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An uneasy feeling arising from conscience or principle that tends to hinder action. (Synonym: "qualm".) Hesitation as to action from the difficulty of determining what is right or expedient; unwillingness, doubt, or hesitation proceeding from motives of conscience; to consider if something is ethical.

The word scruples or scruple can also mean:

  • scrupulosity – obsessive concern with one's own sins and compulsive performance of religious devotion. Formerly this was called scruples or religious scruples, but now it is generally called scrupulosity.
  • A unit of apothecary weight, with symbol ℈. It is a twenty-fourth part of an ounce, or 20 grains, or approximately 1.3 grams. More generally, any small quantity might be called a scruple.
  • Scruples, a 1978 novel by Judith Krantz
  • Scruples, 1980 television miniseries based on the novel and starring Lindsay Wagner
  • Scruples, a 1984 board game by Henry Makow based on ethical dilemmas

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