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This article is a list of major epidemics.

Death toll Region Years Name Species Citation
Egypt Template:Dts -Template:Dts bubonic plague or influenza <ref>Arielle Kozloff, in "Bubonic Plague in the Reign of Amenhotep III?" (KMT, 17, 3 (Fall 2006), pp. 36-46)</ref><ref>Ancient Egypt Online Akhenaten Accessed 21 Feb 2007</ref>
Greece Template:Dts -Template:Dts Plague of Athens plague <ref name="Kohn2008"/>
5,000,000 Roman Empire Template:DtsTemplate:Dts Antonine Plague smallpox <ref name="Stathakopoulos2004">Template:Cite book</ref>
Roman Empire Template:DtsTemplate:Dts Plague of Cyprian smallpox <ref name="Kohn2008">Template:Cite book</ref>
100,000,000 Byzantine Empire Template:Dts -Template:Dts Plague of Justinian bubonic plague <ref name="Rosen2007">Template:Cite book</ref>
25,000 Palestine Template:Dts Plague of Emmaus bubonic plague <ref> Dols, Michael W. "Plague in Early Islamic History". Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 94, No. 3 (Jul-Sep, 1974), pp. 371-383. </ref>
100,000,000 Europe, Asia 1338-1351 Black Death bubonic plague <ref name="Hecker1835">Template:Cite book</ref>
France 1466 Paris plague <ref>Plague – LoveToKnow 1911</ref>
England 1485 sweating sickness
Spain 1489 Granada typhus
Hispaniola 1493 influenza
Iceland 1494–1495 plague
England 1498 plague <ref>Plague in Tudor and Stuart England</ref>
Italy 1505–1530 typhus <ref name="Hirsch1883">Template:Cite book</ref>
Hispaniola 1507 smallpox <ref>Texas Department of State Health Services, History of Smallpox</ref>
England 1509–1510 plague
Puerto Rico 1515 smallpox
Hispaniola 1518 smallpox
Mexico 1520 smallpox <ref>Guns Germs & Steel: Variables. Smallpox</ref>
Germany 1527 plague
Peru 1527–1530 smallpox
England 1528 sweating sickness
Mexico, Peru 1530–1531 measles
Mexico, Peru 1546 typhus
Brazil 1555 smallpox
Spain 1557 Valencia plague
Mexico, Peru 1558–1559 influenza
Ottoman Empire 1560 Istanbul plague
Chile 1561 smallpox
England 1563–1564 plague
Russia 1570 Moscow plague
Scotland 1574 Edinburgh plague
Mexico 1576 viral hemorrhagic fever <ref>American plague, New Scientist</ref>
Seneca nation 1592–1596 measles <ref>American Indian Epidemics</ref>
Spain 1596–1602 plague <ref>A History of Spain and Portugal</ref>
South America 1600-1650 malaria
England 1603 London plague
Egypt 1609 plague
Thirteen Colonies 1617–1619 Massachusetts Bay area smallpox <ref>The Fight to Eradicate a Global Scourge</ref>
Italy 1629-1631 Italian Plague of 1629-1631 plague
Wyandot people 1630 in Ontario smallpox
Thirteen Colonies 1633 Plymouth Colony smallpox
Thirteen Colonies 1634 Connecticut River area smallpox
England 1636 Newcastle plague
China 1641-1644 helped end the Ming Dynasty plague <ref name="Brook1999">Template:Cite book</ref>
Spain 1647–1652 Great Plague of Seville plague
South America 1648 yellow fever
Italy 1656 Naples plague
Thirteen Colonies 1657 Boston, Massachusetts measles
Netherlands 1663–1664 Amsterdam plague
England 1665-1666 Great Plague of London plague
40,000 France 1668 plague
Spain 1676–1685 plague
Austria 1679 Great Plague of Vienna plague
Thirteen Colonies 1687 Boston, Massachusetts measles
Thirteen Colonies 1690 New York City yellow fever
Canada, New France 1702 - 1703 smallpox <ref>B. Desjardins "Demographic Aspects of the 1702-1703 Smallpox Epidemic in the St. Lawrence Valley". Canadian Studies in Population, vol. 23, No 1 (1996), pp. 49-67.</ref>
Sweden 1710–1711 Stockholm plague
Thirteen Colonies 1713 Boston, Massachusetts measles
Thirteen Colonies 1713–1715 New England and the Great Lakes measles
Canada, New France 1714-1715 measles <ref>"The Measles Epidemic of 1714- 1715 in New France" Canadian Studies in Population, vol. 36 (2009), pp. 295-323.</ref>
France 1720–1722 Great Plague of Marseille plague
Thirteen Colonies 1721–1722 Boston, Massachusetts smallpox <ref>Zabdiel Boylston and innoculation</ref>
Thirteen Colonies 1729 Boston, Massachusetts measles
Spain 1730 Cadiz yellow fever
Thirteen Colonies 1732–1733 influenza <ref name="TurningPoints"></ref>
Canada, New France 1733 smallpox <ref>"Does exposure to infectious diseases in infancy affect old-age mortality? Evidence from a pre-industrial population" Social Science & Medicine, vol.68 (2009), pp.1609-1616.</ref>
Balkans 1738 Great Plague of 1738 plague
Thirteen Colonies 1738 South Carolina smallpox
Thirteen Colonies 1739–1740 Boston, Massachusetts measles
Italy 1743 Messina plague
Thirteen Colonies 1747 CT, NY, PA, SC measles
North America 1755–1756 smallpox
North America 1759 measles
North America, West Indies 1761 influenza
Russia 1770–1772 Russian plague of 1770-1772 plague
Pacific Northwest natives 1770s smallpox <ref>Greg Lange,"Smallpox epidemic ravages Native Americans on the northwest coast of North America in the 1770s", 23 Jan 2003,, Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History, accessed 2 Jun 2008</ref>
North America 1772 measles
North America 1775 particularly in the northeast unknown cause Template:Citation needed
