is.beft fortified. * • ■> . , v , • If the Lord of the fecond bp removed from his fecond,/ that- beXSfpof tte:fcSid *hd^ further removed then 5) or i tbeXoS of the fecond be removed from the f fecond boufe wherein the D is in , ( as if r fte be thefceondnot in*, or if ths P^°^°^ h ?^ it then the Ship-men Will have fcarhc/ of Provifion of VtCtuaiS frem Water wUimoft annoy ^ he in Earthlv or Aiery Sums , ; want of Food, yjttuwi «w rngher Voyage aBhafirttgotogW. ••. v.- ' J* An Exam- ple of a Ship at Sea. i644Bith- t J}ecctnwr i6- ment;I gave my Opihiohi That the Ship wst m Ufi^M did //w, though of/ats m feme danger, yet woe now receveredMy Judg- ment Was grounded upon the Cbnndcratiom in An following. TN tte firfl place, the Afctniau^ being the II th . degt. and J?, ^min. of & , fhewed tiie fculk ot Body of the Ship | there doth alfo aTccud with thefe degrees of ffi three fixed Starres in oar Herfon, wholly tlmoft of the nature of \ • I find \ cafleth hit tS Stiifter out of the eleventh haufe,but from a Cardinall Sign to, or ttjfy neet the Cuft» of the afcending degree*, thereby affticYing ir : after his O alpe&jl foundthe Din nsrjBxaltarion, caning a * Slmfterto the degree amending , niterpotoig her* . betwixtthe Afcendant and the <? afpe&s of 5 and 0 in the fe- tenth, which otherwife had been dangerous , for all oppofac s (0 the Afcendant in this Judgment are dangerous. Froai From the Afcendms affli&ion both by chefb^f %>tnd pie> fence of fixed Stars of hi* lute nature, I judgedthtSMpvyaji much of the nature of h » *t*. ateiftyheavy bjie, and of no good fpeed , or very found : and « being a weakly Sign v made me judge the condition , building andouality of trie*Siupw& fuch j I W /V w*f* eonfefed, ] 1 «... ■ • ' From hence , and lor thatgis in the ninthhoufe y.Hjucfced the Shiphad been W {bme*ttH&ion *>r d^refle.imber Joiftfre$r, oceafioned from fudh dtfiMlriestf received fomebt^u^jlealcjdammage in or neer herJBaeft* becaufe Y , the Sign wherein ft is,'repreTerits that pare, thereby afflia- ingic ' • • '■' - ; ' ,! '- : ifl ' ■. ' • : '■ ' But in regard 'the 5>, whouia^o0'theAfcehdatic,ispofi- tcd in the eleventh houfe , and in her* Exaltation > isiio qnaxmec oF wayimpediced ,b«it»by a benevolent afpe# applying to a a of ? and© , undwby bodily ;pfelenoe fonaeruntdU y«xda(l other good argument? j for thefe conlifcrlfehs ,"i fudged the Srap was riottaftaway^towas-'Uvirigi arid that fheSay lots and Officers of the Ship wereUw'ely ttj^in^dod c^hdrtibni ■ r Herein I confiderid' the^ ! wisf>fiKedv tolo«at!y%ith*eJe- venth houfe j « is a Southern Sign , but in an Eatt quarter of Heaven , verging towards the South : her application to A of 5 , and he in vy , a Soutli Sign and Weft Angle , made mc judge the Ship was South-weft from London , and upon our own tCojll, orjftfi<%,t^^^ 1 judged her at that time to be injftme /i^r^/^,becaufe where- in-the 1; is , is fixed, and in the eleventh houfe, which is the houfe of Comfirt and Relief ; and that (he was put into fome Harbour to mend lier Defecls or Rents.- [It prwcdtm that fit • m in the fVefly tutd in an Hat four. 'Becaufe the D applyed to a A of 2 and 0 , and they in an Angle , and was her felf as well as they , very fwift in motion, and did want but a few minutes «t rh^{ : pcifefr A i * judged X i the*-.
    • 4 tbtWfcbtiwtf
ttere would be news or Lcticrsi or a certain Wcovery of the Ship in a very fhbrt \h$\'>ttefgtific*iit* fo.ntet -afpedt , 1 &i<J Vitfcr that nigh^orintwo dafyes.; Xtndfo h proved : ] .And yog Muft obferve ), that it gave me good encouragement When 1 law ,0 difpofedby <? , and 8 to Whom ihe 3) applyed to .be in re- cepuonwithcT: asalfo, that the J> ., by (o forcible an afpeft, •did apply to the © V who is Lord.ofi the-fecond houfe , Of of sM*ikr,*n argument,che Mmtumfootid encreaTe, his StoA 'and nde'lpfe by that adventure : YouflttU alfo obferve , thatU hathh^^/r^intheniruhof,.^-, thevWCufpof tliefe- cond. houfe, and 6 his Mfew fals upon the ory degree tf. cending: thefe were good teRimomesof fafety: cT as being - Lordofthe eleveJith.tndDu^fitorof ®m&% asioidoftlw ••lerah, viuoftrtttkMiCfitomerft. , • ••; .••.:.//•,; r . Befidej jufually when the » applies to a good afpeft of aRe- rrograde Planet , it bfingi the; ftiatter' co!an end one way oj other fpeedily* and When |eaft fufpec\ed: and it's a general Maxime in fuch like cafes, if the D apply to tbe V mmit % oi ty good afpea to any Planet or Planets to Angles* then thereis reafonwe hope well* «Av • t • l> ■ The Afcendant free from prefence of hfmmh a good flgn: Lord of the Afcendant above the Earth, and the i> and W Difpofitors* good tens J,ord'pf jfh* Afcendant in tenth , ele- wnth or ninth houfes,good : ,Lor4or\the Afcendanc in &<>r
  1. wthl|.orI«Qrdof ihe.eleventb, good< ' -
i ./» •.<.' ■ ....
All mnm 0j;,Jbittfo»* v*-5 , H^the'^cen-£^ w;) / r dant and the > ase 0 f mother fignificators of the ship. ■>hipj,.lnd thofe that saile in her the » -lately, feparated from, a p of Tiitord of .^he; eighth and ninth,, thert at time of the ,QuelUpn - void of courie j but afterwards firftap- plyed to a A pf 1h then to . <P ;0f Lprdof the twelfth ^-^.g^— — — — mm. * n k friurrh J ; thlS { jewed the Ship had lately been in danger. (of Peathy*. flxip- w«ck:and as the » M void of cpurCe,fo.hid no news been heard of her 5 bcca^ufetJje » was laainpof ^ , in fixed Signs, tortuous or odioufly and maluioufly afpefting each other , and falling into Cadent houfes., and then ddnot prefently apply to the good afpeci of any benevolent planet , but Was voidof courie, and then again comwuetf her ^plication out pt\che . fourth to * who Mitt hot d of the eighth , although' it was by gopdafpeft ? and then after feparationirom hinirapplyed tod' $ I and that 5 her pifpofitor was in his De^n'mene , and entrins Combudion, and U Difpofoor of 5 Subterranean and in d With c? , and terms of mlnfertwu.; andforafmucjiasl found o* in his Fill, upon pr nee^ the Cufp. of t|ieifecond j¥>ufe„ I judged loffe was at han,d to; tte j^erchantij ©beingiinche fixt Houfe , Wpolfcd by U , and he^trpgra.^in theiewnd, pot beholding O j the D alfo casing her Q ^i^ the ^, and To $ his Dexter □: by means therefore of fp many e.viU re- ftimonics of receiving loffe ratber.tlien benefit j } judgocj chat the Merchant fliouldlofe much, if not all that was adyer»tured In this Ship, and foconfequentlyj.apubted the Ship was call. Wiy,[a»d fo it proved. } \ ; PiindpallSigruficators under the Earth, til; wor(tpf ail, if m fk Mefihtto *f ih tte fourth, for ifcar an affured ccftimony of fint%& I BSTfOM. It hath been ^uteo^iigely *mongft the '^dUm , *b» were excellent mtj^foluiipirof 1te^y"rq^liions, time the Afktiogen jflmfldfcle for 'thcfgroOncl df his Qyfc^ whetter that nmd^jhen tfe.^«^MIr^es lnBwial or Clofet, or firMlu^tB? ^frfttyriether that is tfci* i^br the giving Judgment ThbughXbtne 4fc¥er be fotfcfied 1 hit us admit one to thU«p}#bn, -yttlc#| feh r^frontor experietfee : for I demand ^jefolution of me , add to I flonteffe together *ttt«fffh1!c* • Uoc wdtttewtfYtafte wdfa I ietiteprt&ts , and we depart : I hope ho (bund Judgment nil! I allow of this rime to be trte'i^Vofa'QdeftioriCwhen asiioK I isreally dettiandeoV *At. sfc Whit time he ftrft law me, or entttdl my houftr and fp^ke with me. 1 Without doubt 'the rt^tlotir <of receiving any Queaiodkl then , when/the 4§!^tf pro^tirfds htsdefire unto tha AM ger, even cfiat tery moment 6F rimejto my opiriion, isTotefr] iet^d?ifof let u*ftippofe wherein, I am ^re^tefdlte'fornedttubts j ; perh.ips I titnk I the Letter into my namfe atthrtcfbfthe clock in any day oft!* J Week, but in regard of fome'odcafiohy, ddentxrrcad iciidSII four or five hoU«>*ftd;j t!tat*Vehr hbiir a^id xhlputc of boutl when l!br**fcu*>p<ffi,^ gwrttl •fo'dfti'iftft to'WWeV* 't^ii&itWmyFigtrt, anitftal rtfie^toklriW tot have^i fb&ifcd ^Wrotttid W<*flfc a#table.- M Jt^WaSde^fVdtte^ , Be^^hetWi^th^^^^out^ biJ pirru|l»| himfelf in his judgment Verity r-arrtofV&fttraryo^l • «bd'i»aVe>f6uoid tymahy!ttcpe^^ [nuodpt intention of , the Afitd«gtr w heat jjyperplejted with, lor concerning the fuccefle of any matter wbeiemiiimfelf is I really toncernedJL &y ne ma y with great reafon accept of that ■hour tor [he true time of ere&ing his Scheam of Heaten , and Ik may ( if not parriall J as well jud^e of that Fteure ere&ed by Ihicnfelf, as of any . other.; but herein I achife him to lay afide ■ill Jove and partiality unto his own Caufc. Judgmemts concerning the fecond H6u$s. CHAP. XXVII. Ukhtr the Open* JhrnM fajtteh, or h*tit ncmfttm Sorttm ? 4 Bywhm mm amm it ? Thetmt whtn ? &t, and : • tfhjhallxmimtf} fTTHoeter interrogates, be hi; Conation what it will ■ w V be, Ki»g, NobUy 'Priefi ot hsy-tnunt the Afcendonr, ■he JLord thereof and the S> ate his fanlfkAtm .- and if the Cjue* ■"to be in general! terms , (. fVrxthtr he flut/l *v*r fa rkh without relation to any particular perfon from m he may expert a Fortune , the refoluikw of it is in this awre: Conftder the Sign afcending on the Culp of the fecond floufc, the Lord thereof the Planet ot Planets therein pofited, ^afpccling the Lord of that houfe or Cufp thereof ; the Part f Fmwie j the t>ign and place of Heaten where it ie placed^ od howafpec>ed by tljePlatvjtn (for ©kfelf emittethno |»SW , or caftcth any.a^t tO any Planet ^nomoxe doetlwQ i firft , if you find the Planets aUangular , it's one good Sign. rfSubftance j if they be in fuccedancijoufei >direft and IWifcio JKjM^it^agoodhgn. « m Planew be i&gdod iioufes ¥ ditea , and but moderate* ly Signified in etfdjbll Dignities ,k's an hopefull argument oM an EihteiThofe Rules ate general!. 1 U the Lord of the Afcendam, or the », and Lord of theft, ;; cond houGr, vU. of Subaance , be corporally joyned together, j or if they , 1//*. Lord of the Afcendane and .D, have friendly if. ped to the Lord of the fecond , or if U and $ cart their A d
  1. , or be in o* with ®, or if the Lord of the fecond be in the At
cendant , or the i> , or Lord of the Afcendant in the fecond.or if any Planet transfer the light and vertue of the Lord of ik\ fecond td the Loid of; rhe AIcendant,.or U benevolent Pianai caft tHei'r> or v A to the Cufpeof the Afcendant or 9 , or»j fixed Starre of the nature of V arid $ , doe afcend with tU cufpe of the fecond or© beino* wichorneertofuchafixtd Starre ; or if U who is natural! ugriificator of fubttance , ot? who is naturally a fortune or ft be in the fecond , aud noin-l fortune cai* rus afpea unto them ^ nets direct and fwift in motion (W) if their daily mouonbt I more then what is afligned for their, mean or middle motion, I which you may perceive by Page 57.^1. 7 1 -7<*-M the Querentlhalfnot fear poverty , for he will be comptcntljl rich or have a fufficient forcuneto fubfift on , and this nrs eiU« 1 (hall be greater or tefier according to the Major •teftiitiongj which you are carefully to examine of thofe (ignihcators wttcfcl doe naturally refolve this queftionj and here w this detail you muR remember to tafce npticeof the quality ;of .Ml inquiring or demanding the quellion, for (Quoad capa.v)\t Mi happen to any Interrogans 1 Bf mfhsJ means *tt*h it. When you have lufficiently examined your Figure, andpei'l cetve thai 'the Qu&fa Small have a fubKftence or will comctjl bavericbe** it will Jjederria^ded^ how ?.fcy whom, oiwMI means it may be obtained? . • \ ; , r - jwJ . Herein you mutt obterve; that if the- Lord of die ftcond^l be in die fecond, the Quetint (hall obtain an Eitate by bisowj labour and proper induttry j if theLordof the fecond be m ced in the Afd:ndarjc > he Ihall unexpectedly come to a FkmJI ^ without much labour attain it. If that tlje Lord of thefe^, condor the P doe jprom)fet fiibrtance byjany ajfpec* they hay^to each other , you muft cortfider from what ffouie the aipe& is, or of wine Houfe the 2> is.taay of, or if nefther of thefe pro- mife fubltancej fee to the © what r^oufeit is jn,and what Houfe of Heaven the JDifprfcr is, ord of, c If rue Planet alTilting,or promi/ingerici;eafeof Fortuneibe Lord of the Afcendant , the Querent himfelf will by his own. diligence advance his ovyn Fortune* if he be a mean man or Mechauicall that interrogates, then by the fweat and labour of his own hands , hi) own Invention Care and Pajnes-ta^ king (lull put him into'a Fonti/rei i?ut if the Adjuvant Pla- net be Lord of the fecond, hq will augment his Ertate by ad- vice of, his own Stock, and well managing his private for- tune , and adventuring to Buy and Sell in fuch things as natu- rjlly he is addicted unto , or fals in his way in the courfe of his lift.. If the Lord of the third fortunate, the, Lord of ^ie fecond. or the Cufp of the houfe, or 'Part of Fortune, he will be aflilted in the procuring an Eftate by fome honeft Neighbour , or fome one of hisKinred, Brethren or Sifters, if he have any , or by fome Journey he (hall undertake , or removing to thac quar- ter of Heaven from whence the Lord of the third cafts his good afpeft , or if corporally joyned with the Significator Of $nb- ftaxicc. ' . . if the fortunate Planet or Significator be Lord of the fourth, or placed in the fourth, the Querent will attain Wealth by means of his Fathers alTiitance7"f if he be living ) or by fom,e cged perfon , as Grand^the'r f fyc. or by taking ibme Farm or We%e, &c. If an ordinary mail. propounds the Qjiefti6n, by keping a Vic^ualling-hoiife , as A(e-houfe., Inne, ( :Tavern, Bowling-alley ,, or beuig a Door-keeper , Porter to fome Gen- ■ 1 '■" '■' Y tlemanj <A : o\i niatf j«i4 c » ni * ^i3 Vs will. drift rWwith rh% nmfolifeSiibife If a' Nobleman or <^nt3emm eftqmw,, he fltoll augment his Mate bV Letttog'Leafes • ■■anffibfc'dtf^iHtolgjttBj hi* Eftate'bjj l his Stewards , Baipffs, j? WM^^rcakeTb; ^ If rhe Queflion come from a 1 Country-mint 'a* a Firmer (4 Husband-man , tell him he may thrive try dealing in little Cat- tle, as Sheep, Goats, Hogs, 'Conies, &c. ' _ ■ , If a Schollerprogound the QuejKion upon. the like oedfa advife bim t6 turn Wryfltian "'tor he'Ml'tViVe'by his Salary bbtamed from people infirm ahd ! diieafed; , " ^ 1 IF the L6rd of the feventh hbufc' fortunate the Lord of the fccond , or the Cufp of 'the' 'boiife V or the ® /"Of that Plana Wr&h is ttofited in the fecohdj Krtfe-jgjr^expdft'Qq* bl^iTirig, by means of Irich Aid pod Wife; br £hc artittanceof fom'e loving W6maii: As 1 alfo^f a Gentkman^ropdundth! Queftton , then by tjie Sword, or the Wars,or by Law recowr- •irjg'fomewhat detamedfTtxh hirri , by fanrufting of Bargains, •by the common acquaintance be hath in his way of Ira* o: C6hi#«ce;tf he be 'a Merchant. ' , a ; ' , . . . If the Lord of tiheVi&hthbe tli^ ' Planet Who fortumtesthe Sfcnificators above named , the (tyntt&itii cither have fow Legacy be^eathed him by Tettament. of adeteafedparty ^ora further encreafc of his Wives Portion , little by him expected • at time'of his C^eftion,or%H gde'uncompelled,and rfefifkm ^Yo^ne'CoUn'try , w^ereehcreare orrubAance.^ll'happen unto .hirn 1 '^/*:^ fliall tt^xWaedly : re«  he had no Wentiori, and there fhall thrive and grow rich. - If the Lord of the ninth give virtue or fbrtutjate rhe m Lord of the fecond , or Cufp of theHoufe , thc'%r^ miy J of fis Wives Brothers , or.fome a bed unto iier,or a.neeruN^rw tu 10 rhe pUceAYttfifcflifcdki live. when tefttft marned her, ^ling;fbTthiencrcafe *^W<»' of h c hour^ la par of HeaveiV, cAcoaftpf b*^*<$m 3d by the Sign and quarter of Heaven;,, and .by dealing n S&mmodkies &*b* County, Oty orCountrey to which the Heavens direct hut*./' • "u i' "d ~i che Lord of the fecond be fortunate in the tenth houfe,or tfthe mhWbolditM.'Lord of thefccond.or Cufpe of the feco dhoufe, oraPlanettherein, orthe© with any bencvo- nSgurltionvl" I Zmtaof . fome King h Prince', Nobleman, t^ttomjite f I f/tenoe : if one inquires *haif u young andof ftfeitPc*. ™. la hfa ^nfrLfian of .the tenth and Planet who 18 Lord thereof ; orPubliquc imployment in the Common-wealth, in one kuide the Lord of ^eleventh b^ U«ctotin the premiies,;^. the Planet -tenm. Conrcier , ocftrtintof a Nobleman, Kmg^orgryatruriort are he w ^ ^^ rt ^^^ tte«,thingsnuU unexpectedly ttappWuiwo the ft*"**^ in twelfth" tte & M«fr*« his *or*une by «ea* 1^1 Shi Rtfitittlw tf che?iigd of the twelfth ba humane » if the Sighbe. or woj, Y byGattlej if by corn. And herein rnix your judgement vyithreafon. ' . •:■ The molt auured ceflimony in Aftrology , and upon a Qyc- flion onely prOpounded;that the Querent be rich and con-, tinue Xo, is this , If the Lord of the fall and fecond and Jnfm be joyned together in the fecond Houfe , firft , tenth, fevefttb, fourth or eleventh , but if they be nor in 6 » then that they ap- ply by #• or A with rhutuall reception , although they apply by D orcP , yet if ic tic with reception , the party will thrive or hive an eltare, though with much labour , and many inter- vening difficulties, yet w»H he ever more abound, then want. Of the Reafon^or from whence it proceeds^r vrhat is the Cattfc^h) the Qji e rent fballmt QbtamWealth. When in any. Queftion you find your Figure figniftes the Querent ftial come to an eftate.the refolution following is need- lets; but if you find that he (hall not obtain any great Fortune, & the J nterrogant would know the'eaufe why, or thing impedi- tmg,that fo he may the better dire£t hisafFairs,& be more wary in the courfe of his life,for better prevention of fuch difficulties. In this Judgment carefully obferve the Planet obftructing , or who doth molt afflift the Lord of the fecond, or ©,or the cufp of the fecond, the J> , or Lord or Difpofitor of the © ; if the Lord of the firft be that Planet, then the Querent hirnfelf is the caufe; if the Lord of the fecond doe with □ or d 5 behold (ft or the Cufp of the fecond , then wane of Money or a fuflicienc Stock to fet hirnfelf in imployment is the caufe : if Lord of the third , his own Kinred will doe nothing for him , or will prove burthenfome, or malicious Neighbours will get all the Trade from him , or,fo under-fell him , that he will be much kept un- der thereby a and fo run thorough the twelve Houfes , as in the Chapter before mentioned. I thought good here to give this generall caution , that if the Lord of the fecond houfe , or Dif- pofitor of © be Infortunes , yet if they have Effentt all Digni- ties where they are, or afpe&s to good Planets, or be placed ia fuch benevolent houfeg as I formerly mentioned , they may be Signified a& tokmr pf [ gittfiUns? ly; Significators of Acquifition of Subftancej and in like nature both U and $ being afflicted orimpedited, orSignificatow, as aforefaid, may be the Planets obftru&ing as well as any other , for every PI met muft doe the work for which he is by | divine Providence afligned unto : Do:, you alfo ever remember this in whac Houfe you fyid Cauda Vraconu , it prerioces detri- . ment and impediment in fuch things as are ngnifted by that houfe, as if he be in the fecond , he denotes confumption of ■ Ftbtc by the Querent* t Own folly or not thriving, by his own. proper negle& : in the third , runderance by evill , beggarly or peevilh Kmred , &c. and fo judge in all the reft of the twelve 1 Houfes. If the Qu eren t fhall obtain the Subftance which he demand/, or hath lent, or the Goods he hath famed. If the Demand of the Querent Jos Whether or no he Jhall procure ihc O>!oney or Stibjlance from him of whm he intend* to demand I it} The Lord of the Afcendant and the » are his Significacors, i he Lord of the fecond of his Subftance. . The fevench Houfe , and the Lord thereof (ignifie him or her of whom he ineends to demand or borrow Money:In proceed* ing to Judgment. . ..... Sec if the Lprd of the Afcendant or the D be joyned to the lord of the eighth, who is Lord of the Subftance of the party edited after, or fee if cither of them be joyned, or in afpeft to a Planet polited in the eighth ,\ if the Planec in the eighth be a hnnne, or the afpe& it felf fortunate , he final! abtain the mo- ney dedred j or if he would borrow the. money required will bi : lent him ; if he have depofited any Pledge, it will be rdto- red, whether the fortunate Planet in the eight be received or T ' y ? ' if an mfor£UiMCe p ^ nec he in the eighth, or Lord of the eighth, ,ind receive either the Lord of the Afcendant or rhe
  • > the Querent (hall obtain his defire but if no reception be,
k will hardly or ever procure his demands', and if ever , with lo much difficulty and labour , as he would rather wiih the thine «o been undone. . like manner , if the Lord of the eighth be in the firft, or Y 3 in, mtberfecbnd, andtbe Lordbf the fecond revive him f u'spw.; R5Ethcbufi«^will bedfofted jbjr the Lordo uhafc.' S- or of ^eighth b». in tlie>hrft or fecond \ y and neither 155 ioepiion ^ & Lord of thrift or feconihoufe , or of Xbi^Uhwcm; adcniall «e F^uta iri the thing *.< ^he Lord of the Aidant and the J) be joyned to a Ftt* Jc.i\»t hath dignity krthe Sign adding ^r S,gn mter- cepted in the Afcendanc, the matter wdl be efrecfeed , or any oT he n be joyned to Ah Infortw who hath di^icy in i the AC ; cendant , and receive the Lord of theAfcendn or the D , the bufinkvvill be ditched: Or if tteLorij ■ th* Afcendant oc the » be joyned to a fortunate Plan er, and well Phced either in the tenth or eleventh , the matter (hallk Sed , though there be no reception . The. J *fen«rf this Chapter fUafi then h,\ve P Uce and prove true , when asthe he ma ter in queition is among* ordinary perfons , 01 ; w«U •fuch people as>vith wbOm there is a community , as Gnu | with Sizcm , Country-men With Country-men, ons Tod* i man with another; from chit Judgment weocmM Princes , Noble-men and fueb , who pay Debts flowly ,andoa whom the Law takes little notice. 1 // onefhallacquire. that G*\ne#?r*f*, mgts.or Stlptd* h I Kmi or Noble-man , Gcnerali or Commonwealth , Lw 1 , tentnt-Generall ♦ or any great Perfon which , .ho Experts. The refolution hereof will ferveforany QuelUor i of th:Ji nature, where the Querent is much infcnourto the Q*JM the parcv or parties from whom he expels the accompMbsw ° f The Afcendant , Lord thereof and D toUieWm th^ all mmtf *f gMflw. tyi I fimitie the EUatc> Money or Sublianceof the Km*Y Noble- i.Generall, &c;or Party encju^ vou doe tin! the Lord of the Afcendant. or 1 the » joyned to the Lo dof the eleventh Houfe, or if any of them be joyned to any Plinet in the eleventh houfe , and that PI met be a Fortune, hot in any reafure imFedited , or ill difpofed , then you may affirm thic the Querent fhall obtain whatSalvry : , wiges , debt^ or md- n*Y the great Perfpn of what quality foever owesunto him ; oi t if it h ippen thac the J> and Lordof the' Afcendant be joyned to an unfortunate Planet , and he receive them into fome of hisdienriall dignities,the Querent (hall obtain his Monies,Wa- Ues &c. but not Without much loliciration , many weary ad- dfelfes^ares And dinruttfj j if it happen any Affcec* be betwixt ite Sbniiiutors > die one being an infomlne and without re- ception , the Querent Will never obtain what he'defires. In this minntr of Judgement be very carefull to obferve theP/anets 1 twe cff-ntiall dignities , and their mutuall receptions , and by I which of their mUUWll %nities tr«y receive eafch Of the time when the aforefaU^ccMts tre^ed of in this Chapter may happen . ' ; : , Hewn you muft diligently obferve unto What Planet ei- ther the Lord- -of' the Attendant or 'P ' apftt Yes 'unto. , or is joyned by body, and doth ngnfte' the effeftirjg dnd pprf6!r- ! mance of the matter quefitqd after , for if .that Planet be (h * or a with the Lord of th? A^endaric^or the 2> y whether he be a Fortune or not , or receive the Lord 1 of the Afcendanc or V or not; conlidcr well how both of Therjiiproidft^lKfrbeaj^sor nyes to each other , until'l they come to the'ir .^f^MpetV, Or l«how many degrees at die time of the Queliibn' asJ<ing',They want of bymgintrtie partill afpeftor 6 , and you m«iy anfVv'er thu ic (hall be To many dayes as" are the number of degrees pe • twixt theSignificators , if ehey b^borh iivCadenf houfes : if they be in Succedant 'houfes of Heaven, it, 'will be f fb rrlapy weeks • if in Angles ,'tlie, time will be fo many.rhbrieths : hut herein the AUrologer muft ufe difcrcition , ^nd confider if it be poiRble that the matter enquired of may be effecTied in dayes, weeks, ,17,^ . The <&efil*thn of weeks or monaths ; for, if. ic be a WmeiTe that may feajfy much time , jnft/ca4 of moneths you may yeers , and Si efpecially if the .'Lord of the Attendant, the » and other Si°ni. tjcators be in Angles; buo if one Planet b: in an Angl^andthj ! other in a Succedant,then they (hall fignifie moneths; if one be ; in a Succedantand the other in a Cadenvhen they flul denow weeks ? but if one. be in an Angle , and the other in a Cadeot houfe, tjhey prenote moneths. • Some of the Ancientshave faid , that if at the hour of tb: Queftion tlie Planet which fignifies the per feSion of the thing demanded be in one Si°n with the Lord of the Afcendant, the matter (hail then be brought to condufion when rhat Planet . and the Lord of the Afcendant come tocorporall conjunftioa in Degree and Minucejif the Lprji.of the Afcendant be the mow ponderous Planet , oc whether there be reception yea or not; but if the Lord of the Afcendant be, the more light Planet , fo that he make haftc co the conjunction of the Plebet figmfyinj I the erfe&ing of the matter , and that Planet receive the Lordof the Afcendant , the matter will be firiiflied. Bud if that Plans (hall not receive the Lord of the Afcendant, then the nutter I will not be effected , unlefte theforefaidfignificatorsbeinifl| Angle when the Conjunction (hall be, or in one of his owl Houfea , andefpecially in that which is called his joy ; as siij . the joy, of Ti, J of U , m of 6 , & of $ , w of 2 . Whalj ' have obferved in refolving QuelUons of this nature, is this, that I (ingle reception by exaltation wwhoat other teftimonies profit* I eth not ; that reception fey ^{fentiall dignities of Houfe, wheal benevolenf: Planets are (ignuicators , elfe not , though by D«| £p doe tifually (hew perfection y yea beyond expectation, m then^ore. ve/y certainly when by * or A afpecl: it fo fals our. I Anifir tjos pmf whittfl obferve,if a Fprtune,or the » or Lot! I of the thing queTited be in the Afcendant, and have any eflcno-l all dignity there, the number Of Degrees betwixt the Qifpeofl the jAfc^dant ancj body; of the Planet , doth denote tbetifll . . when , cla'yes if -a moveable Sign , and the bufinefs capable <*l being perfected in! dayes , moneths , or, yeer* , according to w I .Sign, its qua.liry and nature of the bufine ft.
  • B matrix $f £*4fih»s.
m k Tradefman of this City in the yecr i6**4.propound- ed thefc feverall Demands unto me ** becaufe I have fecn the experience of my Judgment, and his Queries were pertinent for Relolutions of the Demands of this fecond Houfe % I have inferted his fcvcrall rits, with the Rcafons in Art of my fojudguigthcm. His gHeric 's were $ x, Jfhejhould btrUh , or fuhfijt of himfilf wlthi out Marriage f 2. By what means he (hould attain Wealth ? 3. The time when i 4. // it would continue i CHAP. IT'S 6*a "m^*c*^W* i^roew wthU qu^, I fi£fc here to be fo.Up.weth. : , Ti moveth in a* hours , two minutes : and is thereto flow in mouon. ^ movcth more ^ H< hours ? then hlJ m ThfDul^moioao; ^;i? ^^vf^^ ^ e . th * his middle or mean motion, whtctiypujfeeinpage 65.1s 31. min. 27. feconds. He is'reputed fvyift . • Diumall morion of the © 57. miii. 00. fee. being left thai his mean motion*; he is flow.* Of ? 1. degr. 1 j. mm. very fmft. Of 2 1 . deer. 44. min. more fwift. Of » 11. degr. j4»rnb.flow . In the next place I am to examine the fortitudes and debili- ties of the Planets: by the Table of enentiall dignities P,«  104. and the other Table oi Page u 5. I doe this .jam linTlv that yowis Learners may better under fond the ufe erf bwVthcfe Tables " whiph they will frequently have occ?.fi«m Place of \ V r $ . 19. 7, Bflentiall dignities lie hg . j none & that degree of t , where he is, as you may obfervebj the Table of eflcatiall dignities, Page 104. | \ His AccidentallDignkies. In the third Hewf* * T* His Debilities. Peregrinf Retrograde Slow in motion Qccidmdl r j i _j I % His Fortitudes. h Exaltation hthe tenth flonfe . Swift in wot iw ha from CombnftUn ^Inthofe degrees of & he is . b^iath no JBuentuH Dignities. His Accidental Fortitudes/ Intbt Afcendar* t Dintl 4 Swift in motion. 3 FNtfromCombufiion % h6vithfyic&W^wMk\ pedigrees . J » a 1 © His Fortitudes. E&iitiafl andAcdde^atf. In his omHoHpe In Mid-heaven 5 10 iiif'll'UI *f 3 Her Fortitudes. . IntheiievtnthhbHfit Dirtft SxiftbiMmm- ' Qccidentaftoftt) Free from Combuftio* 4 with Regulus, viz. within! ^ w o " J ■ — » ■ fix degrees of him He hath noDebilities,either Accidental* ©rBflemhU, yet fome Detriment it is unto him, being in □ \yithtf» though theafpe&bePlatick. His Debilities, In Detrimm Tereerine OccidtntalloftheQ 5 S % 1% Slow in motion _2 z Pebi|ideso^. 2 » The RifoUtif* cf 1 ■» His Fortitudes. Itttbettrttb houft Dirett Sreift in motion Occidental Free from Combufiion S 4 2 1 18 D Her Fortitudes In the tenth houfe Jncreajing in Light ^ ^Frtejrem Combufiim 5 2 12 Debilities. Peregrine I Debilities. Sieve in motion Tcregrine J 7 ' (£ As you may obferve 145. in hath five Debilirief, and as it is placed ui our Figure * Iriali rather be admitted to k j in the fecond houfe, then in the firft j and hath thereforek three teftimontes of ftrength , which taken from five of Debili- ties , © is found weak by twoteftimonjes ^ and though ©« . fome minuces more then fiye degrees removed from thiCufp j of the fecond, yet were it ahfurd to think ichadfignificatw inthefirft. The Teftimonies of all the Planets collected into one* ftand thus. Ills weakly Tefiinmies 8 And is therefore unfortunate. % Hath Fortitttdes 20 And no imbecility. 9 Dignities: His Debilities fubfr^: I ed from hit FertitmUf* 80 18 o 13 o S <© 2 o liftnngfs having 1^ Hath Dignities mB mintur rf £*tftl$ns t iti You muft everconlider, whether your Planet have more Fortitudes or Pibilities , and having fubftra&ed the leiTer num- bcrfrom the greater , make ufe of what remains , whether they be Fortitudes or Debilities, and fo judge. TheAntifciensoftheTltnets. Contrantifcions. h in 314 41 \dp % S 0 s > 12 29 31 X? 48 X 26. 50 4 26 12 15 10 ss "h in 14 41 S> U in 12 20 / c? ij 48 t«  0 26 50 «n 9 4 26 m 5 12 15 m 5 10 53 .m. // f Querent fhould be Rich or in 4 C*f*citj of fnbjifience without ^MurrUge* Herein firft I confidered the,generall difpofition of the Pla- nets, and found that the Major number of them feudally the twoFomines ) were fwift'in their motion, well pofued in nou- fcs>no manner of waves in a violent way , or by a.forcibie a- I fpe& alflifting each other. I alfo well confidered, that)?, Lady of the afcendant was neer to, Cor Lt*nis> a Star of great vercuc »nd influence , the V increafing in light , 1J. almoft culrnina- I ting; From hence I collected thus muchingenerall , that he i fliould fublift .in the Common-wealth , ancTlive in good nnk j and quality amongft his Neighbours, &c. (quoad capax) accord- ing to his calling. ! Secondly jwhether he ftiould be rich or not ? In refolving this I Queftion , I confidered , that the Lord of the fecond is po:ited I in the Angle of the Bait , and that the Lord of the fecond* viz,, i is Lord of 0 or Difpofitor thereof, and is neer Sfica W in 18. of ft, Then I obferved that U a generail fignificator of weilth , was in his exalcation, and Angular , calling his □ fini- I "fewy neer to the degree afcending , but in figns of long a- | fcenfjons , which we ufuajly repute a I alfo found the » fe>. Z j parated if 2 , Tift K<$l*$k* if pentcd newly from a # of cf Lord of the fccond , and fiator of the thing demanded, and immediately after fepcraoi from oW 5j then inttantly applying to the jot Sfigafc ■ catorof the Querent,, transferring thereby both the vertueail influ:ncc of ? and cf to the proper figniflcator of the Querent j the 5 is alio diipoftd by the $ and he is ftrong and powft. ■ full , and as (he hath a gencrall fignification in every QuedioD, fo being no'wayes unfortunate (lie promiled die Querent much good. Laltty , I confidered that <B was in a fixed fign and in <J his own terms : from all which teltimonies aforefaid , I judged that the Demandant would acquire an Eftane * and have a can- petenc fortune in tlus would , but attain it with labour and care , becaufe it is fignified by an Infottune ;fo to the day here- of he hath : but becaufe 6* Lord of the feventh houfe ( which is the houfe of Women and WivesJ hath the moft materially nification of the thing demanded , W*. Wealth and Riches, I advized to marry, and acquainwd him , that without Marikge he (hould nothing fo well fUblift. " By y»hm m**4 y # k*» mmum titbit. Herein you mufl confider the Planet or Planets promifini Wealth ; cf in our Scheam being Lord of the fccond M J and Of ® is the Planet we muft pfmripulfy contider ; for intbj : fecond houfe you finde no Planet , as he a tx»d of the fccond and placed in the afcendant > hc intimates an dtace to be got by 1 the Querents own induttry, and becaufe the Significacorof the thing demanded is oofiwd in the aft^ndant , it argoes out ! an etfate or iiwreafc tkwof would come fomewhaceifilytt with lelfe labour then expe&ed, but cf being an interna* | fomething leffens that pbuitin ouf pofitttt4atthis.ti!Ue; «w | as 6* is Lord of the fewith houfe, and thereby flgntficdi j ( Women , 6cc ) I aa]uainte4 htm heWuld marrv * Wort* who would f roducfe him a gowtfbrtui^ tad it fixed, atkhrig then he could very well look ft* \ wfcch I judged firltty* Lord of the fetenth his bekig in the afcendant and necr fo «fr nent a fucedStarVe j as allb becaufeV. whois Lady of luswws houfe tfaiDtonce^ Ia ^. tit mtom* if gpeJHw* tij I confidered the & was Lady of the tenth houfe (which I fianifkd his Trade) that {he was transferring the light and iu* I L of * and <J to ths Quterm i wherefore I advued him to i certun and infallible argument ( accordmg to naturall cau- L ) that the Qutrept fliall have plenty of Trading, or exercife a IgiittfuilProfewon. The Time When, All the fignificatots either in the Afcendant or Orientall I luiitcrof heaven, and five of th: Planets (Wift in their moti- |«n,promifc SuWUnrcin a fmall compaffe of time, after the IpfopoiMlof theQueftion. cf Lordqf the fecond houfe , and 1 5 h , the pKincipail thing inquired of , being lNvifc ui motion I argils the Came. . 1 The diitonce of the Afcendant from cf bang about two de- «ew,did in this way of judgement fignifie two yeers qt there- abouts, at what time he had a Portion with' his Wife s fome may wonder why cf being peregrine (hall fignifie any good to the :Oumt . I fay to that , be being Lord of the fecond houfa asdof the feventh , and the ptormTmg Wjnet of the thing de» minded , Hull as well {hew the time When , as alfo the perfor- since of what he fignities , (but not without fome manner of . oWru&ion j ) andlierein no queftioii ought to hemad^ , fich inoiilllbaetiesof men > tht wicked or unaraaous dac a&well my good officesiofi love' ft>t their Friends, as othvjes better malfetd. Jit the next place, I ob&rved what quantity of de- grees the 2) wantedof her perfcft 6 wichS,8c I found they were fax degrees, 17. rninutes j from henfe and the former conftdera- tioa,I concluded, chat about two years after the QueHion pro- pounded , or fooner , he foould fenfibly perceive a mehosation wEiitte by means of a Wife, or by hiir own proper diligence »d iuduihy , and about i<54o. which, was fix yeers after the Option , he told bravery great trading a and live in exce- i|4 - , lent r<pwej bm <iwwy good F^siids^-Acquiitaihm^ ,yvbofe means , be lihould : urtortw^<Bibt«' <And the tfetfej whyj judged a^c^^ion otK*\V^^by .means ofFrwA was , becaufe $ is feated on the cuCp of q|fcetovemh hwft- which fignitieth r Iii»en#iBt , ^ c ^^^«W^ ,n ^ nta y<*M warily confer the nature of <the houfe wherein die appl«& on ok' your Sightficaiondtx, &c, as alfo, when you judge in^b Jnacure of things, contingent ^ you ,muft>meafure out thatwe when they flhall happen a^coidyig to reaibn » and mix Astamt Reafon together and not. coo much rely upon the gwssft rules of Art, for Idh te & a Scientia. ■ > ; . .v .• >V ;....'< ' \ - • •• Of that Planet or Planets imp editing the ejfetlin^ or perftrmmt ' ef what is demanded in ever/ Qu.*ftum t W. ... . , -. .. •■• .. •• 'A>. '■■•<* ' ■ ' ; It is confidcrable in all Demand*, that'youbcarefuUio know what that Planet is who. impedites th^J matter , orhfo. ders it , that it (hall take no effe& > and we may juftly ealthia Strong, HHrtfnllyDeftryery/ibfetferMcMte te °nely deftroya and perverts the nature of the Queflionk vvhen orheovifet would come to good condufion ; We receive judgment-kit- in from that PJanet with whom the Lord of the Aiccndukls joyned, or the Significator of the thing quefited after, whetht i fre:be the J>. her telf , or that (lie is partaker with thcLordof the Afcendant or no, or u.Sigmpcatrtx of the thing Demand- j ed.. : • In refolving this ,■ you rauft confiderdie Planet unto wtan the Signific/ttoroe tlie ^r</«r is joyried') lor.ths Sinijicanrfi the thing required,*' or thelVfanaobfeehow that Planetu | difpofpd ., and.unto whom heis joynecl,; foftif the Lord of tit j Afoendant , or 2" ,or Sigfrificmr of -the matter propounded^ joyned to an ervill Planet ^ e^l idh*p6fe<i; without reccptka; j vot if he be notnLdifpofedwbut joyneddtoah Jnfmwe , andbe -Ul p^fnofed , and;rorej*frbim<not pretrote&r he de(lru6ticnof the thing uuefitcd* *»■.? W... nv>Wvsii\ -m! ^-i*.r; i We : underflsind a Planet to be-ill difpofed , when ( . Renopade i C$rriHfi£*Mdentfw®LibR Afcdndant or houfeofne.j diingidcmaaded , fothat he beholds not the houfe , orattetf | tutord of the houfe , in this nmtc thetfptS toththodfeiw' Sttthcn to 0* lord thereof 5 feityftwi^toMIt* Dement, rmy properly be«ll4di>^/*ror0^r^#r,or ^fcinpediting. * ■ , . , , ' T^cbSSfcih* Sig*ifie«*ref rj>e Qifcrenr, or t fong fought. obfcff i if Recepti** interwen ; which U there be,it hgmhes the tcrfeftion of the matter , though with weatfuiefle and much lolidtation :' If no reoeptioa be, the matrer will cone to nothing , though there have been much probability of us per^ f °If Slan.-t who receives the Lord of the Afcendant or the I, or Lord of the thing Demanded, or the Planet who receives any of them, be free from misfortunes , neither receiving -or re~ ttlrtd, it the matter with faciliry. ' V • If tlie Pl-met to wh^ n the Lord of the Afcendant , or the i , or Lord of the matter foughtafrer , be free Iron xUtiuf mines, U)d ij jovned to any benevolent Planet who is m afpect wtrh a subolenti and heimpedited, and not receiving the former Kinet , the matter will not then be brought to perfection , or (OTjetoanyeoodcon.iulion. . . L A i. Doi you Hill materially confide if the -Planets afjxctsba without reception , for when they are in reception , things ; >re brought 10 pals, though with fome trouble ; ever conlidcrmg whether any Pliiiet doe Cut ofcv'tte Ifehr and venue of the Sipificators before their perfea 6 with an evill Planet; it iuch a tbing hipoen , it hinders nor, but tint the matrCr may. be jter- f,\<lediiui ic-co npltflied : but if no ablciilion of light intervien, whereby the malevolence of the /nfmifM UM)' be taken ort, the nutter is f rohibited, and will not be eft'ecke<l. Youmuihiotwithifanding judged Reception doe lnccrveejn wither it be^npt by.Q or <?. afpecV ; for , Jf ;i Plonrc bi cvill ufj ored, "then tha receptiqn i-tofireth nothing ^^De ltiK when he that is received id impedited : bur if reception be by * or A , you may conlider the matter will be effected ; or 11 Che Pkuw who receives be at that time well difpofed , litchfi rccc- A a \ lion bo by any rtunnerofi a%tt& * *W$w#er a pwrfornad, fe tfacafpfe&O oc^:; if tin* ilj^kAW*, it i^^oriiw&s thing* whwhcrthc $^i^4ft*be*c^^ dedxhe afpeftbc noo ieparired,bUt^pptoitig *j$f ?|ie ^^ rw be jovnid witba<*^^l»o^impiw554 *> w *»«g Nlbc pcrfc&ba. ^ •« v : .:-'S\r m >v o ... ■ ,-,<•, i If sny Phnet.tranfUtc tbo Ught;©*^^bctwiiit^^ wjfaiwand another* and beto\vho!Tyib*!ight ^<u U ^t^ an fnfMMHt ,afld tmpe<fccd#chs <Qi»e.non ujktt .< Jf the Signijiaver G/che.C^etojO*.^ pr^E theihingiookedafcd^ he joyned co/any Planet vv^oj* iods the Hghc of booh pimtt*, bsbe an /*f*r^* f °f •ofewi' mua , he detoyes the. matter * and routes p ja^t to be i<xpq. puuScdf unjeffe hjaafeb; receive, botfclite > i«K»r «©#4onfi onelyloi.ibtmvmnuw^ri'npJwK mattcr»ii| t}Qtj* Confide likcwifcwliether tlw Sijrmfic^r of the Querent be in the houfe of the thing defired , or going to 6 of M Lord, tins intimates the Quer^tis going to iheihing qucfuediftei,* if the $ignifif4t*K of t he rhing demanded be found in the Afcu- .da^'dfttaitefau^ ic imports the matter enquired of , or thkig dewed ilullcofne to the Qticrem V rcoe^ i>?jid other afpefts remaining in their proper being. ThisI tefalvdVftH^^ being* J,, fixed', 1 and ® irtit ;an<l ^inhfee)alcation,and, awl $dk?Difpo(itor of .6* ,4ndjche,2) iniV i *tinnj»n<j U.ible ; $itf> J judg^ a: ^ould pont^ue a,pl^fi^ttll cflatc , and thfctb: r fkheftGqd (hould bletfe, J^^cljalfy .j-youl^ be germane ot ) mean, be would (HU have a coir^nc #rtune , and not wre- fluked to; poverty or wajkrl . . i ' , J the Anrtfdonfe of : the" Winers co^Vematk little uferf b this Figure , beca-uTe nOiile of^theritfett ex^Iy either upoatjv: cufpof .any materUU houfe, or with the exaft degree of a] - ■ , y A Planet i ft ? t^^^*^ed»at unity betmxr 3S* th Id* ihl&ii^^tor^.rhat houfe s diHurbed Lbv S C ry.mti,or fomeyicesot blemtmej at tall ytote 9S& £ in Hlttottation, yet the foreftidCon.rontucton xZ&mMtem^** Friends ,1 dehortcdhifn ttom iS^irfi hirnl fdr airtUcH^il^ ^fcttbe thii PlanW MAnv art- the Beoiandi wlijcb may be #& mawriairof them , and wNb nattily doc WW h«a« their cwditiw».g«?d or J>ad > Of ftf.»&ort "" A ' "*A a" » CHAP. C H A P. XXIX.. If tht Qjitrm mA hk Brother, Neighbour hr Sijfer jkMlqut HPHe lord of die Afcctidihc is fop Kma ; I hit ' asjc Jj t Qgeft,'
  • on , the Lord of the third Tor the Brother , Shie r or Nc^i
hour quefited after.. \>i If the Lor J of the tbitd lie a bsnevdjent )Pj.m?tjOr if he k in the Ai>enJant>or. if a forunute Pi net bpdn the third, or iMj, Lord of the third and Lord of 'jhe/^jcdnda/ic Ik j in* or & &fpc.& within tlie orbs-ofeiiherPknct ,or if they .be mimitinjl reception , or if the Lord of the third caU his #-.o; A iQtlis ojfp of the Afcemfaqc , or Lorddf (he ;A&eiubn€ can" his.frw . A t° the third lioufo ; ther,es then-no. doubt but unity and cou- ,i ord will be bitwixt the Querent and Brother , "Siller , Nei^h- bouf or Ktnftnan quefurcd after; if a F«rtw;c be in die Atuuubc or the Lord of the Attendant behold the etifp of the i hi.-d ; jiyj the Lord of the third doe not fifpecl either the Aic'eiulutt, or be in afpett with the Lord thereof, you may jud^e rhe Querent to be of $;ood condition ? and there >v ill be no deuuk in hivn'i but* that the defect will be inthe Brother., Silk- r , Neigh- bour , or Kinfmari tfuenred*.fter $ when either f? or o cr^' ?rc locally pliced in the Arceiidnit , it fhewsthe Quor.-uc evill conditioned , and the fault in hi r. , but if you fiiul Mt\ h or 13 in the third , uiiltfle in their own cilentiah Digai- tier's an a ffntec! evidence the Querent fluYl expect ! u c 1c m*\. fiom his Brethren > Siller , Kinred or Neighbour > .tod^O*!* they are Peregrine , Retrograde or Combiiil > or inatn'tw volent configuration with any other Planet ; for ihouji ac ife 1 pefent time of the cjueHion, there is appearance of unity >y«  will iV not continue, but ufually morraH hatred or untowjij ^rtltiiblingdothaftctwafdarifc. When Tj is in the third , otp , it fignifles the Neighbour* are Clowns, the Kirired f ovetous aneffparing ; if d } then Kimvd-are irecherous , Neighbours thee vifh j and this mollaf- furedly when cklier of them are but of theit Dignities c0W; ■ \\Si V '; . , " ' . I' * > Of a Brfiihtr.tbtfjs (thfou ' ' . • . * ..... Tiii Afcendant and hi^i.ord'are the Querents Significato,-, the ci:fp of the third houfe^ fball be-.cbe AAcendam of the Bro- ther tint ii abfeqe> th&iourch the ibfents houfeof SisbHance, sndfotn order. ■ ; Coniidcr in what condition tbe.Lpr^ of , the third is in , and inwlwc houfe,- and how thel^aijets <Jo afcec^ hf!n,.ajid-whwhet . bibdin the alWc^:b f f t|^-g^p(l!of evtll Planer.-} , andiwiuc that iipe&if they 'hiVte to'e.vhother , o; whether thay are incorpo- rill CbDji'iittipri:;' for if the Lord of the third be in the t!u'rd # , ami tho unfortunue Pi.jiie^.lvive no-D or d 3 afpeit unto hi n, jtoffliy judge the Brother is in health ; but if tlie maliynuu, Wfljets- behold lnnx With a D or'd* , without reception v .you i:n/f.\y v the Brother lives is in health , but he is in jjicat per- ploxiiy , Jiicontent'. aiid fprrow ; but if they behold hi n wirh ihealbrefaid afpee^s, and be in retv|jtiot>,you m>\y fiy,rhe Bror ifcer is in "teat dillreffe 3 but he will with eafe evade it , and free [.iaifclf. from iris prefent Dd condition : but if thj fortunate Pbn'tsbehold him with a^for Aspect , without reception^ (fjvith a C or ^ w^ch reception , yqu may, judge the Bro h.r ii in good health and is well content tpitay in the phce k then is . if the fo;tumte Planets biliold him.wuh^f- or A Jiviwkh reception , you may tell the Querent his Brother is in fcolth, and vv.intJ».not|iing iri thiVyvorid to make hinhtppy : but if m Lcrdxrf the t li'rd bj in the fourth , whi,h is his own laoml I otiR: , Withcuc the af^ct of the malij;nuit Planets , In cnXovonis in get aii ISftnic or' fortune in th^t.Goiimxy. where* iulToijj th-timc of the erecting tlie Scbeim ; but if the Lord oi the third be in 'theftifth houfe , and is joy ncd with the Lord cftbs f.fdi houfe, with reception of a Fortune 01 notj as long lik 1 Lord o,' the lifth houfe l^ not impedited m any grievous iu-nnei , it's an argument the abichr .Brother is in health > is jo* c>.nd and .nerry, and well liketh the convertation ot' tlicmen ottlur Country where he is : if he be ,a fortune with whom the fcgnifbeor of the Bitot her is in 6 With , or in X- or A With lotion, yon may then more fafely prouowice rbs Brotlier to Aa x be ft* 0* '^^ief^M^^ ^ . be itt aeoodconilttioiv ; ycttf the tor<Mf the third b? iatfe fifch,vmd of cburfc, orb'pcrfca^withinyof ;cheinfen^ nita Planets , wichjut . reception , .and thofe dmonuiuteJjjE.- &fcs be rhemfetVesf^dited i iA argUiTtett tte abiem the* is imiifpofed in heUch, cwiy.and notcpntertvdihft; ace where he is : If you ffofcthi Brtfc&f *fi£ftmcuor int«hci Wes which ,,re lutmlfy iU"f »>che hxth ^jgiuh^lM^ hoafes *re) then hjUnoc.weU^icd* hue yet rto -hurt 0 10 j?thg Brother's Sij^rtcatti? be found in tHsc^tich h6utif,& is either corporally , or by * of A afcfl ;^ n f U K: f |f?' v dii may judge the Brorher is hoc vety Wei, yet nbt to tit, Ac fteneed any thing doubt of hUweUbcin&j however .hi liui-; ^ he be jo? ned to evilt Planersby bid afp^tynd ofctfifr] fat 'hoafe, the abfenc Brother is frirtf ii ;the£ftie |Wftj) ' - — ft • I % . ft .. ... n k Wa..-ft .'TfU Lord of the third bi; rttf'wtflithd^rdoi ,tne cipwn^wj mity } burn you find his Signili^tofiii tbi ic^mh , fay.feH in the fame Country in wfuch he went , and not yetgNK* of k,h«icOmbue$tr^re-i<ateh*ef or Sp)burhcr,»niKW j cordis tC hkqttltityi , V^i^Voy^bfoaK journey i H cepekm . sri in |lj»e Cpunuef ^ratals , if iti «pd effiqution into* iii a credible way » 'but if Kc\bc>^ied to the intor- v or in por #'bf them, .why o^etwayes be impe- M by ihcmr or Co>iPu(l ia tbe ten* y\t any be feared he iwlsfot HorfesVor great Cattle » is turned drafter ,oi»s Ma- lta tf -a Hone, •■aitfloftli^.?Dfpveiof Cattle, oronetlm aVsCactletoWar^ accordu^fp f quality of thepcrion 1 BOiitof •ifter. , . „. . rt . , 1 If he he linfbrtimatc in trie twelfth, win bad afpeavvub ! ifccinfortun^orin afpeft Witluhe Wi of ih3«ight,or Com- M< the mm is difcontent . and doubts he, Minever fee hi? Cotmrcy again j and we If he for its probable he will dye j '^he be in thtfrif, the able nt Brother Is frolick andiner- | it , jndextKar/i well plcMfed wh^ehe is ; and they much love aJfefpetV: him where he k' , , If be be in the fecond,its fcrobabl? the man can by no means (Mtt'WayVctthv'he ft detained & piiibner , orbthdonc ffi'&h aa as that he Is not wjwble of coming away ; yet if tle'Signihcuor be Retrograde , he will, make hardfhttt toe- fcipcvvhctt .w opportunity is offered. ; Ih.wb^nfomcwiiac rripre tedious m this juc^ernem , ner lc k is js a Key to.'aH thft reU : Po: if any aske of their I ttec bwos abteut Viet the fcurth Houfe be the Afcer/iant of an, anU fo run rouid th^ twelve Houfe s in your judgement fot'thdudur ,as you have d6ne for the Br ot Ik r , ever having | ^Consideration, that tl« fccoad Houfe from the ^fcendint of wit Qiieluon', is the fubftan^c'<?^ 1 '-he lujefited j kIk thir^l fewitbat dull fitmilk hisBxetljif A i ' tU* fouith ks Jrather ; It • b - • ' -• ' - mqifiry 1*1 . The Xtfdptk* t/ ui 4 uiry be made for 4 Childe , or Son , or Baugbt*;' Af«t k tb I fife Houie U thiir.afcendinc ; the iixt their fccond Houfti ,tbt| the fcventh their third, &c. , ' r. 4 ft one aske of 11 Servant t jcbcfixchoufe ii his Hnl hpufitot 1 Afcendanc ; the (ranch his fe'eond or Hcufe, of Subllmcc, id 1 to orderly as is before ;lbcctfcd ; .arid yon mull imdcrtli^^ f auhottglrrary Houle hath hii n*t: f eight Hotite and twclfkM Hour/, vet in ev^ry one. quefted after, th; i)xt.Hou c QftkEJ gnre thaill^.nihe hii inrir.nity ♦ the eight hi; deuh , tli; twelfth bis unprhonmenrj onrly you muit kno\.V how- to vjryvoet Rules, wherein" prinaodly comics che Miiter-pe^co of t*i Art. OfRtfm**, NervSyintcnigWyO? Whtfor trut it'e, or in what fine* iti befi t9 t*kf them ? IVht- ther they figwfic £<wW or cvill ? The manner of undemanding this Queflion , .nvltikinjt in ks proper lenie , isdivcrfly related by the An. ientj ; fo tome would make, thefe, like QueUtons to belong to dw lift I Houle i other* > to certain Lord* of tnpUcitie> , !ming<M n inicn in the Siuni attending or defcendingon theCfrpil of the third or- hit Houfe. which I have- found en* }y| experience favour wo^uil lace faidtijne*of War ) it I found the » in iheafce.idam , tenth, eleventh or ih*i I Houfc, icperatcd by a benevolent afpe&fton any PianA ( * he Lord of what Houte foeverj and then applying by A,«  d co the Lord of the af.endanc ; I fay, IdidfiiideilKKpflj or rumour cnie > but; alwaves tending to the good of the Pji«  lumew , let the report be good or ill ; but if at the mwo: c-l acting the Figure , the i> ^applyed to the Lo;d of the ic*ih| by :.ny good aff ea , 1 was fure we had the wortt , an d out cn:«  mics t lie victory : if the }> was void of coujfe the Newij iheir favourable * or to the- degrees-ending , t ha .New I was faUe, and reported oi purpofe to affright us. l-crthciiwi i ..Ve the <33S?t"<W*4nrf the hour when I ^J,f* e ^^the rO'wiur ' ano^ook that moment V* another P ro r 'JdWk ttottotwtv pafticle of Uourwhenitwasfro- ftee fpeech 1 or fiaye fen? w P fP„j'3. 1 M; t'^A» whwhsr It Will bz priiu ^1 ^...fc r report of any k Will be prejudiciall to S 8 l4 or no , then fee whether U or 9 be in tne Afcendant, hlfoiTiivof their eflentiallDign eies, Sdof S eleverith; you may then jud^the news 1 1 fuch fliift receive detriment there- KutVyoK theLordof theiixth, eighth or twelfth \ LTii the Afcendant, or in bad afpeft to the Lord of the S t or M R«kr«U in the Afcendmc,or in an eviU SS theLord of thf Afcendant , or calling their □ or <P. degree afcending , chen the Querent flu rccejve Sdice by th! news he hear* , if it concern hi . n o: her fe f ; ffi concern the Common-wealth, fome dimmage hath ^4 o t r heir MWers or Parries : if ft ^ f ^ fif rh -ir poor Count rev-friends have been plundered lolt K a^d Cattle; ff ^^^^.JS^J Si is cut off • if S > fome of their Letters have mi carried ! , or tte e b, the Signiticato, tte P f myjU SroCanmanderincluef is iniomedmreft,8cc. ii Uor hAuulVlu^ tals on fo, Gentlemen, ^/^j* 1 ^ Juke pare with them. Herein vary your rules according tpxlfc. If Rumours be tru* or falft, according f» Ancients. I rft'n^-tr rW> Lord of tlie Afcertdant and the 5 r , and fee Wint home and fixed %k,,omgo^^*fl*«teft* l:;%U« Runouts are true and vjry good, buttt youfiil dm. W<t the Afcendant afflitledby t& ^"J. ?JS He. you muft judge the tontt^rhough he be fitong uuh. Sign wherein fie is. RutioursaKfcrdwHioftjpatitnieiife! chc Angles of the Figure are of fi*edSips 3 *fc*i the D and ? in fixed Signs , fcparating (torn the Jnfmmx^ and applying ro a fortunate Wane*, fhari manyA^fe. m Rumours hold true , if the Angle* of thefounh and ceuh in* be fixed, and the D received in them i Ifay, tb*y will be in fa* fbrc verified: If you hear evill news or bad Bpottj , wfawe unlucky intelligence , yet if ether of the &ri*>#t be in the Af. cendant , or the 5> unfortMnace , k's a ilrbngiffgitmem rfeR*. mours ate f?lfc, and that; th^y will r^urn rather togoodchco ctiU : The Retrogfadation of or rje any other Way atflt&ed,* of that planet to whom the » applies , or to whom 5 a^fes, and above all, if either of thofe two be Lords of the Afccndwr, doe iignifie the ill Rumours {hall *anifh to nothing .indM be cou^rtcd to good jif the Lord of the Afaendint be under the 0 Beams or Comburt , the matter is kepi feefct , and tew ftuB ever know the truth of them. ' Of Cf/mccQor j4<hic< given, whttkv h St for Gcd or Evitt* Sometimes a Neighbour, Kinfman or Friend takes oedkn to come vifit their Friends , with intention and pretentions give 1 hem good advice , or perl Yvatfc them to fuch or frch a ma- ter, &c. if you w ould know, whether they intend really, yea of no , crea your Figure for the moment of time when hrit t>| begin to break their minds' unto youjthen cbniidei if rliere bcia the Medium C'aJi> or tenth houie a fortunate Planer, zk, @U or ?, or elfe f t ,or the 5 applying to the Lord of the Aicewk'i then judge they come with an honeft heart , and the advice day
  • ive is intended for your good .- If an lnf»rtn»e t viz.. ^ 6* or J,
rhey incend deceitfully ,and are lyars. H*Iy doth further itiufy that if rhe Sign afce»ding be a moveable Si^n , and the lad of the Attendant , and D in moveable Signs , he is a utvhei** Fellow, and comes with deceit to entrap thee. hint: btuommuilldifcord.svwnglmgandj.inglmg.Kc. Of.<Qmt fancy, If j>»At' *>,)>* "» i M > ndj/ intended. By a (Wt loumey 1 intend , twenty , thirty or ferty miles, oi [o '.ton ones home , as .i- m w go anu on lellonthenext; now if k. K-il iv.r vnu to eo . vea or nor : herein conuder the Loro oi fcSffi. P^o-dingth: QiielUon, and Boa* fee if he be fwiftor flow, to motion , or in any of the Dignities of the Lord of the third, otpliced in thcthird , or in a or d either with the Lord of the third , or with a Benevolent PU- nct pofited in the third or if the » aoplv to the Lord of the third , or to any Planet pofited in trie third » ? or be in the third, or call her^arpearothe Signs afcendtog,>ot her D in Sign* of (hort afcenfions , in any houfe whatfoevcr 3 or if flic b« fwift in motion , all , or any of thefe are 'arguments , 1 that the party {halt go his (hort Journey , and with good fu*<*& j and if you would know to what pare of Heaven the place iyethNYtethec he would go, confider the Sign of the third houie , the Sim wherein the Lord of the third is,and wherein the P is, and jucfec by which of them is ftrongelt in effcntiall Dignities wherete isjifthe prinapallSknificatorbein a Northern Sign , thenhii Journey is intended North ; >and fb«f the reft , with their d* limitations. ■ " }Yh<rt mi ahftm Bmhcr not & I uummbtr i<$45. *Citi?erVof Urim being gone lithe Weft of Bng JUftahd nd news for many weeks ywherc hewas,WspwaBrothctwithgreatimpor- Sty moved mM\&**Y )« d S mcnt I itefc Particulars* * < 1 4. wtfafciviM^totoi CHAP. XXX, I THE Afcendant dotfc bete reprint . the fliipe and form 1 02 him that asked the Qucltion, with confide rat ton had to hLord of the Sign j and asEoch the Sign akendmg and Lord thereof are of a dry quality and nature^ was tlie £Wr/* 3 lean, fwre otbody, and areaU.%«W«f ipat, fitc. . 1 S Is the Xfcendanc of the third Houfe, and* being Lady of the ten , did reprefcnr the abient Brother , or party uiqui- Kd after : the *> in regard fce neither applyed to one fignih- i oor or oih;r , had not rhuch eo do in tha Qi^uon , 1 mean in dcfcriiHicn of the. parties.' ■ ! For as mucbas* fianincatrix of the Qnefited is no marine. I cfw^yatlliacd either by 2- who is Lord of the eight iivtne h- orc, or bv S Who is Lord of theeigk as to the afcendmt dibi audited, and that the feparationof the » was good, ' tu. to a A dexter of and her next application to a 6 of 0,uix)n the Cufp of <Mt&xml % *W judged the abfent Kro- i Air was alive and had no manner of cafualty happened urco him , but was in good liealth. Having judged the man to be ilive,th^rc needs noproceediug to judgement of the rett ol tne xv . tk Bejelntk* if wftptbw pf km'x ' 1 Ytw fce $ is t«ly of tfttthifd, andTifcioniof the At. cfcndartc r if- you cenlictet tbeSi&Hs.tfiiyare in', and the,fevi> rail degrees of each Planet in the Sign ; youftwll obl£rve,tk as wejl the $tenjfaatoi;of the,abt£nt Brother , whoi^, l5 Tl Lord of the Attendant, doe apply to each other by a fifcndi A A ft^^ thqugb' a pomteTousPranec , yechcmj? Retro- grade and in more degrees of the Sign then 9 , doebby Retro* Querent (liould hear news of his Brother very ludcfcofy ; indif you look into tru JEfbemeris <f KijM^m^S' ^^' I you (lull finde the true time Of the A^ffcec* Betwixt Ti indf at five, of the clockthe lame day the Queltion was wkd in the afternoon; but wjt;h reduction tqov^London tJMtrlM little after four .-. I therefore aHvifcdtk Querent to go to the Cxrricrs of chofc Countries where he knew his Brother lud teen >and aske of them wten ehey ftw the<juetited • forltoM him, it was probable he (hould liear of him that wry day ; upon the reafononejy becaufc theSignificatoriOe both pauwsma by atriendly ^.HcbMhfiwtc^dm^Km<^ Jmtht very moment ofwrKfaXhHiffa&CArrfocrt b* mi^Hni bfrrmexthMhVfrtbtr *** ihMfb *tJliv»f His Tourney was into the mff ; at time-of the auction I fed $ the qUeiitW his \-Si&ific«ri» , le*vinfe Nftth-eaftty and encrme " Vf a SoHth&gtr> whereupon £ jiKlgedhewaJ» theSouth-e^ part of ; rhae County tuttawhteh tew«t«r«H ^ a .... - j.^- £t* **r«A±*Aa/%tM t\i* ACc&ndmf . 0t!tff3 4^f ***i«r rf Jtetpto**. w rA his own lioufe in Ww* , wherein he had good propriety ; 5 he iftt*ltWw*w.4ea one week ; for /;is a itf- tfWrff< I/.«rt»^%n» aadbnc decree in that Signed in the wk of this xpfcettdn, mig^.^ri AioceaWalr, But he caine^mMhfe Allowing, ne rouiwuig* when the: 5 came wtkhody dP^Mbeit^then got into W to her ownTtrmt,. jndintoiher ditfr*rf&$m?* ft , , . i , Th're being an fa^blc afpe& betwixt the two Brothers ««.:fir,*n« . T> ahH 'a, thel'c two Brothers alwayes did, G H A P. XXXI. 7f a 'itytn? common Runmr-\tert Trite In the ycer 1643- Hi* ^jefties Arrr>y being theft fow^wr, leverall Reports were given out,that his Ma- jefty had taken CnmifrMge&w wei-atfeaed perfon en- quires of me i if the News were true ot fdlfe ? Where* upi I eicfled the Figure enfuing , and gave Judgment AS that m heard tits untruth ^ dridthd ibe Tmvfi neither jw, srjhoHld betaken hyHhn '1* Ms Sirtts. n „ ..... TO n, 7.s ano enrrp^^n t caigir t> , l&fteiftheWlfijsiiic^ by Trttfokj mz*m, ] man ms leavihg *e Getmcrey an^phce where he^i^ roftflj wherein he had no PoiTeffion or Habitation , andwaJWJ too The ItfiutU* #f Rntrt rkCAMiRiDGn w*t*(* h K W Ferccs i if true ? FIrft , I contend chic the Andes were all fee * did vitiate thecufo of & tenth . , and * th.cufp«  the feventh, one argument the Report was ; filie. A?cendanc, W*. eleventh, entanglus)^ afflicted by Q of T» i 1 far the > feparaung » • fffi the fe«nth and transferring hi Ughc and «m « ■ «  gave me reafen to expect, that there would come gopJ to »,«  "S^ft oSoXn propounded , rtqfrr * ^i^SsU-nonhethirdisafriutfullSign. . SVtaem the Lord of the child U poUted , .safrmcfull I ^'AoDli-stoS.whoisplacedma fruitfuUSkn.asyoumay . A PP lts '°«Xh-fe SinsaK noted Prohhcal, or Signs to m Sphere all tb& ^n* are n [he ,- ffl „o ;«"'«l"'" e h v '^SUh BnOcn and Sifters ,or tf , low ouiiv i i.iui , Maftulme Sign , and in » Planet, Angular, and in a Sue %n and Houfe, it's an argument of tie ***** > toga B.other or Bm^"- dia of thc certain num- Wffi too nice a toint m Arh}0 P rta r\ _ • 01 ,„„ r ,i| i... te.fcl, weonelyuatettdto ^f»^J^^ta ing'th: ■lifpoling an<l dete.muvu.on of that certain nun.b.«  V,%.>V„n'.v of the Querent , and <J Lord o ki„/i,;s. s „s of .he fame nature .and » a P P m gj* winSfcns of flvirt alccnuons, toy , J ni <<rx- ! an:,Lon;or J and umcy bitwixc tins <^ cccn ' ; , , j u in ! inJb' wiu him and teh Brodiers or Site as he liquid hav. i tor, Cc Of tt< Xefrltttm if Of the fourth H o u s e , and the Judgment depending thereupon. this it the Houft tf Parents > of Lands , T tnements > He rtditamwts 5 Olhs , T urns y Fiflagcs , Farmes , A/**- flours^ CaftUs^Trttfart-trwcfr if any thing hidin\k CHAP. XXXII. T » find; m thing hid tr miflaid. BE carefidl to take your Afcendanc exiAly, and confab rfc nature of the Que (Hon, vt*» whofe Goods,or to whom tte thing miffing , or ioit , ot enquired after , didappemin ; if the Goods be the Querentsrown Commodity, then fee zo the lord t)f the fecond 5 if ic belong to his Brother or Sirter , th;n hi\; regard to the Lord ©f the fourth ; if to the Father , the Lord of the fifth j if to the Mother, the Lord of the eleventh,^, and fo in order , according to the nature of the Party who propofeh the Queftion. If you find the Lord of the fecond in any Angle , youttij judge the tiling lort, hid, or miffing , is withm the houfc of fcfcn that demands the Queition ; and if the Lord of the fecond beb the Afceiidant , or in the Sign wherein the Lord of the Afen- dint is , or in one of his houfes , you may judge the 1 hiag is in thac part of the houfc which he rrimfcff moil frequents , «  wherein he doth molt abide , or is conve riant , or where hirAIr layeth up his own Commodities , or fuch things as ho moSds- Jights in; but if the Lord of the fecond be in the temh houfe/n'j then iii rusShop,if he be a AfechMtic^i a Gemlrmwh h-sHall or Dining-room ; if a Husband-man , in the ordinary roomofhishoufe, or firft room after entrance into hoi:.;- If the Lord of the fecond be in the feventh , it's in tint prt & the. houfe where hisWifc, or liisMaid-ferv«ncsh<vj:no;iw . • . . Tk t te Lord of the fecond be iu the four* , it's where t Vo a of the houfe doth lodge , or formerly did niol lk or a the middle of the houfc, or in the mot ancient , J ° either his Father^ fome ancient man CO o- tVpwawr number ot the ™»* f ' h ' f Si. in (P f* doth concurre, the thin* tsludmthe Laves, rt , ' r nir r of ihicboufc or roome where it is , o: on K?,; a! S r , d if .helhing W be in the Held , or kh , ' or Orchard , it s higher then the ordmary P«W>4, V££ in'UhUl , or part of due ground , or hangs upon i g£Sgf£* flrong.and in watry S^, if* jojnin-A lo^ethcrof two rooms , and is h.g ur ot Iowa F lU^dingtot!«n««r^eheS : gn,^c. ,J A , then North-call ; if between t „c uu u, . , ~ .:ntl,, : hen Norch-weit : if between the tenth houfv. and th- le eve: , I have not foundtfc judgment ve.y ex * 4 ,o wkI a more eert.m. manner , and* fo; ,fc t4aJ y difcoverv ot hndine out .my tbmg m.(U.d o. M i«4 toptutk* tf miffing in a houfe, and not {{olen j and it Was thus.* Firft,I confidered the Sign afcending , it's nataire, the aiwrur of Heaven it fanified. 1 Secondly, what Sign the Lord of the Afcendant was in, The Sign of the fourth houfe. The Sign ihe Lord of the fourth was in. Whit Sign the J> was in. The Sign of the fecond. The Sign the Lord of die fecond was in. The Si^n (£ was in. I conhdered the quality of the Sign , as to fbew whit m of the houle it was in ; I mean , what quarter , whether Eiii, Weft , Nordi or South , according to the greater number of te- Ihmonies : and you mull know , for things lolt , outbid, or fa- gitives , thefe are the true quarters of Heaven the Si»ns u>ifc VEafi^Eufl undbyNtrthytEuftandbySwh. * & ftift, it mfi by South, sa mft by Nmh. © North, m Nmh by £«fr, X Nmh by mfi % VT South, « South by ttr South by mjK Having found the quarter of Heaven , the nature of the Ski fliewed me alto the quality of the place in the houfe, vk. «iy Signs , above ground ; fiery Signs , neera Wall or Partition; earthly Signs, on the Floor; watry, neer a moiil pJacein rneroome, &c. A few experiments I know may barer this Judgment. I have fometimes in merriment fet a preiem F- gure, and by that dilcovered in what parr of rhe home th Glove, Book, or any thing elfe was hid, and found the rule very tme. ; CHAP. XXXIII. Of Buying und Selling Ldudfj Hcufcs, Farms, &f Give the Afcendant and Lord thereof, andPbnscfroi whom the D is feparated, to the Querent or Buyer. Give the feventh houfe the Lord thereof , and the Placet to Whom rhe D applies, to the Seller. Civt All mtnntr ef gteflhHs, 20 j frr the fourth houfe , the Planet therein placed , and the 3> jnd LorJ of the fourch houfe,to the Houfe^Gromid or Mannour to be bought or purchafed. . Let ch5 tenth houfe, a Planet or Planets pofited therein, an ! Lord oi that houfe iignifie, the Price , that is, whether* mil be fcl dm? or dear. .
