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Nonresistance (or non-resistance) discourages physical resistance to an enemy and is a subdivision of nonviolence. Strict practitioners of nonresistance refuse to retaliate against an opponent or offer any form of self-defense. The teachings of Jesus Christ, especially the Sermon on the Mount, greatly influenced Leo Tolstoy. His works, notably the book The Kingdom of God Is Within You, was a key inspiration behind Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolent resistance movement, who agreed that he was seeking to return good for evil:

"My nonresistance is active resistance in a different plane. Nonresistance to evil does not mean absence of any resistance whatsoever but it means not resisting evil with evil but with good. Resistance, therefore, is transferred to a higher and absolutely effective plane."

This understanding of nonresistance overlaps significantly with nonviolent resistance and most notably overlaps religious and world views. Ignoring dogma or tradition, but allowing a unity and harmony of peace.

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