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Prestige refers to a good reputation or high esteem, though in earlier usage, it meant showiness. It also referred to the final portion of a magic trick, typically a showy flourish.

Prestige may also refer to:


From French prestige (“illusion, fascination, enchantment, prestige”)

, from Latin praestigium (“a delusion, an illusion”) , from praestinguere (“to obscure, extinguish”) , from prae (“before”) + stinguere (“to extinguish”); or , from praestringere (“to blind; to blindfold; to dazzle or confuse someone”) , from prae (“before”) + stringere (“to press, tighten, compress”).

Note: despite the phonetic similarities and prestige's old meaning of "delusion, illusion, trick", the word has a different root than prestidigitator and prestidigitation.

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