  • If yoa find the Lord of the Attendant and Lord of the le- if Agree.
vn-hitKmv amicable afpec>, the Lord of the levenrh applying to the Lord of the Afcendant , you may judge the Seller Inch p%i will to fell and to deal with the Querent or Buyer ; and it* lb* Si nijii Jtors be in any eflentiall Dignities upon this their iprlkanon or tranfUcion of %hc ; or their application be by i l it's then probable they will agree and conclude upon the tmhde with little labour : it the application or tranflation of frhc be by □ or cP , the two Parties will at lafi bargain, but with r.'.my words, and probabilities of breaking otV, .md after niuc h exvvnce of time. Conhcfcrahb, if the Lord of the Afcendant or the » apply to tlv- Lo:j of the fourth , or the Lord of the fourch or the i> to th: Lord of the afcendantr , and whether onely the Lord of the fourth apply to the Lord of the afcendant , and he receive ton in any of his Dignities , or if the Lord of the afcendant be inthe fourth , or the J>, or the Lord of the fourth in the afcen- dint , then lndl the Party enquiring, buy the Houfe or Inheri- ting at that time in queltion. Bjc if this dwelling in houfes be not , yet if the D transferre ihc venue or lis>ht of the Lord of the fourth to the Lord of rhe afcendanr, iba BarguJue will be concluded ,but rather bv Mef- fcnser< or Brokers , then by the perfonall treaty of the two principal 1 zA gents. If there be no application, or tranllition, or transferring the li : ;ht of one Planet to another , ic's not like there will be any BargAin concluded. Of thegoodnefs orbadnefs of the Land or Houfe. If you find in the fourth houfe the two Infortunes , very po- Houfe or ient,or peregrine, or if the Lord of the fourth be Recrogade Lsndgood Cc j ox or ill. Qj*.<!lt) of the grwid. to6 Tkt Xifolutht tf or unfortunate , or in his Fall or Detriment, 'twill newr couti. nue long with your Polterity. But if either U $ or J^be in die fourth , or the Lord of the fourth in his own houfe, t>i*. in the fourth, the cpmrchaftrtns] expe& good fuccefs in the Land or Houfe now in buying , a»l chit ic mav continue a long time with lus Polleriiy , ami it's an argument', he fhall have good enereale for his Money by tk Bargain. , If ic be amble Laud, and you would know the nature of ir, make che afcendmt the Si^ficAttr of the Taunts , Husbiai- men, and Farmers occupying it. , The fourth home (hall iignifle the condition aniaiturtof the Soyl,its form and condition j or of a Houfe or Houfcs.wbeo the Qiieilion is for them. The Angle of the Welt (hal fignifie the Herbage ttiereof^nJ tlie qualicy and qu.>ntity,but the Midi*** C*Ii is iignliier of the Wood, Trees and Plants growing thereupon. n- *, If an /*/«n*j»r poilefs the Afcendant , the Tenants or Oca* l€***tspoa . ^ j u ^ j^jj^u t and unwilling the goodnefs of the ' r 14 ground (hould be difecvered : if a F*rr«/* be in the Aiccndw, jud^e the contrary , -Stx*. the Tenants are honett men , anddw oive, and will give the Land-lard content > and .will love ha beiides, and are content to hold what chey have already, andco occupy the Landitiil .• but if an infortunate Planet be in the if- cendant, and Direct, the Tenants will purloyne the Woodsy wear out theverttic of the land ; but if he be retr^ude, ifie Tenants will put the land upon the Land-lord/* wil mn awy. or throw up tneir Leafes. , ' If a fortunate Planet be in the Mid-he*vc* ,an.i Direct, u/ there is good Timber upon the ground , and good ilore ; it Cx Fortmebe retrograde , judge there are many Trees , but to: Timber, and thole lopt,or chat of late tkzStBer lutJi fold a* ny, or made much ffoil thereof, or that the Trees arc nwd> decayed , &c. if an Infcrtttnc be in the Median* Cu.h , Dlw > there'* then but few Trees; if he be tetrograde,tay;tb* Cour.::; people have ftoln, or made grwt watte thereof. -But if no Planet bein the j^Jkwwtfee'to the Lord oft* houfe , if he behold it with a good afpetf , and be in any oi * 0^ 3 ground. do not behold the Mid-heaven, either there is little or no Wood or it is worch nothing ; if the Lord of the tenth be Or/- am! /and behold hU own noufe > the Trees are young one?, cfihsWoodof fmall growth, or there are Copfes : but if the Lord of the tenth be Occidemd>md in the condition beforefaicf, Trees are of more growth, and the Wood is ancient j and if the Lord of the tenth be then Direft, the Trees are found , and will continue lb a long time ; but if he be retrograde , there's nuny Trunks and liollow Trees amongft them. Haiin^ confidered whit precedes, confider the Angle of trie \Vea,oMhe feventh houfe, which will declare unto thee the jijre M uality of the Herbage , or fmaller Plants of the pound : for if you find either U or ? > or the Lord of the fe- with in die fetenth , it's an argument the Land yeelds plenty d Grafs, Corn, or what is feafonably required from it ; if an be there, judge the contrary, &c. In confederation of the property of the earth , have refpect Q^dlUy 0 f to the fourth houfe, and Sign of the fourth , for it V SI or J be ,/ ;( , oQikcufpof the houfe, it's a hilly, mountainous, dry and hard piece of ground , or a great part of it is fo ; if cic her nc orv/be on the cufp of the fourth , the ground is plain , cham- pion, and excellent Palhirage, or good for Grazing or Tillage. If n & or , it's neither very billy, or very plain, but there isgrounds of both forts , and in nature part of it is good , and pw not fo ; if S w or K, then there is no doubt but there is low c retcy River , Rivolet, or good ltor.e of Water. You nuit tor the perfca knowledge of the quality and na- ture of the Soyle , obferve this generail rule , Tliat if an Af#r- be in the Sign of the fotuch , Retrograde , or in bis Fall or DirrLnen: , the Land (hall partake highly in the infelicity that Pima Unifies ; as if be the cufp of the fourth, and pUed therein , and is cither Retrograde, or arHiaed by fome other Misfortune, you mny confidently aver, tlie ground is r troubled with too mu h Water , or it's Boggy and unwhollome> fUl of Ions rufhy Grafs, 8cc. And if the Land lye neer the Sea, you may fear the excurfion fif the Sea , ox adjcay in the Sea-b,mks , ot it is fubject to be ' over- C hi ftp 9T Hear. ao8 The RifiUthi* *f overaown with the River or Water, Sec. if Ti affliaaficry Sign in the fourth , the Lind is barren , ftony , hungry, mm . tainous , yeelds no profit without infinite labour , wants water, for it's naturally barren , producefrlittle Grafs : If h aiM ik Sign of « , by his prefence there , or any of the humane Sign?, w*. ^or«», by hisretrogradation, that Sign bein^t hi cufp the fourth > there's yet defect in the goodnefs of theUni and ill Husbands have for mcrly managed it unthriftily : Kb: be unfortunate in an earthly Sign , upon the Si$n of the fourth , the Land is good , bnt the prefent Occupiers give icnoc its due Tillage , or are not in the right way in their mamginj it , they are idie , lay , flothfull , penurious ,and unwilling to bellow cod upon it jbelides , it's an heavy clay ground , and tie Farmers underlltnd not the nature of the SoyJ, &c. This is known by the Lord of the tenth , fox if he be An°u. lar , Direct , and lhong in eflentiall Dignities , the price will he high, and the Seller will put it otf at dear rates ; but it' the Lord of the tenrh be cadent , combuft , retrograde , flow of motion, atfr&ed, then th; price will not rife high. If St begad to hire or tike the Farm* Houfe or Landdejrred. Give theafcendant,and his Lord, to the perfon of liunihil would hire a Houfe, or take Lands. Let the fev^nth houfe , and his Lord, iignific him o: her tk hath the letting or felling of this Houfe or Farm. Let the tenth houfe, and the Lord thereof, iignirie rhc Prott which may arife by that undertaking. The fourth home , and Planets therein placed, fliall ikw tx end which Hull en.ue upon taking , or not taking the fte, Land or Farm, 8cc. be it whit it will be. If the Lord of the afcendant (lull be in the afcenchm o:S:£i afcending , or {hall have a * or A afpeft unto the Sum aiani- ing, but more propsrly to the degree afcending, within tK moyety of his own Orbs , or if in the afcendant there bj ; fif r*w, whether e&mUlly dignified or nor, or if ©betto placed , and not impedited , it's an argument or teUinony tte •s no matter which he come unco you. oibve other party , for he nottimgac anuw. ™ ; »--»s--' ^ n S oonWed what belongs to the w; rmwdw \£ to o take aLeafe, ha« now recourfe tothe fevemh houfe, XrJ th«,of , for him that (hall let it : If you find the Lord 3* itnth in the feventh or plhng a benevo tagrf to Vnroof the houfe, or find a fortunate Planet th-rein, the keep hU word with you, yon gull nave what you 'with hLfor,.buthe will r h 5^ t t r tefevemh \i m Infmmt be to the fetenth,and not Lord ot tne teventn J ifSTof the Covenants andCondttions to be drawn tovii yo« . th°Land-Iordwill be too hard for you , he mmds noting but his own ends in dealing with you. (Wider the tenth houfe afterwards , and r a fortunate I la- Ihnding tome rubs, will proceed m their Bargain, and the Houfe, Farm or Lands will be l :t to the Q?f«»f. Bit it you find an unfortunate Planet in the tenth/) behold ,V h«al wuh and> otoafpea, there m be no ^ome :or o trobabte '^y^'^infof Jfenetafaofbuikfins «« lignifie the end thereof ; if ^^'^S*™ teLotdof the fourth be there , ot f bebold the houfe with*™ A.tfcrewillcomeagbodend of the matte iu. willbepleafed : butif an I»f<"ii>»'% ^'TT^Zl. the M: tt cr,bar S1 in or thing demited will neither pleafe the one pttyoi other.. D<J CHAT. it* 7h* Mifitmlm tf CHAP.' XXXIV. Iftht Qmm Jb*B tmjq the Efttte ff his ftthr. YOU mult in this Queftion give the afcen&ntandLoH thereof to the Querent; the fouhh bcwfe,Lotd thereof,^, Planet pofitcd in the fourth, fb: the Sig*ific*t*r of the Fathct the perfonail Eftate or Good* movable of the Father , are (rj> nificd by the rift boufe , his lord , and any Planet aoident?:;, placed in the fifth ; if in this Queftion you find the Locv! ofebe fecond and Lord of the fifth in reception , the Lord of the fifth being in the fecond > and the Lord of the fecond in the fifth, rhexe's no doubt to be raade,but the Querent fhall haw a «xn- pctent Fortune out of the Eftatc of his Father; bur if it ruprca that the Lord of th; fifth hou.e b; Retrograde, or in iotkIwI afpeft of any rmlevolent Phnet , then fome part of that Fibte the Father intends for the Que rent , will be watted or other- wayes difpofedof by the Father j and if you enquire wherefore, or upon what grounds , or who AiaU be the occafion of ir ? then fee what Planet ic is thit impedites the Lord of the fifth, ciihe* by O or cP , or if it be the © by Combuftion , whir houfck is Lord of; if it be the Lord of the fixe > it's probable ic i« on; of the Fathers Brothers or Sillers, orioneof hisTenincsa Neighbours that will perfwade the Father to alter-hii incenti- on , and to chrruntfh part of what, he did formerly intend 10 do : If it be the Lord of the feventh , it is foine Womui or Sweetheart , or one the Querent hath been foaieirnes at fin- ance with , that will withdraw the Parents intention If it Ik the Lord of the twelfth , it's fome fneaking T*r/** , or Patift Triefl , or fome or other of the Mothers Kinred ; now ifupoa the defcription of the Patty , the Querent is well infotaiedof him or her who it is , and be is defirous to obrain this parties fatour or good will , that fo he may be lelfe malicious untb him,let him then obferve> when that Planet who impedites, and the Lord of the afcendant , are approaching to a *, A or d , aid that day that in the Epbcmtr* he ftuli find the J> tepararu>§ ftom the one , and applying to the other , let him , 1 fay, aboc: 01 at that time endeavour a reconcilement, andit'snonobc doubted Meed but he miy obtain his defires , as I have found many •r fcSniS ? QsJefem (halUtain his defires which heexpeSs out of thefifthhoufecartthetrbenetolem afj*** ro nv Phnet in the Qjickiim fecond, it ar$ues the fame. t thVHeparate torn theLordof the fifth , and either have JLths^era^otAtotheLor^of the fecond, or of the .here/ then you may fay the Father hath ihttle hit to part with fafttonev nor will it be £ood to movehim much , unti 1 that
  • S SS5 be trakedout of that Sign; but if y*u
Z lUy fo long , obicrve when that uufortunate Planet * S L in Motion , Oriental! , and jn # or A w«t i * «  9 ormththe Lord of the afcendant, and then let the Father I* md m the bufinefs : This I write , where the would Idrurc : nor do I wrWhat the obfcrvation o( thofe times do** Sites enforce the mind or will of the Father,but that then tfthofctix.esthere'smore benevolent mchmtions. If you findthe Lord of the fecond and of the fifth , aw ving by RWooradation to any good afocft , the «he fa& Eftate from his father nkn he leaft thinks of it : now «o fawt/ jhrtto ^Fafc* loathe Querent better then anv of fe*^*^^ mnfl obfme , whether the Lord of • the third , or to v Pfcnx m the chird be n^rer to; or ina better af*a With tVLo«d«f the fourth , th:n the Lord of the afcendarit i$i 6t if t^r. km rWion betwixt them , w*. the «W^'2^£E tto'and &ten, or tnrulatton of light » theLordof the afcenimt and Lord of die fourth, You may then bo affured the Fathers ^^i^^^?^ thmtothe Querent ; the Planet ncereft in afpea to th. Lord ofthejburcb. ftiews the party or perfon beloved, fo do th. molt fowerfuU reception of Signffic0tort- CHAP. CHAP XXXV. Jfgndio rtmovefrom ** houfe or pltce together , or h /*; or Abide in **J pltte or not ? CEe to the Lords of the afcendant , the fourth houfe and ft- venth houfe , for if the Lord of the fourth be in the fewmh, and be a good Planet, and the Lord of the firlt and fcvcnth'fo good Planets , or tiron° in that part of Heaven where they er in the whole Figure ] if they be Dire& , and of fwift motion, and in afpeft with good Planets , it is good then to abide frill and not remote fro:u the place where the Querent is ; but if the Lord of the ieventh be with a good Planet , and the Lord of els fourth with an evill one , it is then not good to Hay , for it Ik do, lie flull receive much damage there, That which I hive obferved in this manner of Judgment was this - y That if the Lord of the afcendant did lately leparate from the □ or <f of the Lord of the f» vr h , eighth or twelfth, and the 2> alfo did con- curre in judgment, vU. if Che did feparatc from any evill afw& of the Ihfortuxts , they being Lords of either the fevemhot fourth , &x. and not Friends orSignificators in the perfon cf the Querent ; cr if 1 found an Infertile in the afcendant,Peie- grine or Retrograde, cr if a Peregrine or unfbrtunKe Planet was in the fourth , or if the Lord of the fecond was wealtorill pouted , I advifed the Querent to remove his Habitation , and gave him reafon why he fliould ; for if I found the Lord of ik tixt houfe in the attendant^ or affti&ing the Lord of the Afcen- dant , I judged he bad his health very bad there , wis Ikkly , ot was tormented with illfemnrs, Djwhofe means he did not thrive in his Vocation. If the Lord of the twelfth affiiaed the Lord of the atendint or tbe » , I faidhe had backbiting , evill or flanderou* Neigh- bours , or people that lived not very f ar from htm did fcandj- lias him ; if the Lord of the fecond was unfortunate , or in 0 or cP to the Lord of the afcendant , or if © was in the twelfth eighth or fi«h , I judged be went back in the world , and Ins t- Jiare confumed. Jf faii Sigoificator, W*. if the Lwdof ckafantojw aS minir #/ gMtftw. a 13 lf eiA e d by the Lord of the tenth ; I acquainted him, lus Repu- Kwaslott , his Trade decayecf, or had no Trading i and if £ Lord of the fourth Was unfortunate, or the fourth i houfe ic 6tf I indeed the houfe >vas unlucky, and few that had lived fcrein did thrive , or that th'V Repaires of the houfe : had S weikned him* : If the Lord of the feventh affiled * Or the the Lord of the afcendant cr fecond, his loverthwarc Neigh- houfe fiood tout- hid all the Trade , were betrer furniflicd with Commo- nct comvi- diti-s Now in giving direction which way tofteer \\\s niently for in hops of better Trading, I obferved what Planet in his 1 rude. ik &he vr was moll forcunite and flrongeft , and had the moafriendiy afpetf either to the Lord of the afcendant or Lord oitV vecond, look what quarter of Heaven the Sign that Pli- was in did tignifie , to that part did I ever advUe the Que- t^m remove ; and I remember not , that any ever repented 6ar following my advife ; many have afterwards returned me dunk and rewards. And whereas I mention chefe yvords[>r^ tfxfmfe wm m- kilt } Lome may cavillat the words , and fay , GottsMefitgis ol'^t All places ^id h'ifuferftition to jute* houfe tb*t u not * txnnw ieir,YCc wnai x iutc jwii^u ^.mj^miwi. ™ v ™. rnunicatc , and do remain of this opinion >, That in what houfe jay execrable fctfs are committed, the minill ring Angels of (*xl feeing the villany done in that houfe , and the difhon6ur <Jone to God therein , do accurfe that place or houfe ; which continues fo long, as there is not a full etfpiation made by fome godly perfon, for the finnes committed in that houfe ; or unnll the time limited by the angry Angel be expired, the houfe jlial! remain a molt unfortunate houfe for any to live in .• And this which I write , and is infliaed upon houfes which are infalli- ble, I ifliirediy know is performed to the full upon the great wi fmaller Families of this world , &c. How in a naturall way to Afchargc thefe curfes , Su»t figilU & laminA qu* ntcfcnp* futy o v ego uovi. . Buz fome for refolution of this QueRion , fay , if the 2> fepa»- parate at tine of the Queftion from U or % , then ftay ; rf the D-d '3 leparate H»for- ■4 rem t/ffirrioger to refofve the preceding Queflion concerni^ removing from one place to another. C H A P. XXXVI. Of tpHW the cayrfc «f River** 9T bringing W*itr inte met IN this manner of judgment , : you muft principally conftdtt the p Won and flrength of ft and the and in whit afj*a they or either of them arsin , either withUor $ ; for if findtiDirecl, fwift in Motion, ^Orientall , and the 2 fo rk tlrir4, eleventh or flfthhoufe. Without any afpeft eteso&l pr zffl to <f % 'ft** argument » the Work that is to he unte. uteji^Jll have good fuecefs ? bebrol$* ttfa good condufoa and'ductoe Querent; wiUkve.pron^riiy and credit by it,n| the matter eaKly performed; titijOty.ti&Ufa* if the »awlj to that Planet who is Lord of true Sign^heteui foe is , and ft! receiyeber inany of hisDieflJftes 5 an4 if that planet whoa received o£ the 2> be i Tmtutt* andis afcehding in his lantu*, and In a 0edSfen , rte'Q^re^jnall nor r)eed to fear, tut that there, wiU Jbc^^tJww^V^W^fflT'fr fully ,an^tlieWarer-c^e wmTong " therein the ten* boufe ejikr % 6i S ! , but efpgMly U , irtafe argument the Atyer ;f $^U f Con«, Pipe, or VS ater-wo* In father S^facSioi rhts ju&merit . if you firkin the eleventh , very flrbng anfa^ent ? and tpe Vin * or A un- to him , and tfteDupoiitor of the I> in a rl*ed Si°n , or a i a>i> mon one , or the » her 6# in one of tupfe Signs producing Rain, which arc S&ssfK. . All thefe are arguments, that in the work you are in fonJ with, you thall have a good Current, and plenty of Water ; 8 * J -inrortun we planet in the tenth, irtproW* I *v>rPii>es will break,your Wacec-courfe be fuhjea to ruptures I down of ths Banks , the Water will not run cur- I ,Jfo ill" the Plot is ill laid,nor is there any fuecefs jpromikd ^'undertaker or undertakers , by that prel'ent imployment. but if you find an i CHAP. XXXVH. Of Trc4*re l}in£ hid!* the Ground, or to be out of the £*rth. TUE lefoiution of this Queftioh is various , according iioihc nuureof its propofall , or according to the tucu»e LiVlitvof tlie thing encjuired after, t/i*. whether Money, Cor lewcls, or things eafily moveables for TreaftiK long S» ob4ed or hid , the Querent not knowing is : o; ft * Wteto there be aiTy Mine of Gold, Silver or Iron ,or I atoikr Minerals intheGround, Mannor.or LonUJupnwv &oned; then it is requifite to know whether the Querent or obfeure this Treafure now enquired after , or whofe Ikwis, or what relation the jpny that did fo, uduv£ him, « whether that he aske in a general! way of Treaflire buT , not I ban- able to discover either when , where, or whofe, or what it wfebcuts, yo« mult hetc»omervetu^>S" w " uw ". w boux, the Lord thereof , whit Sign and quarter of Heaven he bin, as Aho , .the Sign of th^ fourch and his Lord , and whit Liner of Heaven tbeyfignUic: the Lord of the fccond and ot the fourch in Angles , the Plate is Rill in the houfe , or in the mmd , and not removed j but U thefe Plants be not in An- rief.buc Jn hfrtwte, without dignities, be either in chejourth oc feventh , there's tiien cfcher pact of it , or all removed and nude away i and if your Figure promife , your Goods are bx removed , to find in what part they are% have recourfc to ihcfortChapterofthis houfe concerning- things hid, &c 1 If the Quezon be concerning Treafure abfoiwe^, without yoa % l$ Tht Rtfihlkff / knowledge whofe or what it was > vU: whether there be any*; the plac: or ground fufpe&ed, yea or no j obierve m th: Kwe ■ whither U or 9 or Q be in the fourth houfc , rherc*$dRn : probability of Treafure bein^ there j if they be there all dn rheirownhoufes, the nutter is without dtfpute , anivounuy be fure there is Treafure , or fomething of Yilue in the houfebr oroundfufpected ; or if y ou find cither h or <T in any of that own houfes, Direct , and without Impediment , and inthc fourth, there is aUo Treafure , or if you hnd ? m « mike fourth, not labouring with any misfortune , it s probable there is Treafure there , for you mutt know there is no Planet unfor- tunate , NYhen he is in his own houfe , or eflentuily diguifc^ and a Significator. , If vou are isnorantof the natureand quality of theTp fore , or thing obfeured, thenfeetothePlinetwao^ndwb the Treafure, and confider if be be Lord of the feventh houfe, and examine his nature and property, if he be io;uhetei>oc Lord of the feventh, joyn the Lord of the Tevench in pfe mcnt with him , and fo frame a mixture for the quality ok tht th Buc if that Planet who is Significator of the TrcaiuK hi mt Lord of the <f* or have allmiry with him , then abiolutdy tfe the Lord ot the feventh to ngnifie the nature and bpeatstf tis Treaiure } who if he be the ® * and he in his houte or exte on, there is Golcfrbere, or precious Stones or Jewels otthx colour, or neer to the colour of the p. . And if the QuetUon wcre,Whether there were a goodMat vea or not 'the place confidered, it's like there is ; it tteefc not fo well dignified , and yet fignifie the Treafure , u i oei fomewhat very precious, and neer to Gold in goodneis. If the 5 be in rer own houfe or exaltation , andbeLKnra the feventh, the Treafure is Silver,Plate,Chryual ox Jewels of the colour (be is of, &c. , If crbeLordofthefeventh,andfo(fignified,helhWK thing fought after may be Brafs or Glafs , or tome Cartas or Engines of Iron,8cc. but if he be weak,perhaps -fli" fome old mfly Iron, Candlefticks, Kettles, &c. It the Cg** were about Iron-llone, it's probable it will prove good In*- mU «Miwwr •/ $*tfiom air ifloc, and make good Iron. If ftbeLbrd oftht jf&ehthiirid Med as beforefpoifiedjth^^ ^K?** LiLorandeht Monuments Of men lorigfmc^deceafcdifome thlt, &c. or there are fome things wrapt up mold-black OMihs , or old wooden Boxes : and if the Queftion were con- inin^ any Mine or quarrey of Stone , then it's v«y probable Ei rich Mine of Coles ,if rhe Qnefbonwete.concernmg Coles. orofgoodStone,iftheQiidtion wereofit s butif \ fcvveak, and ill dignified, thenneitber is the Minearichone, wanic be wrought without much expence of Treafure ; whe- rtw it be full of water , or what may be the ^pediment , you nwft require from the Sign he is in , well confidermg what was formerly faid in this Chapter. . It U be Lord of the feventh and euenually fbmhed , tliere is SUveror very rich Cloth, and great «ore of it, or Tyn, &c. If 9 be Lady of the feventh, ihe intimates curious Heumold- ftuffe, coflly Jewels, or that fine Linnen is there hid. If 5 be Significator, he prenotcs fome Piftures , Meddals, Wruinga , Booki ,fome pretty Toyes are obicured, or are the Traiure looked ?fter. If tht Q#rent$&&t*lHthe Treafure hid. If tlve Planet who lignifies the Treafure or thing hid > dbth ipply to the Lord of the afcendant , or if rhtfj be muntall a- StWtrtnuition ,0/ collation of light and nature betwixt them , k*s probable t|ie Querent (hail obtain the matter fought after ; if rhe afpea be by D or cf , th.;n not without (BfeLky and much labour ; the 6 of both Signihcarors belt oi ill pcrfor-M the buimels , and the more ttlt.redly , it tbey be m t fixed Sinn , and ported in rhe^erents uebnd houfe, or in \k afcenlmr, either of the LuM*r\<* placed in the afcendant id no: i-nfortumced , gives great facility in the \\ orK ; but it neither of tl>embe in the afcendant, ot behold it, but be both m adent'boiaes,there remains little hopes in the matter : When ©isin the afcendant, andalfohis LordorDif F oler,it promn feu acuuuit ion of the Treaiure: but if the Lord of ® hi caden , wlbolh the Lights, efpecblly the P , and havenoatpect to E e tn " M 8 pt JttJftfJ* of the © or the Lord of the attendant Whole* not the afccniir, I can «ive the Qyercnt then no hopes of obtaining the Tret* furior thinghid.- Alkj*d*t&*$\\ this generall t\At oonferninj Treafure , or any thing obfeured in the ground ; Erc& yourFi. mire arkhc, conhder the feverall afpe&s of the Planets, if to Be in the afcendant, orb any Angle a F*t** K &y , tteeu Treafurc in die ground, and that the thing hid is lull imh; ground , the quoniit y , price, efteem thereof, fhall \>z accoring to the potency, virtue or debility of the /f *f- If you find the riling hid to he removed,tli2n he proceeds,^ faith , Behold the Lord of the attendant and ths if therik any^ood afpea betwixt them, and chat Fmme which ttgnifcl tHe Treafure to he t here , v>*. a good afpea and reeept ton , hi that demands the Queition , ftall then have the thing ensu- red after, &c. He further faith, thai? fixed Signs (hew the thug is hid in the Earth, common Signs in orncexaWal!, oiotc- able Signs on high, or in the covering of houfes ; whether u he deep in the earth or not , conlider if the Planet Signuiaior, be in the beginning, middle, or neer the end of the Sign ; if he be newly entud the Sign , ths Commodity is not deep , but {fol- low, neer the upper ^art of the earth ; the further the Plineiu in the Sign , the deeper , &c, when you would dig, let not ite JnfirtMnts be angular, but if poflible, the Significatorc applying by # or "> the Lord of the fecond houfe , or the 2> fepui- ting from the Signiticato: of the Treafure , and applying to lis Lord of your afcendanc. CHAP. C H A P. xxxvin. IflfnuU farclxfi tM'M B. his Unfit. The inhttitmt of the houfe f '"'*<< thl /J"fy* ito. / live, and (ome ^ t^lf^iT^ 634 I bad a defmto hnm iflfhoM dearth the fetter Jpcwt Moneys in convenient twit to pp for thcPnr- Jihnundtrfix monetbs *^^X*P»tfrJl f *rch*l< the faidhonfes , and frill "I^V*"}*^ mJ» fruition my felf, at tohat time 1 found my mod SpW^ jJicims about it , the tmeofm, Sjre to myftlf fell out according to the fofitton of Heaven E e 2 The THE Sign afcending is & > the degree of the Sign is fame wherein U was in my Mix; I looked upon that as i good 0*w*in.chefirrt place* $ Is for my feif, ibe© locally placed in the feverch is fa the Seller j the © receives $ in his Exaltation} befides, Su- nder the cufp of the levenrh,and no other Pbncc in the fcwmh © excepted, which fignified, there was at prefent no o:b purchafer about it but my (elf.- the ©fo exited And angular, prenored the Seller to be nigh in his Demands, l#td In **s] nor was he neceflitated to depart with it : findingj fay,my % Kifictttr received of © , and fo neer to the cufp of the Angle of the Weil , it was an argument I (hould proceed further in tk matter , notwithltanding $ her many Debilities ; for as I foend © Lord of chefevemh', fo alfo was he Lord of the eleventh, tigmfring my hopes llioiild not be fruUraced : befides, apply mg to a A of k » of *te fourth , vix,. the houfes en* quired after , and hid no abfeiflion or fruftration ere tlie perfeil afpe# j a rami Orong argument that 1 fiiould buy the homes.- snd indeed both SignijicAtwrs Itrongly applyed to a f± atpeel, vU.ft and 9/or T? is Retrograde: I alfo confidered the @ was in perfect /\ with Tj , the © being, as I faid, Lord of my eleventh, and he of the fourth ; 1? hath a bonification of me > as Q;x- rent , becaufe he biholds the attendant > and therein h>th exat- taiion : now whether you coniider him , as having Dignities in eta aicen Jane , or as Lord of the fourth , the Lord or chc eie- v.rtt h and he applying unto each other by a & , ar$ued,aiuiredly I fl\buld proceed further iathe .mattet, and in the end contM for them: The" J> in the next |>lace tranfliting the influence of & , who hath Dignitfesih the fetenth , to Ti , having venue ia the afceiidant , though by a d afpe& fyec out of Signs of long afccnlions) did much facilitate the matter, and argued my §o- ing on , and probability of contracting, but with fome leiiurc, and llcwly , becauleof the .PafpeA } Tor as the D is air&M Tbi* vm m ^ 5 unfortunate , fo had I much to do and many meetings ,ft c r J h- about 11 1 the SctIer n0C aDltin S one P^Y of ^ nuft(,n ^
j thirty pounds , being the firft penny tie demanded 
As the 0 b
£2£7 C9n . neer to a * afpett of U, fodida joviallmanencfeavourw Judtd. ptocure the purchafe unto himfelf * ; but % is cadenc , andin derrinxff aU mttottr ff g*tfth»s* *a t dtiriment , (hewing he (hould not prevaile , $ angular and in ifpea witii h Lord or* the- thing fought after; and as ©is lord of the eleventh , which is the fift from the (eventh , lb a Daughters of the ' Sellers was my very good friend in this buii- oas , and iurTered no interloper to intervene , though fome of" (tad fair * ; for cT I,ord of my fecond houfe Retrograde, argued * j* 9 ^;^ pr 1 (hould none of my own Monies to fupply my ocafions j me no: did 1 : X. Lord of © in * wiih © no waves impedited, iwtby king in detriment, in*platick with? Lady of my licendmt , (hortly entring his exaltation , gave me fuch hopes a I doubted notof procuring Monies when be encred S , snd $ becaaie dircft , which he did twelve dayes after, at whit time 1 tiKrd i««c S°° '• qualities of the Houfes are fignified hiV the Sign of the fourch , and Lord thereof , who having | no nuteriiil debilities , except Kecrogradation and Cadency, teing ;Jio in A with © ; the Houfes were really old, but ftrong
nd able to dand many ycer?. When 9 and © came toc^ in
y,ibt day I b.irgained,z/j*^. die % 25. Afr'M following ; the fe- finceenth'-f Ma) $ and & incfjl paid in 5 30 '. and my Con- vince was Sealed.. So that as ? wanted fix degrees of the body of the 0, fo was ic fix weeks and fome dayes fiom the I ti -e of u\z Quellion ere I perfected what the Fiaure promi- f;d j as to the Moles and Scars of my body it doth exaclly a- | : fo: as $ is in V , which reprerencs the face , fo have I a 1 Moieon my cheek about the middle of it ; and as & afcends, 1 IfuMon^on the reines of my back , the D in VZ alBicaed by a*, Ikivea red Mcle below my Navell , U Lord -of the iixt in 2 a MiiVuline Sign j I have a Mole neer my right hand vihble c-a the otcude ; 16 luve I on the left foot , as X the Sign of the w do:h reprefent. Many things might be conlidered herein, belides wiut is written; but I fear this Book; will increafe kvond n;y fidl intention : Ergo. The truth of the matter is, I m a hir J bargain , as the Figure every way confidered doth sunueit, and (hall never live to fee many of the Leafes yet in king , expired j and as % is in Y , vix,, pppolite to her own I Houfe, fo did I do my felf injury by the Bargain y I mean ■ matter ot Money ; but the love 1 bore to the Houfe I now I tab, wherein I lived happily with a good Mailer f» f l ^^feven { Eej ;cers, veers , and therein obtained my firft Wife > and was Ircumltul. ly blefled by God with the Goods of this World tkicin,ir*k me nested a fmall hinderance , nor now ,. I thank God dol repent it j finding Gods bleffing lnaplennfuUmcafureujo& my labours : yet was 1 no Tavlor or Scrivener , as whmmfr firmed, or indeed any profefTionacall* nor was my Maftcri Taylor, or my Wife a Scriveners Widdow. 1 Of the filth H ousB, and its Questions. CHAP. XXXIX. If one (h*H k<ive Children, ;mww? T 7\ 7 H K N this QueAion is demanded by a man oryvo- V V man, long before marrhge, or by tome annta Batchelour, or Maid, Whether they jhaU ever have ,w) m or Children , yen or n* ? herein generally you are to coat tier, whether the Sign upon the fifth, v or afondmg , M thofe We call Fniitfull , yen or no, m * ) thertheLotdof the afcendant ( be the Sign what it will ) «  the » be in afpett with the Lord of the hfch houfc , andtrut afpeel be either <4 * A or U( though d isnotprwyw afpetf j which if fc bte fo, andr.betManet to wlwuhetord of the fifth doth apply, or is |ttafpea with,be free froinCo* bullion, and other Accidentall or fcuentialt ^otwnei.w an argument the good did Batchelour, or Kale Maul , ever propounds the Quertion , (ball have Children or lfl«* cheySye; In like cafejudge , if theLdrdof chehfthtemj afcendant , twelfethe » , or the Lordof t*je ^r^nebnt m 6. fifth, for this 1* a rtrong argument of havm^llfue cr CMdw. but if neither the Lordof the attendant or the D. apply*?" lord of the fifth, yet if there be Nridring of vertue or IgW » umo another > or tranuation or collation by or (romtnejw cipall Seniors , you may Will continue yout judgmiriM w 4^ awfrifr ^Stttfihni* i*3 t u Q, iet cnt (lull have itftie , buttnor fo loon , as if it had been fc,«fon by the hrU manner of judgement. After all this, have ktivcs°wit hopes of iifue. See alio if that Planet tromwhom At p £ fcparatcd be Lord of the fifth Sign from th« Sign wh-tein the PI net is to whom the » applies, and both thefe Wmets have any afpe&to each other; that alio doth teliifie th- party (hall have Children or a Childe. If no Atycdt hap^- ocu betwixt them, its net then likely he will have any j and wfoiie fay, true if the above named Planets or Signiltcators L no: i« *ny Aft-eft > yet if .the Planet to whom the J) applies bib an Angle, the Querent may have IlTue. i/ ,i Worn** aske, whether Jhe may conceive ? Many ti nes a Woman married , having been long without Children , may inquire , whether (he is like to Conceive, yea or 00 Mn this Queftion you are to conlider If the lord of the Afcendant be in the feventh, or the Lord of the fifth in the firit,or the Lord of the firft in the fiftb,or if the toid of the fifth be in the feventh,or the Lord of the feventh in j the fifth , or the D with him, or good Planets in the Afcendant, or with the Lord of the fifth, or in any of the Angles ; Ihe may then conceive : but if none of thefc teftimonics eoncurre ,and youflnde barren ill Planets to be in the former places, (lie nei- 1 ther ts at prefent conceived, or will hereafter conceive. If good aiidbid Planets be mixed together , flic may perhaps conceive or have children , but they will not live : if © , * or X be in the Afcendant or fifth,(he may have children ; but if SI or n* be dme, Ihe neiclier is at prefent, or hardly after will be with. I Childe. At what nW, or bow % it m*y bi ere jhe fo with ChUde ? If voufmde that according to naturall caufes fliemay have a Childc or Children j and the Querent is defuous to knownecr • • what vthat tune: fee then wheietWfa^ ^.Lord of Aft houfe,w*. if in the Afcendant or firft houfct then judge the&l veer; if in the fccond houfe, tlie fecottjyeer j if thtxtuk houfe, the third veer: if uithefevcnthjthefpwthywrjilia the fourth houfe, the hit yeer. And herein you mutt biatM in confidering fign the Lord of the fift houfe is in j for the fwiftnefie of a Planet in a moveable :fign doth fotawb haiten the time j a double bodied Sign doth not manifcflfo ■ foon ; fixed Sign? prolong the matter j however, this k worthy of yoar conhdtration, that let the Sijmihcator bcin what Sign be will be, yet if he be ftoift in the motion and (fotf, he doth make the more hitfe in performance of thebufuK& he is a figntficator in , and caufech the matter fooner to be * j compltfhed. nhctfar the Querent fktUhtve £6;/4t*, U b* <Jl«*v frm*n that Atksth } \ Behold the Afcendant , and if fortunate Planets behotdtb: fame , and the Lord thereof be in the Attendant, or in tic tenth , eleventh or fife Houfe , and you finde U alfoVel pli- ced together with that Planet who is Lord of the Tnplwn afcending , and he be not Combult or Retrograde ; ju^c thsu, if the Man aske the Queftion , he may have Children , or u «• pjble of getting diem. If a Woman inquire, fay, Oie may Go* eeive , and is not naturally barren. If "the Lord ot tteaita* dant be in the fourth or feventh , and U in a good Houfeof ha- ven , do you Civ , the party fliail have a Childe a long time afttf the asking of the Queruon. - _ju' Buc if you finde the Afondant fttf&ed-, orimominW the Malevolent Planets , and the Lord of tin: AfcendjnimaJ evill place or Houfe of heaven , and U Cadent > or in the*? or Combutt , or not fully elongated from the Sun-boW! then Ml you judge he will have few Children , andtfcyt**; ly, hardly any to live. Itsalfoagreatlign of non-con^., on , or no capacity to conceive , when the 5> is unfortunitc. «  you finde a fortunate Planet in tlx: fifth houfe , or having^ nigne afpefc to the Gufp thereof, it gives hopes andttrog It ttfUmony of having a Childe in a little compafs of timej but ^mfoVunebe in the fifth, ill dignified, tombuft, Retro- aide (low of motion, &c the Querent will h we no Chil- Ict ; but if the Infortunebe dire& and fwift , Ortentall , and in my ot his ert'entiall dignities, he Hull fignific Children ; the . more Children if U ? or © be in * or A with him out of goodhoufes : you muft ever remember , that the neerer a For- um is to the Afcendant, the fooner the Querent may expect Children , the more remote , the longer ti ne mult be allowed. Others obferve this rule following , That if U be in the Alcen- dmt or fitth , and in a Sign which is not barren , its an argu- ment the Querent may have a Childe ; there is alfo much teth in the Lord of the houfe j for if he be ai^uhrwith Howion of the Lord of that Angle where he is , or m the cle- rntW fitth with the like reception , it is a fare telhmony ot farin* Children. In all Qitertions concerning Children , be entail of the age of the Querent, or foue oilier rijturall or he- reditary infir nicy incident to the Querent,ind feldom conclude without two tettimonies. If a OU» {h*!lfave Children by his Wife jet m:> or of .my other Womm he unmnMes. When it is demanded of you by any Man, whether fa M knew Children by the Wife he h.r h, or tlx mtn^vu ; Of i? a Wo :nan aske if (he (lull have Iflue or Children by luch a . Mm. Jkhold the Afcendant, his Lord and the »,ind it the Lord of the Afcendant o: the » be joyned to the Lord of the hfth, jou miv judge he or (he (hill have Iflue by the party inquired thic be not , then fee if any tranQition be irom the Lord of the filth to the Lord of the afcendant ; chat's an argument ot huing Children after lome fpace of rime : if the Lord or the jfiaiSint or die !>be in the fifth Houfcji; or (lie may h ive chii-
dren.ortheLordof.thefifthincheafcendancMt none of chile
be, conlider if the Lord of the afcendmc , the S > and Lord ot the fifth be not joyned to a Planet more ponderous then them- tAw for lie collefttagboth their lights , Ml be [he recei- Kt of their difpofition! and Ml figmfie whether the Childe Ff or «r ChtldNn (tt any be)lhiil IWe or notj i£h^ be not impaW the Chilton then (hall Iwe, but if ho bo Retrograde, Coabtf, Peregrine, or otherwife unfortunue, neither will thp Children, live long, or will the Parents take comfort of rhefe Children. A iter tins , confider U , who naturally lignirleth Children , if he be in thi afcendant , third, fifth , ninth or elevcmhhoufc, fr^e from all manner of rnjsfortune j you may affirm the Wo- man fhall Ihortly conceive , perhaps upon the rlril congrcfsor coition after rhe asking of die queilion , or a little after , it*i the mat te r .feems as good as done. If $ be in the fifth, no way impedited ,and fane other Ftr* (Ht.i be there bolides , it hafiens the time » and (he will conceive wry fuddenly. But if U be in the aforefaid places impeoite^ fay , either (he is not conceived ^ or if fbe be , it will not come to perfection , for the Woman (hall fuffer abort ion. Ia like manner if $ be unfortunate by n or cT y or be under the © beams , or Co mbult , the Woman is not conceived , unlds
  • FertHut be in the fifth houfe , and then {he is more afturedly
with childe , or ihall be fhortly ; yet yon may jutfly fear ihc will fuffer mifchance ere the birch. If either \> or c? > or efpecully £j be in the fifth , or the two former malevolent* cart their <f to the fifth , it feems the Wo- man is not with childe j and verily the □ of the Infmn*ti to the fifth houfe feems to liinder conception. Whether jkt is with Child* * Sfae it. A Woman mifirufting her felf to be with Childe , and cfeli- reus to know the truth } if (he aske the Queftion of thee , then giveAnfwer, having well confidered your Figure , erected k- cordtng to the time of her demand^/*, as thefe following ruki direct you. If the Lord of the afcehdant or 5 behold the Lord of die futt with any afpect or tranflation. If the Lord of the afcendant and the £ be in the fifth houfc
  • / meat free from the malevolent afpect of the I«ftrtmies>md direc* jand
and cf fir lierein you mult not wholly rely upon ^ and cf or the ?J to rc PJ#*tr , n# the onely Unfotimme Planets " you mult confider the pofitioo 4| mm* *f jteffihnt: 1*7 of heaven at time of enftintf your Sdwam , snil take any evill JtecHf theLordofthertxth, eighth or twelfth . behewhat Pbwt'he will,to be on aflWr^ifha ^ 0«/w the ofih?fifth,orLotdQftlwafcei^anT,orthe»., , % generally in the firft , fifth, eleventh or leventb, \m in .11- «tf to 1, or ef, they hclns How in mot ion « or Retrogwde. ' Tbe Lord of the afcendant ,or Lord of rhe fifth houfe alpefl:- in* a Plan, t in ah An°le with reception , and rendnng up his rertuc unto him ; if the » be in reception with any Planet in an An-le,that is, effenrially Fortified, elfe not ; lor accidentall dignities in this manner of judgement , giveth hopes , but not r *Sord of the Attendant behold the Afcendant with an amicable afreet , out of any good Houfe ; or if the 3 be in the tooth , and behold the Lord of the feventh m the eleventh, or if the l be in the eleventh , and behold the Lord oi the feventh in the feventh. . . . . The Lord of the Afcendant received in either Houle,Tnplici- ty or E\ tltation, and the receiver of the Lord of the Afcendant hating alike dignity in the Houfe.rr/f/iV/^f.v^i^orTerni of the received, viz. Lord of the Afcendant. The 2> giving vertue , or rendnng her light to a Planet in the fifth houfe, or having eflentiall dignities in the fifth. The i> applvin? to the Lord of the afcendant, or Lord of the fifth in the hrrt" or tenth Houfe , and he nor Cadent from his own Houfe or exaltation; ' where you muftunderftand this , generall rule concerning a Planet his being Cadent from his own Houfe ,is this ,t//*. if 6 be in Y , it being his own Houfe, )% e ^ m let him then be in any of the twelve Houfes, he fli*H b; faul to™J» be Angular as to his being in Y : if c? be in » he is fiiccedmg, }M J ' or in a fuccedane Houfe in that way , if o* be in V be is then Cadenr,as from his own Houfe ; and lb the relt: for ever a Phnet is Angular in any of his own Houles. j ' The Difp}foor of the » and Lord df the hour in Angles j* 7l*fi*d- S in the Sign of the feventh Houfe , Hie is newly conceived Acdto other rdnsb tobeunderftood if he be well Fortihed : ) \ m thefe- teftmmes. with, the party is quick, or her Infant moveth : Uinthefc- K»h, Oieis iinpregn^ted of a male childe: 1 or Km the 2»8, ^ feventh, (he is with childe of alStfW J this muft be undented, when all the teftof tte Si^nificatpri are equal! * andbalhnce noc the judgement , then if you finde /or H in the feventh, you may judge the party (hall have a Girle. Bolide?, the I in _i_ . f.- ;.«,-. -f\ y\ nr O iron • rh.«» firr»fv Ywt>r.;v w.v Jfth< Ah* dike ttxk&wn to tie mmv.. Shtt is If Lord of the fifth behold a Planet in an Angle with re- ception , or if the Lord of the Hour , Lord of the fifth , U $ G V i or^be in the fifth, Fortunate ; or if the Lord of the fifth bo in the fevench, or Lord of the feventh in the fifth. ... If U or $ be impedited , if 9 bs joyned to"h or- <S ^ £nd SktthKo:. eithctCoxbiiR , Retrograde , or flow inmotion , orir.A «E or vy, T*or S in the fifth, in dor <f to the Lord of the fifth , denote? no conception , or danger, of abortion , if other ligninaiors be more prevalent then they, and give teliixony oi conception. The Lord of the attendant joyned to a Retrograde Pi met,, or one in a Cadenc Houfe, ot received by a Retrogade or Cox- bull Planet , no afpeft or cranflition of light betwixt the i/>rd of the fifth ind Lord of the attendant i judge by the mijo: cetumoiiie*. MJ* >r Ft- The Lord cf tlK if^ndant, Lord of. the fifth , Lord of tk i^fc Hper Mafculine , and the I> in a Ma&uhnc Sign , degree* , oi quarter , do note a Male, the contrary a Female.. trhtthr it Tlk: Lor£l of the fifth R ctxograde , Combuft, or Cadent from (hJ> iln > 1 JS Houfe or Exaltation, is a prefage of Death, & e cfitr*. J ' The Lord of the Afcendant j Lord of the Hour , Lord of the fifth , all or molt of them unfortunite, is an argument of dcith ; Ti 6 or 13 in the fiift or fifth Houfe, and Retrogr.\de,denoK the Wbcre all rkdrunr *f £*efthns 4 Where fufpition is hid of Twins: if upon tint Quefiton Twins. S^yoii may judge Twin?. Other Judgement concerning Womcns being with chide or nor, C H A P. XL. H'hetktr a Woniwt be with Childt or t:o\ \T\7 U EN a Woman ask? this Queflion, have refpetf to V V the Lord of the afcendant and the 3\who fhall fignitie tiptttbnof chc ^r*»;,the fifth houfe, ;nd Lord thereof 3 flull Ibwthe Conception , if any be : If the Lord of the afcendant beincbelitth , or Lord of the fifth in the afcendant , free from ^Iminne: of impediments , it argues the Woman is conceived fr.h chil l ;. lb alio if the Lord of the afcendant hisvertue of iHffofition be iranllated to any Planet in an Angle , the mi certain you may,, judge ; if -he to whom the Lord ' w* che afcendant commits his Difpohtion , be received of rh: Lord of rhe afcendant, or the Lord of the afcendant by hiT.; k: if the Plmen to whom the Lord of the afcendant hit h a>3iT.i:ce 1 1 hi> Difpohnon , be in a cadent houfe , it nores iheWomm huh taken grief , and whereas (lie thinks (lie may be conceived of a Child , it's more like to be a Sicknefs ; and if 6e Conception fhould hold , 'twill come to no good end , cf- pxiilly if the afcendant be Y or 35 , — or \Cf , or if any of the Xitaohu Planets be in an Angle , or elle (j , for uiu.illy y ia the huh, nSews abortion, in the attendant extream fear iedtntftruft of it; but if the ponderous Planet to whom tlie Lord of the afcendant commits his Difpo.'ition be in a good Loire, t'R. in the fecond, eleventh or ninth, not in d* with & hfmnr.ts , and the D be free, it notes the Conception fhall to good end , and the Woman fafely delivered : fo as Ffj alfo PUnttt. alio if tbs Lord of rhvs fifth»whoU nuunll AM^^ir of^ dren , be in ths afcendanc fWeftom misfortune, v/c, RttNrii. elation or Combuft ion, or not with £J. • //« do (atttive »itb Chi/de »f mm .tbeuonf}. To refolve this Queftion , fee if either n W,? o:X beaf. rending , chin tee if both U and $ be in the Sign afcendin" , oj irt tlie Sign of the fifth > or be in any of the twelve Signs *( n. cept «ft J[ it's probable (he goeth with two children ; and if the wirhU and $ in the attendant or fifth, it's polfible fie may love three; but if none of tbefebeintheafcenireor fifth, b:hold if thele Planers catitheir* or £ to the degree ascending, orrothecufp.of the fifth houfe; it Vs alio prcbible ihe may conceive , or is with child with more then one : but if a fixed Sign poiVefs the afcendanc or fifth houfe , or any mow- able Signs, and the © and i> be therein , vU. either in fixed or moveable Signs , and in the fifth or firft houfe , it's a certain argument the Woman is with child but wirh one : The AfMk gtr mull not ralhly. adventure his Juc|gment without \vell con- Tidering his rules, or without knowledge had , whether it bi not naturall or uluall forfomeof her Family to bring at one Birth more then one. If intuit or Female. See to the afcendant , the Lord of that Sfen , t he Sign of the fifth , and Lord of the fifth , and whether the Signs be T £ & t & ; tbefe Signs import a Male , the other fix Signs a Female : If the Lord of the afcendanc be in a Maiculine Sign, and the Lord <tf the fifth in a Feminine , then have recourfero the 2> , and fee wlutSign (he is in , and if (he apply to aPU- nec in a Mafculine Sign , then (he gives her teftimony to dut Signifies who is ma Mafculine Sign,and you ma y judge the party is with child of a Boy or Man-child* Mafculine Planets are ever 1* U d 1 and , and the » Feminine , and S a* he is in afpc& or d with a Mafculine or Feminin* ItaunuK PUnn , fo U to of whet fcx tccordingly j but when JdhOnW^of the ©,he is reputed Mafculinej when Oceidtn* tt l,\htn Feminine. JU* l*"S W*f*» hath hen Conceived } In this cafe bye regard to the D and the Lord of the fifth, and lord of t lie hour, Ibefeparacion of any Planet ,and well conlider him, and from whit manner of afpec* this feparation is j if he be fcparated by i A afpeel , fay, ihe is in the fifth monethof her Concep- tion , or t he third j if the afpect was a # , fay , (he is in the fe- cond or iixch moneth of her conception ; if the feparation was byiOatpefl, (he is in the fourth of her Conception ; if it was fomOpfofiiot > lh$ hath been Conceived feven moneths , if it we by a ('oHjuKftioH , then (he hath been Conceived one moneth. Of the time when the Birth will be ? In judging about what ^irne the Qjterent may be delivered, you are to Wider, When cf and ©are in cf .with the Lord of the fifth , and with the ».and Lord of the hour , or the more put of chi:m , and that time of theird (hall (hew the hour of Bkth ; kip your felt -'herein by that Fortune which in the Que- ttionfhil! behold the Part of C hildren>viz,. when he (hall apply toihit Quarter of Heaven where the Part of Children is,and di- K& that Part of Children^ the afcenfions to the degree of the fifth boul'e , andto the degree of U , and to his afpects , efpec i- aliy if U be between the Part of Children and the fifth houfe,be- caufe when that Tar* doth apply it felf to the degrees of afcen- fions , and when it is within the Orbes of thofe degrees , is the tiateof delivery, giving to every degree one day. Behold alio the Difpofition or application of that Planet to whoa the Pm of Children is directed J before the o* of the LorJof the fifth with the Lord of the afcendant , in the afcen- (hntor in the fifth houfe , becaufe about that time will be the tittc of birth. See alfo when the Sigmficatw of the Queltion doth dothchance his form > when tie tanto:i but of one Sb into another, then : isalfolik6t^be cheti(ri(Jof theBiKh'ur behold the Lord of the fifth, how far he is removed from tfc cufp of the fifth , and give to every Sign one monech , and help your iclf with your other tettimonies, and judge according to i the major part of thofe Sigmficaters that do molt nee rly con- j curre. \| The Part of Children is taken day andnighr from o to V> j and proje&ed from the afcendant. whether tfo Birth Jhall be by day &r by tight ? In this manner of J udgment , behold the afcendant ad his Lordjthe M<w> Planet in the afcendant, Lord of the fifth, Si^n of the fifth ; if the major,part of the Si&nificrttovs be in Diurmll Signs, the Birth will be by day j if the contrary happen >then in the night. If the. Signif caters difagree amongtt themlefc*, take him that is EiFentially mortfirong , and judge by him j or elfe confider the number of degrees that the Planet you judge by is diilant from the cufp of the fifth houfe , to many degree as is tlieir dilbnee each from ot lie r, do you project from the degree afcending, and fee where your number determines ; and of the filth, the iWwff,theLordof thcHniir ,j»ndthePartof Children before mentioned , and his Difpoiicor ; if the major part hereof be in Mafcuiine Signs , its a Male the Woman goes with, and the birth will be by day ; but if the teiiimoniesbe eqiiajl, the birth will be by twilight. Some lay,if the Queflibn befficthe? a mm an bt with CM* 9r not ; conlider the Lord of the Afcendant , Lord of the fil>J», and Dilpolitor ot the Moon , and the Moon her fit' ; if any ap- plication be betwixt thefe Planets , and the Ahon be in acor.- mon Sign , and the Afcendant one, and the Signify attn in An- gles or if in tbs afcendant or iccond there be a fortunate Mi- ner, fne is wirh child, other wife not. Or if by cb.uue a Planet Direct be in 6 with the Mm, •* (hem
  • &m**iV*f £*$u*s: iff
iiCW! the Tame j ttor$in the fifth, or J in the fifth , apply- 'm to U or $ , or a Planet tn '{a*im of the © , the Planet be- S i fortune , is a llrong argument of being with Child j bur if infteiJ of Forums you find the Infer tunes fo placed as above- uidV* no lign of Conceptionior if there be aflurance of Con- option before fhe Quellton be asked , it's a pregnant proofe of Abortion , and if yoa find 6* to be the unfortunate Planet afflict- ing^ will mifcarry by a Flux of blood j if \ .itTlict, then by Sicknefs, Fear > Frights , or by too much abundance of wind jniwater. \ If you are demanded of the Hate of the Mocher, and how, or in wbt cafe (lie (hill be in after the Birth j behold the » , and obfera to what Planet Ave applies, an :! according to the Jail application flu hath befo/e Ihe go out of the Sign fhe is in , it (hill be with the Mother ; lb that obferve that Planet fhe lall applies unto , His Nature, place in the Heaven and Fortitude, fo dull it be with the Mother after Birch:I have in my p'raaice ob- ftfvdthis concerning the fafety of the Mother,and her condi- tion at the Birth,if ic were evident {he were with Child; and if I found the afcendant free,and the Lord of the afdndant neither fepamed from a bad afpget of the Lord of the eighth or'fourth, ot applying to any bad afpecVof the Lords of thofe two houfes, orif I found the » fortunately applying to either of the For- um , or to the 0 , or indeed to any good afpect of the Infor- ms , 1 never doubted the life of the Mother, and I remember not that I ever failed.: If the Lord of the fifth wereinxhc eight,and had noeffentwll tfanuies in the Sign , and had any albeit good or ill to the Lord of the eight or fourth, I ufually judged the Infant would no: live long after the Birth % and I ever found the prediction true ; and you Hull very obferve any Infant born upon the very duuge of the * , but he dyes fhortly, fejdotn out lives the nexc lull 3>j ot if he or fhe be born at the moment of the full Moi» t it'< very probable the Infancdyes upon the next new Meon\ for as there is no light in earth but what thefe' two Planets give , fo neither do I believe any life can be permanent, when both thefe at the time ef birch are either of themfclves,or by the Infortnm affiled, &c. . . Q g Whether Tfk Refold ,f . Whet for Vnlt j fs likt f b* betwixt the fofm Aid the rent, *r betwixt the Parent mid any »/ his Children ?f elder Tetrs, This were better refolved from the Nativity, but becaufe few among us are capable of judging one, I adventure iomewlm by an Horary Queftion: The Quefiin being then demanded as aibrefaid, behold the Lord of the attendant, the yJ/^ihe Lord of che fifth ; it you find reception and application betwixt rhc Lord of the fifth, andLordof the attendant , and this in the tench^lev^nth^fifth^hird^mth^ira or fecond houfcs,ihcre will be Love and Unity betwixt them j or if - % or $ do belioid the cufps of both houfes, there will be Unity and Concord betwixt them. I do in thefc manner of demands obferve on% thus much : I prefently confufer if either 1? tforybcinthefmh, for if rhofe two Planet , or arty Planet who is pofited in t he houfc t» Peregrine; I lay , trnt the Ghilde will hi untoward, very averfe , and not calily regulated by his Parents diretf ions, and that the fault is wholly in the Child , or young Man or Maid, according to the Quertion propounded. If 1 find T* cf or ?J in the attendant, I tell the Parents that enquires, the fault is their own , that the Child is no:moreob:ervant unto them ; and if cj be there , I lay, they are too much Lordly over him or her, or their Children, and over-awe them, ancUeep them in too much fubjeaion 5 ir be thePlanetimpediting, 1 fay, they are ring in aChriftian liberty , that they give tbeir Children noen- couragement,or (new them any countenancc,&c. It (S he there in the attendant , I blame the: Parent enquiring, and rell him, he is too too jealous , and too miftruftfull of the aaions of his or their Children , that yhe beleeves lyes and calumnies againft his or their Ghildren,thit fimpfe people fool him in his humour, and befot him with vain reports, &c. You may apply the laft part of Judgment to any other Qus- Aiori as well as this , with very good Tuccefs , as I have done many & all aim ? I MH ?fl M0rV#/tf kw I© fed 'Mfy W$ dh, letthe fault be where it will be, v 1 . -it. ' v C H A P. Xtl. THE Lord of thefifth fhall reprefent the perfon or*.the Enj* Mdoxr , the Mm (bill herein be admitted to; have figmfi- ation,that Planet to whom either the Lord of the fifth home or the do apply unto, (ball (hew the caufe of his Embattage, or you may take judgment from both thofe Planets to whom they apply. . > . ' , _ ■ If you find the application is from a Tortile by a Q or or 4 t ir!d if there be reception betwixt them, or collection or mruluion of light by any Planet, and that Planet be either lord of the tenth, orta the tenth , you may fty , the caufe df to Embaflage U unto the King upon a meer point of honour, or upon fome high and ^rertBufmeffe, or concerning avefy pat flnd urgentbecaiibi : -If she Planet who is received , or » who collets or tranflaccs the venue of one to another , be lecdof the eleventh^ie comes to renew the league .of Fnend- ' Qiip betwixt che two nations t If the Lord of the Htth be unfor- tom in the feventh , and thetord of the afcendant and he be tnOot <f , and 6 have any malicious* al>c&s to them both., or toetther of them , there is then no likelihood of Unity , or to be iny content in the Embaflage to be delivered, or both rar- us will find Kiviallmeanes to difcontent one another , 10 that to folid peace may be expeeled from any aft performed or to ^performed by- this Treaty or Embaffage , rather probabihry t»f felling at vatiaftce^bcther the Entbtf**"* ™& ddJ, f ^> ^provefalfe, .or (hulflc ih' his Undertaking , you mult know Judgment from the well or ill afrefcion of the Lord of the Rfth ho^vnd fromtHit afpeft he (hall cilt to the afcendant or Udtkreof, ortotheWrdof the eleventh; o^fervcalfom 1 - - what Gg a
  • 3fi *ej$*th»tf
what houfe the Lord of {he fifth is in ,£orif ; he be in the tend* and there dignified elfentially , the Emi*j[*h» will ftand coo . much upon the Honour of his own Prince > and hath an over- weenirig conceit of his own. abilities •* >f V and the Lord of the fifth be in □ or cP , the €mb*ff*daitr huh not a C**m$** large enough , or (hall be countennanded or contradicted either by fome MiiTive fro;n his Prince , or the Secretary pliyestbe Imave with him, &c. or his Meifage will be ill taken. Obferve this generally, if the SigtifUmr of the EmhjfJm have any * or & atye& ( or be he well dignified or noc-j cither to die Lord of the afcen-fant , or Lord of tliat Si^n unit which the Kingdom you are inis futyec) , i\nEml>4*Lir A felf wiflies well to the KingcJonvnd will perform his trull \uk much fincerity. Of a Mcjftngrfm forth *po» *»y Errand for Afatfi Herein give the afcendant and his Lord to him that ftt*fej the feventh houfe and his Lord unto- hinrta whom the Aftjfn-' £cr is fent , the Menage to the 3> , the Lord of the fifth to the Meffenger and managing of the Bufinefs : If you find the Lord of the fifth feparated from the Lord of the feventh > aad applying to the Lord of the afcendanii , you*may judge the Afc/enger hath cfte&ed the things he went about , is departed from him, and returning home again : If the Lord ofthehfthbe feparated from the Lord of the fecond (loufe . he brings Mo- • ney with him , whether a Fortune Ir.fortme be Lord of thic houfe, ihd you mult underfynd, , that the anfwer which the Mtfft*itr brings is of the nature of that houfe, whofc Lord w .the Planet from whom the lord of rhe/ifth is feparated, and of ythe Planet himfelf; fo that if. .you find his fegarationfroma goodPLmet, it gives hopes of a good Anfwer, the contrary when feparanon is from the l*fortkncs:\i the Slxm f enter ohk Meffengerfa apply by □ or <? to an /*fW#w. , before he isfe? parated from the Lord of the feventh , you may then acquaint the Qttertm , that his iJMtffcngtr hath had fome impediment in effeaing his Bufinefs by the party to whom he was fent , and that he alio Mained fome Jiinderance in bis Journey , ere be came mM fatter £*tjtlm. * 57 ane w the place towhichbe was lent : but if this application whfmmi happen after thauhc Lopd of die fifth was fcpa- raedflroni the Lord of the feventh, the Mtfftrtgtr will havs de- byes or misfortune in his returning' home again j if you find an /ff*rtw* in the ninth,he will hardly travel! fafe for Theeyes ; if a Ftrt**e hi in the ninth , judge his going and returning will be fife. — - 1 x — j " — — j ^ — Lord of the attendant and the i> >• and if either the one or the ctberbe in the feventh , or one or borh apply to the Lord of the iwuh, lie then w:nt fafe to his journeys end ; ever judge in this manner of Queihon according to the nature of the Fortune vhfm*xe f and how he is dignihed in the Heaven?, what is his Venue > what his Debility, and accordingly frame your judg- nxK according to Fortunes , or they chvelling ox being ui Significant Houfes, portend good, the Infortttnts the con* any. It there be reception between the Lord of the fifth and i'e- «oth,and any amicable afpe&,your Mejfcngerwas well received iDientertainediy him to who n he went,yea though the appli- cation be by □ or cP , yet he was well received ; but the pa rcy leoght after , framed fome excufe , or framed fome matter in his 6«vn defence , concerning the rhinf? fent unto him for. For joui Mettengers return when it flull be ; behold if the Lord of the fifth be receded from the Lord of the feventh , or apylying tothe Phnet who is his Difpoiitor , fay, he commeth ; the time
  • «n, is found out thus ; according to the number of degrees of
teapplicationjgive Dayes,Weeks orMonechs,accordirig to the wtireind length of the Journey , and according to rhi nature of uk Signs , vU. either Fixed , Common o; Moveable ; if the tywjta/or be Retrograde , the Meffenger will return when he to:nestob; Direct , or according to -the number of degrees he
  • jn«ere he prove Direct.Ido ufually obferve this general rule.,
■fco the Lord of the fifth cbmes to a # or & of the Lord of tKi&ndaiu, that day,or neer it,the MefTenger U heard of • or tttenth: l> feparates from the Lord of the hfth to the Lord of Gg 5 dia \l Lord of the fifth houfe is Retrograde , *nd in j ; 9 of the acendahc in it; both lj and 5 being in Sighs ' lifer barren then fruitful!: the Hn the Terms .of cf> inP of Tj Lcirvi of the lifth , 5 Lord of the afcendinr in iht Terms cfV afflicted by the rrefence of 0% arid going to <f of "h, who is Lord of the lixtlyts well as of the fiftli/^J alio poflfcfTeth tbcafcendanc ; a flrong argument of barrennefs : fo: thefe rea- feosin /Iftre'o^ie above recited, I delivered this J udgticnf Tk the 'Querent neither had been ever yet conceived , or for jnyrejfon in aArt that I could find , ever would conceive , and ttafh: was naturally barren j for finding thefm't , tenth and fourth houiw, being the principall Ancles of the Figure, afflict- d,l was certain, the evill impediting her Conception had been long upon her, and would alfo continue. Had I found U either fortunating the cufp of the fifth houfe, orinany afpect to the Lord of theVcendanp , or unto \ , or if my reception had been betwixt \ and U , or U and S , or any wlfefHon of light from 5 toT} , and that Planet fo collecting hid received \\ o: 5 , I would nor have been fo peremptory ; but when I found no one promising teflimony, I gave my judg- ment in ihe negative , viz. (lie fliould not conseive or ever have yiy children ; for whoever considers tlie po.'iture of Heaven ex- »{tly,lnall find 1^4 molt unfortumte Figurefor having chil- fan: as the I was nt CJ of T? , Lord of che (ixth , and $ Lo/d w* the aicendant , applying to his & s fo Was the Querent very fidly , and extreamly atf.ieted with the Wind and Chojlkk in ta Belly and linall Guts ; the 1$ in the afcenjant fi\ewed very gratpain in the Head/o did 5 *in » , being afflicted by both the Milciolems > reprefent ext-rearn&rief in the Head } fp* 3 in n fijnifiestheHead,-^/^ up. > • "\; . She affirmed , thit the Moles of her Body did correfforid ex- »&ly to the Figure of Heaven , vik>. one Mole dofe by the Na- tjjl, one upon the right Ancle , Jignified by on the cufp of TOh j one towards the right Knee on the inner ficje of the W reprefented by ft>Lord of the fixth in t \ one in or necr t«rcetnber fignified by the D in vx j ,and as 5 Lord of the af- |*muk is in ir , fo had the Quer** a Scarre or Mole on her W Arm, on the outfide thereof, tec, . ' ' When When ypu fine! a C^idHonthacisro peritnprory in theiot game, youfoalldealeoHfcreeily. to enquire the time of Birth, an J fee the Figure thereof, an i fee what correfpondency thefc. is bitwise the fo^/a* and the Question propounded , and help, your felf in your judgement bydifcretion ; foru (heJbifri arfirm Barrennei's , it's impolnblc any pro ruling Horary Que- ffioncan contradict, its jisnitication : and ufu illy I h;vc found, that whoever propounds a Qyettion to the AJirohgcr, Imcw in their firft Qucliion, they have a Sign qf the lame Triplid- ry afcending in th^ir QuielUon , agreeable to th,; nuur; of tb» alcendaric in their Nativity , and many times the vory i'elf fame Sign and decree is a fcending upon an Horary Quellion which was attending in the Nativity , as I hive many ti nes found by experience j tor if n afcend in the Nativity , it's probible up»n m Horary QuetUon , cither or may afcend , whkhaK Signs of the fame Tripl'idty, ' , // §ne were with Child of a U*>U/e or Female >and. about whtt tm fhe Jhould be delivered. chap, xtni Judgment uf6Hth$ Figme hfvrt going, YO U may fee in the jndgmems appertaining to chig houfe how to judge of this quertion ; however , I did tollow the Method fucc ceding , and confidcrcd oneiy the plurality of ceftV nmiis, Mafculine or Feminine, of the proper Sfgmfic4t9rt,m4 tbttbygavercfolutton. ^4 rguments if 4 G kit. •it Sign afcending, Feminine. v^Sign of the fifth, Feminine. S> InaSign ' Ftminine* ? Lordoftheafctndant? F . w;wW> with?,aWanet J SignifcAt'ms of 4 L%f*le Child. 5 Lord of the afamdau? ar r lim in a Sign »' 3 > h Lord "of ihe fifth a Planet LMafcttlwt. ft Lord of the fifth in a Sign UMafcHlt»e. Dlnahoufe:' MafeMhne. Tiltuhoufe MtfcnlM. U Lord of the Hour Mufcultne. UlnaSigi* Mafcuh**. . You fee here are eight reftimonies of a Male Conception, or of Bein^ with child of a Son ; and but four of a Female » I therefor? affirmed, ..thac.theW; was impregnated of a Man child, [aHdftitpnvfd.] 10 Hh Hew long ere fie fiould he Delivered* The Signs of the fifth , w*. Vf , is moveable, fo is Y, Wherein both the Lord of the afcendaw and fifth are politedjrhefe argued but a (horc time : but becaufe "h Lord of the fifth is a ponderous Planet , andoi flow motion , I muc(i v*lwd him in this Jufy merit , fo did I the becaufe (he was polked in the Sign of the fifth ; I took their proper difference in degrees and mm each from other.* The diftance of the P from the O afpefl of Ti is, as you may fmdc by fubduftion of the D, from Ji *4« degrees, 47 .minutes. I then fubttw&ed 5 his diftance from the body of Tj , becaufe he was Lord of tre afcendanr, and Ti Lord Of the fifth. M 37 Y S ii 00T Diftance 1 3. degr. 37. min. fathat finding no greater digt- rence betwixt the diftance of the 3> to the D of h> and the 6 of 5 with h> then one degree and ten minutes ; I gave for every degree one week , and fo judged , that about fouitcen weeks from the time of the Queftion, fhe ASould be delivered. The trutl) is , flie was delivered the eleventh of July follow- ing, at what time 6* tranfited the degree afcending, andS Lord of the afcendanc , the oppofire place of rhe3>, vix,. the ninth of S : You may further obferve that the ©the fame day is in 27. 48. S, w*. in perfect O to hw place in our Figure, ondth- 2> in 95 in d with of 4IL m*u*4r *f Jk'fi** Hi Of the fixth H o u • * v »»* W Question* Viz. Si'dfo^", &rw»#J , fmaUQanle. C H A P. XLIV. Judgment ef Sieiytft ^AstUlooy. THAT which I hold convenient to write of Sickjajfes, is thus much t That in the firft place, we ought carefully to take the tijfttime of rHfc parties firft falling fick , W*. the hour as neer u tan be had, not that moment when firft the Patient felt a fcfthef it, but that verycime when firft hewasfoill, orlb euieiml y oppreflec 1 , that he was enforced to take his Bed,or eo rcpoie. . . Secondly, if thit cannot be had , then accept of that time when the lick parties Vrim was firft carried to tome body , to enquire of the DUeafe,whether the party enquired of was Phy- fitiui or no*.. . , My, if no fuch thing can bi had, let the Phyfuun take tkcime'of his own firft fpeakins with , or accefs to the Pati- os, or when firft the Vrine wasbroughc unto him, let a Figure becrcttedaccordingly , and the plice of the D exa6Uy recxihed to the very hour j and then to know where the Dueale is , let fcicarefullyobferv:: , , Rrft,the afcendanc , what Planet or Planets are therein pla- ced. Secondly , the lixch houfe, and what Planet or Planets are tkwn policed. Thirdly , the Sign and houfe wherein the 3> i>. Fourthlv, how (he is arreted or afftiaed, by what Planet, 'rtwbtthoule that. Planet is,whjt houfe of the Figure that Pla- tftisLordof. psrt 4 (be Sod; is affiled ; wherein joa conftdlr : Iifehift houfe be ami^ed by the pretence of an evillPlanet Hh a and 144 . THMtftHkfi tf ■ andheRetrognde, Combuft, Peregrine, flow in motion, «  or parti of the Body which the Planet ^rPUnct* ficjiifie jqthit Sign then afccncBng,whtch you may fee by the Tvblc before go- ingMMi the Sign, afccndinfc be and h tfierriq,y(l htSy 'jMgc', tiVflck *>art jr is affli&ccUh the Mead, or hidi Diica- fes as are incident to the Head,, becaufe that fail houfe figni- fies in mans Body the Head, anch is now affiled by ihipo- f.tion of ft in that houfe: but you (hall alio judge the lkk par- ty is Difeafed with a Loofnefs or Flux in the Belly, oranim- perfc&ion. in the.Reynes or. Secrets, or troubled with cold^nw Matter in his Stomack , becaufe \ in S doth iignifie rrofe members , , or elfe with forne rotten <?oughj and your Jiife; ment herein (hall be more certain , and I dare fay infallible j if either the Lord of the afcendant , the i> ,,or Lord of the lixth be in a Sign > and therein (ignifie that very member which T* doth, or if the Sign of the fixth reprefent that member. The fame courfe and manner which I have directed in the afcendant , .. I would have obfeived in the fixth houfe , viz. the Sign of the fixth, the Plinet orPlanets therein pi iced, whit member of man; Body v they reorefent in the Sigh where- in they are pofited , from whom the Lord of the fixth lalt fepa- rated , to whom he Jiext appjyes : Together with thefe, obferve carefully the Sign and boufe wherein the 9 is , . her fcparation and application .,, and you, may, then defcend to give judgment in what part of the Body the fick party is grieved , and of whit nature and quality, the Sit ;kncfs is of , or what humour is moft predominant and peccant.
l Fnm what cmfeihe Sicfeeft it, Gentrollj obfervt ■*
The Significators in Signs fiery and the Signs afcendin°in- the firit , and defending in the fixth of the fame nature , (hew Heclick Feaveri, and that Choller principally is predominant in this Sicknefs. * The Siwificators in earthly Signs, argue long and tedious Agues, or Feavers of great continuance, or nich Diieafes as may orcafionally proceed from MeJancholly , Confumptions, &c.^ The Simficw in a/cry Signs *(hew thcBbodputrified ot corrupt , Gouty Ptfeafes , Leprofies , the Hand and Foot Gout* It* Sitntftcdtori in moil* Signs , declare the Difeafe > to pro- ad froii lome cold and moil* caufe or caufes , and (hews Coughs, rottennefi in the Stomack, and that thofe parts are dtfcvM 8cc. DJfafii fanificd by the Honfa. Houfe ' i The Head, the Eyes the Face, Eares, {Unking Breath, fore Mouth, and Noli me ranger'. a The Throat, Neck, Kings-Evill. . 3 Shoulders , Armes, Hands. 4 The Stomuk,Brelr> Lungs. . 5 The S.'ck , hinder part of the Shoulders , Stoiuck , Liver, Heart, Sides. _ 6 louver pari- of the Belly, Guts, Liver and Keynes. ' 7 , Flank, fmail Guts, Bladder, Matrix, members of Generation. 8 Tjie B-ck-bone, Arfe, Groin. 9 The Huckle-Bone,^, the Hips. 10 The Knees, the Him of ones Leg behind the Knee. u The Sunk, Leg from the Knee to theA.iKle, Shin- Bone. u The Veer, and all- Diieafes incident to them. Difctfes fgnified the Sign v. Y All Difeales inddenc to the Head (as in the firit hqufe is fignihed ) and fuch as proceed or have originall from G holler, ftllPock*, Putties, Pimples. S Difeales in the Neak and Throat , having their beginning fromMelancholly, as in the fecond Houfe. n Shoulders, A rmes, Hands,proceeding from Blood dillem- pered. © Scabbincfs , Gmccrs in the fereit , Hurts in the Brdt , ill Digeliion in the Stomack , Spleen y Lungs, upper pore of the Hh 5 Bd, r> Belly L Cold and MoUtare bsing the caufe, Sarfots. fcer & Back-bone , Sidss , Ribs , Heart, lower pare of the B«ft| fuch infirmities as \ roceed from Choller and excefs of Blooil, • nc Shewes Melancholly, Difeafes in the Gurs , andBaljJ* akes , Fluxes , fce, impediments in the Miferaicks , \Vind. chollick, Great-Heats in the Back, or the SconeintheUeinssor Kidneys , Surfers by drinking or eating , or from too much Ve* nery,6ifeafes in the Buttocks Joints, Hammes an.1 Handles m The Groin and parrs ; ; bout the privy Members , rhc Arfe, Bladder, Pyles, Scone in the Blidder, Strangury. / The Hippes , Hammes , Buttocks , Fillula's , Itches , Sci- atica's. \CP The Knees , back part of the Hammes , Scurfs and Itches in and .ibout the Knees, proceeding of Melancholly. » The Legs, Shin-bone and Calves of the Legs, with the Ancles. X The Ancle-bone and F^e:,Gouts,Swellingf in tliofe party. Difctfes of [he Planets, \ Is fignificator of thefc Difeafes ; of noife or rumbling b the right Eare and Head , Deafhefs , the Tooth-*cli , painifl the Bones, in the Bladder, all cold Difeafes proceeding fto.ii a deflux of the Humours, the Gout,Scab,MeIancholIick Lnfirrrri- ties , Leprofie , Palfie , Confumptions, bhck-J aundies, qnartan Agues , the Iljuck-paiTion , Dropfie , Chin-coughs , Catarres of Rheums falling upon the Lungs and Pectorals, U The Lungs , Ribs, Griifels, Liver, the Puife, the Seed, Ar- teries , Apoplexies, Plurelies, wringings ar the Hearr, Conyul- fions , Inflamations of the Liver , Difeafes in the Head prick- ings and Ihootings neer or upon the Ridg-bone , all windinefs in rhe Veines and Body , or any Difeafes a: iling fromputrifafti- on in the Blood, &c <f The left Eare, Gall,Reines, Privities and Stones, the Plague , wounds in the Face , Impolihumations , burn'uig-Fei- -Jaundtes.CarbuncIes.Fiftula^Epilepfies^loody- vers, yellow- ^ Flux, Calentures, S'. Anthonies fire. ©The q The Brain, Ifearc, Eye-fight, right Bye of a man left of a woman , Cramps , Swoonings or ludden tremblings at the I fjcjrf, the Cardiack Palfion , Fluxes in the Eyes , Catarres, red 'tholler. 9 The Matrix , Genitals , Paps ^Throat , Liver , Sperm , or Seed in man or woman , Suffocation? or Deletions in the Ma- trbtjPiliiuig Difeafe , Gonorrhea, Debility in the A& of Gene- ration , Strangury , weaknefs of Stomack and Liver , French or Spmifh Pocks , imbecillity or delire to vomit , or that Difeafe Senprefently after eating all comes up again. 5 Th: Brain , Sprit , Fancy Imagination , Speech , Tongue, Fingers , Hands , privation of Senfe, Madneft, Letlmgy, Stain- tocraig , Hoarcenefle , Coughs , falling Evill >aboundance of Sfenle, &c . j> Left Eye of man , right Eye of a woman , the Brain, the Indlines or f nail Guts , rhe Bladder , Talle , falling-Sicknefs, Pilfie, Collick, Mcnllrues in women, Apoikmes 3 Fluxes of the Bdly, w*. Looinefs, and all coigulated,crude Humours in any putt of the Body. From what precedes, it's eailcto difcoverboch the mem- ber a(B&ed , quality of the Difeafe , irs caufe and origi- liU rife ; which being well tonfidcred , it's requifite you beabfe to acquaint the fick party of the length or fhort- oefiof his Difeafe , and its time of accefs or recefs , the better tocoenfort him if life be ordained , or to make him more peni- tent and prepared for Heaien , if you fee apparent teHimonies •fdwtb. Whether the Difeafe will be long Irfart. Herein you muft have ren>e& to the time of the yeer in the ^ place, and to contider, that Sicknefles happening in the Winter arc ufually more long, and of long continuance ; ih the towaer. more fiiort ; in the Spring they are reputed healthfull ; ©the AiKtimne , for rhe molt part Difeafes mortall and.perni- «w are fed up. • . Alfocoid and dry Difeafes which proceed from \ > & which he m »4§ - .«^«r WV , «  he jUrr* tip , or if the Author of ^V ^*^^«^tt<! long, and generally are rcgulir^b? the <j> ; hot and dry Due*. 1 fes; which are procreated tYom the^rtfluencrof cTandtljefito are but fhort , and are determined by the motion of the I> ftyij producerh chfonick- Infirmities, y'U and © fliort ; c? more | {ho'rt , violent' and qui<ik ; ojameanbitwixt both ; ? divers and uncondint ; the 5) futh as do again revs rt ,- as theFalling-ficfc nefs, Giddincfs, Swimming of the Head, Gouts,&c. Si^niofAhngtrjbortSickriefs. If the Sign of the fixrh be fixed , expect aJong Difeafe} a moveable Sign , fhort continuance ; a common Sign , a medio- crity ,nei:lKr too long cr (hort, but for the molt part, an alte- ration of the Di.eafc, and return of it again. .*■;.. The hit degrees of any Sign being upon the cufp of the fixrh houlb, the tfreafe is 'almolt at aif end; or is cither altering for better or worfe: fixed Signs do argue the humour not to be expulfed without much time and difficulty. < When the Lord of the fixth is of evill inueflnce,and placed in the fixth , it's an ill Omen , o: an unlucky fign of a durable and great ficknefs s but if in the like niture ^Fvrmehz chere,the Difeafe will fooh be cured , hor is it mortal 1 * When tkLdjd of the fixth is itrohger then the Lord of the Dif- eafe is' like to encreafe , advife the Patient to take fit remedies for Nature is weaker then the Difeafe j but if the Lord of the fixth houfebemore weak the^ the lord bf the afcend^nt,th<fn be affured nature will be able to overcome the malignity of tbft Difeafe , without much alfiftance of xhz Phyfician : WhenTiu Lord of thefixthhouftt, and fixed in the Sigh ha is in, hecx- treamly prolongs the Difeafe j if he be Retrograde or flow in niotion,he performes the fame; but if he be irt a moyeibleSgn and in any of his Terms ; otfwift ih motion , heisnotttWtt much unfortunate, or wiU -he greatly prolong the Difealfc.' a moveable Sign in the fixth , andthe » likewhe , and iio unp** itfment othcrwayes appearing , the Difeafe continues bui'i While; common Signs do more long contmue any uinrrom except K, for chat being upon the cuffc of the fixth, 1 etfr ftwa fr equivalent to a movcabUign.- irthe » appl) ? by Matea £&Lordof theafcendam, the Difeafe encreafes ; if the 2> KuVthe fixth in ill a/peeVwith the fick may chank himfelf SfcDifeafe^heisadiforderlyfellow^andQt lUDyet; and ' 'ft be in «* , &c. he hath got a clap of fome unclean woman i St woman ask, foe hath coo great Flux of the Whites or Rea* or the Difeafe is occafioned by her own Folly , &c Ifdie Lord of the. fixth apply to the Lord of the afcendjnt by nor cP , the Difeafe is encreafing , . and is not yet at his height « full growth j fo alfothcLordof the fixth in the eighth or twelfth, is an ill argument and great preemption, that thenar- w fok mult be more afflicted ere his Difeafe leave ium:If an m- ' fortunate Planet be in the fixth,and is removing out of one Sign into another, the Difeafe will . fpcedily alter i if its defiled crbm/^ h^^cfor^dofi ? then fee how many ttifces the maleVolent Planet wants ere he can get out of the feartd thereby judge fo many Moneths, Weeks or I>ay so- wing to thehatute and quality of the Sign : if the Lord of ikfixth be Retrograde, Conbull in the eighth or twelfth and aTd m O , <? or o* Ti , .o\ or Lord of the eighth or (Qiiabof the Figure , he prenotes much infirmuy , a long con- tmued and fud&n- alteration of the Difeafe fftom fetter to jvprfe iif not Death it fell j the Lord of the fixth m the eighth,, aodtordof the eighth in the fixth , there being alfo a * or A itift betwixt both Si&ifilmrs,, you fhaU not doubt ot the & of the Patient at that time., for the Heavens do declare, ikNarure is not yet, ft overcome > orfo weak , but that the frWHall ov^rcoaieit iM there happen any, A * or 6 bciwwc dclord of the fikoh and ■ and he m tlic ninth , and the^le- [Kite from the JLOrd of. the fi*h to U * fo in the ninth houfe M , it's an inured argument, tbaf the Medicuies which the Mom. preftribes^ j>r - which trwfiftiejit hath already taken, teaoifed the OartY'to -Mtatf&bHftiCiAtt Of their taking,: J«hUefitbe^perU,and^ Mfm the,Snwardparts-.of the'Body, buE ^ t r ^ ii*ricgreatcotofo^and hath foUnj^ [$^ a ^^Z^ ■mmsi**M»*A at tame^ firfi being Miwk*h tlange* in thetSjckoaft ,yet if bcbc^dl^^cdjorifibfltiilly fortified , he hurcS little ; and you may rather judge^ tbeiDiftifc is hapf>encd carnally and fuddenly , then upon any pcepattd matter in riic Body^ before-riandjtherefare let the fickbe ofyood comfort: jo likewife when you find a Benevolent Pianeowdj fortified in the fixth , and he not author of tbevDifesfe, youtnay fafely jud»e y theXfifeafe is not, or will be permanent. Many times it happens , that in fome Countrey-towMjpeo* pie are afraid of mtthes ; If the Lord of the twelfth Jtaintk tixth, when miftruft is had by any fuch Querent, itVa ftroag ar- gument the fuppohtion i9true,taat the party is <v;xed byianatfl Spirit ,or byFafcination;when youi find in t be Qucftion of aiHi party , the Lord of the lixtb in the afcendant , and rteLoidof inthefixth, you may give 'judgment the Difeafe hath been of long continuance , andwill continue untill oaeOf the S't£wficAtors get out of theSignwhcfcinheis • and if -it happen , at the cime^f ^Planets tranht^out of .oneSign»to another,-he meet with the □ out of the Lord of thefourthw eighth, or with the opprefluig or malicious afpeft of >Tjoro*, and they flow in motion , in Sign* odioufly beholding or >tfyt» &ing one another / it's a very great figntbe.fick willtben-tte' part this Life ; when you find the Lord of ,thc;Axth affli&cdty the □ or <P of the Lord of cha afcendant iin ~A*umm degree*,* fig for toe Phylitian , the Difeafe is uncurahlc ,.and the dclapar- ty continually pained cWfosn ehe lord of ebed"ixrh,is in the aT- cendant ,. the Difeafe will continue >> but the bain doth fladeeo and feems cuke removed at fome times ,,ior ine Patient fome* times is nc^fenfibleofipain: :butJf msbeinaJCadr.mhttifc, the Difeafe is «eitheMery grievo4Bv.,nOpwUlat endure any-Joag fpace of rime : fo dfo*g©od>Rlanets in enciixth dopromifei good end of the Difeafe ; ovUl'tbe conmry : ufually a malig- nant Planet in the fi*b,fti«ws the Dfc:afe unfctIed»fo doth lift) tlyrilofd ofche fixtny if/fae be wneriixth^fligbth'or twelftMe- note a Rffeafe iKK^eafil/cuttbkl^iif *he Isor^lof chettfeeftdaflt and D Jbe free from. t{ie C3 , ^ior^i^ i^ ^i^, ^^^^ tunatx: Planet , andtoetQirofc \ frocifrom <3«mburttcm* fwiftia Motion ,-notP wgrine 4 or%nis Sat! or Detifrntat f >vtintte aghtborfotii ■> w^^^^^Mnim^tQi < cbctwcWi, fob fixdtorcigbch > it^a fait fignifiadoh of health and recovery ; J*n the Lord of the afcendant is in the fourth or eighth , and knot affiled , he (hall not figmfie death , but recovery; but if Ll* unfortunate in the fourth , it notes great djtocutacK the mry be cured : but if the Lord of the afcendant be himfelf un* Uiurc, cither in his houfe, or by Ketrogradauon, Peregrin oiion , Combuftion * or be in his Fall or Detriment* it $ pofli- Mc he may be cured 1 but witjiin a {hort time after he will rc- hpfe ,dyc, or fall into fome defperate infirmity ; when alio the Lord of the afcendant is infortunaced by theLord of thefixth « twelfth , and in a bad afpe* of the » , there's danger tn the Difeafe tbrcatned ; aboveall, have a care if \ be Lord of the : afr ccodant , and b his Dignities , flow , diminiflied in light , Rc- tioeride , for then the Patient or Querent will be long fick ; j!$e the contrary of the figntoion of r whsn othenvayet ^^©rd of the afcendant in an Angle » having no configu- fiiooto any malevolent Planet, buc being in a benevolent Iwufe of Heaven ■> and not under the 0 bsames , or Retrograde, tou may judge the Qturtut is in no danger at this time : wiien ikU'iof tfc afecnaant is fwift in motion , and entrmg.mco mother Si-n, or going out of his own houfe into anothery foitbc not into the Sign of thehxth or twelfth , the Difeaie will quickly determine : if the Lord of the alcendant be not 4 $iAecI in himfelf, or by any ill afpetf of the malevolent Pla- m ,or Phnets of a contrary nature unto himfelf , out is IWitc iamotiou , and infome goodafpea with the fortunate Planets, ifi t ftrong argument tbac the nature of the Difeafed or Q*rt*t ii nothing diminifced>t is ableto overcome the mslignity of tkDifcaic, and that ina very (hort utr.c ; but if the 4 the fick be affiiaed powerrully , it's a fign of a ftrong fat of fifatftl ihe*Miterkwaibc,whMtto»wJf^ Utew H^irikthenthe Planet afiliamg; if alithcW^/ot the Difeafe be in Signs fixed > ic pwcocei a great fpace of time « Ithe Patient canfe cured ^nor will the cure be odijwben th&Lordof iteefcendant i« applied unto by a male foknt.Planet.vit retard* the cure, prolongs the mfirmity " ih atlprefent great hopes appear ; fo doth W'teg le-.
