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He stood quietly for a moment. Then he said, 'Come into my office. And bring that letter. '

I followed him into his office.

'Put that letter on my desk, ' he said.

I did.

'Now bend over so that you are looking directly at it. Put your elbows on the desk and your face very close to the letter. '

Shaken and puzzled, I did what he said.

'Now read the letter to yourself. Keep reading it over and over again. '

I read: 'Dear Mr Garvy: I am very grateful to you for referring . . . ' He began spanking me as I said 'referring. ' The funny thing was, I wasn't even surprised. I actually kept reading the letter, although my understanding of it was not very clear. I began crying on it, which blurred the ink. The word 'humiliation' came into my mind with such force that it effectively blocked out all other words. Further, I felt that the concept it stood for had actually been a major force in my life for quite a while. He spanked me for about ten minutes, I think. I read the letter only about five times, partly because it rapidly became too wet to be legible. When he stopped he said, 'Now straighten up and go type it again.'

--"Secretary" (1988) by Mary Gaitskill

“The following week, when I made a typing mistake, he didn't spank me. Instead, he told me to bend over his desk, look at the typing mistake and repeat 'I am stupid' for several minutes.”--"Secretary" (1988) by Mary Gaitskill

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Secretary (1988) is an 18-page short story by American writer Mary Gaitskill, published first in her collection Bad Behavior. It is the tale of a young girl who is hired by a lawyer and after being spanked a couple of times after typos in her correspondence, does not return to her job and is called by a journalist who is looking for information to damage the career of the lawyer. The story ends there.

The story is the basis of the film Secretary (2002).

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