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"Alexius Meinong was an Austrian philosopher [who] believed that he had discovered a whole realm of objects which had not been studied previously by philosophers or by scientists. These are the objects that don't exist. As examples he cited the golden mountain -- it doesn't exist, and it has certainly not been extensively scrutinized by serious scholars -- and the round square, which not only does not exist but also has the interesting property of being impossible."--Nonexistent Objects (1980) by Terence Parsons

"we are all prepared to cite examples of nonexistent objects: Pegasus, Sherlock Holmes, unicorns, centaurs, . . . . Those are all possible objects, but we can find examples of impossible ones, too; Quine's example of the round square cupola on Berkeley College will do."--Nonexistent Objects (1980) by Terence Parsons

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Terence Parsons (1939 – 2022) was an American philosopher, specializing in objects of the mind, author of the book Nonexistent Objects (1980).


Philosophical work

Parsons worked on the semantics of natural language to develop theories of truth and meaning for natural language similar to those devised for artificial languages by philosophical logicians. Heavily influenced by Alexius Meinong, he wrote Nonexistent Objects (1980), which dealt with possible world theory in order to defend the reality of nonexistent objects.


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