  • ?& . the Refofathn 0/ "
when (he is flow in motion , and »osth in twenty four hours left then her mean motion, andXein any afpeel or<^ with- the Lord of the afcendant j but if flie be fwifty he cure ispcrfbr-i med p refencly , or effected in a little rime ) for the molt part' when the I) decreafes in light arid motion i, and comes to the 6 , □ or of ft, unlefs the difeafe be in its decreafe and leaving the Patient or Querent, it's I fay, very mortall and dan- gerous.- when the 2) is in cf with a Planet rhac is Orientall Direct and Swift , ext>ec~t a fhort ficknefs ; joyned to a Retro- grade or Planet OccicWall, look for the contrary. When you finde "t afcending, you may forthemoftparc judge ,. the : party was caufe of hisownmfirmneflfe, either by peevilhnefle , folly , cholleror rhe like j and your judgment- will be more firm , if 6 be then placed in «i ; if boih the ]> inirtarics be in Cedent houfes, and the Planet or Pl.mets that
re their Difpofitors be unfortunate , the Querent may expe^ a-
terrible (icknefs ; if the Fortunet aflfift in judgment, yet will the ficknefs be of long continuance , and of a fharp Difeafe , prove chronick yet beyond all expectation , the will rea- ver; and the more confident be in'your judgment , by how much more Ihong the Fortunes are dignified above the Infor- ttwrr jwhen you hnd c? Lord of the afcendant ,and poftrcd in the- fixth houfe , in * or A with $ , nay, if he be in □ or o° of her; there's no great danger. If the Lord of the iixth be Co.nbuft or Retrograde in his Fall or Detriment, and in the eighth, in 6 vDor <Pof horcf, you may doubr, and norunjultly, tint the Difeafe will never leave the fick party till Weith ; and if the )> have equal 1 telli- mony to the former Si^mficAtors^iz,. if fhe alfo apply to the 0 or 6 of the Lord of tne eight , your former judgment will be very certain ; If' either t he &orLard of ,thff afcendant be in dorf to-o benevolent Phnet, Retrograde, the fick will re- cover-, but not in hafte , for it's an argument of the prolongati- on of the Difeafe and relapfmg out of one Dife ife into ano- ther : When you finde the 2 receded from £ of the 0 , to be fwift in motion, and haftens to the 6 or <P : of <$ it will come to pafs , that the DKc&Cc which the Qhc rent now under- goes, will be grievous and mortall ; buLit*fiie faluteacthe- fame aU mwtr of £uiftim. (aiie time rhe * or A of U or 9,-che lick (hail recover, Therms ufwlly no' danger if, the D at time of the QueOion be ttron^ artd the Lord of the afcendant free from misfortune , and in no jfpeft to the Lord of the Iixth , yet when the 2> it time of the Qaellion applies to ft , or is impedited, it's an ill Omened fign of j ficknefle at hand , and that the Querent millrurts his own talthf,is fick , but knowes nor wl^re to complaine, or in what put of the Body the infir:nity is placed. At the time of ones fir It lying down, if rhe £ be placed in the aftendanc , in 6 0 or <P of ft or o*, or of any other unfortunate Planer, it's a lign of ill,and fhews ill,unlefs the J) be in recepti- on with the Planet or Planets fo afflicting ■• It's very confidera- blctoobferveacthetime of the Question, whatSign'tbe > is in} if in a fixed , expeel a long fit of ficknefs - y in a moveable Sign, quick difpatch j in a Common or Double-bodied Sign, the Difeafe will not be very diirlcult to cure.but fomewhat long, incuring : and thus much more you muftconlider', that if there bemnllation of lighr ( from that Planet who is Difpo:kor of ik 1> and he unfortunate ) to the Lord of the afcendint , or Sipjulcending , ic gives great fufpition that the l^erem mil baa fharp (icknefs , according to the nature of the Signs and' Planets Minifying the infirmity. ... i Tif monies that tlx Querent JkxU Ihe'/md tktfye of the- Infirmity nw afflitlhig. ^ When it is demanded ferioufly , if you conceive the Querent j Nlefcape the Sicknefs he now la nguilhes . under or (hall j lw, yen mult carefully, have recourfe to' your Figure erected^ and therein obferve thefe ruleq following : Trrat it 1 the 5 be itparited from a malevolent , weak Planet '( th'.lt is ill dignified) Misapplying to a Fortune powerfully ilrong , the fick partf ' ^1 be rellored to former health ; where Ti is Orientall of the G, wA Significrttor of the Difeafe, ic proceeding frO;ri Cold, • (ft'hidi is the true nature of ft without mixture ) trie Patient: wili recover j if you finde in like cafe ; .chit ft is Occidentalf, , l^KfymtaliSigmficators do incline or manifelf, thap thc* | Jwife is more of Heat- then Cold, the fick will alfo be recoV^i- * Ii j redj. 154. ThJbfil*ti9*,9f< red { yce you muft ev cr underftand, that Tr is wnluckv, when; hcii, Occidental!, &c. Porthe$(lp&i#oncf.<J , > y?»flwlf findithu>fc. ter his <P with the ©, that is^hen he is Occident all,he is, not much to be feared ( vi*, his cvill influence)^ when he is^rien* tall ; for the 6 of the V with o* is dangerous, andanirguv ment of a Hrong ficknefs at hand, his <? andQ afpec^sdo lefs mifchief ; the D doth more hurc in her encreafe then in htr decreafe , fodoth & being Orienull, more thin when Occiden. tall- , , When vou finde there is any reception between the LordcC the afcendant and Lord of the eighth , and neither of them in* fortunatcd by the malignant Planets , aifter defperation , there will be recovery : the Lord or the afcendant in reception i of the Lord of the eighth by l\owk orTriplicity, theiV- tunts alfitling either with their A or * the degree afcending or of the fixth houfe, or the D her felf, there's no danger of death, but the fick will perfectly recover j fo alfo , when the Lord of the attendant (hall happen to be a benevolent Planet , and pla- ced m the firtt , tenth , eleventh , fifth or third houfe , being no wayes endangered by the □ or <? configuration of the Male- volenti, it prenotes Canity: fo doth alfo the pofition of the rortumt in the Mid-heaven or firtt houfe, at what time the lick- netfc firft afliulted the lick nerfon, nothing is a more fure argument of health , or that the party fick flull live , the* when you finde the © V « or the » in the afcendant of the Quez- on » not any wayes damnified by the hatefull afpett of the Low of the eighth or fixth j and this argument is more certain , if the iforefaid Sifmfictttrj be in good Signs, that is , in cither of U his houfes,or in S or fl,** or ; when the Moon is in her owa bouje ,or in rhehoufe of U or 9, and there: in either of their if- pea> free from. any ill afpe& of Tioro^foefignifies health and m, * ~ - . It's a good argument of recovery , when in your Qudtioa you finde jche Mow in 6 with U , let U be in what Sign he will it denw good, but lefts in ^ then uwny other S$m, for neither the Mmw U have^y delight.therem , that Sgy being the Fall of % and Detriment of the M*w \ in very deed, »o Planet delights to be in th&5igu wherein lrc Fals , or,*'* iblttkrebtd^re^iwflrength otttis influent*. When the jlm is applying to the Lord of theafcendant by A or *af- pifti ami (he be eke> of all misfortune^r not impeditcd by the Uidof the eighth, dr ftxtbiifcecially, hetlthand tile arc promi- Wifafcty irSfo tdbeexpttted > when the MowO^W be well' jjfoifted and tolled Ui aSucccding houtr, provided 9 %e be eit- ctttimiw light -and motion „ awtnot necr the bo#erof ft or o*, ^ infefted-fjfit* their Riycs: the either in the firft, tenths eleventh, ninth , fecond, third or fifth, in A or fnith the' Lord Of the afcendant yor wirh'his Ancifcion , yea, if fie he a m^k^olencIHanet, fo that neither the Lotd of the jfaadanc or the Mom have an,y other impediment , it doth ar- MtfKfc ■When m thCfirlt falling fidrof the mftrme'Bodyjthc Moon is toid of courfe y and at her nexr C*ifi* meets with a # or ^ of ior$, in tint very degree wlriehmakes a perfect Crijitj the Mull recover , be 1 he never' fo much pained or grieved at the mieofdematidm£ dic'Quettion, oT actcft of the ~1irint ; when irrthefiri* brgmmng or approach of a ttffeafe, the S^cj&iW, andLord of the afcendant are free from the ill afpe&S-of the ; /»- fitfunti, or Lord of the eighth , therc'needs no feir or fufpition to be made of the death of the then fickpjatty , or when.tiie Bc- netofent Phners are rr.^re 'potent theii the ! Malevolent, they ineafliired hopes of life, and hivite rhe.infirme perfontocon- hdeof hhefcape. <#rg*mms if Width. Wfan the areendam at tinw^f Ml falling ficlc, fhall be tlv» fcrmih houfe at the Birch , 'you may 'fear, death , iihtefsiiie fcofcftion of that ycer bethefame Sign What 'Profec^ion is, you ftiiU know in my Trearife of^r/Wf/#xj thbfe Signs which arc advene in a Nativity, vt z thc^ns-oFthe fi^h^venthjei^h^ »3 twelfth. When the five W)ttg& til fiiaex it the hour of Birth, at time 6f Vttmbhnre Of tbenek, ^^aralfo the f Loril dfthe afcendanc,are ^greffed,,. judge death i mtnediarly co follow , unlefs racepti- «i»tcrTaie betwixr the Infottmes yUid^^imes intetjecl: ftkir comfortable f flf$$$i foftheny by^divInemiMclcasu
he part^'ficj? pay. elafre. ; < ! ■< r
He Will be infinitely opprefled, who in thc.fcour of o* |M| fiftt get cin jiot Difeafe, and in the -hour of tfi cold one. The, Loj^'of the afceiidant and of * the iigtire Combuft, <Jp Undoubtedly,^ tiVeeh tiie ^and rberri, fuiVa.cbmcehapning , aricfthe A, proving fortunate , after tear of danger >" a' little hdp$s re-' mairies. T " , ■' ; '•• ' ' .' " The JLord of tlie afce'ndaflt . artd the Moon in <& with thet^ of t he eighth . without theinterpofing afpe& of the Pmrnuj threatens death. ; •/.' .. '". ... , . The Lord of the eight h"in an Angle , tneljbrd of' tnearcea- dant in a ("ladenc , is alwayes tnprtalljthe rather if he be an?»-[ fortune: \ , Vl • v| '. • The application of the Moon to a Planet iii the ei|tith ,'[s ( al- wayes dangerous : The application of .the, Lord, of the afceti;, tttrit uritO the Lord of die eighth,, or unco malevolent Planeti. herein ,*'the cj^>* being any manner of vviy corrupt,dcuotes death. ' , :; .[ The' Moon t ransterring the light and influence of the Lord of the attendant to the lord of the ejgfajj pi brings ufually death: fo alfo\yhen the kojd of the eighth «s in .the afcendmt>,tne tord of the attendant ancj'the C^ft^bvinig'both afflicted : It alio proves fatall when the Lord o^the attendant is unfortunate irf the eighth, t he Moon being then corrupted or very weak, and in no eflentiall Dignity ; the Lord of the attendant being Subter- ranean, and in any afpeft to the Lord of the eighth in the eight, or if he, be in the fourth , and the Lord o£ the.eighthin-yhc fourth, and they both in 6 , argue death: it's a very ill uga of jife when the Lord of the attendant h corporally jovned with the Lord of the fourth, fixth, feventh or Ewelitlytfeldom fucceedsvyefl with the ficj^rfon then. , Have fpcciall confideritiori to the Luminary of the tirrte, for according to the well or ill arTe&ion t)rsreQf j; j'6ti may improve your Judgment. The Lord of the attendant atfti&ed of an enil Planet in the etghth,\vithout the benevolent afpetf of rhe-F"- f*w/,the Mm alfo then vitiated,(hew great perill of jdzmm ufuiily uikllv by reafon of the ill government of the Tick party , or . feme error in reordering and courfe in Phyijck : it's a power- S argument that the tick party will dye , when, at time of his firft C^eftion to bis Phyfiihn , you finde the Lord of the atten- ds CombufHn the attendant, The Lord of the attendant and ot the eight unfortunate, ^ Lord of the eight in- the tenth houfe., and Lord of the todmt in fourth, lixth or feventh,affli&ed of the malevolent Planets, argue death. , A Planet very ttrong , and placed in the attendant , if he be Lord of the hour and of the eight , portends death if the Lord of the eight be Retrograde, andin<5 Qpr <P of the », it aiews death: The Lord of the eight m the feventh , the Mmmd Lord of the attendant in cadenc houfes, infefled with trwillafpe&s of lnf*rtunes\ and more certain,tf one of the mi- kvolcntsbeLordof the eight, or pofited in the eight ; fomc fiy,if the Mean be in 6 with Ti or U, the ficknefs will have ltetle good thereby , nor will he cttape , unlefs I* be Retrograde and When' the Lord of the Attendant is in 6 with the Lord of the eight , or in □ or 6 of a Planet pofited in that houfe , or in the Amifcion of the Lord of the eight., without the benevolenu
  • or A of % > and at the fame time the D be any way affiicled,
it's probable the fick will dye ; but if the Lord of the attendant be Hi reception with the Planet in the eight, it's poflible he may atoiddeath ; however , let him be allured a very long and gne- wusDifeafc he cannot ; If the 2> be with \ or 6 , wirhout the tfliftance of fane good afpeft from U and $ ; and if h be flow m motion, or is going Retrograde, it's fo much the worfe , and ii'sone argument the fick will dye at than time ; if other teili- monies concurre, it's more certain .• The Lord of the attendant in the feventh, in his Fall, or under the earth in the fourth or , or in other Cadenc houfes , airlifted by the malevolents, andthe Lord of the eight in the feventh , thefeare teflimonies df death : A malevolent Planet neer to the degree attending, Qt a violent fixed Starre , vU. ^fntahes in the fourr h t , Lms Mrdh about the ninoh oi^\PMUlcium in four v>C0put Met- Kk daf* in twenty , thde prenotedeatb .• The Lord of the afceit* dint in SI or , in any bad configuration of theLord of the' fixth or twelfth,fhews little hopes of recovery. Both the Li?hw afflicted of Tj in Angles , give ceUimony of a tedious long hcV nefs ; fo do both the Lights ,being ill dignified , and underihe earth, fignific the fame : when as alio the 0 from the beginning of the Difeafe (hall be corporally afflicted , or by the □ or <fof T? or cf impedited , or be in the perfect Antifcion of a malig- nant Planet , or fliall apply and not feparate , either dc uh , or an extraordinary long hcknefle fuccecds : The » after the be- ginning of the Difeafe coming to <P of the Lord of the atten- dant , and he Retrograde or Combult , argues death , or a Ourp difeafe , not eafily curable : in cP With the Lord of the eight, the 7> in the fourth with & , or 2> in "the attendant , and nee; the degree attending , are arguments of death ; the » beficged by the Infortmcs , or between © and o* , or between 0 and are ill Omens of health : who fals Tick whileft the )> is under the 0 Beams ,. W%. departing from CombulUon , his Difeafe fliall encreafe till fhe hath pafled the © his <F j but fhen if fhe prove ill affected , and come to an ill afpect of the Lord of the eighth, it threatens death, otherwife he or ftie will efcape. Any malevolent in the fixth,or any Planet peregrine and un* fortunate in tl at houfe , (hew great danger in the Difeafe ; the CombulUon of the D in'the eighth hoafe , and in <a , or in in □ or cP to \ or V. , or in 6 with the Tletadti in 24 b , 0/ other violent fixed Stars, argues death: the 2> being lady of the fixch , or of the attendant: in ConbulUon , anH the Lore! of the eighth at the fame time afflicted by d r or ill afpccl of T> or <?, iliew death. • - • D A R I OT in rtgwd, Lhwe evir', ajfc&ed Daript bis Mtikitf \*dgment in fickne([e'i > I k*vB A wnh<[gmdbrc!ijUUQn*n' ne xedit y in 4 far mm jftoft wqand mtthtd then htrenfm puHiJhed*, 4% mmt *f jButftimi Jftht P*rt; be fick^of whom tht QneflltH it Demanded* THE r.lgmficAttr of the Querent in a Sign contrary to his £4r/#f. owh nature., as o* beinglordof the attendant , and na- turally Iiol and dry , if he be in $ , which is cold and moid j or if the Lord of the attendant be in a Cadenc houfe, chiefly in the fixth, he is lick. . _ Adiurnall Planet being S^ificantr , and he under the eartlij ill affeaed , Co nbuft , Retrograde , in his Fall or Detriment, weak , or in Terms of malevolents , or wich riolenc fixed Stars, or belieged by the two lnfortwtes, thefe things hippening, the prey is lick. What was fpoken of adiuriuU Plm;c , mult be inderiiood of a nofturnall one (conpderatis conjiderandis.) When a QudVion was asked of me upon any Vr'wt^t with- jr,;// /t out it , having erected my Figure , I observed this method , to know whether the Querent Was ill or no. If [he attendant were nor affli&ed, or the Lord thereof out of his elTenciall Dignities , or in any evill afpect of or o* > or Lord of the fixch. , Q,- if no Planet afflicted the fixth houfe by prefence , or that ihe 5 were not afflicted iiuhe eighth or twelfth; or if I found Uor $- or ft in the attendant , or the © in the fixth , or the S> and Lord cf the attendant in any good .afpeel , or'U or S caft- ing a A or * to the cufp of the attendant or fixch houfe,I would dire&lv acquaint the party they were not lick , or that no fick- ijefs would fucced'Mpon this Qucre , but that their miftruft of a ii( knefs was grounded upon iome fudden dillemper of Body, which would prefently be rei\ified. Cwft pf tbe VifeaJ} inward or outward. .' : th? imvard caufe and condition of the Difeafe, We require from the ill difpofition of the Slgtiificattr , in Sign , Houfe and phcQ of Heaven , his good or ill configuration with the malevo- Jcnt Planets : where generally obferve , any Planeo may in Kki this this cafe be malignant , if he be Lord of the eighth f twelfth or fixth, &c. The outward caufe is required from thofe /»/*r/K«f.r that do afflict the Lord of the afcenamc ,or from the principal! Signifc cntors in the Figure , or the )> • for if you find the Lord of trie afcendant fufliciently flrong in effentull Dignities,iwift in mo- tion , in a good houfe of Heaven, you may then judge the Out* rent is nor. naturally . ill , but accidentally and outwardly afHi- tfed , and if you fin^ no: withlhnding the llrength of the Lord of the afccndmt , either T* or 3 have fo:ne n or <P afpeel unro him, and neither of 'them be Lords of the fixrh, or Difpofi- tors of the you may judge fame outward caufe hath happen- ed to the party , whereby it comes to pafl: he is not well , yet nor perfectly fick; do yo,u then obierve in" what houfe that Plan t is , or of what houfc he is Lord, and from the judgments belonging to that houfe, require fatisfaclionin cArt; as for example : If you find the Lord of theafcendantcafuallyaffli&edby Saturn or Uiiars , &c. and either of them are Lords of ths fecond houfe , and there appeares no inward caufe of a Dif- eafe, then do you judge the Querent is in fome wane of money; f if tl e Sigrtlficators apply, )orI)atb had lately damagc,if the 5/p mficaiors are feparated; the greatnefsor fmalnefsof hislofs judge according to the (length of rhe Planet afflicting, snd quality of the afpeft ; where note , Oppo/itions hsrein areworfe then □ afpefts or Co»jttnttio?is : If it bi the Lord of the fifch^be the Planet good or ill * thir afflicts , or hath cvill afpcdl to the Lord of the afcendant , either by evill Dyet , Strrfet, &c. or by lofs at Dicej Tables or Sports ( if the Querent be 1 capable ) or I hat the-Farher comes not off freely with his Penfioir; ( this is whsn young people demand a Queliion , or are diftempered ) if it be the Lord of -the feventh that oppreffes the Lord of iheaf- the like configuration b: upon the Queflion from the Lord of the to the Lord of the afcendant , it's alone melancholy all m&nntr $/ guefthni* a 5l ) , his Friend , or the Maid he affects, or the man i flic longs af- er 15 unkind > and difcontenc for that occafion h the outward caufe of this ill alfe&ednefs in the Body , yer will no iicknefs follow ic. 7 his is the Method which I ever obferved , which I ftttlj communicate to the world y and which, if well mderftood,wtil IMkfwltdge fufficient to this way of judicature. Of the quality and nature of the Difeafe. Although formerly I have briefly given directions herein, yet now 1 hold it fit to be more copious, and defire the Learner that lie will contrail what I write into fuch a Method as may bill pleafc his ownPfnnfie; and be inibled to make th»« belt life of ic for his own advantage. When 'therefore you h ive 1 edited your Figure , confider what Planet is fignificator of the Difeafe j and if you do finde"hro be figniricato;, heproiu- ccth continued and tedious Sickneffes, quarten Agues, Cough?, I tonfumptions , &c. If he be in SI or in m with J or^; or I Coiibult, or if h be with violent fixed Scarres , he afflicts the i ftlt party with pcllilent and dangerous Fevers , and it may be oouWed ( where iufpition of Poyfon is) that the Sick hath been I iotbvoured to' be Poyfoned , or huh taken fome porion equi- tolenrtoPoyfon. Mien T? 'is in Signs of the fiery Triplkiry , as Y Si / , he ufually iienilics Heaick-Fcvers ; if he be wffi morX , the uule and matter of the Difeafe gtowes from fome cold and I moill caufe or matter, ordiltemper; and this more afluredly if 5 or D , who are moift Planets , have together with him any Unification in the Difeafe , the matter then afflicting or caufe of the difeafe is more grofs and vicious with long Paroxifmes., with ebbing and flowing of the Difeafe j the fick party is a|- ttoj overwhelmed with horror, dread,and fearfull imaginations, MiwtKam chilnefs and coldnefs. , WhajTj is in fixed Signs , as in > he amicls the Pa- Jh with durable and long continued Agues and Fevers , pe- twrall rotennefles , or dry coughs , the joynt Gout > Leprofie,
  • generall Scabbineffi all over the Body , all manner c£" •
T| being'.; %6l The Ref&lutkn tf , Ti bsingin moveable Signs 3 as Y & SB Vf ? prenotesiagenfr rail Flux of humours all-over the Body,princtpally the Dropfii or TympanicaU humours. Being in common Signs, the Difeife proceeds not from the difaffe&ion of one humour alone , but ] huh many changings,receding and reverting,and yet thebifafe' | continues a long time. U When he is author of theSicknefs , denonrtratesill affecVicn of the Liver , ani a cor -up 1 , ion of the blood, either by inflimation, or other caufes of nature agreeable to the Sign wherein he is pofited , as if in *3 , or in a moitf,Si : ;n the blood is VY.iteri(h,or roothin,&c. if in Y Si or /,its overheated by fome extravagant excefs of heat or choller,if in ~ or .u theBJooJ overflowes , there's too much, breathing cf a Vein is necefTiry, or Sweating, if in \y or % the bloor! is infected with Melan- cholly,too k gron?,'ind ndr fluent. U in fiery Signs, lie c.iufcs Fcj. vers proceeding from blood , yet without rottennels or (lore of 1 putrifa&ion. I When S is joyned with the 0 , ic prenotes a diltemperd Feaver , procreated by purrifaclion of the blood. If o* be lignificator of the Dieafe, rnd in fiery Signv^wg the Luminaries, or the Afcendant,or Lord of the Afccndinr,te ! procreates hot burning Feavers , fome mixture of Melamholly; j if Saturnbz mixed in the Judgerr.ent,thai is,if he hm :ny thiii» j to do in the Signification of trie Difeafe, or S in any of his dig- nities. When & is in common Signs > the difeafe will not eafily be difcovered,it wil come and go, md be at no cerrainty,yet at what \ time it feems to leave, if 'Saturn have any fignification, and Ik Id afpedt with good Planets , the Di'.eafe will quire go away, but if j then Saturn be with the Lord of the eight or fixth, the Sick may expec* death : Ufually when & is in common Sign?, the Patient is vexed with many infirmities, and they acute, returning when expectation is of amendment'^ fie fympiomes hereof ,re fuddca motions , and more quitJk andfpeedy Critical! dayes , either to gobd or ill^ccording to the nature bf'tljeSignific::or : $ under j the beam's cif the © in the fixth or in the twelfth in fiery Signfi brings fcorching or burning infhming Feavers , that is ,FcaveH exceeding , e($cially in heir, aha! as it vvere boy ling the Blood* | all mmner $uejHons, % i$ . $ being thi caufe of a leaver , and in SI , fhews efrolition I or i boyling of the humours , continuall burning Feaversi ijhofe OfiginaH-caufe fj rings from, the great Veines neer the to.' 'When the © at -tint lying down of the Sick party , is io<<! Dor cP of T2, or in Saturn his Antifcipn, the Difeafe iknaffliitingjis meerly \klancholly;if the 0 be afflicted of or by o with th .• aforelaid Afpedts , the Difeafe is from Choller .* j $ being Sigiiihcatrix of the Difeafe , fliiws it? proceeds of in- ttfiipenmy , too much Gluttony , of fome Surfeit, diiafteclion iathe ftdly , or in or neer the privy parts, or by Woman- ilh trick , &c in fiery Signs fti-Ws a Feaverbur of one dayes (ODtinuime , but if $ joyn in fignification , ic notes ;rotten Feavcrs arij'mg from Flegme. When $ is unfortunate, and is author of the Difeafe* the fick party huh his Br.iin diiafte&ed , is difiurbed wit h an unquiet F;ncy or Minde , with a Frenzy , Falling-fickneife , Cough,. Ptiikk , or the like. When the Lord of the ninth is in the fixth, thcD'fjafe ivfro.n Poyfon, Witchery, or Pagination, CIumk, or by or from'occirlt caufe ; this is, when miitnrit iiof fuch like dianxs. tttihtr the D!fe,if e he in the right or left fide or fart of the Body of hmt that detodtid* the Qncflion or is Sickj When you find the Lord of t lie fixth unfortunite'or afflic-led I above the cirth f chat is in the 12,11,10,9,8,7. houfes) the Dip I Uf; is in 1 he right fide of the Body,md in the upper pare there- i ;if the Lord of the fixth be under the earth , vi*,. in the 1 j2, . I HsjO'. houfes , or vitiated in A diurnall Sign , the Difeafeiif Vtheluperioarand fore-parr 6f the body , as in the fare.-heac), I wJiadc, 3cc, if in a nofturnall Sign/he infirmity is in th^ back- IPirtofrhe Body. I , if the Signiricator of the Difeafe bz in a Feminine Sign , and I tjAfptft to a Feminine Planet ih a Feminine Sian or Houfe^ I wDucafe is in the left fi^pf the Body. I ever, Me this ge- J Kulliule to Jiold t-me,v/*'. ^ tfife Lord of the fixth be a'^aicu-. IMinet and 'above the earijh , th'd right fide of the Sick is pucd} and if the Significatdr'be in few degrees of the Sign, the jtf 4 . The Rifoiuthfr if the upper part of that Member is pained or grieved ; if the nificator be in the middle of the Sign, the middle part of the Member is dUUeffed , and fo the tower part of the Member when the fignificator poflefleth the lower degrees of the Sign,' Whtihtr the Difeafe be in the Bodf , <Mwdt or both* You muftunderftand in the firft place. , thac the Sign afcen* ding the 2 and the Lord of the houfe wherein the© is, & (hew the Spirit of Man, and that the Lord of the Afcendanr>tlic Planet who. is difpofitor of the I>>, doth denote hot lithe efr reinall and internal 1 Members. Wherefore in giving judge- ment herein , you may confidei if the Afcendant ©and 3>£e all vitiated or affl.ii'ted, the Difeafe is then through the whole Body, or no place is. free : but if thofe Planets who difpofe of the© andD , or hethat is. Lord of the Afcendant , ortwoof j them at Icaft be aflMed , the Difeafe is in the Spirits together with fome mdifpofit ion of Minde j the reafon hereof is /to- caufe the .Lord of the Afcendant and Difpofitor of the D arc properly the Significators of the Animal faculties and irtf rati- fies in Man , or which may chance unto him ; as deprivation of I Sence, Madnefs, Frenzy, Melancholly* &c. •If the Afcendant , the i> and Lord of the Houfe of the © we I all or but two of them impedited, the infirmity relis in the j ^linde but not in the Body. If the Afcendant and the D be both unfortunate , and the] Lord of the Afcendant and Difpofitor of the D free , rheinif- J portion is in the.Minde and not inthe^ody. ThisgencNll rule many Attrologians obferve, W*. that T* naturally fbrc- fhewsofcaufeth Melancholly,, all manner of diaemperaflom Melancholly and by confeqiience thediflurbed Minde ; where* fore wherel'oever you finde "h Lord of the Afcendant or of tils Hour, or twelfth Houfe, or fixtb, or if the i> feparatc from him, or if h be in the tixth houfe , or in the.Afcendant , orind Q or tf of the Lord of the Afcendant , the fick-parry labours with fome affli&iqn of Minde , or with fome vexatious care where- with his minde is much troubled; now the contrary hereof U eflfe^s , for he never opprelfeth the Minde but the Body j if die of the Houfe of the D ancfof the AfteridmtaittiM- J&unatt by the 0 ; or Combuft , or under his beames>the irifir* "If iha? Phnet who rules the Sign wherein the Lord of the Afcendant is in , and he who is Difpofitor of the cAfpwr, be in- fommitte in tneir fall , detriment, or Otherwayes very much af- AiiHthe Difeafe raignes more in the Minde then in the Body. in the Afcendant j or the Afcendant, or if the fcord of the Houfe of the JMoon be opprelfed in the twelfth by a * □ or<P of o% the Difeafe is both in Body, and Minde. A Planet bdng by nature malevolent, beholding the Afcendant, and rio^ MAm t and together with this , if the Lord Of th'eSj>a ! tvhere the 0 is be affli&ed , the party is grieved in Minde , , but - not Tick in his Body. Alfo, if the degree afceriding, and ; de- nse of that Sign wherein the 5 is, be more affli&ed then the Lords of thofe Signs , the Difeafe ranges more in the Minde thcflBocKvwd fo the contrary,when the Lords are more afflict- ed then the parts of the Signs before mentioned. If the Lord of d«e Afcendant and the O be in their exaltations , and the difpofitor of the J> in his detriment or fall, &c. the Difeafe raignes in the Body, not in the Minde. When the Lords of the places of the D arid Of the © be in their detriments , falls , or • Peregrine , Retrograde Combuft* and the degree afcending tn Dof the D ; and free from the ill afpe&s of 1* atidd\ thenis tbePatient vexed with a tormented Soul. Ufually when the OjtheLord of the Afcendant , or hour, or of the twelfth houfe are figntficators of the party taquiring,thefc fliewa Muide vex- I d with haughtineffe , ' vain -glory •, felf-cOncettedneffe f i ■ fern argues luxury, a lafcivtous defite to Women, wherewith both Body and Minde are diluirbed.' V ftiews doating ftncies, 1 and fcarfull imaginations wherefoever vou finde him a Signt- fiwor, and affliaed : ad alfoy that he is flirted toiniftruft upon «Ha fcares , < his bwtf jealous faftctes < ■' Or upon fome flying re- ■ Ports. Over ami above the many Directions formerty prafett- I W, you mult'well confider whether the degrees Wtelnthifi 1 Lord of the Afcendant , the <£) or D at time of the Birth f if I you hm the Patients Nativity ) do ifall to be ths degrees * LI aSign a Sign wherein a pfofeqt Edipfe is , • # time, of. r^gcfyfif* or, neej it > or of fame emiaent, great Conjunction ; for J rriutf ceil vou,thefe are all unfortunate. \ The fignof the EcUpfe, or ofagrea Conjimction thro- ning qviU, or the -Sign of the eighth Houfe of the yeerly re- volution of the Wprjd* foiling in any. of the Angles of the Na- tivky. efpccialjly in the attendant : proves very dangerous. "When a Sign afcends upon the hrft falling hell , or demand of the Patient , wherein an Infrw* was in tfje Nativity, it moft fearfully, torments the fck party , it mews he (hall l»ave a hard fit of Sckneffe: Thg<J of the, a \yitnd«©;isaveryill %> ; when thare* not above; fix degree?! diftance betw^t them, an^ the J> not yet pafled by tjw 0 , that is., not ruyng.becn yat in 6 with him : however , upon, the <•> apd J> their king in 6 in Y or *a>this misfortune is kfiened; when the X> is twelve ^ree$ from; the ©i fhe (hews little 4^cr. ; Of the C*}fc> or A<W* Criticsfi. Sundry MrttmAts have handled tbis part of i#UJiri*tf AMoA fo learnedly , that I fhali onely refer i;hcm to their ex- cellenc Wqrks* which ar<? putrfikely to rjad j onely thus much I, have ever obferved, that tx> fincte the true Crjfa, youmurt as.neer as can be obtained, get the, W wherein the Pan- tfltfirfHookhisBetU. which if it earache bad, then take, the how When firft jutigment was xeqiM-of the Pbyfitian, and re&ij&c the Mm her motion to that very hourj tlje Difeafe be n ot chronick , but acute,, you &*Mnde greaj a^apon in, the Difeafe and party infirmed, neer upon thofe umes when the Mm «HtK*tohe djftancfrom tha* he^rft place 45- ,*fW» fo alfo when toe is 90. degrees from that place; and again, when<iiftant 135. -for dycovering wh^het, the Cnfis will be good or ill , you rmfl nots.what Plgnet ** » afpetf vvuhall ' « thofe times /whether v^kh. a. frjen^jy P^ane^> 011 anlnfertmty iCiffce be in a goodafpefc at tl^ofe dimes W^?benev9lent Pla- n« >/ icdothpromUe eafe, and a better qWP* m the Ijii- etfe ; <\lm if: ftxe then meet wi f h an ill^pe&of the VordoS t)»e eighth « foidi'fc the PaUent wUbe wor^y tos.paineen- 40 motor t?rt w* P 0««meto.te«ke»fpeaof theLordof the onny P 3£ that m .oftd mtta fmhJ fay^enl did r2 i« Patient to fc muchdiftempered ., rfcDifefc S and Sdicinessiwn about thofc work littleoMo % j „*.A!«hf n 1 obfetved t he Mom to come to a A °t* of he ninth or «ntM «fc to f^T^oZS^L I ord of the afoendant came td any good afpeit of We © It ne Mm! : pSSS domimonin the'lfeafe; I found the Pattern mi Wte^ft!aftKyC<Kl' t bleir.nsthei;ckpattyftal te j SSh^SSe V who is Ae Lord of, the attend.™ : , and which of the benevolent Planets he is in afpea with , and 1 how 7 i — amend , the ntore certainly I-cfetermine , u u.c $$mfica Sin motion Bangui a" If the rfl™^.— SyX neither judgeinoneths, ^^^^tSS^ Snwiih' foch or fiich a tlmei* M did fay :< ■ ? . VlxeJiStgnSyMonttbiorYetrs. ■■ ■■ ^/<f/ ^r<r tqnivnUnt to movable Succedant to common Signs. Together with the Pruicipall Stgmficatws , confitfcr the quick oi! flow motion of the J>, theSignfheisin, and its quality bun all together , and your judgment will' be more rationall : I many times finde, when the Lord of the afcendan'c moves out ef the Sign he is in at the time of cjie Quettion , and hath cflentiail Wgntties m the Sign he is going into , che party recovers then, or fenfibly feels an alteration for good in himfelf, and lb if the later degrees of a Sign are oh the cufp of the fixth, w*. jf I finde a8, degrees, and the Sign common, I fay, the Difeafc will yary in leffe time then two weeks : I might give infinite f ules, hue in die judgment of a Figure or two fubfequent, I Hull better beunderftood in the pra&icall pare of ic , and deliver the method I alwayes obferved ; but becaufe., together with whao I write, the Reader might have more variety of judgment jand bs- caufe nothing in this life is more irkfome then Sickneue , or more delightful! then health, I have endeavoured to EngliOi the lammathtmamki of Hermit , much elteeraed in all Ages , and here to infert them, as being neceffary to the Judgments of thij Houfe. : 1 Hermes Trismegistus upon the firjl Dtcumbiture of the Sicf^ TH E heavenly Rayes « Influences proceeding andemitted from the feven Planets , are multiplied and cfafper fed into the fcverall members of man K even whilefl the, concepts wi in the Mothers Wombe, dotbfirft begin to cleave toge- ther : neither verily doth it happen otherwayes when the Child firft fees the light of this world, But e*en according to the pofi- tww of the twelve Signs of H<*veo , fo <to we a$gn the Head wtheSignV. The - All w»tilr *f £*tplm. * %6$ Th« Senjttivt Parts or Inllrurftents of Mans Body arc thus • « attributed to the feven Planets, .» «,■;• , V ;.<>:.,.. '■ Thtrigbt Bye tttkt®, the left ftwfy ' Thefcnfe of Hearing find Eares to\, Tht Brain to % t .£ fad tod* ! Smelling and Taft'ing to °- ,;.'<• fhtTwgn , the WcftU-plpe tf a mats Throat or LAhg- plpeto S. That member fuffers a defect or imperfection , of which ci- ther at conception or birth an affli&ed Planet had dominion ■> or did fignifie the fame. There are alfo in Man four more prinvipaU andgcn:rall" parts j the Head , the Brejr , the Hands , and FtKt. If the Planet who governeth any of thofe principall parts beimfdrcunate and ill afte&ed , either a? the time of Concepti- on or Birth , the fame Planet aflttcleth or disfigurerh all thofe parts fo attributed unto himfelf, or fome particular ok princi- pal! part of thofe members. - , i • As when the 0 #r iMw be ill difpofed or vitiated , eirher the one or both» the eyes receive prejudice: if Tj the eares, teeth, or fence of hearing.-Wlien;5 is oppreflfed, we finde a: de- fea in the tongue, , or hammering infpeech,;, Andin the fame manner we maytapprer^end ,^wfete^ ;aIly ! '^part.intheBre$ft, lungs , Liver, Spleen, Heart, or any of the intefline or Inwards of the body be corrupted and infected , radically from the Birth or Conception. . , ,■■ . . . ; In confideration of che Hands and Eeet We flial obferve,whe«  ther the Fingers , Nailesioi.anyiof thefeiare fnperfeclt or vi- tiated by the affinity of fome predominating malignant PJanet. To fuch defe&s andimperfe&ions as are within the compafs of cure , convenient Medicines are to be applyed , and we muft xM th: DiCeifes proceeding from influence of the Planet?, by other PJanets ;of contrary nature,and,power,to the Planet affli&ing. .■< ■■ . • . .... ; ' ;; ; l To h are aligned fuch Medicaments, as. do coolc or refri- gerate, extenuate wiih drinefs and ficcity. L I 3 To
  • 7© . itht KtJtUthn
To S fuch as congeale , or*: flawous and windy. To cT fuch as ate alefatfive ; warm and impletive , as untoi Planet being a very fharp heater and procurator of blood. To % and $ ihings conglutinating , mollifying, and arc . "v effective to aifwage- and cure all Ulcers, ^ The Moon helps that Planer, or lends afliftancc to him, be he good or bad, to whom (he applies. ; ,T6 him therefore char, would either cure the Sick, or heale the Lame, thepoluion of Heaven ought to be well confidercd and known , fet or erected for the hour of his firft falling fick, or lying down ; the Planets and uVir refpe&ive difpofition and mutuall habit to and amongft themfelves , is carefully to be refpe&ed ; for without the congrelfe and influence .'of thefe in • -humane and worclly affairts , nothing is either infirme or found. No Patient can poflflbly be cured by, the induflry of his Phyjitian ,be he never fo learned, without the benevolent con- figuration of the Stars, and happy pofiture thereof ; but he (hall etcher perilh, being defttttlte hcreofl, or recover andbe preferred by their kiride influence; • ' If the certain hour of the parties firft failing fick cannot exqiufitcly be known , then carefully teethe pbhtion of Hea- ven at that time when judgment is required of the Phyfitian : therein obfepva fiiom whom the » 'is feparated, cowhom Hie applies j 'With-' what ^^xftt; Ai« is ift^ D or if unco , or ivith whorti in '6 j if ilh* beln ^oflfigitffttion vvith/the malevolents, (he intimate* the Difeafe will extern! almoft to cleath j but with the Ffrim** > the fick will Obtain remedy more fpeedily : Ob- fetve if {he be fwifc in motion, and encreafing in light, or whe- ther both of them happen at orice , : or neither of thbm » for if after her*© 1 .with'the^i - k whtsh flheijegtn* to grow^reat , and askwe*e , to'lweUwithth^en^re^fe of light arid motion , (he {halt then be afllitf ed by t he O of <P of before fbe come to cP of 0> and nH intervening afjpecT of a benevolent Planet .chance' between , flic^rTiflesWrtail ahdpernWous Difeafes; btotif conjoyned ,(orih^oodan>ea: oP b**neficiafl^ Stars tte infirme Body (lull recover , though he Were abfolucely perfwii- ddtWfc'fhouid not live Pifeafe 5 but ' if the i> to decreasing in iiglrt and motion, and afflifted either by rh*D • f ,• ' - or all W4f«f<r $\Jk*Jfto*'. M s> of Ti ( unlefs prefently ( after c?,wu ; hTi the vigor of xht . nifeafe remit) the Pifeafe is -not curable , but mprta.ll ; but V he apply to benevolent Planets > the Difeafe will ibon L cured : This is further to be confidere<i> that during the rncreafeof the 3> in number and JighP> the Pi|eafe encrealeth : when the »' grows? flow in motion , tjia hckntfs dimmifheth : this ought carefully to be regarded upoi^theiirainfult of, , every D Thofe who at tbetimeof cljeir firft lying down are oppref- fedby the malignant influence of ^w?, they are commoii-. lv heavy and drowfie , unwillingly moving their dueled Mem- : W, r s ftupified or benumrhed withimmodmte cold > oxmofc- , fted with unrtAcuwll ckflu.wns.- the Pifeafcby little and Ja- il • ftenleth upon the fick party , nor is he <*ahly awaked, rfiough, moUthsreunto: He isfte in fpeech, fearfull, cWirousof fuch Pbillers or: fomentAtionj ;$s arft ^rrhot(,. an4 wforce . i ■ •• I I ..M r k/.i.r Uj\yf *c te\ hi' it\ nflrknt?lS ► w.irme things applyed giw. mir -~ ■ , feeble Pulfes; the outlide of their bodies are colct and dry, wherobyitcomestopafs, that in curing fu«h. people*.* Phyfitian ;i <Hight to apply futhiMtdicanes as^hot, (iomollirieandconlUinge. . v V^ rtf> L Who fall fick upon any maleVQ^nt conhgurati,OB : of. the © or o\ become theif-.Mmds, perplexe4intWair Fancies , are woHWefomc and ve*yWggetf »n tbeir deportment ; the fuperfuialk parts of their bfidfo*eins jnfl.|me4 wine- ry heat. 'r\mm f rone to anger, mftkc much clarrtOF Or -njyfe, look peeviflily, lye «aring.»,a^A^y b^(?H^Wje rou^hnefs of their parched tongue ; defirous of Wme, cold DriSk, importiinuig tncj;u^i)0ji»athes: no mann/COt.Menn whets their- appetiteidwy fteply fqwuvkr outthw wWenii^i giKiPcng.un(t every man; they have afliort , , (W^ftfite;. oraiWuffe.^red ^Wc^/^,^PK^-«WtI? *M bodvV' For mepvery or there. )A<itt^ it contjuxes jet Blood untuj the, jlifth d^, or ^refeibs. fudi^anea.-u^ ucuxk iMVtaki tin 'Ifoulnefs' of their bodies , andto admi- D HlllCR
  • 7* £ * *l>t Xefauthn of* " •
nilter fuch other Remedies as ttenecdfity of nature fbrthet requires. Whjo Medicines are agreeable roths nitiire of c?, arc • repugnant to T?, as not caldaaiv?, emollient, or moliilViii».and . diifolving obntu&ions-. .". to Medicaments which naturally are concurring with h » pror contrary to thofc of the nature of cT; as thole which are re- tracing or cooling v binding , and retr- aining. r All infirmities'or paflions , or tremblings of the heart , and fuch as proceed from che mouth of theStomack, Difeafesairi paines in*he, Arteries , Veines and Jfoynts , have original! fron theevilhnfluenceof cf and©. ' Continued Feavers, Frenfies, Exulceration and inflammation of the Lungs and lights, and fuch like Difeafes, draw their ori- gmall From Ti and ? t againft fuch Difeafes , Medicines that re- frigcrac^are moft proper ; of which lore, arc chefe : Nigfrtfbade. ■ '■ Coriander. Endive. June of Pony. The Barkj>f the root Alkakenge. Knot-grafs. Singreen. Fleamrt. Lentils. Vine-leaves, iVh'neLiA&i Silver-froth. . ' The fane Hematites Panel And White of an Egge. Flax-feed* . Reed. Lcavfsef Afailowei, c Pomegranet. Hyfoctftk. Cyprefs-Tree. Blackberry-Tret. tAcacia. Quinces* Ptrafiraftra. . Flower of the Field-Vine. The Fruit of both Falm-Trees. TbeMyrrh'Trtt, SnrnmAch. Frejh-Xofet. Bttlt-rnjhei. Ladannm. Safrm. Patenijtgfthm, Such Medicines as are naturally <^eferve br hoc , areaf- rigncdtochcdommionofi^».x.ahdch«^» J whereof fane areasfolloweth: ..;.:!. 0t ™» CnrinHm. UnguentHm Irinum. White DafM jAUthwgfmelhnf €ihamon. Fentgreekj Jreeet, andbttngfr*- SmttlMajwrn. Spikenard, grant, ' Myrrh. (Myrrh, Jib/lint*.- Storax calamity The Root Sera. Ocj/mi^ne. Cummin, aft mmntr if ' £aefiim, tfi CaftaOderat*. The f ante of the Frankitteenfe. ' 1 S*ji- itMhme, csfrt$M9»iacnm. • or niade hard} Rue, or H earbgrace. HelUbortts, UWirabolans. <Fwtthr*m. 'Dry Figgis. Chryfocalla. p?xLia'kida } &'Solida. ThefomeefSalt-fetcr. Onions. p ' At Gramm Gnidinm. Garlicky M*rrew. Stave*****. Loth GMbamem. ■ 1 he Stone AfisH. Raffh mts. F h»er de LMte, Galan&aL Cinch Pcafe* i To ekpolfc arid recover chore Difealbs which have their origi- nal rilV andcaule from "h or t> ( which afterwards you (hall have difcovered by the courfe of the ») fuch manner of Medicines as ilKfe muft be admlhiftred, which do naturally hear and mollihe ; but in reprefling Solar and Mart iall Difeafes , the learned Phy- foian mult apply fuch Remedies , ii by nature are teflrigtfiatlve, tooling and jt^rfciiflTive. Of tie Signs and conjelUfes of the Difiafe , **d of MtfdMh by the good or ill pofttion of the t> iff time of the Patients frfi lying dMx> oY demanding the Qnefiton. Whoever fhill Rrft tye d&Wtt'Of thiir fckitefr, eta » de-
wii,»kr .^A mrtrimi . in anv of the twelve Siaris , and
ance of their Difeafe. Viz.. WitKHcad-ach,orheavinefiof the Head , or Rheum* d ,y, r ; n( t falling down into theNotlrils, finging in the Eares , fluffing ; n ^ 0 f^, in the Head, wearinefs or dulnefs of the Eyes, dittfllauOnot Rhymes and corrupt humours falling from the head ihto the Throat and Wind-pipe, weak Pulfts and inordinate , drown* nefs of mind, loathing of the Stomack,intempcratc : or unfeaio- nable Sweats, hot within, cold without, more a Med by raghc then clay , if tlie X> be not favoured by the afpe^ of anygoocr »74 ^* Refoltttbtt if* Planer , without doubt the ftck party will dye , God fending no ext ^ordinary remedy. To loofen rhc Belly reprefles the grief, to let bipod is ill. I- in b' in d Keavers proceeding From obftruitions and diftempcr of rhc C cT ofh' Pracirordijcks and Arteries , /*,. of rhs inward pares neer ths Heart, Liver and Lungs , oecafioned by too much Luxury, or from SurrVts or' in ordinate Riplirion ; their Pulfes are lofty and h%h, ^ut jm^derate, an inflwion or puffing up of the Bo- dy , tile emftm oY the Xuhgs ;•> if the-i) fcc not? fupported with fome gentle afpecls Of rheTamiw/y the party will hardly live fourteen dayes ; but" if the 1» be , as beforefaid , in any good a- fpc6t , beyond expectation the fick may irecovcr, Thofe Medi- cines Which purge dtfliol ve grofs Humour* , and Phlebotomy are good. ■-' ' ■ .v in jr ,» J Who fall fick , the 5 in it , affiled of , by c* n or <f, □ cfo/Ti. have the original of their Difenfe ociafion^d by wearinefsof the mind, and over-burdening ic with multiplicity of affaires, or fome wearinefs in tf xyd, or overmuch exercife of body, feir of a fmall ^eavcf, the p^iin difpcrie's itself -all over the body,biit principally in/he Arteri.*'? or Joynts. I ever rmde the Vitals much affli&cd when i> is in ar , at the time of any ones 0rc*w£/>«r?, and the fick inclinable to a Con- futnption ;• with fuch the Pulfe is fare and little afflicted with frequent fvveat jngs ? Symptomes of the Spleen, and the Difeafe more troublefome in the night -then in the cfay j if c? , together with "Fi , at the fame time affiift the 3> , moft Authors hold , rhe fick will not live above ten dayes , 'unleiTc the favourable afped: , of U or $ interveen, and rhen after a long tiine,the fick may re- cover. • 'W, >.i ,. . . . . y> in<S ind Who fals 1 fick the » afilicWoF ftin'ffi' , is much afflifted in U<PefJi* r ^ e Brdl wich tou ^ rticJaricholly Matter ; or with! flimy , thick Flegme , is vexed with Coughs- , or abundance Of Spittle and moyfiure , Catarrcs , Hoarcenefs diUillatiOn of Shpumes , or defending of Humours into the Bred , their PipeWii.n.U'row and obftrufted , fmall leavers , and many times fear of a Quo- tidian rntian Aeuevbut' ufually a auarcan^Ague follows,, holding a Sdme Belly akc > or fome infirmners in the Reynes or Se- nefs Will continue a greaa fpace of time ; and if together with 5e affliaiotn; the Lord of <ta Afctndanj be jmpediced by the Thofe who lye down or firft complin the. 'f tog,jjn-i» «, «a in Si Jitedof Tiink, theficknefsMlp^^ CwSd >. ?te ; hck wUl b 8l oppr« with unMly>« in the La intenfionof the. Heart- tlrings , with vuMe w Fevers , the the fick, fometimes they, are taken with a fit of theStoiu, or S nets of Heart , or Swooning, and if the dtfeafs do continue bn^thefKkisindangeroftheBlack-jaundies. Sch thintf as gently moirten and heat, are good for the Dif- Jd ! vSthe .! coaxes to the t of W the * A or 6 of U or? aflttt not, many times the fick dyeth. The d' m TO affliaed .by the Sickneffe,proceed s ftoai j> .;*m i*4 Crudes and evill digeltion. in the Stomack , and fro* too D j ^ orickin" ot fhootina under th= Ribs, inordinate teava* , many Ee& with the Wind-chollick , Melancholly wuh the life heat Mid-diflblw , ,^re moU proper f 0 ^^W^gl™J nufe of the Difeafe originally riles from this i conhguration ot S"p in 4 unfortunatetl cf. L I ^^X^StTS but that Bhe Dhcafed continues fick a great while , for TO u an earthly Sign, and "h is How. Th> P in- by amifted, the , Difeafe. ^th-ics 'wgjnrfli) i„ * ;»4 fick party, upon this afpeft or chej ■ «>. ^ to have been troubled %y$ Th RefibPim $f • with great mines in their Joyrits , Knees and Thighes >. and an itching btWep^rcJ, thfcyfc«in5*Sci«i«. n in w in 6 ? lhe ¥°°*™ m i the Difeafc is v^Amfi- Anglic* ntfofh [ArfchMef] ufually an Ulcer thetty onhe Heniowoid* joi Piles, J or fome Exulcetattoh Or Bubo, fce/^#//ff]a-botcb in *hc Privy* members, < 1 findc by experience , if a marc or wo nan enquire upontthe OMostt her affliction by in m , there's no retention of Urines the fyny &!?e*e<J- ! vyitfi , the Stone in the Bladder >• or wkh a fwerlirtg dr6p(ical Humour.vOtTendihg artd'fvyeUittg about their Knses and Legs j is alfo , fometimes they have a Flux , if a man riien the Gonoirea ; if a woman, too much aboundance of Mcn/lrua's. 5 $ in 6 • ' ^ *'ffli&ing the c>/«w,the difeafetf party is fenfibly oppreflfeu □ j» gf^ WithDefluxof uibtilt', thin, (harp Humours, griefs in the Arte- ries or Joynts , fear of a Feaver , extremities of heat and coldj many times a dpuble accefs of a Feaver ; what mitigates heat gently^ and moyltens, is good for fuofrpeople as fall lick under Hhisajpe^... ' . ' ; . •., . , ' : I findd byexperience, that the tMoon in a ffli&ed by a 6 of \ , doth ca'ufe the Difeafe to proceed from Blood irifecW wMi choller and rrtelantholly , and many times by too great pains- taking, or violent exercife, and cold thereupon ta ken ; upon ttii <P of the Mint and I7, for the moft parr the Tick hath afpiee of the Gout, of fome J\irnoifr* &r Svv/ellln|gf iii'hb Haiidt;' <* ■ Thigh's , or Feet , &c. If S have any ill afpi&todie xMomm well i}\ at time of firfi falling fick, it proves a violent 'burning Feaver. ■ ; , - •" ! ' <■ P in -Wind < Thc Difcafe proceedsirom Cold, or Melancholly , with fub- fcl <P cfh tll b r hiii l)i(iaiations , heavinefterOf ' 'rite Brett aiid Siomadt, J difficulty br^fetbing , dry Coughs } tftetungs-oppre^fed > in* rented Feater^ mbre pained in vhe night then in the day time : Medicines that heat and mbyilen moderately do Avail in t his Difcafe. • _ ' ■'■ • ; • , ; r/ .... ■ <.i i Jfinde the party -/fill complainutgttf the Hea&acb i : ot ipaib 4^ nw»& *f $g$h*s* #7? in the jeft >Eare j t)r of Rtirrrbling or, Noyfe bhi* Head. < ! , The Sickncft hach bagihning, or is oecafioned from too j> ; M mind much labour , wearifbmnefo or toyling the Body mxi Mincfo, ! Q # 0 f r lt wjuk of fleep and- due rvjfrefliment of nature s the MjVady cea-> fcth on him unecjually , with remiffiOrtandintenftoii ^tintiU tiisf D have palithc oppofition of her own -placeirhcn if theforcunW fon any good Afpecl to the Mom, the Sick is reebverabie. • I finde the Sicke complaining or lying downiihyer.theipre+ ceding malevolent Afpect , to be grieved with winUe or noj/fe in tW r hhid ,^with faint Hts.or paflioh? of the lieasc :, r«or many ; limcstltoy have eidier a forethro.u,br are troubled wtdh a xifinp , , ; there, and'in danger of tfutfbcation.' ,!
The Malady its caufe , is from cold di;lillation3 ; .the party is j> k in &
, afflided with cominuall .; Flayers , oft and cont inuall- lighings, Qtftf r ? . pricking or fhootings uRddrxhe.Pups, excenlions of the preoor- diacks and haft-ftrings, * n i r,\ i • f • ; -.o f . f I finde the Sicke have furfeited by fome corttiemity of bbld, that their throat is opprelfed with thick fleagme , anditheir brelt h troubled with a rotten cough and aboundance of watery rriac- ter Mdging there. : \" -:i • ■ ' ' , Thofe Medicines : that heat and gently califie are gbbd u: . ' , tkfecafes. ;; ■ '■- ■ - ■■■■ ■' ■ ' ■■■ ■ t ■ - ■ ' : . K As w( h*ve treated of fnch Dijeafes w may ah} one upp>s tjnir.jsrfl fallikfr Sickj>r JDeettUtiittire, ite ^ btitig ht my of the II. Signs nhd'opfrtjjed by \\ ^ov inAted by% i fo novrwevtill ttt- Atti-wnr to jbtw the quality tfthe Difcafe fro)n the )> Jxrtijfli- Uiittfrom 6* or the © through the i a. Signs of the Zodiukj ' Who fall fick the S in 6 □ or <? of ^ fh Y , their difeafe'fliirfl r> ;„ y ;„ 4 proceed from a ditlempered affcdlion of the Membranes or Pel- □ # 0 f$, Jbs of -M, briiri ^^tuwallTeUWr^/no.ricft'ior qMtWnefs'V an » •hbtihirlly-mdutn >• Cxcretirn-chirlr , sdrinefs of rJistiongw , h'ot Lworor inftamation thereof \. much heat in.t he Brett',, high and Ablated Pulfes , keeping no order, a Phr-nfic may be.fe,udd,or ' " Mm 3 depriva- «7* r*ht &f>iutk* if derivation of Seftcts^ letting ! of Blood mi fiich:things asdo cool and nouriffo ire Vtfr'y tofelpfull. If *th6't »' next -after kr ^ reparation 'from the Malevolent beams or .afpe£- of «T do alfo 'aft>fy to d or <fl fcf- fy, 'and. flic decreafing in light and flow in motion i therms fmall hopes of ' life J iec t'he fick prepare > forGod. i J rmdcufual ly the •» being in Y 'affli&ed of -cf v> the party 1 is almoft ready to run mad ; o; hath fome extrearrt pain or grief in hfsiBelly ot. finall guts occafiontd bychoitcrii^ obflrwiVioni. J '«;' > ! ; ' <> V in *3itt6 ■• ? T.hepattyfaIlingficki/ha'ihtoomiMhdbBndance.dfiHiBI6od l D <? of d. cont'nnual Feavdrs, the whole framcof the body obftrufted, in- ' flamation of the throat, neck and hinder-part tbereof,ach of the bones , ungentle flumbers , but no fteep, a foolifh longing after. Wine ancf cold water. Blood letting and ftich things as mode- rately coole or allay heat are necefftryi. ' \ " I finde J> in b afflicted by 6% the Pjrient is affli&ed wich the ftrangury , or ttone , or gravel in the Reines and Kidneys , wich peftilenr. foar throats > or horcenefs ,.oi fomc malignity there in that member. • J> in K w6 Who takes his or their Bed the Afro* in n a fflife^ed by <?, DcP«f6*. Iifi,al, y A™ 11 Undergo a violent and dangerous Feaver, ob- flrucYions ; high and inordinate Pulfcs attend fuch ; the blood is too hot , and a neceflity there is of emilfionof blood, the whole body being neer corruption,by reafon of the rahkn?fs of blood. ■ • 11 > •• ■ h finde thofe falling fick the Mom in or afflifted by c ? , ro be pained, all over the body ,. the Difeafc in no place Jeded, their Blood extreamly windy , corrupted > and what not > fomc lamenefle or grief ni.their'&rmes Or joynts ? *and afflicted with the Gone or heat inthe reines^ iJndfometimesfpittingbf blood; ' •■ r 1 - • s > v •■>
  • * ffi in A Tlhe Mem a^'^ e( ' m ® » cHe Sick is fcrifiblc of great
ZJ n o abundance, of; fweetfl4*ri in t\h ftom&clt > hath too much in* U &oj c . gufgieated-,. or taken fornc'furfeit , ,oft vomits ordefires fo to do, witnx\erfiM> or.turning of the ventricle. J finde all m**#wtf St&jHml 27$; . I finde, uflially its a meet furfeic goctcntby tioundexcefe, and moft that I Have feen thus afflicted have; been cured by Vo- mit j many times k turnef.;/o .a ; l9Qfettefs!>^rarQKe»fiIthy cough, fomctimes fpitt ing of blood. In this cafe too much blood abounds and thereby ftrong Fea- B in <$l in 6 Ktt , very weak Pulfcs , raving antUkong raging firs , a diltur* □ <P ofS . M Brain, deprayation of j appetif/? a baaym^jmd.drowfin.efSi. all over the body, many dilkmpers^rlie.'heaiti ^:body:in. danger of a Confumption; ufually thejr dye about the ninth d*y°after the firtt falling /ick»if other $ontfgufations,of heavens accord. /« . - I 'finde the Blood pv^r-heated , the party almoftftsrk raging mad ,chollet in excefi abounding » the bofly overrdryed, a pro- bability of tk Pl^rilk^ taintaels and fwooning > or the bate ycry mWch affli^ed.;, I erermore. fear jrhis- dangerous 6 of i$ and the Moon in thy Sign , more then in any of the Zo- d»ck» . , ..i.»!>i v.- \<- ■ • Ufually in alteration or nux in the Belly , or mifer.ucks fpl- 2> inWmd lows this unlucky poluion , fmall Feavers , the original chol- rjtf 0 f&. lerand melanchoIly,ihe Pul(e cemifSrevcrfion of the ventricle loathings of foots death within thirty dayes , if the fortunes aflillnot. , i : > ' ' I have by experience found , the afflicted upon this afpei) or afpefts , to bp tormented with the winde , cjiollick, many times weaknefs in the legges or neer the ancles. Yet I did never finde anyDifeafeeafily removeable, if the Monti, time of the de- cu^icure,orfirltfaUmgill,wasarrliaedby <Jin 11 AV .. The Patient Li, ( grieved ,wicb plenitude , of Blood , mdfton d ^ in 6 that uufe :Juth ristendecl Feayer<<„,high Pulfcs,, abuain^ □ <? of 6. fron flecp) hath no natural reli; an inflamation allov;c the body. , . • . Iobferve in thi?klnde, fick people upon tlus kinde are op- preflfed with Blood over-heated, have taken io.r.e furfeic by diforder in dyet ; many times hnYe.thcfion* or gravejim (heir kidneys, or great heat therein,. . . ,;. >< ■ '• ..• \- • Chile r, ,;>mt\ct< } and MHifchteitfgenTly cctotei^te beftintoius m- tttft 1 ^ trijiny -'tii&Jite'lDiftaiW ovw thetBbdy 1 , Jinevery ¥X&"» mi MWalmt^itigtei^fclkn, SiOCfd letting IS good. •!•'•<-•!- 'i , ; <; v ,j fo-, D /» m ;« ^ Its ucichct. ■ bowisr- or worfe with the parry inquiring", bat
  • vy pans; there's ufually. fome exulceration , . the Pox fmall
crfyewch far Mefels, if Children) the Hemeroclsor ItyUs, - I ©bftrve the- Sick, offended with fnaftin* In die Hai .,. er fome grievous -colds or rheumes in that meriita ; if- the party look like a wanton, the French Pox or a Gonorrea , orbWnt ,Avidioufe mbr« words I do judge > manytHheelnWetbe patty fcibby anvijopprefled With br«Wags out, &e.. i ! . This is -corf ttpsiorf of Blood', ftfcfr 'tttbi^t «ir Ikrr '«Nd comfort , are nownedanYryj dieDifeafd ufuaHyiea fitatodatyti* ort^ tet^a -iwtM party j&poaftd the tjtteftion'j there's caufV to diftnift foul play, &e . if a Man propound, the Wife majMN) faulty, C^'r. h:C«ntTAri«. 1>ititm6 Sucban att^ionof tli^^ □ cPo/c?. ^ is % x *^ w * th a "W. defptrareX)ifeafe;,. otcafibned froa' forfeiting or. gluttony, ortoo much replec ion j heis tormen- ted with high Fcavers , With cholcrick paflfions , with the Flux or Lask: tba ;Putfi;s toe fe^iand' faint ,.or teat flowlyahd weakly, if the Sick efcaperhe' fittonth day , or knbw proper- ly that-day wl^n'i^'UWe^toariesito a true £3 of the placcflu was in at .fit rt lying down j there's then hopes of recovery. I. daily finde by experience , the fldkyawy hi$ Blood js over-' Itcatcd by fome inordinate exerriife , that be burnes cxtreamly, fometimes the malignancy of I ch^p^Uenti^eaver Kiiich, he is tfcwice or thrice letmood;<thcy arefceiicks manyitMes offended with the Hand and Fdot-^out er Itcher and breakings oiir, and' fometirnes with fore Throats, &c» at other times fliarpRheunw offend their Eyes; . j ..>','«< ;': „:/.;■;.. • ■ui i> in yp in d* appeared no perfeft conco^ian^' ChQller abounds , the- O tP •/•dr. Ack defires to yoaiic , , there's inappete'ialcy <rf the Ventricle',"- »' fwelling fuelling of puffing up the Sinews , a Flux of the Belly follow* Jmmediatly , continual ox oft returning, Fcavers , intt amatioi* of the Brett , fome Ex"ulcerationoffend9 the party , or a chok- rick luimour his Hands or Joyntt of his Fingers;. Obftru<5ttve aad cohllringent Medicbes are ufefuH , their Pulfes are remif* •and flow. , I finde the fick inclinable to the Yellow- jaundici,t heir Coun- tcnaace meagre , md their Per Hons exceeding lca^ and t hat the Blood all over the Body is difaffe&ed , andthe Pifeafe is y«y hard to be cured by the; moft learned ; fucK ufually have very little Blood , or their Blood is corrupted to purpofe , or in the hi*heft meafurc. , If rhe i> be flow in motion , and decreafihg in light r when a > In In 4 pifeafe firlt takes the party, and is affliaed of S , the Infirmity, □ ^ t fS, proceeds from : moft ftiarp and violent affe&ions , or vehetneat paffionsj any favourable Pl.uiet cafting his good afpec^ unto the s, either at her'firft □ to her ownph^, orwhehfhe comes to £ of that degree of the Zodlackd^ vyas in at^tlw lai/t lying down, gives prefent remedy after twenty dayes. Experience bath informed me, that upon the preceding a- fpefts , efpeciaily upon the cP , the lick hath been pained at the , Heart , troubled with Avooningfits , had a moit defperate Fca- vtr , die Blbod fwelling in all the V oincs , high Pulfei ; {one- times they complain of great pain in their Breli , and draw their Wind with great difficulty. When the 5 isafHi&edof S in this Sign K , and is encrca- j) ,» k/*/ fing in light , and i'wifc in motion , the Body is fall of grofle q J> 9 f $\ Humours , the Difcafe proceeds from too much ingurgiration, fWUing arid drinking, the Difeafe is moft prevent in the night time, the party k vexed with a phrcn^ick Our-rage or fitlmum, bath fharp burning Feakrs', vehement. thirlt , and U deflrous of Wine. Ufually I firtde , the party fick or enquiring , when the » is of d 4 in K fo afflicted , opprefled with a violent Loofnefle , and KiiwHifly tomglaining of pain in their IieJlies , or an extraor- dinary rofCeu fiotigh , and' continual! defluxion of Rl«ume Nn ' front Tfo Rcftluthn tf from the Hcid into the Throat , the party almoft fuffocated thercvvith»chcir Bellies fwolleii,and they in dinger of a Dropfie. Aftrological Aphqrismes beneficial for Physicians. IN Qtjejfions concerning fick People, give the 4 fondant and his Lord aid the Lord' of the Figure for Significators of ihe firf^ pmj. 2 From the Sign of the fixth, the Lord of that Houfc, c Ptanett therein placed , and place of Heaven and Sign wherein the ?' is , re- quire the Difeafe or part affllttcd, with relation to the Afccndvit. 3 The feventh loupe reprefentt the Phyfician, the tenth his Me- dicine', if the Lord of the fevchth be unfortunate, the Phyfician Jhdl not cure; if the tenth houfe or • Lord thereof, his Phyfickjs improper. 4 The fourth houfiefignlfies the end of the ficknefis , and whether it mil terminate quickly, or endure long .fixed Signs prolong, com' mon Signs vary the Difeafe , moveable ones fhew m end one way or other quickly. 5 That Phyfician who firft vlfits his Patient In the hotir of '\ Jit's Patient (hall either be long fick., or long in curing, and puffers much torment in his cure;mr jhallhe be cured,nntill almoft both Phyficim and Patient dej paired. 6 lie thatjirft enters upon n cure In the hour of $,fhall findehU Patient di faff ell ed to him, ttnd partly dlfda'm or resell his Medici- nes, his pains ill rtw.trded, and his per fen flighted. 7 He that fir ft vlfits his Patient in the Hoar of "&or% , fhd have good words of the fie k, be well efteented and paid for his paints; though he fail of the cure, yet fhall he receive no prejudice thereby ; J ' mean, in point of eftlmation, 8 When a Vrlne is brought Jet the Afcendant reprefent the flck.. Party whether the Querent come with confent or uo , for the Vrlne v.u fome times of the e'ffence of the fick. p If no Urine or confent of thefick party come to the Phyfician, then the Aficendant prefents the Qj4crent;but the perfonmdfickycfs muftbe required according- to the relation the Querent hath to the M all m*mir fif gtttflm* ftckjpwty : A man for his Pervant,the fixth fhallfbewhsperponjiot %) Difeafe, that muft be from the fixt to the fixth,which is the ele- venth 8c i» c in aliis, where no confent is. 10 But in every Difeafe have care to the place of the 7> ,for fhe i, a enteral Significatrix in /til thiugf. 11 Ihe fic\ party w in great danger of detth, when at the time tf the Queftlon asked, or when the fick»efis firft invaded the fick. party, both the 0 and >> are under the Earth. . . ii As no light is ill this World without the pre fence of the © or > Jo no fafety, or hopes of recovery in the fid, when they are ob- fcHrclor fubtsrrmemat fir ft lying down of the fick; And it's a trenter argument of death, if either of them be then affldtcd. 1 3 The □ or d 3 of the Fortunes , at it deftroyeth not, fo neither doth the benevolent ajpcil of the Infort me s profit, unlefs that \aJfeU btrAth 'Rjeeptlon, % ' i.i If the © md »,«■ Lord of the Figure, or Lord of the AJecn- im be pee from a§HHon,md l)Ave no ignity mth the Lord of the tirhtb,wi(l eat doubt the fickj Arty mil recover ' } if 'two ef thefe Sig- nificators be fo affeiled, it will fro veil with him, other wife he dyet, 19 The Lord of the Afcenhnt U his Faf ^unfortunate or Com- hjt, or elfe the Lord of the Figure, it's doubtful thefick, party will dye tf tlm Infirmity. t ill 1 6 Men the Slgnficator of the [tckj* feeble,and the Lord of the othth firong and .ffidUng himjt's. much feared tbe/ic&arty will dye of hi j themnfirmnefs , nature being we A., ami the Difeafe pre- vtltnti ... . 17 // the Lord of the Afcendm be placed m the cghth , And received of the Lordofthe eighth by fome efcutial Dignity though the Lord of the Appendant receive not him again , thefick. f-vty recovers beyond exf citation. . 18 The Phyfitian may juftly fear his Patient, when the Lord of tht Appendant And the » do both apply by ill afpett >o a Planet wi- der the Earth ; the contrary is to be expelled,, f they apply to a Pla- nt above the Bmh the twelfth, eleventh, mnth,eighth,\ even! h how feuve abwe the Earth, the reft under. 10 The Lord of the eighth being on the cufp of the tenth, ami the Lwd of the APctsdm under the Setfib > there's greut fear if reco- U7 ' Nn t 10 If •V*4 the JLefelmhH $f 20 Iftht 5 befmfo in cottrft, and epcreajtng in light, and by or A «ppl) to the Lord of the ^4fcendant,thwgh under the earth,h haft ens the cure, the marc eafily If an) Reception be. ; the curemufi needs btfooner if the application be above the Earth to the Lord of t4ie ^Afcendant, ix If the L*rA of the Afcendant be in the ftxth , or the Lordtf the ftxth in the Afcendant, it protracts the D ',foafo } and Is an argu- ment of much ajflittion therein', fo alfo doth the □ or £ of the Lord of the ftxth to the Lord of the Afcendant. 2 2 If the tm benevolent Planets U and £ be mojl power fall in ih t . Figure judge well to thefickjer hope well; if the Infortmes be xsoft fit ong, judge .the contrary. ^23 Tin op ft hat ion of the Lord of the fourth, to the Conjunction of the Lord of the eighth, prolongs the Infirmity, and alfo ftgnifieth • Death,i[the Lord of the fourth be an Infortune ; if a benevolent ex- pert the contrary. 24 A Retrograde Planet Signiftcator » r the D/'foafo ,fhens the continuance of it, and argues the Bodies Confumption,E avk-ftidint and Rclapfes. * 2 5 The S ignifcator beingftationary y peivs eptnefs and de fire-to vo- tttit, and the oft chaitge and variation of the Difoafo ; bat if be fo eomhujiofthc 0,for ,/,, mo fi fart the ftcl^dyes ; and the reafon is >a Planet ft ationary^ hath time to work, mi f chief becattfo he moves not. 26 A S ignifcator in his Fall or Detriment ,pews ill and much danger, andargues much diftruft and fear in the ftcl^ party. iy The Afcendant and the )> being sfflitted, and the Lord of tit one and Difpojitcr of the other not fo,t 'he Difeafe is in the JJody, not in the Spirits. 28 But the Afcendant and D free from mis fortune , and thai I^rds unfortunate, the grief lyes m the Spirits, not in the Body; but if both be afflicted, both Body and minde are tormented : fo al'faif 4 malevolent 'Planet behold the Afcendant and not the )\the Difeafe is in the Animals, not in the Body, and fo on the contrary. 20 The Lord of the ftxth in the Afcendant , ninth ,'elcvcnih 0, tenth houfo,the is manifoft ; in the f eve nth or fourth, it lytf ccciih and not kjsown, and fo in the twelfth or eighth. 30 Moveable Signs taffy canfc the Difeafe to <uary t ftxed Si%at mek$ it long and permanent , and not withent much difficulty remo- ve able > • d/t ttidntier tf guefilins. it ;«p vt'dle, comw»ifhtw rwi4ivation,or that it's nor/ bercjim thenar that the fick^ party is much better as one time then at antther, 31 In the beginning of Difeafe s ,ever fear the illpofttttre & affli- tlion of the » , mix her figniji cation with the well or ill being with thr L'trd of the Afcendant, andfo judge of 'the good or illattending the lick: 31 If the Nativity of the ftck may be obtained obforve if the 5> at the linee of the firfi Decumbiirtrc or Qj<eftion asked , be then in a flue where an Infortune voas in the Radix,or in □ or cP thereof, the c$re ivi/lgo on the more hardly, and be more difficult to overcome. 33 If in the beginning of a fcknefs the S be in the ftxth of the 'Xpivity, fourth, Jcventh, eighth or tmlfth,and both times therein huff ens tube an Infortune , it doth manifofl death, mlefo a Pontine U one of thofe times c/rft thither his benevolent Beams. 34 Wlien the Afcendant of the fck'iefs is oppofie to that of the \diriitY, Audi's either the fourth, fxth,eighth,t,i elfth or [event h, tbt Afcendant of the Revolution being not the fame, it pews hardly ah) recovery, 7, $ tilien the Lord of the focond doth infortuntte the Lord of the Afcendant, the jich^pall not be cured :vithotit much expence of hie money ;or if he dye, he ffends rnoft part or much upon his cure 1 0 no purp'fe. ' 36 The 0 In the Afcendant brings ufually health immcdiatly ; if in the ftxth t the fich.rfs prt font h change t \ if the Lord of the ii^l.ih be ctmhtfl, thefick foall recover and not dye at that time. 37 '7 he (i is the candle or light of lleaven,and that Spirit which eUrifies & beautifies thofe Signs he is in,dcflroying natures enemies, ^ I car not the death of thy Patient ;/U be in a good afpelf to the fc,f'.-0vcA the Lord of the Afcendant apply to the Lord of the eighth. ?y It'hen aficbiefs talies ene (irjl , at what time the » foparates f mn i oixhafrion , the fieknefo will encrenfe witilltht l 1 doth come to Oppi.'it ion of the 0. 40 'I he Lord of the Afcendant be : <:g unfortunate in the eighth, dx pttt lent will much enereafo the Difeafe and retard the cure by fns ill government *nd carelcfncft. 41 1 he Signlftcator of the fic'k Occidental n vhromckjty"
  • «fo* ; but Oriental , new Sickyefo : confider the feneration ofthe l\
,<! jhe foparates or apply es , fo mil the Difeafo deer safe or *»- (rtafe, Hit.' " N 11 3 41 If The Ktfehti$i$ ef 41 //ft be Author of the Difeafejt proc eeds ofCotdjf <S orihe © , It proceed of Heat andDrinefs ; andfo di in the ffgnificadon of the rep of the Planets. a 5 the i> is more affiled of S when fhe is encreafed in lights And more oppnffed by ft in her wane: beware in the beginning of a ficknefs when the 1> is thus mforittnated , and mderftand d dtth wore mi [chief when he is w mafculine Signs ^Oriental and abtrvi tin Earth • do the contrary in the judgment of ft. CHAP. X L V. ficl^Doflor, what wm his Vifeafe ? If enable ! What fart of the Body was affliBed. T He Sign attending in this Qiieftion is m , the .CM* nota- ble fixed Stars ueer unco che Afcendanc , yet is ic not affli- cted 1 all mnner af $»cjl)w.. fled by the evill pofition or prefence of any evill Plariet; there- fore I mult next look to the iixrh houfc.and fee if it be atfli&ed, wherein I finde ft in his Fall , who thereby afflicts houfe,. which naturally fignifies Difeafes by his unlucky practice ; from whence I concluded, that from thence and iron that houle I mult require the part or member of the Body afflicted or molt grieved, as you may read page 244. r reprcfents the Head, as you may fee page 245;. T> in Y fignifiech the Brelt, as page 1 13. $ Lord of the Afcendant in Si doth lignirie the Heart. The Lord of die Afcendanc is cT , and him you may finde but lately a P dexter of h , both of chem in Cardi- n.ill Signs , 6* at time of chat □ in S , which prefencs the Mrclt and Stomack : from hence I politively concluded^ to die party of Body grieved, they were the Head , Brelt, Heart and Sioimck , and that there lodged in the Brelt or Stomack fome mdancholUck Obflru&ion , the caufe of all his difeafe and MilVry. from what Caufe the Sichncfs was. li Being principal Siguificat or of the Infirmity , in his own Terms, and the 1) in his houle applying unto him, didpre- note Melancholly , and fuch dry Difeafes as are occafioned from liiclincholly dilteinpers,and might abide in the Head and Brelt: what Infirmities ft naturally fignirctb, fee page 244. how to make a right mixture, your Phyficians belt know, and what Difeafes man may be fubject unto in rhofe parts , and may pro- tied from fuch caufes as abovefaid. J Lord of che Afccndant Was alio in the Terms of ft , and tte out of his Terms , applyed to a □ of Q , and he in 6 his Terms ; fo that Choler was a fecondary caufe of this Do- dor's ficknefs ; and indeed when I came to fpeak with him , he was airlifted with great pain and rumbling in his head, very Went, dull and melancholly, llepi very little , had a very dry Cough , and complained of great weaknefe and pain in his Brett , and at the Heart ; his Complexion was betwixt black and yellow , as if there was inclination to the Jaundies J he had bz- fides -1*
  • 8$* the KtJtMcn $f
fides, theft a lingrihg Confumption and great wearinefs til over -htm, and in every joynt, for the I> is in an aery Sign j and as m doth afcend , which fignifies the Secrets , Stone in the Bladder ; Co doth alfo the » in fighifie the Secrets and Difr cafes therein 3 &c. to had he difficulty in making Urine , voyded red gravel , and was greatly pained in thofe parts, &c. Having my felf little judgment in Phylick , I adyifed him to piefcribs forhimfdf fuchPhyficall Mcdiciaesas were gently hot, moyrt and cordial , whereby he mighB for a while prolong his life ; tor the D in the fourth in * with ft>arguedfickncfs untill death : lit dyed tbg f inrtttnth of zA ttgtifi following Whether the Difeafe would be long or Jhtrt f b Bung author of the Difeafe , fhewed it would be peuia-- nent , or of fome continuance , as f*gt 248. for he is a ponde- rous , flow Planet : befides, the Angles of the Figure are all fix- ed , the J) and O both in fixed Signs , and in □ , out of Angles, both in t lie Terras of misfortune ; c? Lord of the Aiceudanr and fixth in a fixed Sign ; all thefe portended the longitude of the Difcafc : Befides , the Antifcion of 0" fals neer the © > and thereby affliteh him, being the Immmry of the time. CHAP.
