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“All art is erotic. The first ornament that was born, the cross, was erotic in origin. The first work of art, the first artistic act which the first artist, in order to rid himself of his surplus energy, smeared on the wall. A horizontal dash: the prone woman. A vertical dash: the man penetrating her.”--Ornament and Crime (1910) by Adolf Loos

"It is perhaps not uninstructive to note that we have no English word to describe the class of household ornaments which French speech has provided with at least three designations, each indicating a delicate and almost imperceptible gradation of quality. In place of bric-à-brac, bibelots, objets d'art, we have only knick-knacks--defined by Stormonth as "articles of small value.""--The Decoration of Houses (1897) by Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman

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An ornament is something used for decoration.

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Acanthus , Arabesque, Ball flower, Bead and reel, Branchwork, Bucranium , Buta, Cartouche, Cornucopia , Curlicue, Dentil, Dog-tooth, Egg-and-dart, Festoon, Gadrooning, Garland bearers, Girih, Grotesque, Guilloché, Gul, Hood, Interlace, Margent, Mascaron, Meander, Millefleur, Molding, Moresque, Palmette, Puer mingens, Putto, Rais-de-cœur, Rinceau, Rosette, Scroll, Spur, Strapwork, Trophy of arms, Volute, Zellige

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