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"There is no great event in modern history, or, perhaps it may be said more broadly, none in all history, from its earliest records, less generally known, or more striking to the imagination, than the flight eastwards of a principal Tartar nation across the boundless steppes of Asia in the latter half of the last century." --Revolt of the Tartars (1837) by de Quincey

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Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a name used by Europeans from the Middle Ages until the twentieth century to designate the Great Steppe, that is the great tract of northern and central Asia stretching from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean inhabited mostly by Turkic, Mongol peoples and also by some Cossacks of Russian origin, citizens of the Mongol Empire who were generically referred to as "Tartars", i.e. Tatars. It incorporated the current areas of Pontic-Caspian steppe, Volga-Urals, Caucasus, Siberia, Turkestan, Mongolia, and Manchuria.

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Tartar may also refer to:

Ethnic appellation
  • An alternative spelling of the name Tatars, an ethnic group in present-day Russia.
  • A member of the various tribes and their descendants of Tartary, such as Turks, Mongols and Manchus.
  • Tartars, a name applied to the enemy invaders in The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati
Vehicles and military hardware

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