  • & mmer of Steflk'^
CHAP. XLVI. Wbithf the SickjntUd live or djt, md wh*t hu Difetft rt# f Judgment of the Figure aforeftid. T*He Sign afcending , viz.. W , h in the Figure molt afflict- 1 edbythe corporal I piefence of 6", who is partly Lord ot the eighth houfe , therefore from that houfe and Sign mult we require the Difeafe , caufe , and member grieved : as being the Sign of the fixth , is fixed , alfliftcd by U ,and T ^ vvh ? 18 V* 1 of the fixth houfe is in » , a fixed Sign , earthly and melancholy ' ' v tit A'efiluth* ef Afcendant, in an earthly, melancholly Sij;n , together with the other Sigvijkators , did portend the Patient to be wonder- fully affli&ed with the Spleen, with the Wi»d-ihollick,and me* 1 mcholly oblrructiOns In the Bowels or fmall Guts , fmall Fea- v:rs , a remil;> Pulfe ; and as the Sign m is the Sign attend- ing, and i> and <$ ther in, ic argued the lick was perplexed with dillcmpcrs in his Head , fapt unquictly , &t. \_All which jvai true. I pcrAvaded the man tomake his peace with God, and to fettle his houle in order, for I did not perceive by natural)' caufes, that he could live above ten or twelve dayes. And my reafons were , became all the Sigmficatort did pro- mife no kls then death •■ forfait, © who was the temporall light, at ti'.nc of< the Quere j.and is ( fans vitalis ptte//tite) stas in ' perfect D of \ Lord of the lixtn in •Signs fixed. . Secondly ,-the Attendant was extreamly affii&ed by thepre- fenee of o*, he' being niturjlly- ilJ-^anci accidentally almoll Lord of the whole Eighth houfc. Thirdly , the 3> was neer Cauda Ltoms , and afflicted by the c rofs influence of <$ , in that houfe which nullifies Life, viz,, t ha Afcendant. Fourthly, the J> did fcp.iratc-fro.-n the * of 5, Lord of 1 he Afcendant , in Signs of long afccnfion.s ( which is more pro- perly a □ afpcdl ) and did transfer his venue to % Lord of the eighth. The lick dyed the 28"' of July following , 5 comming to the degive of the 0 in tlie Qyeliion, and therein to the □ of \ Lord of the fixrh , the day preceding ; and the '1> to an d 5 of tie 0, the » that day tranluing the degree of the time of the Queflion , vi^ 144 of , and Q the mfp of the: twelfth; C H A P. XL VII. OftheCnv s i s in Difeafes< r>Rv sis is no other thing then a duell or contention be- twixt nature and the infirmity ; if nature at tiane of 1 he- ft- j/tr 48 mdttntr */ gueftiMf. *0 Cryfis overcome the malignity of the Difcafe it's a good Cryfif; if the fickneft prevaile, it's a pernicious and ill Cryfis, Or rk wis is do more then this , «*. A I udden alteration of min's body when he is fak .tending either to health <* further ficknefs, for when this Cryfis there's a niarpfight , as te were, betwixt nature and the Difcafe, whether of them null ^IstTcVttic^Decretory and Ckryfm*lM all onc J? nd intend no PAore then a certain and more fure Hgment ot the whr- mity alffiAing > either more powerfully , or in a left meafure ac thofe times whin the true CrjfisiSi ' The true -Cryfis is bell of all taken from that moment of tine when fait : the faknefs invaded the Infirm ; which » it cannot be had , then it may be taken ( but not io certainly ) from the very hour when firlt the Water is broughn tothe Do- aor to advife for recovery: but if no Urine come, then when rh^ Doftoc fall fpcaks with the fak party, and is demanded- by the Infirmtd what he thinks of his Mow* , and wluc courts he would advife for cure thereof. l v:ry fudden and vehement motion oi the difcafe may be called I Cryfis a*G«A« faith ; or it is , not a locall motion alto- gether, but an alteration of the Difeale. Ot Cryfis imports judgment m th: difcafe afflicting , a«d which way it will terminate, vU. for good or cvill. Hyptcrstes wilt have Cryfis to be an acute or iWift reportation in difeafes , either to recovery or death : Bnt lay folic,* tregurd there are rmrc difcafe* to terminate ,n health then w death(t^yz F dtilcxitial diieifes)wA«v the matter and canfeajo waligmm cr mih the Vifeaft.whereiy it camm Mftrly be 'a/led* Ltyvvhett Mmiet »f rIypo.f ices mil not well ho/deleft it b: tiftch difea- fes Md> determine ina recovery of the fick }»t) ^ Avicema, in Canticls, agrees witli "«lt», and fauh, Lrjju [cfi whxm>tHit»9rti«dfal*te»wl*dm0rttm.) Thcr ■ are ihu hive contended, 'That ^l^M there ts a Cryiis , ;rf y -V /wf canfed by fwfluem-e *j th' C //r///^/ h>dit s. but from inftriour caufes. . Now if cl» were S r,»Kd rhu i)«rr«tr; or (r,i.«/^r did Oo z pocced %9% Tfy R(fol*thp af proceed from inferiour caufes , then according to divers ficfc* neffes and variety of humours, the feveral CrideM d*yts*iit% to be aflumed , after a different way in tertians , quartans and continued Feaveis : But this , as many learned fay , cannot be ; therefore it is more generally received and concluded , That ia regard of the dominion and influence the 2> hath upon our inferiour Bodies , whereby .fhe doth excite and fiir up the humours* th<t (he by her motion doth declare rhe true Cryfit of lbs difeafe , and that it is required from the time of the lick parties firft falling fick, and her recefs and accefs forward and backward to and from that place or degree of the Zodiack» wherein flic was at the cx;;& time of falling fkk; or if t,hat time cannot be piocured , then as beforefaid , take her true pjacc ex- «6Uy rectified to the hour of the Patients firfl asking advice, I have hereunto inferred a Table, wherewith if you enter with the place of the D in Sign and degree , you {lull difco- ter when fhe comes to an ItidicAtive day , when to a Smi-MA* drate or half C ryfis , when to a true □ , when to an cP , which is called a full Cryfis , and lb to all the Indicative and Critical! 1 dayes during the lickneis, &t\ As for example , let the place of the )J in the later Figure of the of July fuppoil-d the true period or beginning of a Difeafe, the place of the >; is- 15. 42. nc • beauife^a. minutes doalmofl make one degree,] enter with 16. degr. under the Si^n 111 in the eighth column, fo that 16. degr. of ill' is my Radix , or true place of the '» ; over againft 1 6. degr. to the right hand , 1 finde 8. 50. over the head thereof & , fo that when the £ came to 8. degr. and 51. rnin. of it was the firft Ir,£c*tive day, wherein the Phyndm iridic expert how the difeafe then would fliew it fclf; .upon every Cryfis. or hidipr.tive day , have confederation with whf n Planet the )> is in configuration ; if with a benevolent , expert fome remifnefs in the difeafe ; if with a malevolent , a bad indi- cation, &c. Next on tk> right bind to 8. 30. ~ , you finde 1. "i , vk, when the 3) came to thefirM of m , fl ic was then in Stwi-qmr dr.ue to her fir/1 place , and this is , as it were , half a Cryfis , :.-c what time the difeafe. might more or lefs manifeft it fclf ac- cording to that afpect the 1> found at her being in that firft de- all mtnntt of gut/thus? vp'j! grcc of "t . In the next column on the right hand , you fee 33. 30. over it n > , it tels you , when the D came to the 2 and <o. miu. of r, i , it was a fecond Indicative day 5 whereby the Phyh- cian might further judge of the encreaie or decreaie of the cJif- cafe : In the next column you finde. 1 6. over it J , when the J) came to the of X , there was then a true Cryfis , ar what time the difeafe afluredJy might be more fully, duccrned in one kind or other , and then , according to rhe a.fperts the '.0 in chat degree had to the Planers , good or ill , lo might the Patient or Phyluian expert a, better or vvorfe fiyfi* '• and fo in the fame continued line or column , you run round the Heavens , ever obferving the 2) her coming to thofe places of rheZodiack, Wljcrein fti'e makes thi Judicative or Critical day,and what Pla- nets flic is then in afpeit with , and whether in the Figure they . pfomife good or ill : f JJefides. this , you (hall obfetve what dayes (he tranhts the cufps of the fixrh, feventh, and eighth houfes^iid how then flae is al'perted of the benevolent or ill Planets. Go 3 The proceed from infetiour aufes , then according to divers fick^ nelTcs and variety of humours, the fever*! CritjcM dayes rtQtt robe aflumed, after a different way in tertians , quartans and continued Feavers : But this , as many learned fay > cannot be ; therefore it is more generally received and concluded , That i* regard of the great dominion and influence the i> hath upon our inferiour liodics , whereby ( fhe doth excite and fiir pptlia humours, tlufc flie by her motion doth declare rhe true Cryfis of the difeafe , and that ii is required from the time of the lick parties firft falling fick, and her recefs and accefs forward and backward to and from that place or degree of the Zodiack, yv herein flic was at the cx.ift time of falling lick; or if that time cannot be pi ocured , t hen as beforefaid , take her i rue pjiacc ex- tent I y rc& i lied to the hour of the Patents firlt asking advice. I have hereunto inferred a Table , wherewith if you enter with the place of the 1> in Sign and degree , you fhall ca/ily difco- ver when (he comes to an Indicative day , when to a Stmi-qHA- drate or half Cryfis , when to a true □ , when ro an cP , which is called a full Cry fis , and lb to all the Indicative and Critical' dayes during the bckneis , &c\ As for example ; let rhe place of the » in the later Figure of the 16 th oijuly 1645. be fuppoicd the true period or beginning of a Difeafe, the place of the is- 1 5 . 42. nc becaufe 42. minutes do almofl make one degree , I enter with 16. degr. under the Sign ill in the eighth column, fo that 16. degr. of ill is my Radix , or true place of the i> over sgainft 16. degr. to the right hand , 1 finde 8. 30. over the lead thereof & , fo that when the )> came to 8. degr. and p. min. of £-,it was the full Indicative day, wherein the Phyficiari n.i.hc expert how the difeafe then would fliew it felf j upon every Cryfis. or Indicative day > have confederation with what Planet the )> is in configuration ; if with a benevolent , expect fome remifnefs in the difeafe ; if with a malevolent , a bad indi- cation, U'c. Next on the right hmd to 8. 30. ~ , y°" "«de 1. «n , viz. when the » came to the /irW of m , flue was then in Semi-qua- drate to her firll plicc , and this is , as it were , half a Cryfis , at what time the difczfc. might more or lefs manifeft it felf nc- ♦ording to tlut afpedt the D found at her being in that firlt de- gree gree of m . In the next column on the right hand , you fee. 2 3. 30. over it ,r i , it tejs you , when the ^ came to the 23. and <n, min. of f u , it was a fecond indicative day , whereby the Phy/i- cian might further judge of the encreale or deereale of che dif- cafe: Jn the next column you finde 16. over it 7. , when rhe J came to the 16 th of / , there was then a true Cryfis , ar what time the difeafe alfuredJy might be more fully dw'cerned in one kind or other , and then , according to the afycfls the *> in chat degree had to the Planer* , good or ill , lb might the Patient or Phyiician expert a .better or won'e O'ffi* '• an'cJ fo in rhe fame continued line or column , you run round the Heavens , ever ohferving the 2) her coming to thofe places of rhe Z.odiack, fvljerein fihe nukes the Indicative or Critical day,and what Pla- nets /he is then in afpect with , and whether in the Figure they . pfomife good or ill Behdcs. this , yon (Kill obferve Wliat dayes flic cranfits the ciifps of the fmb, ievenrh, and eighth houfes^iid how then fht is afpe&ed of the benevolent or ill Planets. Co 3 The ap4 The RcfoluttM •{' Tlx T*Ut followeth. \ Y_ IY gO 2J_ 24 15 3° 16JO 3 30I26 |i8 go 5 302S.20.go 'go'2£ jja 30 P go'a j34'? i0 To 30^ la's 3° h ago 'r a7 3° If U—L. 'i4"goj7__ |*?J° i_5 go 8_ rjJ?o iTsdio |g 50 I1830I11 4 go V r 9. To 1 1 i a Tg u 2* 16 1" ii ?° 21 Si a \"T 3° go li° JIP 2g !L igjp ]9 17 go 110 8 30 20 go 21 go 22 gO Tjo.TAlaglo 9_goU £4J° jo go U I25 go _g0 2J go 25 til 16 go 9 go 2_4 ijf*° , t 4 Jo £2)12!?^ 6 go 29 1 2J_g_o| ^ |6___go ■24 & r; fJLi° 8 lSjojT JO o""g° ? ; go 17 f35?»J? £ii°20 20go^ if ?0 fi 2_gO 24 j_jlO?i 1 .O fj, 7_?o 2£ 8 ip -.o 9 5 6_ J] go fgo go 9 10 go ( 1 go 12 g«  51 14 go 1*3? 16 go ifgo i'i 30 iTjgo 20 go £^ I20 30 13 29 21 goiTJ iz'fLi??! 24.3p.t7 26 gc|i9 27_gOj20 28 go'2l «-2 gO ^ gO jy> 2g_gO ^ — ■ I* 30 i 7 ay gO |22 2 30|2 J 3~gfc2j 4_Jojrt 5 go' 32 5 go'*8 8 3 10 3< 1 1 goj, iY o go 2 i,o o 1 g xo 5 |« i*j »o ; 1 g v T '2930/ 2 '2:i°. 5 _ |*ii*J T4 30 4 |2_M°J 1 « '22. ?0 * 15 . o 29 go' 22 ,■ $ ao; You t Yen' mull obferve , that upon any Critical} 'day ( but efpecial- ly u^on the rirli Qinrcill) when 2> meets with the body or jiped of a fo;r<in.ite Planet , it's very probable ( if the p^rty be oW.iin:tl for life) nitufe will be fortified above the dii- cil't ; .md this her good .tfpetl or .ipplicition i>' a good indica- tion of health, and that the Phyfiaan now imployed flnll re- Uoie the (kk p. rcy to for .ner health by mod ealie Medicines ; but if fhe meet at ti ne with the unlucky afpecf of an /»- fortune , it gives the Phylitian : li:tli hopes at prefent ; the Cryfis is : then ill > nndthe Phylkian mull more warily proceed, and formerly men did repute the fcyeiuh. , fourteenth and one an J' twentieth djyes for ' Critic ati da yes j but in the )> her motion is ibmetimes more flow, at'other times more <]uick, the preiife day • cannot be had without co.riputc or calculation of her true mofioh j which how to 'do , I have given luflidene iteilioh' in rhy Introduction. In giving Medicines, obferve the 1 motion Of ' the 5) , for (lie fY ®. •? i the JtirSiie Venue" is Ilrengthned in the PhlegntAtickj banging « 1 H vc 1 , the Kctextiveh fortified in Sanguine pcop lei I IT t— iw , the Vigcfiive in the Chlelanchollick- \?o "i >< , the Expuljive in the Choterick. C U Purge Melancholly. i in<5 m X,in^ or A to^ 9 Purge Choller. f cT 0 Purge Phlegme. The verriic retentive is ftitred up from Ti', by reafonof bis frioj- Vegetarive and DigeHive "i fU L^V* Attractive and Iralcible I I cT Vioal and Natural potency | \ Q Appetitive and Concupifciblc >by< $ Cogitative and Imaginative $ lixpuliive j I, i> Fiery Sign> flir up red choller, w*. Y <il /. fortnly Signs, Black melancholly, or uitrkm-tiielun* t ho/iamt- fcf nr Ayery Signs, Blood; :ir*A^. Wat ryi Spittle and Flegm, s smK. J onc$ intended' a more Urge Difcourfe of Sicknefs, but; Msfttr 4p6 The Ref>lutb» tf Mafter Bookbr having promifed to undertake that labour I forbear. CHAP. XLVIII. If a Servant fhallget free from his LM after ? THefirft houfe, the Lord thereof, and the », fliall fignific the Servant ; the tenth houfe and the Lord of ttatSi°n (hall denote his Mailer ; let his condition be what it will be id is judgment, confide? if the Lord of the Afcendantbe joyu- exl to the Lord of the: remh houfe,and whether it be a perfe& 6, whether by body orVpect , Whether with 'reception or not ; if it be a 6 by decree and minute , the Servant fhall be freed cali- ly t and in a fhbrc tune ; but if the Lord of the Afcendant be fc- panred from the Lord of the tenth fome few ; minutes, it's an argument he is as good as freed already from his Mailer : if bo fuch 6 or afpect be betwixt the Lord of the Afcendant , and Lord of the tenth , then have iccourfe to the » , and judge the fame of hcr,as if fhe had been Lord of the Afcendanr^cfrc.l mean if fhe be fo afpti&ed as abovefaid. But if neither the » or Lord of the Afcendant be fcpanied from the Lord of the tenth , conlider if either of them be fepa- iated from the 0 , or joyned with him , judge in the like nature of them as you would have done with the Lord of the Afcendant and the Lord of the cerirb,che fame afpefts considered: B'.ir ii the Quefiion be determinate and nor abfolute, vU* if he demand, Shot I be freed from the fervice or flavery of this man mjrMtfttr, it, which I now live , or frail 1 ever be freed, from his power ? then fee if the Lord of the Afcendant be cadent from an Angle , and luve'noafpea to the Afcendant , oris in afped with any PU- net in an Angle , or with a Planet, tint do:h behold the Alccn- danr , or if hi bs in the third or ninth, or joyned to a Planet m them ; then fay , he fhall bz freed from his fervice, and ftjalldc- pa« from his Mailer. Say the lame if you finde tlie liie afpeew, vr luve the fame occafion, or from the afpccls of the D. But if the » or Lord of the Afcendant be iu the Afcniduir, tenth; M rmm of $*<fih*s. S*7 ~*rfi feventh or fourth houfe , or if either of them be joyneel £ PfcSSb chofe armies , nnd that Planet be Dire J , he . Sal not be delivered from hL Matter ; but if the aforefaidPla- „e be ReVro^ade it argues freedom , but with flownefs and 5 m\ty: If the Lord of the Afcendant bt imped.ted in ,ifae Acendant, tenth, feventh or fourthly corporal^ of any ill pSTor byhisaot<P, or if he is earing combuttion, he ' Aiall not be freed ftom his fervice, &s. 3 mis [exu VMM. The Significations of. the feventh House. ItfignifiesMarriagejfen Emmies ^Lavo^ [nits, Controverpes^ontraBs^anes, Sargainesi Fugitives, Thefts, &c. ficcaufc the Demands which do naturally appertain tothe feventh houfe , require more confide ration , and are more dimcultto judge then of any other houfe , I have been enforced to be more large in delivering the Sons of the Ancients , as well as of fome modern &», and l^^t^^*^£ cut Aphorifmes , which, it well underftood, will give — light.not only for better undemanding what con, s this houfe, but the whole body of Afirologj. great cernesti Pp Apho- ipt the Reftltthh ef Aphorismes and Confiderations for better judging any Horary Question. i QEc the Queftion be rad ic alitor fit to be judged;which uphtn \5tbe I p licit). r Lord of the Afcendant and hour be of one nature or Tri- 2 Be not confident of the Judgment , if either the firfi degrees or later of any Sign be Afcending: if few degrees nfcendjhe matter is not yet ripe for judgment ; if the later degrees arife , the mm to- of the Qjicftion if e/apfed , And it's probable the Querent hath been tampering with others , or defpaires of my fuccefs : however , the Heavens advifeyou not to meddle with it at that time. 3 The pofition of\\or <$ in the tenth * and the) peregrine or un- fortunate , or the o in that hoilfe , the Art'tft hardly gets credit by that Queftion. . , 4 j"dg e not upon every light motion^or without premeditation of the Querent , nor upon flight and triviall Queftions , or when the Querent hath not wit < to k»9w what he would demand. 5 JJ/tve fpecial regard to theftrength or debility tfthe D, and it's fay better the Lbrd of the t/fftendant be unfortuaate then fee., for fhe brings unto us the ftrength and virtue of. all the other Vel- vets, and of one Planet to another. 1 . 6 Behold the condition of\ tvery Queftion, ht is naturally ill hy his excefs of cold ; <$ is of ill influence >becaufc of his too much heaf-tn very truthyeither of them is coldor dry, but fignjfie fo much in their vertue AndoperAtion,and therefore in all Queftion they jfav tArdity and detriment in the Queftion,unlefs the and they recti w each other in the JignificAtion. 7 See the condition of % and ' S he obferved&he naturally Are For* tunes and temperate >and never import any malice,unlefs by accident: ■where they are Significators without reception y they put forward the matter, but they beft'perfortti the matter in Queftioni when they «p ' pi) by A *>* ^> And to purpofe -when, in EJfentiaf Dignities. 8 In every Queftion where the Fortunes art S'gnificators , / <pe wtliM if the InfmuWfthtnfear the mrft^nd accordingly order jour bufintfs, * cj Gait" nil mnntr of ^tefilons: *99 0 Generally confide theftate of the »,for iffhejevoidofcourfe, t y f e s no </reat hopes of the Queftion propounded, thatitfhallbc Zhd ; yet if fhe le in S « **r maybe the lejs.for L (he is not much impedited by being void of courfe. [oSee from what Planet the » * feparated , thf Planet fhews what hath already been donenffrom AFortunegoodrf from a male- volenti HI 5 According to the nature of the houfe, dec. Tlheapplicationofthe tjhews the prefer ^ condition of the thing deeded m. her applying by 4 good afped , and in ^odhojefe, t0 a e W Planet, intimates theftrong hopes of the thing mended. 12 the application of the J> to a Planet m his Falljgmfics an- f H i(h, trouble and dclayes in the thin% demanded. 1 I I A Retrograde Planet, or one m his firft ffatton y Sigmficator inthe Queftion \denotd '» the Q>«fi«>> > W° rd ^ Anmh COn ~ trA flZe ought warily to confder if evill Planets be Significators in any thin, %r if they preditt evill tn the thtng tfcMth* ven- I expelled, it's imperfctl, and nothing therein comes, without tnfi, 1 £ foil -- : - * J <*M'ttLu /Vr. $fi*£i?s hardly \erformed , the nature of the Sign wherein he Planet U, doth herein mud advantage the, judgment. 16 Him >the Jnfortuncs are Significators of fonfider if the Fortunes , m. % or J c aft not any ffff'jf^ then the evill intended formerly is leffcned; dofo when the 1 ortunes ^j&Fttunes^ W<£ hJJties, or behold \m the Jfcendant , or are Retrograde , then are they impedited, and fi) all perform little, if not received. ^NoLhftlnding Reception, if he be an Info h <P<r fnnes but litt/cM if the fame happen when the Fortunes are Stgr he u\ he is malicion/Uyond exprejjion ; if he be m efjent IDgn tieubelefs ; for the, 'be * (ike a noble foul that hath his enemy w his clutches, but fcorues to hurt him. . . r - tl -: t «  ^o And yetge m lly 7 lfh or 6 beinlhfahxalt^ 1 p i £po The Kefoluthn ef •r t4ngltt\and then have fignification in a Qtuftm , they perform** the thing defired. 1 1 Confide not too much intU affiftance a Fortune lends ,mle[s hi he in ejfentiall Vigniiiet ; for then he performs maters wholly, df, htt by. halves.- a a When in a, Queftion wherein both the Fortunes and Infor- tunes are either wea\or equally ill p laced , promife nafuccefs upon that demand; defer the Judgment untillthe Heavens have abetter Ppfition. 2$ Bewareinall Judgments, when the Significator of the Que* ft ion U either Combuft, or in Oppofition to the 0, he will then fignifie nothing of the matter y , no good , nor is he abb to bring any thing t» ferfeltioH. , 24 One Infortune joyned to another , if good be fignified by their affielt y yet will it have no effett,or come to any thing : Jftheyfigni* fie evitl s tYs probable that it may fallout with more malice t hen ex- pelled. Z- The Lord o[ : the A[c<ndaht ouUofhUejfentialT>ignititf, Cadenty fyc.Jhews the Querent is out of all hopes in hit bufmefs. 16 , A Planet within twelve degrees of the 0, is [aid to be under hi*, Beams, and then hathno fortitude Jet it be in what Sign it will; when a 'Planet i* within [meets minutes of the ©, he is [aid to be in C*zoimi t or, heart of the Q), and then it's an addition of fortune, and he is wondremftrcng. 27 See to what Planet the Significator commits his difpofniott, find if Oriental or Occidental; if it beto}i% orS 3 and they Orien- tal /he waiter is[ooncr performed ; later, if Occidental', do the cm- tmryin%and^. 28 Obfcrve if the Planet that is Significator of the thing defired, be in a fixed Sign, moveable or common : fixed Signs fhewjiabilitjy ak4 that the thing fkall continue , whether it be begun, or is to be(c gun. •common Signs fhew the oft probability of perfecting the thing, and yet not its conchtfiowmoveable Signs fhew a [uddenrefolution vr conciufion of the- matter one way or other. From heme we begin Foundations of •Houfes and' Towns, when S ignificat or s are fixed \ Jhort "journeys when they are in moveable.' but in things wherein v t defire a mediocrity, we elell common Signs, The Lord of the A[cendant or the 2> with the Head or Tail* of J the t)rAgo* > brings damage to the Queftion propounded ; [ee in what hou ft they are in, and receive fignificat ion from thence. 30 Look whether the degree of the Afcendant , or plate of the Sitn the Significator is in,be the then place of any Eclipfe at hand j though the matter propounded be in a fair way to be concluded > yet (hall it infenfibly receive pre judie* when teajl U cxpetted,*nd hard- I) be concluded. . 21 J f you finde tlx'D impidited in any Qjteftion , be it what it w ',ll , there will bethe-likj ftay , demur or hinder ance in the thing outfit cd;and indeed* here' sfeldom an) good end comes of a Queftion Ihere the » is impedited j if it be in going to War, you may fear the life of the Querent j if in a Journey, ill fuccefs; if Mam age, an ill end of Wooing, &c\ , . . 3 X If the Lord of the Queftion or the J> be m a Sign oppofite to his own houfe,ae S in 7 or K,&c. the Querent hath no good hopes of his demands, he dejpaires, nor doth he delight in it>nor doth he care whether it be performed or not. ,„..>? c 33 Confi4«r. diligently the Planet imped, ting , the Sigmfier <?( d>e thing demanded, and what houfie he is either Lord of, or ispo- f,edi»;from the nature or perfon of that hon[e require' the cau[e cbftrulVtng. t t 34 The merer your Significator i s to an Angle,tbe more good yon mi expeit;le[sjf f laced i>. a Succedan houfe;tittle,if ina Cadcnt. 3 5 In all Queftions, know there s not fo gnat an nffiicUon to the D , 04 whenjhelf in 6 with the 0 ; the ill afpetts of the Jnfortunes doth much aftitt her, but none [0 powerful as her Combuftion. 36 In any Queftion, fee if 'an infortune afpell your Significator > And whether they be both Peregrine,Retrograde,€adent,or m Signs contrary to their own nature, it may then be doubted they infer finch a mifchief in- the Queftion, as- is inevitable , according to na- tural canfes. m ■ . , 57 Planets that are Significator s in any thing, if they are in 6, and m a Sign agreeing to tieir own nature , then the thing quefited after is brought to ferfettion with much eafe and facility, elfe not. ' 1% Have [pet ial- regard to the Signiftcators , and whether any fnijhation or prohibition be before the perfect afpeththe Planet fru- Jlratiue defcribes tie party or casfe hmdrtng the matter demanded. 30 "l-ver confider the 0, which if well dignified in any hou[e,the ^ f 3 querent ' 3© i , . The Refofoihn of querent gets by men ,ar things denoted by that houfe ; And fo, if\H dignified, damage from thence. ' ■ .■ 40 In Quefiions of Marriage , An unfortunate Planet in the fc venth threatens ill agreement in Marriage, mlefs the fame be a Sign'ficator at the Birth, 41 If the Lord of the eighth be impedited or unfortunate intk eighth, the querent fhall receive prejudice by the death of fom: y9Qman> or concerning feme debts due unto him front wen dectaftd, 42 In yfhat houfe you finde U and °- well dignified, you ma) ex- pert benefit from fuel) men and things as arefignified by that honfc ; at if in the third ,from Kinred ; m the fourth, from Father , orhj Lands, &c. in the fifth by Play, &C. andfo in other houfes. 43 Beware of men and things appertaining to that houfe wherein £j is itr y it feldomfailes,but the querent (hall receive damage, few dall or flander from men and matter Jignified by the houfe he is /';?. ~ ~ c!7T"p. xl ix. Of {Marriage. TF a Queftion be asked of Marriage,hz\\o\d the Afcendant and J_the Lord thereof , and the J> , and the Planet from whom the D is feparated , and give thore for the Sigmficators of the Qm«  rem ; aad the feventh houfe, and the Lord thereof, and the Pla- net to whom the )■> applieth , for the Signifiers of him or her concerning whom the Queflion is asked: and if it be a man that asketh the Queftion, joy n the© and i> with his Signifi- cams , and make him partner in the fignification ; and if it be a woman , joyn $ and 2> , and make them partners : after- wards , behold what application the Lord ot the Afcendant or 3> hath with the Lord of the feventh , . and what application that Planet hath from whom the D is feparated , with the Pla- net to whom fhe doth apply , or 0 with $ ; for if the Lord of the Afcendant or the X> apply to the Lord of the feventh houfe, it doth llgnifie the Querent (hall have his or her dehre , yet with many petitions , folicitations and prayers.- and if the applica- tion be by O or <P , and with reception , it fignifieth that it (hall be brought to pafs with a kind of flownefs, labour and travel! : but if the Lord of the feventh apply to the Lord of the Afcendant w aH www of giufthns, 30 J Afcendant , or the Planet to whom the £> doth apply , unto the Planet From whom fhe is feparare ;or if the Lord of the feventh I,.- ; n the Afcendant , the matter lhall be brought eafily to pafs, with great good will of the man or woman quefited after ; chiefly if there be an application by £ or #- afpeft. Aphorifmes o^Alkindus touching Marriage. Hen the Lord of the Afcendant doth apply to the Lord of the 7 th houfe , * it's an argument the Marriage fhall * Or , if the be perfomed and done alfo, if the T> do apply unto 6 , and Lord of the fhe Hrong , encreafing in her motion , and in fome of her own fevevth ap~ Dignities , and the » likewife , the Marriage fliall be conclu- ply to the ded: if 9 do behold the 0, and the © have any dignity in Lord of the the Afcendant , and behold the Lord of his houfe , viz,, of the Afcendant* Sign wherein he is , it doth fignifie likewife the Marriage fhall be concluded 5 but if the Planet applying , and he to whom he doth apply > be bo: h cadent from the angles , and efpecially if their Lords do not behold them , it doth lignifie there fhall be good hopes atthefirlt, but by dallying and tracing the time, there fliall be trouble , and no Marriage at all performed : Alfo, if J> 0 ? and Lord of the feventh , and Lord of the Afcendant be in angles , and they beholding one another, or if their Lords behold them , though with □ or cP , yet it fignifieth , the mat- ter fliall be firit in defpair or fufpendeq , but afterwards it (hall by the will of God, be brought to pafs, and finifhed by the con- fe'nt of all parties. Of \7vlarriage, whether it fhall take effett or no. Give unto the Querent the Lord of the Afcendant , the )> and the Planet from whom rhe D is feparrted ; and unto the party enquired , the Lord of the fevenrn, and the Planet to whom the I> doth apply , and if the Querent be a man , then adde the ©, but if a woman , adde $ ; and then behold what applicati- on there is between thcLoxdof the Afcendant and the Lord of j©4 2fc fyftluth* $[ of the feventh ; for if the Lord of the feventh he-in the Mcttr danc , or apply 10 the Lord thereof , ic will willingly be con* fented unto by the party defired ; but if: the Lord of the Afcetr dint or the i> apply umo the Lord of the feventh , or be in the feventh, the Querent (hall obtain his purpofe by his own U- hour ; but if none of thefe happen, yet if there be tranflation of light between them , then it ihall be effe&ed by the meansof Friends or 'Acquaintance ; alfo the » in the tenth fignifieth the fame.aKb, the application of the J>. with 9 effetfeth the matter , but by mediation of Friends : alfo , the application of the © and , 9, efpccially when 0 hath dignity in the feventh, idem: if the Lord of the Afcendam be in the feventh , or with .she Lord thereof , or behold him with a good afpeft , or if the •Lord of the feventh be in the Afcendant , or with the.Lord of theAfcendant, or behold him with a good afpe&., At doch give , great encouragement for effe&ing the matter. Of UtCarriage. If * man ask , his Significant are , firft , the Lord of the A* fondant : fecondly, tlieD j thirdiy,the Planet the i> is fcparad from ; fourthly, 0, the natural ngnificator of men. The Sigmficators of the woman are, the Lord of the feventh, the wPlanet the J> applieth unto , the Planet in the feventh, 9 the natural £gnihcatrix of woman: the like judge for the woman ifihe ask the Queftion , (mtttaw mutandis ) that is , the Afcendant and other Significant t md 9; the Quellion asked the woman , the fevonth and his JLord , the Planet the V applies unto , thefe are for the man ; the Afcendant and his Lord, .the Planet the D is feparate. from , the D and 9 , fo the tfutm It (hall be hath three Sigmficators , the party defired hath alio jhree : It
  • Viz one in fball be , if the Lord of the Afcendant or D be in the feventh;
the Terms, fecondly , if the Planet -the -D feparates from , applies to the the other in Planet the » applies to; thirdly, or the © and 9 apply to the 7 ripli- each other ;.fourthly , the Lord of the firlt in the fevemh , or ft- cin of the venth in the firlt.; .fiftly , any tranflation of light from i he Sf SiLificator* mficatorsfiv Reception of the Sigmficators ,or any coileflion b]f S %! a more weighty Planet, the * SVgmfiers in interchangeable Dig- aft MpM^ of jjtutfiims, joy liiiies ;th»ft i» t^^Jrevejndi givjng Afertue itQidie^rdpf the A- - fcendanctidf Lordof che.feventbY <: i > o.X i rij ' The Lord of t the feventh in the A(«ndanf ; > cjie party defired which Uvt lovt tft beft : The Lord of the Afcendant in the feventh , the mofi , *r dt- Querent loveth belt; and fo of the other $ignificators,for tljofe fire k mofi. that apply argue,.^. The Lord of the feventh in the fevenrh, efpecially ill one of his ownhoufes, the party de- fired is free from love, hath little mind tp Marriage , and her Portion is known, or the mans. The Significarors of the party defired , not beholding the Significators of the Querent , noteth the love of fome other more then the Querent ,, or an averlhelle to the party now en- quiring. " ' . The application of. the Sigmficators fruftrated.nqtes the Mar- riage to be broken off, by. fuch a perfon or thing as that Sigmfier noteth,, which you may know by the houfe he is in and Lqrd of, w.ifby the Lord of the 2 d .hoiile,want of Riches; if Lord of the f by the Brother, &c. contraryyvife,the Marriage being prefa- ced by tranflition of light, or colledioiij it (hall be furthered by fuch a one ( as above mentioned,) w*. if by the Lord of the fc- cond, by fome friend promihng Dowryi third,* Brother ; tenth, a Mother ; fifth or eleventh, a Fricndi lixth, an Unkle, Aunt,or • a Servant : Where note , that Marriages promifed bv p or cP, note performance with much ado ; A or #,eafie ; with Recepti- on, bill of all. ffhat fall be the occaftott ofhindrirtg the <J\tarriage. . Having carefully obferved, that :akhouglubere feem great probability of effeaing the Marriage enquired of , yet you finde. juft caufe to judge , ic fliall not either really be ailed * or much obftniftion will be before it can be done ; and you are delirous to know from whence the impediment ftul come,the better to prevent it ; confider what eviil Planet it is who doth hinder , the Reception of the difpofitionof • the Sigttifitators , f/*. of the man and woman ,- or? jyhbfruflrates, their aftxja , or prohibits tliem, or interjeas his Kayes betwixt the Sigmficators • it lis be tlii Lord of the fecond, thev bleak olf on tho Querent s beh ilf, q^cj Money Money of tfotttfrw- 4*eing wamrjtg on ibat fidfc-g or poverty ob* jetted : if it be the Lord of the tmfdjthe'<3^5rdnc , iKiriced > BTe4 threb or $ftftre'i or^ma^oWairdMe^l^bii^ , 6^.fonlfe jour- ney l &c. if the Lord of the fourth , the Parent will nod agrees he will part with no Lands , 1*0 Hoiift Houfes -fit Tenements, will fettle no Eftatc : if the Lord of .trie fifth ; Children may be the occnfion , (if either party have any 5 >or if a Batchelour propounds , perhaps it's 6bje&ed y he either is not capable of getting a Child or he hath had a Ballard , or \i fcandalized about fuch a thing , or that it's feared the. pi ny will be Wanton, or given to luxury, too Much to hispleafuteand pfllfime, &c. viry your rule , ' and- it ltrvies if a^votnan pro- pound, &c. If it be the Lord of the fixth, either fome of. iiii I ; a-» rhers Kinred , t//*,. fome Unckle or a Servant , or fhe like , or fomc infirmity or ficknefs in the fiertht may be.rhecaufeimpz' diting. If k be a 1 Planet m the fcvemh ^ fome other he'or flie Friend will impetiite , d'r'a f^ublitik Bnemyvor one lit orfh'd hnvefbr- rflerly-had VatiinVe -with,' or* a LiiW- Ant, &c. i . • : . If it be the Lord of the eighth , it may be feared Death will bereave the q/tfrent of Life ere the Marriage^r the qttefmd lnth riot a funVient 1 Portion j their Eflate is difliked * it gives: no tfth' tent* ic will hot be atcepted. • : . ■ 1 < If the 1 Lord of the ninth,one or orherof thcquejited's Kinred or difference in Religion, or fornc bulie-headed Prieft, or by reafon of fome long Journey to be undertaken by the" que- rent, Sec. If the Lord of the tenth, the Father of the qmfittdpx Mother of the querent^ or fome prindpal niafrt, Officer : or MigilfrnfeU If the; Lord of the elevench i.thli.Fflends/ofi both parribsidif* like the Match, or fuch as at firft brought on the rnarrer ? Will now endeavour to diflblve the Match. ■ ><>y; : If the Lord of the twelfth, then there is fome undeHund dealing and much juglingiA-i!h'eibuliiu(fe/,' the matter fhall be much retarded , andithe^r#^ fhall neverknow by whom ; the qHtmt is much fhndcred \ or fome fcandall privately infmuatd doth much wrong, and will quite break the matter. • As you have notions whereby you may under/tand whit ■ - * may mtf be the obftacle in any Marriage, fo by rhe fame rules, Sly varied, yo^YnaMnde^ IrJtm hisfuit, or.wiUen^ I have herein (leak my amiSy i and cxpretfed the whole m,th * , :, i , , • " ... . : •■ MHitthcr AmAn frd) Mtrry. ; " • If rhe » behold the 0 or 9 by a good afpetf , or the Lord of the Atcendant be in the fevehth , or the Lord ot the leventh in the Afcendant 1 , or cither of them behold other with a good* afpctf,itfignifieth^^ 1C . # lohfcrvc , if the SigftfUwt be in Prohfkal Signs , or Dig- nities of <? , the party enquiring doth marry. Jfic time of Marriage. the denree of the application of 2) to 0 or? ,' or lord of £ti£t*^M ,f the fevehth, Or lord of ^thefe- ntluothcLordof the Afccndant ; if itbe m moveableSigns, Zts; in common Skris, Moneths ; infixed Signs, Tfeers; ccording to that timetlie Marriage- (ball be performed ^ This mult be updetflood when you findc ltrong ^monies of Marriage, and that the Sign'tfmitr' are fwift. How many Husbands a Woman. (ball have. 1 I^oot from a jo U^d jute - ^ to thaiiy ] lity, or moje then one. Oil ^ /•Vow F rem wh*t fart we jkalUtfjrr;. If the Lord of the feventh be in the ninth , he fhall marry i 5rringc-,<$v.if the Lord of the feventh and of the Afcend nt'bs in one quarter of Hewn , or ui one houfe or Sign , ufually the pjrey marries one neer to the place of their own abode consi- der the Sign of the feventh, the Sign and quarter of Heaven the Lord or the feventh is in , and judge by the major nies , from what part of Heaven the party (lull live who n the querent Hull marry ; as if molt concur in South telti.nonies ; the South, mix the quarter of Hewn and Si<jn pretermit ha Sign before the quarter. : but this will be belt explained upon an example. What manntr offer fan he oyfhe if. For. the man , note the Planet the » is with ; as if with ?, fry (he is fair , (fender ana pleafant ,• and for the woman , judge by t he Planet the 0 beholdeth j © in a or *- of T? , wife and painful j 0 atyetf ing U,honett ; and 10 of the rat: the 0 and D. m □ or <?, note contention, reparation and diitords, Whether man or \ be mere noble. If the Lord of the feventh be in an angle , and the Lord of the Afcendant in a fuccedam houfc , the woman is belt defend- ed ; and 10 if the Lord of the Afcendant be in an angle , jud>e accordingly • in like manner one may judge of two Compani- ons, or any one elfe;. A more ."(lured way. is , byobfervmg whether o; chtStg^atersh moil (uperiour,and.moit poten- tial 1n eflent1.1l Dignities ; if nofiah thing be,vvhois belt placed in an angle, is molt noble ; and this will not fail. . frbo. jkall be Mafiir pf thet we. ' . Behold the Lord of the Afcendant and the D ;'if the 5 or the ^ord of the Alccndant be received in an angle , and he that is dS mdnntr 'pf Jfyeftlm. $op the receiver be an heavy or ponderous Planet , the eperent fhnll bo mafter ; and whether Sigmfcaters (hall be found weak , ill dignified, orin cadent houfes, that party (hall be fubjec 1 *. Whether fhe be rich or not. If the man ask , fee the Lord of the eighth , or Planet in the eighth , for if they be Itrong , or )> applying to the- Lord of the eighth by a good afpeel, then (he is wealthy (& e co»tra, poor,) if the woman ask of the men, and of her efface, judge after the fa ne manner, for ( eadem eft ratio.) t yhether the M a r r i a c e be Legit imate. i ■ If the Significators of them, either of the man or woman be vitiated ot joyned to Ti or (?, and they nor Sigmficators in ihi Queltion , or if they be with tf 9 it fluwetb Mar- riage , W*. there hath been fome wrangling or claim laid to the party by i'omc former man or woman. Ha» they fhall agree after LMamagf. If the Figure perform Marriage , note if the Lord of. the A- and Lord of theteventh afpeel each other with A or
  • , they agree well: D beholding her Difpolicor , or Lord of
the Exaltation of the houfe wherein fhe is with good afpeft, idm : The Lord of the feventh, more weighty , and in an an»le, (lie will .be matter* or ttrive for it : if neither the Lord of the Attendant, 01, of the feventh be in angles i then notcjhe Weightier j for that pmy fignirjed by hhi , (hall be m ilter ; 0 hpeuiiedV wont for the man ; it $ be impedited , wovtt foe ih; woman j if, )> .be'impsdited or. unfortunate > is ill for them bodi. , The Lcrd of the Afcendant ?nd Lord of the feventh in □ or 0 > Lord of the i> i.npetUtcd beholding the Afccnuant , or \u anefited (hall be the pecafion of, ttcjfc ^ the D m her fall , . or at O or S> with T? ok 1 "?'; 6tiAjW6]*>Sde Phnet, if the » then .behold-the Aicendant, notech brawling ever the m^Unl ti ! <?'o* ft in the, Afcejicfiiit, if C&cft on'bc asked by the' miir '. ; '. : , \ : \ : ■• /f*^ jJ!W/ £ff the CAttfe of their Strife ,«r the Attthwrof their Good. If the Lord of the third hi that Planet whodorh afllift or liupedite » and be in the Attendant or feventh hoiife, icihall-bs by Brethren or-Kitfrad ; an It/fortuM in the t«nth,notes brawl* ing, and continual chiding and wrangling : In the fourth, ci* cber a 'Divorce* niche or a Wtllingne<fe^6 it- > or htnderauce in Dowry • the E> infortunit©. beholding the Afccndatn, \m brawling, reparation and difhoneft living: ill Planets in the tenth or fourth:, ill perfons make contention ', or their Parents • no application between the Planet the X> feparates from , and the Planet unto whom (he, dothapyly ,. notes contenrion a!- wayes ; if ' the' DdoafpeiVotf be in <5 with n or <!f,one of diem flulldfe quickly iorhavc fome misfortune ; if this 6 bo in the tenth or fourth, in * mafculine Sigh, the man fhalt fuffer ; if ki feminine Sign, che.' :The 3>in ZVortf-of gootfPlanetf, declares gift? from' Friend i » » in Q wf good Planets , by dead men ; »ti\6o£ good Piartecs^prbmiftsgodti by- their own in* duftry and labour i'if the^ aflfcft'tyotfg ■ >■ of'bein the twelfth W eighth, or void of courfe,they lhali'hay^ both troubles, griefs and <icknefs j in Angles y nOtesa'probability of feparationoi long difagreement s. That the Marriage {hatHe' broken, and the canfe thereof tyehold the Planet who recefvfith the light of the Sitmf^ ttr J if he be a heavy Planet , and be hindered by Q or c£ of ah id • Planer, Pfonty . *rbe <jadentr. y /.tfeie.iiit.entieil Mwriage il^bokokea eifas;*ui>tHowgh-t)cprefent-,it« Yary<foafM«'A Am; i • Behdid whechekr.parcie? klltotydkiAhltptrty frail firllrrwrry.aftdMhi* dilfolwiohi c ■;; wfy.thv •■ .y If the ill Planer that hindefeth the Lord of the fecondor eighth h'oufe , it is for matter: of Dowry.;* if Lord of the thirdjBrother ; if Lord of the fourth or tenth , it is the Fa- ther or the Member, or fucnlifce 5 and fo judge of, the rett'. ,\ If there be an ill Planet chat carries the light between the Slpifcators , it (hall be by means of ii Melfenger j ,defcribe that Planet* and you ma^ notifio.cbe party.: . : , r; ; , , • Thatiwomaji who doth depart from her tdusbWjOcbecfrWe j„ Ar*bkk a Widdolv i the 2) bemg. between the feyen<scen<Mcg[ftc of ^, Aphorlfmc and the fall minute of v^fball never return or marry*,, not over- ' Who fo i4 Efpoufed to !a Wife,the >> being lm the, twelve firff w/yr / ; /fl ^ degree? of vy , tfiiall lofc her before marfiagcuior dye.widiin ii« credited moneths,or liw in difcOrd with herw . f . dr, 1; ! •. • ; ;i {! w ",o w ; t f, ou t con-
' ! f: > "I ; ; ':i i:t-t ' •y^ o/^/vr
or kis trife (lid d)c'firft> Me time whek "' Si&mfica- ' 'v ' • , V " • ' ,"' ' tors. . Rehokl nfi^prd of. the Afcen<jfant and the Lbr4 of che,fe r • venth , widXe« r Svhichof 'tJiemg^tH.firlljto Cotnbuftion j u\\d if tbeXpr4. ot ,tbe Af^endant., tne'^f^^fl^ll.dye fikti \ j'f^? Loidof the feventh ,,p contra : Tlie £ord of the. Afcenduit JR,e- tto^rade orCoihbult, or in his Pall, of- ne'er the Lorll of "the ' eighth , the M in % ; ithe .Lord of the feventh.jn the, like cafe , the Woman : 0 unfortunate ', the Man j' ^ Vritortunate , the .Woman. , , , • n < ■ . ! ijfualiy'i obfcrve. ijwhofe s)gmpMor\&^ iCombuft , and in wlnt'Sign'j if. he .be'coinbuttinlrropick^igns, ,as p y^, it portends death in a fliorc tihie ; if .'in common Sign* , vix,. xr ^ vT K j.the.timeis lOncjcr : ^ Signs' to!;, vi*,, A m ^j'it will be a longer time ere the'^hy'tfy^cSH^.-'.'^','.
'• • ,. < .:. . . ■ .f: ill) •
• which of 'the two fhalliliVe long<$< ■. Behold the Lorvl of the Afcendanr, and of che'icvcnch, which of »f tbcfet\Voarc1n thetfeft place of heaveitibcCl digtiifiej,and in good afpeft with Vmmtt , and more remote from the prefence or ill afpeft of the Lord of the eighth houfe,that perfon flial live longeft: Where you mutt obferve,as to the'Lord oftho feventh, the lord of the fecond in the Figure is hts'eighthhoufe, and fo Lord of, or Slgmficatoy of death, < ■ - v • ' • •• • . ■ • . ■ . i • . . I. ' • ■ •; ['. .1 ■ ivhei her (be be a Utftid, ot Cfafte, of whom the qaere u. Look if the Lord of the Attendant ? and the » be found in fixed Signs;, good Planets beholding them, then fay, flieisa Maid,and chaJie : But if in place of the Fortunes there be bifor- tunes , fay (he is neither a Virgin , nor chafte ; efpeciaHy.if'6" be tk-re , and he in the houfe of? without Reception ; Alio, if D and 0 behold themfelves and $ , fhe is no Maid; but if the Signiftcators be in moveable Signs , Ittfortmes beholding them, fay then fhe dclireth a man very much , and that (he refrains; and reitauns her concupifcence very much, andcaHsoff net Suitors ; yet it is not good to truft alwayes to this judgmcnr,be- mufe the nature of women is ch.-.ngc able. The Sigmficatrlx of the woman in her own effential Digni- ties^ in Q to the © or U with any Reception,or the i> and i he Sigmficatrix in A or #, in Reception, out of any mutual Dig- nities , or $ in & riot afflicted, or the D in ^> free from □ 6 $ of di 1 judged honerty, and I found it ever true. JVhethtr nDmofeltbe aLfrUido) \mt. Behold the Afccndant and his Lord , and the 3> , and if thou findelt then fixed and well difpofed , it ngnifieth fhe is a Vir- gin ; but if they be in common or moveable Signs , or evil Pla- nets be in fixecf Signs beholding them, of alfceft them any way, it is a doubr of Legerdemain ; alfo m Afcenaing , arguefh ihe is, or would be too familiar. In many things I diffent from the ^Ancients , and fo in this ; for if cf be in <$l , and m Aiccnd , the querent is fufpecteel and tempted, but yet is honcft. m!1 m*netPf ^eftM>; Whether a WottiM be howftjo. her Husband. •rhi. T »rn of the Afccndant , the » or? in fixed Signs , in TkM»* « " t,KC **** m * nocyec Sfe Y ! mm uL tluleqiurUs, rahir to it film if or <u mln, m my err, mifchief. Of a wom«H, whether fke be corrupt, or hath a Lover befdes her Hfuband or Sweet-hem. Behold the Afcendant and his Lord, ^ d ! 2 »^ they he both in angles or fixed Signs , thenfa the Mad » a Virgin and they lye of her, or what is reported is fallc . it t»e Lord of the AfcenU and D be in fixed Signs , and the angles b; moveable Signs , Hie was tempted, but gave «o cwdit or ad- mittance to th-r^«-. If ^J) bejoynedtohUc? 0 co - porally by afpe&,fo that there is between in ;tn bur hvc degr^.? t'empted of fome one who ath the efcgeirf tint Planet to whom fhe is joynad ; but .1 the J> be joy .cTto o or 5 , fhe is tempted by wo wan or a man , but 1 i - m*» no reckoning of the old or young Bawds word s but her to fcorn: If the angles he fixed Signs, »iJ the Lord of the Afcendant or D m moveable or common, (fa m this judgment tin common are of lefs ; importance ) Jh- kH h,en attempied,an,is ftill tem P ted,but (li: « honeft ; .mJ lmh been for nerly deluded , if (he be with the H; but .f ther th ^ . be with-? J , Hie hath formerly offended , and ^guilty , no will flie amend hereafter; the fame may befaidoi^, if h^ in place of the '.-J ; yet cT impofeth not. lo much yna let on th. wo-nanas ^: generally the i> m any Qiielhon with ports mil-reports of the, y«u may call them flanou >. m Wither a ttmdn is fortft. true. The T> in the laft face of ir , the woman feemS to be corrupt, if the Afcendant be a moveable Sign , or common , or if the. - Lord of the Afcendant or D be in moveable or common Signs Thu Tvliere fa c ' IS ro virgin ; the Lord of the Afcendant combuft in a mo. fufpuiouu va y e sign , the woman harh been tempted and made a harlot r JV C a violence, or (he was unwillingly c'rawn tojewdnefs; the •2 1 ' n y LoKi of the Afcend;lnt in a fixeci si £ n * am * tns Afcendant fixed, mil hold though the J be in a movable Sign , (he is (till a Virgin > and honett; the J> in the Afcendant with }\ y c^e woman was abu- fed by forte , and not by her confent : if the Afcendant l>c a fix- ed Sign , and the Lord of the Afcendant in the fifth , or the » in the fifth , or the Lord of the fifth in the Afcendant , or both of them corporally joyned in one Sign > it feeml the woman huh newly conceived,or was lately tempted; but if they be feparated afunder by three degrees , it feems the woman is delivered , or free from the party fl.e was lately in fear of. whtthtr a mm ah trades with tin) but her Hwbwl Behold the Afcendant* his Lord, cheD, and Planet from whom the » is feparated , thefe are Sigmfertof the querent ; the feventh hotife and his Lord, the Planet to whom the 2> is joyned, are the SigmfitrsoS the woman: fee to whom the 2 and Lord of the feventh is joyned , which if they be both joyn- ed to the Lord of the Afcendent,whether with Reception or 6, fay , the woman is not faulty , but honed : but if the Lord of the feventh, or the 2> or either of them is joyned to the Lord of the Triplicity of the Afcendant , viz.. to him that is Lord of the Diurnal or No&urml Triplicity then Afcending , or if any of them is joyned to the Lord of the feventh , and ■ D is feparj* ted from the Lord of the Afcendant , it then Teems (lie hath a Friend that fhc loves belides her Husband; the Lord of thefe* vetith void of courfe, the woman hath no friend. The Lord of the feventh , the ?> , or both , feparatefrom .my other Planet but the Lord of the Afcendant, and he not fe- parate 7he/e judg- ments mujr be carefully vbferzed & well confi- dtred before judgment be fnp funded in the tiegA- tive^'n.tkat (fie is not ho- rn/}. i !.„ u *u**» forces i the woman did lovfc flndthet<> but P«tt iTSffi • tl> »Ud of the fevemh With tha n, f win bttf . without he be in .4 with fome other t r iSwtclytobe blamed no W> w«. 1 lft)lnt.rt 1? s X »nd intte'o coJevrjll I be ; for if Ae be Hot fau.ty ,n tette S Vo"i ! yet i^hardputtoit, .ndmuchpet- ^be with the Lord of the feventh , or with s , ot in one c i„ A or with h , the woman hath a Swect-hcart in con- S not £t from her houfe; andif they be in on* degree, h i m thehoufe, andoneof the familiars ot theman If tlu, « feparated , perchance the woman had a Tverfc or t £X Husband , but now they have one £1$ The; Re fibrin of Reception , the Woman cares not for men , but hath friendlhip with women , or fpeaks wantonly , but is not naturally lewd or vitious. The Lord of the feventh or 2> in 6 with Tj , the woman lovcth an Old man , or a Religious man , or a Country-man, or a man of plain fober carriage. The Lord of the feventh joyned to the ©,flie lover h at pre- fent , and did love a certain great perfon , according to the qua- lity of the 'Demandant ; if it be with Reception , he hath or may have , if he pleafe, to do with her j but if it be without Recep- tion , he cares not for her , but hath quite forfaken her : But if more Planets do behold the© as well as the Lord of the fe- venth, efpecially \ or ¥, more men have had to do with her, nor is flic yet amended j but fomewhat tardy, &c. If ones Lover or Wife bath a Sweet-heart befides himfelf. See if c? be in the feventh houfe, fo that he be not in his own houfe , then flic hath one j if \ be there., (he loveth one, but lyech not with him j if % be rhere , (he hath much ado to be honeil } if 9 , (he is a merry wag, and is thought to be wan- ton , but is not : if 5 , (lie had a Friend but hath not now ; if fi be in the feventh , flie as yet hath none , but flic will have , afitf will be common : if © or Q be there > flie is chalk and huh no Friend : After the fame manner you may judge of Friends , ' or of the man, when the woman propounds the QuelUon. Hath (he a Lover. Any Planet In the feventh, ( fo he be not the Lord of the fe- venth) fhe hath one of his complexion, ( if none be in the fe- venth , none ; ; thus do for the man , but have relation to the eleventh houfe ; The Lord of the feventh void of couric , flie hath none; or with Q, idem the Lord of the feventh of D joyned to 6* , (he hath a Sweet-heart,or one whom fhe is familiar witrull 4 thatfhe doth much refpe&jbut I fay not in any diihoneft way. ' J If & manner pf gutfhns* \\ 1317 , If a Marriage Jhali be perfetttd-or no,' t .-: \ ■: , Confider the Lord of the Afcendant and the » , theftfare properly Significaiors of the querent ; the feventh houfe and his Lord are for the quejited. If the Lord or the Afcendant or )> be joyned to the Lord of the feventh , in any of the dignities of the Lord of the feventh, and in the Afcendant , eleventh or tenth , hardly in the feventh, the querent (hall obtain the party defired. If both Significators behold each other with # or A > out of the Afcendant and eleventh , or ninth and feventh , or feventh and fifth houfes , with or Without Reception, no prohibition, frurtration or abfcifllon , or Retrogradation of the principal I Sigmficators intervening , the Match will be concluded if the murent pleafe, (for we do fuppofe a freedom of will in this nature ) if a □ or be between the Significaiors ( and no Re- ception) the matter will come to nothing. . • . . • '. A Q afpe# with Reception of Significators>$arfcct$ the mat- ter, but with a little difficulty ; if no Reception be, there's onc- ly hopes,no grounds whereby to judge the thing Hull be effect- ed really. • , Contrary to all the rules of the zAncients\ have ever found, tliar when the Lord of the feventh hath been in the Afcendant;, the querent hath loved moll , and when the Lord of the Afcen- dant was in the feventh, the quefited loved bed. If the Sigmficators afpeft not one another , but Come Planet transfers their influence one to another , and this with a be- nevolent afpeft , then (hall the matter be brought to, pafle by one ngnihedby that Planet , WhOfe description you 1 may frame according to the Sign wherein he is , and his quality from the houfe he is Lord of: A mal'culme and diurnall Planet denotes a man ; a feminine , noitarnaU Planet , or a man of a feminine conlkuclion, & fit e contrario. , ' ' . If a Planet , transfers the Sigmficators tityfoion^ obferve who that Planet is, and to whom be commits his difpohiion, and whether he be not Retrograde, Co; nbult or unfortunate, or Cadent from his own houfe , or in the figure , or in 6 } or □ Rr 3 al F& 9*8 Thi fcfihtinif afpe& to an hfo\tuae , without Reception j for then if no fucfi thing be, the matter will be effected and continue, efbecially if he btzFortHttc, and the Matrimony will take. well,and the peo- ple love together. Whether the Child conceived is the Son of htntwhetts refitted i* Father. Behold the Lord of the Afcendant and the D , who fignifie the Jnterrogmt ; then obferve the Sign of the eleventh and his Lord-, thele fignifie die iffue in Conception ; if thefe Sigmfic*- i tort behold one another by A or * , with Reception or not, the Conception is legitimate ; if they behold one another with D or <P , with mutual Reception , and perfect afpec\ , or the Lord of the Afcendant or the D in the fifth , or if the Lord of the fifth be in the Afcendant , without the eviU afpc<5l of the Infcr- WH*t } or if the Fortune t one or both do behold the fifth houie or his Lord , the Child conceived is legitimate and true begotten, &c. but if none of thefe things be , but that o* or $ behold the fifth houfe, or Lord thereof, there may be jutt fufpition the Child is conceived in adultery, and the Mother waefta- prated. • OfammAn Hvmg front ier tftukwtd j whether {he fhall tvcr live - : i : with hint kgai* or tw, or be received into favonr. , • Tftis Quefticn will as well rcfolve the doubt concerning a Miftris, ^. CDSweeD-hearc. ■ ' If! the woman her felf propoiind'the Quaftion , who-is ab- feno from her-Husbandor Friend tfv; ' Whether fie fhAlUe reiei- vediHtifAvourorHotAOdin? Canfider herein the Lord of the feventh, which 1 is the Afcen- dant of the woman in this cafe, for the-feventh is ever given to the banifhed or cxpulfed party ;• fee if rh:« Lord of the ieventh •babold die Attendant fo parity, orwithfotnte'ftndgoodnn afpeft as Himfelf dotl^ then W'thOuc doubt (be fhall again retiirn and come into favour > if the Lord of the feventh behold not the Afcendant , but another Planet who is not impedited , yet beholds beholds the Afcendant v the woman fhall be rtccWafeajnty the mediation of fome perfon who fhall ihterpofc his friend* fhip with die Husband or Friend, and reconcile them ; if none of thefe things be, then have recourle to the © , the natural Siwficttor of man, or the Husband , and of <?, the natural SionkcAtrix of the woman ; and if the 0 be above the Earth, and 9 behold the Afcendant with a pleafant # or A the wo- ii:an fball return to her houfe or Sweetheart with eafe or with- out any great noife. Jf the © be under the earth , and$ above , and behold the Afcendant with # or A , the woman or wife fhall be leccived, but with fome importunity and cklayes , with much auo , and a great deal of labour , and all her Neighbours frail taVe notice 0t If the J> be encreafing in light , and in any good afpeft to the Afcendant, fhe fhall return, but with much foliciwtton. Jf the 2> be decreahng in light , and in her fecond or laft quarter , and not ncer the © beames , but beholding the Afcen- danc , fhe will rerurn with much eafe and quickly. Behold if $ be Occidental , Retrograde and haftenmg to CombuHion, then of her own accord the woman will return to her Husband, fearing by her abfence (hefhall [offend him, and (he is for* / £h*? ever departed from lumjbtitif Ihe be JateJy icparated from the © baames , thenitrepa^ tM marA thw he. nave o:cafion to his Wife to abfent her felf, or chat he^bufed Iwr; but the woman will be angry and mUapert, andfeemsr foiy that fhe fhall return , nor will (he much refpedt her Mus- after that time. C H A P. L. Of Servant fled> Beaftsfintytd, and things loji. '-rM Je Sifnifer of . the thing !o;l is tin » , wherefore if .you I finde the J) applying to the Lord of .he Afcendant , or to the Lord of tlie twelfth from the Afcendant , or to the Lord of the houfe of the », the thing milling fhall be found again ; 91$ cerns Cattle I . .. . , . JtraYcd. in a * to the Afcenciant,there is fo:ne hope of finding the thing again , during that afpcft with the degree afcending : And again , if he feparate himfelf from- the Lord of the twelfth, eighth ,. or fixth houfc , and apply unto the degree of rhe hoiifc of Subftance, (what afpeel: foever it be) there is hope to finde it again ; or if the Lord of the houfe of the i> do behold » j but if vou finde thefe Conllellations Contrary, judge the* contrary j if the » be fortunate by any of the two F •rtmits, the thing that is loft chanced into the hands of fome trufly body, which keep- eth the fame , and would fain reftore it again ; or if thai: For- tune apply to the Afcendant,or behold the fame,or the £> behold the Afcendant , thao faithful perfon will reftore the fame again to the owner. . ( ■ • $ The f lace where the thing is that u loft. • The Sigrtifier of the place where the thing is at time of the Quettion, is the place of the Moon according to the nature of the Sign fhe is in , for if . the Sign be Oriental , it is in the Eaft part, if it be Occidental,^ isWeft,dv. Behold aho the place of the Moon'va tlie Figure,for if fhe be in the Afcendantjc is in the . Eaft, &c, if the Lord of the houfe of the Moon be in humane Signs , it is in a place where men ufe to be if in Signs of fmall Beafts, as Y and V? it is where fuch kind of Beafts be-: Alfo, look to the D , and fee if fhe be in a fiery Sign , it is wherefirc is ; if in a watry Sign, where water is, &c. if the )> be with the Lord of the Afcendant in one quarter, and there be not between them more then one Sign , the thing loff is in the houfe of him that loll it , or about it ; btftif there be between them more then thirty degrees , and lefs then feventy degi^es, the thing is in the Town where the owner is , but if they be nor inorie qiMrtei,it is then far from the owner. Ho* How the things or Gtodf wm loft. If you will know how and in what manner they were loft, behold from whom the Lord of the Afcendant did laft fcpafate, and if he did feparate from \ , thecaufeof the loft thing waf chrouah forgctfulnefs of the owner, who knows not where he laid it , or it is forgotten by reafon of fome cold or ficknefs Which afflifted the iofcr, efpccially if \ be Retrograde , ifhc^. ^ be feparated fromU, or tn. the houfe of U , then through fart fr;>r/ or abflinency , or ordering of Laws, or by his exceft of care of A ft nlo „ governing of things, or managing the affairs of the houfe , or ^ > v elfe by fome truft put upon him that carried it away or milludy^^ K 'lf hc'be feparated from c?, or in the houfe of 6 .it wa'loft^*" through fdr , or by fome fudden paffion, provoking the lofer to ^ anger „fury, fire, or for enmity, or upon a quarrel. If from the O or in his houfc, then by the means of the King , gudy of hunting or paftime . or by means of the matter of the Family, or a Gentleman. If from * or in her houfc , then by drinking Cards or Dice, or making merry man Aie-houfeor lavern, or by palUme, or fiogin^ and dallying With women, &c. If from 5 by reafon of writing , or fending , or dilating ot Let- ters ;or going on a Mefcge : If from the » , or in the houfe of iheD, it was lott by too frequent ufe, and (hewing the Com- modity or thing loft, or the party made it Meffeneer,Widdow or Servant loft the fame. If the thing loft or rauTmgtc a Beaft , and not a thing movable , the figmhcation m knowing the place , and the Hate thereof, is as the fa id fignifi- cations of things not having life , but that it is necdtull to jfeek whether it Aid away of it felf, or fome other drove l«namy, whether it livethorno? and to finde the caufe of the death ot it , if it be dead. itiuthtrithftoUnorno. . If you would know if the Beaft fled away by ic felf, or fome H>u em- r bodytU«,beholdi^^ RefoluthH *f feparating himfelf from any Planet , fay then , that he fled away of his own accord ; hut if the Lord of the houfc of the » be not feparated from any Phnet , but that another Planet is feparating himfelf from him, fay that fome one or other took it and fled away; but if the Lord of the houfe of the Moon be not in any of thefe two wc'fpeakof, behold what you fee by the pofiture of the Lord of the fecond houfc , and judge by him as you judged by the Lord of the houfe of thejW0w»,and her fepara* tion ; and if you finde of thefe two no ieparation, fay that the ltealt is Hill in his place, or neer ir, and that he fled not away, jyimhtr it fa Alive. IF you will know whether it be alive or nor, behold the Mow and if you finde her in application to the Lord of the eighth houfe from her , fay it is dead ; and if you finde no fuch thing, behold her Lord , and if you finde him applying to the Lord of the eighth houfe from the Moon , lay iikewife that it is dead , or- it fhall dye very fhoitly ; but if in none of thefe you finde ap- plication, take the fignification from the Lord of the eighth houfe after the fame manner. lilxthtr the thing miffing be-floltf, or fled of it ftlf. St*Un* M r ^ e Sigtiifcator of the Thief be in the Afcendant, or giveth his vertue to the I> , of the » to him , it is flolen , or theLord of die Afcendant to the Significator of the Thief,or the Signifih of the Thief apply to theLord of the Afcendant by D or cP, or the. £ by o* □ or <? , or the Lord of the houfe of the i> , or of her Term, or the Lord of the fecond houfe , or®, or his Lord , or if any Planet be in the Afcendant, and give his power to the Signifitr of the Thief, or the Signifier to him by □ or cP, if fomc of thefe conftellations benoc,ic isnotflolen, except there be an lufortuue in the Afcendant or fecond, or the Lord of the houfe of the 2> , or her Term be infortunate, or the © or his Lord, or the Lord of the Afcendant* or the Lord of the fecond houfe be infortunate, thefe fignifie lofirig. NotfifiltK Os if you finde theLord of the houfe of the 2) feparating. from from any Planet , it is fled of its own accord ; if he feparate not, but tome other from him, it is driven away; the like nv either by the Lord of the.fecond, if he be in no fuch ftate or po- rtion, the thing abideth Hill, and is not flolen. fir Be Aft s JfrAjed , or fugitives, *r Any thing loft, . -VhzSirnificattrh 5, wherefore the » applying to the Lord // jW. of the Attendant , or fecond houfe,or ro her Difpofitor, it fliall be found, otherwifenot; » in the Afcendant ^or her Diipofi- tor in a A ™ * > S^es hopes to finde it ; the Diipohtor of the » feparating from the Lord of the fixth , eighth or twelfth, and applying to the Lord of the Afcendant , or to the degree oi the feVond houfe, good hopes alio ; D inalpeA to her Diipol.tor, Pood , » infortunate of the Lord of the fixth , eighth or twelfth houfc , it is in the hands of an ill pcrfon that : will not depart from it, chiefly if the Infortme behold the Alcendant or hif L °^Beholdin" U or 9 , it is in the hands of anhoneflman Reared, that will reltore it again; if % or 9 have anv afpert to the Afcendant, or » apply to the Afcendant ; » in the Afcendant, it is rertored with trouble or pain ; or the Lord 61 the twelfth f Hg i t - m ; K in the twelfth houfe, the Lord of the feventh in the twelfth, the FU fhe plac^U "he tenth , k is faith ; in the fevench , WelVj The flm„ in the fourth, North ; in the Alcendant,Hafl,cr,. theDlpolkor of the » in a humane Sign , it is in a place whore men ufc ; in ffi " i or X , a place of Water or Wels ; f in the art face of V, it is amongfl Ships , this mult be wh.n things are loft necr a Hj flnY^/> in a place of fire; » or her Difpofitor being in movd>le Si^ns. ic isii a place nevvly broken up. r^n °thirty %L of the Lord of the Afcendant the Strycd. thing is with the L^ or necrhim, } ^^^L^ prees from the Lord of the Afcendant , it w far off ; the Diipo- to of the » feparating from another ^ J^lnydi another Planet feparating from the Diipohtor of iIk ^ , it is ,to,cn - sf3 » Or 3*4 fit ILefehtk* $f 2) 6r her Difpofnor applying to the Lord of the eighth, or eighth houfe from the », it is dead or will dye fliortly. D In the Attendant , or A to the Lord of tne Attendant j > in A to 0, found.. The Lord of the fecond in the tenth or ninth , it is in the houfe of the Querent , or in the power of a familiar friend ; © in \ the Afcendant ( uniefs in ~ or«s ) found ; the Lord of the fe- cond in the eleventh or twelfth, far off. Of B cafts er Sir ay en If the Lord of the fixth be in the fixth, the Beafls be final! : if the Lord of the twelfth be in the twelfth,the Bealls be great : if the Lotd of the fixth be in the fixth or twelfth , they be in a Pound j if the Lord of the fixth be in fiery Signs , they, fliall be under fetters and locksjit the Lord of the Afcendant and Lord of the hour b« one planer, then it is true they are in pound ; if the Mo$n be in common Signs , they are in rufhy grounds ; if in an angle , they be in Clofes or Grounds, if in a fucccdant, they be within the Clofes,or about thein,onthe right hand of the owner; . if the Moon be in a cadew houfe,they arc in common Fields ; if m © , where Dennes and water-beafts be , or fome little Rivo- let , if or X in Watry or fifhing places , or neer Fifh-ponds, in the latt moity of \? , in a place of Ships , or fome Wood or Wood- yard. TkiscoH- Behold the Sign where the .5 is, if in fiery Signs, in a place terns Goods where fire is , or about a fire , or Where fire hat li formerly been immovable, made ; the CMoon in watry Signs , where water is, or about wa- ters j the CMoon in aic'ry Signs , in a place of many windowes,
  • Tim hath °f °F en places, as'Garrct vnd inch like; * the CMoon in earthly
relation to s, 8 ns > in 3" earthly place , where honfes are made of e.uth , or neer mud wah or clay ; ihtCtycon , or the Lord of the houfe where fhe is , be in a movable Sign , in a place new peopled , or a houfe new built , or where are hils y and in other places levell grounds; the G\[oon in a fixed Sign, in a plain Country or champion ; the Moen iti a common Sign in a place of much wa- ter , according to the nature of the yhec where the tiling was lotto; miffing, %4tmhtr ^Another Judgment. or cattle , it ngmncui nuiy .giuuuus , isju.iK.aj * no, • Market-place j fixed Signs , the Goods are hid , or laid low by the earth,or neer it,ifl Wals,or in hollow Trees j movable Signs, high places, Roofs, or Seeling of houfes ; watry Signs, in water, oi under the earth, a Pavement, Foundations of houfes, &c. That the Beafts are loft. The Lord of the fixth unfortun.ue by \ ore?, the Beads be lo/f, chiefly if the Lord of the fixth becadent, or that the Cattle are driven away or fiolcn ; if any Planet do feparate from the Lord of the houfe of the .D, it is driven away or fold ; if the Planet feparate from the Lord Of the fecond , idem ; if you finde none of thefe,the Beafts are not far off. Dead or. a live. If the T> apply the Lord of the eighth , ic is dead, or to til- eighth houfe ; if the Lord of the houfe of the » eighth, Idem \ or if the Siwfwator of the Beaft bb iii'the eighth, inn ro any infortune in the fourth. In Pound or nor. If the Lord of the fixth or twelfth in the ninth or tenth, then are the Beads with fome JiiUice or Officer , as.Bailyor Conftable ', or under Lock , or are commanded to be fafe kept ; for ths molt part Lord oi the twelfth or fixth in the twelfth or ■ hub, they are kept dole. T hat the Cattkftall be found 'again. If the Lord of the fixtfi be fortun ite by U of °, and if they oe found in the fecond , fifth or eleventh houfes > ths BmUs will be bad again ; if the Lord of the Term of the Moon, o: the Lord of the Cui'p of the fourth hoi'le be with the Lord of the Afcen- dant; idem ; or if the Lord of the fixth or twelfth be in & of 0 out of angles. |10 t The JtefilaHw of How far off' a thing loft it front the owner. The Lftfoon in the fame quartet with the Lord of the Afcen . dant if there be but one Sign between them, the loll thing is in the houfe , or about his houfe that lo!t it ; if there be more then thircy degrees tmto fevency, the thing loll is in the Town, and in the fame li nics an i bounds where the owner is ; and if it be no: within ninety degtees,the thing loll is far dillant from the owner; for ufually when the SlgmficAtor of the thing Iort is in the fame Quadrant , or the ^/m/,(he goods are m the fmie Town or Hundred where the querent liveth. Beafts Jtoten orftrayed. If the Lord of the houfe of the o*f#™,or Lord of the fecond do feparate ffom their own hbufes, ( if the goods be fixed) it is (lolen ; if moveable , fled of his own accord. In what p/ace they *re. If the Lord of the fixth be in an angle , the Beafls be of final! growth and in Pounds , Clofes or houfes ; in cadenc , in a Com- mon , and are going way-ward ; in fuccedant , in fome Pailur.; necr hand. frhich vfay. If the Lord of the fixth be in fiery Signs, Eaft-ward in Wopdv or where Bufhes , Brambles or Fern have been burned ■> but in angles in fiery Signs, in Cloics or Pound, or under lock, The Lord cf the fixth in earthly Signs, South, on dry l.utds, or grounds, but if in an angle, in a Pound> or clofe Pound with a thing that earth is .ib^ur: it , v/t. a niuti wall ; if a fuccedant, it is about Clofes on ths right hand of the querent. The lord of the fixth in an aic'ry Sign , they are mofl in plain ground , if he be in an angle , they be in Pound or houf- ed Wdl from the place where they were, loll j In fuccedant , on the right band Wellward ; in cadent, on the left and gbiiy away- aS mdtwer »f £*efliw. 327 awiy-ward , Straying further from the : r right Owner. If the Lord of the lixthbein warry Signs , North , in > low place; if in an angle , inClofe-ground-, Northward; iniuoo dint , on the right hand of you Northward ; in cadenc , m tha Go.wnon on the left hand , where water is , or Medows , going away-ward, or where people water their Cattle. In what ground they he. If the Lord of the fixth be in movable Signs, they are in hilly qounds. . . If the Lord of the fixth be in fixed Signs, in plain ground where is new building , or fome grounds new plowed or turned Common Signs, where water is, rutty grounds, ditches'. If the Lord of the Term of the Moon be in a fixed Sign, they arc in a plain ground newly taken in, or nigh anew building. In movable, in new land, or ground full of hils. In common Signs,in a watry pIace,rufiSy or a marfhy ground, nighdicches and pics. The Can It fhnll to Pound, If the Moon be in the twelfth , they flull be had to Pound or bi pounded , what fignification ibevcr, if the Moon be unfortu- nate , they ftial! to Pound ; if the Lord of the twelfth and prtiy- cipall Significant be unfortunate, they (hill to pound , or be kept oblcurely in fome private or clofe place. Long In Pound. If Tj be in the twelfrh,or in the firft (when the querent comes to know of you what is become of the Cictle ) or the Moon in the twelfth , any of them unfortunate , then flull they be long in pound ; if 6* afpett Ti or the Moon in the twelfth , with 6 U or <P, they will be killed in Pound, or dye dure, or be very necr ibrving. Iko.m henve the movable, fixed or common Signs may ea(t- /jit Tie XtfiMm If ly be known , when Sheep be flolen , whether and where they are killed or not ? if ?i be in the Afcendant , fourth , eighth or twelfth> long in pound. Efctpe the Pound. If the Lord of tr^Afcendint be in a movable Sign, in the third , ninth or tench , they (hill efcape Pound ; if the Lord of the Afcendant be in the twelfth , though good , yet fick and ill in Pound. If the Lord of the Afcendant be in the eight , it's probable they. dye in pound. If the principal Significator of the Afcendant be Retrograde they dye in Pound. If the Lord of the fixth behold the Lord of the Afcendant with * or A , they will be had again ; if he behold him with □ or cP.j then they wilt be Hopped : if he behold the Moon or the Lord of the houfe of the Moon , with * or had again ; with D or.cP, aopt or ftaitlin fome Village or Town. Whither the Fugitive /hull h tAkfn. Give the Afcendant and his Lord and the 0 unrothe Qui* rent t and the feventh and his Lord unto the Fugiti worthing asked for, and behold what afpect is between them , andfo judge; for if the Lord of the Afcendant apply unto the Lord of the feventh with * or /A , or that the Lord of the Afcendant be jn the feventh , ic betokeneth the Querent recover tht* things loft, or Fugitive eone away. Alio, if the Lord of thefe- Yemn b~ in. the Afcendant, or apply to the Lord thereof, or there bo any transition of light betwixc them , it (heweth the fame with more facility. Of the Moon. For Fugitives, have refpe&to the C*/<w», being natural Sif MificAtrix of t hem, by re?fonof her quick motion, for if flic be in the Afcendant,or apply to the Lord thereof with a.good aC- pec>,or that the Lord of the fevfenth or the Moon feparacc from the JVrj*«r/,and be immediately conjoyned to the InfortnnetjW thefe thefe (hew, that the furtive (hall return and berecOYfired ,or ihitlbt fo hindered, that he (haUxomeagain. The » encteafing in light and number > he fhall be long>ui fearch 5 decreafing, foon found, and with lefle labour : alfo. cha D feparating from the Lord of the feventh , and joyned with the Lord of the Afcendant , the Fugitive is forry he went , and will fend fome to entreat for him;ohe. Lord of the feventh CorubuR, dairies the Fugitive will be taken , will he, mil he ; behold in what quarter the 2> is ,th« way the Fugitive draweth * or mtcn- dethtogo. Whether htjhAllbet^. The Lord of the feventh joyned to an Infertunem an angle, upon good fearch,the Fugitive will be taken; but if both be not in an angle , he (hall b? detained or ftaid by 'the way , but not inVprifonCd; if theLord of the Afcendant behold that I$rt,<>* who .iftilfts the Fugitiwhi querent (hall finde the Fugrtive de- tained by fome ont, to whom be ought to give money , or who will demand mony bifore he do reftore the Fug.nye unto huva the Inform* be in the ninth, he Hull be ftaid in his journey -and taken; theLordof the feverith with a Planet i atiomry, in his firll or fecond ftation, in an angle or fuccedano, he knowetn not Which way to fly but fhall be taken. If A Fugitive fhall be found, or cents again. If the Lord of the feventh be in the Afcend jnt , the figiW w will return of his own accord j J> feparatmg troni i the Lo of rue Afcendant , and joyned immediately to the Lord of K feventh houfe ,or to the feventh houtc , one wilL flio« y ring news of him j the Lord of the feienth Combuft , or enmnj Combu&on , the Fugitive^ be found {votens, *)*e» feparating from theLordof the feventh , and W*™^ atly to the Afcendant., or Lord thereof, the Fugitive retjntcth hi* departure , and will fend fome to ent reat for him ; P pynea to lufertuuen vi*. *i cT or.y , or to* Planet Ret ry *. ; 0*11,0= found or tome again, and ^ h " h£ ^^. c VS fmce his departure iitfc tor4of ^^- TBe Xifibth* tf . /tow* from the feventh, the qmrnQtitW findehim that is fled with fome to whom he mult give money before he can hate him;D fcparaiing from U or 9,heftull quickly co:ne bick again, or , a thing loll (hall fuddenly be found ; D afpe&ing her own houlewith#or c_ ,the FjguWreturneth within three oaves j or according 10 f robabiltcy , the querent fh.dl heat wtare-fci ia within three dayes , if the diilince be nor too great. Dijlattcn Behold the Lord of the feventh, and the Lord of the hour,and look how many degrees are between theiri > ft> many miles he is oft from the place where he went fro:n. The former rule I do conceive not lb perfect as this which follows j fee whit diltance there is betwixt the D and Sig/nfi- catoTy viz,, their afpett and what Signs they arc in ; give for every decree in a movable Sign ieventeen/houfesor Furlongs, at diftretion; in common Signs, give for every degree five Furlongs or diftaitceof five houfes r in fixed Signs, forever^ degree give one Furlong , or one houfe , &c. having relation to rhe thing lolt, and whether it be in a Town, or in the Fields. Of a Woman flying from her Htuband. The © under the earth, ? Occidental and Retrograde,fhe will return of her own will ; 9 Orientall , fhe cometh , but not wil- lingly ; Lord of the Afcendant ,the !> , and Lord of the feventh in (\ , fhe returneth, with a □ or <? without Reception, never; cf in an angle , and giving the 2> ftrength , and trie Afcendinc moveable, they fha 1 1 be contented to be feparared for even Of a Thief \\nd Theft. Hat) faith , you mult know that rhe Afcendant is the Signify catotof the querent, the Lord of the fecond' is Sigmfictior of tne thing that is ftolen or taken away , and the feventh houfe is the Significatoroi the Thief, if there be no peregrine Planet in an angle orfecond houfe; the tenth houfe isimSigmfier of the ' . King,- Kin*, and the Sign of the fourth the sfcmfiit of the place ThufaUU wh5 the thing is^ due is , or was taken away ; whofe proper Wiftcarions you muft know from the Lords of tbofe houfes,/?; handled wnerebr you may know the condition and Hate of what is mil- fmo and ifyou finde in the Afcendant a Planet peregrine , put Ch*ptir SSi » d* Silmficvor of the Thief, and efpecially if he be Lord^W ; of the feventh houfe j but if no Planet be^n the Afcendanr.look Atmfi ccr- if t here be any in the other ajigles , and give him to be Stgmficr tam nit. of the Thief. Of the Sionificator of the Thief. the I ord of the feventh commonly fignifies the Thief, but A Vl<vm U elueciallY if lie be peregrine in the Afcendant , or" in any other then pin- Se but he be not fo,then hcholdif any other Planet be pe-*»« »kt» febwyof theattgles^llhimther^if none be pe-^ « »fy £ S an r of tie .mgfes , take the Lord of the hour, *ni call ^hulh.fe, auie above all other* , whole complexion ant concw on » at- - «• »» cording to the Planet, Lord of the feventh, and Sign thereof. ™ 4^ The Sionific at or of the thing ftolc*. ffi^
  • The SitmRcM of the thing lloten is the Lord of the Tef.n -/ »»" ra-
the I is in when thou bit found the Signified of the'W' W •ft ; nd undiltondell the mture of f^^^Jf^tfT" fionificaht Planet and his atpefts , know that the Alcendan ts S,nif,er of the Quejlion, or D W«f, and it thou lee the Lord f the thing loth 0/ Thefts. The lira houfe, which is the Afcendant, is for the querent, and Tc a "is %%% tbt.AtfilMli&t* $f jy, it M his Lord for hina that hath loll the Goods , and fignifieth the vtf j gtei place from whence the Good? was takt n ; the fevemh houfe jHdtmm, and his Lord, and the peregrine Planet in an angle, and the 0*4 may w^Lok' °f the hour , (igniherh tne Thief , or party thac took away hiruM, the Goods. The fecond houfe and the Lord of the fecond houfe arid the J> , (hall fignitie the Goods or thing that is loll , Uolen or mift ; the fourth houfe and his Lord ftull figniiie the place where it is laid , put or done ,or conveyed unto,and is in at tbac inlbncof time The afpetts of tha 0 and ? , of the Lord of the Afcendanr, of the Lord of the fecond houfe , and of the Lord of the houfe of the V , tot he Lord of the Attendant , and their application and afpc&s one to another, fliall tell arid (hew wncther the Goods (lull be found or had again, or not : If the Lord of the fecond and the 2 be in the feventh , in the Sign of the fevemh, and the Lord of the fevemh houfe behold them both by A or % afpeft ( though long out , vi*, if the afpecYbe by. many de- grees cfillance) then is the Goods ' taken away by, fomc body, v'x,. they are not limply loll : if the Z> be Lad) of the fecond, and in the houfe of the Lord of the hour, going too' of the Lord of the fevemh houfe, then hath the party loft the thing or Goods in fome place where he Was , and hath forgot it , audit is neither loll nor Ilolen, but carelefly miflaid. If the )-> be Lady of the Afcendant , and in the fourth , and the Lord of the fecond in the fevemh, or in the hgn of the eight houfe , in <? to the fecond houfe , at a * or £ to the D 3 , the thing is not (lolen, but taken away in jell. If the » be Lady of the Attendant , and in the Afcendanr, riot far remoce, and the 0 Lord of the fecond in the tenth with the Lord of the feventh' houfe , and the Lord of the fevemh oJ>- prefi? the D with a then is theGodds ilolen and taken away ; if the l te in the third , opj.reft with the Lord of the fe- venth houfe by his □ afpea, and Lord of the fecond alfo being Lord of the Afcendant , and in the feventh , in the Sign of the fetsnch, then it is Uolen, but firlt it was taken in jc(i,and it will be hard to get it again , except the 0 and £ behold the Afcen- It If P be the feventh in the Sign of the Lord of the hour , the Lord of the hour being Lord of the feventh , then is the Goods not Holen or taken awav , but overlooked and miltaken. If » kin the fifth houfe and in and be Lady of thehour ,and£ Lady of the fecond in the tenth, in the Sign of the tenth , and j> in <? to the Lord of the feventh, then hath che party loll the Goods as he went by the way , or was iri fo ne place where he left rhmi : If the J> be Lady of the hour , in S3 , m the-cighc, aid the Lord of the fecond in the fifth, and neither of them De- hold the Lord of the feventh, but the Lord of the feventh be in rh: fevamh > then is the Goods taken away in jell by the Mailer ot" the home ,and he will deny it :• If the ? be Lady of the hour in the fourth , in cP to the Lord of the fevertth , and the Lord of the fecond in the twelfth , in a * to the Lord of the fevenrh, then hath fome body taken the things away in jell : If 2> be in the Sign of the Lord of the feventh, and not beholding the Lord of the feventh,bue V in the twelfth,and Lord of the fecond in the iixch , then is the Goods taken away in jell, if the Lord of rise fecond did laft feparate from the Lord of the houfe of the l' , then die Goods is (lolen in jell , but will leant be had again. ]f the 2> do feparate from the Lord of the fecond by O , the Goods is taken away and ilolen by fome body : fometimes the }' is Lady of the fecond, and doth feparate from ihe. Lord of the houfe wherein (lie is, then it is fiolen: If the Lord of the Afcen- dant do feparate from ^ > or from the Lord of the fecond lioufc ; then did the Qntrtm lay it down and forget it , and fp it was lolf.but when the Lord of the Afccn<(.inc and Lotd of the fecond do feparate fromU, it is the fur. r : md fo.netimes it fills out, that the D is/Wyof the Afcendant , and feparates from U, and doth apply unco the Lord of t lie fecond houfe, which did alfo Jart feparate fromU > and fometimes theLogd of the Afcendant , as 0is alio Lord of the fecond , and doth fe- p-r ite frpm yet if itbefo, it giveth all one judgment as aforefaid: If the Lord of t he fecond or V. do feparate from the Lord of the Afcendant,then ditl the party lofe the Goods by the way as lie went , or in fome place where he was > or elle ic tum- bled out of his pocket privily into fome fecret p!.kc where it is riot (iolen or found : But if there be none of thele ieparatiom T-t aforefaid $$4 ~'Tk? Mefitoknf aforefaid,then fee if the peregrine Planet or Lord of the fevemh or S, who is alio for tne Thief , do apply to ^ , or die Lord of the fecond ; if they do , then is the Goods abfolutely flolen, and the Thief came with intent for to fteal : If the Lord of the &cond or U do apply unco the peregrine Planet , or to the Lord of the fevemh , or to 5 , who is for the Thief, then the Goods or the thing loft did offer it felf to the Thief, or he came eaiily by them without trouble ; for he that Hole diem, came nor with intent for to have flolen it , but feeing the thing did lye fo open , and to chiefly, he took it and carried it away. If S be lady of the Attendant, and alto Lady of the fecond , and be in » , and apply by 6 to the © , within one degree , and 0 be Lord of the rh-rdhoule, and 8 be the peregrine Planet, and in the tench, and ? apply to S , none of the abovefaid fcpa- radons or applications impediring , or the Lord of the in the third , then the Querent did lofe the thing by the way a? he wenr, and it is not flolen from him. ttiitihcr it be ftolen or no. For this, behold if t lie Signifier of the Thief be in the Afccn- dant , or give his vertue to the I>, or the » to him, it is ftolen ; if the Lord of the Attendant give his vertue to the Signlfier of the Thief, it isflokn; if the Signifier behold the Lord of the Attendant by D or cP , or the J> by 6 □ <? , or the Lord of the lioufe of the Moon, or the Lord of the Term of the Moo*,oi the .Lord of the fecond houfe, or the ® or his Lord , the thing is flolen. And if any Pl,ui:t be in the Afcendant, and give his power to the Signifier tfthe Thief., o: tlw Significant- to lan by O or f , itjs/jlolen : and if fojie oi thefe conizations be nor,the thing js not flolen,except there be an Infmunt in tlie Afcendant or fe- cond houfe , or the Lord of the houfe of ihe CWoon ,or of che Term of the Moon is unfortunate ,or ther© or his Lord be un- fortunate , or the Lord of the Afcendant , or the Lord of the iecoed boHfc be inforennate, all thefe fignifie lofs or lofing. Tfat Tb*t the Goods sre Jrofot. 3S? Thief be pereorine , tlw .o,^ .^^ ....v.*. ic is flotett; if the Sitnifieator be with the Lord of the Afcendant or in □ or <P to the Lord of the Afcendant, ic is flolen. It* any Planet do feparate fro.n the Lord of the home of the >, ic is flolen ; if any Planet h.we refpect ro the Lord of the Term of the 5>, with 6 □ or c°,it is flolen : if any Phnet be fe- parate fro;n the Lord of the houfe of Subflance , it is taken away ; if the Thief have refpect unto the Lord of the houfe of the l>, with 6 □ or cP it is taken away. Not ftolen. It neither the Lord of the houfe of t he {JWwnfx Lord of the fecond feparate not chemfelvcs from one anocher , or any other Phnet from them , then what you look for is in his own place ; if the CWoon give vertue to Tj or <S , or to any Planet in cadent houfes , or to the Lord of t he eighth , nor flolc, but miffing, or eli'e negligently thrown atide. It will be ( or is intended to be jhlen. ) If the t#f<w*beLadyofthe fevemh ,andgive her vertue to a Planet in the fecond , or in die eleventh or fifth , having her felf neither ^ or A to the cufps of die houfes, or if any Planet in the i'eventh give vertue to a Planet in the fecond, fifth or ele- venth, and hist no or A to the Planet in the feventh , ic will be , or if the Lord of the tenth be in 6 □ or <? with the Thief, it will be flolen. It is Loft or Stolen. If a Planet do feparate himfelf from the Lord of the houfe or the of t he D , or from the Lord of the fecond , then it is taken away with hands and ftolen .• If the » beJLady pf the fevanth,uid °i?e ▼ertue to the Lord of the Afcendant , it is ftolen : if the Lord of the Afcendant give vertue to the Moon in the feventh,it is ftolen. If any Planet in the Afcendanc give vertue to the Signifier of the Thief , it is ftolen, or the Thief to the Lord of thcAfcen- dint,its ftolen ; but the Thief gives fo much of the Goods to t he owner again, according to the vertue or light that the Thief giveth to the Lord of the Afcendant; if any Planet in the A fon- dant be peregrine, it is ftolen, and the Thief flaall efcapc. If the peregrine Planet give yertue to the Mto», or the Man to lain , if the Thief afpe# the Mom with d* □ or <P, or afpefl the Lo;d of the Term of the it is ftolen. If the 5> give vertue to or 6* , or if (he give vercue to any Planet in a extent houfe, or it" the Moon give vercue to the LorJ o: the eighth , and he in a movable Sign , the things are ftolen, bu< w tixed Signs, » il;en iwav. If m 1 ho: \ of ho:.".e of the fj^fosn feparare from any Pli- net, or the Lord o r uk: :ccond do le par ate from any Planet, ftolen. If the Lord of the lr>«:.V oi the s v« r.ivt be m hi< own houfe , and hive vercue oi ^ or o,j;ore av,.iy hi ii fe. *':'., ano rot ftolen. Of t\x *ge of ih: Thief. The age is taken from the Planet that is St^mficuor of th: Thief,if he be Oriencal,he is young ; in the midft of his 0;i:n- tality , then of middle age ; if he be in the end of his Oriemil- litv,ne is old, faith Hal;. To judge by the diftance of the Planets from the 0 , for by the Q the Planers are Oriental and Occidental , by which ih: fignification of age is taken, after Ifaly, and other Writers. If together with th's , you confider in whit degree of the Sign the SignificAior U in, you (hill do better , for a Planet Oriental and in few degrees , dsnores youth, or younger ? in more degrees , more age ; frame the age according to an exact mixture. It If h % or 6* be figntficitori , then behold the ^nceof rfcrrv'ftortt the 0 t ! ftom their 6 with the © to the □ afpedt, noSfrcKeof i8.ycertvw*theirttrcrthe 0, the lefler from the ? to ch? next O fl*nifiesthea ge ' or 45. <rornd»e Urn I to the o* fignifieth thereof 7^. ^d lo to the end cf , ] %M B»*m faith , the 0 being lignificator ■ , and bcirtg be- tweel the Afcendant and Mif heaven 6r tenth jioUfe ( ^ which it S) flgriifiethrhe thief 'to be young , and foinc^afmg till he come to the angle of the' earth. ■ ' ; ■ And if ?0f5 befignificators, the age m.ken by tteir di- rt ,nce or elongation from the 0, from their £ with the©,. K d reA to the mid-way of their 6 m their R«Wfd«^ ™t 0 he younger, ,ndfromthe mid-Way to their* mtheir RetrSradatlon , lignificth the age of 36. orneer that age , the S o the 6 the elcfe V nd from the A in theRetrogradation, Tc tkmid-way of their <S in the direftion ,hgmheth t he ageot I, nd^om /he mid-way to their <* in direction , fignihech the at 5 ,' of £ and lb to thi end of lite; and if the Ae figmfier ju^e as by T*U and 6\as before Ufatd. T^JtfM^faUh, 9 figmfieththetrsef to be young, a Woman or a Maid, 5 of lefle age then V, <f hgnifictb full aee or in prime" of his youth, U^ore of ;yeers then cT ^ i.pniheth old' age or decrepit', or well in jpeers , the* 0 ifight^ cfhXoreis?ua;tne of the Moneth to the Btt\ quarter ^^^^^ Tkeqe'f.thil'bitf.
jfrthe^increafiVhx^younU^ ^^^^Ite
lift<k!greeV.o;fT^ ^WW.¥«f)«Wti ^rjenfeiso^goo^ ycers, tflfctt^, SW* el#*«B o^ano" JM<fee of mferkv l^ts .for if, TO PS Wr?&tm pr jgvnedi to Plants &*rogra<jfe , it ^ WWtyw a 85 «, «tot » y°» y0 u, may the better judge. The © between the Afcchdant and nwtr. argucth a very old Man; Lor4ofrhe Afceiidjnt in tfc ^ftw, iCf y or f in thsAfcendant , ayoung Man ? alwyes-fignjftes aChu>fc or a young Man,efjwajty being in thp ^mfo«an* w/f«^/i: any Planet , except. T? , figninethyovng &Jen > PR if tbe Unifier fc joynid to j> inciting in light a or^t^ firit tea Agrees- or middle of the Sign * or the lignificator in, tl»e beginning of the quaver; Signifies a Childe, or/a. M*n* or Woman* &c . Behold the Sign afcei^ ,art<jche Lor.4 o£ tjjc ( ,how j ft both be Mafcu|ine r the Th^f is M*fcuJirte ; ; aod>if the Jwrd o^d}Q : bpw. and Afcencfcn^be POfh Feminine,, the Thief, is Feniwne ; if rfe Sign MjMw 4 and the Lord; of ^ houfFqmuMne. ,« is.bpth MtfcRirflantf.Feminin*, W*. nwi tw/o Tb«8*s, both a Man and a Woman, AWojthfe Sigjiifi^torMaf^irte,^ » in a MafolweSign, fJM^tod of thq.hwsb? ^^^ A/^iHtuHWhM^ line Signs, it is a Man j in faminia^Sjfi^a Woman* If the Lord of the Afcendanr, and the- Lord of the hour, be rbc one in a Mafculine,, ano" <H*** in, a Feminine Sign , both a Man and a Woman had a hand in the Theft . ^^g^^P^^rttfcp^ n W impede** i»f 4/I m/mmr tftfteefttott* ti* ' 05 a npteth Women, h%<$ M ©l^riefpe&ingtta. Sign and quatter wherein they be. IfwTkiif'irmtrt* Beix>ld the Signifiei of theTnief ; if ^f^Jf^ wdof dicca Afcenfion»>oraSignof fcw Children, or of few tapes and litenefs j it ngninc* to b? one and no more. It the Sign be of two bodies > « common or by-corporeal Skn v ic fignifies mote chen one , and more likely, if there bj bt the Sign many Planets peregrine: alfo when the O and » behold themfeUes by a □ in the Angles , k h>tf es more then one : Signs that Hgnifie many Children are S m and X ; few Children , are Y * * / * and **. Di^lh^oi 11 s / a»: barren Signs arc ir and tni ; S^ns of direct Aueniions 6 A n? » m and / ; Signs of oblique Alcenhons aic Vf w K Y « It' ck » in the hour of the Qieltion kin the Angle of the Earthy in common Sign , there is more tfK»n one ? if (he be in any of the other Angles, in a fixed Sign, rhere is but one Thief. Look how many Planets are with the Uievcs fignificator, fo many Tbeeves; the » in a common Swn more then one j Lord of the Afccndam m a male Jign, and Lord of the hour in a Female , Man and Woman ( as^afore- faid • ) look to which the » doth agree , vik. to whom (he jp- rlic , that petfon is the principal! i^or ; the Angles moveable cfpccijlly the firftandfevench, or the Signifiator being m Q «i« K ,mor6 then onc.Tiw Sign wliereiri 1 ^mhcator of the . Thief is in, if itbeurwoyeablc,oradoubIebt)diedSign>mote t-n one, Both the Luxuries beholding one anocher from Anple*, moretlienoiKi ?) in the Afcendnu , audit adoubl* "bodied Sign, doth tlemonUracc there were more Thieve* ihen one. Of tM Chtthti of* 1 " You murt know the colour of the Cloathing ty the Planer^ Sions and degrees^nd the Houfe the S,gnihc4tor is m y and at cr the mixture the one with th; other, accordingly ^ ^ $4* ^k*&ffat?mf< colour of tbcto -Cftwhes; If rWrebe nguificatibh'of many Theeves, judge them by theLordof the triplkity tbe fignlfi- citors are in. Thi Si^nincators of the Colours of the Planets after AlcAkitlm aretheie, ^ Blackj U. Green, Spotted,or Alhy, or ; o* Red ; 0 Tawny or S.'ftron, 1 rather conceive an high Sankfy-coloiiriThe €o1our$'by mixing the Planet? brte with anothef atothe'e ; Tpa'rieht, a dark Green, or deep fr onted with Black , hnd.o a dark Tawney , Ti.and 0 a Black-yellow and finning , h .md $ a White gr»y , and $ a Black of Blewifli , fj rvta and a deep Tawney',or ttetp'Gray or Rwflet. 1 U arid cTa Taw-
  • •■<■ cjiz tr- ivey, (bx.ewliac lightlcotcedjU and r?> much utter the mixture Of
[am in judg- the y«« and,C3/.wj but more fiiining;U aild 5 a Gr^cniftVGMy,
f tK.vtjf U and 5 a Spo
  • ted-Green, U and ? t'o.T.ewhac a high Green, o*
7fc#/>/, and 0' a deep Red fliining , cf >nd ? a li^h: Red or Crimfon, 3 might mush and $ a Red or a red Tuwru-y , c? and the i 1 a Tawney or lijjhc ptrfechhis Red. ' •■' judgment ; You muft mix the colour of the Stgniner wi:h the colour of / hdvt the Houfe he is in, and thereafter judge the colour or" their k*j;r* It Clo'.thes i or judge the Colour by the Signs and the Degrees hid put the Signifier is in ; as if he be in ih'c Sign / cr Houfe, or Term vsrj mAnj of \ , i)udge after "h as before ; ;nd if he be in the Houfc of \ times ; mi arid Ter n of % , judge alrcr the rnixcuri of- Tj and U , anif lb of im- dl other as l>efore. ' * flojntents keeps mi /> N units, from farther •bftrvitUns. M. 0anrl din Angles- fignitfe fliorc Names, ail 1 of- few Syl- lables , and bein * nier tb- Mid-heaven do - begin with A or E : T> or 9 Signifkaror, the Name is of more Syllables; u'Mttortl; or triBitoii for the molt part if tire Querents Names be {horr>(^ i? alio the Quefited; Navttt of,Tb<rv*t or Mitn^ At Afirchgtrt write, To know the Names by the Lord of the fevewh Houfe •> or thePiinec in the feventh Honfe, or the Planet joyned with thcm,asfo)lowcth; Mens. 4& ^m^f ^ififtns. J4f Womcns Names'. i> Q 5 J Id" Mens Names. $\Af t rthe)». $Jew*wi. %]L.threi;Cf. 'tjfC'ttmt*. h \Edmu\d. 9 Wi/tiMu, 0'\RL-rr. O Peter. '■C ' J l/ifW/rtW/M. O' Gorge. A»(irerr. 'Q' Henry. ■^NichUs. O d. ^\J, £\Stefhe». o' H 1 h i> O d o o G U v 3 I , 'Kittheriui. S&Chrifii-jti.- o c'liiudfeiti. \ju. f ian. \Slilii» VAgMts. [Ulftirgtiref. Ullct.
