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This page Public security is part of the censorship series. Illustration: a close-up of a mouth in the film The Big Swallow (1901)
This page Public security is part of the censorship series.
Illustration: a close-up of a mouth in the film The Big Swallow (1901)

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Public security is the function of governments which ensures the protection of citizens, persons in their territory, organizations, and institutions against threats to their well-being – and to the prosperity of their communities.



Organised crime and international terrorism are hardly deterred by geographical, linguistic, or financial barriers. Competence and administrative hurdles play into their hands.

The latter has largely contributed to public security becoming an important political and economic issue, nationally as well as internationally. Politics, public organisations and businesses closely collaborate to guarantee public security and maintain a stable environment for economic prosperity.

Although public security significantly contributes to the attractiveness of a location, the productivity of its people, and hence the overall success of an economy, the sector frequently suffers from low budgets, limited resources, and inadequate information systems. Large events, pandemics, severe accidents, environmental disasters, and terrorism attacks pose additional threats to public security and order.

The police, federal police and border authorities nonetheless need to warrant the security of the country as a fundamental prerequisite for the domestic political ability to act. The quality and scope of potential threats have changed significantly, and the tasks and general framework for the police, federal police and border authorities have changed accordingly.





There are five sub-sectors within public security:

Law enforcement

Police Services:

Intelligence and information sharing

Emergency management

Emergency services include:


Judicial services include:

Interior services include:


  • There are ever new hot spots and crises representing new challenges for public security globally
  • A worldwide collaboration across all areas of public security becomes ever more important due to global threats
  • The vision of politics and the industry is maximum integration of all organisations and systems
  • This vision is reflected in the past, current, and expected future investments
  • International congresses and fairs are also dominated by issues of optimal integration / collaboration


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