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"Never mind that the Brillo box may not be good, much less great art. The impressive thing is that it is art at all. But if it is, why are not the indiscernible Brillo boxes that are in the storeroom? Or has the whole distinction between art and reality broken down?"

"What in the end makes the difference between a Brillo box and a work of art consisting of a Brillo box is a certain theory of art. It is a theory that takes it up into the world of art, and keeps it from collapsing into the real object which it is (in a sense of is other than that of artistic identification.)"

--"The Artworld" (1964) by Arthur Danto

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"The Artworld" (1964) is an essay by Arthur Danto published in Journal of Philosophy. In it, Danto heralded the end of art’s previously inextricable relationship with aesthetics. The essay was published after Danto attended the Stable Gallery Show where Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes were on display.

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