  • Edi:h.
\Ultaud. [Lucy. x An>;e. \R.xchef\ x NeHyEllenor. So -ne moJem Pro'elVors, h>.vi cnlewo.ired to give a pro- b.ble conjecture wh it Chri^hn name the Thief is of , or party enquired after , whether :nan or wo nan; Hrlt, they conGder if the Planet who i; princifiiil Sigvfratcr of die party enquired 1'iinet or rian^ts j 11 ne oe ir^ no aipcci , uicn m miuic i^»„iu- n'es he is , and from hence they ma'fc'i their mixture j' for exam- ple ; Ut us admic 5 10 be Lo;d of the feventh 3 and Sigmft*- V T 3 tor The *tfil*tw ff tor of x Maids Lover , and he in afpeil, or in the dignities of <f, Iftull Chen have fecourfe to the Table before , and there 1 find* in the firft line over againft ? and 6* LM*ttb*». y Iihalt then fay the man's name is Mmihew , or of a name equivalent in length, or fame numbec of letters : for my pare 1 never Ufa this way, nor yet have much credited it ; yet I beleeye , Were it Well pu- cVifed j wc mighefinde out very pretty ^ohclulicta , and go mer to tinde the very name; or fomcwhat neer it. witeiher tff* Thief be of the houfe or **\ If bodi the Lights behold the Attendant , or be in their owh houfes , che Thick is one of the Family ; the Lord of the feventh in the Attendant* idem ; the Lord ot die fixth in the fcccnd,it ii a Semntj if eitlier of the Luminaries behold the Afcend;nt,it is no Hrangcr ; G oppolite totl)C Attendant , it is an oyerthwjrt Neighbour; the Lord of thefeventh beholding tUe Attendant with a friendly alped, idtm. A Stranger or Fami/itr. 0 ;nd J) beholding the Attendant or die Lord of the Atten- dant in the tirll, or ;oyned to the Lord of the feventh, it is one of rhe houfe,or one thxt frequents the houfe, the Luminaries in their proper houfes , or in the houfe of the Lord of the Atten- dant, the fame ; in the Triplu'ty of the Lord of the Attendant, a Neighbour ; in the Terms of "him , a Familiar ; 1> in the ninth in d* □ or £ to \ or 6* > brings back the Thief ; without fail, it they be Retrograde. l Antiher. If 0 and £ afpeel the Lord of the Alee rttLiM,.md not the A- fcendant > the Thief is known to the owner, the Significattr of the Thief Hrong in the Attendant , noteth a Brother 6r Kint- man; 2?«r/, Lord of rhe feventh in the ninth from his oWn houfe > it is a Stranger ; 0 and' i beholding each Other, a Kinfman; the tord of the Attendant in the third or jfburth, accufeth thine own houftioId-$ervJrit ; this I have off proved twe by experience.
  • 4 rmi»tr *f *$t*tftms*
Rulet by -the Lor&ffaJ)tmhhoufi< Itli Lord oC the feventh intheAttcndantorfourth, noteth 1 one of the houfe , or of che houfliol^ or frecjacmin^ttehoafej arid is in the City, or Town , and is one whom tbe-fyrrvwr leatf Ojillrtillcth, and one which will hardly con&fs che facV Thi Lord of the feventh in the iexomi, notecb one of' the' houlhold,' of an acquaintance (if it be in a rnafculihe Sign, ) but if it be in a feminine Si&n , ic is his Wife , perhaps aStoeec- hcart or M*yd of the houfe, and is within the power of the • i * ~-
Or Servant, &e. The Lord of the feventh in the fourth, it is his Father , or feme old Body, or' of his Fathers Kin , or one dwelling in the Heritage; or houfe of his Father , nnd the Thief harh given k - to his Wife , or the Woman to her Husband s or ic is the good man or'good Wife of the houfe,or elfe he is a Tiller or Labou're t of the Land for the querent. Tb<? Lofd Of tlic feventh in the fifth , the Son or Daughter of hini , or the- Son or Daughter of his Cozen or Nephew , ( if the Sign be a mafcu!ine)or'of the houfhold of his Father;or elfe; his very Friend. The Lord of the feventh in the nxth , a Servant , a Difrip|c or Labourer torhe querent » or one converfanf. with fome Church- 4 njan , a Brother or Siller of the Father , a tick body, or unfteacj-; fclljopgrievedperfon. The Lord of the fevenrh in the'feventty his Wife or Liu^or n t • mti * t e an HuIot,or a Woman tbar-uiech tote iufpe<*ed fo/ fuch mar- „™;u„„. r jrs , or a Buyer or^eUcr in Markets ; if it be a feminine Sign, j ( a 1 > the Taker is an utter enemy to the Ldfer , by fome caufe for- J ' jnerly happetied between them,, and dweis fomewju? far from wnv , and the thingis are iri hb cuftody 'tiiU' and hard toibe re- covered, Th; liot-dof thi feYdnih in tbsei«bih , a Stringer, yet^ feem* eth 3^4 **fl»tb* *f erf, to be one of the houfliold.or one of his open onemie*,or of hi« ncer Kinfwown .; for forne, caufe of offence; done , or feme eyill difpofed perfon (and of the Livery of the Man) and he ufeth rocomc to bis Houfc , and cither ts kept by hltn , ; or eiw doth forne fertile ihs , as a Quccher or Labourer doth » Other- whiles to kill Cattcl , and ic feemeth the thing loft will not be had again but by cither fair words , or dread of death, or by reafon of fome threat s,o: elfe the thing is loll by fome Mart ab- fern j the which is not now had in mindc at this time , but feem? to be (Juice forgotten. .the Lord of th: fevenrh in the ninth , an honeil perfon , i Clerk, or a Church-man, and the Thief is out of thew.iy, or. Country , a, Difciple, or Governour to fome Miller Of fo:iie pViyjjedged Place , or a poor vagrant perfon , Irrd to be re- covered but by fome roli°ious porion , as aforefaid. I ever fbiJe The Lord of the feventh in the tenth , A Lord , or Milter, or ir to fromfit Covanouc in the Kings houfe, or of his Houfhold ; or fo.ra cm l'o%ir>z tidy or Gentlewoman, if the Figure be Feminine, & e coutr* \ ■ in the Ilonfc, °\ ^me crafts-Miller ; ufailly its fome perfon drt lives hand-* when the ' foMdy, nor n.Yeffitated to this courfe of life. thin? w.« The lord of the feventh in the eleventh , x Friend or one lt(l or ftfwf Snow'ri by fome fervice done ; or of the houfhold of ibme m.'n th-Ilonfe. of r ^e Church, or Neighbour > or fcrvant in the place where t |ie Qiierv j nc hath fome tordfmip , and is put in r nrtt , or js of the ; H9ufho!d of : the ; Querent his Mother, and by fuclia on^or his means to be recovered again. . . . • . . The Lord of the feventli in the twelfth , a Smnger, enviolis, a falfe per.on , and imhnlled, iicumbred or oppreffedwith / (r/>e;herthe Thief h i/i the X 0 *" T m*
jB^jd the. ^ni/icator of jta Thief,,, ^houfindf huii»n
tbc end of a Signcirert , or fcpa rating from ComlwlUoni, or applying to a Planet in \ be third or him'b. H9Mfc> frnbe is son., aS wmm #/ $tuflUns* 545 or going out of the Town , for the removing of the Sigmjjwov \ out of- one. Sign f mo another , denoterh change of Lodging or ^moving ; if it beafuperionc Planet, the rule is infallible. If the Lord of the Afcendant and the 1> be not intone quarter but above ninety degrees afunder, it noteth departures a great diUance betwixt the Goods and the Owner? but if they be in jn J les , and applying to Planets in angles , it noteth no far di- itance , cfpecially if the » and the Lord of the Afcendant be in one quarter. Diftfttict fatwixt the Omxr *tui the Thief, If the Thief, vU. his Si^tiljicAtor^ be in 7 fixed Sign, account Thtfc t'or every houfe betwixt the Lord of the Afcendant and him, mean left" diree miles; in common Signs, every houfe betwixt the A- arm from fi-emUut and Thief, one mile j in movable Signs , for every tht Ctttntry, houfe betwixt the Afcendant and the Thief , account that 10 many houfes on the catch are betwixt the Loler and the Thief. ' If the Si«n afcendtog be a fixed Sign, for every houfe give three miles : if a common Sign „ then for every houfe give one mile ; if a movable Sign , for every houfe rckon one half mile. If his Si&nificator be in an angle , he is dill in the Town ; in x futcedant, not far off, in a cadent he is far gone. where tht Thief Is. ? In an angle,at home ; fuccedant,about homejif in cadent, Theft *>-e far from home. # Jftfiforthe The Sijrmfic/ttor of the Thief in an angle , in a houfe ; D in an CWty. angle , in his own houfe ; in a fuccedant , he is in Clofes ; D in a fiiccedanr, in his own Clofes. The Signlfcator of the Thkf in a cadent houfe , he is in a Common j £ in a cadent,in his own Commoner that which be- longs to the Town he lives in. If the SfaificroL' the Thief be within thirty degrees of the Lord of the Afcendant, then is the Thief nccr him that loll the tfx Goods tht MefdittiM t .$f Goods ; if within fevemy degrees, wkhin tbc Town or Parilh of him rrnt loft the Goods, clie more degrees^ wixt thein,tbe f archer oft" they are from each other. If the SigaificMtr be in a □ afpe& to the Lord of the Afccn- dint, lie is*ouc ot the Town • if the Lord of the feventh be Urong , and in an angle,, the Thief is not yet gone out of the Town or Parilh where the Theft was a&ed • if Ik bu found weak in an angle, he is gone, or departing. Amthtr. It feme- IF t}lc of ^ fcvinrh be in the A'fcendanf , rell the Que • tlnus holds rtnt tne Thief W *M 02 at hone ( before him ) or before heget tr M , ( tJ» homey pr*/>atu» ejh Lord tftbt liwz Lord oi t lie fevenrh be in the feventh, he is hid at home (tvtA in- and dare not be feen. , the Afctn- *} ch * Lord of thciixch be in^befirftorfecorid with any of the Lord*, inc Thief is of the houfe of the Querent. ^ lni Lord of the Afcendant and the SignifcAsor of the Thief the Goods ' ^e to^ether,the Thief is with tlie Querent, proi^um eft ; the vj;v homcwU- t iut^ he cannot be far from tym. lirgly, T'ewd what pm the Thief L< gone. It you would know to whit part he is fled after he is gone out of Town 3 behold tlie Planet that fi&nifies his going out ot Town , and in wh.u Sign he is ; and if he be in a fiery Si&:, Theft things fay he is in the Eaft part of the Town or Counrry • it he bein (hall be more^ watry Sign , he is in the North j if in an Acr^Sign > he is fully expli- in the Welt ; if in ™ earthly Sign , he in/the South : Behold al- cred its the f° in what quarter of Heaven he is in , and judge accordingly ; fuccedi'g if tfe Si«»ifi*r b^ in the. Weu\he is in the VVcli; the Bait part is jkw* from the Mid-heaven to the Afcendant, mix the fignificati- on of the Sign with tht fignirication of the quarter , and there- after judge , preferring the Sign before the quarter , onely ma- king ufe of the quarcer to ballance your judgment when other teftimoniesareeqiull. Jfhhh 4& mn*** *f $*ejN*n. W iMithwty ths Thief is gone. Behold the fignu%tot Planet , in what Sign he Is , and alfo dr. quarter, «td accordingly judge ; others judge by the place of the 5 ; others behold the Lord of the feventh, and the Lord of the hour , what Sko.and quarter they arc in , and if they a" ree,chen they jud£e thereafter ; others regard t he S>gmfic<ttor to whom he doth apply, or render his power ; others by the Lord of the fourth ,1 alwayes judge by the llrongelt , either ol the Sinificeamr or die I>. . If the Signifieator of the Thief be in a fiery Sign,he went halt; rhe peenlinr earthly , South ; aery , Well ; watry , North ; See what angle D qmrter 0 f \i in , there is the Thief ; in no angle , look tor the Lord ot the heaven every houfc of the H> , to that part tie went. Sign mttu- See what Sign the Lord of the feventh is in ; if m Y , Ealt- r Mly fgm- ward ; in ^ , in the South againlt the Eatt 5 mi fo of the reft, fies doth follow here- of the houfe of the Thief, *»d tht mirk, thereof . . ' A f , r . If you will know tht quality of the houfe the thing loll is in, and th= Sign and token thereof, and in what place the thing i< , behold the Sign the Sig»ific4tor of the Thief is m , and in what part of heaven he is, and lay in that part of the Town t Ik thin?, is ; if it be in the Afccndanc , it is in the point of the Fait j in the fevenrh , juil in the Weft j in the fourth, juftiivthfc Nonbjui the tenth,itis Southjand if it be between thefe angles, jwlge accordingly ; as South-welt or North-well; give the place of © to be the houfe the Thief is in , and the place of the J> to be the«!oot of the houfe ; if the 0 b^ in an Oriental! Sign, the houfc & in the fiaft part from the Mailer , or from him that loft dicGoock. 7 he Dtor of the houfe. To know jn what pare of the houfc the Door is , behold the plicethc » « in , whethit in the angles , fuccedants or cedents, and iudce as it is faid in the pates of the houfe , the which part J ^ Xx a is 34$ Ml* Atfilttiifi if is taken of or from the Sign the 9 bin one way; if the 2 be in a rixea Sign , lay the home h.uh but one door ; in a mo- ™b!e Sign , fay the door is high above the earch , and ic may be there is one cellar little one ; and if Tj igjfe any afpeft to tint Sign, the door huh teen broken and at«r mended again , o: clfe it is black o: very old. Or is mil ll ^ ^ve anv 3l V e ^ thereunto , tfv gate or door flull have £ W i0 . nie coi:en °! Durn . in g or > '\ nd if T i navc a "iendjy Tun. 34* hach no door opening to the high-way , but opens on the back jure of the hctUe. Tokens of the Thief s h»ft. If the 2> be in □ 6 of to o" , the door is burned with iron, fire o: candle, or hath been cue with fome iron iniUu- mem , if the be in A or * t o o* , fay the door of the Thicfs houfe is mended with iron ; if the i> but ftewly entreated in li^ht 3 his pte or door is part under tlx; earth , or under a B-.nk-. fide ; or they $0 down by a tfep , 5 in a fixed or movable Sign, he bath but one door outwardly , in common Signs more then one. Or mtft/j P ln 3 ^ x ^d Sign , the gate is under the earth , vie. if in b', df xn h or crK Jbndeth ortthe Bank-fide , if in ~ ; £ in movable Irepf. ^'o" 5 » t,)e o ate or ^*° r ls a ^°ve the earth, and a Hej? to jgo up in to it (preht'um //?,) or one aicends fomewhac in going mco ti e houfe. i> Infortunite, the gate is broken, and note what put of heaven - is in, that part of the houfe the door Hancfeth in ; if Tj a petf the ^ with 6 □ or cP , the door or gate is broken down, old o; black ; if with *- or A ,the door is mended again. Of the henfe vrhre the Thief rentAweth or dvelUtb. Behold the Sign wherein the Signifier is in , and i:i whit pre of heaven he is , and fay tiie Goods fo uken art in tlut car- ter t«f of the Town , as if in the Alcendanr,Eaft ; the place of the D upfo ne fieps it k behold the Sign , the gate is , or huh been broken , and is very ancient , or is ; if S behold it , it do; h i i- ! * • I. «c ■».. i- s\r #• ii-L-r t\r t r»i*tt encreafc the bonification, viz,, that it is rent or crackr, or torn, or needs repair ; if ai luch an Upec* the huh but then lriull lujht, '.ay there is no great appe nance of iron work. f/;f Goods i'h thtOmsers hands. lord of the Afcendmt in an Anglo, the Goods are: in his hmds, the Lord of the hour in Angle the fame: if the Lord of the Houfe of the 9 be with the Lord of the hour in an An- gl- , the Goods are in his hmds , and are Goods moveable ; if tli: Lord of the hcur and the Lord of the term of the Y and Hielord of the fecond be in an Angle with the Lord Of the A- feen Amt , chcy ate in his ami hinds fixe Goods ; if any of thefe Lord* be in air Angle, with D A or % to the Lord of the A-, the Owner flvdl have his Goods agun. If the Lord of the Attendant and Lord of the hour be in a fucredant lioufe , the Goods are about the Owner , ^ or the Lord of the Houfe of the Hn a moveable Sign , they are nor. far from the Owner; if the Lord of the term of the X> , or the I.ordof the fecond be in a fuccedent Houle,then the things are about' the Owner, and not' much elongated. The Planets Ian* before fpoken of, or re hear fed, placed in ca- dent Houfes, fliew the Goods far from the Owner. Whether the Goods be In the enfied; of the 7hlef. Behold thefignifier of the Thief orTheeves , and if henr tliey giw their power to mother Planer, the things liolen are nt.c in the keeping of the Thief o: Theeves - if he or they give not their power to another, it remained) in his own power, cu- floJy or polVclTion. ■ , n Xx 3 Behold inroabkSign, &™ for every Sign ( Uiwiwthpm) half a- Mile, and the overplus of the Degrees according to the Sign [he Lord of tlie Afcendant is in : As for examfle ; A QuelliOn WU asked, and tl)e i.vsitfh Degree of s? afceiid- L M »id T? in m four Decrees j ib there is between, the Afcen- dant aid three Signs, aWl T 2 in * fixed Sign* therefore I mull fiv.: tor every Sig" ioor Miles , t hree times four is twelve , ana there is three Degrees mere to the which belong hilt a Mile ; £b the whole nun is twelve M 1^ and a half. . , The Pitfe where the Gc9.isftoh»#rt. If you will know the place where the thing ftoIcn'Js in ; take Similicaticn of the Place from the Sign the Si&mfictiw oi the Thief is in , rnd from ti e place of the Lord or the fourth Home • if they be boil) in one Signification it is well , it nor, Wore cer- behold then what place is SifmfiiJby the Lord of the fourth^ *;f/«  .. . . • i V .1.. ...... ,„r rU*» nlii-*» ivhptv l.ordojtht Heboid the Lord of the tern wherein che SigtificMtrof the Thief isytnd by him judge the eftateof the Thief } if art in- felhwedfy thefe that frtclife in the Country. Thief wyuu "j »"•; ;~*>- — — - -7-- ». - — - fortunate Planet be in a fortuniteterm, ha was of a tilde Hock, and now is in good ftate If a fortune be in. the term of an in^ fortune, fay the contrary. If he carried tllmtb him. Behold the Lord of the feventh and eight , if the Lord of the feventh be in an Angle, he was willing to have carried all j- way , but could not ; if in a fuccedent , and the Lord of d:e cinch with him llrong , he had all ; if both the Lord of the fe- venth and eighth be in cadenc Houfes,hs neither carried it away or had it. The diftdxu #/ the thing from theOmter. Beiiold how many Degrees are between the Sfatfcartr and the I ; and whether the Signs be fixed , moveable or aomtnea ; in fixed Sj^ns account for every.Degree a Mile ; in cowioj Si°iw fo many tens of Miles ; in Moveable Signs fo nun) Rods. How many Degree* betwixt the Lord of clvc, lewnm and the Lord of the hour , fo many ihoulandPaccs bet wiw the Querent and the Fugitive. _ .... . . Look what pittance is betwixt the Alcendaor and his Lore, fuch is rhe cfifbncc betwixi the place where the chms was Ion and the thing ir felf. LooV how many Degrees the Siwficr is in his Sign , atf fo many Miles arc the Cattejl from the place w here they went, and in that cjuarrer or coaft wnere the Lord of the fourth is. H** fw the thing is f rem the Querent, Behold the Lord of the Afcendanr and the Afcendant , anJ fee how many Sign* and Degrees ara tawt the; LoMof ite Afandant andSe Attendant ; endtf tb*<Lordcf the Alee* «h« be in a fixed Sign , then give for every Srgn (taw«  tern and chc Attendant ) fo*- Miles ; and * he bein a tommon Sign, give for every Sign a Mile and a half ; and if he be to Houfe; and help your judgement' in thefe by the ler.n oi grow* the Si^N, as if the Sigmficetter be in V , it is ma place where 'Beads do ufe that befmaH, as Sheep, or Hogs, &c. if l e he in <5\ , it is in a - place of Beafls which bite as Dogs &c . if he bt in 2 , it is in a plate of great Bea'ftst hat are ridden ; a< in a Stable Oi Horfes , or fuch like : if in W 1 # or yr , it Sig- nified i Houle or place of grear Bealis , as O^en, Kmc, or flicfi otner Cattle j or w Si«4nifieth a place of Camels , Mules, Hcrfes, Aifes, and fuch like t W hath the Signification or a Barn, and of fuch places as be under the Earth % or neer to the Earthy otGrmaiej. fuch-as they put Corn in: vr Signlfieth a place o: Goits , Sheep , Hogs , and fuch like. If - he be in ir ^ as?, it i> in the Houfe j in it ic i? in the Wall of the Houfe j ^ neer a little Houfe or Clofet ; «», it is neer a Door that is above a Door or Gate, in lbme place on high. If ffi "i or X, the thing is in Water , or neer Water , and thefe do Sigmhe a Pit or Ci- te m ,ic is neer a place of unclean Watcr,or where they ufe to This tJyvht ctrttinlj kxtwit it b< an: tftht Bosft. 35* , fk* MeffttttUft 4f cut put filthy Wacer , as a Gutter ; H iheweth a place alWajtf moyft. Tht fl*c< vrhtre tk< thing bjl or JMtN is h'tddtt*. Behold ti»e place of the S'giifcattr of the Thief, and the Lord of die fourthjif they be both in one Sig/jiRcAtisM md well agreeing , it" nor , behold the Lord of the fourcn j if he be in i movable Si^n, it is in an high place ; it* in a fixed Sign , it is . on the Earth ; if in a co n non Sign, in a coveted place. Herv> in behold what Sign the i is* or whether in the A fondant or Mid-he iven, or aoout it,bc:bold the for n of Sign that Afoendi with fay the thing is in thaf place which the tor n chero- ot* ripretemeth. ffi:ere tht 6W/ Art . Look ro th< Lord of the fecond and his Almnttit (viz.. ht that hath moft disnuies there) there are the Goods: if the Lord thereof and the Lord o:' th; fourch be both in one Sign, judge the tiling* to be whsre they are, and rhs Thief an) Tnefi both togecherj if they be no: together > judge by the - fourth, &c . - If the Lord of the fourth b: in a fixed Sign, the Gonjj are in the Haith, or in a Houfe having no Chamber. If rhe Lord of the fourch be in x moveable Sign , the Good* are in a Chamber above another , or in an upper Loft or If in a common Sign , in a Chamber within another Clwn- ber. If the Goods be found in a fiery Sign,they are Ealt ; in >u Earthy, South ; in an Aery, Welt ;in a Watery, North. If the Lord of the re'rm of the B be in an angle , nnd in a moveable Sign, rhe Goods are in Clofcs where are both Com andGrals. If in a iuccedem and fixed Sign , in Woods, Parke*, o;in clofed Grounds that lyeth from the High-Way-fide ; if inau- oVnc and common Signs , in a Common of ditcrs Mens, or Pa- tluro or Meddow of divers Men*. Hitilj faith , a was asked him one rime \vh:n *>\ was A fcend- of the houfe ,orm a ^^^^ ^nd. t <• l ^ frrni him is known the form Thlsktth Behold che ,l~ of A* ®, »^ b f £„ J U ln ow„ „/„/.»* ana itKcne the Cellar by 5 , the , place of the O ^ vn ^£S :"nu r fron\r^ place of thc^^/^" , is kr.own rn- 1 u-c u*. . . ^.^q,, Sb> n , nft of for kin , «'^2'^^"auiEr , if h* k in/L^Z),/- ,t n in 4 little Cell wiilnn an « « ( h h a movtbl: : Sign , ■ « ««* « * » le ^ «« ^ ^ And nu:. 354 Th Ktldtntto $f And if Uor 9. , or both of tliembcinthetcnthhoufe, the door hath a fair opening; if ft be in the tenth, the open, ing of the door is rtecr fome Ditch or Pit , or deep place j it' tf be ciiere , neer to the opening of • the houfe is the place of. nu- king a fire , or killing of Beatts , or heading ; if 5 be in the tench, fay in the opening of the houfe, is* place where th: Matter of die houfe keeps his things in , viz,, his inflruments ot I Ait fv niArt »i-*>*i*i* Li « 13 ..ii. _ . J _ f m * _ I i .1 " 1 under the ground, or force other ncedfiry thing that a man huh much occafiontoufe inhis houfe, as • Furnace or Quermor inch .like. }ib,u is jh'tn the Lord of the fcce>ui$r tenth Houfe. M*re fn- , ^ ^ead > Iron » A * ur s > black or blew colour , Wcoll ; black prh fa the Garments , Leather , heavy rhing> , labouring rooles for the L;rA of tlx E ^^:U Oyle , Honey , Quinces,' Silke, Silter : 9- white Cloth, fteixd. anc * w ^ ce Wine • Greeiv-cobur, Thfe fndg mints Art for the Country then fit). o* Pepper, Armour, Wea r o n s,red Winded CIoarhcs,Brj&, Horfes for War, hot things : \ Books, Pictures, implements : (.) Gold, Oringes,Brats,Carbiirklei,yello\v-Cloathes : D ordinary and common Coraur.oditics. The ejiulit ytf tlx Goads fi« In. . Behold the Lord of the fecond ; if he be , it is Lead, Iron, or a Kettle,fomething with three feet; a Garmenc or fome black thing, or a Hide or &z»&<; skin. . If U be Lord of the fecond , fome white tiling ; as Tyn , Sil- ver , or mixed with vaine? , as it were with yellow and white, or broad Cloath, &c. 0 Signifies Gold and precious things, or things of good va- lue. cT thofe which be fiery and belong to the'fire , Swords', Knives. o. Such things as belong to Women , Rings, fair Gai* msnts, Smocks, Waftecoats, Peticoats.
  • foilts,as the Horfe, MuIe^Cowe^or Poultry in the Coun-
try of «U tofts j * Money , Books , Riper , Pieces; Garments of divers coiou#. tA Sign >f rtt$vtr}. The P Vthe feventh Afpeaing the Lord of the Afcendant Theft Art with a A I or the Lord of the fe?ond in. the Afenrfw , U in seller* i\ "econd direa, 3 Lady of the fecond tn the Atcendant, P *nd«w*- « the tenth in A to a Planet in the fecond : D in the lecond, vcdr«Us. vuh a A W the Lord of the fecond: D in the fecond , to a □ Tint mttflbt 0 Z i Tiiovelfth: th* Lord of the Attendant uu \k jfecond, »to */ " mdl afp^ing each other with a A > 0 and B tte/Wr -/c/*ri- a: o of t Second with a A : Lord of the fecond in the tourth.,,,, w in the Houfe cf the Querenc, w*. m th« Aueodant. . If it fhall bt ricwtred. .. ft how i firM ^recovered or r,,r: For relotution hereof, b -hold 1 the Lord of the term of the J) , the which is S^per 0 the flfchnce rtoln to be recovered. It the Lord ot the term U c»cr,*fc o - he and tl>e Lord of the houfe of tin D be nurealmg m m«to* > , bxh in morion and number, and free from ^fortunes ; it llaews lately It SE?r covered whole and found , and nothmg oimunlned -^theyap^unto^ or if that they apply unco mm, iwr »».- r -j . y . rneo them /or to both, and the D apply unto them both or, ruff ,«  k£ Lord I of her Home,or if the CD Uo apply unto the Lord of number «, 4ouf and he D be d minillied in light ; I mean it the Lord u-/^ th d,y the Lord of rhe AfcenJartt, the Mailer of the thing lohVftull re- cover the fame. Alio it" the l> or Lord of the Aftertdint apply unco the Afcendam, or one of them apply unco the Lord of the fecond Houfe , or unto the Lord of die tern of the D , the thin ^ ftolen ilvill be had again through inquiiition anddili»cm feercli. And if [he Lord of the Houfe of the and theLo;j of th^ Term of the $ be borH diminilhed in cheir mori- on or number > f.iy tbe more van is Jolt and flvill hoc be reco- vered. If the Lord of tl c term of the Z> ,v.nd the Lord of the houfe of the i' be incfcaiing in number and motion, and fafefro n ill Fortunes, the thiitg nVll be reliored whoie,andno:hiftg di- mintflied ; for if thofe Signifiert be nor cadenc from angled, ic S'gn'ifeth the things (lull be loo i recovered ; buc if they be in angles, ic S tyifitth meanly, neither very foone nor v.ry. Jar?, the recovery. >»/vr rwr if /7.\i// bcreeevfttd*' Behold the application of the two Planets due Sig»':fti\\i recovet y , =nd number ihe Dej^rees rlut are between them , or from the one rothe other , and determine dayes , weeks, yecr*, or hours, in this manner ; Behold the pi ice they are in, or the pfjee of their application , for if they be in moveable Signs • the (hotter time i» recjuired,or ic (lull be in weeks,cr fa months j in fixed S ; *;m it Signifies Moneth or Yeers ; in common Sign?; a mean betwixt both: help your felf from thefe judgments: or if the Sie/tificaw be cjukk in morion.they Si^nrne ic nY II be covered quickly, or lightly: which S'gmficS'm-r , :if they hz f 'fling from .mgles , (ignirictii a time more Pnorc , wherein the Goods (lull be recovered.-Thefe Judgements are made properly for this Chapter ; you muft not ;udge in other things by chefe, or by chi s Method-. Aphorifmes concerning Recovery. TheLordof the cighrin ih: Afcendjnr, o; with th; Lord there* a- mm* tf $*tfH*w- $ J7 thereof /igmfies the recovery of the theft. The Lord of the fe- cond in the ei§hr,denieth ricovefy. h alio, of o% or t$, i>snihech dividing and lois or the thin*, and tint all (Ml not be recovered. The Lord of the fecond in the Auendmt fnewech recovery. The Lord of the Attendant in the iecond,hgninetb recovery ifcer lona fearch. . . if the^fecond Houfe be hindred, or the Lord thereof , it cau- «k be chit all fiVH be found md recovered. W^n the Lord of the Aiccn'lant md the P , with the (?, or t h Lord of the centh,or the Lord of the Home :of the J> ; or if iirLordof the fevewh be with the Lord 6i the Alcendanr, o- hive good afpea to him ; or if the Lord of the leVenrh be iaco r.buftion ; or it le.Kt the Lord of the tenth , and the Lord of ti^e Soufe of the > a^ree Well toother , upon luch a porti- on k i< probable the thing loll Hull and .my be recovered. Wh.n both the Lnminuies ere under the earch it cmnoc be rc- C0 \V;ut:oever U lolt, thr 0, totvther wich the r,l>eholdin,; the Aicend.:nr,ca n i ocbe lolt but wi 1, fhorcly be di^ere d. B:hold when the bodv of the - and the body or the Lord of rbeAtcendanc, vU. when one of themapplvcth bodily to the Pi met thniisjnirieth recovery, the thing !lo!e HrUlthen be recovered ; and" if the application of the Signmcators be by RVwredation , the re,ov:rv Hull be Hidden , it. the applica* ugh be by direction , the recove. y lli U be before it be looked tJ B;hoId alio the Lord of the term of the 5 , if he do apply to the fme tern , and the L^rd of the houfe of the I applies to th:fine hoafe, or when the Lord of the fecond houfe applies [o Li; own houfe: or when any of them apply to the Alccn- cin:;allcheledofignifyihetimeof recovrv. . • _ ^ Look al.'o if ch: © hive any celUr.ony with the Loruot die Atandinc or with the: I , becaufe when any ol them apply to cuh other , or the Lord of the houfe of the J to the D , there isrhe time of the recovery in hope; and when che Lord ot Ct> aprl-.cs to the Lord of the Afccnd »nt , or to the fecond houfe, or' unto the F hcc in which the© is, orcothe5>; ?U theie Yy j l! S nli / 358 Ti+MtfikiUfi if iktoify recovery-' Behold alfo how many degrees is from the Punec which ugnifyeth recovery j . unto the angle he goethru;it to, and rhe number of thofe degrees is the time of recovery, When both the lights behold themleltes jn angles, io ligoify. eth recovery of the thing at length , but with labour and pain ; and it ligniiies more then one thief j it* the afpeft be a &,ic iig- nifyech the lighter recovery. The i> in the Attendant with any Fortune , ic figniiies reco- very : If the 8 be fub r*£js , or combuft, it figrufieth the tiling lott ftall not be recovered , if it be , it flull be with much pain and labour ; 0 and J> in the tenth, fudden recovery. If boch 0 and D be nearer the Afcendant then any orber angle , it lignifyes recovery of the thing with much trouble, an- xiety, tfrife, bloodflied, or quarrelling. \Vhen0 ii in the Aicendanc , the rhing llolen fhall he reco- vered , except the Attendant be — or — : ; for therein the 0 j> weak. The i> in the Aicendanc and % with her, it flull be reco- vered. Of the iifcwtr) of the thief > *»d reentry vf the genii. It 3 be in the Afcendmr,o; in a A afpeft to the Lord there- of, rhou Kndett the thief. If there be a ^ afpec! between 0 and !>, it hgnifies reco- very. If 0 and i N be joyned to die Lord of the feventh , o: be- holding him by any afpeit, he cannot hide himfelf. If the Lord of the Aicendanc apply to the iecond, or the Lord of the iecond to the Afcendant ; if there be any applicati- on or irantlition of light between the Lord of the 8 h , and the lord of the iecond ; or the Lord of the eighth be in the feconJ ic hgnifyes recovery. y> inthefecondwith one of the Fortunes , or applying with a £ood afpeft to her own houlc,o.r the Lord of the Sign wherein fmeis,fheweih recovery. The chiefefl Signi of no recovery ;re if Ti S or Q, be in the fecond, o: the Lord of the fecond in rjie eighth, or co'ttbuil, or when the Lord of the iecond app liethtorhe Lord of ii>e eigluh with any .'fpeel , aj! or any of thefe Are Signs of no re- covery. If the Lord of the fecond be in his exaltation, there i$ i 8 Kit i gre;t hope of recovery , efpecially if there be any other tctti- p;.ony of the recovery. Of 'Theft. If the Lord of the Teventli be in the Afoendam/be cleft (lull Tfoft* wo- re rdlored again ; if the Lord of the Afcendant be in the fe- vtrabU or venth, it will ne found afrer much enquiry ; if )> beinthcA-jw. 1', or with the Lord of the Afccndant,it will be found or may be found ; if the ? be in the lifth,with the Lord of the A- feendmt , it may be had • or if © and i> be fn the fifth , and the Lord of the eighth be with the Lord of the Afcendant in the A- fcendanr, it will be found. If t he Lord of the iecond be in the eighth, ic "annoc be hid ; if \ or 6 or £j be in the fecond, it will not be lud ; if the Lord of the iecond be in the Afcendant, ic will be had again, and none ill U I know how ; if the Lord of the Afcendant be in the iecond, with ^reat labour it may be had ; if the Lord of the fecond be uienc , ic will not be had ; but if he be in his; exalncion, it will Iv: quickly reilored ; the looner if e> apply unto him. 0;htr Judgments of Thefts. Lord of the Afcendant and Lord of the fevench joyned , ic Gull be got by fearching of the querent. Lord of the Afcendant in the feventh , or the Lord of the A- fcudinc joyned to the Lord of the eighth , or Lord of the fe- venth in the Afcendant , the Thief comes of his own accord be- fcse He goes any farther ; very many times I h we found it lb. If i- be fcpnrated from the Lord of the Afcendant , and be joyned to the Lord of the feventh , he Hull be found, vi*. the Thief. The Lord of the feventh joyned to an Infortune in an angle,he ftnl! be uken.' rhe Lord of the feventh joyned to a ¥munt \ he ft»H not be taken, unlefs that Ttrtntu be under the 0 beams, or ^pedired ; if he go to combufiion, it llgnifies his death. ^ S joyned to an infortunare Manec , he flull be found ; the / h*vt ?ft
  • joyned to a retrograde Planer , he returns of his own u- found this
iord,rr«?- 36*0 The Rtfilutb* *f cord , if he went j if the fame Planet be Ihcionary , he Hull not remove from his own place umtU he be caken. whether the Thief fh*ll kt kn*»n «r net. Moil Planers in cadents , he flull be known : 0 in cf 0 or $ to the Si^ifitMor of , the Thief , known ; ©in* to hi.n , he u fufpe&ed, but not openly known. Mtrhtr the Tkitf h fuff&ti of the Owner tr mt. If the Thief be in O or cP to the Lotd of ths Afcencfjnr, hi ii fufpeeted > aAot*. not ; if the Thiefc's Slfmficaw b: in J with the D, the Owner lufpecTeth one with him > or ulwg his owiuonpJny. , If the P be in D or ^ in the tenth or levent.:, fay he fuipccleth one fjt fro n hi.n , except the Almmtn oi the tench or feventh home be in □ or <*> to the &. If 5 h-we <J □ or <P to \ PI met inthe fcrenth, ortoth; Almuten thereof, the Owner fufpetfeih him ; but if D .:iyc^ech ano-ber Planet , he fufrc&cth another , and not the 1 hid : i; the D be joyned to , or received of an evil! Planet , the tufa- cTed is the Thief; look to the Lord of the Afeendant and the » y and nke the Hrongelt of them , who if he \w received , iny ▼eaue fronevillPlm;ts, W*.. fcparuedfron them, henjih pi wed the Thief . and lb much the more b.-ing received ot the Lord of the fecond:Lord of the in an angle.appW or leparating to a Planet in a cadem home, truth is laid of hi:n ; or D con joyn d to a Planet in an angle , cfpecially in the tenth, the fame. nU did! he Deed er 7 heft.
  • ru < ~htri Lord °f l,, e Afrendim in the fccond,or fevent h,it U the Own-
.C! ""Z cr hunielf ; or L^rJ ot the fecond in the Afeendant , t he own:.. TflfctUJ If 0 and D be with the Lord of the ^it's the OwnersK.n«  Ir JJvl © *** B in the fourth , Father o. Mo h,r,or x Friend ; G o: 0 5Bf|| . Wlht aSoiiorDiughter of theOwner; ©or » in the fixh, AS.rvjntj GorftmthefavtfttfhhisWifeoraWom 0 Mia If wtfWr tf SgiJHm? 3<«  n md » toeether conjoyned, beholding the Afandant, the 0®S "acquits I « if either of 'hem behold the Afcen-
  • @ «Th their proper hoUfe. or in the Afeendant , the
fc-ndSt , it w "oneL born , or formerly fa*d » thetoufe ^r^nMMpta rt*5mi Triplicity , the Thief retaines ^ loft the Good" They hfvingUt a Face where they .{ tU *,„/<• t Yfcnk isnotoneof IhehoVe. but Kin unto h,m. u o or » behold the Attendant , and not the Thtcf , the Thcf entred not the houfe before he took. t. f theThief have any great Dign.ues.nthc Afeendant . the be the Thief. . Hfrthefithethe firftftf the Thitf hah commuted. It p and ^ do behold the Lord of the houfe where the > U ho ? i n-d,, he hath plaid the Thief more then once. ? A t Lord oi the fcvemh be free from mistorcimej, or U ^^^rMone of the Tluef, UUiheftttfafthctehcoai- " j rf toaritin, fro n the Lord of the leventh or J OrientajL , ir i?noAhe tisil ; 6 S^fiiM he breadth in ; 9, under the ^.^7 cloak of love ; by luhrifcty and flntery. 0/ h A H<&h *r\>^" W experienced R»i«. Manv Thieve*, if ^re^rine PIimh be in lan^lcs^ The Sif ifiotor in aSi^-of Fmutulneis, w*. © ^ X ,ot
M , Bycopotall, vit* n X nt K i or beholding many percgtinc
W Theses fixed , or the ^ or Signify in Signs of dircA ^cnSVuch are © A <K * « / ! ot in Signs not fruuiull, the Rtfoutl** *f Z iJt Stx\ 4l mmtr 9f 'Sgffiknsl Mafculine, if the Lord of the hour, Lord of the feventk- tad his Dityoh'tor be matVuline , or if the Difpoiitor of the » tnd the Planet to whoa; fhe applies be mafculine; or if the vijictterbc in the mafculing part of Heaven , W*. inihsfuiV twelfth, eleventh, or fevench, fixe, fifth, and Oriental. Feminine, if the contrary to this happen. Old, or in yeers, the SignificAtor being % A man, if U <$ or ©. Not fo old, if 5 or ? be Stgnific*tors. The J> for her age, w*. young, fhe in her firft quarter ; mote man if in her fecohd quarter ; and fo in ker third quarter more tiged j in her hit quarter of greater yeers.. Wliere note, the V- or any Planet Oriental, denotes the Thief more young ; Occidental, more aged. Or thus ; obferve in what houfe the Sigiificator is in , give fo: every hotifc five yeers from theAlcend.'.nt. Or obferve the degree defending in the feventh houfe , and give for every degree two yeers, Or fee die age of the Planec to whom the D applyes , or the $:£>;if,c t <r<>r of the Thief , or conlider the day of the moncth the Queilicn is asked , give for every day elapfed to die day of the QuelVion two yeers. The bell way , and moll lure is , to conllder ruoft of t!*fe waves, and pitch upon the greater! number. Farm And Stature. Proportion <>reat , if t\\$Si&»lficatar have much Orientality,' and be in. Si *\ 6: jr. Proportion little, it' his Occidenrality be mueh,or.the^ fiipcAtcr in S 'U or X. The upper part of his body is thick and ftron?, if the Si&»'f- cAi'vr bv in Y £ i>\ ; his lower parts if in /or < If the foificM have much latitude from the J>«  RaUadef o{ in his firft flaw* , or m the firft pare of Y * ft.
  • ik oc * givi ft^y bodies, and well proportioned.
LtAH, Ths Mficaor hiving foull latitude,or direct in his fecond Ration { cJ » the beginning of ir m /, or m the fummity of htt K O 1 SholLg the 5^ gives a handfome fhape and fat- nek ; the D folding, gives temperature and moyftnels. Thi Thitfsjhtnith Sipific** in South latitude , the patty is nimble ; in North ^^M^ ^es arong bodies ; & oing out of oik Sign into another, weak and feeble. l *H< flies, or is fardUhntif thcThuf and ihinc ibuoht after be not in one quarter ot h:aven , the ford of the third or ninth, or if the^,/,^ b. mtlu third or ninth. Ht rtmAints. If the Lord of the firfl be joyned toaPlanet inacadem hwii, ami behold thsAfcendant. ^ ;rt< tfl TheKtfththn if- Hi* the Thief it. A Familial /if 0 and J ac One time bthold the Attend int, or if the Lord of the firft be joyned to the Lord of the feventh in the Afcendant. Or if © and J> be in ^lorffi , or in the Afcendant it felt", or in the houfe of the Lord of the Afcendant , and beholding him , or the Lord of the feventh houfe in the twelfth or eight, the Q ot » in their exaltation, note one well fcnown,but not of the Family. The LumwAt its in their Termes of Face?,rhs party is kno^vn to fome of the houfhold,bilt nor of the Family j Lord of the fc«  venth in the feventh, he is of the HoufhoJd. A fir.inger: If the Lord of the feventh b: in the third or numb from his home. Lord of rhe Afceaduit and Lord of the feventh nor of one Triplicity< If you fee the Thief isdometticall, then C Signifies Father, ^r Mailer. £ The Mother, orJdiliri>. 9 Tiie Wife, or a Woman'. T? A Servant, or a Stranger lying there by chance, c A S??n,or Brorlier, or Kinfman. ' $ A Youth, Familiar or Friend. J'hhhtr is r he-Thief gone, cr Fugitive. Where yoil are principally to obferve , that the Afccndanr, or t fotrf.cAtcr in the AfccndaiHVn'.niheth theEa'i j but this T\ ■ ble exprcfles the quarters of Heaven mo;e fully. Firft henfe F: ;/r. Seventh houfe IVeft. S.rvnd hi.fe \erthe<t/} by E*ft, fi^ht houfe Satthveft 1) Scuth, 7 h'r.i h-jufe AVrA N*rthc*Jh Ninth halt Stuth Southwy}. Ftt/nh houfe Nmh. Tenth South, fifth hat ft XcrthvelHv North, Sleventh Southeaji h South. Si vt / c,ife j< e(i Nmhweft. Twelfth E*fl South-tA'r, 7 ii* A-ies E*fl, Taurus Sonih etndby Eaft. G;.v\\\\t { 'tfi endb) Smth. Cuwer is f nil North. Leo t\i!hwd h \orth. V i o Sim h tvt.ihll '(ft • IbnfHiitrejt. The Signs. o\ Northeuft by £ ajh- J Etjt $e:aheaft: & mjh iv Somlmefi by H £?■ Weft Norihwft. ffi North. Sio-nu North s hE. i). "I "\ North Nort he *jt. Sagittarius .wll) South. ydi^rthwefl b) Nerth. Civrico.nm full South. vfif Seuth. Amxxiis it'eft .wd bj X'rth. >?b' Scn:h:.ift !>r Smb. Pile ? N- y th and bj n'ejK Vt South, Smlreajh ■ Ihe flight cf tlx 'thief. h'< fwift , if his iV<vi/;r!ifjrbe fwift in motion, or joyned to Phrets fwift m motion , or being himfelf in Signs movable oi of fhort attentions. Ills flight is uncertain. If r.s or their Sign)fu:itcrs are in their fecond flat ion , o; pvnM to thtiomry Plmets in angles or fuaedancs. Hem Att tlr.vh.\(le. If his Sienipcxtr U flow in mo:ion, or joyned to planets of C y.v morion, ot in Signs fixed, or of Ions- 1 , afcciv.ions. Ile(h.ililet.ik_™. 1: Lord of the AlVendin: be in the feventh, or in d ro the L '..;•.! c' the feventh ; o; the Lord of the teventh in the rtrit , or joy,..\i:otheLordof theflrd, or a Retrograde Planet ; or if i\x i i'.pirire from the Lord of the icvenrli , to thed of the Lo: i of the fird ; or fro-A die d of the Lord of the f.rd to the Lord of the feventh ; or it 0 and S be in 6 with th ■ Lord ot the icv'iv:' , i'ev, if they behold hi.n ; or if the Lord oft he le- N:n.hben«in.Mod ,vil. Conbutlion; or ir the Lord ot the Af .n i.;tK be m 6 in :he Atlendanr, tenth or fe>eiuh, or ahm- fo.mintte Planer in the lev jirl). This fm nil difference h eeds tis error, let e very one nfe ■ he finds moji true. Net teiks** If the Lord of ths feventh be in afpefl with a ForlmNwu ipctf to U or 9 in the eleventh , he efcape* by friends ; if mtbs third, by Grangers. The GeeJs refttred. If the Lord of the firft or fecond are in 4 with the Lord of the eighth, or in any Hrong Reception : # Or if the Lord of the fecond depart from CombuRton ; or .Jo/ or i> in the AlVenJant or tenth houfe, ic notes recuperation; the moil part, it they .ire (trong ; left, if they be weak. There's hopes of reltituuon when the Lighcs behold them* fetve> with any afpett , chiefly in angles ; or the Lord of the fe- venth or eightn. A r # ReflUntlon. If the Lord of thcfecoudbc Co nbuaorcheLordofthefc- venrh in ^ wiih the Lord of the eighth ; or if the Lord of t he fecond behold not the firlt houfe, or his Lord ; or the not afpeeUng themfelve* , or the ©,or when both are under chc earth. Other RmUs tLv tht Thief J)*llfoi*ken. D In the fe\enth, applying to the Lord of the eight. Lord of the tirlt in the Afcendant. 5 In the feventh, applying to a Q of cT. D feparating from a □ of T? or 5 , applying to a □ of Set. £ In the f)Xt, eight or twelfth. D Separating from a 6 of T? , applying to a O of V. Lord of the feventh in the firth In the eight, in to c? in the fecond. I and C H A P. LI. Of B Us War, of rther £WftrfiW. F one demand, whether he Ml overcome his Adverfaryci not ; give to the Querent the Lord of the Afcendant tte >» id the Planet from whom (be « fluted ; and unco the L)e- fencun. fcndant the feventh and hi* Lord, *nd the Planet to whom the 1 4 pply«th j and behold whofe Sig*ific*ior is ia Angles and gert icq with better Planet*, and i*o judge. If evill Planets be in the Afcendant , and Fortunes in the fe. venth , tlie Adverlary. fliall overcome , & i cottrs. The Lord of the feventh in the Alcendant , betokens victory to the Qite- jvut, & * centra. • trf/tther m fiall return ftfe frtm Mr, or *>tj 4>vt- gerotti Vo)*ge< Behold if the Lord of the Afcendant be firong , and with a gocd Planet , and well difpofed j it is a great rellimony of ic- cuticy, & e tomra. Behold alio the feventh and the Lord there- of , and if they be Fortunate ( although the firt* be not fo) yec (kill the Party return, rhouehnot without great crotfes and las, & e covr*. Behold alto the V how flie is difpofed ; for her application with the good is Fortunate , & c centra. Lvill Pla- nets' alto in the eighth are no fmall Signification of fear, and rer- rour, or death. T* fignilies mines or bruifc?, J or the Q wounds by Weapons. If one jbdl return fife from JFai'. If the Lord of the Afcendant he with good or good himfelf, or i good Planet in the Afcendant , he (hall return fafe. If ihs Glv with the Lord of the Afcendant in any j-vrt-of the Qjie- iiion , he may not go ; became the @ bumes him. If the Lord of rhc feventh be with a good Planet , and the Lord of the A- fandanc with an evill , he thall have foine impediment- in his! way, vet fliall not dve. it an evill Planet be with the tort? of rheFrd, arid a good one in the fait ; if he then go , he fhali fuffer great lots , but not do-th ; but quetiionlefs he will be torely wounded. if \ he in the hrll , or 5 with th Lord of the hrlt , let him not £0 ; bc'caule l<x's will happen un;o him by one whom he meet- tth: If an ill PI net be with the Led or the tint, ami T? in the Al'ccndait", or with his Lord , Ik ftvdl be wounded with Wood or I** TbeXtftfotb**/ ' pr Stone. If S or thecj be in the Attendant, or with the Lord thereof, or evill Planets in the full, or with the Lord thereof, lie (ball receive a wounds nd go n to dye thereof. Alio if w evill Planet he in the eight , it is feared, dearh will enfltc ; if the 0 be with the Lord of the feventh , or in die eight, uu ill to go ; and fo of the tenth and feventh. Wh*t r»Ul er.fne of the W*r. Behold the Lord of the fcvsmh and firft,and their Lords : tk frit Houfe lignifierh the Querent, the levemh his Adterfary | if «ooJ PI i nets be in the tirU , and malevolent in the feventh, anHthaXordof the Ate ndmt good, andXordpf thcfevuuh ill ; tli. Querent overcomes; but if With tw Lo.dof the Aucndmr , and an evil! Planet in the Afcendrntj and the Lo; J of the feventh t;ood , and a good Plmet chcfe,tne Qncrv nc Hull be overcome; and fhall be taken or (Inn. If both the Lord of the Afcendant and feventh be m ik* A- frendjnr, and on the behalf, of theXprd of the Afcendanr^rc be tood Planets ofting their benevolent afpefts to theuitp of the lecond ; then the Querent will do well in the \\ ar and obtain money thereby ; he fh.Ul have victory of bis. Adtcrlary, oi they will endevour to be reconciled. If both the Lords, w*. of the full and feventh , be in tlx r<,;. SoaU U 7"lfe'.Lord of the Afcendanc be in the eight , orwiththi ft'"*'**, Lord of the eight , prtheLordof the eight in the A; 4/ ' f ^ b,7,0, icnotesihii?eathoftheQi«vrejit. \ 5 4 VT T IftheLo r aoftVfovenrhl«in;thefccond,orwiththeLor t l ' . .c j thereof ; or thu Lord of tb^ieconciinvhe^venth , orw.chthe
W r«/. Lordo / (h . lcv . l][h . i c notv'Mhe death. pffi>A<to
Ch a ?. Lit. IF the Lord of the Afcendant tod feventh be in ingle*; w**^ a 4 //^ tber fhall overcome: fee which i.joynedwfti evil Plum ^ mriCofi$H ^ .cadentHoofc, that Party (ball be overcome: If both ^hc W-JElftflft red to Infortunti, both Partus will be wdone by the Suit, or lftiet ^ receive infinite prejudice. Ifthcone be ttcong end the other msven or nvuiv, nay, •• u» .™. ... .... v„.,. - alacion, or with a good Phuietjthen the itrongeit in the beneam overcome!. m . N He that ic bat meanly ftrong in the Pignrc, feemi very fcarlul ; forioroetimeshehopmowin, at other times to lofe; andob? fcrvctbiiin Queftiona, concerning Wars and Kingdemet, the fortitude of a Planet ia greater in hit Exaltation then in nil Houfc, in all other Onions quite comrtry, Of TdrtturJHfi Society or Ftlowjbip bttwixt two, if it /halt bf^ornot, Ilgood Planeti be in the feventh and Gift, the Society fliaH be, and good will come of it: the continuance of it, yvhethei (ox dayes, oraoncfhi, i* known by the Lord of the fe. venth, I f yon will know when it (hall be, fee if a good Planet be in the feventh, then the Society or PartnerOiip fhall be that ye*. If the Lord of the Afcendant and feventh agree in nature •nd quality, the partiei will agtce ; if not, they will difagrce.and tberc will be perpetual ( or at Icalt often ) jangling. Of two Ftrttiert, which g*in or io left. The Lord of the afcendant and feventh are to be confide* red, endinwhatftate they be, and fo judge; for if the _Sig- Bifirttoroftheqoercnt be in better digrittic* then the quefited, the <\m nnt prolpcrt jt> ' evil Tball come on the bufinela, Aaa then The Rtftbtiwef " then he whofe Si^ijiciaor U in a cadent houfe, that party doth the wot 11 ; if »nyone*^if«pMffirbeexiltcd, hegaineth. Sec the fecond and his Lord, and the eighth and his lord, md in which of thefe houfes the belt Planer, or the lord thereof in the belt place, or joyncd co the btft Planet, he (ball gain molt. The fecond houfc theweth chc querents fubihnce, ttuwighth the tithes of the Companion or Partner; if both be good, both (hall gain; if both ill, both (hall lofej if one good and the other ill, he that luth the good Planet fhall gain, the other ihf.llioic. Of familiarity kttwixt -NtigMtttr And Ntighbowr.* Whether Society or Ffiendfliip fhall endure, bt hold if i gool Planet be in the feventh, then he porwndcth thee or chc querent i;ood fcllowftitp and rneam really, cfpcctally if the fame Pla- net or the lord of the feventh behold the afcendant, or the lord thereof, with a -> or* afpeft ; tlfo it flnll endure fo many Moncthf , Daycs or Years, as he hath Degrees co goe in the fame Houfc i or Sigoc, fixed, common, or moveable. OfriWiVini top/net. Behold the fourth and feventh houfc* and their lords and iftheybegoodnndftrong, and well affected, and good PImkii iu the laid hoofes, it is very good, f> e tcnu* Ar.Q-.hcr. The Lord of the afcendant ftrongvf then the lord of the feventh, abide j if nor, remove; if both be evil difpofsd, poj both indifferent mid better nfpeftcu of good then evil, Ihy; o-ecuiiru. feparating, go ; from Fortune?, abide. Note, the afcendant is for the Journicr (or the place he goeth from ,) the feventh the place whither he would yccj Alio if the Lord of the afcendant feparate from Inforiunei -nd epply to Fortunes, go; if fiom Fortunes, and applieth to !n- fortuncs, ihy : and if the Lord of the afcendant and - agree, tbe judgment is more certain, ^ all mmcr of gveft ions', j^* Of removing from o>:e pUce ti Wither ; or oftm Sufi- ntffes, *kich is btft. Confidct the fiift and fecond houfes, and their lords, and the lotdsof the places to which thou wouldeft £o, and lord of the fubthnce thou thinkeft for to attain there, fee the feventh and tighrfi houfes and their lords, which of them is bell and ttrdhg- c!l thither go and remove. Or fee the lord of the afcendant or r 'whom if thou findefttobe feparated from evil Planet*, and jovned to Fortmet % it is better to go then ihy, and do arty bull- ndVe thou intended. If the Lord of the afcendant be fepi rated from fortunes, and apply to infortuncs, neither move or do the bufineffc thou intended ; fee if the co whom the 1 applies be better then that flic feparatcd from, for then thou nuycA re- move, clfenot: &c. If it be be(i to remove or fl*j in any p!dce,whctbtr J'ilUgt, Ttrritorj ,Citj or Houfe. See the lord of the afcendant fourth and feventh houfe ; if the lord of the fourth bein the feventh, and be a good planet, and if the lord of the firft and feventh be good, and with good pla- nets, it is good to abide Hill : but if the lord of the feventh be with a good planet, and the lord of the fourth with an evil one, it is then not good to flay; for if be do, he fhall receive much damraage by abiding there. Of Hutting. YOu flull know the Lord of hunting by the afcendant, the .....
