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Metamorphic Genitalia and Fantastical Sexual Images is a book proposal by Paul Rumsey. It features grotesque, fantastic, surreal and comic images of genitalia from all cultures, including Roman, Japanese and right up to Symbolism, Surrealism, Robert Crumb, ero guro and film.

As these images are not of real things they are each symbolic and mean very different things, some erotic, others religious, political or comic. The book does not have any images of the real human form, only those that are metamorphosed in some way, what can be called anthropomorphic genital images. Mostly these will be phallic images, but there are a lot of vulva images also.

The works will be classified by the type of distortion, the way they differ from reality (a single image may have more than one method of distortion).


Distortion of scale

All images of men with huge phallus, enlarged beyond the possible, from Greek art (Delos phallus), Roman art (Pompeii priapus), Japanese art, Beardsley, Kubin, Crumb etc.


The genitalia seperated from the figure, carried in procession, lying on a beach (A Witch Riding on a Phallus, Le Phallus phénoménal by Vivant Denon, The Triumph of the Phallus, etc.).



Anthropomorphic animations

The phallus bought to life as a living creature, the phallus with legs.

Hybrid phallus

A phallic bird, or phalli with the legs of various animals etc.


The phallic creature with more than one head, (phallic Hydra), or with a phallus of its own. Also multiple breasts.

  • Artemis of Ephesus, a "multiple breast" cult statue in the honor of the fertility goddess Artemis.

Substitution, displacement or replacement

The phallus in place of nose, horns, tail, or replacing an object in the world, like an arrow, spear, missile, etc.

  • Cupid riding a winged pig with phallus-shaped nose by Félicien Rops
  • The Hell of Great Heat by Japanese artist Kunisada or Toyokuni, depicting a number of vulva-headed women devouring one of their former lovers.
  • Manpuku Wagojin (The Gods of Intercourse c.1821), depicting a pair of lovers whose facial features have been replaced by a phallus and a vulva.
  • Vulvic face, phallic head, informal title to three grotesque shunga of an amorous couple with switched faces/genitalia, from Shunshoku hatsune no ume (1842), written by Tamenaga Shunsui and illustrated by Utagawa Kunisada.
  • The baubo statuettes from Priene, which represent the female body as the face conflated with the lower part of the abdomen
  • The Rape (René Magritte), depicting a faceless woman --her face is replaced by her torso.
  • Soter Kosmoi, a bronze bust of a human torso with the head of a rooster. Au lieu of a nose or beak, the rooster features a large erect phallus.

Arcimboldesque compilation or composition

Arcimboldesque heads etc.


The world takes on a sexual form, landscape like a giant woman, Hogarth's cottage, André Masson's Terre érotique for L'Origine du monde (and other 'terres érotiques').

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