\ and from the lord of the tcrroe of the degree of iht*™W A *~
• and from the lord of the hour $ for the lord of the hour is of clt * u h * v *
greet force and Itrength, when he is in the ufcend.nt, aud the w afcendant a figne of four footed bc*tts.- in cafe of hunting fcc*lf w ° tn J M ifthc afcendant be a fignc of four footed bea Its, or an earthly figne, for theft arc good for hunting amongft mountains, and/«"«  hilUj fcethelord of the afcendant, snd the lord of the hour, if ihcy be fortunate or infortoDate i and if eitber do beho.'d other, or fepsrate one from another, and if one be falling from ano- Aaa2 ther„ 37a TheAcfiluthnef thcr note thlii Confider after if the feventh be * fignc of foui footed bc»ft«. and if you do finde in the fame the lord thereof, or the lord of the hoar ; or thelord of the angle fortanttcjudte ihat the bead you feek for, Hull be found tnd tiken. But if th* lord of the fevcoth be an Infortune, and the infortunste, the eood planet* falling from her, after much (earch foraethingTrull be found and little tVa«ll be taken, and that with wcarmcfle of the body*; which (halt be the titer, if the lord of the afccndiDt be Ti , wid in the fevcrth houfc, • figce of four footed beads. If yoo finde ^ in the feventh or in any of the angle* * or the lord of the feventh, and (he be fortunate, fay that he (hall fpced in bil Lnnting. Of 4 Lwfnit or C.ntrovnfu bnwitt /w*,\vZv/&j///>f^ biff^r Vf\tth:rt tf fb. til compound, or h*ve tbt m* ttr t*kj» up er r.o: i.'jon ih<j do £c t« L*vr, Bthold the afcendant, his lord and:, thefc fignifie the <\h* r<»: j the feventh houfc and his lord arc for the Aivtrftrj. If the lord of the afcendant or the 1 be joyned to the Lord of the feventh, or be in *• or A afptd with mutual Rtcrptior. the parties will eafily of themfcJves accord , and compofc all d tfereocet without mediation of any, or wtth a hale entreaty. Bat if one receive the other, and be that is received, receive not the other Si^nific^or, tbey (hall agree without Suit of law hut not without intermiffion of a third piny or more ; »m ihofe that intercede, for the moll pirt (hill be hi* Friend* or Ac- cusintnnce that did receive the other Planet. If they, viz. the lord of the feventh and afcendaw are in a □ ftipecVoritt*', withmutaall Reception, or io a * or & without Reception, they will be reconciled, but fir ft they will have one little comhitc at law : and you molt obferve, thst uni- ty (hill proceed from that puty wbofe Ji£*//iV.inr u IttTc pon» deious, and commits his difpofition to the other j and this con- cord (hall he the mo:e firme, if both Signifuaton receive on* another : Ir the lighter Planet be joyned to the uaorc weighty, anil receive him not, but the foperiour Planet receive him, it argnes, he that rcceivet woul4 accord whether hii Advwlary will or not. all mttntr of $»tHicrts. - Hiving conftdered the former fix nifituvs, do you obferve the fimfonw of the f*Jt e, who is ever the lord or the tenth houfe, and whether he afped either of the fi£*ific*wf % ^whether thelordofthe afcendant or fevemh, or be in 6 with either ot them; fee if the lord of the afcendant hafttns to the 6 of the lord of the feventh, or the lord of the feventh to him, and thac the lord of the tenth houfc doth froftcate their o\ il'a then an argument they (hill not agree before they have been at law, uid herein the Jttdfi or Uwpr feems faulty, who will not per- mit the pmics to coropofe their difference: fee it the 2> tranl- icrre light between the lord of the afcendant and feventh ; it flic do not, fee if any other Planet carry their influence or light to each other; for if it be fo, U's like fome or other in- terrotc their paines, and reconcile the patties though they be in law Sec after this, whether the lord of the afcendant or leventh belh-ong-.-ft, forhewhofe Htwftcttor is molt powerful, oaght to l ave the victory ; be is rtrongdt, who is in an angle, and in force of his EflVnriall Dignities i the greater his ftrength is, bow much greater the Eflentiall Dignity is wherein he is; and it" he be alio received by any other Planet, it's an argument that Bitty is able, and that he hath the more Friends to ttiht mm : if j on doe find that they will compound, the fit it mover there- unto, will be on the part of the lighter Planet, who commits his difpufition to the other ; for if the lord of the afcendant be more light, and the lord of the feventh more ponderous, the fl It motion of peace (hall come from the qntrtr.t t and fo e eon* trArii : A Pliiietinacadenthcwff is more wesk, if not recei- ved or ail : iV:i by the afpeci of fome other ; if the lord of the fe- venth houfe be in the afcendant, then the e\wnt without doubt overcome*, and the Advsrfnry will yield , the like happens to ihc <\n rti;t> vi*.- that he ihMI be overcome: and this happens jyhn be « in m oncly in law Suits, ind for Moneys, but alfo in Fights, th/famtcon* Duels and Warrc : fee further ift^sc lord of the afcendant or le- fo tmt veiuh be retrograde j for if the lord of the attendant be retro- g.ade, it argues the weakntfle of the qntrtnt t and that he will nocthndtoitibiitly, that he will deny the truth to his Advtr* f«U cor will bt believe, ihat he ha;h any right to tbe thing in Aaa 3 m TbeRtJchthndf quVftion ; if the lord of the feventh be retrograde, it tffioc, tb theC.ufe. which., the Lord of the tenth houfe, ^ethcrheb direct, tDdbehoMchcm, for then he ;v,1l proceed ******* order of law In the Caufe, and will endeavour to fhorte iind tcrmincit, but if he b* Retrograde, a in "fi^cnt the Mp will not co on.or proceed according to order of law, nor a e to end it . ray uVrather prob,ble he will prolong it a loofr fr t me then be ought by law : judge the lame it the Lord of the 32 1 be fcparated from the Lord of the fcventh.or the Lord ofthe feventh from the Lord of the ifarimt Swifthe Lord ofthe atadant be in alpeft with the 0 o r, Neither of them joyned to him, fo that : no other ^.ne Mndcitbcir »»>eft, beware it be not a corporall J . tor tfttf fignifie, an impediment, unlefTe the Planet were u, the hear theP for then the Planet wis fortihed thereby; to is he in ike^tur if the Planet be in either of ihehoufcf o» thcZ-«- or f heP and :> be in the afcendanr, thefe argue the Zncy o he , if the Lord of the feventh be dtgmneJ cT qua fied » before I mentioned of the Lord of*. > a cend o youmurt judge in like nature on the behalfe of h. Lord if the afcendant be joyned to the Lord of the ten he thatUthe^^rwilUcquamtthe fnige h.rof Ifc . o r m* meanetto acquaint him wah h« Caufe, and i may be he ml eXvour the that fo he may judge on , to j ; if the Lord of the tenth receive the Lord or the fecor, d the f«ly will have Monty for his r« ; «» » b » r « j he K LorJ f lhe ceive the Lord of the afcendant, the M< b «" < h « 1«<">> na > -re light then the lord of «jjc tte*«* and joyned unto htm, he will do the m<U& neffe, tWb he never fpeak unto him ; if the lord of ihe£ co"i beiovnedtothe!ord of the tenth, then the make to the , and if the lord of , e tenth ( «ct«  ihe lord ofthe feventh, he willaftift hmv, but it he rtcciu im lord of the eighth, he will take h« Money. Ifthelofdof the tenth revive both fi9ntfit*»rs,iht all m.wnn of Qnjlien s . 37 j will compote the matter ere it do come to a full Trytt. li the Lord of the tenth be in the tenth, in hii own houfe, the 7» {ff will then doe jultice, and judge the caule for his ho- wur, unicfle that Planet be ] : : if the Lord of the tenth be on- ly in his own Tcrmcs or Triplicicy, u'§ true the will dc- the Giule, bat make> no matter which -way it goci, if t Planet be in the tenth boufcthat hath no <hg:ti r y, or i$ nor in K?eep:ion with the Lord of the tenth, it irgues.ih. 1 p«rt>« will cot be content, or Hand to that Scnteiv e, they h»>;h i'.-,'V ;!iat j*i$t, and hid rnhcr have another fuj^c his Si^ercc, w.'th winch they would be content .- if 1; be hewiii nor judge a> be ought j if at that time *- * ^ ; or "be in ^ny afpeft to hbut/, the will be ill reported of, but in a little rime mil be cleared, and the afpalion taken off j b'jtif a yof thofc be in / to 1;, there wii! goe a hard report on the / tor due bis Serre::cc, and it will continue long; the ?.'d/ t is odkmition Kil'.begtcatif J be in /to l : , unleffe / be with"t: in then ilitfLinilail will be the lefle. to be fhorc, in thefe like Judgments obferve this method ; ike CuotHt is Jlgniticd by the ford of the afcendai-.c. the Ad-' ipfrj by the Lord of the levcnth, the fu.ig by the Lord of the tenth, the end of the matter from the Lord of the fouith ; con- . fidet we!! the Lords of the Houfea, their Fortitudes, and whe- thtttl cy be in Ang'cs, Sueccdantaor C?adents,l : .tun?ce or not jlortunstc; for the P'anct that is m«,-lt ilrong, and hell poiitrd, I inhe beihnan, and molt likely to cm y the victory, and hath ' tiebt i Ciulc. I norc Placets be in the afcendant and fecond, the Querent fhiii have moll l-iiends , e* fie e cwwio : U" both SifMtjicttors kiictJ'.cir vet tue to one Putnct, there u-i!l he one who will in- ccrcc-Jc betwixt them / If the Signe afce.iding and levcnth be IU- tJ 5 both .)n(rttf and qvt(i:cd are refolutely bent to proceed in I the Su e urControvufic; if moveable Si^ncv be there, it's like they h 3 ve no gceat it jmuk to the balintfTc, but will end it very JfiprtiV i if common Si^ne* be ilicrc, they will continue the Sj'tivr.g, and have the Caufeuucof one Court into another; e.iwho;'s part you find the Info- turns that party dull receive j p.'tjujicc, foritnv and ctoubie by the Contention. You V-x iht&tphthnof ir* to cinHdef in this manner of Judgment the i > boufc, <£f. Chap. LIV. %y«Miri iw no rf P«* ^ Kght of the one to tM foroe other Planet tranafcrre not tne : ugut gune tor them both, fo that , « , j(h wbaC you >rC w manner of Judicature, you J c (hc fi«  houfe and h>. Lord are then J£™^"| nl ^ ton inUie.ftcnd.nt, ^JS^Ul with .1* dUmAHMrefguefthns. 384 mi mflcb UbflOf .and that the it a conning co«p«nJoMnd deceitfully, and will deceive the SOtrji poffiUf :lf ehc/» (twits be in tha feventh , have a care of the StMcr, he? will find one one trick or other to delude the Bnjtr ; he it a crafty Fellow. (*t If tb« 15 be void of courfe, unlefs the Signifcaton apply itfonfiiy, there'* Wdom any Bargain concluded, or Commo- dity at that time bought, and yet both parties wrangle.and have fomc meeting! to 00 purpofe: If the Planet from whom the 3 fepsratrs enterc Combuftion , he that fells his Land or Houlc at that time , (hall never recover them again: but if the Planet from whom the 5 did taft feparate, be free from misfortune, and and behold* the Lord of that Sign from whence the Judgment, or thing in qucftion is required ; it's then pollible the S tiler may intime re-purchafe the Lands or Commodities agaiu.or otbcri or It good value. C H A P. LV. Of PartntrJIjip. 1«Hc Lord of the Afcenda nt is for the f pttrt*t ; Lord of the fc- venth for the ptr.nt r intended-.but herein be careful that you obferve what Planet is in the feventh , and near the culp of the fevench, and whether the p.uty enquireJ of be more like ro the defcrioaon of the Planes pofned in the feventh s or to the Lord of the feventh ; take that Planet for his Slpifictwr who is near- cfttorm defcription , and confidcr him as you would other- ways ttic Lord of the fcventb.and as voa ought to do of the Lord of the feventh. no other Planet being in the fevenih. Let the £ be partner in fignification ; the tenth home (hall (h:w what credit there may come of the Partncrfliip : but whe- ther the Partner Chip will extend to good or ill, you muft expect tint from the fourth hqufcand his Lord, and the Plaoct thcrcui pofitcd, and the Planet to whom the applies. If the Lord of the Afcendant and the i> be in moveable Signcs without Reception by Houfc or Exaltation, or TfipUcity or Term, then there will happen Contention*, and they wtlld.r- Bbb a^ cc » r «$ The Rtfitoliwf agree* tat nv*tr*ri Will again be resonated, and the ' Partner* flip Will hold, but All! they will be iriilVditful of one another^ nor will much good come -of it; but if the Signfamn bm fixed figos, cbelr foci«ty Wilt continue lt>*g , but if noRccep. tionbe, little profit will from thence accrue to either p*rty ; if they buy any chmg^hc Coromodr.its will lye longon th<tr Iiandtf if the Signified >rs be irt common Signed, it promt fei * gainfij! Partnerftup, and that i\\*y will bc Wtbful to each other t 'If one Sismfa-* >jr be in* moveable Signe, and the Other in a fixid, ttie dirturbance Itifl.'ig wii! be klk tlien at full miy be feared ; If ill Planctr dfpeft both the &tgki;kjiw$ % tt*. Lord of the afcendaru tftdLordofthc fevewh, the Pirtreftupwillbe ill'for both, net- cluf the One party or other will deal fairly,- lee' where, and in wbal houfe or houfes the cvii Plaoculare pofiicd, and from thence you miydifccrne chc cau<c ; 1 have oft acquainted yob with the fignitication of the lioulci : a.i evil Planet in the alter., dant, the cjHtr^ 'w a folic companion j judge the like it" an cril Planet be in the feventh. Jf the " fcraate from on« Fortune and apply to another, they will begin well and end well, though neither of them get any Wealth ; but if the be feparateJ from a good Puiict, and apply to an ill, they begin wel, but end in itiic and hatred; mid fo the contrary ; but if the - be Icparated from an ill Planer.rvlap ply to another, they w ill begin partnerfibip with muttering and repining! continue it with far* and jealosies, end it with lt& frits. A good Plaint in the tenth, (hew* they will ob;ain reparation, and will rejoyce and delight in their mutual Society , A good Planet in the fecond, btft for the qtortnt'i- in the fe- v et: tb forth* An ill Piauet in the fecond, or 7 J, the qntrtnt Will get lithe, but be cheated, or Cntrult much, and get 10 few Debts. If the Lord of the fourth apply to the Lord of the eleventh by*- or A ; or ifa good Planet be iathefourth, or if the Lord of the eleventh and fourth be in Reception, 01 if good Pltfnea oibthcir * or A to the Lords of the afcendant and feventh, a good end may be eipcfted by the Partneririip intended: ot> feive ^, how dignified, l\owafi><at4i if tb«L/>tdoftbt fcvuotb aII mdfltur of gtifthns. $79 or or the eight call a □ or <? to it, the querent mull expeft no great good from his Partner, for it's like he will embeile the, |t\nc, or their common Stock. Chat. LVI. Wkttkir 4 Chj , Tcten or C^lt, hfitffJ, or to bt btfiegti, jkAllbe tfike* trnot > nr 4 He afcendant and his Lord are for the querent , .and Ithofe 1 that do or fhall befiege ; the fourth houic Ml figoifie the T, } v«« f City or Fort befiegfd.or to be beltegcd, the Lord thereof roc Governor ; the fife houfe, Planets therein, and his lord, the AvmMhhnSntierjw&siffi/}*^ eireft to relieve or aftift them*; It you find the Lord of the fir ft *i« the To»v tone and fortuiuee , or joyned to the Lord of the fourth in mA *rc in the rull , or with the : • , or Lord of the tenth , or in any houfe G*rr>f>n. except the twelfth, eight and fixe, conditionally that the Lord of the firit receive the Lord of the fourth , or the s> receive the Lord of the fourth , though (he be not received again, h i an ar- wrnent, the Town, Fort or Cafl/e (hall be taken ; or if the Lord of the fourth be in lucli houfes as behold not the fourth, (except the Lord of the feventh be in the fourth , then it will not be ta- ken • ) if the Lord of the fourth be with the ill Fortunes , rind impedited, it's probable the City (hall be taken, and the Cover- nour wounded, or if Infinites be in the fourth, without fomc ftrong afpeft of the Fortunes, it wiHbe taken, or it cannot hold out long, or there miy be trcafon in the Town : If o be in the fourth, it will be taken , and there will be fomc go about to be- tray or deliver if, or fotne principal Work or l ort therein j the Sign (hews which pari of the Town; nor doth the Governour th'»khimfclfabletoprefcrvcit. If none of thefe Accidents or Configurations before rehcarfed be then have regard to the Lord of the fourth ; it he be in the fourth, ftrong and fortunate, and not Retrograde or Com- buft, or befieged of t^ie inforatnts, or if the Lord or the feventh bt these, free from «ll impediment! . or if U or ? or .> be ■ ' ' Bbb 1 therein 3$* TfoXefihtlMtf therein , and no reception between the lord of the'Afcen* dant and fourth j then the City , Foitor Town at that time furrounded orbefieped, (ball not betaken or delivered to the Army now beficging it } ray, if there be both a Fvtttu end an InfrtiiHs in ti c fou th , the Town (hi I not be taken, if tb«  FortMfir bc neardlto the cufpof thehoufe, or firltuf the two' Planet* which tball te the degree of the foutth and this you nny averrc with greater confidence, if the Lord of the af- cendant be any thinj; weik , or a li^bc Planet and unfortunate ; bur if the Lord of the Afcendant be fortunate, and a /\ riant tbirein , and he or the r b:hold the fourth houlc , it note* fur- rcndiingor taking the Cicy, Town or Caftle beiieged: hut if he be unfortunate and othcrways ioipcdited , and an Injonum in the fecond , or the Lord thereof Retrograde , or in r.l or $ to the lord of the afcendant , it (ignifies the querent's Soulditrs wi'ldifeu him , and will not continue the Siege, they have no mind to the work , or the querent wants fit inttruments or mate* rials for the Siege, or his Ammunition will not come opportune, ly, or ;he .Souldiers will depart difcontented for their pay , or their duties are too hard , fo that he may expeft no-honour at this Siege. Chap. LV II. OfC OM m A S D ■ R s in Armies, tbrif abilities, fidtiit*, ,vi.l wktb; r hj them viftrj waj be kgtt } jea *rx;», &C. A Gain, corfidtr well all the twelve houfis and their proper Sigmf.ctirs , and make the afcendant Significaior of the if*.'rf»f,and his Lord ; let the fcyenth & his Lord fhew the oppo- ii te parties or ^4 aver. '/tries, who may come to relieve the Befieg- ed; let the tight be their Seconds or Friends.and the ninth tlieic third houfe,and foall the other houfes in order- An in the afcendant, or beholding the houfewith □ or S , it notes , the qxtrtnt , or that fide he takes part with, will not man.-ge iheir matters well, or profecute the W*rre sUfcteetly : an lifortftnt in the afcendant , or'bcing Lord of ibe 8lccn; 4\l manntr of gatjlhtts. $81 tfcendant , arguta no great jufticeon the querent part \ or that htlnthaooauTe to begin the Warre or Quarrel, butifeitbera good Planet be in the afcendant, or behold the afcendant with
  • <or A. it fignifiea • good ground or caufe on the querent** be-
hilfc j H 40 l»f erttt »* Dc »° tn * fecond, *nd be not lord of the fecond ( or have Exaltation in the Sign J if he, J fay ^ behold tie fecond with a p or <r , it'* like there will be no War , but if my be, the qtunut (bill have the woill \ a Fortune h that houfe, orafpcsftingit, Ibcwsthe contrary, If »i\I>ifi>ttn»e be in the thitd, and d" hi that Planet, and he ft ong, the qmrent is like toh:?; good warlike Provifiom • fiy the fame if U be there: boc if ^ be therein unfortunate, his Army is like to be compofed ofThieves, Highway men, vagrant Fellows, fediliout, and Inch C s will obey no commands: H &a Infowiife be in the fourth, the place where the Warre is like to be , or where the Armies may engage , is like to be unfit for the f Mftvni'j Army : if it be mountainous, the places are rough, inaccellible.not habitable, full of Woods, nonalfsgc for Armie> ; if the place feem to be defcribed moylt , it's micry , ditty , full of Handing waters , Bog , Rivers or Ikook$> not fie toraarlhall an Army in, or wherein an Army can do any fcr- vice : If o" be in the firt , well dignified , or the good afpefts of the turns irradiate that houlc , or a Fortune be therein pofi- icd, then it's like the Army or Souldiers on the querent's part , Kill be good Souldiers , apt for fight , and obedient to their Oiikersi the Iafor tunes pofued therein to Ihew contrary qua- lities If cither of the Fm*net orf^be in the fixt.theCarriagc-Hotfe attending the Army , fe<:m ferviccable , high pri«d, and fit for the err ploy menr. If 6 be therein well dignified , the Horfe entertoiucd or em- ployed will be fierce, tmpatient.and hard to be governed, tiu; ii h be in (he fist without dignities, the Horles are old rot- ten j'lde?, unferviccabie, tyred, over-fpent, flow, not fit for this fer vice, dileafed, &c. \( \ tzYittne be in the feventh, theinftrunoents of Warre and Foit.fieaton, the Canons and great Guns of the Army /re f*ire ; found , well caU , and will perform their work t and this Bbb? pofuion The RtftlutitH */ pofition of a Fortune in the feventh, (knows, theEricmy im tool • » ar Ixfortnnt be there, or have the before-named evil afpefls to the houfe.the enemy it weak,the qmmt's ir.ftrumtMi are nought, will perform no fervice, thcjEnemy will rather fight by polity, crafc and trechcry, then manhood. Ifa JVfwwbein tbeeight, it's an argument no mortality* much defrruftion of men will follow, or will there be many h* wounded, or their wounds difficult to care } no great flaagh. t*rs,lifehts, flights, or any fit Battels will be betwixt the Arraiti on either part ; but if T? be therein Retrograde, many pnforKri will be taken , much ruine and detraction > much poverty aod \ plundring will fucceed. If a Ffrtuiit be in the ninth, or have afpeft to the home , m i enemy it in a good poimrc , hopej co benefit bimfelf by font ! filfc reports, or by fome falfe alarumi or fallics , and that hci& tends to aft much by fuch like reporti , and by witty inventions, for the Enemy is politick. I If a Fortune be in the tenth , or caft his * or .2> thither , hi an argument , the Commander in chief it a difcreet man , or- deiftandswhst to do in his place, and that the Officers of ik Army arc expert men, every one in his place being capable*' what he undertaker, but if l 2 or^ be therein, or ,< , an waye« unfortunate, the Officers and Captains are very life ard bu7,wcds, have no Judgment, fimple Fellow*, the«*A dtfign is like to be overthrown by their knavery, and win oFdilcretion and judgment j 1 mean, the greater part of At Officers, &c they are more fit for hanging, then to Oot> snnd. , ■ . _ If a Fettle be in the eleventh, it fliewr, tlife Conductors «  the Army are men of good difcretion and found judgment, «• pert men in the art of War, know how to command and ©rift their affairs, are valiant and careful, andunderlhnd in every pif ticularwhen to charge or retreat ; in a word, the Officers, f«s men of approved integrity and judgment. 1 lfan/H/or/^beinthe eleventh. thcCOriduftor orConft- tforemay be men of fidelity, and allured Friends and VVcll-ffM Un to the caafc they undertake , but they ate uoexperr irJ not fit to undertake fuch a weighty iroploymcnc 'in - hand, to. IN) m/1 mnner *fg«eftwts. 3 ' they nothing^ntferftand the fttatagems of War, whereby the nholecsulcisliketofurTcr. If a Fortttite be in the twelfth houfe, thofe againft whom the Army is to go, are Well pi ovided, and re folvcd to defend them- fclvti; they agree well, fear nothing, will Ihnd it out to the hit ; but if an Ufmunt be there, they I'ufjkft their own abftcies, ire not capable of refitting, difagree afnsngft thcmfelVes, fear forptizsl every moment: Jt is, notwithihnding, ever confide- nt, that if c? Kcirt the ewciftb home, thtanertnt may jultly ftffoeft treachery, and indeed you have j'ult ciufc to fear the fame ii" ,'\ he in the twelfth. Now as you have conlidered the whole twelve houfes On che behalf of the .7* r:»t t fo mull you ohferve tfie fame method and manner of j idgmint on the behalf of the liJvtrfiff ♦ onely eonfi dering what noulc for the qttrm is the ifcenJA;it, the opoolite boufe s the fame for the q iejitti, and fo tvery houfe in order : Wnich juJgments rightly understood, «illg ; rc fircatlight to any manner of qucftion propounded in thii nature by any prime Ujjitir or Coimnaidcr. If the' dm.ics (bill fight. Behold herein the afcendant and his Lord, the and Lord o r ths feventh, ice if they be corporally j'oyned in any angle, then |:f«ms the Armies will fight ; if there be no c4 ot the Lord of the iftendancand feventh, fecif they behold one another by □ or/, they will alfo then fight.- if this happen not, fee if any Plinet transfer the light of one co the other by □ or<f afpe&, with 0; without Reception j if fuch an afpeft be, there will be 1 fight betwikt them ; but if the more ponderous of the two re- cuse t'ut Planet-who transfcrnes their light, no fight will be,but lit things will becompofed iighily. , Chap.LVIII. J; ike Querent km ope» Entmies, or a»j Aivtrfgritsfr Th*hj ViAt doltttvj'kw. f His is a difficult Que(Uoo,and yet by ASlnhgU refponftble, L bat you molt joftly coflfidtt; whrthcr the <\ «trtnt <^<^^ 377 Tbitoftlmlntf mand thus foocbi viz H*w I wmUi trmtt Of, JfW#r w/wi Btitifihi if any be nominated, require judgment from the fevadi j fl«rr*»r*<W> houfe and Lord thereof: if the Lord of the feventh afpeft the hit Bntktr % i, or d of the Afcendant , with □ 01 ■ <? , or be in like Afpcft wkh F** kr, tr the 5» , it's then very probab'e , the party enquired after dotb Snv**t,tl*» envy the Querent, and wiftm him no good : if the afpett k fe- 1 t*ke Signifi- pirated , they have lately been in foroc conttft > or fome diflc i cation/r#w rencebath been betwixt them; but if they arctheaappljirj t*ch pxrticu- 1 0 a □ or £ , the enmity , difference or controvesfic is a£ UrHtHft fig- preaching , it not yet over , will grow to a greater height then wfjmi tkrm. now i t \ %t and the party enquired after , doth what in him tin j to thwart and crofle the occsfioni of the qutre*t. In like manner, confiderif the Lord of the feventhbe in the twelfti from the Afccndant.or in the twelft fign fr< m the place tvhero'j the Lord of the Afcendant is in, or from the place wherein tit ! 1 is, or if the Lord of the feventh be in d with any Planet , or 1 in any afpeft with a Planet who is in cf or D to the Lord of tlx Afcendant or the - t without Reception; then theVJuifitti or man or woman nominated , is avcrfc , and an enemy to the Querent ; but if it be not lo, then he or (he enquired after** w enemy. If the Qutrlion be abfolute, (as thus,) Wlxthtr Uve I ertrin, jestrmf you mult require judgment herein from the twelfth route, ar.dfeeif 'hcLoidof that houfe be in Dor cf to the* with or without Reception ; if lo , then he hath enemies ihn watch for an opportunity sgarftHm, but they do all thirp ♦ (landtitirely and cunnirgly , and defire to p!«y their partwta they can do it without noyfe or rumour ofcvill, ihatfotfctj may go under the notion of Friends, when as in uai I they are tieachcrous, falfeand deceitful: Confider alio where and in what houfe the Lord of ihe twelfth is, fay confidentry fuch people, men or women of fuch quality or condition , ire the Querent's adverfarics : Many Panels in the feventh, de- notes many enemies ; * many Planets in the fecond , tench w*rt
  • Ofu***d ofrroney, ifthey are ill dignified, &c. ahdfodoinall the reft,
tx tr kj m* obfcrvmghow many Planets there arc in the feventh , and of f**ni trttt. what houfes they are Lords of , or from the houfes where*! » tbey ; the? tre tftrif, from Aenoe do you require cite quality of the ^pk^hotrceneoiiei, remcmbMog, thai the □ afpea fcw«envttn4tatlke, yttpoffibie to be reconciled, cP afocttt without Rtccption, Kver, tfv. Chap. LIX. A L A » i| ifmtrrj hhbman dtfirtd ! pd^meut ftp* the Figure a^faid. TH E true tate of this Ladies caufe Hood thus : A Cwltman htdbttn 4 Ung time *»e*TH,(t Suiter um htt for tkirttt fooutm ,f tl* GmhmMH jbt km *n Mto* d<*. .rdbo.hinb, a filed. earthly Signe, I judged the corporaturt "'K qutliTed party to be hot', .nf not tall, or very hindfoSe hit viface long and incompofeJ, i .wan, pale, or me.g« cVm ptoS? d„k 8 or of a fad .helm,, colour, curling and crilp, his eye, tVd, ever downward, id , c ™h difcontcnted. and fcorning hi. former flight , (u ever . 1 . Saturnine peop.edoe; ) }.^"V"E$ id bv a Kinfman or Gentlemin of quality, figrnfied by g Lord ofthetbi i .' part, from ,be fcveoih, tlkh. the feventh, and th« ih. Gentleman and he » e d either in one honfe, or n«r o ne a nothe, r b caofe both ate aofiuWr and fi«d,[W/i .» m] I raid, the Gen- fC an "no '.ncLuonor diction unco her, findmg he ' repeated from voyd of courfc, and applying to S of 0. ord of the afce:idant, it did argue there wa. fmall hope, of iKte fee. becaufe (he hcrfelfe, by her own perverf. A te her fclf fo grand a mifchief .W ercupon (he told mc the truth of all, and not before, and .mplo red my di «a,ons wmch m y, without fcandall to her honour, it might ^btoushto-agan, if po.flble: and indeed (he wa. amenta. W V perplexed, and full if heavteOc. Hereupon wnh much comoXn I bsgan toconfider what hope, we had in the J- S Itbld0 .pplvi..gtb a * of T, , this argued the wo- Ed f «T»ud theVcngrh of het.nYaion. toward, the j£
  • Um*nntrtf miclliw. 3?7
, M bwiufelheUfignlfied by the lighter Planet I bw^hetc Wr* Reception betwixt the «l« ef °" ^ at on gave little hope. .• but finding Reception betwixt ,U and S2» m3 betwixt © and », (he in hi. Tc.plicliy, 0 m hee Houfe.obS.lfo, that the » did difpofe of h in her Ex- "t. on. and of * in her Hoof, and that U wa. very nec-
      • «>• pf(?, dill applying, and not fep.r. «d i .Ifo,
V hi. Exaltation, and a fortunate Planet eve a» B« and the afflicted, and that he waa able by hi. ftrengrh to qSfie md take off the malice of . betid*, .he neerneff. of u,othc*of Ij, made me confident that the » Sy atquaintedwith a T^f^rf^fil ' 5 her hcirti content : Bet finding that h and © came to *- aipca h ""h of the fame moneth Wed I to haften .1 Uhjg > £ fore the aftKftwai over; and alfo gave dirertioo. ^"'"^ te««h of Lr ncer opon noon, the Gentleman OH>u» d firft ^ ihe^.nthe bcftnefTe: and my rtmfoo wit. becaufo that dav b and U were in a perkA * alpctt. . My counfellw.. followed, and the iflte was cho-i B» Gent emanimeanes and procurement, the i matter broimlK on again, the Match effefted, and all w.thm twenty dayes fol Sg, to the content of the forrowful (but a* £ me an- hSlO Lady," O.. In viflr*!*it, the true reafon of ihw C ^™^i.«Sa,ore then, fir ft an jp^rf^ i.VH;r?«i«r» to a the Lord of the fevcnih ani tii(t . Men, KSonof he » to the Lord of the afcend.n.. though t f v« with Reception, wa. another (malUrgumen , bu .1 . maineocc-fion, withou't which in thi^.gure it fOuH not haw been the app ication of U to * of I) Lord of the feventh SgbbeJue which I, m I rendecunto him, and he Jg .«  .t»n.(etredtothe©Lotdof the afcendant, he, vit. meet- "g with 7» 'm£* of prohibiti^^bfeimou ot .lruftr.t.orj until! Mi petfccVcf with the ©, which waitbc zodk of fe thaHK> difficulty did afterwards imeronei I M acquaint tbii Lady, that very lately before the erection of this Figure, her Sweet-heart bad been offered a> Match, and that the Gcntiewo. man propounded, was fuehaoneaf i« figntfwd by V, one not one!? of a good forttne, but excellently well defcended .• I bade her follew fay dir c Atom, .with hope and iipeftaiion' of * good end; and told her (he ffaould not fear hit marrying of $ : Which judgment I gave, by reafon <5 was nearer 9 then lt> and fainter* poled bit influence, or kept offh. I Judged cT robe fomeSoul- dier, orGentleman that had Keen in Armes: thirl did there ore toenlighien her fancy ,*hicli I found apprehenfitc enough. She well knew both the Gentlewoman and nan, and confeffed fuch natters were then in action. Had the Cmre been, irb.fhwlJf*:'etivfdb*£'ft ? certainly I flwulvi hnvc jodgrd the womafn, becaufe © is- going to 6 of and cv afflicts h by hiv pi efe/ice. Had fhe df mftndcd, Whether the gurfittd faj bten rlth ? I mutt havcconfidei cd X- Loi^d of hit fccOnff houfe, whom I find in his Esaltstion, Dircft, Swifr, Stc. onely under the Sun-beamcsj I Ihould hate adjudged his Eftatc good.. For Agreement, becaufe0 and T? areapplying to*, I fliould hare conceived they would well accord; yet doabttefic Tj will look for much obfervancyj for as hciiill by na:ure> fo it he viti- ated by cf, and made thereby chollerick ta well at rnelancholly, fo will he be naturally jealous without caufej yet the gentle* of U to both cf and fccoii by edueation,to reprefie that /row* ardneffe rrtruratfy be may be fubjefl unto. If it he demafnded,^ th qitrtkt fa hntft f I ahfwir, her fa* yificatrix} >i*v 0, wno way afflicted by <S i herSigne afcend- ing being .51, and Reception betwixt % and \», are arguments, of avcrtuous woman. In this nature may you txaratnt any Figure for difcovcry of wbatifnectlraryi^cc, ' ; ' ' CHAP. Chap. LX. Iffht fitM Pt4trj tht wa» A fired t THe qmrtnt was of rail Ihture, ruddy complexioncd, fobf r, difcreet and well fpokeo, ch\ Th*.q*efite& was veey tall, flcndcr, (can, and of a long vifage,} black hair ; HiYtalncfle I attribute to U, as being in theTefines of S, and the cufp of the feventh being alfo in his Tcrmej : and indeed the being of a /?£-: f-if'utor In the Tertncs of any Planet, doth a little vary the par- ty from his natural temper and confutation, fo thac he will re- taineafmallor great tincture from that Planet, according ns he is dignified *• The (adnefle of hit bake, I conceive to he from U his afpeftto b» and the > her □ onto him, bcingshet lelffuhter- S Is here Sijrmpclhiit of tbegww/f, Retrograde, under the Ccc 3 .. ' >*tv 2 TheRefihtitrttf Sun-bcaHK, wai imfowc diftrtfle ind fctr thtt the iwfittimM not hive her* and foe might tnd hid fomc reifon for it, foc U L s in his Exaltation, and neee the * of ?. in argument the oim ftood upon high termea, and had been tampering with ano- tber- vet wcr«both .?ifi«»/i'*4tcr/ina Stmiftxtile, and in good houfes, from which I gathered hope*, that there mi forac fparks of love betwixt them ; bat when I found the s feparating from R U3 of V, and carrying his light by a A alpeft to S the Lord of the afcendant, and he in in angle, receiving willingly, by bit Retrograde motion, that her venue which ft* brought from X, I was confident the Match would fuddenly be brought to palTc by fuch a one as » was, or reprefented by her, who did much inter, pofeinthe bofineffc, and who at lift, with a little difficulty, produced the Marriage to effect, to the content of both parties. Ch a p. LXI. 1,4 Fugkivt Strv*H* t which w*j gone, when return ? s I \ Judgment kpn tkt Figure hforeg$ing. npHe afcendant. and V in , together with S poficcd in X the afcendant, did fignifie the Mtfter of the Serv**t. who was ftiort of lhture, corpulent, of* good complexion, and rud- dy, frertt countenance ; his fatneflfe I conceive from the North Latitude of?, which was about one degree; as alfo, that the degrees afcending were in the Tennes of o, in an aycry Signe, and in the Face or Dtcanate of '? , no* policed in a watry S gne, andin partill >\ to » > both in rao^ft vS gncs, which argued a fUgmatick, full body, flic. The Sigw^C'ittr of the Servant was <? peculiarly in this Figure, although many times j (hall fignifie a fagiivt Servant: The Servant wis a young Fellow of about nineteen, a well fet Fallow, fhort, big joyntcd, broad and full faced, dark brown hair, his ttcth growing ill favouredly, aSjn burnt, obicure complexion, yet tlieskinof his body deer. 1 obferved that he wen: away from his M iter the Sunday pre- ceding, at what time the -> was in jr, a VVift.'tn Sgne, and that now d", the SigmfUaror of the F-low was in the fame Signe i as alfo, ihit J the common Si^nifa* tr of Servants, was in a Wcftern Signe, but South qjarrer of Heave*); it if true that Ji hath fotue relation to the South quarter, and J~ to the North. - judged from hence, that the Servant went wdUard at hii fi r (t departing, and that at the time of the Cti ftion, he was Wslt from the qmrm's houfe ; and this 1 jud^ed.becflufe 3 was ingular^ indeve.y wiy as (Vong as the i>, otberwaycs.I fliould have judged by the - ,} : Forafmuch as $ the Sig>:ificattr of the Servintj and,J Lord of the Afcendant, were faddeniy hnften- ingtoa a out of angles, I judged, that within a day or two he Ihould hive his Servant agiio : 1 found the J> in the fecond, in her own houfe; the Servant being a part of his Milter's Elhte. I judged from hence alfoi, that the Miller fliould not lofe, but recover forthwith his lolt Good? ; and the rather, for ihitthc- was in the fecond, and in perfeft a of the 0 in the eleventh, both of them in the Me'diety afcending » the neer- neflc neffeof a toehedegrte tfcendidg, n^«5^S*& p * IBI ^ncifboVe^ecorfburhoafc. Wrtwrf *o* hi Mate h ^ f h,mithti thitupoaFridiy following betiojei in thtaorn- ^?™.thcohewMftllW«ft, or. U«lc id the fart, iodnm.gratWatct,^ therfc^, lOtfSM or might flgnifie. Chap. LXII. D*£ miflixg* ft W Judgment ufon tkii frettivg Living in Lvdon where we have few or no fraall Cattle, V Sheep, Hog., or the like, as in the Countrey ; I cannot give example of fecb creatutei. oncly 1 once (et the F»8 ur ^P^ ceding concerning • Doggcfwho is in the nature offmaltBeattO which Doggc was fled and miffing, The Qutrt unto me was, jyhAtptntftfa City thtjjhwld fenrch} MXtifbe (keuld tver ft* ccvtrhitH' The querent wa$ fignified by the Signe afcending and the Lord thereof j and indeed in hi> perfon he tfas S^turnint^ and vitiated according to CMtdn \o the afcendant, in his feature, mind, or un- der Handing » that is, was a little deformed in body,and excrcam covetous in dtfpofition, &c. The Sign of the fist and his Lr>rd fignifiei the Doggej fo murt they have done if it had been a Sheep, or Sheep , Hogges, Co- nies, &e, or any fmall Cattle. The Signc of 3r is Welt and by South , the quarter of heaven is Weft j $ the fignificator of the Dog , is in - a W« ftcrn fignc, but Southern quarter of heaven, tending to the Weft} the »■ is in"', a South- weft Signe, and verging to the Wcftern an* ■<!e: the ftrengthoftheteitimonies examined, I found the plu- rality to fignifie the Weft , and therefore tjudged , that the Dig ought to be Wdhvard from the place where the owner lived, which was at Ttmple-hr, wherefore I judged that the Dog was about Lc'ng-Acrt, or upper part of Drurj Une : In regard that 2 Significmw of theBeaft, was in a Signe of the fame Triplicity that n his afcendant is , which fignifies tendon , and did apply to a As of theCufp of the fixt houfe , 1 fudged the Cog was not out of the lines of Communication , but in the fame quarter ; of which I was more confirmed by© andh their A» The Signe wherein 2 is in , is—, an aycry Signc , I judged the Dag was in feme Chamber or upper room, kvpt privately, or in great fecrecy; becaufe S w« under the Beams of* the 0, and $ )>. and ©were in the eight houfe; but becaufe the 0 on Monday following did apply by A dexter to T?Lord of the afcendant, and » to * of & , having exatotion in the afcendant ; I in - limated, that in my opinion he (hould have his £> »g again, or newesof his Dog or fmall Beaft upon Monday following , or near that time j which was true; for a G^nt'eman of theg«/* m.t's acquainrance, fent home the Dog the very fame day about tert in the morning , who by accident comrning tofceaFiiend in Long <tc>r,found the Dc? chained up under a table, and know- " Ddd »"S •. The Kffilutittt »f ing the Dog to be the jj>*<r«i*V feot hiw home, n alKWftid, to my very great credit. . Yet notwithftjnding thii v I c»nooi endure Qoftions of Fnittivts or 7£ff/>f , nor ever woutf have done any thing, but with intention to benffic pofterity. Vfdally I find , that all Fugitives go by the i\ md at (he va- ries her Sign, fo the Fugitive wavm and (hiftt in hit flight, And declines more or lefs to Eaft, Weft, North or South ; but when the Qoeftion is demanded , theu without doubt yo» muftcenft- der the 'ft engrli both of the jfg*//fr«r«r and the l> and jntige by the llronger; if both be cquivalcac in Fortitude*, judge other by the SiinificroY, if he beft perfonate the Fugitives by tbe i> , if (lie molt refembk him : with relation to either of therr that comes neareft in afpeft to the cufp of the houfc.frora whence fig. nification is taken. Chap. LXMI. OfThft. IT wai the received opiaion of Matter Alltn of Oxford , a man excellently verfed in Aftrthgit , that the true Significaror of a 7 /•#<•/• if that Planet who is an angle or fecond houfe, and befcohU the feventh houfe : if no peregrine Planet be in an an. gle or the fecond houfe , then the Lord of the feventh fhil) be Sig»i r c*tor of the Thief, if he behold the feventh houfe : otfaer- wa^i th*r Planet to whom the J) applies , if be behold the fe- venth houfe ; the rather , if the D fcparate from the Lord of the afcendant. And he faith farther, that a peregrine Planet in what angle foever , (hall not be Signtfmor of theThief, unlefs he behold the feventh houfe , or have any dignity in the degree of the feventh : yet if one and the fame Planet be Lord of the hour and of the afcendant , he (hall fignifie' the Thief, though he behold not the afcendant ; The truth is , I have ever found, that if a peregrine Planet were in the afceadanr, rjc was fedtor of the Thief.- next to the afcendant , I preferred the an- fjle of the South , then the Weft angle , then the fourth houfe, aft of all the fecond : many peregrine. Pjanetf in anglei , many are 1 are at may k fnfpefted. juftly if they are incf*t>c Ai not eanfoxing, if in □ or 4* » eve* Prefer that perigrtoe Planet foe joar SfamjUdur , who ii neareft to the Cofpof the angle h«  Judgement »pM this Figure: w Here often** , tnd pinly reprefenfi the qum^t perform d hit mind and difpofltion , who being in □ mth 5 and Tj, jtve fofficient tntlm.rion unto me of the inclination of the : • who wa» ftjfficiently ill conditioned, arrogant, proud, waits-. ktfth erein the x< degr. and 2 min. of A, b ™r^mA b«t two minutei entree; hw own Terms, yet being in hw Deeauate, I r^ufedhimfor^^rof theW/, and that juftly , no. ^ ? Io %$6 rbe;Rifikfhn»f .' In the next place, although li w*s in theangle of the Weft , yet did I find hira in his own Terras and Decanatc » lalfo paffed bybim. In the next place, I found 5 in 24. 42 «, lately feparated, or rattier in Dof cf , and now altpoft in partjll J with T? ; him I found truly peregrine, tic. having no effential Dignity where lie is. therefore I adjudged $ to be Sigmfieiw of the Tkitf. But whether s fignified Male or Female , was the dilpute , as a!fo the corporature, <] Jality, c>-c. The ang'cs are pm Mafculine, part Feminine, 110 certain judgment could therefore arife from thence, the » was in a Maf- cultne Signe , applyed to a maftolinc Planet in a mafculine Signe, and s ufually is convertible in nature , according to the nature of the Pianet lie m in afptft with : he is now in afreet withe?, and in 6 with ]? ; from hence I judged the Sex to be Mile. Andfaid it was a young Youth of forae 'fifteen or fixtccn : young, becaufe S ever ligriified Youth , but more young , be- caufe the - was fo near the 0 , and fcarce feparated from him, 1 faid he was of rea r onab!e ftiture , thinvifaged , hanging Eye browes, a long Forchei d, ionic blennfh or fears in his face , be- caufc J call his □ dtxitr to ; • bad Eye fight, becaufe i is with evil fixed Starres, of the nature of cf and a fad Hair, becaufe of his ncirncfi to 1; • but ofa fairvy countenance, one formerly a Thief, or fuipeftedfor ftuh anaverie> ; in tegard ; the Youth his Siinift a tr was in 6 with Tj Lord of the third and fourth , I judged he was foine Neighbours child .• and as the >> was in n , md ? in b', I conceived he dwelt either oppofite totbequerertt, oralittlcSouthwtit,; tmd'beciufe^wttintheafcendant , and dipo/ed by d Lord of the afcendant in the tenth , and the 5 ap- plied to his * afpeft, and was within four drgtffcs of theafpefl : X.judgcd he fliould nor onely hear of , , rut havebis Money with- hi four dnyes after the Q^eftion. He beleeved not ode wOrd I •a j l wo "^ nccds P erlw (' dc ™ * lb « fl Woman-fcrvant fig- 1 tried by cT, was one Thief, and 1; was another, but 1 rtodd firra to tlie tt ue 1 uies of Arr, ,and wouldnot confent Unto it, becaufe both thofe Planets, were effemially dignified. The event proved w'l' ly j trUe a?i ^j 01 ^ 1 ^ • both as to the perfon defcrU bed, ind to the day or the money returned, which was within thtecdajs after. , • Chap.
  • U mnntrof $%t8im.
Chap. LI V, Fijb (loin. living in __.,tlicCouh- try i6j7,l had bought hLch- , r.-i>i fome Fifh for my provifi- on in I enr; it came down by the Buge at /r.i//0*,on S u turdiv th< 10. of Fi br.QAC of lie Watermen :adof buil- ding my Fi h liouu'.accjuain- ted tne, their . - - — — »wuthou(e was fobbrd lait night, and toy Fith ft'akn .• 1 rook the cxatt time when I firibhtard the report, a id erected the Figure according- ly, endcavou ing to gtvemyfe.f fatisfaftion what became of ray goods, and 1, pollible, co recover part, or all of thera again. I Hi ft obfer ved, there was no peregrine Pianet in angle but U, whom I found upotule'cufp of thelevench houfe. the thing I Jolt was V,(h\ tjicrefoic any Gentleman would fcorn iuch a coarfe Commodity'; 1 confidcred the fignif catton of U in m , a moyft Signe, and the Signijkaw of my Goode, W. that he wa; iu K, a moj ft S gne, and that 0 was in S, ' a moyft Si^ic. Uitcret-.o.i; togecl er with. Art, aflift :d'me to think lie mult be a nun whofe p. ofeffionor calling was to live upon the Water, tHat had my G,wds , and that they were in fqme moyft place , or in ! wme low room, becaufe © was in 5 , anil the D in b an earthly Ddd3 I was • n ho »«• Udy of my b , w« _> . hi , h „ , n(1 tew »n,t, n „,o the difa.p.00 o »■« J,^^, Uroof ihejth ooiog to another -1. , ,««v«y!* how '« '6 ood MhW ' hved near ihc 7e« «'«<•. ™. # „ in „„ ty Sign., argued, privately «i N J^ B S5em.« . I fcUdonly irul then wich a ^« b » 'IJ' J" fo f De aed ; I found pm o'roy thatonel^eofth*^ Fifti in water, P« IM * \ ,h T.irt of ravF'to being in a Thi. ieft hapned .0 the ; fcarch . J rt of ^ >$ ^ ? biggc, rt hapned ct* Th.eMl o e uw £J . h< famc r0om the Bjrgc man, "hofc^ck i(W •, % c5lgclca(l W jfh. where the b^. a " d f f h ft '^ ; 8 X m n fo Icnay baven.y edj Aid to the woman of the ^°™ he ' womi!1 iforted , which I k * jM c* rot « ^ ^ flic had new* lack but i twn .c ^ lbcB raSfl the fane n.ght with the Lift, i «n 1 ^ v . ^ foc H^ypmt^^W^Yrfcitty complained to the woman had wafted «hich I tofts <b« not tS^h^^ The reifciMJer of mv F/fl> I freely remitted , though the hireling Ffieit of Wdlttn affirmed I httr latiifa&ion for it ; bat he ricvei' hurt himfelf with a lye. So that you fee the peregrine Planet m an angle defcribe* the Thief, and that either the 0 or D in the Afcendant, and iiieiTeritial Dignities, give* allured hope* of difcovering who it wa* • the application of D to the Lord of the fecond, arguea recovery; a full recovery , if both the D and the Lord of rife fecond be eflentially dignified • part, if accidentally fortified; a difcovef y ; but no recovery , if they apply and be both pere- grine. Chap. LXV. Str Ralph Flo p t o n Jbettld tvtrtomc, they i>*l»g f*ffoftd U be i»g*&td ntAr Altford, 9 o/Marcb, 1 044, T Head en danc it for our Array the B V and? forourGene- ra'/i, vi*. Sit if<//Mw&Ma- jor Generall "Brmtifl vali- ant& prudent citizen of Lan den, who may juftly Chah cage a large fliare of ho- nor in that days fecvice : -— — — - %k Ralph Hop to> is fignified by ij Lord of the fcvcothihis Army by y^.in the de- fcendinf - n TbeR<[ohti*Mf cendinc part of heaven.wbich is ufually given to the Friends and ■SnSioftheEntmyi there is only rfand 5 m the ninth, fo fh«by this it appeared Sir Hashed no fupp'.iesy read toittend ^tt^^o?^h r ^ r> jndmtbeele. ««h houfe with U (be being Lady of the afcendant , and ha- linn Principal fignification form and our Army engaged for the Parliament ; I concluded a!| was and would be well 0Q«ie fide , and the viftory our*: by her fep*ration from % , Itm, I did verily conceive we had .gained already frora thcra fomeanv rnunition> or performed to fcivice ..gairft them, urhch judfr men wa. more ftrergthened by "D . Lord or our afllftanr, ard Sane , pofitedtoth* tenth houfe, in the very degree of hu Ext ution , and though I did Imagine , by reafon of the pmx.- munition, and obtain a comp'eit viftoty , the o.-ly I thing. erqui- JS after for that the Pdid apply to 9, and then to a* of hfanwfar I acquainted thenar that w.thm eleven or twelve £il>e ffulltan wc (Wd bave perfefl newes and ,t SngTndgoEd, foreonflderingthe fighrw** wuh.n fifty ffi of I JL| I ordered my time according to dfet.on not Storing dayes for 4k ticqe , b k hour*. , for you fee the J) « dt- Som 9 elr^en degrees . but withall is m her imh motion, / ttSWfiBjjIiolighc. all which were argumemsof our fuc- ^ft StheEnemie, routing * « it did appear the fame .Friday bt ^ Letter that came from the Army ; certifying thacour-Ge. n£«!s took the Thurfday oefore, one honored and twenty Com- S5M <Ltlemen. five hundred and fi icy common Sou V Tn much Ammunition. That aeeording to natural caofeji-i fight, ore Chav. Chaf. LXVI. 4©t jfkkExctlttHcy Ro n s k t »/ E s s a x i»a«M ft«*r f - Reading, hAvi^tim [urMnAcAUmthhh, > A.H M I B. I J; : mi. l£>fli U»..-# THenoft bo tiorable of xfatStiglifi nati- on,t/**,E s $ b x the Kingdomei Craw/, o here fignified by c? Lord of "i, the Signafcendiog: his Majtfty by the 0 Lord of the tenth; the forcesthatwere to relieve Ret* fog, or toop- no,c& hinder his Excellency, by £ in X , and e«n«. The T^im of-Xj'Axg by «$ the Sirjne ofthe fonrth, the Go- vernor Sir /Ir/Ai^ t^/7« reputed a n able Souldier, by Tz Lord of the fourth » heir Ammunition and Proviflon in the Town by \ Lord ofthe fifth, and? locally thprtin. _ We have 6* hi* Excellencies SipijicAfr excellently forced, labon^ngundernooncroisfonuue ( except being in his ™" ) and of how great concernmenc it is in vVarre, to have 6 the general! Siimfcator of Warre, frendly to'brf*fW«, this Fi- gure well manifefts , the » feparaced ( 4 w«o J and indeed there was little hope it would have been gained in that time it was 1 fheapplycdto t'# "of 6", being in Signes of long afcenfions, theafpeaisiqaivalenttoa □ } whicl* argued, that his Exec'. - Eec lwcy 4ft Itncv weaiativt toodiidlfffeiltyvtnd fp»e figStmg, ercht cotdd «iit: bufbecaufecrandthea were in Reception. m. d in c^inihtctmh, I judged httE*c<U«ncy ftoald .obtain and Ukt Re. Jint; and fl*t glocv Mid honour thereby. Finding fte©b»^^ fixed Signc, I acquainted the ,«rrti.r. his Majcfty would oppo c sjU he jould, and fend Force, to relieve the Town with ill • •tfutaodr€folotion;.butlfaidbe (houW not prevail, Tor <S » %S&T6 W n, andioregardl fo-jd not the &&?iffirfcd, IiudgedtbeTownftfong, andctpableof hold. Boii. Soc'n J considered $ to be in the fifth, Imi confiden bi 9 wVnted rbt Ammunition: Having *rongWy confldcred airJar«a«, and well weighed that \i Lord of the fourth, fig- the Covemour, wa. in hk Fill with , indibjf ? %E% not farre from ? and that 6 did with h« D a.M be- andwhicH would certainly decafion the furrender of the Town, W«, tofttdivifionamonffttht prircp>» Officers, and to in- Jen e hem . ga r ft their Officer in Chief and ^at about eight dayc, from the time of the Qoeftion, I beleeved his Would be Mtfttrofthe Town, vet lather by wmnofiw D *cj Wood, becaufe Q and 6 were fcparated from their * afpft,and Wmlike msnner fe P arat«d from the □ ?«"%^\ fr ^ Cardinal Signes i asalfo, becaufe the application of the wa fodirediy to the* of the Lord of the afcendant, Without' any fruftration or prohibition. , t , f The town was delivered for the Parliaments ufe 1 the 27 h W dll matter tf^tjliftq. ^ min » fiW Soildiw," and of a noble Tdtnijy, not without jf a- 1 Ipanc and miftwit of uhderhaiid.dcaling in the laid '.'Colonel by the king's party; for which He was .brought to forne' trouble, but evaded i And I have fince heard forne of his Majcftie^ Offi- cers lay thus, They did bcleevc that fielding aded nothing but what became a roan of Honour, and that it was the malice of hi* Enemies that procured him that trouble, &e . A perfon of honour demanded this Qucition, and was well fa- tiified with what hath been fpoktn. Had this very Queftion been of a Law-fuit, whfh uU have o- vtrcomei you mult have confidered the Lord of the.'afcehdant for the antrtnt or Plaimiffi, and the afcendant it felf, together with the i> ; for the Enemy or 'Defe^nt, the feventh and his Lord, and Planets therein placed. In our Figure, in regard the >> ap- plies to a* of 'dT, the querm thcretore would have had the vi- aory, byreafonof the Verdi A given b'y the furvs, who ever arc fi gnified by the ^ ; but becaufe the © is locally in the fe- venth, oppofuc to the afcendant, andisl.oidof the tenth, wt. ofthe f»Hte t there's no doobc but the Judge would have been averfe to the as hisMa.jeity was to his Excellency and to the Parliament. In this cafe I fhould hive judged the Def e »d*»t a man of good titaie.orabletofpsndwell, becaufe 9 Lady of the eighth, w*. hisiecond, is in Exaltation ; and vet the ©and cf in might rive lVong telt monies that the Judge would labour to com- pound the matter betwixt both parties the Difpofitor of the 0 in bis Fall, w*. T? in V with the M \ would have fhewu great wpence of the ? « W/ or /7a^fieftue and money in this Suit; and that fuch a man as Ti would herein be a great AwriL i 644. three dayes after the time hmitcd^y me Was *x- ■ E unt0 bi becaufc h ^ j ire i n p. As h «s Lord of nired - But UobferviWe,' the veryMo'ri'day before, heingtight ■ lheth f rd> hcraiy fhew an ill Neighbour, or a Brother or Kmf- daves after the Figure fer, they began to treat. t , ^ ■ man . butaa the third houfe is the ninth from the feventh, it dayes after the Figure fer, they began to treat- . The truth of this Siege was thus, i^t ^^ i^ did come,ind^a« Wo; Aid and beaten ^•^(•^fc-ffid That Sic Ar hut Afin the Governour Was hurt in the Read as. Ti in Y with ^ well denotes ; nor dJdtb'ey Want dratturtttion, Mints j u»s ii»v miiM tivrwiw — - /* I * may argue fome pragmatical Pricft, or one of the Defeats Sifters Husbands; wherefore the PMntijfe mult cither take (ach a one off, or elfc compound his matter; or he mult fee whether his Enemies Auumej be not Saturnine, then (hall he receive pre- judice J>y his extreame rigid following the Caufe; If \ ligni- Bee 2 > '464 TheRtfiWnof fie his Ltwjtr, the dammage by him, or by fone aged man, pei> haps the term's Father or Grandfather, or elfe fooie fturdy Clown or ill Tenant ,e*r. for according to the nature of the ^e- m«ft f vet vary the nature of yoOr rules } by extct know ledge whereof, you may attain the perfection of the Whole Art. The eight House, and thofc Questi- ons' properly belonging unto it. 0/ Veatb^Vv\W)\St^flanceof the ll'.tfc, &c. Cha p. LXVH If tht dfir.t p.inj be nth* or A'aJ f THE true refo!u:»on of this Qjftion depends much upon a right unfcilhnding, what 1 relation the querent hath to the party ei quired of, for joa have oft read in tin preceding judgmcrtv that in every Qptttion great care is to be take:>, that the intentions of the Dcma»d*n\ tnd iw/tod.psrty mayb- r.rcAilly appreliendcd, that thereby one Ji;5» : »/;f.:/*»-benot or it ken for another;, wherefore for better fa'ti'fifiK i.of of judgment we now are handling, you muft <r q me whether he. t /*. -i he qwrent, enquire of the death of 8 Friend, or of his W«fe, or a Father, or a Child, or of a S.rvanc, &e. Give the fnllhoufe and his Lord for the of the qmrmi ; but for the party <jn<fitcd, give the Sign of that houfe he is figuificd by, the Lord thereof and the » for his Sitnifcattrj : if you find the Lord of hi* afcendant in the fourth or eighth., either from his own afcendant, or of the Fgure, thatcoi figuration is one argument the man or woman ensured after, it deceafed s (. this muft be judged whercthe par-- ty hath been long abfenr, and in remote parts, and strong intelli- gence concurring therewith. ) Together with this, confider if the Lord of his tfcehdant of the-\ be in the twelfth from his own houfe, with any evil Pla- net, or if he be in the twelfth in afpeeYdf any unfortunate Pla- net, cither by □ or b°, or if the © be unfortunate or affli- cted, or the i> in like manner, for then the abfene is dead: If the Significmr x>? the abfent roan or woman be' in the fixth ftom his own houfe, orfixchof the Q ^ftfon, or in any □ or 'd 5 , or affliction of the Lord of (he lixth, without Iteception, or the be- nevolent afpeft of a Fortune the abfent is then fick : but if he be but goiog-unto, and he is not fe pirated from the afpe&, he hath not been, but he w.ll b; fudJenly ill, or very fliorcly but if he be going from the c{ of evil Planets, either by body or afpeft, fo that he be furdy fep.iraied from them, or is deputing from CrtmbufHon, it argues the party enquired of hath lately efcaped a' danger or fickneflV, or ptri! equivalent ; the greatnefleof the difaiter or infirmity you Hull judge to be 'according to the quali- ty of the Signet the ' S-gnificato^ arc in. and manner of afpeft affl fling, having relation to the houfe from whence the afpeft* a>e. lt'sconfiderflble, that you poyfein your judgment, whether the SigMptMor of the abfent party bz\n the fixth, and not joyn- ccl to the Lord of the fixth, or to any unfortunate Planet afth&- ing htm, or whether he be in any amicable afpeft with either of the FcrtMnet, or if he be ftrong in the S.ghe, you muft not then judge the man fick, but rather weary or drowfie, or perhaps he bath let blood of late, &c or taken Come Phj fick for preventU on of a dileafe which he feared. Ido onelyobfetve, if the Sig' ifoatorQ? the abfent be ft-ong, and fepiratcd from a FortHnc> and in a good houfe, the abfent lives j if he be affltded, or was lately in □ or cP "of tfic hftr-' he was perplexed, or fufTered much mifery, according to the nature of the houfe from whence afflicted ; but 1 judge him r.otdead, ualeflc together with that mifchwicc, the Lord of the eighth do unfortunate him. Etc 3 fVhthtr Confidet by what beafe the abfent party ii fignififid. tnd what Planet ii bit ftnifictm ; then fee if Mg»ifemrU to the firfthoufc 0« Journey be wbkhetit will) yet if itbealong Journey, and beyond Seas, then fee if- it be in the moth, or if in the twelfth, if a very long Journey was undertaken j or if he be in the fife, if a moderate Journey was intended,, or \n the third, if a.ftiort Journey : If he be in any of thefe bouftf,pr ( doo commie his difpofition to any Pl«net in any of thefc boufci, \t fignifics the abfent will not o^x in that Voyage, but returne: ifhc be inthefeventh, be will return, butnonnhafte; nty, he will tarry long; and he is at time of the Qucftion in that country unto which he fit ft went, nor hath he hitherto had any thoughts of returning: howfoever, now he bath: if be U m the iounb, he will flay and abide longer then if he were in the feventh if his Si^ificaior be in the third or ninth, , and in any afpeft with any Plant r. in the afcendant, the ahfent i§ pre- paring to come home, ard is fu 1y refolved thereof r or if , he be in the fecond, in alpcft with a Planet in the oil), he is endea- vouring to provide moneys for his voyage homewards, nor will it be long ere he be at home j but ir he be in a Cadcnt houfe, and not behold bis own afcendent. he neither cares for his return or hath any thoughts thereof, nor can he come if fo be he would ; il he be cadent and nlfo afflided. ana bthold not the afccndtnt , but is otherwife impedited , there's no hopes of his return, not w ll he ever come ; but if either his flwi/foiforbcttctiograde, or the )> joyned to a Retrograde Planet and behold ihe afcendant, it imports his fudden return when not exp«Aed: if you node his Sig*ifiwor irnpedited, fee what houfe he is Lord of that doth infonunater-im ; if icbe the Lord of the fourth, the roan it detained and cannot have liber- ty » if it be the Lord of the fwb, be is ill j if the Lord of the eighth, befearcahefhalldye by the way,, or before begets into hi* own Country ; if the Lord of tlx twelfth,, he if a»,a pnfoncr, and cannot procure liberty : fuch configuration* as thele feem to impede his return. Having confidered the &ir»ifit*tor of the abfent, now have re- ^ b * courlc 407 conrfetothe^, the general Signifimtri*, for if fhebj in 6 o* good afrift Of tfce atofcmV Mgnifititr, -or commit h«c' difpofjr tion unto him, ard he policed in the afcendant, it argue* hi* re- turn* j the fleeter theafped is to the degree ifcending, the loon- cr he retUf net ; the moVe remote, the longer it wdl be. The Sigtifictto? onely poll <d in the eighth, without other impcdiibtntj prolongs hi* return, but at lift he-will come; but (f unfortunaded therein.he dyes & never returns: ;> feparating from theLordofthefo'ortb, fettnth, ninth or third, or any Planet ufider the earth, arid then joy'nedco the Lord df the afcendanr, or a Planet above the earth, the abferit will return. The tihtt TrbtH he will return. You are herein' with diftrction to confider, fir ft, the lengcli of the Journey ; then the Lord of the afcendant and Si^nificater Of the party abfent, arid to obferve, whether they are qf the fopttiDur IWinets or not, or whether the Journey was long or fhoft, or according unto difcretion, in what fpacc of time a man might come and goe, or perform*.* by water or land, (uch or fuch a Journey or Voyage j if you fiad both the SignificAtors apply ing by * or A alpcrt, obferve in your ■ Sphemtm wh:» the day of thcafpedis, and then much about that day or neer unto that time, (lull you hearc fonic N.-wes of the party, or have a letter from him, or concerning him ; this fuppofes the psrtyfoneer, that a poifibiliry thereof miy be, for if ih:'di- Ihnce be very farre, then you may judge within a 'fortnight or moreofthe day of the afpedt : Bit if- you be a»ked, when hi will co»:c I owe, or */;.■« the Querent p>*ltfee him i then is it very pro- hibit when both the Sigkificatort tome to c4, he will come home, and the Querent rtullru- in his company ; if the S$g»ifi- urn of the-abfenc be in any Signe preceding one of hi,* own honfes, obferve how many degrees he wanes ere he gets out of that Signe and enkers his own houfe, and put them into dayes, Weeks, moncths br veers, according to difcrttion, and the nature of the Signe and place of heaven" he is : in { for moveable Signer* argue a ihorc May in the place ; common One«, more long fix- ' sd do prolong and ftww long rimer' '.. '. of ,4©$ TfoAefiluihn*/ OfthdMiboftkeQ&ttetitt iTftMcttfhkrtnttfa \ If one it fearful of death* or feckhiafclf ill, or wonjd U rcfolved, Whether, according to natural caofes, h« may* live.* ' yecr, two, three or roore» the better to difpofe of (omc matters corcerning his own private affaires, and (hill demand fucb.a Qycftionofyou, give the afcendant, his Lord and .the J> for hisSigrifica prt, andfeein what houfes they are in, and how dignihid eflenrially , unto whom they apply, or with what Planetraflbciated : if the Lord of the fltft be joyoed with any of thrFortune*, and commit lis venoe unto him, and that Planet is well dignified, anJ.comraich'sdi poiiuon to no Planet, then fee if that Fortune be Lord of the e ighth ; for if hebenor.thcn afl'uiedly the Querent out.hves ct e veer, or two or three, or time by him propounded ; but if the P flnct to y horn the Lord of the sfcendant is in </ with, or commits his vdiipofit'on un- to, be Lord of the eighth, tUn whether he be a Cjood. .Of ,an, ?H Planer, he kills ( for every Planet muftdo his office . ) -and, fig- nifi.r.% that the Querent (hall dye wiihin the compaffe Of tunc dem. uded; and ibis judgment you may a vcrre with more conr- ft.incy, it* the I- he then impedircd nnlcflc fomc other Planet be joined with the Lord of the afcenriam. wno receives cither him or the D, for then be (hall noc dye-in that.fpacc of time en- quired of by liinj* Cot fiderif the Lord of the afcendant be joynedtoan Infor* tone, who receives him not either hy Houf; or Exaltation, or by two of h«' l«ffcr Dignities, and the i> Mfo at that time un- fortunate, it fiftmfi« the Querent's death. If in like manner you find the Lord of the fii ft joyned to t!:c Lord of ihceighih, unlefTc the Lord of the eighth receive urn), and io notwithftmdirg, as that the Lord of the fli ft receive not the Lord of the eighth, though he receive the Lord of the firJl ; kcaufeif the Lord of the eighth receive the Lord of the fit it, and chc Lord of the fitft the Lord of the eighth, whether For- tune or Infortunc, yon may juftly ftar the Querent*! death; but if the Lord of the eighth receive the Lord of the afcendant, fo there be not mutual binders not. Having Having cottfidered jadicio k fly that the qmrtnl flnll not dye, behold when orjn what time tt will be ere the Lord of the afcen- dant is joy** 1 to that Planet who receivcth him with a comport A untill that time and y<er or yeersfignified by that 6, thf qut- r/nrftviJlbefecure, and fo may afcertain hirafelf, tbai at this liu, e he(h»Hnotdye. '*. n j tm < But if .you find upon wft grounds in Art the qntvtnt (pall dye, behold when ai d at what time the Lord of the firft ft joyncd to the Lord of the eighth, or to the ab lVcfatd Inform • who receives him not, but alflcfc him, and is the intert cicnt Planetj for when their perted 6 \ % whether by body or afpefl, at that "^uHftheLwd of the .fit ft is fodifpofed, orheinfucha con- dition as you conceive that by him alone, without other te- ftimomcs, you cannot Efficiently judge of his death or life, then doe yon confider the », and judge by her pofttion, as voudtdoMhe Lord pf the firft: but as I related before, if the Lord of the eighth and the Lord of the ritft be joyned together and each receive other, or at leaitwifc, the Lord of the firft re«  ccive the Lord of the eighth, it prenotes his death, asaforefatd: when the interhcicot Planet comes to the degree wherein the two Siimtow were in c<, or if they were in □ or <P afpecj, iben when the malevolent iMtrfifar comes to the degree of the M,»c^ wherein the Lord of the afcendant wat at time of the Qutftion : or when the unfortunate A»*rrm trar.fitei the degree aftendmc and there meets with the malevolent afpec* of the Lord oftb«;futb, or when an £t Hfft , er its oppofite place foils to be either the degree or the degree of theSign wher- in the Lord of the afcendant was, arof the \ «f yo» judged by her, and no t by the Lord of the afcendant. Wht*> »r *bt*t w'ttt tlmttht Querent maj «ji I When the Ononis abfolutc, and without limitation, and the fl^M»fha'llT>ropound unto yoo, being an vtftroUgisn his Qwibon in this manner of way, vix. wktn fh*» idjt tr favM m»j I ! In this demand* yon are to behold the Lord of the afcendant, the^cndintitfclf, tnd ttie V&^jWJ^ t or infortonate Planet in the. eighth, and hat Planet onto- ^homcUherthtLordof thefirtfor the > or malevolent afpcft, and you .Chill determine the of to 'Ow'r*«f according to the number or diftancj of degrew which •of thai Planet to whom either the Lord of Jt; afcend»ni or » i ioynedV for thofe number of degrees (ha I fhew either moneffor ieers .• If the Lord of the firft bz in 6 with the S of th/eighth in .n angle, it note, fo thefc judgments, angles do not accelerate death, but. (new ^t Mi Sand nature-are jgong, -and* poffibility of ov«cO«,|ng the malignity of the humour affliaipg: •^he abonft.dJ J b > » «  futctllanthoufe. it note. To many. moMlhi,. but note; if the $ignebefixed, it give, hatfe ycen, halfe "^^fj^' dent houfe, fo many WceVf « : you muft W Sg? 1 * rijfcwri are excwamly affiled, or, hayc ^&^J*fW thataccording to natural! caufes, -the ihteriutxwrt liteMwg, ©r that death it not far from the Qtirent* , If the Signifcwrs dp not preftge death Jt quaint Mmf.iS po(nble„ he^ay live fo ^ ^jrV^^5 bctwixc the a.of the.Wd.of the *^j»«^d- theLordof the eighth, or of M Pl»« ** ftionaffliainghim. The i#«i«M ( have ever obferved, ttatthe Lord of the a7cen<Jant is more in this judgment to U i con ifidc- red then the », andtherefore his, affliction or; "With ^ heU d of the, eighth, ,pr Cpmbu^n- with the ^:" n ftS?^S confiderWn, and moil to be feared ; forratu^rfy the tof the firft doth fignifie the life and body of the qutfent, and notby MC If the Lord of thealcentlant to fepaf ated from the Lord of the eighth, or the Lord of the eighth trem him, or from that Planet who did afflic* him. it's not then probable, the wn*t ihalldye, info many ym»as,tkre arc dcAty betwixt .thero, tuVfromtbat their, reparation : where observe, the 6 or tnc D with the Lord of -the eighth, doth not much hurt, unle Me ih«Lordofthcfuft*e*lf<li<?yncd with him j for lectbt ^> be lifted, V«» if the Lord of the afcendant be ftrong, it's no » great ma fer ; but if the D be well Fortified, and the Lord of the afr SSao be weak and aflifted. theftrength of the* effitt. no. Sor the evafion of the for although inthe.^^ a, aSV^ebathmuchtodo; yet in this manner of judgment lie, tie, where life or death are in queftlon. WhHbtr thi M*»qy trifeJbaXJjtfirfi. Thiidothmore neerly depend upon the NatMty «f «riiet par y, then upon an horary Queftion, and therefore I w»M Sintherefotutionof this Queftion, thai fir ft the ^ ^ do demandof the hit or her age, W^V^l' *S Smtof theirBirth, andthathe ereft the F Buret frc what poffibility there was in the %jim , of the lengtn orCtneffeoftbe^r'i life if time give V™ « f Sk0 of D in the W or the afcendant of the Nativity. don«rthetimeof the Queftion, come to any .m^PJg^ fn ,he decrees of the 0 D or afcendant of the Radtx, npw ai hi» «h?^l *» * £^o a rfme CO o n f tt ce a: and then era your Figure according to the time or in day given, end behold who ask. the Queftion. J e LJrd B of. the afecodant be for him or hot , . ^1 w(a £ feventh for the quefited party, fee < ffjl^^S^ eft, ormoftaffliMfatheJPigwff, and or feventb boufe hath any malevolent l>lanct ponccd therein. orXthertherearifewith^be.^ cufp of the feventb , any maleficall fixe d Starres , lor q maSner of judgment t^ey ^ f ^^SflSn Lord of the feventh, or pf th,e ^^?£3d ftrft, or to theajtliaiooofany malignant Planet of d^cW l « i K ^ rf ^ " lento 4i* Tht Mefoiuthtt ef ■fcendanitenoftaffiiSed, or fii ft got to corobvitionj *cuf \M firft houfe it felf be unfortiinated by the pretence of art /*/ 0 r«  tint, that then the quern! dyeth fiift : and fo judge for the qtte^ fad, if che fame misfortune* befall to the feventh houfe, and * nis Lord, &t. What manner •/ death the Querent fall Jjf? In this manner of Judgment obferve the Lord 0/ the eighth, if he be therein pofi ted, or what Planet it neereft to the cufp of the houfe, and hath Dignities therein 1 for you rauft ukt fig- mfication of the quality of death from either of thefe, or from that PJahet who afflids the Lord of the afcendaht, and have D/gnitiec in the eighth: If the Planet fignifying death it either S or U, you may afliire the querent, he or (he lhall dye a* fair* death: and obferve what Dileafes they or either of them in the Signc they are in do fignific, and what part of mam body they reprefent in that Signe, and you may certifie the querent, that the difeafe or infirmity he or (he (hall dye of, will be of the nature of the Planet, and in that part of the body they, fignifie in ttm Signe. Ufually. good Planets in the eighth, a fair, gen- tle death; malevolent ones* either ftrong Fcav«rs> or long con- tinued Sicknefllrsj and much afflicting. . Chap. LXVIir; Whether the Portion of the Wife will be greater eaftlj obtaintd; or whether u the Woman enquired after rkh er not. HErcin vary your afcendant, and then the Qucftion as well refolvcs the demand concerning the eftatc of a man at of a woman. The querent is Ml fighified by the Lord of the afcendanc and fiift houfe, hUSubftincc and Eftatc by thefecond houfe, Lord thereof, Planet or Placets pofited in the houfe, and the Lord of© and place of heaven,and Sign wherein it is found. That which is the occafion of this Que'ftidh, is, if a man propound the Qaeftiou. Whether the W«atn he enquires af- ter all manner of jgiicjfforif. 41 j " eef be rich, &c. Behold in thi? jud,-c nent the Signe of the eight ho;>fe,the Lord the,-cof,the P..<n?c paftted there n. ' The cufoof the "cigrhh in tru- termes of U or £ give, good hopes of Wealth, or' U or 9 poTucd m that houfe j blertty of Wealth if they arc ciT^ntially digni'icd, direct, and free from Cbitibuftion ; not fo much, if they or cither of hem be Retro- grade, Cbmbiiit, or fl.»iw in motion : far though in Effenriall Dignities and fo quili;cd, they txpielfc a fufficient and large proportion, yet with forne ^iride or trouble it witf come to the querent! ' , ■' ■ The L'ofd of the eighth in the eighth no ways iroptditcd, gives good hopes of fomc Inheritance or Land to fall to the wife or woman, or by fome Legacy, fomc Eft«ce; the more' certain, if ei:hcrihe lord of the fourth in the figure, or the Lord of the tenth and the Lord of the eighth be in any benevolent afpeft out of Angles or fuaedant houfes, or out of the eleventh and eighth. © in the eighth and in xx or £1, or any of the houfes of M or 9, they cjfting their A or *- afpefl to © : you need irot fcare but the eft uc of the quefned party is fufficient, and if the difpofitor of © doebutcalthis *or A to it, or elfc is in a good afpeft of U or $ : thefe argue the Woman inquired after to be a good Fortune, and you are not to make doubt of his 6t her Eftatc:' or d Peregrine in the eighth, either poor or little of whar is promifed will ke obtained, or extre3tn contention about it. The Lord of the eighth Combuft, fbw performance, (carce ability in the Parents' to performc what is promifed. U in the foPtunate Planet b:ing there,' there's cheat; infl intended, or more will be promifed then performed. Lord of the eighth in the feebnd, Or iri A or * to the Lord of thefecond, the querent (hall have what is promifed, in □ with difficulty, in cP never, withouc much wrangling ; if no recepti- on hardly at all. Its iinpoifible to give fuch generall Rules as will hold ever certain, therefore I advifc every PracWer to well wefgh'the querent his Condition, and the polubiiity the Figure promifes, and fo frame hii con/cdu're. 4*4 rhe*t[olutkn>f ) Chap.LXIX: JftM bt tfraiJof* thing, Whtthr he faU h in itngtr of tktfmetr not* Behold the afcendant and hii Lord, tnd the D{ if yon find the D infortunate, or if the Lord of the afcendant be infortunate, and falling from an angle j or efpecially in the twelfth and » with him j it flgnifies the faint Fear is true, and certain that [there «  caufefor it, or that great labour and grief wall moleit bim, and that many things fliall be demanded of him, or he charged with many matters not appertaining to him.or of which he is not goil- ty. If the Lord of the alcendanr doth afcend from the twelfth into the eleventh or tenth, or (hall be joyned to Fortuneij it flgnifies the thing fcarcd (hall not appertain to bin, or he be moleftcd thereby, or tMt he need not be afraid, nor (hall the matter dohim ill, but he (hall efcape that fear. When the Lord of the afcendant (hall be in one degree with Fortunes, no ill i» towards the \ if the Fortunes unto which the^ Lord of the afcendant doth apply, or which apply unto him be in the mid heaven, and the I> apply onto thofe For tones, and flir be in an angle or elevated above him, it fignifies he that is afraid (hall eafily be delivered from fear j nor hath he any grounds for it. The fignifier of the qneltion applying to tnfortunes it is true; to a fortune, and not received of an infortune, it is falfe. Many have iudced, that if the » be in the eighth, fixtb, or twelfth,and apply to any Planet in a Cadent hoofc, the Sufpition 11 i not true, or the report will hold long, butthat it will be fraothered and vanift to nothing : the I> in A to © difcovers all fuddeoly. CHAP. Chap.LXX. Whether Urfan or fVijefiall Jje fir ft t ftfjgment upon t'hii Flfcurti in ORmany weighty Reafons one defiredmrfa eorifideriwhc- . ther himfelf or wifijflioulddyefirft Whemi^on I erect- ed rbe figure ofAqaveny as-above! placed. < i ,. : Finding :thd>fev«hih> houfc afflicted , ivhiehi>«fianifleth' the Wifabychepofitionof fyin T his Fall, and that c? Lord of tbe fewittYwas cadeptin ir and the ninth boafej atid difpofed by £ Lord of.theifixth from thefeventh, andheiRerrbgradeand in his Pall^and'the,*"! but; the eighth hoofe ftjora the fe- venth. . Tbefe corifiileratjonsirnoved me' to enquire ofithe ^e- ■ frnt, whether his Wife was not veryiiicjk, andi in ai Confump- tion ( for fo it appeared unto me / aodalfoinfirmed ■ (j» Scttf us. ) For if you obferve all thofe f>i»ifie4t$rt which haverclati- ■■ '■' on ' on unto her, trf wholly unfor tunstc anj lout of their EfTcnaal Dignities. J enquired her tfic, her cnA Nativity I could not oh. Win. onely I on«Vt(bod (he was now in her 42. ye" of age,**: H Clim&mft V eer, which it ufuaUy dangerous , and toe n.ore ontolier. (he meeting with an untoward P-feaie necr or in thai ' I confidtred the feventh hoofe which. was her afeendant,whcrc«  by I judged her Corpora wre to be tmall, or her Perion imui vs. tine, her vifage long and lean, her complexion dark and pa e, her condition! very wafpifo, or (he *ry froward^*. which wai confeffed. and I afterwards fou. d. Bccaufeh Iheweth long l.n- grinc Dileafei, and 5 Lord of ih< fiich hoofc was Retrograde I judged (he would rela pfe but of one Pifrafe into another , part- ly by her own oMlnatcnefie, and partly by the errour.of the Phyflcian: By her ownwtlfullneflfc, becaule that the Lord of iWtcndant was alfo Lord oftbe eigheh , and partly by negleft of the Phyfuian, who^as fignificd H * who *" tn t) w '? h h in £^, w »ff^»ndTr^/SigneMnd in Agles, or their lroall care of the miferablc Gentlewoman.- All thirds ftp ouflyconfidcrcd, I conceded the Woman would dyentlt| for the J»>w^»rOfibe Man hath no manner oyffliftion wt, <? (he being in her H^nt r and free rron^thc leaft manner of m.s. fortune. andYo was the Man from all inaifetfica. For the tiac whin fhe (hould dye, robferved when \ and 6 came to an ill af. fpea • for \ didmoft* of all reprefent her-in perfon and conditi- on :. and I found that about the latter end of Si fttmk* following cf came to an oppofuion of Tj, c. l*<ngne« the place ot the })«ttimc of the Quezon. «/*.in » degi -.of % and \ m .two of t<. the^atthacmo nentinihe place of 6* t/ic/iaiodcgMtf m or thereabouts. From thence I concluded, that n wa» proba- blc (he woold dye or be in great danger of death about the latter end of S* pttmkr or beginning of 0 ticker ; and in truth (he dyed the eighth of oflafcr, upon which day e? ■ rid S •Jf ,0 f eighthdegreeof « ; <he one in the Ctofton being tad«f Aj •kendant; and the other of thefinh, the degree it Wf the ve^ faiptof th*» inthequefton, and i> toth< iz,of & the oppo- JSte degree to her. attendant in the Quiftion . C H A ?, 4*7 Cha p, ixxr. * 'Aftom4nof htrffttibAnins Sea t if sl'm % vfhtr(]wheHrttHrnl 5 Lord of the tj&'m ^j?/- tcendant doth on hath At pe rfona te the much rclm- q/tenr.tft as S o/j r<? //jf 9"* is in ^ with its eighth ai:dl2 in Y w r| /;?///>. doth fignifie liefacfjowas flic (xtrcarnly disfigured ther in by the fmall Pox, had weak cyct, &c, was 1 till 'of grief Sc forrow tor hec hutbar.d occa» fioned by )i his mf . r -,„-,,,-,-,- dhiidionofCi (h, alfo Hnd a (.fpinpj in her fperch and (pake but ill ; foip'ufual- lyh afflifting, i„ mote of befe.ll Signcs, ctuleth impedumnt '"ThT^^wasngniflcdbyULordofthefev^^^^^^ Ing polSS in the tenth hooft. and lately fep-raced from the Aim. : llh now in the ninth, (he being Lady ot ^ th.« |, «JB«cd the man hud been lately forae voyage S.»uth-eaft ; and , bec-ufe bcnh9 and J are in T, and U in the South angle, and that U of l.« had been with the * of 9, he being now no way ma**, but fwift in motion made me judge :il«m n was al ^.ve and in health: but as S, who d.lpotttli or ^ » Lo >rd ^of the fecond, v »*. the e.gbch from the k-venth, and as the » « fo «  ceeJingly afnitf ed by 5 and I ? , I judged he had been m much d.n^andperillof hislife, by treachery and the tunning plot ofhiiadverftriei, and had fuffcred many afthdtions in b» ab G gg » <ncc » knizi fot $ Lord of the fcvcmb from hisafccndaht J and'Ttof the twclft from xtt fevcnth : btfidcs U is accidentally Fortified, bat not tflentially.and in bis Detriment, with Osttlut s violent fixed Star,intimating,the man had endured many fudden and vio* lent chance*. ivkiri. Finding U more Fortified then the » , (he ilmoft entrlng £f, e Southerly Signe, and U in -m a W< ftern Slgne.and Sooth quar- ter ; I judged the man abfent was in the South- wtft of £"gl*nd t \ in fome Harbour, becaufc U was angular. Whu rtturn T,1C P ft P 4rIt€t from ^ doth ^PP^ unt0 1,16 or * 5 Sigmfitir or hear of him trtx °^ ^ e fl*"™; 80 argument * ft « r much expedition & long. J ipg, the Woman fhottld hear of him in two or three dayi,becaufe the diftanee of l> from the body of $ is about one degree and no more, and the Signe moveable, £fiflnAd. J But as ? it inn movable Sign, and D it corrupted by him and h , the report (he heard of her Hwband was falfe (for (he heard he was in Town,) but it was not fo. Coufiderinj* that 5 and Tj did haften to 6 in ,ir, <? being therein very potent , and that this 6 was to be the fiftof/t/^r following: I jedged from thence, that about that time (be would haoe certain Kewei of her Husband, ifhapyily he came not then home. The fecond Week in M*y the Woman did hear hear certain newes from her Huiband, but he came not home till the fecond Week in f ttly^ he had been fcveral Voyages in tbe Weft parts, was taken prifoner by the Kings Forces, and at lime of her queftion asked, was at BarfiaH$ t &ry €ha'p. Chap. LXXII. Q. <M*t mum ofDtAthC ahtiuh'r rJiutUtb*? IT my sp p*if t6 si indifferent minded men the verity & worth of A- (In log" by this Qnftti- l on,for there J is not any »- I mongft the wifeftof men in this world could better have rcp.e» fented the perfon and condition of , this old man ' hit prefenr ftate and condition, and the manner of hi* death, then tbis prcfent Figure of heaven doth. <v,nfrhe fringe man ef the Church, his afeendant .« V?, thee j> o the ninthhonfe, T, is Lord of the Signe, now in «V his foil * "to ng time Retrograde , and now pofued in rhc twdltof thef .gu <> or fourth from hi, afeendant, fo that the heavens repreftnt I u in a condition of mind, of a violent fpirit, turbulent and envoi. , a roan involved in troubles iraprifoned, &c.*, doth fomewlut alfo «prelcnt on, being of that crntnency he was of in OTr ^°^" r ^ t he you fee,' is Retrograde and with many f" dM Yrrmf - namre of ct and D : an argument he was deep laden with misfor- tunes and vulgar Clamours at this prtlent. T . Ggga iae mm '426 theitefilutbtttf The ) it Lady of the fourth in the Figur e, but of the eighth aitohisafeendad^ftttfeparatesfrotnht andapplieito the <p, ofthe0necrth«l|fp of the eighth hoafej ©in a fiery Signc, applying to an cP Of the Difpofiro'r of the aged *Bifiop ; cf being in an Aery Signc and humane, from hence I judged that be (hould iot be hanged, bat; fuffer a more noble kind of death, and that within the fpacc of fix or feven week*, or thereabouts j becaufc the » wanted feven degrees of the body of dV He was beheaded about the tenth of fanu iry following, I write not thefe things as that I rcjoyced at bi« death; no,' {doc not; for I ever honoured the man, and naturally loved him, though I never bad fpeech or acquaintance with ,hirh : net do I write thefe lines without team; confldering the great incer- tainty of humane affaires .• He was a liberal ^c'etikt to OxftrJ, and produced as good Manufcripts as any were in Uuiverfity, whereby the Learned moft acknowledge his bounty; let his imperfeftions be buried in filertce, MmuM ijt&Mt&r* tnit hU xifi bonnm. Yet I account him no* a Mbtyr, at pneWe did s Forby the Sentence of the greater X^d'rt ^f£^/^, vi£, tjrc Parliament, he was brought to his end. \ v. , Chat; Chap. LXX'in. If have the Tcrtson fromifed t h is here SignijiiA- tor of the querent, Retro- grade, 6c tnthc 12 h houfe.asif had been in fome dcfpa.r of conftjj'ed' The Wo- man iifig- niflcd by 1,1 hisexal _ tation in *>\ a fixed Sign, argue the Woman to be well conceited* of h. t Mi, conficlcnt.yet vertuousand .modeft: the^^'v neer thetf, (he had a fear neer her right eye,for the S figmhci m Women the right Eye. ... e , , • „ ,t.- That which is pertinent to the refolutton of the thing «v mandedisthis; That finding 9 in the eighth houfe, which w theworoansfecond, and the 0 to be. Loni thereof, m Ins own houfe, and that > did feparate from the 6 of <£, and in - ferred his vertac to T?, who is Lord of the afcendant and Q- • pofcrof ©, andalfoLordof the ^W/fecoiid houfe -Idia from hence cheer up the dull querent, and allured him he had no caufe to feare the not- payment of his Wives Portion but ttuc it would really be performed, whatfocver was or had been Ggg 3 promilcd mifed, andtbit, to hii frrtte comfort, to would prov 4 f SS ieSow *omin , but fomtwhai pcoud j ill tb« P r#vc4 tfac » as I experimentally haw it from the ^umms ownt Mouth. The ninth H o us k, and.thofe Qjt st ions properly belonging unto ic. Longfoumies, "Religion, Pilgrimage , 'Dreams, .<3cc Chap. IXXIV. 0/ ar i// to qtttfiiont ewttrumg Hvhft. Ip in thi« houfe good Planets have cither govcrament, or arc in poffeflion thereof, orafpeA the fame without the tcftt- monics of the J»f«rt*»tt , it fignifeth good , or ii an argu- ment thereof in all Options concerning this houle. Of a Vy'ge l<] Set, a»i thfuccefs ihtmf. Look to the ninth houfe, if it be good and , ftrong.and afpe^d of Rood Planets, or good Planets in the faid houle , efpecially if the Lord of the afcendai* and the tenth be well afKtted, it u ve- ry fiood : but if thou findeft h 6 or the ? there, then is the way evil, and hefh.M not fpeed well in the way , or get any wa Uta by that Voyage : 6 in the ninth , intimate* danger by Thecvci orPvrates- h threatneth lofs of Good?, or fuknefs 5 ,the V doth import the fame that 6 doth, but molt part with coinage ^Thcfrbfhnceof the Journey is from the tenth, , be«ufcit«  the fecond from the ninth: F»rln»ts tbere,cxpea Wcalchj /*; r- tgntj,\oki the ninth infortunate, many hardrtiip* inrthcYoy- •ge; IVfww/ there, a happy paffage. Together withthii, ftc t« the L#rd of the eight,or eighth houfe|for jf he or it be Itrong, there it Wealth to kc got j h or lj in that houfe, nothingto bo had, or not worth labour. What » indjoH fl.iBhwc. Behold the Lord of the afcchdanf, if he be with a good Planet or Planets, and they ftrong, and in a friendly afpeft , it fignify- eth good windi • but ifwithevill Planets, or they in cadent hou- fes, the contrary ; if the S'ignificttor} be in o° out of fixed Signet, and near violent fixed Stars, the Traveller may expecVimpctuoui ftorms, fuddenblafts, contrary winds, often driving the Pifl'en- gtt this way, and fomctimcs that way; as alf©', thai he (hill mm many days, weckt.or moncths for a comfortable winde be- fore he (hall gain it : Gentle gull* of wind are figniried when the Si£n>liM9rs t:s in & afp*ci cud of Signs aery , vi*.. n s» or : -V (>j hint th,it tnkfth 4 ftttrnej, And thtfttectfs thereof. Btbolcl what Planet* are in the angles, if you find in thcaf* cendant a good Fcrtfw, judge then that he (hall have good fuc cef*,, before that he removeth trora the place he is in , or in the beginning of his J ostrney j if that good Fortune be in the Mid- heaven, he fhall have much happinefsin his journey , and after liu ehtring the fliip, or upon the way he gocih on his Journey ; butifthe/Vf#oif beinthefeventh, heflvill hare content in the place whereunto he goeth : if that Plinet which iithc Fottur.f be in the fourth, it fhall be at his return, or when he (hill come to his own place or home bsck again. If' that Fortnnt be U, the benefit he expects, or the Means to ' advance him, fhall coroe from or by means of a religious ptr- fon, or Judge, or Gentleman , in quality and kind according to the power, quality and nature of the Lord of the houfe of that Ftrtune, or by a perfon of that defr ription j as if it be the houfe of the Q , it fhall be by the king, a Magiftratc , or fome • nobfc itftTllfcatroi^ of Wonw>, Fti«n4^ or in t-inncn, Silks, Jewels or pleafanj thing^M-lf^,vi^an>etyw^fi» orby wicanddilcrcHon.or , M«rih|o4i^«^tPrft^«or^m» ttftiBMiniil. or bythe Met-. much ibipioymcrtt^yTQKe Woman or Widdow, orSaylor, or tycwtffe&Nwcs, or playing a< Dice, Sports or Pattwcs, £ilfitoi.«*ftcb titer )• • ,,-!'■.• . Sxsmple, If the F^««f id the tenth houfe, is $, tie {ha'lhflve good, or make great banefit in his Journey, by dealing in fuch things At bring joy,- or caufe delight and paftime, by Jewels or Silks which are of the nature of $ ; If the Lord of that houfc' be 1?, rwdheftrong, fay then of T? as in the preceding part and fo of the rtft ; If n Planet who is an Infortnne be Lord of the twelfth ?od it bft b» it is to be feared thcr<?. (hall hipPCrt unto himfome fickmfle coming of a cold and dry 1 caufc, or by much treachery, but if 'h bt in a Signe Bttiiall, it is to be feircd, lome ill fortpnc or mifebfmee (hall -happen to the Traveller by meane« of fome Sour footed Beaft ; if he be in a hununt Sign ft way he by fome deceitfull ill men if that til Pcrtnw inftcad of h he-oV it is to fee feared he may incurre fome fuknetfe that is of an hoc nature, or fall into the hands of Theeves, and (hall lhave fear« of hirafclre touching hart to his body, &*• andfo of Of the fart wjlw return pf hlth tUt tskfth a ?ot4rnej. Behold the SigniBtrr of the Journey, if that Planet be fwift inCcurft, Occidehral.tnd I' and he in moveable Signs, it fig"*' fieth his Journey to be fliort, and not ranch tarrying from hoinr ( OTSfjuick, fpeedy paflage, y« with trouble arid pain ; buiifttf hs fw/ft, the $ig>iifo<tw) of Courfe and Oriental), it fliall a www tf w, hi quick* fhoici and without any labour or much trouble* when the Lord of the Afcendant doth apply unto the Lord of the houfc of Journeys , or when the Lord of the Journey ap- plies to the Lord of the Afcendant, or any Planet carryeth light, of one to the other, or when the Lord of the houfe of Jour- neys is m the Afcendant , or when the lord of the feventi? is in the Afcendant, or the Lord of the Afcendant in the feyertth ; all thefc- do (ignifio fhorc return , or good fpeed according to the length of the Voyage:But if noheof thefe be,or the greater pare of tne faid Sir»fe*tort be in angles , efpecially in fixed Signs, ic fignifieth cither dettru&ionof his Journey* or elfeflow,or to be a great while abfenc : If a Fortune be in the houfe of J oumey.?, it fignifieth health of body j a good Form* in the mid-heaven » fignifieth mirth and jollity , or gladnefs in Mis journey > or that he fluil have food company : in the feientb and fourth, it fignifieth profperity, and a good end of the Journey or . Yoya o e. If the Lord of the . houfe of Journeys be m a-fixed Sign , ic fignifieth continuance and long tarrying : in a common Sign, it fignifieth he fhall change Ins minde from Ms, firit intended thoughts, or remove from one journey to another. 1 ■ • If the 2> in Queflions of Journeys ■> be in tie fixt y [or in £ to the Lord of the fixt , it (hews (icknefs to him that travel*,
  • nd impediments in his occafionsv and that his buimefs &all
be for the riioftpart feeble, weak and Hackly handled ,,J?U en- deavours and defighs (hall be much crofted ; yet if the Lotd of the Afcendant be fortunate , or in the houfe of truft, or not op- pofitero the fame, it figmfieth fuccefs and profperity , andth? aaomplifhing of his bufinefs , though, with many difficulties and obUrucHion*. ; ; ■Vlfan-ht fall rctttrn tfat u gone a long Joumy. Behold the Lord of the Afcendant , if you finde him in t he A- Ton mnfi fcendant or mid-heaven , or giving his powe;r : to another Planec ever have being in.any of t hofe^aces, it lignilietb tha^he fliall return, regard to the and is thinking of ir ; 'but if the Lord of the he in the fe- p ro p er Sig- vench , or in the anp.le of the earth , ic (ignifies , th.ic his return nlfictmr. . Hhh is belonged, Carafe ycc He fe hot gja*e ferlrafcwKepfcwe hto-we^uritoi tf0r$aiflf We^t^rtVifefi#e-cifctretuir<>: ^ i Jf the AlvttoW of **h£ fttolfcf to toe<*i?tth.©t t;hinJ flwri ste AlVehdjrtt,a>pMn|itb a'PtfhetftfiVehe Afcettdant,tt (igiritiethfl$ is in fosjourny nontcWvird*: tteftme aKb<torhthe Lord©* the Afccrtdafit fignifietf be be in the S^orfccond, applying roany Planet in the rchth \ y«t -Jrtbtwit4iftandi*ijg y -if^ rbsLord of - tho Afecndant be cadelH, and do no& apply toany Planet in --«wbnh gle, or teholdtfhe Aicfendahr, it is a tf»ken of tarrying. • di ;■ ■ • i But (f at arty the Lord of rhtAfoenda^t'of fh< »do apply flfttd a PianSt Retrograde ; , or the Lord of the Afcehdanc lumlelf H bi; Retrograde, theSi£»ificAtorof the abfentj)ind do bdhold the Afc^rianf*,' icis ft rolfenheiS'COmBlKigv buc if the Lordof tlitf Afctertdant'Bq inforrWatei., fodoth ftgnine fame let or ihinderahcc which makes' hifti+o tarry; or that he dnnoi con^ii -If you fiiufe not in thehdufe<of the. Afceitdiatony of thofe things which I have faid, behold thei>, and if $hedo ghi ;her povv^r" orlightAO the tbfld'of 'the Afcendant 'yb&ty in theAIttncfrrtC of neerthe' Attendant, it figttifies that heifhajl cortV2flib«fyi/'i6r intends it? alfoi if the'-!* be in ihcfiwjjith, ninchor thirdy afplyingto thfcljordof the Afcenctont , it fig* nifics that' he tommcth': Jftne. D be ffepajateftOrnaPlatiet which is in the left fide of thfe Afcendant ( chat is, under the tbrtb) Mid'a^plyet'h to anote Planet ohrhe right 'hand of 'the Afrehdant^Wfec ^bove^he<earth)it doth figft<fk< that he oami If the J> be on the right hand of theAfcendartPy andAppfy to a Planet in the mkMieaven , it fignifitth that hecommeth, yetWithflowriefS j for the Sbeing fen The right fernd* Of the A^ fcendanr,doth (hew io much ; which if /he had been^hehe left hand, (lie had fhevved his tomming fooner. If the Lord Of thj houfe of the J> be inforcunate , it /ignifies tarrying ', and let or hinde ranee in comming home. Yoti mutt ever confidcr for whom the Qticftioh is asked , for , if he that demands t he, Qucflitoh ar,4tf<Mr a Son, then from the rift houfe lookfdr thu Sigm&Mbr r If for frBrothei-.ythen to the , rhtrd : If for a Father, the fourth, &c. Behold the Fmunts and JrffrMH cafuaUy placed in thofe places > andty them and their pofitionp poficto&i ju(Jg« ttaeftate of him iMtyftfc Miowwy* boch f^c., for according to theefi3te or place the Fonwt or Infortrnts'in the figure > and their dig- dtiesorimbecUlkies^oyoM-mayijttcfeeire. . v , . When the Lord of the Afcendant is in the Afcendant > or in /«< the fecond »«Mting or arifing towards the Afcendaht , or if \\4f»»fi k*p n be Retrograde', or; the planet which. W49 the Cgnifier Of the'^ Lord of Tourney be Retrograde, or the lord of the Atendintapply/w;**"' lo the Lord of the tenth , or tbs Lord of th?- mid-heaven apply ulfandAnt. to the Lord of tlie Afcendanr ., or if the Lor<j $ ;th<2 Afcendant he in the mid-teaven > or the Lord of the .injc| r heawn be in the Afcendant , ov the 5) received of the Lord of die tenth , Or the Lord of the. Afcendant received of him ; all thefe dp figniHe that .het^atk - bfenc iscomiiig, and that Ik: returneth fjpeedily and fhortiy. ■ , • , . , The Planet from whom the Lord of the Affendint of the Queftioh is feparated , is the -S\gm$tr of the Itateand condition ia which he .lately was , and of tjiofe anions which ate Paft; and the Planet unto whom the Lord of the Afcendant doth ap- ply , istbe Sigmfier of the ftate he is now in ; and the Planet to whom he applyes after him* is the SjgnifcMtor of the ftate of hun unto whom he fhallcome, or intends to come. . If a Queitibn be asked for One that is in a journey and you finde his .Siwficttor going out of one Sign and entting into another , judge that he went Out of rh^ place he was >n , and is entred another , or takeri another journey in hand ; and behold m which of thofe Signs he was lftonger > more tortunate , or better received , and fo judge his fucccis the better , and cprre- fponding thereto. < ■. ■ Note that Combuftion in a, QueAiOn of one tJbac is abfeqt «s ill, for that fignifiech captivity, imprifonment , or fome great let: if the Combuftion be neer the houfe of death, otthep Lord of the home of Death , it Unities death, except (^od do miracttlouQy deliver him. . , p , t , A If in the Question of himthatisabfent ..yon hndeihilieA- fcendanc or mid-heaven 5 or theD, judge that Letters ihalli come from him, or lome News very fhortly,for S is thei?tfwj>- mor of Letters or News. . Hhh» If frt Tki ttfitutit* 4f If you Would fcnow whether the News ortctters which arc to come be good or ill, look from whom V and J> are fepa- rate ; if the fepaMtion be from a Fort tint , it notes good news,, and joyfull ; but if from \\i Fortunes* judge the contrary. If a Qyeflion be asked of a Letter , whether it be true or nor, behold SL , if he be in a movable Sign , beholding Ttoro", fay it is a lye j if in a fixed Sign., judge itis owe J in a common- Sign^paro true and part fahe. . Thrcmtfeof a fwney% withe fttcttfi ihtmf £eitold if r.he D apply to the 0, he gocth to Kings or State?, or in fervice of fuch men , vi*j. of fuch as are able to maintain him, &e » ^ If i> apply to H , he is directed by old men , or raenof gra- vity and ye^ rs. If J> apply to U, Religious perfons orGentlemen c|o im- ploy him. If 5 apply to S , .men- of War, Captains, or fuch like are the caufe. If to 9 , Women-kind, or defircto purchafe fuch things as Women love. If to 5 , Merchants, Schollers, or he travels to fee variety of" Gountryes, and to learn the lauguages. % If 5> her felf fignifie the caufe, it feems he is hired,or that he is publikely imployed. The caufe is ufually required from the houfe wherein the Lord of the ninth is ; or if a Planet be therein , fee what houfe he is Lord of; the Lord of the ninth in the Afcendant, he goes of his own accord ; the Lord of the ninth in the fecond , for gain; the Lord of the ninth in the third, purpofely to tra- vell,<£v. Sncceft thereof. Behold the four angles,if a fortunate Planet be in the Afcen- dant , the beginning of his journey fliall be fortunate ; if the mid-heaven be fortunate , the reft of his journey lhall prove in like manner ; if the feventh, ic ftuli alfo W>en well when ha. is arrived to the place he intends , or is at his journeys end : If Fmnttts r or tunc i be in the fourth , all ftiallhappen well in his return homeward, & t co»tw\ a miofl happy journey is intended. Alfo for the fuccefs of a journey „ behold the Lord of rhc A- feendant , the njnth houfe and the -'P.,: and if they be all well aflrecied, ic flieweth-afortumte Journey. Length thtrtof. <.'■: If the Lord of the ninth be in the Afcendant , or the Lord of the Afcendant in the ninth,ic haflen;th the jourhey;the*Lord of the Afcendant in the feventh , idem ; the Sign! fetters in cadenc houfes , or in movable Signs, or the angles movable, idem : But if the angles be fixed , and the Sigmficnttrs pofited therein , it prolongeth the journey : the Lord of the ninth in the Afcen- dant, haftenath the journey, and being fortunate therein, forcu- mteth the fame Voyage, thz Significators and 5 flow in motion, a tedious Journey. G H A P. LXXV. j ! Ifm Jhnllprop b) his Knowledge^ be it in what kjvd it tf ilt ; ChymiftrJ, Ctyrnrgery, &c. or if he beferfeti. G- Ive to the Querent the Afcendant , his.Lord and the » ; the ninth houfe , Planet rherein po!ired, and Lord thereof for the Science endeavoured tobs attained : See if the Lord of the ■ ninth be fortunate or not, Orient til bt Occident aH, cadenr from an angle , in an^hgle or fuccedanc houfe , and whether he be- hold the Lord of the Afcendant or not with X or A ; ' if he be a Fortune and behold the Lord of the iirlt , the man hath good knowledge in him, and what is reported of the man is true, end he will do good by his knowledge ; and the more if it be with Reception: if theafpe&be byDorcP, the man knows much, but fhall do no good thereby j if an Infortum afpect ci- ther the Lord of the ninth or firft , the man hath wearied him- felf , and will do , buc to no pnrpofe , for he fliall nsvit attain the perfection of the knowledge he defires. ^ Hhh 3 Of . Of Scmcc> C«*"W °rWif<im ift4M4tti#faltj4r it pitrni er m* ' You muft gtvi the Afcendant to him of Wham ic isjasked^ atid the ninth houfe to the Science ) and if there be Fortunes in thd ninth houfe , or die Lord of the niiith fortunate , and behold rhe Lord of the Afcendant , judge there is Science in that man: But if in the ninth houfe there be Ihfortttnes , or the Lord of the ttinch infofturtace , and behold noccheLord of the Afcendant, it cloth ■ fignific the contrary , artd that there is nolle ,, or lit tie knowledge iu him. Behold in , What condition the » is k with the I^ord of the •ninth ; if they both apply toFirtums , it figntfiech that there is ' knowledge in the man ; but if they apply to /^fortunes, it fignw fies the contrary. If the ninth houfe , and the Lord thereof be iufortuiwte., nor , behold the Lord of the Afcendant , it fignifies no knowledge in him , or fuch as by which he will never do himfelf good , if it concern the Querent : if another body* then the party quefrel. Of man) Terftns ahfent or travelling > in wlm Condition the/ ara t It happens fomctimes that four Or five ot more arc travel- ling together ih a company beyond Seas , or arc at places fir ditfant , ahd the Querent is willing to hear news of every one of them : I» this cafe you mull defue the Querent to fet down all their names in order , one after another ; then obferve the Dher application fir/1 of all, and that Planet to whom (be ap- ples; flull fignifie the rtate and condition of the firft Wan in order as he is Writ down obferve in whu condition th«t Planet is in, how policed, how dignified , how and by whom or what Planet afpecled » from whom he lad feperated , unro whom he next applies ; accordingly judge of the (late and con- dition , health or well f>r of rhe firli Perlon inquired after. Ha* \ing p£rformed that work , then behold the D net fecond ap- plication, be ic good or ill * and to whacPhnct, the fecond Man in order flu 11. partake in his affaires according to the well tor'ffl 2Befng 6F that Planet ro whom (he doth the fecond tl:ne' apply ; and fo in order tjo for all the reit remaining » ever cqnlidering the y%«;^/tfrjRetxogradatiojris ) Direc\ions > Corn- bullions of the Planets ; .and in this, manner run the n all over' by turnCs ajgain ,.if the, Men en^ired after be more then feven. In the fame 1 order .you may do by a Man inqiu'rlng' after many • Women, & e contra, etc." ' ' ' ' T ) ifhat part of Heaven the Tf/ivelUr had Heft dlrtff hit Jourutfi Although we have; i.i; fame m«aCvre h welled this judgement in the Chapter of the fir(l jioufe , yet Lfhall again briefly men- tion fotne, butcher judgements h<er<ln » , pertinently teloaiginii ro this Houfe., Jtf therefore the Querent wrip is, defirous to Tra- vail or take a Journey , (h'j'il make this cjerqand, To what'yart of the World is it heft form to Travell I Do you herein cQnfider in whu quarter of .the Figure the fortunate Planets arc pofited, and where moft fortified, you may fafely diretf the Querent to travell., ^ojotfrh or direct hi> voyage to thofe parts, as if the fortunate Planet promifin'g happiikfs unto him be in the Ealt Quadrant, then direct him Eaftward, if in the South Quarter Southward > in the Weft Westward > in the North Northward, and obferve where the molt or gre-ateft number of forcunatp Phncts ar£ placed, to thofe parts its bell to Trayell ; and as you will eleft that part of Heaven for bell where ths Fortune) are, fo diffwacle fro;n travelling or journying to thofe parts where the Inforcunes are. Jn the number of .Infortunes , put the 1$} in all journeys have a I. cj re of the fecond aqcl eighth Houfes; for an Infortunatc Planet in the eight!,! por- tends or Signifies little gain , or fmall fuceefs in rhe Countrey the "Traveller is going unto ; but a-mal-volent Planet in the fecond', intends no great fuccefs inthe Count rev , wherein af- ter the vOyage is performed the Tr.iveljer intends to fettle him- felf. Hence it is , that when elections of times are made for tli: happinefs of a party, in the Countrey he is going unto,' that we alwayes put a good Planet in the eighth houfe. But if we expett to live happily after our return , then we ever fee forth or begin our Journey when a good and fortunate Planet ^ 5*1 The JttfiUthM 4 is in the fecond. Beware of Carf* in the fecond when yeui$ turn, or in the eighth when you let forward, CHAP. LXXVL If *n idle cruetttu Trieft ttfon his Qftefilo* pnpiHrtXd'jhtfZ Obtain ft god PtrftnAgtyje* «r n*t C Ith the Clergy are as Covetous and vicious as other men , I give them leave to make their demand as well as others, provided alwayes., it be not to hinder themfcWes from enjoy- ing a lufty Benefice , or impeach them in preferment ; if there- fore the Lord of the Afcendant who is fignificator of the Mini- fler ( it matters not whether he be Proteftant , Presbyter or Papi/i,) that would have a Church-living, or orher Ecciefiafu- call preferment ) or the » or both be joyncd to the Lord of the hinth, who fignifies the thine fought after, vi*. a Benefice : for if the Lord of the 9 th be in the g th , or ochold the houfe, it ar- gues the Clerke or Pjieft (hall obtain the Benefice defired , but with labour and induflry, and his own very much paines ta«  king , Which I confefs they do willingly ; but if neither the 7> or Lord of the Afcendant be joyned to the Lord of die ninth, or he with them ; lee if cither the 2> or Lord of the Afcendant be in the ninth , for that argues the attaining of the thing fought after : if he 'be not Retrograde , or otherwife unfortu- nate or Comburt , or in O afpec* of an inforcunate without re- ception , for then it argues a deftru&ion of the matter after it feems to be ih a good forwardnefs , or -necf accomplish- ing ; but if the Lord of the ninth be in the firtt, whether the tord of the fir/l behold him or the £ Or not , in what concii; tion foever the dilpofition of the Lord Of the Afcendant or the D are in , or if the Lord or* the ninth be the lighter Planet ^ and apply to the Lord 6f the rirft , it's a pregnant teftimony of pro- curing the thing fought after without much feeking on the 'Querent's behalf. The Lord of the Afcendant! in A or # to £> or U , and ei- ther of them in the Afcendant, argues the acqulficion of the Be- »///cm Preferment. Ail t*MM rfsutfluhr. fbec?oftheLord of the firft and ninth, 1 or their afpetti,
  1. ith Reception, give* the prererwent without bribing, freely,
ptrhaps npon t doert or merit j for fome of that Tribe trc black Swim: If tbeafpect beby □, it comes not fo lightly; yet if Reception be, it come* at length, perhaps a fifti with *o\ i* prc- fented to the Patron. A free thi«, to if any Planet transferre the light of the Lord ofi the ntoth to the Lord of the afcendant; the Benefice i» obtained by forac interloping perfon, unleffcthe m*>re ponderous Planet to whom the Tranflator doth afford verue, commit that influence to Come other Planet, and that Planet have no fignificavion in cha Qgeftion,- for futh an action intimates defttuftion of the matter, after it i« hoped to be neer perfecting : If the Lord of the afcen- dant haften to the 6 of the Lord of the ninth, and meet with no cMtru&iveafpeA before, it'i not then to be doubted bat the /*r/™obtaioeihi« preferment, but not without marh follirita- tion r Many ?\gnettSi£Hific*torstr\ this or the like Qanftion, ei- ther many Competitors in the thing, or many contentions and much labour to obtain it* Lord of the afcendant in 6 with an Infortunt, and he not Lord of the ninth, or in Reception with him, or not committing his difpofnion to any Planet who receive* the Lord of the fir ft «c the v t the matter will not be performed ; If that Ufortune commit M> vcrtae to any Fomnt, who is ftcong in the Figure, the thing will be perfected ; for the 6 of the Ufortims without Recepti- on, pcrformes nothing ; with Reception, they performe with difficulty ; A Planet fignifying the efo&ing of any thing, bting pofucd in an angle j haftensthe matter, in a fuctedanr, it re- tards the thing j in a cadenr, quite deft.oyes the matter; or faddenly, beyond expe&ation, when all men defpair, by fomc fecrct trick, pcrfc&s it - t but this is very tare. If any raslevolent Planet afpeft the Lord of the afcendant or the )' with □ or <P, without Reception, the querent Teems murh troubled , is difpleafcd with the manner of profccut'mg ih: matter, and beleevcs he is either negligently or knavUhly dealt withal), by fuch as endeavour to negotiate in the matter : if the Lord of the firft and ninth both of them commit their dif- pofnion co any Planet, by whatfotver afpeft, who is not impe- I i i dited, 43^, The Jtefihthn $f dited, or bteonie*i Retrograde before he goe oat of the Signe he is ip, it argu« performance of the bufineflc .* The o well" dig. rifted, (hewes miny Friends ; if the Lord of the ninth be joyn* ed to the Lord of the fourth, or the Lord of the fourth apply to the Lord of the ninth, without much labour the matter, wilt be effc&ed : But to know whether the "Benefice be a lufty one or not, or worth acceptance, ('a thing confiderable ; ) confide the tenth houfe, the Lord thereof, and Planet or Pinned there- in placed^ Planets welt dignified and anguar, (hew hope*, and are fure tcftirnonies of a good thumping Benefice. And now I wonder why fome woodden Clergy rtioald fa preach againft mc and Aftroiogy j I never either countenancing or maintaining one hereticall pofitiORi or perfwading any per- fon to attaine a Benefice by Symony, or profeffing more then Aftrology, of which thefe men are ai igoorint ( the raoft of them J as AfTes; witneft dflrolop-Mtfiix, amoftabfurd Cox* comb, to meddle with what he knows not. Chap. LXXVII. Of Dreamy Whether they ftgnifie 4>iy thing *r mt. BO n a t u s in judging this Queftion farre exceeds H a lv, in many others he is not fo judicious; when therefore any ftiall demand, What the tfftlts of hit Bream Jbs/l he ? Behold the ninth hoafe, andgiireitrofignifiecbe Dream, if any of the fe» ven Planctfi be therein pofitcd, he fhall have figoificacion of the Dream, If Ti be therein, he dreamed of fome things that fright- ed or terrified him, audit was fome inordinate matter, not real- ly natural, as it if beleevcd by the querent t if j be in the ninth, he beheld fomewhat in his Dream more terrible, and which more affiiglited him j he was afraid fome profecuted him, and would have killed him, and that he had much ado to el cape < Behold inwhathoufc\?and sat fall, they being the houfes of b_, for from fome matter fignificd by either of thole houfes (hall this borrow proceed, ordifturbancc by Dreame : If either of thofe Signes afcend, the feat proceed* ft om himfclf; if thty be on thecofpof thefecond, Money or perfonnll KfUte ocedfionei that Dream j if vf or *?< be oh the cafpc of the third, the mat. tcr proceeded from fome occafion concerning his Kinrcd or Bre- thren, m ill Neighbour?, or bid reports: youmuft run all the houfes in order in thr fame nature, at I hnve formerly both in the fecond and third houfc acquainted you, eh*', and from thence find the occafion. jfy#u find uo Plane t in i hi; nintlydopfi^c, the tenth houfc, and fee if any Planet be therein, and judge as formerly by the ninth honfe'j for whatfoevir Planet if in the tenih, the iignifi- cation of the Dreame hath fignification thereof, either for good"\ orevill: If no Planet be in the tenth:, fee if any be in the atten- dant, he (hall fignifie thereafter of the Df cam; if no Planet be in the afctadant, behold if any be in the fcventh, he ftiall then manifeft the Dreame; if no Planet be there, fee to the fourth, for a Plantt therein (hall demoiiflrate the quality and crTc&s oi the Dreame; if no Planet be in the fourth, fee to the third ; if none be there, fee to the fecond, fifth, fixth.eighth.ii"' or 12 th , oil which have fignification of the vanity of the Dream, and that it hath no 'effects to follow it : The very true way of judging whe- ther Dreams, how terrible foevcr, have or (hall have any influ* ence upon the qwt tit, U by obferving whether the lord of the ninth, or any Planet poll red in the ninth, doth behold the Lord of theafcendant with □ or cP,for then affuredly the fftrrftt (hall receive pre jadite thereby in one kind or other; iifually crofles Of aftli&iooa to his pcrfon : But if the Lord of the ninth afflidt the Lord of the fecond, he receives forne prejudice by one or othea in point of Elhre, &c. and fo do in all the oth«r houfes, (cqh* ft e>t,tw cor.jidc Hrdis.) A good Planet in tte ninth, no ill (hall ha? pen by the Dream; 11 good Pianetirithetfcendantfi^nil'ies the fame* or the Lord o*'che afcendantin A of ©U or % argue the fame, the hjor* tun s the contrary. 1 hold it vain to be inure* large ppon thu Ddcourfe. \\\ % CUAP. ; 43* TkeRtfibth**/ Chap.LXXVJII. TmibttVrtmti, % ihd Tj are Lordi of the ninth accidentally pofi-«  ted in the twelfth; cafting * D afpeft to the ccfpr? of the ninth : their pofi^ tion in the twelfth according to the beft Authori,inti- cnati the vanity of the Dretni,& ra- ther aPerfon or faneyopprcfsMw' 1 ! ▼arionsperturbiti- ons and worldly masters, then any Other matter: But according to our Judgment, * being the onelyPlaneiin an Angle, (hill beft eaprelTe the caufe of the Dream, and whether it wilt tend to good or evil 5 «[ weob-, fcrvewhathoufcrfislordof, we (hall finde he 11 Lord of the afceodant aod difpofer of ®, it being angular: I to**™* qu*inted rum that the occafion of his Dream* nj»g n « »* c0 "; ftrucdtwowaycf; one, by hif too great care of fau bitate ana Fortune intruftedoBt, and now defperate } becaufetf wai in d, to ©5 and that his minde ran fo much thereupon, that m Fancy was difturbed, fo that he could no* enjoy that quiet ana reft by night which nature aflordeth all Creatures. In the i nexl place, becaufeT? is Lord of the tenth, which fignifies Office, Command, &c. and did afflift U Lord of the ninth, or did in. peditenimatleaftj I told hiro I doubted 4ie had loft the bene- fit" of fome good Place in ehe Common-wealth, and he was follicitois bow to live ia rttit credit be formerly flj I . sS mnm tffiueftiws. ^ 7 howfoever, bettufeU and cf were in I judged no mstter of peril to his perfonftiould come thereby, ondy forac dammage in Eftatc j and this really proved true. Chap. LXXIX. // bt Jbtyldtbtti* the Parfatgc dtftrtJ. JnJ£etuw up™ thu Figure. ^HE^r^iifignificdby the figne ifccndmi; T* therein I jofited and c? Lord of the afcendant in * an Aye y of the fame triplicity. The ninth Houfe Mi , t « TfoRefobtiwf tan«c. "b« IiShod. «««<* th < 10 dcfp " r '" thf ° bt " . Jl£!.^X matter tnvfM>«. u not to be obtmned; but indfohelid. «odwbeo he though, to h.v, the m t«  tV. i k:.C.i.. Rthold afcui»v Letter reverting Mac .Y * # - a anf t r he )> *r« in cP, be under the fcaitn, ht had i UUe been h Lprit «>f the tjdftix fir- mer, or dealer in Cattle, living ^orth-e. ft H** m about fifc
  • Umn»trof ^utfthns.
Chap. LXXX. IfTrttbjurj fat Ji and ? Judgment upon the Figure aforefaid. pHc angles of the Figure are common and not fixed, but a l 1C SiK " c °* l ' lC nint ^' fl0m whit ^ at P rt ^ 0£ judgment mull nacor-ally deduced, is tf, a.ixed, ftible Signe, and from •i "I the Tenui-s of U, wbo is therein pufttcd, afW and pon- derow P.Miet, U a general! Significant in Religion: Religious oiiiis is now ftanding to Dircftlon j and is de- parting 44° The JLtfilutm if parting out of his Exaltation, having been a long time Rerr<H grade therein, and now at prefent impedited by <S : after hi, tranfitoitofss, he enters the fixed Sign «a, and into the Tertrn on? ; but in the firft fix degree* thereof he meets with feveraH obnoxious fixed Starres, and thence pifles into theTerrai of " who is now in the Signe X hit Fall; yet angular, cntred into the Decanate of d\ I p We find ? Lady of the ninth houfe in T her Detriment, and in the eighth of the Figure, but twelfth boufc from her own ! wt. b , now the cufp of the ninth ; and if yon obfervc $ well Ihe hath one and twenty degrees to pafle through the S/gne of •V and thefe degrees all in the eighth houfe, ere (he get into b 1 where (he may poffiblerhr,or at leaf! wouldjbut before flie fuU ly get out of this moveable Signe r, (he fir/l hath oecurfe to the
  • The Gentry "" ,Uc f ° ? f « then of b c?, all three in the Termes of T, :
»f Snglmd ^ smi fihe have produced foraematerialleffeas, if T? had been W/^/f/^^^^po^n^whtreJieis, or if Presbytery had any rela. h S Lord of {Jon to Monkery, or if it had been the firft beginning of a Re- thc^dam^ 0 ^- , , • ' of LtalmJL, r L « UJ "ke all the Planets as pofited, and there's not a Planet th t £e„n«i;J" % ™*f<xVt \ nor any e(Tentially dignified but %. and he im- tyor whole P e S le< * b 7 ? J thc l) "ending *M <? iiin bis Fall, J J^mr fflf^ Jwhcr Detriment; wilfdifttftc . w < havc *ne 2> fcparating from $ in die eighth, then go: • f ing to be vacu* cnrfn4 % afterwards (he fquares with e cf .then with
  • The Pru- . i Frora thcfc «onfigur«tions we (hall naturally frame our
bytcrjmii ! ufl gracnt , not pofitive or affirmative, bur conjedurall, one- Jhttfrtk l y 2a , a > e ,hat P° flerit y roa y fee Acre's foroe verity hard>*nd J" Altl °'ogy and the Clergies juft caufe to carp at the Art, if I wrAMole 'y c ? nd w V ,0 i ,c tn ««'n, that we fliall no more ofTcnd in wii- fiontl;. £ng " ,e Mr * n intention of the heavenly bodyes, ( deduced from reafons in Art ; then thofe who daily ( plena ore ) and pub* Jickly deliver aroongft hundreds their conceptions, though re- pugnant to the opinion of very many now alive. The pobuirc of \i in the ninth who is naturally of a fevere, furly rigid and Iiarfli temper, roay argue, thc Presbytery (hall be too flritf, /ullen and dogged for the Englifh Constitutions, little gentle or compliant with the natures of the generality, and that there fliall '&mAMti if $titjllw. 44*., <lhall faring up amongft themfelvss many Orange and fearful! opinions and diArac! ions even concerning this very Presbyrc- , ry .now mentioned , that they, fliall grow exceffive covetous, contentious , and defuous of more then belongs unto them, worldly > envious and malicious one againft anorher ; that amongft them fome Juniors reprefemed by $> , fliall be but of light judgment , wave and decline the ftr&nefs of this Pifci- pline ; that the fclder , reprefentcd by T? , (lull not be refpeclcd by reafon of their too much rigidnels , or fliall their Orthodox opinions be confented unto. \ is Peregrine , Occidental! >&c. fortified by I Dignity > or fupported with the favourable afpe& of cither, of the Fortunes ; there's Reception betwixt the J> and him , but no afpecl : ¥ Lord of the ocnthfignifying Authority , isfeparated and feparateth apace from \ , as if the Gentry , or fupreameft people of this Kingdom , do in pare decline from the leverity of thc too too auUere Clergy or Presbytery , mittrutting a Thraldom rather then a:Freedom to enfue hereupon. If you would know who fliall molt a iHi£,or who fhall begin 73, Sohl „ the dance, or molt of all oppofe ic. ? \ reptcfents the Country- £ erj „;u man , for he affliahig the houfe properly hgnifving Presbytery j;a a a c ; f< ftiews the caufe ; this in few words exprefles., id will not fland or continue (ftatuqHv) Remove^, vix.. Covetoufnes,Rigidncs, Malictoufncis,crc' then there may be more hopes tkatit mighr,^ but yet it will not ftarid ( ha infatu.) \ three whole yeers from hence fliall not pafs , ere Authority- . it ftff, or fome divince Providence inform oufunderitanding with a way in Difciplinc or Government , either" more necr to. the former purity of the primitive times , or more belovet^of the whole Kingdom of Ef%U»d 3 or Authority (hall inthis Jpice. of time mode'rate many thiugs now flifly dcfired .- For fome. time wc fliall not fliall beeflabliflied,but all fliall' 1 i.-: — tc.t « confufic" of fiery Spirits will atife,jahd keep back t. . the Clergy , and will desfy obedience dtfuomifliou to this thing we call Presbytery; it will then come to be handled by the Mi- tjiflrate, and taken into consideration by the grand Authority Kkk of of the Kingdom ; yea, and by the plurality of : tl ie Glergyjmenr of End**?* or men of very found judgment* > it ■w^bedtatt^ diael diluted again**, disproved* atfcMeitallniakKic. manifett,tbis v.ry Presbytfery now maintained v is not thb fame th» Common-wealth of England will entertain ,, as atading" julcforit to live under, orl)e governed byw . From what 1 do finde by this Figure , I conclude,^ hat -Prof.: bvtery (hall not Hand herein %W.()?v** <?m ) without refi- ning and amending , and dernolilliing many kruplotis mutes S at prefent by the Clergy ; for if we conNdcrU as Lord I of the fourth , we finde the 2) , in plain language, (after a little bp- ing void of courie ) run nattily to the □ of cf and U ; intum- tifeithc Commonalty will defraud the expectation ot rhe Cler- ovfand fo ftrongly, oppole the{n>that the end hereof AMI whol- ly delude the expectation ot 'j^^ [c ^l^____, , ~CTh A, P. LXXX I: Jfm*y tfa Pfr\l*ft>phcr s Stone? AN, in- genious- man with mucb.fcriduf- nes pro- pound^, ihs, f A).e/liop a- VbyC,, , viz, , Whether be. tywbicb.fncb ,j»wder.s art \ptr, for tried ? tWc'iClKTC is,. .'. fMch., a thing; mi being X yeriJy be- lieve ; that it may IfliV be Attained I am as confident; but as it is a bleflftng beyond all bleflings; upon earth,fo I hold,that it is given but to very few* and to thofe few rather by revelation of the good Angels of Cod , then the proper induftry of man. This Queft'oA rnuft admit of this manner ofpiopofall tvheihtr the £*°»[**gf *f the Querent itfo die, or he fi cunnings to f reduce f effett ky h\t Art what be defrres ? The Querent is fignificd by the Afcendant,and 5 Lord there- of; Jus knowledge by 6* Lord of the ninth, andtheaipe&s which may be caft unto him ftom other Plariets. J finde 6* Lord of the Querent's Science in a cadent h<5ufe,buc in his own Term and Face. 6* is in a □ afpetf both of s arid \ , and they arid he in fixed Signs, they in the Terms of Tj, falling into the ninth houle ; I ttndc 9 lately Retrograde , and in □ of 6* , noW moviilg , flow- iy in his direct motion , and applying again to a fecond Q of i - From heftce I judged , the Qment had formerly fpenc fome time in the fearch of this admi table Jewell rhe Eltxar , but in tain and to no purpofe ; his fecond application by □ happen- ing not long after , while $ was in e , and in his own Terms* intimated a itrbnger defire , greater hopes and refolutjon to en- deavour once more the attaining of the Pbtlofophers Sfuepm 1 advifed the Querent to decline his further progrefs upon rhac ftibieft ?■ and in regard of the formet reafohs , advemfcd him how incapable he was, and the improbability of the thing he intended , according to natural caufes , and advifed him to de- fift: I alfofaid, that he erred in his materials or compontioni working upon things cerrerie, or of too grofs and heavy a fub- ftmcc; ra« <* vvhit;h judgment i collected by \ his □ unto cT part-by the affliaion of S, his intelleaive part by the proxi- mity of h* both cohabiting in an earthly Sign, for many operation where * is corrupted , there tha fancy or imaginative pirr is imbecill ; but where the Lord of the Work it felf w un- fortunate ('as here cT Lord of the ninth is,) there the ground- work or matter it felf of the principal panrof the operation is defeaive, as here ic was: and -that the Gentleman mould think I fpoko not in v.iin I acquainted him , he had more nc- ccflity to curehimfclf of a Onfumption, ha was owing in- Tib Xefilutlofi »f to (nayentwd ) then of advancing hispahus further ituhs ft rutmy of this Labyrinth. Forfceing $ Lord of the Afcendant , and \ in 6 in *5 , T? being Lord of th_ fixt , of cvill influence mturally , andfinding <? attiidting 5 out of the twelfth , and 5 not receded from , but applying to a further cvill Oof & , no Fortune interjecting his benevolent afpe<ft betwixt $ and the \.\\oInfortHttcs> but that he flood fingle of himfelf without any alfiltancc , and'thereby was incapable of refilling their malevolent influence, ladvtfedto have a care of his health fpeedily, &c» The tenth House , and thofe Questions properly belonging uiito it. ______ ^ __ _ ___ _____ „ Of Government-, Office, Dignity, Preferment, or Any pUco ofCm- maid of Truft, whether Attainable or nit f TH E firft houfe and his Lord are given to the Querent, the tenth houfe and his Lord (hajl fignifie the PUce, Office^Prefcrment^CommMdiMtnourj^ccxnqmtcd after; if the Lord of the Afcendant and the 2> be both joyned to the © , or to the Lord of tenth , or either of them, and the Lord of the tenth behold the tenth,or be perfonally rherei»i,the Querent (hall then haye the thing fought after , but nor gratis j nay , lie .mult beftir himfelf, andufeall the friends he can about it : if none of the Signifieators be joyned to the Lord ©f the tenth, fee if the Lord of the firft or 1> be in the tenth , he fhall then attain what he dtC^es v if that PI met be not impedit«d : The Lord of the tenth in the firft „ fo he be a lighter Planet then the Lord of the firft , though no-afpe& be betwixt, them , yet fnall he attain the Place or Office defired ; but with more eafe and lefs labour when rheLordof the tenth is in the Afcendant , and is either, going to d # or A afpe&wiih the Lord of the firft. If If the Lord of the tenth be joy ned to U or \ by any afpeft, Slid the Lord of the tenth be in the Afcendant , it argues obtai- ning of the Office with eafe and facihryrlf the Lord of the tenth be joyned to 6 or Ji , and they or either of them in the Afren- (font,in their own houfe or exaltation, and themfelves Oricntall ' and Direct, and not one oppofite to another/ his doth argue ob- taining the Preferment, though wich much importunity. If the Lord of the tenth receive the Lord of the firlt or the 2) by any reception , or in any houfc the matter will be effee'red with much content and profit. If any Planet trans.'.r the vertue of tii: Lord of the firlt to (Ik Lord of the tenth , then the thing will be parfe6>ed, or Of- fice obtained by means of anoth.f that labours 1 in the matter, and not by himfelf: In this cafe, it's bett that he who would acquire the Dignity , obferve if lie know fuch a man as the Pla- net defiribss , that in probability is aflive , or of necr acquain- tance to the perfonof whom he would have the Office , and H him imploy luch a one in the bufinafs -for by his means it's very like he may attain the place defired. If the Lord of the tenth do not the 6 of the Lord of the firtf,but the Lord of the Afcendant his,and doth really come to 6 of the Lord of the tenth, without the abfeiffion of any other Planet before d, the Office will be obtained , but the QHtrcnt muft labour hard for it. No d being betwixt the Lord of the firft and tenth , or either of them joyned to a Fortune , but to a malevolent Planet, and malignant joyned to another malevolent, and this male- volent joyned to a Fortune , and this Fortune joyned to the Lord of the tenth ; if the 6 of t he firft hfortune be with the Lord of the firftjor the laft Planet is joyned to the Lord of the firft , or if their firft 6 be with the Lord of the tenth ; yet'it imports ac- quifkion of the Dignity , but with infinite perplcxuies,and fo~ li. ir.uion of many and fevcrall perfons v you may eafily dutm- giiifh the perfons of thofe to be imployed,by the Planets before mentioned,md the houfes they are Lords of ; thoie PLinecs thJt sre in * or A to the Lord of t he tenth are great with him : Let application or means be made to fuch, great Friends to the Querent* - _ , n b Kkk 3. B«lwl') 5j4* tU ttfitttU* if Behold if any of the preceding Planets be in the fitft i Ot 1a the tenth j if he bs a f»rf , it notes obtaining the Dignity, whether he be m Reception or not s if the Planet fo poiited do receive the » or Lord of the firft , the matter will be pef fetted, but without Reception, not. If the tenth houfe be the houfc or exaltation of that evil! Planet , and he placed in that houfc , he performes the bufinefs, whether he receive the Lord of the Afcendant or the J>Jn every Queflion you mu(t ©bfervc, that what Planet foever isj/g* wficatcr of any thing , if he be in an angle, he haftens to eflfed the matter ; inafuccedant * the matrer.goes ori (lowly; inaa- «|cnt houfe, the matter gO£8;backward andbackwatd,yeratlaft ts'performed: See if an ill Planet behold the Lord of the Afcendant or the J> , with □ or d 5 , wichout Reception , for unlclTc he then commit his difpofition to another » he hinders and difturbs the Qatrent by means of that ,perfon who is to folicite the caufe or bufinefs , and it's probable they will fall out about it f if a A or * be betwixt rhem, be wilJ .not be angry with him, although be perform not What he efcpeclis. If the Lord of the Afceridarit and tenth commit tkeif cUfpofi-* tion to any Planet by any afpe£t , with, or with no Reception, whether the Receiver be a Fortune or Infortmt (lb that he be not Retrograde , COmbuft or Cadcnt , or go oucof that Sigti wherein he is before the 6 of the lord of the firft and tenth with him) and if the 2> be joyned to the Lord of the firttor tenth, the Querent (hall atcheive the preferment expe&ed. It's generally concluded by all jijirologers^sx. if the Lord of the Afcendant and Lord of the tenth be joyned together , and the V apply to cither of them , the matter will be effected, but belt of all when Separates from the Lord of the tenth, and applycs to the Lord of the Afcendant. Behold if the Lord of thefrftbe joyned to the Lord of the fourth, or the Lord Of the fourth to the Lord of the Afcendant, it argues the perfecting of the thing : but if the Lord of rhe A- frendant be joyned to the Lord of the fourth , and ihe Lord of the fourth be joyned to the Lord of the tenth , thc«ianet fliajl be effected, but with fo muchfirugling and delaying , that it YiiS sll nutter 9f $»tfmi. dftf Wis abfolutelydefpaifedever to be effected , yet at laftit was , pcrfeftcdr ' J font {ballconthw /« the Office $r Co*np*n&ht is it), Behold herein the Lord of the firft and tenth , and fee if they, be in ?ny afpeft , or neer to a corporal I. ton junction j and fee if the more ponderous Planet of the two , that is , the receiver of , theDifF^iition be in shy angle bur the fourth; fay then, he jhall not be removed from his Office untill his appointed time comes out: but if that Receiver, of the Difpofition be under the earth , or in the defending part of heaven , it imports he (hall depart from his Office, or.for a time loofc it ; but (hall re* r.urn thither again more confirmed in his Place : and if the' receiver of the Difpofition be received ag? in , then hereturnes with more honour then before, and alio very fpcedily. You may judge, in the fame manner,if the. Lord of the Afcen- dant be to the Lord third or ninrh,or to a Planet . therun, and afte.r feparat ion from him , be joyned to aPlanet - in any Anjtfe except the fourth. But if they are feperatcd from each other , then he returnas ' not again to his government, but' flull depart from it. If , the Lqrd 6i*,the|llrfl'or tenth., or ^ cdmmix.their difpofi- tion to anyPla'nei; Ariglcfexcept he ; be in. thefourthjand . tlut Pianec'be.floW/iiv'rriodon,, he fhall nothe removed from, hir Office or place of tr u'rt , untill that Receiver become Retro-, grade or approach to.Cornbuftion, or go out of tlie Si^n.wheic- inhe is, ; for ( H\uch aboijt .that time Witt h» be removed. If the,, lord of the 'firft be joyned to any Planet wfyo, is ini Sjgn op- police to the exaltation of the Planet who now clifpofes him, • the Officer will then carry himfelf ill in his place, and it may be tored he fhall dye for it ( but this is to be undertfood according • to the quality of irwmlace health.) , If ihe. Lord of the. oppofue houfc to th^xalc^iqn-ol:' th<;lpr.d ofvthc fi^t be jpyned unto ' himjthe men of that Kin»dbm,or people of that City or Coun- try fhill report! of, him,fiviUprpduce.falfe witneiTes agamlt him ; theignpw fball brieve, thole falfe re^ts,nor wiUthey, be eafilybiateninto any other opinion.' , . But if the Lord of the tenth' be joy nedto die Lord of th« ojr- pbfite houfe of his exaltation \ the Couhtrey where he govern? or governed , (hall fuffer great detriment > vt*. bf the faid.Go- vernour.' , If the J> be joyned to the Lord of the tenth , and he in the centh,the Governour or Officer fhall not be put from his Office orDigriity. If the Lord of the firft or the frbe joyned to theTord of thj tenth or either of them , and he more Weighty then cither of them, andbe in a good place of heaven, vi*. either in the tenth, eleventh, or fifthfree^Om all manner of .impediments, though he behold not.therenth; yet .rvonvithlhnding if Che Querent bt then in any Command or Office, he (frill be transferred to fo:ne other place of truft or Command: But if h; behold the tenth houfc , then he (hill continue where he is. If the Lord of the Afcendant and 2>,be in Angles, > and the Angles moveable Sign? ' and J> not joyned to the Lord of the exaltation of that Sign {he is then; in, it argues, he (tall go from this prefent Command or Government : or if the > be joyned to any Plaqet wno is not in any of his dffenttall dignities , though he he-received, un«  L'fs it be from a fortune by *• or A > and that fortune in the third or ninth,the Querent fhall leave his Government pr Office. In likemannefrheiamething will happen unto him, jf either the Lord of the fourth or the 2> be in tne. fourth , andtheSiga of the fourth be Y S ^ Yf , the judgement 'will(bc^dmor,e certain if the D be then joyned to the Lord of the fourth , and he Peregrine and again , t he fame will come to pafs, if the 2> bfr joyned to a Planet , who is in the oppofition to the Sign of the exaltation or houfe of her felf ; or jf (he be uVyr , or ifthe^bevdidbfcoufre: X '• 1J - . — , — ~ — a — k — u — ^.„ir «. f C H A P. JL XXX II I. . Whether * King expnt/Uhu K 'wieUm^r *n Officer removed frm his government fhtti return to hps Kingdom er Office, IN thefe fad times of our Civill Diftempers, many of the Gen- try have propounded fuch queries ; Whether the; (hould rcinr* Mi (ind(H]dymt mf* their formr c/fri/Wj&c.thar. Qiieftion fals not to he judged by this houfc ; the matter of this Queftionisof greater concernment; For Kings and Princes are now in this Chapter upon the Stage ; and all manner of principal 1 men caft out from former honours or preferments. The firft houfe in this Queftion and Lord thereof , are for the Querent, be he King,or other Officer, &c. Lor J, Marque&> Duke or Gentleman. Do you well obferve if the Lord of the firft be in 6 with the Lord of the tenth , and fee if the more ponderous of them Tfho receives the difpofition of the more light Planet behold the tenth houfc, then the King, Gentleman or Officer, fhall re-x turn and have, power , or rule in 1 the Kingdom or place he for- merly had, and from whence at prefent: he is fufpended. If that receiver of the difpofition of the orhir SigniJicMttr do not afpeft the tenth houfe , then obferve the J» , a generall Signific*trix$nd fee if (he be joyned to any Planet who U oli- ced in the firft or io ,h , that fignifies his returning or reftoring fee it the 2> be inY S^Vf, he returnes the fooner : But if the Lord of the tenth be fo joyned to a Planet in the tenth , ic fignifies tlie return of a King to his Kingdom , or of one out- eel from his Office, to his place or command again, If the Lord of the tenth be more light then the Lerd of the fourth, and be feparated from him, thefe argue the fame If the Lord ot; the tenth be more light then thz Lord of the firft , and be joyned unto htm , he fhall return and continue ; fo alfo , if the s oe joyned to the Lord of the tenth , and fhe behold the tenth houfe, unlefs fhe commit her cifpo'.ition to a peregrine Planet tinder the arth : if the Lord of the firft be' received of a Planet not impedtted , he returnes ; if not received 3 no re- turn. The,i> ioyned to a 'Planet in the ninth, fignifies the King fo expulfcd , * recedes from his Kingdom , unlefs the Planet be * Or hath a fortune :■ if the Placet to whom the D is joyned be a fortune, /; tt U defre and be in Y 95 A & W W — , the forlorn King or dejected t9 r «tHru. Officer returnes : if the Planet to whom the J> is joyned , be in n ia jT or H , the King obtains Sovcraigncy in another place, or the abjc&ed, a<5ommand or Office in fome other Country. tfo' fhe Xefiluttto *f If you firide the Lord of the tenth and the J> impedked iaany an°le,by the corporall o* of any Infortuncyk imports Lhat neither the diitreffed King , orexpulfed Governour , or removed Offi- cer , Hull return Again to- their former Dignity , Rule or Command. . C H A P. LXXXIV. Of the ProfefficfiyU^fa^ijhrj »r Trade an) one u capable of. GOti'ntry people many " times rrive' nor' the time of their childrens Nativities, yet being defiroiis to knowvvhat pro^ theJVfcendant and his Lord,fhe Lord of the 10"' and io ,h houfr, and efpecially the places of c? and $ ; forthefe two Pl.inets arc the Signficaior! of M:igitfery,Tnde orProfefliort.'take which of the two you finde rnoll p.verfull , and lee in what Sign he is, if he be in Y, contidcr the four angles, and whether you finde a Phner in either of them s and'if that Planet be in a fiery Sign-, or of the nature ofY , you may fry , the Boy will prove a good Cnrt-maker, Coach-maker ,- Shepherd, Grafier or Drov6r to deale in Cattle , a good Groom , or 'Mailer of Horfe, or Farrier, ftjccesfnll to deale in fciir-foOted Bealls , or'a good Butcher, Brick-maker , Smith, &c. but if & h ive any dignity in rheplice of the Sigvificxtcr-y or the ©, hi will prove excellent in any Profelfion where (ire is ufed, or of its n tture ; if the SignificAtk tein his Exaltation, it's pitty the Child fliould be of arty fer- vile Trade , as nforefrid , he may do better in ferving the Kin", fome Nobleman or Gentleman ;* After this manner conhder in all choJe Signs which reprefenc the iliapc of /our- footed Cat- tie-, according to the Angles',Y « St /VP , ' (otthste five ligni- fic Cattle ; k & «y'reprefcnt men , yet fometimes ir [relents • flying Fowle ; S m X when they are in angles lignirte Fifh and Water Fowle, or fuch like ; but if no Planet be thctein, t hen they import anv thing- of the nature of water* - ■ . i •; .. But . *H matter cf Saefllms. , Tfti But to the purpofe,obferve if the Sigmficator of ones Profef- fion be in , then Husbandry may be belt for him , or planting Trees , Gardening , buying and felling Corn , or grazing Cat- tle , dealing in Qxen, Cqvves, Sheep,Hogs,or he may be of luch a Trade as hath affinity in Womens matters , or Hufwifry , he would prove a good Soap-maker, a Fuller of Cloth , a Whit- ^If The Sigmficttor be in IT , he will make a Scrivener , Clerk, ArithmaticfaH , a Baily toother Rents, a Geometrician or Sur- veyor. A Rronomer, Altrologer, Painter, &c . If the Significattr be in<Sl,he will make a good Serving-man, or ro be of any Trade due ulcthfireor hot things, a good Hunts-man, a good Leech for Cowcsar Cattle , a good Rider or Horfc-courfer , or Coach-man , or a Smith , Watch-maker. ( .!afs-maker. If the Significator be in W , he will make a good Secretary to a Kin* or Nobleman , a School-mailer , an Accountant , a Sta- tion,'?, or Printer ,. be will be an excellent Politician , a good AHrologer, and of a divining Soul. If the Wjfcvtftfbe in «=» , he will be a good Poet , a goou Orator, a Song-man or Mufitian, a Silkman or Lmnen-Draper, a good Pedagogue, or fit to redeem Captives. ■ If the piiqcipall^/^rheinm , he may prove a good Chyrurgion* Apothecary or Phyfition , a Brahet or Founder , a Brewer, Vintner, Water-man ot MaltUer. It .he SWtfcttor be in /, he will make an excellent man to buy and fell Cattle , to ftudy Chymiliry, or to make a Church- man, or he may be a good Cook o; Biker. If the SigHtficatorbcinvr, he will prove a good Candler, /ietualler , Farrier , Cow leech Jeweller , F,r.ner, dealer m ay prove an excellent Savior , or Matter or a :>utp , a * m V1 Winter of Ships, a good indubious Merchant If the SUmfater be in X,he may be a Jelter,Singer,a Game- fter, a Brewer' or Fifh-moiiger ; b«t for the moll part in fuch like cafes , the Gemw is dull, and the child proves a mcer Sot. L 1 1 a C . I A 1 . CHAP, L X X X V, If Prince Rup B R t fhotldgtt honetir by o*r Wars , or worfi the Etrlt of.EssEX? What fhonld ttcom of bin ? T 'Ksfolfttian of this Figure. ^ -His Qijaftion fak not under the notion of vulgar rule*, oi muft the AfirologiAH expea particular Rules to govern Ins W ever X QucHion ; it was well faid, ^ f « & tfiiemUfot I do daily refblve fuch Queftions as come not into the vulgar Rules of Gftfdo or Htly ; and yet I mt never to feek a fn/ficient reafon in Art , whereby to give a good and fatisfraory anfwer to the Arfw«r, etc. as many hundreds in this.Kingdom well know, He that propounded the QueHion was a very great wel-willer to the Parliament , and involved himfclf and For- tune amongft us,thercforc the Afcendant and Lord thereof flull llgnifie tlie Qntrent ; but in regard Piince Ru p e r t is a no- ble Man , or perfon of eminency , he is fignified by the tenth houfe and Lord thereof; the Sign is 1r i , the Lord thereof cf : I s mult confefs, at fir/} finding the 2> in SS , to farther A (milier to the eufp of the tench • I judged , t he perfon of the nun would be m no very great danger, and that ma- ny vulgar people, and lbmc of better quality, would much honour him , and he findc great refpedt amonglhhem, and have a Ipeciall care of his own perfon: and verily U dorh al- io call Ins A dexter to the cttfp of the tenth houfe > whereby 1 * judged , that we fhould not defiroy his person , for tlx: heavens by this Figuw intinated the contrary : The very truth is, I ms twenty four hours ihidying the refolution oi' this Quedion, for much may be faidiii behalf of the Prince, and the hopes might be expected from him ; aL l;ft I came to this refolution, that he fhould gain no honour by this War , becaule neither of the Luminaries were in the tench' houle,or in perfect aljpect with his Sigmfcator , but at Lift fall imo the hatred and, malice of all or many , by his own perverfnefs and folly , and in the end fliould depart without either honour, loveorfriendfhip , but mould not beldlled: TheLordof the tenth in his Detriment* argues his depraved Fancy ; and being in a fiied Sign , fhewes his obrtinitenefs , felf-oppofition , conceicednefs and con r inu- onee in his erronious judgment , for let all the Planers alhit in a QucHion concerning War or Souldiery, if df himfelf, who ; is Significiaor thereof , be unfortunate, or not (irongly fupport- cd by the Luminaries^ it's as good as nothing,the party (hall be m-efcrvedjbutdo no glorious work or action in War, though he os nev^r fo valiant. If he fl»nld mrfi the Earle c/'Essix? Lsshx is here fignilied by?, becaufc fnc is Lady of », the oppolite houfe to the Prince's ; we. fmde°. mzz , in the Lctrr.s of T? , and he Lord of the Afcendant ; in Reception with \ } for as Ihe receives him in her Exaltation , fo doth he her in HI * his MtM the tofibtli* tf hi, Joy and Term: the J> transfers the : /influence of bv a forcible and ftrong afpea , a A ; ««* C of <? , I c feuarated • as if nor long before there had been fome fight or , w? betwixt them , ( for you muft undcrftand we are now up- on po n of war? [id fo there had ,] For SdtM hght wa, Zve moneth before, wherein.^* had the oetter j and ch» I provc,becaufe he kept the ground where the Batde was foughr wnen both the King and Prince Rupert left the field I know Pollerity will beleeve me,(Uh 1 write now as an Amjt, and up- on a flijeft which mutt-be left to?onetity : This I know by the reltimony of many of the Kings own Officers wholuvi cpnfeffed as much unto me , &c But let ft uffice , . pofmvcly affirmed , Rupert fhould .never prevaile againrt the valiant k y tx, SfCfiordidhe. ivlxtt fhtuld become of him ? His Signer , vit. 6* , being peregrine, and in the third , 1 faid , it fttould come to pafs , tie ftoiildte ar our dilpofing , and that wc Aiould at laft have him in our own cultody , and do what we lilt with him : this 1 judged, becaufe the gentle t Janet 0 , ejTex Si'gnifkator , did difpfc of Rupert : an errour in pare 1 confefs it was, yet not much to be bhmcd,for (« tmdem v<r.- yU) it was ver F neer truth , tor in l^.he was behegeel in Ojcr Jd, and after furrender thereof, having unadvifedly repaid 'to Omi^oonaixy to Agreement,™! Covenantee was t hen at the mercy of the Parliament , and in the.r mercy : but they of that hpufe looking on him rather as an improvident young man, then any way worthy of their difplcafuK or caking none •f, let him depart with his own proper fate heavy enough for him to bear \ and fo he efcaped. So that thegenerall u of this Kingdom, overcame my private opinion upon I nnce Rupert. However , 1 amglad heefeptd ^^mg^SZ a man of able parts , but unfortunate , not inhunielf, but in the face of his Family. CHAP. d mariner */ 451 CHAP. LXXXV. lf( m Maiesty fhould procure Forces out of Ireland to harm the Parliament ? If the Qu «i E N >tben in the N6n \\rtoteld advance with her A> mf If (he would proffer t Mien She and his Mijefiy fhould ween HI S Majefty is here fi^nified by 1) in S m the tenth houfe,whoin- creahng in lighr,ele- vkted and jrolitcd in her own houfc, void of all infelicity, ex- cept flowhefle in rr.oiion,did m.mifelt at the time of the creating of this Pi- oure , his Majcfty to be in an able condi- tion, as indeed he was. In this Judgment we finde 0 tord of the eleventh ( which houfc fignifies afliltonce or aide in thi4 manner of judgment; pofitcd in the feventh , in his Exaltation , and applying to die etifp of the eleventh with a A afpc& , but wants lix degrees of b:ingpartill ; for.ifmuch as the » being in her own houi'e , and ©ibivoll fortified , I did judge his- M je^y fhould have ayde of Commanders out of Ireland ( for 0 reprefents Commanders and men , or common men ; be:i< J e j ) becaufe both 0 and 2> are friendly unto him : that they fliould harm us , I judged be- caufe 0 Lord of that alfillanee , was in the feventh , in direct cP to the Afcendanc, which reptefenccd t \\z Parliament and their party • but becaufe the0 is lo neer ^ , and beholds the cufp of ths tenth with a n finilter , I did in the end left fear them , and judt;ed they fhould produce much fandall , to his Ma jelly and his Party, and thac they would cauj'e many: ill and heavy re- porcs gift Refil*ti** *f. \ ports to fall upon his Majefty by theirmean* ; I alfothen judg- ed , that his Majefty was likely to improve his Forces, and aug* jnent them for fome certain time , out that it'ftiould not con- tinue very long , for that neither the 0 or J> were fixed. The truth is , he had Irijb Forces came over , which much tardned . the hearts of the E»g HJh againft him, but time cue them off. &c, as we do all well know , at the Siege oiWjtmpwich , by valiaac Fairfax. Her Ma jellies Significatrix is "h Lord of rhe fourth > for thir is the feventh from the tenth , removing out of one Sign into another •• \ being a ponderous Planet , made me more confi- dent her Majefty would move forwards with her Army, with intention to meet his Majefty, which I faid (he flioulddo about rhree or four moneths from the time of the Figure , becaufc the J> wanted three or four degrees of the A off*. I intimated a great deftre in his Majefty to' fee her , becaufe his Slguificafor applyed. The truth is,rt»e met him about the 14. of Jul; 1^43, from ^. Belid^s , I obferved rhit S made hafte to a O of \ in , as if our Souldiery would quite deftroy and bring to no- thing her Army j and that ftie would be crofted at or neei : the time of that afpeel , which was the 11. of Afril , when about Nottingham flic loft fo:ne Force s,and more had,but that we had ever either fome knaves or fools in our Armies. C H A P. LXXXVI. J f attain the Preferment defrti} AT the fame time within four or five minutes thereof, J Gentleman defired to know if lie ftiould obtain an Office or place he looked after. The Afcendant and % are for the !(Ww,thc tenth houfe for the Office or place of preferment he expels. Finding M miner pf Sitflw. tiftf Finding the 2> placed in the tenth , which is in the. houfe of tee tlung looked after, vi. Preferment, it was onfcargumcnt the jWrwf/hould have it. In the next place , the J> applyed to a A of T? , who hath Exaltation in che Afcendant, and who receives $,and is received of her again, Jtefides, the > applying to Ti , who is Lord of the fourth, argued, that in the end he (kould obtain the Office : but be- came 0 was in the feventh houfe in cf to the Afcendant , and with the? J, and was Lord of the eleventh, I judged he did em- ploy as a Friend , a Solar man , who was falfe , and did ratlwr envy then affeft him. I concluded for the reafons above-named, that with fome difficulty he fhould obtain the Dignity , not- withftanding the oppofitibn a pretended Friend did make ; and fo it came to pafs Within lefs three weeks , and he then difco- vercd that] his Friend was falfe, who had a great fear in his Face j was not of bright or yellow Hair , but of a bJackifli, dark <:olour , occafioned by G his neemefs to Q , the repara- tion of 7> from a □ of 3 , argued , he had delivered many.Peti- tions.about it, but hither to without fuccefs. The eleventh House , and thofe Questions properly belonging unto it. It is the Houfe of Friends , Hope , Sub* Hance, or Bjches g/Kings. c H a p. lxxxvii. Of good or ill in Qtufiiom concerning this Jhttfe. IV the Lord of this houfe be ftrong, fortunate, and well afj^e- cled of the Lord of the Afcendant,itfore flKWeth the obtain- MmnV ing i45» l nR of the thing at prefent hoped for; as alfo , love and con- cord of Friends and Acquaintance, if the Queltion be thereof. . If a man fall havt the fhinghfedftr t Behold if there be any good afpecY between rhe Lord of the Attendant and eleventh , or Reception or transition of light, or the Lord of the Afccndam be in theelivcmh , or the Lord of the elevehrh in the Afcen:lant : all or any of thefe g'ws hope of obtaining t he fame.If there he none of thcfe,behol.J >, • and if (he be not qualified with the Lordor the eleventh, afore* ' (aid, judge the contrary. Another Judgment concerning the former Queflivn. When any one asketh for- a thing he hopfes to have of his prince, Lord, Mafter or Noble-man, as fome Dignity, &c. be* hold if the Lord' of the eleventh houfe do apply unto the Lord ofthe Afcendant , or the Lord of the Afcendant to the Lord of the eleventh ,fay then he flull have the thing hoped for j and if the' afpeft be by A or # , he (hall obtain the fame with great cafe and fpeed : but if the alpeft be with Q or <? , . be Avail tfX it with much labor and tedioufnefs ; yea > although there be In- ception Of Significators. - ' il> " . If you finde the Lord of the eleventh in an angle Received, judge the thing'fliall come topafs as be would wifh. If you finde the Receiver of tpecjifyofit ion ofthe I in a com- mon Sign i judge he (Hill have but' part of the thing hoped for: If the lame Receiver be in a rnovaNe-Sign i he (hall onely hap the name , or a probability of hiVirig thereof , or elfe very little of it .• but if the fame Receiver be m a fixed Sign, he'/hail rnvc the thing whole and compleat'.- but if tjie Receiver of the » be infortunate , the matter (hall receive damage or hurt , after chat, lie hat h the fame, or is in poflellion thereof. If you finde the Receiver ofthe D received , he (hall likcwife obain ths fame,and more then he looked for:if you find the Lord of the Afcendant received , he (hall obtain whacfoever he hoped for : this muft be undertteod in things feafible and poflible. CHAIV G H A P. ; LXXXIII. Of the agreeing of Friends . IF one tt\t&Jfh*Jh*U jtyhidndie at Concord And Unity mtb hu Friend, or not - ? behold the Lord of the Afcendant and D , if you finde them applying %Q the Lord of che .eleventh houfe , fay they fl^U both joyn and agree together ; if the application be by # or A they (hall agree and joyn together with refpe#, &fire , joy and love ; but if the application be by □ or <P , in their joynmg there flull befcrawling and flrife , and the one flull be irkfomc to the other ; andttoce, that the application which is by cP» is wprfe then that which is by □. Note, if any one aske for a thing fecretly,faying, LookJ pray jwfor me t if I fhall obtain the thing I hope for ^r not : confider if you finds the Lord ofthe Afcendant and the D applying to For- tunes , and in angles or Succedants , than he (hall obtain ic, ochervvife not. But if the Qgam (hall manifeft the thing and name it, then you muft behold the thing in its own proper place pertaining to the fam« Houfe , and fo judge of the .hopes or Dot kopeu thereof. Of Love betwixt twe. If it be asked ef {he love of tWo,ftt.// the one do hue the other or not ? oehold the Lord of the eleventh , feventh and third, and if the Lords of thefe houfes do behold the Lord of the Afcen- dant with a * or A afpe& they love one another ; but if the afpeft be by □ or cP , they love not , or but teeth outward ; chiefly if one of them be Lord of the twelfth houfe; if neither of them (hall have afpeft thinner,*/*, to the twelfth houie or Lord thereof ,the love ofthe two perfons (hall be the more firmeand flrojig ! if all three be there , «"*. either in the eleventh, feventh Or third, or do behold each other out of thole houfes , their love (hall be rjw (hemger , efpecially if thcafp&ft be in fixed Signs. Mrhm 2 Of 4*^ • the Htfiluih* if Of the twelfth House, ftitd thofc Qu e s t ions which properly appertain unto it* Viz, Of lmprifonment , gmt Qattk y Witchery , private Eiiemies> Labour, bani(bed Mcn y dec. C H A P. LXXXIX,, Of fecret Enemies^ not named, IF a Quertion be ask d, concerning Enemiesymd none na- med, fee to the Lord of the twelfth j but if any be named, then to the ievi?nt!i houfe and the Lord thereof; diligently conlidering thdr applications to and with the Lord of the Attendant,, and by what afpe£i,and out of what houfes ; for if the Lord of the twelfth behold the Lord of the Afcendant with D or <?, out of the eight b, fixt or twelfth, or out of thofe houfci which h we a □ afpec* to the Afcendant , or no afpefl at alt, then there is fome that privately and fecretly wifh htm ill » and do him mifchief , or is a fecret enemy unto him. To know fome fecret Enemy who hi is. If any man demand the flare of a fecret Enemy , behold the Lord of th£ twelfth houfe , and how he is afYe&ed, and whether he be with good or evill Planets , and behold the Afcendam or Lord thereof* for if he be in the fixt , or joyned to the Lord thereof j it &ews the fecret Enemy is afHi#ed with fome feersc Difeafe or Malady ; as alfo , if the Lord of the fixt be in the twelfth ; but if be, Lord of the twelfth, be wich the Lord of of the tenth , he is in favour with the King, ©r is a man of good cialitv , or lives with fome man of quality , and it is nor good for the Querent to meddle with him, efpecially if at fuch time be Uold the Lord of the Attendant with D or cP : but if the Lord of the twelfth be in the fourth or e)ghtH,or with the Lord there- of judge him ftckly, or neer to dying, or ever pmine and re- pining. Confider and judge with diferetion in fuch like cafes, according to former Directions. CHAP. XC. An) mout committed to Prifon, whether he fall btfoon 'Delivered ? BEhold the D, if niebefwiftorflowof courfe: if flie be You mufi . wife, it fnev/s fhort tarrying in prifon j the contrary if (he i^ ow y 0Hf be flow of courfe : if (lie give her ftrcngth to a Planet m the Afcendant^ third houfe or ninth, this fhews he fluli foon come forth of eXA Hl; , md prifon 5 if (he give power to the Lord of the ninth or third , and w / )at rt / 4 „ be not in one of the .angles, idem : and as you jud^e by the i> fo t ; gH ^ efmj judge by the Lord of the Afcendant.- enquired of You fliall olfo note , that the Quarters of Heaven in the Fi- ha(h t0 the gure , arc of great ftrength and force ; for the Signified m jL trm Quarters feminine , do lignifie a fwifr going out , the other &c# more flow : fo alio common Signs fnew -a, time betwixt both j for if the Signifcatar be in one them , k fignifies he Avail be imprifoned again. If you finde the Lords of the angles in angles , he fliall not com; out of prifon ; and fo much the worfe , if the Lord of the Afcendant be in the fourth , or that he give power to the Lord of the twelfth, or the Lord of the twelfth to the Lord of the A- fondant; and yet worfe,if the Lord of the Afcendant give pow- er to a Planet being in an angle ; which if he be in an ill Planet,, it's fo mirhthe worfe ; if it be the Lord of the eighth houfe* he fh :!! <iye in prifon : If the » give power to the Lord of the Afcondintjic's an evill Sign ; and the worfe ,if a Manet be m an angle, and flow in morion, if he be fwift,it dinuntfheth part of the evill, and fliortnah the time. Mram 3 - Ever V ■ " Every Planet that is Retrograde , fheweth flownefs :■ If th? Lo.d of the AfccndAnt be Combuft.* he (hall never co ne out j or if he be not then received of the <•)> he (hall dye in prifon, Of the Iptfrifontd' 3) and 9 in movable Signs, afpecYing a Ymmt , or $ ii afpeft of a Fortune ^okcs enlargement .-this is, when 2 is lord of the Afcendaat. U in the Afcendant , or J or J) at time of Arreft , or $ in the Afcendant with the D , or S with U , afpe&irig the D , or 1) applying to U or $ notes enlargements The Difpofitor of D in afpeft with a F«***f ; any of thefc note he (hall be delivered in a Jthort and convenient time, If a Qucftmibe tfkfdfor 4 C'ttptht »r Prifoner. Behold the Lord of the Afcendant>and if he be feparate from the Lord of the fourth houfe , or the Lord of the fourth houfe from him , ir %nifie« he fliall quickly go . out of prifon i if the Lord of the Afcendant in feparating kdmfelf from the Lord of the fourth do apply unto a F«rtmt , and he. iiimfelf remove from an angle , it is a more fure and certain Sign that he fhall efcape and come forth of prifon ; when the Lord of the Afcendant (hall be in Cadents from die Angles , ic is likevvifc i fign of efcape. ■ If the Lord of the Afcendant do feparate tomfelf from the 0 , or if the J> fhall be exilknt under the Beames, it fignifies efcape, and that «fpecially if he be in the King's Prifon. If at any time any of the ill Signs ,vf«.fixed,be attending at the hour of Imprifonment , or when the Queftton is taken for the Prifonsr , or the Lord of the Afcendant or J> be inforttmate in any of thefe Signs « & «* K,ir fignifies long time of imprifon- ment ; if (he be unfortunate in the two firft Signs.and in 8 of <?, it fignifies he fhall be flairi with the fword aftef long imprifon- ment,or in danger thereof by quarrelling : If the fame Inform be \ it fignifies great Tortures,! rons^ grievous punifhmenu, amonglius it notes wants , hard meaiure , fmall or no mercy, ficknefii
  • lt trtmm'r of gtifitons, '
ficiricfs : If an fnfmune be in the* two latter Signs , it fi^m- fi^long cndrrJite in prhon, but fhorrcfl time ii' in h . It the Lord of the Afcendant be cadent from his Houfe or his Exalta- tion , and D in as ii iignifies long'impfilbnmcnc : The Lord of tij ■ Afcendanr or U in the ;ighrh , do iignirie the fame. If 3 with any of the Infartunes , lieaddeth evill and inifery to ths Incarcerated, add an ill end to the Prhoner. To be lhorr,di-re can be nothing better to be wifhed for the Pnfoncr, then if the V be in her wane , unto Iier Scprciriion ill parr, and applying unto FortHPtes,md tlie Afcen* d , nt and his Lord for: un ite, ; {vjorc alio , that $ is -more' to be wifhed for the Piifoner then %> and delivererh fooncr out of prifon ; efpechlly if (lie be joyned in fignilicat ion with the V or $ : If the i> be with I?, an-1 U behold them with a □ , and 6* with a A * it fignifies thitaftcj long impriioinent arid mifery , he fhall break prifon and ek ape. CHAP. XCI. . Of a C*pw* or SIavc BKhojtl the fixt houfe or twelfth, and if any Planet be there" in , he is the Signi/itr of the Captive, becaufe thole houfes arj [lie houfes of Captives or imprifonment . If you findc none there , behold the Planet which is under the Sun- beams , he is the Sign! fur. Behold ihc hour at what time the Captive is taken in , and if the' Lord of the hour be an I»fortu»e, ic fignifies long imprifon- ment ; but if he be a Fortme, it fignifies thorcimptifonmnnt oi Captivity. .':'„ The Jncitms fay , he that is taken in the hour of the 0 , fliall efcape within a moneth ; in the hour of $ , in forty dayes ; in the hour of ? , long imprifonment j in the hour of the V, hia, ttacefi-ull change according to the applications the 2> hath with the Phnets , fortunate or infortunate ; according to which ydii fljill judge eafie or flow deliverance : he thatiS taken in ttw hoftr. fiourof ife, lhallbelonginpriibn; mchehyurpf^.helU, foon go owe , but he that is taken in the hour of <$ , m«dj troupe ihalt happen unto him in prifon , forhe&allbepuc|fl Fetters or beaten; this you muft imderftand of Fellons, $ Soufdiers, or men that break Prifon, or of madmen, cfv. C H A P. xcn. If ont Ire B twitched or mt. y IF the Lord of the twelft be in the Gxt,or the Lord of the (m in the twelfth, or the Lord of the Afcendant in the twelfch,or the Lord of the twelfth in the Afcendant , or the Lord of the eighth in the Afcendant , or the Lord of the Afcendant in the ciphth , in a Qucftion where! fufpitipn of Witchcraft is,ic is pro- baile ; otherwlfe not lb ; But the Judgment fucteeduig I hate found more certain. , It's a reccived.generali Rule amongft thofe ^m/fr that know iVtCdaltifiicAll Key #/ AjtroUglc, that if one Planet he Lordof rhe Afcendant and twelfth home, that then the Sicknefs is more then naturall : When \ is Lord of the Ascendant and twelfth, and in the twelfth Retrograde, or in the fevench or eighth houfe in the fame condition , and the J> being Lady of the fixe , app.y ro Ti , we conrtantly judge the party enquiring is Betwitdicdoj Fore-fcokcn, or that an cvill Spirit hath power oyer him , m that the Infirm will be fore opprefled and dtfturbed »n his Fancy, if not dittra&ed. , V , , If the Lord of the Afcencfent be Combull , or imforf unatc in the twelfth , or joyned to the Lord of the twelfth houfe, there may be great fear, that the patty enquirjng 01 ' quired far » Inchanted or Bewitched , or elte fome e.viii Spirits do lunr him. If the Lord of tlie Afcendant be Lord of the tiyeUc J, M Combuft , you muft obferve of what houfe the © is Lord, and in what Sign and quarter of Heaven he and the Lord or the Afcendant are,and judge the mtch liveth than way; deknbe the ( 5uiSignashew ? anditreprefentstheperfon. U the Lord of the Afcendant b« JLord of the t Vf#h,Cotn^ 4t unfortunate by the Lord of the third , it's * Neighbour hath procured fome Witch to do this ac"t, or one of the Kin red j. fee in wlwt houfe the Lord of the Afcendant fajs to be in , and in whjc houfe the Lord of the third is in, and infortunates him, 'you may judge the caufe of the malice to proceed from fome- £hin«of the nature of that houfe \ as if eithe-r of them be in the . ixt Tit's tot Murage of Cattle, or fome difference about fmall Cattle , or for one hiring the others Servant , &t. and in like ' banner confider all the twelve houfes. If the Lord of the Afcendant be infortunate , as aforeftid, by the Lord of the's fome Ale-wife,Nurfe,or fome drunken . companion that occafions it, or hath procured this Witchery. If the Lord of the tenth atitfft the Lord of the Afcendant in the twelfth , it's doubtlefs the h:nc(of God, or by fome fuper- ■naturall power or caufe. • If the Lord of the Afcendant be an unfortuiV.te Planet, as 6* orli, the twelfth houle, Con.buH and infortunated by the Lord of the twelfth , it imports the man is bewitched by a common Witch. If the Lordof the twelfth be in the Afcendant,tt argues Witch- craft, or that fome evillfpirit doth molcft the party or that fome that are neer him or about him have evill tongues , or in plaiuerms, have bewitched him. In places wh:re t>eople are troubled with Witche?, as in ma- ny places of this Kingdom they are, thefe Rule? will hold : a* alfo , if the I> be in the twelfth, in cP to the Lord of the Afcen- dant or twelfth.If people fufpett their Cattle Bewicche.d,if tiiey be great Cattle , make the twelfth houfe their Afcendant , and the eleventh their twelfth houfe, and vary your Rules with Judgment. Naturall Remedies for Witch-craft. TYy/W»f by the Figure di [covered aud defcribed the P. my,, Li ihher by that Planet who is Urd of the i i tn , or pojitcd infix 1 1" 1 , Atiddnh hholdthe Lordof the Afcendant ivito a md'iciofu
  • ffitt,)9HmHfl let one wadh the party fitfpett(d)>vhe» they go home
Nnri to jfgff * tkt RtfMm ef •to their ewahoufi , *HAfr<f™ty4ft*rM™tyWW-«'** houfe after him or her , let cue fftll abandfuHoftbe Thatch r w Tile that u over the Boor . and if it be * Tehymiks agoodfire *4 heat it red hot therein, fating a Trevetwerit, then nkf.thcfm ties water, if it be a man, %omm or child, atidponr tt etpon tberil hot Tile , upon one fidefirft, md then on the other, and +g*in pnttkt Tite in the fire , tend makjit extrtamh hot ^turning it ever ad r uon } And let -no bod) come into the houfe in the mean umt. If the) be Cuttle that are bewitched , tJte fomeofthe Bmnf ■every one of them , and mix the 19 air in fair water ,»rw« it well, ' 4tnA then lay it under the Tile , the Trevet funding *ver the-Tekt mAe a Itiftj fire , turn your Tile oft upon the Hatr , mijttr nptit H«ir ever and anonxafter you have done thu hi defpace of ter of anhour , let the fire stone , and when the afhes are cold, **) them in the ground towards that garter of heaven where the fit- hefted Witch lives. i If the Witch live where there ism Tile but ThatchytbcntakfA treat handful t hereof yond wet it in the parties water ,or elf* won water mixed with feme fait jhen in thefir*,fo th*t ttm; molter and [mother ty degrees and in a long time , fettmg a Ttm
  • V< Or elfe take two new Her fc-fkioes , heat them red hot , and mil
we of them on the Threfhold of the I>o>r , but quench the other m Vrine of the party fo Bewitched ; then fet the Urine otter thefts andpHttbelUrfc-fnoot in it , fettingaTrevet over the -Ptf^ }>an wherein tlx: Vrine is ; make, the Vnne boy/e, wnha luttefti put into it , aid three Horfe-nails until! it's a/moft confumed ,V2. the Urine-, what is not boy led fully away pour into the frc: keep l*r \ JJorfe- jboce md nailes in a tlcan cloth or paper , and ufe thejm three feveraK times ; the operation would be far more tft- ttu*H , if you do thefe things at the very change, or full Moon >« * the very hour of the firji or feennd quarter thereof. If they be L«H \ bewitched jvh muff-mix the Hair of their T mlts wlthtbt TfrW and may {I en them , bitng well bound together , and fo let them it * fag time in the fire confuming. Thefe are nittirall experiment* and work by, as Fhavc found by fevcral experiment 1 could have prefcibed many more , Mult a creduntur rami V je/tenia, n«n $u)d videntm vera virathme* at mum #/ CHAP. XCIII. A Htrfe loft or jioteumer Henley, if recoverable or not f 5 Hero Lord of the twelfth f>gm~ fieth the Horfc, w hom you fee Re- trogra«e,and hafte- ningto acf of the 0 Lord of the Querent's Houfe of Subftance ; for af- much as V olid by his Retrograde mo- tion apply to the Lord of the Que- rent's houfe of Sub- ftance, and tint the iwastpcallyinthe. fecond and both W and 6 Retrograde, ncer the cufp of thefecond, I judged did
  • (W,,<hould rite hisGoodrorHorfequicklyandunexpe-
fedly.within a day or two from the time of the QuelUon asked) 2 itedB feVenth h.ufe was ifltted by 0 . 1 judged t\n Thief could not keep him; e . - v I ^ asked, hU* way he went 1 1 confidcfcd tvrclft was n\ viz,. Weft; the Sign wherein S Lord of the Si wasin Jn**,™ Weft ; thoughthe quarter o Hea-
  • „ was South, but much inclining to the Weft > « w m
Noith-eaftS^h : Befides , « a R he was Lord of ih : fourth, ms in a Weft Sign. I^rom whence I concluded , the Horfc : waf m WertwatdT butbecaufe « W teMffa* ^gJ^J Krfe would ^ proceed far , but «frmcr- I and indted the HerfoAd come home thee dayesaftr^ HoweCer,! rtcd ih, Hort. ^ouW -e WWa^yl<^
  • l\wMum,.m\mz, thn'*Hmfie**r Of thd Hark* air .
Subihn:e , thefa-ne night tiii Qtieliioji was.asV:d , yet tmufc the 0 hid no Dignifies whore hi Wjs,the Hone came no* unoill Wednefday or Thursday the i ? th or 14 th of Janmry ,■ at what 2 and $ came co a parti il c>» J mull confers , wcr; m.iny good iignirlcat ions that tbi j QueYtn:&\o\\\& viiov^t his Io!l Horfe f ; in the : next, }) in the fecond,prguinj; he fhould be dillov-red : third- ly, V. Lord of the thing loll, Retrograde, ironing. a return.' ing of thi tiling again calually : fourthly, two Iktro-radc PJ.m^ts ( upon th? cufpef the fecond, vvl.i.h uluaJlyflicws quick and .tinexpettcd recovery ; U anJcf per^tine I took th;.ni for thofe that rod<i away the Hone , U cfpeciaJly ; |_ and it wa ■ver) trh:.~\ G H A P. X CIV. // Behvitchd.. mud' V V firrt con- fider if c? Lord of rhetwdfth a Alia 5' Lord of<; the Af<tn-'s dant, or ifd" afflidt the 2>; or whether 52: be Lord of the A- fcendantand twelfr,: or if TrLordof the 3 eighth domifchicve the Afcend.^ni ; for without the Lord of the Afcendant or Afcendant it feli>r the 2) be affliacd by the- Lord of the iwelfthjtbere's noflrong Witch-craft.Here finding the l> < t ;oinp, to (f- of T* , boilh Planets in the fixt and twelft hflufes, it gave J'u- ipu/on of Wkh-crafs , and there feemed to thofe that asked for*, ■in.. jllC 48 thinner *■"*/ g»ijfi9»s t J ty$ f he Querent reafon for it, in regard the Phy/iti*ns hid pre* fcribid much Phy.lck » and it wrought Wo^rTec^, but the Patient was worfe and worfe : I positively affir net! he.was not be witch- ed, becaufe ? ■ was in a A to % and 'tfj.and 0 . in theVwelftb, and T? much donated from the rhshoufe, the J) ap- plying , r.fter her dP of T? , unto $ Lord of the Afcendant , he above the earthy ascending towards the (Jl feriiiia//. I directed them again to advile with tlie Doelors , and civil- ly to-acquunt them , that the Difeaft peccant Was occult , and Jay in the Reines and'Secrets ,-and occafioned by too much Ve- nerian fyorrs , &c. That it was 10, ^ is On the cufp of thfe fixe. 0. Lady of tin Sign inithe tWelft ! ; <rg9, an>6.xulc tecret Dileafe, ad Venerian. )> in w in the fixe , in d 3 to in the twelfth ; this argues 4 Female Dileafe , clofely obtained ; for as it was a deed of dark- neis, lb do neither iTj or H> behold the Afcendant: I judged \n was itcliy, becaufp $ was in X , a moyft Sign „ and becaufe ics ' was s the Sign of rhe fixe > and it are aery Signs, the Dileafe m all over his Bone j , and in his joynts, and in his Blood, that being corrupted : I 'did not fay it. wis a perfect Lues' Veneris but I gave caution tolprevent it f This advice was followed, the courfe of Phyfick ali£re.d> and the : afflicted party in or about three w«k6 perfectly recovered. - ■ "r.; . . . ':...!<•: ! . j ' •' ;r. ' ' 1 ;! I , .'I it ■ ' f; ; . I.'ir , . ' . . i.i •{->.(; ■ ... . ■ 1 1 ■ ( C M A P. XCV, Afrlfrnt efrtped e/tt ef PrlfavhUh wsj h w«*, IfRecevtrtHtt fHcperfonofrbb
  • Prilonet is rc-
prefcnted by I tha tufp of the twtlfu* ana U in, A. The way hr vent and intended ^ogo, is from th Si§n d thctwclf.n,t/;*7» and the Si^n ft wherein U it. Quarter of Hci- ivert and Sign where 2> is in. All of them con- fidercd , they lis* rled unanimoufy that the Prifoner would go Haftward,or full Eaft;[W/» he did.) The neamfs of J> to the Afccndant^ewed he was not yet out ofTovvmbut Eaftwardfi-omthePrifonhcbrakeoutof ; atjeatt, that he could nor be far from Town ; and as U is m the eighth houfe, fo I judged he liy obfcurely for a while, v**. a night, but then would go away ; [fo he did.) m I confidently affirmed , he {hould berccotered again, ando- never faucs, but it en ner tne v m oigwpwr ui « » « « 
  • u$ftUe £>e a fHitfed by *n itifoftwnate Planet out of the fev.-nth,
bur rh t tbi Fueitite or Prifoner is again taken. , . In (he next place I found U and 5 in * ; 5 m his own Ihoufe , and applying to U , therefore I judged the Qtftrttt ftould kre newes of the Prifoner by Letter, or by young man ■man within fix or feten dayes , or when the Slgnlficmrs came to a * afpe& , which was fix dayes after. The truth is , the Friday after , he bad a letter Where he was , and the Sunday after apprehended him again by authority , &r- This manner of judgment is the fame with that of Fugiciyes , (CcifijerAtit, m- JidtrAwlii*) , ^ H A P, XCVI. h delivered,' Judgment upon this Figure. THls Qucflion belongs to the twelft houfe ; U Lord of the fevi-nth fignifies the Ladies Husband, in ® Retrograde^ lately , or the daybefore ,in A with the 0 , the D applying to a * of \ , Retrograde , then to a A of U , with a molt tor- ciblc- Reception ; from hence I made not many words , but told , the Lady ,*tfhe ftiould neither care to make Friendno his Maje- Ity. . iiy or any elfe for deliver^ 'of. her 1 Husband., for i was, sflirecjjbj I " dr er \v as, o.lf would within three <fafi% be difcharged of ( |i . itnpriionmeric , by tneansjOf a many C^airnandjar , ;wf would ' releafe hitn .and ft^hiin hirn with what vy^s canv.nid . for 'his neocifttyv theTerjr'^H^^.he^r^^^;' .an-ifo j Gaftfon Where' he was priforier taken the fame day Jeinre & | Queftion was asked , by an honeft Parliament-Colon jll , who •plentifully relieved him with Money , and all convenient^* ceflaries. 1 s. ...... •'• ,\ V* "; U In Exaltation ftetr/£fa<k, inam<|jjflg;Sigh, ju A toffi, {hott itti^rifontnent, becaufe 0 is Lordotic Fourcb, and in ft perfect a "1 \ 7/W; The time of his Excellencies, Rob hrt Earle of £jfex , laftVcttint; forth into the mft. Here the afctn- tents bt4 farm of bo- dy \ for it woe comely, 5fc. T? S and ? w«<?/j *0 in hU qualities , rf* £«>jg Afi end Ant. I firfl cenftdered that the D fcparated from a A •/ ft i *nd jpplyed to a □ of cS Lord of hU Sub- pnet AJftftmt and Friends t and alfo of the o th % houfe vz.bui Jour-, ntji n-tich intimated, he fljoutd have Render fucceft,attd much loft by thUh-t prtfm Mdrtch : finding .'J in the /Ifcendant , / judged he Would be betrayed in hioComfeh; and feeing T? Lor 1 of 'he issfcen* dm Ptre trine % and in his Fall in tkefecond t *ni\ » in her 'Detriment mi (f) di'fpofed by^a &ig*ific*tor of his Enemies , and that U did tvin partilly with A dexter i bihtld the degree afcending , I oncly live this foments hat his Exctllwymusl exft& no fuecefs from thit imp/ojment , that I (would have no honour by the feurtteyjhat he Utttld be ex.reamly croffed by men of ore At poWerhereat London, thit pretended ftiendfhip unto himjbat hewwld be betrayed wholly, and bi in danger to lofc nil : that Iwas h trtilj firry he had made my jemer pre dill ion : J wxi well content to have been abufedall to pitcct , conditionally he migh: have had the better '. Brit behold the tjiluh of September: following fad ntrrs , that the ficinl of \ September th 'u worthy wan had furrend'ed all hU t Ammunition to I tv 4y , having onely Quarter for hts Sonldiers % with font tthir /{nicies , wIM were difhonourably performed , to. the eternal! I fhmt of the roytll Party, O 0 0 A Table if i t>t Sunt Hturt frt/dfe MM-niiht. *~ H.M. H««>"J frt/ ore fitiii-ni ibi I H- M- | iTM- I H. M. o.
  • s> . « ii'j —
3Z 3» 57 3* X 8 \9] & i « U _JjL_ *$! tZ' iZS'-^- 5 -'-l-M 1 50 i 8 !__ 2 J' 4?f _J 5-ll ji J4| j 5 5j5 jjp Jpio B9i^ *gi*a .f 21 10 1 1 40' 20j 48 50 17 £1 iQ J 2 0 j •u: o l\ 7____o! 11 0 n 0 21 15 0 """18 11 is "16 0
  • 7
if ~ 0 7. » 0 3 41 4* 441 21 1_ 0 t>i o o 3* 1 5? 2S 10 11 »3l _4j> 2?l -47 _42 _?4 47 II 2412 o 0 c o 0 o 0 1 f 5 1 -7 2I ^ fbttefit»th»4f cm k p. xc vjrl 7o nW< ttilttk tvey hnroftte'Dqor Nigh 1 ijiktfrMingTM, YOU mult underftand that « there tire (even dnyes of the Week, SM»lMjMo»J'lX*<fJ<hr<W<J?h«r(<Uy, JViJar, i To there are feveo Planets , vrz. Svwn , ,er S$l-Vmn, Aftrciry, Lmt* : We approprrate to each dav of the Week a fcverall Planet ; as to Sunday, Qjto ^wjii;, D to cf i to mdnefJiv, S i to TlmfM^l to JWjj, Q • to , ft: and the firft hourpf every day we sfli b «n to thai Planet affigned for the day , beginning at Sun- rife ever, the fecond hour we give to the next Manet , the third hour to the third Planet from him ; u if upon any S»*hj 1 would know what PianctRoverneth the firft, fecund , third, fourth, fift , fixe hour of that day , I fay O ^vertreth the fir l\ , V the fecond , ? the third , » the fourth , h the fift , Uibe fm, erf. and fo in order fuccefflycly during that day and night fubfe- ouent : and if you account in order , you (ball finde by this con- tinuall account , that $ fels to rile the firil hour upon AM<tJ } It the fecond, U the third. cT the fourth, &c. It is very true , fome of the *A*tit»u have Winter and Sum- mer , made the dnv and night to confift of equall hours I mean svery hour to confift of fixty minutes equally j but Ap^m 4onot fo, but follow thti method , vit. according to the mo. tion of the 0 both Summer and Winter , fo do they vary their hours in length or ftiortneflej for all that l^accof time which is contained from Sun rife to Sun fet, they divide into twelve equal! pari , whereof the one half eontames the hours before Noon, the reil the hours after Noon ; fo alfo, what fpace of time is from S in- fet antill Sun-rife again the fitia day at- ter , is equally dvided into twelve part* ; Whereof every twelUo part containcs the fpace. or time of one hour Aftrologtcallj end we do ever begin to number from Soa-rife , and continue until! the next Sun rife, accounting M- bouVs , beginning ever- more at Sun-rife, with that Plan.* who is afligncd to the dav-. Aft mdWK »f $k*$ Mt ' «nd fo numbcinfr rocuffiyejy. in order omill thenexiday, fo It vour Aitrofoflicall >u r « are e.lledune^iallbouri , as*ll into * or * , da* W Atologicall hoar u jnftflitf minutes and no moire. • . . v{» if tjtt table. Re theo in Y * * ® VX 9 and you wout^nowthe Plane- tarvhourffi If you would know the Planetary hour off any day the 0 kinfi y r^ the tlwiand fourth t4g« Will ferve y °?f you would know the Planetary hour of the night or after Sunfet Whilett th, © i»*X*. **f-£<^ * directed bvthefiftandfixtPAges of th»s Table. M • yo would know<be Planetary hour of the mgbi; the 0 beingin^n /y,w * , the feventh and eight Pages, will (athfie you. nttsry hour,, fs, «4ra.t I wowa woi » " 4 6 . ltie nine in the o,o«m.g , opon M«i*> ^« I • ; hich i$4 The Rtftktlt #/ bred little difference. Bnt to the porpofe, b>er againft 6 on fright hand ,1 fiode ,asaforefaid,'5 47- the time of Su« ; riling * then 6 4 7- then in order 7 5 *« 8 J4- then 9 Sj. my bout wti 9 3a fo then I begin andfay , the » being the flanet of the day , beginneth to relc at 47; mm. after *, and •joverneth untill 47. tnin. after 6. then he roletb the a d hour of she day , untill 5 1 . min. after 7. then % 1 uleth the %* hour , vfc. tilU4.miQ. after 8; then cf the fourth hour, ter 9. w ch i« the hour fought for, I fay S ruteth at that hour ; and fo you muft do eiihcr day or night : And you mud re- member, that at you fee onely in the firft Column Y b h, and in the ninth Column of the faid fir$ f age , n*<&and©, fo when you enter with the place of the^in n^ilor® , you rouft enter upward contrary to the former fide; for the© be- ing in 1 5. of « , rifeth at the Tame moment of time as he doth being in the ij. of <a : Or when in the 1 J. of n* , as when ui the is. of Y. The length of the Planetary hour is thus known, let the 0 be in the fist degr. of Y, he rifeth then , at you may fee, « 47. rain, after 5. In the third Column you finde 6 47- which if you fubitraft from the next number on the right hand in the fame line , vit. 7 5i. i 7 5" , l rcfts one hour and four minutes tor 1^ 473 the length of the hour that day, and foas your day-hour is more then fixty minute*, fonwh the no&urnall hour muft want of fixty min. and this is a general! "t'bc above named 15. of March 164*1 the ©being in 447«  of Y , I would know what Planer reignes at 20.min.paft 5. in the afternoon; I enter the firft Column of the fetond Page, under the title of the 0 , in the fourth line uhder Y I finde 6. and accept of that without errour, beeaufe the place of the© is 4 47. of Y , and fo is neerer 6. then 4. over againft 6. on the right hand, I finde 1 2. then 2 4: then 3 6, then 4 9. then ? n. then 6 13. thefe tels rae, the firft 'Planetary hourafternoon ends at 1 2. that is , two min. after one , the fecOnd at two mm. after two, the third ac fix min. after three ; the fourth at nine rain, after four , the fife at eleven min. after five > the fixt at thir- teen min. after 6. now my hour enquired after wis 20. row. paft Aft %} which fall to be the laft hour of the day? and if you look over the head of 6 if. you may fee the number 12. w*. it's the twelfth hour of the day ; now if you begin inthe mow- ing at Sun-rife, accounting » the firft, and fo proceed, 1 2 3 4 $ 6 7 » 9 1011 12 „ „ , You fhall finde, that© beginshis rule at eleven rain, pift five, ind ends at thirteen mist, -part fix. I need not be more copious in a thing fo plain and obvious to the eye; I (hall onely pro- . n , pound one eiamplt more,t/«.the faid is of Match 11 *7# afternoon , I would know what Planet rules; the © being in 447. of Y, I now enter the lift Page of the Table. I look to the 6. of Y , againft it on the right hand I finde 6 1 3« then y,i i» then 8 p. then 9 7. then 10 4. then 1 1 2. then 120. My hour is ten min. after eleven, in the feventh column yoa Jbavc 11 2. my hour is included in the next \ fo then I conclude wy hour is the lafthour before mid- night, and confequently the fist hoar after Sun-ftt , but the eighteenth hour of the day, and being accounted as we formerly inftru&cd , you (hall finde it the hour of 6* Either in giving Phyfick , or performing many naturall conclufions , without exaft knowledge of the Attroiogieall Planetary hour, no worthy work can be done, with it wonders, either in collecting Hcarbs., framing Sigilt t JouftJ % L*me»j;8cc. , So now by the bleflSug of Almighty God , without whofe providence we can perform no worthy aft, I have produced to an end the fecond part of my intended Work, and could have willingly acquiefced untill a further opportunity had betn offered ; but fuch is the defire and importunity of feverall wd afieaed to this ftudy, that beyond my fitft intentions I again adventure upon the Gicceding TtaUmc •/ Nativi- ties , wherein the pittifulland mercifull God of all the faith- fall , whofe brightnefle fliines in our frail undcrftandings , af- fift me, that I may perform this Work with judgment and un- der/hnding, for the good of all honefthearte<T£*g/>;/& , ray tntft beloved Country-men. Aflift me O glorious God , for my Tnk is difficult , and thy fcrvant is of little undctihndingl few, nay none at all arc the helps I expeft from any man living PpP3 f nav,Il fi Tha.ini! hitherto bad no effiftanee.) but what thj Arfutc » by formed W* fr?" neither th. H«£. H£, Heart or affiftwce of any neither now will I begpr be. rinro StoS Providence * whereby I have waded through fkl former Wife., but will hhe « valiant Champw. enter iSESt S3S , againft »« *e World of Dttr^r. .and So Ze wUltoe arifeinallAget, wl.OW.Ue.ther mjndmy S g r;o"defend my laying, fo far aa they my with roodelty. fmi 1 1. 1647. WUlUU LltlYi AN Eafie and plain Method Teaching How to judge upon NATIVITIES. The rectification of JiNativitie, by Trutine of Hermes , Ammod<tr y or by Occidents. A brief Way of Judgement , declaring thofe gcnerall Accidents which in a naturall courfc depend upon the fignilication of che 1 2 Houfes of Heaven. The effects of Directions, Revolutions, Profcctions, and Tnnfits ; the exjil Mo.ifurc of Time in Directions. i^jf William Lilly Student in A(trologf % Ars longa, vita brevis. l-ONDON Vrimed by John M a c o k 1658. v i
          • W*^***M*
  • An Inthopuctioh to Nativitihi
ATaHi wvtrting M$urs *nl iMinutn of lime inn Vtgrtti and (Minute j oj thto£q*Atv. Dcg.and mid of the Aba- tor. 49* A* lnmdutfiw tf Ndthitiesj Vft of the Table. In erefting a Piguifa by the Tables of Xeghntonttiiiu , this Ta- ble will 'be of good ufc , you snuft underftand thit one hone makes fifteen degrees inthe i^^, two hours khitty degrees, &c. andthatoneftunute of an hour fifteen tnfrita in the \&qtMttr. two minutes thirty minutes of the ts£q**tor. The ufe you are to make of it is thus ; in erecting your Fj. cure you muft convert tho hours before and after noon into degrees and minutes of the gutter , and this is called vutgaily The right tfcin'to* of time : thefe degrees and minutes you muft 'adde to the degrees and minutes of the Right attention belong- ing eo the 0 , and then, fee what degree of the Ecliptick an- fwers unto them in the Table of Right attentions , and that is the cufp of your temh houfc : I would know the cufp Of my tenth houfe'by this manner of operation ,,for a Figure ercfted at 3 25. f. M. Saturday the 12. of .J, me 1647. the place of the© at that time is o. 5 1 .'5 , but I will take One whole degree ; look in the Table of Right attcntionstfnder 95 , and over again** the fait degree thereof, which you finde inthe firft Column and I under % ,91, degr* and 5. min. to be the right attention of the 0 when he is in the firft degree of S. In the Table above , you may fee three houra give me.45, de-
rrees of the ^qnntor , under the titla of m'wHtts ofhenrs I enter
with 25. over againilit,I finde 6. degr. 15. min.of the Equator. V 3 horns give 45 0 My Work ftands thus— < *5 mantes give 6 1 J ■^RighttfcentHHoftheG) 91 5 "142 20 If you would look what degree of the Ecliptick anfwers 142. 30. which you muft do in the Table of Right afcentionj, you lhall finde the 20. of a, and that is the cufp of the tenth houfe. ... If J add unto 1 42. to. which is 'the right attention of the Mid- heaven , 90. degr. J* 1 there afifeth 230. 20. with which if you enter into the Table of (Oblique attentions following,
belonging to 53- <kgt. of jati^de, it will point you out the
degree degree of the Attendant , for that Elevation j you cannot find. Vxo. 20. youfprecifc number, butagaiaftthe j.of "i J finde; , 0. 52. very neer it; which ^ being mwe, tbtn .tnv number, I muft talte J proportionail pact from ,^n^^^ Put of hi? to eafter. Sothat my Afeendant will be four degreesand I „0 'fo ly five. Ihlve purpofely inferM thefe four Ta. Z following , to infttuft, the Learr«r how he may ereft a Fi- iuTcof Haavei>y Reg<om»**»*^ heou^hj punctually to So upon aKativity ; b«t in ordinary Quefti P n. «> more ttrupu- , lous! the^n need if • what I havedonc now, «onely toin.tja c Trots that they may apprehend a little ; I M perform the fol- ]£ example cJaiy to minutes ft you wjfl make 90 ofe of Rble, fen multiply the hour, given you by 15. and dwidc ro otaea of your hoi by + and this way alfo convey the vto hours \Jo degrees of the ^nxut 1 either are fpcc4uy 3 med Howfve?, you fee the cufp of the tenth tioufeii fid onely by taking the Right attention of <he om> , and ad- E it to thefrigbt afcentieSof the 0 ; if mocethen $6* re- S aftawiy Jdo. and enter with the = B number he Tables of Right attention, and what degrees of the bclipticK ante d££* thofe 0»a|l be the cufp of the tenth houfe. the refldifti V 1HS Table or AT ccniionT Gr o L < -i 4 5_ 7_ <L 10 ii 12 I ? / — M L5 LZ 18 J9 10 IL 21 10
  • 7
Ho ». 180 0 igo 5 V 181 50 182 j4V 183 40 184 <5 i8y 30 i85
  • 5 1
187 20 188 J 5 189 11 190 6 191 1 191 57 192 2>i x ?i_
  • ?
194 43 208 si 212 _<ja 213 40
  • J 5 37
a i 6 y$ 217 35 ? i i 23-; 4^ 238 339 54 240 57 242 0 243 3 244 6 l45_ _9 246 »3 ?i7_ i2 248 21 249
  • 5
250 29 33 23 270 271 o|3 0 2 12 d> 303 14 Ul 272 12304 >6 274 **> 305 18334 06 20]l33$ ; 54 275 . 27] 307 _2 2 3 36 51 ' 3o8 24 '3 37 4 ; 270 2 2 77 38 309 M 31 |M* 38 _J3? 12 4 3 1 ' SIS 52 196 35(215 3*! 2 5* 57 197 ?I !3 2tf 32 2 198 27 227 33 J 9P 22&- 200 »0 229 34 201 ?s 23Q 202 12
  • 3*
3b: 20* 2 3» -?* 2O4 3 33 40 205 i 234 42 206 0 m 44 20*5 57 23<5 46 367. .54 ? 37 4* 261 17 2<$2_ 22 263 27 1 MJ1 265 30 256 _44 267 49
  • 7Q o
27* 43 179 4S 280 s? 281 y 8 3£3 283 33^ .
  • 34,
310 26 339. 4 1 >*3 27 34 1 3 J 38 343 1 24 }i 4 2934? 25 316 29345 ; 17 346 1 2
  • «5 13
286^17^1 7 29 287 22I318 29347 8 ?J8_27!3J£_a8 J48. 189 3 r 2 9° 35 291 393*2 25 350 i5 o 292 4j 323 24 3 51 j45 ,24 23 3S2 4<^ »5 21 353 35 293 45 2 ?4 _5* 2P5 54 3J>8 c 3pp___3 3 320 27 348 59 321 26 H9 1 T4 ^28 16(356 20 ^29 I4?57 '? ,00 I \ 30 11 3)58 iio 302. _t<2i ^26 26 354; 3° M? ^ 3J 5 *5. — V?- — * 6\j6o of for the "Latitude or 34, degrees. Gr. M ^5 47 xi6 59 il8 IT 2f_9 34 16% 6V - 10 "3$ 48
  • »7
288 289" 290 3
2o 36
2 H -il? 225 1 i 2 4.J4 225 27 226 4c 230 18 266
  • 3JLJJ 2^7
232 44 268 2Ji 57 270 2?V «0 2 7 I 1 273 237 37 273 s 3 y ._5? 2J4 240 3'2 7? 2<fi_ itf'277 242 29 278 of 91 12 2 £i
  • 6!*?4
'29 7 i99 300 316 8 3*7„ Ji* 2P 320 29 22 ^2 47 JJ? 10 31 32 43 54 4 H 23 3 3 301 302 304 305 39 J3 3 °- 01? 3«7 208 6V, vt/|i/>. AC. 54|339 59 2j340_4i 18341 23 9 34' o 34- 34 3_ 344 344 34,323 16 345 3* 37 39 324 T~4 57 > 2^ 3 3 39 in 21 328 38328 55 329 370 52 37 3± 34|33« 1 3J 28 ?. j 34^ 34* 3 4X 348 34«  47 ^28 ..*?■ 3i 12 S3 A3 »3 33 8 34P 3 55L 3SO 53 35i_ 32 3 52 12 ?4J„42 1 44 55 147 20 2_4iji J 49 45
  • s,q ys
252 Id 279 Wo 281 _i6 24 ?2 282 284 285 287 39 .45 57 3 33' 5835a 51 33* 4^ 353 30 ?3 > 28 3 T4 to 309 20^34 13354 49 310 I6'| 14 s7| 35 S 2j 3 11 "335 4 1 I* 6 ^11 ilLjL* 3 5 ^ 4* 3*3 o|3 37 8 3 57 2 5 54 3 37 S»3_5_ 8 4 3'4 3JX 4*338 34358 45 4 1 j39 »7 >3T9 J»j 34)3 39 S&fo «- W r i 502 jo *4> jQ3 Mlfe-lS ^4 7 347 4* tt 1 *j?34 8 ' 4* 307 2 * $09 jo, 310 19
  • 5?o rs
^4 'J* ^5 >4 VCtr sw - 390 345| ?3 3< 34* 4S 347 " 349, jj
I2 12
3U _33T 22 ^4 433<5 37 3*^ 4" £3 a 47 34? 4* 3?^ 2 7 3j£UJ -J34 tfj35°. 4o 334 -H HU!l--g 35* 3.37 >o 319 is $4° 11 490 4 V pi i M 1 *v 321 joBL-Ji 1 pa ..3^34^ 2t 12 Z : _25f : 4' f<? 3M 3t^ 3r4^ii> 3*5 45 f:±)L 44 /.s 345__JZ 35*;> : 3S 353 5* 54 . 54 28 •5Sj 2 4 - 5 >57 • '5 57 _4:. ,58 ic >59 ' 5
.6"o fc
A Table of Oblfouc Afcention$ <7r. iW. gr. <V. (?r. Af» 4 L 6 L 8 2- lio 15 16 12 18 if 2C 21 . 22 13
  • 4
15 12 5
  • 9 l
    • l
6 6 41; 3 7 5 5 7 30 : 7 5s : 8 4S 2— IO 9 10
io »8 io _54 ii 20 11 47 3* 39 ,*3 54 4Q .5 gr. AtfifTM 5995 A4* 8 g^ioo. 331 101 44 102 Sr. M. $1 , 56104 gS___V 10 5 4P
  • 7 ■
<39 22 40.49 142 7 [ 4L44 MS U
  • 4 6 39
361 *08 4 2 152 29 "jljtio 5) 155 S* flm J6155 2 12 |ii3 4156 WiM-1? 45. 3* 4<* 26 Il2 43 48 -2° 49^9 5; 1 A 1 j7 lx 5 S9li59 44
  • 5 117 *6 161 n
u8 54162 38 21 164 76 34 77 S3 120 121 4916^ 31 ii? 17 166 45*168 26 ^169 SJ io 87 38**7 4 1 ,0 **£ 8 88 46 gi %i 130 171 20 3V74 l i 4 ^75 4g 9IJ33 31177 ^8'h6 26'i8o^ for, the Latitude of 53. degrees gr 7 i gr. 180 0 1S1 26 182 S3 184 20 185 47 187 M 188 40 190 7 191 34 193 1 194 28 1 96 55 197 22 aoo 16 2 01 4 3 203 10 t°4_J7 zo6 4 V>7,V 208 59 210 26 232 19 235 M
  • 3^__4J
238 239 Gr. M. Gr, M\ljr> M. 7* 14 331 20 3_3i 2 S 33a 272 '38
  • 74 o
275 22 276 44 305 306 307" ?o8 309 3© 334 310 31 28 333 278 * 279 26 ii |*8o 47 39 »8* 7 211 53 213 21 214 48 216 1 6 217 43 2I0_JJ^ 220^*38 222 6
  • »V 34
241 6 283 26 242 24,284 45 244 i[zS6 3 24? -28 287 21 246 56 288 38 248 24'2_89_54 249 *i 291 9 251 18 29224 3 2 3. 2 S* 45*393 38 224^12 2-94_lA 2^ 58 296
  • S7 14
258 30 H9 S<* 261 22 i62_dl 267 io* .54 5 20 347 4* 6 343 ij 45 348 J4\±t 2349 3* 334 _4?J94_.53 335 17350 M 33<S 29 351 i4 3'37 39j 3 5 a 5 2if338_ U?5 * 30 338 "47 351 55 3J9_2p3iUL? 3339 53 '53 4* 340 i6S$±_J 3^0 58 3 54 3i £354 55 342 o}55.»9 343 1 3S<^ f ^344 "1 3 5<5 54 24 344 3op?7,-L 7 9 344 54 34 V 38 345 56 3 58. 2b 21 ^4J5_? L 43 58 _5J 5-359 4< 3 o,;jiiiLj^li4i-^^ 593.57 28 3s8 4' • A 46 52359 M H7„ 1 9 3S9_l2 Rr r 2 S9«  ^ IWWW^ M f M..| ip .. ppi ,.,.,^.., .,. . , . ^-: CJH AP. XCVIII. HE that woold judge upon tfre fbtprc i*&onsrind contin- gencies depending upon the tnlloenc« of hwven an a Na-. tivity , it fe oeceffary that be bin in the firft place the place of the Planets f their Modom eia&Iy calculated t rt&ified, and fitted for judgement, according t* eke Modettv end r*& approved roles of Art * that is , he ought fiift to fet his-Figur c According to the cfiroarjve Ume given unto him ; and then to 1 confi- A* lmtinflh* u Ntthiths] $o* confidcr tt*f th« ih« bethcuqe time of Birth wor ape , left he be deceived cither wholly io the Sign afcending , or by a fallacious and unewwin how uiillake innny degrees thereof, viz. either in having few or no degrees , or the Utter pare of any Sign afcending; by which crrour no certain or rationall judeement can he given , either*/ ^Complexion , form, con- ization or fortune of che,Na)ivc. The Anciw for folvjug tbis error and amending the time, havett^Hveredfo^ewayes and meane* unto posterity , whereby the fuppofed^me^ones Nativity mighi .be, rectified and brought to us tioic. whofe Methods I wiH now dcltver in the flfft place, and then declare what or which of them, I Mq<npftfit forth* Student , and ought to he followed. /The fitft way then of rc- aifytng'* N'tivityj and reducing it to that moment of <irae, when fiift the Infant wastcwrated from his Mother , and re- ceived the breath or ayre of this. World , was by the Trmineot Scrutiny of Hermes (one of the wifeft of all roortall men , and as aucienc as UityUt ) and this way ii far more ancient then the Aftimdsr of P olcmiy , allowed by fhlmtj hicpretf inrn* S 1 CtHtUtqHiM* (if that be his) as I undoubtedly conceive it is; his weds are , What Sign ikt'Mjb* it in at time if the bitfh t m*\9 tai vtry Sign the %A{ctnixni at Cweptw»i *n*wk*t btptfa Mm it <» tbt Cbilde it nncttoed , that .Vfc*. o t the of " f,(iie »m» it the Suntlcindini at the Birth, &c. For Hermes was Of this opinion » that the very ee of the fame Sign wherein the ■• wis at the*onccpriOii of the Childe , flpu'd be the trot de- cree of the Attendant at the Birth. This manner o^ verification, though it is of #reat ufe and much experience , will no.t in nuny examples bold hrtti not to a degree two or tt«e,.ill the ufe I ever have or could make of it , was , that when an uncertain time was given me, or the time inift»ktn by an hour or two , it weald help roe to the Sign afcending , htorately to the degree afcending or mt untoit, y« do I knonftiH8i*f doth rnfift much upon it.and produces many examples verified by it*which did concur with the StfiMmfsof heaven corrected by Accidents* many Authors alfo hmhgood opinioo of it as well as he, viz. StbtHtrfmttw, »r Chijtofber Hqdc*> and others. Rrr 3 l^f^^^|;J^^ff'N!W*'!^g^w■v , Ht^My l '^ 5©^ <** inmi*tH$n u NstMiies. ' Thf C«rt8i# ♦/> tfimti* Stbtam •fHttvtu hjtk Trurinct/Hermet. Thcjeet ,diy, and hoot of the birth brougit unto you>ei«ct your Figure, and rcaifie the place of the 2> to that hour , tod daeeherfath^Bgure. „ . . "Then tike thediftanceof ih* »troi»tbe Angle of theEsft, or Horofcope, if (he be under tbe eattb, in*, cither in the j, 4 « d.bwiferor if toetxabweUeBatth.^fothe 12,1 1,10, 9 $ or 7.ntol4erilil^(TOittibir<nfpcof the feventb or An- gteof tba«*ft k fcblbr*ang the Signcsand 1 Deffecs of the An- 5ei froto the tfgd tod Degree of the » , by riding 1 a. whole Sisncs tothe place of the 3> , if otberwife fubftradion cannot be made. With this diftwee of the » froaithe Angle enter the Ti. blefabfeqacnc, ceiled UTMNftht mint* #f Cm&tii**!**' Thi MtutiTh* » ^ tsrthfrom tgrthfrm \yUttu P**A 4*1 LtitPmmnjter* ftbrnnrj. Much. rlprii. 3* 5? 90 Hi 181 212 . »7* ■■ -•'3*4 16$ Tt4r. 60 01 121 if* 1IB
  • 44
V4 3<>5 j6d ^ IniniHli'm U NAtivitits. 503 nftoftbcfiTMt* **d thfr*flk*Upm pfthtm r isthtu s 1 Confidcr whether the yet r of your Birtn be Cowradn or B ' ^Ob'erve what day of the yeer , the day of 'birth is, entring with whole Monethi , aiding thereunto the day of theMoneth wherein the birth if. >*• , . . • .
  • The number of tbe Manfion of the Childcmitt Mothers
wor«be,if to be fubftraded from thf day of thcbjrrfcj and if fobftrtftton cannot be nude oiherwayea.ttbenjWdeihedayci of the whole yeer, W*. 3^. or^Od.totheday of thebi«b, and what reraainesis the number of dayes wherein theconccp. tionwas. " ■ .1 ' . . t-wu «p 4 With which numbers fo remaining enter the TaWC o* Monetha,. ind .youOullfindc thcMoncthandday or, the Mo-, M < h Confider the plice of the » the day of Conception at coon time, which if (he be not difUnt from the eitimatfoe An- cle or Afcendant of tbe Nativity above 13. degree, tbe day found out ii the day of Conception j but if the is more remote, you may imagine either the good afpefls of the fortunes put the Birth forwarder the untoward a fpccls of the infortunei retarded it. In our Nativity the & is in 1. 44. h, and onder the earth, therefore I take tbe Afcendant from her. Place of the 2>'ii 2"-i ac8 44«  unto which I addc the whole circle* becaufcfofttaftioneWc cannot be 1* o ° So the place of the b 14 * 44 The Afcendant is after oe 6 37 SobftreCicd from the i-.rea* 4 ii 25 lef 07. I enter the Table of tbe Cbilds Manfion in bis Mother* worabe onder tbe title of Signea and Degrees . and faek oot the uttteft oambec unto mine, I finde 4. 24; and over againft that on the right bind , under the litloof the » under the earth Tkt which- 5©4 J*t»tttfMffl&t*2t#lvi$1tsl which tstimatc tlmourNirivcwaTinhU Mother* wombc 28$; dayes. ' v ' - : ' - ' - Keil.I consider whether the yetr of this birth be Common or BtftsttH, *W yecr of hi*. Birth is i d 16. Which divided by foot ' tod nothing remaining (hewei it a Biflextill yecr i if occted remained t : it < had been the firft yecr afte* and a common yeer ; if two the ferond , etc- Then I look in the Table of Months, what day of the yctr , the day of the Birth ii s I fiode the day ii the to. of Stpttmt. 1 took in the Table of Monethi , and finde under the B ffatiil yen * that the number of daytt to the iaft Qf f4*t*lt- 244- to which I addc ip.vic.thcdayof thebjrtb,put ttgetber,thcymikc *44 19 So then the day of Birth U 26*j. Karf.berofthediyeaoftbcCbildc&Mtnfiofi 28*. Which are to he fubftrafted from the day of theBirrb, by adding one whole yecr -onto 263. the yecr of the Bit th being B iTcatrtl , therefore I addc %66. dayes tinto 2*3* not 565. being the dtyet of a Common yecr. I conceive thua mainreafoo why many have erred a day or moif, Sy not adding the roll nam- her of 366. dayes to tht day of Birth when it happened in 1 Letf'jt r. The day of the Rirth and %66. added together make 619 from which if I fuMlraft the number of the Child** Marfi on 285 remalnes 344 With 544* 1 again enter into the Table of Moneihi, endfi*de the Iaft day of ^(wemki^ under the Common yect to be 3 34. onto which if I do adde 1 o. dayes more , they make 344. and bring me to the tenth day or Dtttm&tr being Sonday iBiy the D that day at noon in Orig**m , being in 18. 1 3 . t , not sbove 8. degree* diftam from the AfcWxUntOr* the Birth. If you then cwfider Ae diurnalt motion ©tthc »» $ou <h*N findcit is- degree* 7. inin; a moft fwift motion | -an4 if yon would kno# in how many houses (he may in that teotl) of Dtctml>tr come to the cVdcW. of vy , yob (hall 0rt<koy calculation , that the mo- tion of the 3> being iy. degr. &*> (he will come to be in the fiit degree of -tf that Sunday at night, roach about one of we clock, Whether that be not a fit time v f>*. Forrtagwring* Children, An InMduttm to Ntihitiesl *$oj Children; I leave to the judgment of, &c. Thji\Natiyity is precifely rcdiricd by Accident* , both by thofe depending Upon TheDireatonsofcr'rf^wCa/i, and of the Afccndanc to their rcfpecUe Promitcori. „ Some have delivered a way to hnde out the hour of Concep- tion , but I hold it * matter too nice fully at this ttaie to be hand- led, nor give I any credit unto ic : yet it's thus. ^ You mull take the right attention of the 0 for the, Noon of the day of Conception, deduced from y>\ inwhat Sign fo- evcr 0 is; you. mull take the oblique afecntion at the d^y of birth , of the under the elevation of the PoU 1 where the Birth ii ; fublhaft the 0 his right afcention from the obltqne of the ■■ , what remains convert into time , aHd thofe houres fhew the time of conception. .. ■■ c . f Or thus; Take the time from Noon tn the Table of noufes, adhering to the, 10. houfe , over agaioft the degrees of the 0 in the he is in at the conception. Take the time from Noon over apainft the place of the ? in the birth under the Afccndant. Subttraft the houres. correfponding totheplaceof _ the© in the 10. houfe, from thofe anfwering the place of the » in the Afcen- dam , by adding 24.houres , if need be ; what remamcs, is fuppo : led to be the time of the hour of Conception, CHAP. XCIX. Of tht Reaction a/4 Ttjtivitj h Animodar. MAny and thofe very learned , do at this day ufc the cor- rection of the ellimative time df birth by rhis way of "you have erefted your Scheam of heaven asneer as yon can to the true libmative time , <Pt* [My dircfta you to SideV diligently the degree of the Sign ****** toft new Moon wasbefore the Birth or degree of that Sign wherein cither of the hghti that wa bove thc catth wfs tn. See what Planet in your Schcam hath 50* ^ imniuftkn t$ Nttivitits. molt dignities, vie. eflerwial in that degree; end if the & 5 tees he it in be neerer to the decrees of the eufp of the Afcen. antlfccntothecufpof the Mid-heaven, place fo many degrees attending as the Planet is in the Sign who rules the degree where* in either the new 2> or fall i> wjs ; but if his degrees be neerer the Mid-heaven then the Afcendant , make the degrees of the Mid-heaven the ferae his are, and fo vary your former hgure according to either of thofe Angles j but if it happen fometimw two Planets have equal dignities to- the degree aforefnid, accept cjif him who is neereltin degrees to the Afcendant, &e. Though our Nativity was redified by accidents , and fo needs not tbis way of rectification, yet for illoftration thereof we will en- mine whether the verification hereof by tA*imJUr will concur with what is verified by accidents j for the e&mative time given me at fit ft did r ot differ from the (rue and corrected above one degree in the Afcendant , &c. Dpon the 15. of Stpttml. 1616, being Sunday, there was an <P of the I J , or a full P foordayes before the birth, and ic was about elven of clock in the day time , the Q being in j. degr. 3*1 min- of ^ , and then above the earth , therefore 1 examine what Planet hath moft dignities m that degree ; if you look into the Table of ElTential dignities page 104. yog (hall finde h by reafon of his Eialtation and tri. pticity in the Sign and term in that degree wherein the 0 is , that he. is principal ruler of that full P : if we examine the degree wherein he is in our Figure , we (ball finde him in 0 b , which being neerer to the degree Afcending then of Mid heaven , the Afcendant by this correction ought to have been the ninth of >7 and 2. rain, but had we accepted of $ to have mo ft dignities , at fome would have done , you may then fee a ftrange concurrence. I have oneiy delivered the way of this manner of emendation of the Horofcopc by that Method which ^called tsimmoLr , bat neither the Trmint of Unmet » or tbis , are of fo Aire founda- tion, as that Correction which is performed by AccMents. fiat when we fet Children Nativities before any accidents bippcn,w* ttJethu way and tbc.oihejy CHAR CHAP. C Tbt Btiliffdtion of 4 Vt*tit>hj hj Acciitntt, 4nifrAmi*i of*n Afinlogictt Speculum. SOmc give rules for the rcdifying of a Nativity by the Tratt. fits of the Planets upon the Principal Hjlmwt places of the Nativity; others by a figure of Pro}efltt>$< directing there- in the Afcendant and Mid-heaven to their Promittcrs t were there any certainty or affurancc in either of thefe wayes I would prelcribc them; but as I could never finde any verity or probability in either of thofe two wayes in my pradtfe, fo do I leave them to any who are defirous to pradife them , and give directions to perufe OripHM p*gt 380. and J*k»Schon*r 5ho msgnific* the latter of thefc wayes by the rectification of his own Nativity, and Pt^lins P Ag e a 2 6, &C. which Au- thors do declare the pradical pirc thereof to thole dcluc He' that would rcdirie a Nativity caadly, muft perform it by uuh Accidents as have already happened to the Native , be- fore you handle his Nativity ; and t<> that purpofe he mull colled in rcadmefle fo many as poflibly he can procure , and thole eminent ones, together with the certain time > the yeer and month, and if pofliWe the day whin they happened, bat rhe moncth and yeer will well (, if no neerer time can be obtained * for fometimes we are mforced to accept of the yeer without themoneth. The q ulity or thofe accidents eughttobc cither fuch misfortunes , fickmfks, or calua lues as have happened to the b^dv; and thefe are to be eipccted rrom theAfcendaitsoccurfe, prog.rftian, or meeting with Mdevo- lent PrcmUors 1 wherein you mull co.ilider the Aicendant being the place from whence we begin our work , is called m this work ihc Signer, ts signifying fuch or fuch an ac- cident or fickne(Telh*H chance unco the Native the Planet di- reft.d unto either by body orafped, is called I the Promttor, and he (hewes the greatoefie and quality of rhe accident or ftcknefle , or promifes to perform whit the. bigmncator de- Sffi dMQ f'rt-rr. vwgrr 50*. A*Mt9&u8iHit+tiMwhits. dated was to cose , & c The Mtifom Cml'% it another Sigmfi«  cator, and we direct bimtohi$:ft?eratPromi«or« forhonoor, Preferment , Marriage , &c . and verily a Nativity cannot well be An *sf fir*hgic*i Sftcufom of oar Nat ivitv.' had; thefc five arc called the Hjlc£i<c*l or principal place* of the Nativity , by direction whe eof moft of the affaires and contin- gencies belonging to every roan or woman in a natural courfe of life are found out , both in quality What, and in mcafure of time When. The beft Method I do know , and which I have praclifed ray fclf , is , fit ft upon the estimative time to draw a Sficnfom . and therein to place the Planets ondCufpes of the houfes according to the tftitmtive time , having care to re&ifie the place of the U to your faid eftimsred time : frame your Sfeculnn as followed) » and let it confift of fo many tines at you fee. jo <o 90 119 ijo i So _ai • j^o HQ 3 0° j3| X 5io AnWtrt»ttll*t*XtimtUs. r Having trained your Sputum [ you court place the chtcaA«i ^ of the twtWe Signet in order a$ you fee already done in the firft or tapper line of your work : ihe first column on the left hand where you finde Deg. and Min. arc the fcveral degrees belong- ing to the Signet and honfes , where you finde a fecond number, it notes minntca adhercing to the degrees Fuft, you rouit in every Sign, plice *e Tcrmci of every Planet in their proper degrees , as you finde them in <P*g. 104. as under Y ovei agaiolt o. 54. you finder U, it eels you the Termcs of U begin with no minutes of Y , the 54. minutes do adhere- to 6 , as by and by (ball be declared; then under Y . over agilnft the feventh degree of Y ; you finde 1 s , which tell you , tbat the Termes of 3 begin in the feventh degree of V r over againft the fifteenth of Y you finde 1 5 , which fignifies theTcrmcsof 2 begin there : overagaipftthe22.of Y , you fvnde t 6 % wi*. cT his Termei begins at the aa.of Y ; over agai ft the 27 of Y , you finde t n , viz. Ti his dominion in Term'be- gins at the 37. of Y , and continues to the end or the Sign. You mutt understand , that in what degtee one Pianee begins his Term , there the former leivea his power , and the other conri- cues his vertue until the ncit fuccecds. And here I mult ob» ft eve ,and give you notice of t vulgar finrour committed by all or raoft of the A$fl*i%*ni , cither late living , or at prefent now alive; that Is, in directing a Signifu*t*r to the Termes of soy Planet, they mftook commonly one degree, a* forcssmpic, bad they been to have directed the©, who in our Nativity is in 6. 37. - t to theTcimesof U , they didofoally m~ plice; % in the elcverKb degree thereof , whereat he hub no Term in - until he come to the twelfth degree thereof ; for the fv. ft fix degrees of ~ , are fully belonging to , from thecr.dof, fix , or the feventh , eighth, ninth, te,.th, eleventh decree of A arc the termes of 2 , and then Centers, viu at the twelfth degree. Having placed the Pbnelt in Sign and degree in your Sfi* tuUm , you muft know how , and 10 what parts and degree* of every Sign tbey caft any afptct^ both forward and backward, or direct and converfe , or according to the fucceffion of S giesi or contrary unto it ; as for example ; in our F.gure yoo finde An Intndtflh* to Nativities. 5 f 1 < fi to be In the ninth degree and two minutes of b' i I finde on the head of the third column , and therefore I plice Jj in » , on the left hand under the title of Sign and degree , you finde 9 and 2. viz* is in nine degrees and two minutes of b'. I would know whither T? calls his ^finifter, by adding fixty decrees to the ninth of » or in the third Sign from his place you finde *• in the ninth of 35, his □ fals in the ninth of o\, hxs ,\ in nine degrees of n X his <f in nine of m , his dexter # again fals in the ninth degr and two min, of X , his Q dex- ter in the nirth de&r. and two min. of *» , his A dexter , or A contrary to the fucecftion of Signes , in the ninth degr. and two min. of and as you have done with rheafpefts belonging to h , fo mult you do with U S 0 $ 5 and 5 , but neither or do emit any radiation, &*. and whereas you finde in the di- rtclioi s of this Nativity , the Stn.iftxtil , Stmiquintil , SemiqHd- Jmt, £*i*'M t SefqMitjHiHti/tBjq ui*til and S'fquiqntJrdte men-* lioned hue not placed in the Speculum ; you mult know,the fmal- ncfi of one fide of paper would not contain a Speculum of thai Urgcnefs wherein I could have inferted their characters j but be- caufe in Directions there will be frequent ufe of knowing how to put them in aroongft o:hcr afpeets , you muft do thus j frame for your private ufe a very large Sfieulnm , wherein make good grm iquare columns K and therein you may place the characters of the new and old afpetf s as occafion ferves , and afterwards you may draw them into what form you will .• howtoferform and go on with the work , is readily thus ; you may fee in the upper part of the Spcnlum , over » 30. over n 60. over S jo. cs over agiinft the tenth line of the Spee/tlum, yoo finde under Y 10. under b' 40. under n 70. &c. fo againft the twen- Btch degree of Y, and under Y, you finde 10. on the ri^be hand under $0. under ji 80. under S no. the application whereof now followei. The numberof degrees contained in thefe new afpecii, though I have mentioned inP^.ja. yet did I not there infer! their r> fnal characters j they new follow. Stmiftxtil 5i2 An Intrtdutfitn tc Nathitks. Stmiftxtil cuffs •/ dtpttt 30 chara&crXi $tiirq*iniil * 36 ^ S<mi]XAdr*it 45 & Sefquiquintil 108 X Sefq»i<jM4dr4tt MS ifi Bj.]Hin il 144 X Admit I would know by the Figure in (he former Sp ei, hm to what put of til- 1 Zcchsckthe » cafceth her fin ite*" andtks- c r new afpe&s , the place of the » is as you fee in 1 degr. and 44. min. of , or (he is in longitude from the fir il point of V 6 1. degr. and 44' min. you may fee over the Sign it 60. o- c d<-r>r. more and 44. min. mskes the number preceding : the D her li :.i- iler new alpctfj , or according to the fucceilionof Signesfiif „ thus : the longitude of the I i* the fit ft place, Lon^itsii if th £ 61 44
The *:(t):b:r of dejr.'ej of tie Simiftx* til < oka leHgituti? , produce 91 44 Which you fee fill in the flirt degree and 44. min. of 5 : again, all the all ire performed by a continual addition of the number of degrees the afpeft containesuuto the -\ J.#*gV cf : 61 44? UngMeofY 6i4^ Ior -.. Setr.iqmntii }6 \ Stntiqutdrns 45 y 11 L^tudeof! 61 Ml Louise of T 6i44 SiOJ , Xs^/M-V #f £ or 44v - Unymlyf 5 6! 44^, Stjq*i<irttutr*tt 135 1 y ^ BiqHwttl 1 44 So then you fee thie the new afpe&s belonging to the do fall in thwfe degrees of the Zodiick according to fucceflion of the Signts, mV The Semiftxtilin 1. 44. . Her Stmiqmn il being in 9~. 44. fills to be in 7. degr. 3rd 44' min. of 3. Her StmiquttrAte beii g io^. 44. is in 16. 44' of s. Her* CwV// flnffttr btingm 133,44, ftlstobcia 3^degr, t {5<l 44. of the Sign «Sl. Her St'qmfHiittit in i6p. 44, falsin the ip. and 44, of W in the Term* of h , you may eafily fee by the Sfteulum. Hcc $'(<ii*qH*Ar*tt'\n 1p6.44.AUin 16'. 44. of Her *?<7 J wri7 205 . 44. lals in 2?. 44- of A . Having finUhed her finiftcr afpefts , I (hall arquiwc you how l( > perform her deiter newafpc&i, or thofc which flic hith in fkfKcliptick.againihhefucceirionofSigm. This work U done by fubftracling the number of every afpett from the longitude of the 1 \by tddiog 3«»- to the place of the 2». ifoth.-mayei fubittaftion cannot be made, I (hall g«vc an exam- P U « two, and then leave ic to the ingenuity of every Longitude s 61.44. ftora whence I fukftraft the jftri/wii 1 /, vfc. ?o. r</f/ 31.44- which tdt yoa the dtswe Stmiftxtii of the 2> is to be placed in the 1. degc. 44«  I o n n?tade of the » 61: 44.7refts J v 44- which point out Longitude of the J> 61. 44- l«ft 1* 44- ftf P*« f ' H,a Sw***+*t9 45- .f 16. 44- of Y. Loocttudc of the » 6t. 44,? hue the afped being more in f »w7wbefobftr«a«d7a. Jnumber then thepliceot the Dj I addc ^/H* So then the place of » U421. 44. From whence I fubdud 7 thenreiti 34P-44- W you enter the whh tht l k *u V Xr 19. and 44. min. of K. where you are to place the ehitafter V. Longitude of the 2>42i. 44' n 108. - «hich fubdufted reds 3 1 3- 44- whssh you may finde to po ; nt out the 13. H- of K;^; hc 1 r^jUriw . ^ **** W\ the 16. degt. and 44* raiD * of ^ ^ lon gi. A* mvtd#tfh*tilt*ttehU$i Longitude of the » 41 i.; 4#; : r ^ ^'i r> Y:\: -v/- s 107 44."ofv*. ' ; vl*V J The lame method I J\aveprefcrib«d"in thefe near afptfii: for t\\*v , youinuft .obferve in tfeeotbtr liatPJanecr ..rcmcmbrihg that by « contiuuall addition of she afpeft to t>ie placet of the Plane's ■; you come to the point of Heaven where the fwitcr sfpe&i fahj and if it be fo, rail by your addition you fam more degrees then 360. at 4ft will fall out 10 any Wanttthatit; in / vy or H , caftaway 36a and enter your $pw*lH*f with the remainder , and where your number fala, in that degree you woft place the thar*&cr of toe afpeAt I have biA|btoctbing wore, ttdioiw heegjn;, to make 'ail thing! piai**' bte&vfrwhini wa$titft aStudenfnerein , hiving no Maftcr , thefeifeiogi were difficult unto me j but now for the rectificationjofi a Scheara by) i4tcMt*t % you- molt do thus j note the accidental order thus. fit- Aged two yectt five raontthi, fmaii Poriis or Mcaj: fcJi.tfv. Aged five yeers , :th#e , four or five foonctbi ' } fikh or -focti a! Sickncfa, fuch or f«ph a Cafuahy , &e, iti qualkyiiefp^ daily tobeeonfidceed. • • Dilutes and Hum to the body are ufurily (lgntfedbytfal Afcendant directed to his Trmmt&t* Preferment to Oflike , Comraaod, &c . or Mirriafle, &a yoo rouft require from the raid- heaven, directed to Pr$mhtcrs. The Merchant whole Nativity I handle , for rectification of our proceeding Stheana , gave «c thefe Accidents and no 0- ther, tit. • 1 . yerrs. montlhi> I. Cdmr to 4 Aftfttr cf <?H4Jitj t aged 16 7 a. /# ; »*r/*j< hijtuiJtA tf&reot c**ceenmw t *ge4 . *o 4 3. Skk rfd b*r»i*& Fttvtr, . ; »g«4 JO . l« ... 4 Amthtr Fttvtr, and much A/tls$& folly '} -, , 1 • " ' 4*4 Scuriiy. v - . >S«^4 , V , Other matcrisll accident* he coujd not i*m«nbcr i his. fir ft necidenr happening in the fevemeenth yeer of hie age - be- ing a preferment by hi* coming to a Mailer , I required from the ditc&io* of the mttium tosH to fqme Pnmittor.t 3f eoier the i/rtf«/«/4«tnd fina'e w/J»sw cur/i vi>. the mid-heaven in 14.39.% I tut; down the colum^aod iitft I finde wii-hmen to frmittwt m foilowtlh. :V right afctn. trkjof Arttt* Zi% ; . 3100 A10 4? 4413 34 14 4? 43 »37 4BU 38
  • 37
4tf*$ 38 238 4 5 Jt<J 531 Toth+Ttrtfitef . . 5 »a o 'Uthtrtrmstf , \i agio" T# fit CtMtrA'AHtifc'un */" $ mtfont Imiwfc 19 6 Tt ths rleviHtb ksttft 30 o 'fed* Terms if .0 o T^/^/cf ; ' 0 54 SuHkaft the right af«en(ion 'of Midi heaven from the right afecntjon of the Prm\ f nr y what remiirlei'li trie XrK.of Mrttlhn t flight afecntion of the Terms of y no 45 Rir! 1 ,; akcntio'rrofMitl'licaYcn . u* 10. ■ •• 7 £S $6 the NaKve Being fevcri yeers and five monetta old , t!?e l&d- heaven came to the Termi of Mttmh I confidweciVhich of the T>t owittir* had any thing to do in \h MsgiftctV.T^fcflion or Preferment of die Native. I riu& ^tob'etoW of the tenth houfc,afndih*rcfl)re I cpnfi- dec 'whctHei- <hfc Mid-hm-cn cbrae not to feme favourable a- fpett of hU about that time , vit. about fixtccn yecrs and feyeii raonechsbf'h^age. In the ilr'ft j^iacc I conHder , thus (he i.oid^heavcn hath no di- reftioii UerievOlenc unto <f until f it make progrefiion into, or enter /, '"and' there m ^jji'tairt. of/', iU rtiid'-hearep meeti with tHc d of d" in the IWrms of a good Planet : from helite tceiicl^dcd , it.was ! pofti|)lcfhc wight » upon thnt Directi- on , comejVo 3 his Miic<if ; I iherWote entred the Table pfRighK aftcnaotis irich, the firlt degree of / ,^nd under theS^nof X over agan\il tile l^'dlffireeV^^^'rrghtafcentlon thereof to' "be ?^8. %L b\it ^ N bcinfe ftpt' f«lly we degree incheSign, I mall; tike a : M ptoportion betwixt' the 1 right afcentionad- Ttt % hetiog c<v/i t» F r#. wittm. yi* A* Wr*I*#h» H Ndthhieu heriog K> bo. deer, of X , tod what belongs to the fir A, tW, the ^ greater adhering tothefirftdegr. of / a?* ji v io«hc«cwicffer,v»4.voo. 7 137 4 * difference ' : -i ' 5 : So then I fay > if onedegr. or tfo. roin. give (53- what 54. to. adhering to the place of <f: the wow fttndi ithw , 60 6y 54 I multiply the middle number 63. by 54- thelait . anddivrde wnai comes thereof by 60. what is got thereby , I addetothe letter rigbt afcentiom c*o 63 $4 54 J 1 * — 3402, 6o (57' So here is 57. m. to be added to the letter right afcenqon , tit-
  • i7 4* , 5
.57,1. ; So then the rigbt afcention belonging to c? it aj8 4 J From which I muft fubfttaft the right afcention of the Mid- htaven. Rigbt afcention of the A of & 23? 45. fcight afcention of Mid-heaven^in_jo , Retis. 1016 3 j Here refteth 16. degr. and- 3*. mm- dTirTetenee between ibe Mid- heaven, being SigMi^r io this work, and the A of c t which is Frmtiurtf you allow for every degree one ycer ,*nd for every minute fix dayes ; yon Ihalt finde »<hat fi xteeo degrees ind 3 j. minutes in the mcamre of time , do give fixtcen ^eri and re- vert roonetbs, about which time be came to his Ma,ftet, .You nwit know, the mid- hcavep is alwayes directed by the right afcenttoci 10 his Pnmthn ; but if the 0 » ot iny Planet be rembved b«  one degree ftora the very i^Pi^^y^JfyB^? 11 ^ faouft, then yo« rauft take his circle oftyfuion.and dircft him by Ihe oblique afctctions or defcentions belonging to that h\tn- tion,(^r. th ; a racafiire of time 14 thai wbich the Am**u did uk in giving for every degree of the ^ne y«r, «* tor every five mifl. one moaeth, and tbii U beft for a Learner. Tta ill two nraftirci of ( time brfidts thi» now in ufe • one much uied by tlioff 't^t honour '/J/wjjww , the other more fre* qwo'tiv by fiich as honor rheienrned A'm'Mi I will deliver them iotb in thi< Trc:<tife ere f 'conclude, # flue 10 follow our purpofe > if you direft thcroid-heavento the* of the G and of? , youflhall fitide , the mid- heaven came to ti>c * of the '& in the 23. yeerrurtant of his age, and to the * of 9 the latrer end of his 23, and beginning of his 24. ycer. I enquired of the Native ,' whether thefeyeers were not very fuccesful) onto him, or he in great tfteem , or whether he liv<d nos very gallantly, according to the quality of the imploy- men: he was in He did acknowledge t »c , that he was then more then formerly imploycd » and with greater eftcem and fuccefs. finding thefe accidents derived from the mid-heaven to Pro- mi:;:'*, to jump fo well with the Ditedions which are proper for the like, I well hoped I was not "far wide : I thctcfore ad- dteffed ray felt to fee if any of the fickneffes he had undergone ' tvoo!d concur with apt and fit pirc&ions neet to that time wherein be was ill ; that fo I might obfjive the true degree of the Afcti!&n?i ^ looked in the Spfc*(tm for the Afcendant.which I found to be i'n 6. degr. Sfid 37- wio of JfturtJths Pnjrnfs of the jfctntiir,*, thttt • Afcendint \f 6 ' 37 To the Terms of- 5 7 t> Antifcton U Terms of U T<?o\sofo Termiof Ti Contfantifcion g Terms of h A S 5 91 ■ 130 200
18 16 CO 0 00 54 31s 330 351 332 34 29 10 «?• 26 1 2 ! DittltithJ i 24 1 * 19 2 c 6 55 11 28 16 4 18 1 z 6 1 1 16 18 19 19 16 19 52 19 I 4 3 o 1 1 S o 10 24 24 o o 24 6 12 1 wis defirou; to' fee if the Afceudant came to the > <? of 3 iboat that time hehi'd fo' 'abufniny Tcaver', for the Sig : mpcAur being'in an' aery Sign'; ftiews blood Corrupted , and Ttt 3 Jin 5 1 8 Am ttHr*d*8l*n ** 4fcVf/«£ U ina f'*ry Sign fliewi iofUnaetipn ted violent burniBfcfravct*} You mull now look tor the oblique af«n«on of <? ,.iare. gitd youdite&theafcendant, whUb yeafhill Me «o<Jcr tt*, deration of the Ttlt wbete rht Native wai born » which m If you look into the ta^ of 0^ucafc«n^onifot5?«itt grew of latitude under the Sign «s , , where this / fait , agaipjl ckj oo degr. of ^ fc yoii ftun flo^c.tb* obltgue; sfc«0C4Qii to tij 351 id. So that it' i&« oj&ftfUr* ; • " , The next greater belonging to one ijejjr. of ,«w ii 33* 6« ' Oblique afcemion to one of ^ : jj: 6
■' ' ' ^tyfi 0 ** 8 ?3'ii^
If 60,' give 49, what $4. adnering co 0 I multiply 40. by 54.3rd di- *<5o
  • ide what cocoes thereof by too 5
Oo wbac reclaim. I addeyrr- [ . » 1 > ar<$8> to»!wl«irer«bLqxicorrigbt)|foedlf<W; 60 fj6 but now to the oblique afcention. « . ' Reft 36. to be added ta 331 26 So then the tjue.ohjique itcntion, of *he o° of svithort iaiirudc . is 33* 1* ftani whi^JfublW^beobliqqeafccaii. 011 of the Aidant. ' pbliquaa/cenuoaof cP of $ $1 01 ObliqueVrcexujonor* wrAfcendane^ii 10 .> v ". , . -i '•• '• ... ■ ly'sl Here reinjuries 19* 4<g.and ya^ min.allowing for every deg. one yeer , an^for evcty roiautc fifcdayetvut mikes the Afcco* dant , who ^ the Signif *fer , come ta*h« of d in the twin' ticth yeer of his age currant, or being compleat ffrneceen and ten raoneib* and ten dayei; nect jupon which time he hida molt violent burning Fcavcra , and jnqcli oppofitton and ion- trovcrfie with foeh as he had commerce witball h wat robbed of fonie thing*, and in danga of loling more » aajwasarfoia linger of fitc , for 3" it in Si* Soihatby thefeiiicftions , I • conctire A» iHtridrffftih tf Nativities^ ' tor.ceiv* the Hotefcop* MrKde«tly te&ified .- end yon may f Uf .; ( her fee . that the, Af&ndanc « the fame/ fhuc came to the a of i> which being a benevolent dircdioh , did much cxteauate the miliVnity^^Medicine:- - ' J ' \ yT -> 1 * ' y 1 The gcnerall ruje tobo.obfcrvediithn.^hathavin^framed your Sp!c*kitn acicordirf^ to (Ketftitnate time , and put in order yoac accid«riti»yoii tun down With 1 yoru; eye carefully t«c : column where the Aftendant if placed, and obferye whether in fuch a compatTe of time it ruigbt comeco foeh an afpect or body of a Vrtviutr , as may fignifie the accident Or accidenti you hive gi- Ten: in the fit ft place take the Premitt^/i the Planet who dcnoics the quality of the accident , his oblique afecntion , and fubrtcac^ fo many degrees as yon have ycers from hi» oblique afecntion , for every nioneth five suinutei , what remaincs i> the tcuc oMiqae al'eentioh.of' ihyHircfnff j ice wlutdegrec of the Eciiptick aofwer UUtO ic ,■ ««d WorX for minutes by proportion, an^ ihofe degreei rtfid minutei fhall alcend iu the Eut angle, cvfivoblcrving to tike the oblique afcendition of the Htmfcopg under the elevation of the, ftk where the. r^ntive was born : aui you mufl: go backward or forward in youc Sp:cstlmtt as yon think gooii , u;ot«l| you b,ave made your accident and direction agrci in mcafurc of timej do the fame 'in the raid-heaven by the rigru siVcnticMiii , . • JLi vUJ- - C H A V CI. To mFt a SchtAtti of hiAVin 4> tht Tahiti of .. IvV: G 1 OM O^i Y ANUS. OUr Native was bor;? tnder the elevation of 53. degrees, upao7^r/^J the jo. of Stf umber 1616. 2. hours, 24. nin. tj.fccondf P. fitft , I fit the place of the C to that hour , by reducing his action to the elevation where thcNstive was bom, which is by allowing the time m&zEfhtMsris of OrigimM limited , vi<, 1. ho, and 7.' min. ' • » Ihe place of the © to the time given is 0 6 3 7 Hook
1 IlooktftthcT»bltof,righrt(cenfiQni, ao^.ov^r •j^iofttlji
6 degr. of *\ 1 h^d* under design * 18 J 30. »od ^cleinfwa to the 0, dcgc. of - but having 37. belonging to the pis* ©f the 0 , 1 muft take the ciffercnccof the out gtctwr Ark) kA then work by proportion .... , Rightafc<utiontothe7' of ** 186 2 * Right afccqtion to jtlie 6. of ^ T» 185 3<> Tbe difference ii 00 55 Jf 6ogive SJiwhat » Q. ... 385 16J 203 (i ty( ii w bVtdded td the right tfcentici belonging to tbe 6. degr. of a 185 30 ' n Tbe tight afcfntfootf the e« °J Tht r'ukt rfttntun $ftk* imbm it thw : 06 o 00 7 oftbee^7^ffi Tor two hoar j For 24. rain, of an hone jofecondof an hour give 7 as you may fc in tbe ctnon of converting tbe dcgr«i of tot+£qum* 'm hours. . . . , The G hit right tfcention 11 2 86 3 The right ifcention of tbe lime ii 0 36 7 r a?:i 10 So then 22a. degr. 10, rain, is tbe right afcenlion of t hi aid* haven 1 and if you look for that number amongft thengWi- feentions , yon fhall finic the neerclt number to it to be in ft bat this « more then my number, I therefore take the rex? Icl fee arke belonging to the 14. degr. of m, and work by & Right tfcention to 1 5» of " 1 Right afecntion to 1 4. of »n Right afecntion of aid-heaven a 12 R gtrt afecntion of 14- in «i 222 2jr 31 00 60 10I If 60. give 60 what JJLL 39' 39 ' >cy give 39. min. which arc to be added to the 1 4. degr. of m, and then tbe cufpof the mid-heaven is 14, degr. 30. min. 0 pn according unco which you mult frame all your other houfes : thus by a contintull addition of 30. degrees to the right aicention of the mid- heaven, and then entring the Ta- bic of oblique afcentions belonging to every houfe, yo«<hall findc out what degrees and minutes doth anfiver to the degrees of the vfiquatw , and thereby tbe degrees of the ccliptick be- longing to 'the cufpof every houfe. If yoa enter %jgi*mont**H4 , pag. 175. he acquaints you what the Overall circles of Polition , or elevation of every Pole is, for the eleventh , twelfth , ftcond and third houfe, let the Native hi horn undee any elevation on the Northiide the <A:qHin«ni,il, I acquainted yoa our Native was born where the 'Pile was elevated 5 j. degr. look in the fourth column'inpag. i75«of Rttkm'.Mhui for 5 3. vU. the P«h where the Birth is i over a- giinlt it onche right hand , under the title of the fame number of the eleventh and thisd houfe, you finde 3 3 ;?4' intimating that the PtU of pofitton belonging to the eleventh and third houfe ( for they hive all one \ i% 3 J. degr. and 34. rain, btcaufc 34. min. is ibore3o.inour ejflmple, I take the P»tt of 34- degr. thecufps of the eleventh and third ho*fe, admitting of a greater diffc- , he thsi would work them esaflly , may work them by proportion, as %jtf9mm*HM tcachcth. Over againft 53. in the third column on the right hind , it 48 59- over ihe head or that tbe tide is the Polar number of the twelfth and feconi houlei, theodolite Signs and degrees in the fame elevations , make the oppolite hoolcs. Right afcention of mid-heaven 212 ie> 30 Obiquc afetotion of she cofpofthe n. 252 10 under thef#/#. 30 of 3-f , V v v Oblique J* Ititrthttht) U Xdtfoitks. ObUueafcentionof the cufp of the 12. 281 10 M* of tUt 30 houfe is 49, Oblique afcentton of the Afcendini Obiiqae afcention of the cufp of the 1' Oblique afcemion of the cufp of thej* 3i*i£. Latitude of 30 tbephcejj 34s 10. Latitude 49 30 t2 io. Elevation of the Ptl* 34. For the cufp of the eleventh houfe 1 Obi. afcentton 152 10, Ltt. 34. if yoo enter with your Oblique afcention in the lit. of 34.youhndeoveragaioft25i. 10. 3©. degr. of m ,or o^t t ' and that i$ the eufp of the eleventh without further operate Ct/por the twelfth, Obi. afcention 282 ioLat.49. Obi. aftcocion to 15-/282 25 Ob.afc.of thci2£# 2821a 10 1 4. 281 9 O b. afc. to the 1 4/ 281 9 difference i 16 diflference x 1 If 1. degr. and 16. rain, give 60. min. what 61. Qc if 76. win. give 60, what 61. 60. Htfcta devided by 76*. rert^a %€o. (min. almolt to be added 10 the 14. degr. of / j then the cufp if 14 49 /. F »r the cufp of the firft houfe under the elevation of J3;tbe Ob qic attention ii 312 19 Oblique afcention to 7. of 312 30 to 6. of v* 311 31 diflference 00 59 Oblique afcention of the Afccndanc 312 10 311 ?i If 59 39 00 39 00 39 So here are 37. win. to be added to the Use degr. of V , ud tfjen 1 lie f roe cufp of the Hsrtfccpe i$ $ 3 7 v/. If you addc to the oblique afcention of the Afcendant }Q> degr. more , »£ iht oblique afeenrion of the cufp of tb* fecond hc-ofc wUL be 3 42 io» unto which degrees of the An iHtrtdttffhrt ** Vtntlvhkf, jr *# ^fondtffthe?f^ of 49 you (hall find* by a juit operation, the ji tlrp. and 30. m. of « s to belong, jt I adde to 3 4> 10 rhey produce 37* 10. from which T fob. 30 ftr aft the whole Circle, %>i*. 3©>.then t«(l»u 10. with which X enter into che Table of obliq ie Afcen. tions foi 34 degr. the fame for the eleven^ b«ufe, and vou mall fiidc by a juft proportion , 18. degr. and 34 min of the Sign Y to he the cufp of the third houfe ; thu.h .veyou the right attention of the mid- heaven, find the oblique afcen* lion of the etevcfith, twelfth, fiiit, fecond, third houfew C*U*f<k tt»tkh*\ 14 ?9 "\Rilht*fc n(wi9?Tr,Uh<w»iZZ Id /ty) of the <iiv »th 30 00 woMqw sfc^itn tkewf 25210 Cufiftfthf twtttb 14 49 / Otiqif afctmha 282 10 Cuff of tbt A fee ml. 06 37 VfOHtqtt afctmh* 3 1 2 10 C»fp >fthtftc»*d 2 3 \o ^SOh!i:}U! tfantim 342 10 CXf ofth thrd 18 34 VObi q it ajcwitn IZ iO Having ere&cd your Scheamof Heaven and fitted thecufps of the Houfe< t you muft then take the diurnal! motion of every Pla wi. find reduce them to the time of birth ; then place them in the figure, wilb 6*^and?S , having care of allowing every Planet chae motion which is required for rcdu<*t'on of them to tbe elevation of the Pile or latitude where thcButhis: The time of our Native's birth it two hour* , twenty four min. twen- ty fire fecondi ; to thi< I adde one hour aod feven min. w' ieh Ot'^MKt give* for gedu&ion of bis Epbemeru to L™4§* , and fo take the motion of tbc Planets for three hour* thirty one min. anvi this will fcrve very well without further trouble , or any fwfible error ; the pbee of the Birth beinjj more Eiilthcn Lew Im , Co that thosg^ the time of Birth be two hour* , twenty four tain! toveoiy fire feconJs , yet you m»ft tnke thesaotion of the PURCts for tbiec hours and thirty one min. There are fome do eq>iace the time by adding or fubftr act- tug u the time of the B, rh , what propoi riun is ailigned to the %ee of the Mg<i where the 0 u 1 whereof you mty read Or- (rt«w , pag u o. &c. thoufiU m> ftof our late aod abkft pia- ftifcts uied it very little, a«MiIt« i?r./6», and Mifter %4li*»* Vvva CHAP. f 14 An Mr$d*(fbtt tp N4$hltits A At* lntr$i*tth» h mthitits. 5*5 CHAP CII. Of thing) (4*ffi*rAblt hftri jmlgmtut bt£iwt ttft* « Nativity. IN the firlt place htviog rc&ificd yonr Nativity by Acci- dents, which alone of all other wiyci it tnoft certain } la the next place you mutt carefully cake the fortitudes and de» bilkics of all the Pianett and®, and obfemtn svhflthoufe* and parts of heaven they arc pofitcd j where and to which pttU of the Zodiack they ftrongly exfend and project their oauinlj influent* , or where again they operate more weakly inJ-f^ milly. For «i ofc as we pronounce or jWge any thing of the condition** Life , Preferment , Marriage, Eftitc, Travel! of St Native , we ought very well to under ft»nd and be perfed in t*if> covering the ftrength' or imbccillity of the Sigwjictur or Pro- mitror thereof ; and his or their mutual! correfpundency and configuration witb other Plancri, his abilitica either to effect or perform what is proraifed by him yea or nor , which run* not well he predicted , unlcflV wc well undcrltaud his nature, pofuure in the heavens; bis motion, fortitude , and thai cor., figuration he hath witb good or eiill Planets , or whether that afp«& promifing the matter expeded be of good or evill in- fluence; when you have exanined the ftrengtbof the Planets, do in the like nature for®, obfcrving alfo where and in what part of the figure andbowncct the Planets the ^fntifck-twA CcHirAMiffitHi of all the Planets do fall, how oeer to a n- of the - rufpes of the houfes, or to the degrees of any of thePianc«, J the fixed Surres of the firft or fecond Magnitude •, of which the Attrologian* do make any ufe or, generally arc , andhereinof thofc reinirkablc ones, that have fmall Latitude front the iic'iR* titn. Coufider alfo the nature of thole fixed Srars, whether they arc of the lame condition with thePJanct they are neer onto^a or no $ for if of the farce condition or influence, they add vigour to the Sigxijieatcr , or point of heaven where they are lb po* fited. CHAP. c h a p. cni. Of tht fast #/ life , #V vhttkri Ibt Nttipr u liks t»
  • Q Ef° r * Y ow Pfoeetd to any particular Direction of the rive
Jj Hilt£Hp4li placet , you psght generally to confider the ffrtngth of the Pofitufe of heaven, and therein whether the degree afcending, the Lord of ihcGcniturc, the© or » , or the light of the tiroe are extreamly afHiAed , &c. for thofc ar- gue no long life : it were therefore in v,u'n to frame long Du rectioiu upon that Nativity.. However , that which is principally conlidsrable , find ought, if pofliblcto be obtained , is', juditioufly to examine the Nati vilics of the Parents of the Childe , and whether the Signifies urs of Children in them arc ttrong yea or not ; for as the good- nc tie of fruit depends upon the temperament of the root, fo
  • |fo Children ', whofe Parents have unfortunate Significaisn.
do dye upon a. fmall iickneftc , &c. hue fich they arc nor ufu- ally attainable, yow may proceed according to the Method fol- lowing : I : !ii>, confider the degree afcending, which molt properly hath lignificatiun of Life, whether it be . fortunate or not \ its then forcu.iate when in the tcrmcs or 11 gn , or in the ¥ 01 A of a benevolent Planet ; and fo on the contrary unfortunate , when tithe r locally an infortline vitiates the degree afcending , orb/ hislJ or f afpeft « or when many violent fixed Stars of the nv» ture of the Lord of the eight, do at ife with the degree afcend- ing , or are wch or neer the Luminary of the time. If accord- ir.g to thefe rules you finde the Afcendant fortunate , the Childc may live p It his infancy ; but if affl.&ed , he hardly efwpci his vet y infancy. Secondly , the Lord of the Afcendant is to be cor.fidcrcd , for if he be F.flentially ft ong , free from Cornbuition , ll'.trograd.i- tio:i «nj *t\i 5ion , fwifc in motion , not strbrted by the u llup- py sA fcc^s of thofc Pianets who are either naturally unfortu- due, or 3cciden:aliy by poficion , vi-v if they hi not impeJi- tcd by tlk Lords of the eighth twelfth, fourth or fixth houfei, ir V v v 3 argues jjj the intrt&ttihn it MtMtlal argue* , the Child or Native »iy live long: ufualty the Utf eft he Afcendant Combo(t ; , or the degree afcending affi^d, sr>, goes (hon life, fo faith S*k**fr. Thirdly , have fpcciall regard to the 0 and D , cTpcctaUy of the 0 , if the Hirth be by day j or of the P , if it be by night ; for if either of theft be ft rongau^weU drifted , ortnagood boufc, and in a favourable afpect of ehherof the Fmtmt, it* an argument the Native rasy lorg live ; iF other wife , they deny long life: for it** generally oblcryed, that when the 0 and & arc partitly in 6 with the I* t c *rt**ts, that then they are very unfortunate; nor for the rooft part do thofe who are born ci- ther epon the very Change or full D live long.or continue health, foil; for they who are born upon the full r , dyeb) eicelfe, or too great abundance of moyfture ; they in the change of {he > , for want of humidity , or by reafon of too oiuch drintffe : yet the wcakeft bodicf , moil fcnalland tnoft fickly , are ufuilly brought forth upon the change of the J>. However , the tunti do fiy , that if the Lstmiwits are in partill 6 or <P i e«u to a minute , and a Fmnge , % it.. U or 9, in the Afc n lant , tbii then it's npt only an argument the Child (hall live, butalfobe aftive , futl of mettle , as we fay , and wondroas facet ifull m the aaioni and affaire* of hi* life, but however he fhail not atmo to old age : If irftcad of a Fermi* hh pofition in the Attendant you tinde an J»fi,tw pofned therein , judge death , ox no long life ay that Native. If both the Lights or one of them, tfpeciafly that ol (be time , be ? flirted in any angle by the malignant * , P'« or J n / ^ fm*«t ( wherein yon rouft obfcrvc , that the 0 » molt affl-.aja bv his being in 6 with cf , the by her 4 withb, buctbe £ is more afflicted by T> in his <f , and the by <Por ?i) if together , J lay , wi.b the aifl ft«on of cither of the Lights *e Lord of the Afcendant beCotebuft, or dangerouflyany other- wayes affl ded , without doubt the Child then born wilt r.ot Uvc ,0! Mant Planets In the (lit , eighth , or twelfth , tbe l<ord or* the Afcendant not beholding them or the LMmi**ries or Hwf »f< with any good afpefl, the Native will live buta whUe. 4 The 6 of many Planets io the Attendant, or either or lie A» TnmMUn U Nativities; i%y hfcrtMS fa the Afcendant, the 0 and J> in cadent houfc* , ^ and J in the fi it and fevemhin <f , being then in the firftj thcfcargaefliortlife. All the Planets under the earth , and neither 0 or D p op Lord of. the Afcendant effcntialty dignified , or ingoodafpeft with U or 2 , or the Lord of the Afcendant going to <J of the Lord of the eighth , with other ill tcfttraonie* couftderablc , do argue IhorR life. j jj or IS «n the fame degree with or T? in the fourth houfe, do denote but a (hort life .• where you mult note , that <f hath more power in deftcoying life when he it in V „ andthelNlitivity diurnal , and he above the earth ; hath the fsrae prerogative when he is in vr , in nocturnal gcniturci, and above the earth. Some sffi ra thofe are ftd-oorn where the S is in 6 with $ in the A cendant.or with Tz unfortunately placed in the eighth houfc at time of Birth. Thj five mi h*g$thert T> c? snJ !> art in ■ wWf tltt afitH& i H i 6t i rtt * *$ Usuuiin fbs agist h. Th- )> m the 4 th b »/} if* I cr cP tfk * d i f*fn-ify tbt Mothtr htih iijftMh ljfotfr t **A dtCkiU livti net I ike Luminaries f pirate from aVnmt **el Apply to a male* vftttt pit it t tht Cfold f Jb4Mjkmlre ingrtAt dtngtr af dtAtb , At t,':n tint,' th*t Luminary , If n jftfi rntafHvt c time, comtj tithtr tc the I: if tr lsthott*rft U it**: ttuhnffy afpefl* therein you mutt t*>tfnUj ebtvt aMjc*r Mgmflcators , an J got fwoHnet duth n'llj /f i he l> Be hfrgi b*m>xt tht hiiUs •/ <$ **d 0, if 4>^w«  4 fan lift. CHAP. CIV. Of tht PriregsitrefLife , Mff.'WHylech , cr Hvleg er Aphcti : <f *<A of the kitt*i f i**rfiiit*t PJ**et T H? word i$ {"kMdn , and it fignifics no rnnre , then cither w ^ j| . ich being directed by ^ ' J fc th* c Planer or place of Heaven, wh his or it* D'grelBon, we judge of Life or the fhte r hereof. Ttc Hjletb ii thus found out ; in a Diunwll geniture , take C » in a NodDinill , the D i and if either of them be in con- veniens 'vcniem tijhiUcilipUwtey M\\U^tl^hthtymihtn ft** to be in convenient HjUgUttll place* , and flull > capable to be accepted for Hjltg , *hen they be either in ihe firft , ter^ eleventh, fevemh or ninth houfet, or within the Orbs of the botfci J what fpace of the is under the euth it rejea- cd, unlefle within five and twemy degrees pf the Afcendant for it is generally arhongft all Ajlrj^iw received , that all PI* pets who arc at the time of Birch under the earth , arc of MTe efficacy in the fupe riour Htmifptor ; the eighth houfe and twelfth are in this judgment rejeded , at having no affinity «it| the Afc«r.d*nt> and rarely fignifymg any good toiheNatitt, ( at touching life ; ; i raean ibe Q or » in either of chofe houfo, cannot be fylrg. IftheG, byreafonof tmillpofition, if not ctpablcor bt>, wgfylff . then fee if tht 2 may be admitted : which it* uoi then coniidci* if the geniture b* diurnall , an«*i whether a tKty S did precede the Nativity; bat in a no&ornall , obferve the full y going before the Birth: fee alfo what PI -net hid more do- minion io thofc placet ; and whit P.anet bath molt dignities , it leatl three eflenchll tottitudei . in the place of the © , in the o or (? preceding ; but in a no&urnall geniture , in place therror, if a fufl 7> preceded , take the place of ©, examine .wh'fb of the Planets hath moft dignities in thefc three places . and inl< fo conlVcatedin an Hjlquttll houfe j I lay , thai 'Plane! : may well be appointed Hjt<$ ; but if the Pianet who hath mo't i i g- nities in the places alorefiid , be not in an apt houfe , then (im- ply , and without further trouble let the Hwfaft be Hjl% ; ™ indeed there are fome Jnifli do ever nfc the Afcendinr for Hp Jtf. rejecting all other wayes. Befijes, oblerre in diurnall geniture* that you mult em rf- gard the degree of the Ecbptkk wherein the new » was before the Birth , though a fu'l intervened a little before the Birth, for by day the 0 "« more powerfull then the ) ! . In no&arnall gtnitures, take that Pianct who hath raoft power by his eiTcntiall dignitiei in thefc three places, C Place of the J> at B rth. fit* < PIsc; of the <P preceding. { Place of eat the B rth. Tor s ,«a 'Ah Ifitrtdutt'm U Mttivitiesl Eor if fuch a planet be in an Jphttmll place , he ftialfbe Pnn- ugr j but if not fo , then , if a new D preceded , take the Afceo- Jwt ;V an <? , take the 0 , if it be in an vtpbtticAll placo , clfe rjke the Afcendant. Agjin , in nocturnal Births, have care to the cT , though a ^ ; ^ £ £ w*ce next to the Nativity, for the )> is friend to the<P; ^„ |r ,y tvfaarc note , the place of the Lumiwj is the place or degree of J 0 /, Heaven or that Light , which at time of the cP is iound above the r I U Again, if both the tights , and that planet who is Cover- r.our of the proper place , either in c< or <? ( who in diurnal gc- liiturei gorerneth in the place of the 0 , the c< precedant , and j () the fcendint , but in nofturnal in the <f , place of the i\ an* tV Al'cendant ) Hull be in *4fhtit*U pinces , that place of the light* is to be preferred which is of greater vertue, and is a more 4P As for example , in the noaurnal gcottureti , let the D be io the ninth or feventh , but the 0 in the Afcendant , then the {?. is preferred before the » ; the fooncr if he be ncer the degree lending , or in any of his dignities , or within 2>*. degrees ot the Afcendant : Tn diurnal. gcnitur« , let the r be in the tenth, rod © in the ninth , the 5 (hall then be preferred befotf the I.-n; if the !> be in the tenth, and© in the eleventh thoyfeern theniobr cquall. But to deer all ambiguity , youmutt take that l.iPht who hath moft dignities , either eflVntial or accidental , it mo fuch difference be , but that they are equal in tclltmomes , Ice jf the planet who difpofech either of them, applws to either ot !hcm by any good afpeft 5 for if the Lord of that S«fin who "difpofrthof the^raor^, be potent, and doth behold the : fcmc HjUg with goodafpeft, he makes the ot lifemoiefttong, u , I have delivered what the Ancients wrote of Hjh\t , w&irhutnw us y« I «ll notfatisHcd , cither how to take tho Hj/f.g tt(RM t ficitnt Ph- ot whom moil properly to call the Killing, Interficient or Ue- ,, f/ . ^oyiniipl«KK> or more arciBcially , /»w f^r ot Antrtt* - t fthU , yet the i*i<»n with great reafon have delivered Lf hat :the A**- < ^ (tli lit, or Internment planet, is he who i. placed in the cighthf- »J , houfe, either five degrees before thecufp of thchoufc,oi Z ^ T ^^ U ,/, 53© An nmtultm to Nativities . gfc« after, Secondly , the Lord of the eighth. Thirdly, tint Planet who is joyred to the Lord of the eighth , ( which J v.q ways* approve of. J Fourthly , the Planet who difpofech of the Lord of the eighth houi'e when he is not therein, or he thit difpofeth of the Planet va the eighth. Montulnio It ufually obfersed , that the k- dexter of T? , and the fiV
  • il;r.eth.tve/d&& dexter of J, in Sign* of long afceutiom , are accountfd
thc\ :/"!? malevolent afpefts, and have power of Killing , ( this is meant and o to k^H, t» iu Uly genitnrcs, or in Clima&erieall yecrs, other malevo- <V*t/;*r; »•;.;' lent diredtons concurring , ) or when the Signifaten of life Piolomy. in *R t4 ' P eo P' cs Nativities occur thefe afpcct» j thcTmncsof the Infer;*»;i they being rot propitious in the Nativity , are ra. puted dangerous, The Arab*** do fay 4 that the £ :r5/ directed to the tufpof fixt, eight or feventh houfes, «mIio to the cufp of the fourth , if a wati y Sign he there ; as alfc , to the Par^'and Chitdypi Ntbuloui parts of the £<7>/:iV^.or to the place of a prelent Etlips , or place of the prcfent appearance of 3 Cctutt , or to /iximtnt degrees , or to the t" or & of '- , a-e dirgerom and fitall ; as slfo, the I or J when thev obviate the Afceiidar.r, and have dominion in the eighth. Aleck*™* 1 ne *s* r *k in * did further obfetve , what Planet hsd moft cf> wLf II m ?' f* nl '*^ dignity in the pi Jce of thcHy/fg, and with forne afpeft did behold that place , this Fianet they called Akishhn « or gi- ver of yecrs , and they were of opinion , that the Native in^ht live the gi eat , greater or lefler yeers , which this Planet did (if; nitic, according unto the natural) courfe of life, if r.o very obrtru&ive directions in the interim , or efcaped I'vdJen cafualtit* , or avoyded the general! face of »uy City or Cms my wherein he came to refidc or inhabit , for no particular fate csn rt'llt a general! co (amity. What the feverall yeers every Pinner gives . whether g r M, greater or lefie , you may findc from pag. 57. to £3 . of the Moreover, they faid, that if either of the Lum%ti*rift be h'lhg, and in exaltation or houfe , that Light mvy be Hjltg and Ahf If the Luminaries b: Hy leg, W sst piftted m their fan ft or 1 v/ '«  tAt:o*,or proper Tct t9i s thm fUmt pjatl be reputed Alcochodon » ; * ^ UmAuUiw to NdthithK yjs r^/i *A* H y'*B Joftmufi\HilgtthejAmtifAny rum, but other »f tbt l'ghts t bt Hyleg. , 7/ W4«» F/**<" /«* , d» ifl*w/'*/J •fteftmowt, to csnttni f,* p;.tmi*iHty % he that hath efftfl to ti* H> leg « preferred btf»rt i :( tUt h*tk n»w j i/ «mi rf/JJift 1^ Hyleg , then hi that ixMttht rl ji in eijetttiall f*rtitnhs. , ■ W^recbftfvejnthe duj iime an OruMtll P Unit u preferred fa- Urt tn' Otctim*ll,V\L th- Pl*»rt wAi ft netrtr the Afcndwt then ht tiff's ntxi tr »tn- HHtt tht tVtfi angle : *w if i> happi n the AU cliochodon t 0 be*»g«Ur, firing and fortttMt erfptctdll) i« fie it tenth, hm*J pofflMj git" fa greater jeers. . A* I formerly delivered, that I am not fufhcicntly fatished "eitber of the Hj/rf or Aweta , fo neither of the Alnchdtnx I
m ,Td . Gotl , to lee if I can by my own experience give
my lelf more allured content by a diligent and full examina- tion of many Nativities, which I have Icen inmy timcvermeJ, the parties bemg now all dead; and I hope fo to fatishc my cu- r i,fity that 1 (hall pleafurt the lovers of this Learning 'with my further obfervatiotu and paints thereupon , which , Oodwillmg * ma) li*€ to publifh. C H A P. CV. Of the Lord the Geuiwrc. n Ooccrning this, there is fomc difference amongft the Aw- \J yet all rejecting the judgment of ttrmum, whofe opr- i«on w , thrt if the » were at any ou« birch inY . then? bemg Lidy of the rtext mbfequem Sign, (hall be Lady of the Oc nitarc, 0*. or if (he be in Si, then e.becaufe Lord of W, mutt be Lo d of the Gcniture. , , 0:hcr«will have that Planet Lord of the Gen.wre who hath mod (llentiall dignities in the Afcendant , mtd-heaven , place of the c- and ©. and that he flnill be partaker in judgment uho hath molt dignities next onto the ftid Planet ; and this is Tnulccrly of this opinion ,^.Th« Planet who hathmofl 5J3 An JtttrfJuffhn U Nativities. effrntial and accidental dignities in the Figure, and h policed befy a »d elevated inoft in the Sche.un,that he ou^ht to be Lord of the Genuine, and am confident the whole actions or the Native will more or lefs partake of the nature of that Planet and fo hi* Conditions, Complexion, Temperament and Manner* flin'l be much rcgu'itedunto the properties aligned that Planet ( emji. Jtratu, ctnjidtr.mdu ; ) yet doubtlefs if any other Piinct be very neer fo ihong as him whom we formerly mentioned , he (hall mu(hjmticipate,and a kind of mixture mutt be framed accord- ing to i he fevcral fortitude! each Planet hath , together with the alpc&s good or evill or the other Planet* intervening: The Greeks did «Ic to account that Planet Lord of the Geniture who had molt dignities in the place of the 2> and 8 , for V is the Lord, or hath dominion of the fpifit and vigour of the mindc , the J fvvayeth the body. An Wrtiufttm t» Nativities, CHAP CVI. Of the Genuflexion or Temfewnritofthe r B*iy, quality oflLt PUn:ts 4>td Signs. GRcat and manifold arc the variety of Temperaments , both according to the Sftctet , and according to the Individ**!) for infinite is the variety of good humours and vittous in th* body of man , in regard of the temper of the Parents ; and alfo ocolioned by the feveral and divert pofitioni of the Star* atid their commixiions: Hue as there are four principal humours in thi: bodyes of living fouti , fo doth alfo four principal Tempera- tures anftver ihck,SangMKt, which is temperately hot and moyftj PvUgwAtickf which is moyft and cold i Chlet-icl^whkh h hot and dry \ Mtl«n lxllu\i which it cold and dry. Theft four iVmpcratures , Complexions or Humour j ne Known from the proper qualities and natures of the Sigmficrtm of Temperaments, andiheir mutual commixdon, the tcirimonits of every quality king collected iuto a certain method,™"*. Hot, Co!d,Moyit,P/y. S>i4: Sigmfisaurs of the Complexion arc fitil, Tbt Situ *fce»di»g, *»-.! lord thf reef. Secondly, 7 be PUnet or Fleets plied in the AfcevA*»t % er the Q or *j 6Y the TitHd* ptrtiity 4 p?fl<»g thu -4[u»d*nt. Thirdly ,jTAf » 4nd PUntt trPUntu beholding htr vithin JMrdiety tf ihir Orbs. fourthly, The qwter »f the yen- or Sign the Q is in, Fu'lly, The Ltrd »( the Genii Hre, The quality of the Sigmficttors and Signes wherein they are placed are to be orderly examined ; wherein you muft not for* g« , that if eitner T? or 6 behold the Afcendant or the )■ with a malevolent afpecl , they intermix their intemperate qualities to the temperature of the body , yea , though all other tclLmonie.i concur very well. The Qf/gJity Oriental!, 7; Occidental!, Oriental!, % Occidental!, Oriental!, Oaidentall, Orient a II, S Occidental!, Oriental!, r » Oaidentall, ef the PUntti. 1 Cold and mjft. IHot and my ft. SAtjfl. 'IHt-t «,u\ Drj. }Hot tndmytt. IHotl The D f P From 6 to fvit Quarter, Hjt 4HJtK»)ft. From thence unto the Full, Hot and dry. From full » to her lait quarter, Cold 4tt i dry. From laft quarter to new 1>, C\~/d 4*d inojfl. Q »s « V. U « h andef. The San is arfidere J According to the QaArter of the Tear. Spring Summer Autumn Winter \V v o ii Hot 4»d moyft. 0 in<? " l VX Hot and dry. / Cdd.nddry, K Cold and moffk T^tttire ef the Signs. V ^\ J Fiery Triplicity, Ha *ni d>y t viz. Chihrkk* X x x 3 "X v;' 534 The JntroMiM to Nativities*, b ttv V? Earthly Triplicity. Cold and dry, viz. AUtanchtllj. ix & Aoty Triplicity . Hit *»d mayfi.Va. Stngmne. S5 m x Wacry Triplicity, Ce/rf Mttdmyftsa* StUgmttitk* Conftder the qualities of the Signifit.itori and Signs , and collect the tdtimouies of every of the four qualities. , t»i*. Hot, Moyit,Cold,Dcy,aLCOiding to the major tcfttmonics,fo judge of the Complexion. If Hcac and Moyfture overcome, the Native is of Sanguine Complexion : if Cold find Mo\fture , then he i$ Phlegmatick : if Heat and Drineflfe , then cbolerick ; if Cold and Drinefle, then Mehncholly. You mull dcale warily in the collection of the teftimor.ici of the ft ur Humour;, of Htdt t HumiditjjC$ld and Dmtfft \ for it may come to pits , that the qualifies of the Pianet and Sign may obtain the fame equall number of tcltimonic* , and the one have a* many tell monies of Heat , as the other of Cold, thefe being repugnant qanlitie* , the one takes off the other, and they are not numbreJ or accounted: where there is no contra* diction,thofe tefVunonics arc accepted.whcn one Planet is l ord of the Geoiture and BorofVope,you (hall allow him in collection of the ciibmonics a three- fold Tertuc or influence in the Coin- plesion: the' bijng in ihe Afcendant , her teftimomes finll be twice exhibited. The practical pare hereof fee in out fubftqw* Nativity. CHAP. CVI'I. Of t'-e \J\f*mtr$ of tkt N*tivt tr Child* JY. )i may not doubt , but that the manners and motions {/ of the the fcreuteit p.;tt of our piimipri hu- mane actions and events of life » do accompany , or at< concomirat t wirb,and acted according to the quality of the 'Tw fir, tun snd iHcii*ati:»t j for the acc dents of the Mindc arc :ivo- told , fomc rttitthxli , others irntmaH , or more proper to t; «  Sv'i.iuive power. An Intnhtlhn to Nativitits, Tkt gmrull ruhi of ' difcoviring tht efvaliti s of tlx mi* J* bj a jy^ilitj, arethtfe. Viift, if any Planet do occupy the Sign ascending , or which if ir.tcicepred , he fhall he principal! Sigm&c tttor of 'Minneri; but he lhall alfo participate in the fame fignincation , wbacfoever Pianet he is , that hath dignity in the plsce of the Signif cater of Manners. S.condly, confidcr that Phneewhois the SigHifiettov t and h'i • ijbiftcr} for if he be a brncvolent Planet, orinafpect wiAfutb, and ft ong, he denotes laudable or eompleat Man- r.cA, according to his nature , if he prove a malevolent Planet, oris infeftcd wittuhc hoftile beamcs of one, and be impotent btftdes , he renders cvill and corrupt Manners , fuch as naturally tbat Phnet fignifict. If a good Planet by nature be Signifcatur or cor rlgurarcd with good , but exift weak , he Chews good and ivbolcfome Manners in (hew, yet inwardly they are fomcwhae ob'cure , muddy, or very fimple : The Jnfrrtunts potent, argue, food prct:y conditions,but ever mixed with a tincture of poyfou, tr wi;h the remsines of fome crabbed condition or other , which I have ever found true. i affords manners according to the nature of that Plane; whofe nature he alfiimes : and this he doth in a twofold way. ** i When jbyned to any Planet by << , but if he be joyncd to mviy , he afliimes the nature of that Planet with whom he is nee ii! in X, and who is the molt fortified o: dignified. If he be not in 6 with any pianet , he a (Tunics his nature in wlsofe iircntiall dignity he is placed ■. f t is equivalent to '4- , 'J to > and » The Lumitariej in the Ihrofcofi , effect" no great matters, but in i ginerall way , unlefle thev be wondei full ikongly for- nlicJ. If many planers occupy thcHorofcope.a'l fiiall be Signifies-
>rs , nnu they breed variety of manners 
but the molt power-
ful! planet nmongft them , fhall give the moildurable , and fuch Jsv ii! continue; the other not fo pe. mancnt. How long they Hull continue , you may know by directions j for when the $36 An Intnfafth* t$ NAtivltUs, ' \ is direAed to the tcrwes or afpeft of the mod potent Plane?; then the Native it almoft wholly ^participant of .his Minncri, and (halt mo(i rasnifell them to the world in his attions ; when the ? varies her Terra or *fpe& , and doth meet with another of another quiliry , then do his Manners vary, and he afTumes the conditions of that Planet to whofeTermcs or afprft (he is directed , vi*. if the 3 comes to the Terras or afpeft of <i , the Native is Cheerful; to the T«mcs orafpeftof U , Difcreet, Mode It, Religious j to the Terracs of cT . Angiy.Choierick.Quir- eclfome ; to Terms or afpe& of h , Grave , MelanchoIIy, Sullen, full of Fears, Laborious, t &e. No planet pofited in the Afccndant , obferve what pluictii joyntd co or 5 , judge the manners of the Native to aflimilate with the nature of that planet. If the planet be joyned to $ and V both , it's as much as if there were many planets in the Horofcope, for they ligmlie c^ in manners ; but yet thofe fignified by the rooft powerfuli planet (hall continue longeft, No planet in the Afccndant , or joyntd to M%uttrj or Luna, then take the Lord of the Attendant , according to his nature, be ir good or ill , and lb Judge of the manners } butfo, a»htj Plfptfnor behold him with foroe afpeft. If no planet afpeft hire, have rccourfe to chat planet who forcibly afpefts Zh*j and Mirtnrj with a par if 1 1 afped. If none have a pircilaipeft to Utffrc/<rj< or £«w*,thenheths.l! fignirle the manners.who in the place of Mtrcnrj and tun* hatb the moft clTential dignities. The Signiflcmr of Manners joyned to fixed Stars of the riilt or fecond magnitude, being bur, a little diftanc from the Ecliptick, have great fjgnification in tjic Manners, apd make thofe fignified to he more apparent) for if the Sigmfa*'.*' of Miimcrs he with frput MtAuf* in 21. W , it beget* in trw Ma«  tive a certain dogged nature and violence, whereby he either procures fuuden death unto hirafelf , or is the caulc ot it to others.- The Vltiaia in 24. « , inclines the Native to be w?nton, am- bitious, turbulent. Ocuim b in 4. Jo , .u , to be fierce , full of courage to dcSigfc An tmnduU'm n Ntilvhksl 537 in Military affaire* , unquiet , feditious; but the S in cf with j lt imports a good fello v , efpecially in the Afccndant ; but If the Lord of (he Afcendant be with the J> in 6 with that fixed Star, he proves a Murderer; the mote probable, if he be a nafculine Planet , and the 0 unfortunate : ufaally T* with OchIhs t< , produces great afllidions^nd (hews a ftcange miude and very wicked. The litttt f7*4i in 16. 30 it , begets in the minds ot men a cu- rioluy, together with much carefulne/Te and fearfuineflc j fuch would know all things, and itch after Nowltiet. The Girdlt ofOritn in 17. 20. 11 , fliarpens the underihnding, memory, and makes men induftrioBs. The letftr rt-g jl*r in almoft pdegr. of & , defines a pern-' Isnt fawcy fellow , prone 10 anger , proud, carelefle, violent, giddy. HtrtHlts in 18. S, induces fnbtilty and crafc, fpirit and valoorj ludai'ioufncft mixed with cruelty and raflinefs. The B4jilhk. t or Heart #' the Ljo» in 24. SI, as I faid of the other fixed Stats f when either the Sigmfittttr of Manners oc Lord of the Afccndant is in 6 with thera , or any of them , fo I jay , if either of ihcm is corporaHy with the Zjw H*m , k (hews the Native to he magnanimous , thac he is of generous and civill condition , defircs to hear tulc , or is ambitious of do- minion over others. The Scurf Uns HtArt in 4. 30. X , ftiew a rafli , ravenous and head Ivong ftruftive to himfe