England 1775–1776 influenza <ref name="Lancet"> The Lancet, Volume 143, Issue 3673, Pages 175 - 176, 20 January 1894 </ref>
Spain 1778 Cadiz dengue fever
Plains Indians 1780–1782 North American smallpox epidemic smallpox <ref>"The first smallpox epidemic on the Canadian Plains: In the fur-traders' words", National Institutes of Health</ref>
Pueblo Indians 1788 smallpox
United States 1788 Philadelphia and New York measles
New South Wales 1789-1790 amongst the Aborigines smallpox <ref>BC [Before Cook] and Colonisation</ref>
United States 1793 Vermont influenza and epidemic typhus
United States 1793 Virginia influenza
United States 1793-1798 Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, resurgences yellow fever <ref>Epidemics</ref>
Spain 1800–1803 yellow fever <ref>Tiger mosquitoes and the history of yellow fever and dengue in Spain</ref>
Ottoman Empire, Egypt 1801 bubonic plague <ref name="Davidson1893">Template:Cite book</ref>
United States 1803 New York yellow fever
Egypt 1812 plague
Ottoman Empire 1812 Istanbul plague
Malta 1813 plague
Romania 1813 Bucharest plague
Ireland 1816–1819 typhus
>>100,000 Asia, Europe 1816–1826 first cholera pandemic cholera <ref name="Hays2005">Template:Cite book</ref>
United States 1820–1823 arising near Schuylkill River feverTemplate:Ambig
Spain 1821 Barcelona yellow fever <ref>Yellow Fever - LoveToKnow 1911</ref>
New South Wales 1828 amongst the Aborigines smallpox <ref>Aboriginal Health History</ref>
Netherlands 1829 Groningen epidemic malaria
South Australia 1829 smallpox <ref>South Australian History Timeline (19th Century)</ref>
Iran 1829–1835 bubonic plague <ref>A History of the Human Plague in Iran, Mohammad Azizi, Farzaneh Azizi</ref>
>>100,000 Asia, Europe, North America 1829–1851 second cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
Egypt 1831 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke>Kuhnke, Laverne. Lives at Risk: Public Health in Nineteenth-Century Egypt., Berkeley: University of California Press, c1990.</ref><ref name=Gallagher>Gallagher, Nancy. Egypt's Other Wars: Epidemics and the Politics of Public Health. Syracuse University Press, c1990. Published by the American University in Cairo Press. ISBN 977-424-295-5</ref>
Plains Indians 1831–1834 smallpox
England, France 1832 London, Paris cholera
North America 1832 New York City, Montreal other cities cholera
United States 1833 Columbus, Ohio cholera
United States 1834 New York City cholera
Egypt 1834–1836 bubonic plague <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
United States 1837 Philadelphia typhus
Great Plains 1837–1838 1837-38 smallpox epidemic smallpox
Dalmatia 1840 plague
South Africa 1840 Cape Town smallpox
United States 1841 especially severe in the South yellow fever
United States 1847 New Orleans yellow fever
worldwide 1847–1848 influenza <ref name="AJAMA">American Journal of the Medical Sciences: July 1849 - Volume 18 - Issue 35 - ppg 148-154</ref>
Egypt 1848 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
North America 1848–1849 cholera
United States 1850 yellow fever
North America 1850–1851 influenza
United States 1851 Illinois, the Great Plains, and Missouri cholera
United States 1852 New Orleans yellow fever
1,000,000 Russia 1852–1860 third cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
Ottoman Empire 1853 what is now Yemen plague <ref name="Practitioner">Template:Cite book</ref>
616 England 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak cholera <ref name="Snow1855">Template:Cite book</ref>
United States 1855 yellow fever
worldwide 1855–1950 Third Pandemic bubonic plague <ref name=Pryor/>
Portugal 1857 Lisbon yellow fever
Victoria, Australia 1857 smallpox <ref>Australian Medical Pioneers Index (AMPI) – Colonial Medical Life</ref>
Europe, North America, South America 1857–1859 influenza <ref>Beveridge, W.I.B. Influenza, the Last Great Plague (Heinemann, London, 1977)</ref>
Middle East 1863–1879 fourth cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
Egypt 1865 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
Russia, Germany 1866–1867 cholera
Australia 1867 Sydney measles
Iraq 1867 plague <ref></ref>
Germany 1870–1871 smallpox
Russian Empire 1877 Baku, now part of Azerbaijan plague <ref name="1911e" />
Egypt 1881 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
>>9,000 India, Germany 1881-1896 fifth cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
1,000,000 worldwide 1889–1890 Russian flu influenza <ref name="Board1893">Template:Cite book</ref>
Congo Basin 1896–1906 trypanosomiasis <ref>African trypanosomiasis, WHO</ref>
>>800,000 Europe, Asia, Africa 1899–1923 sixth cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
West Africa 1900 yellow fever
Uganda 1900–1920 trypanosomiasis <ref>Reanalyzing the 1900-1920 sleeping sickness epidemic in Uganda</ref>
Egypt 1902 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
India 1903 plague <ref name="DSHS" />
China 1910-1912 Manchuria bubonic plague <ref name="Harbin Plague" />
75,000,000 worldwide 1918–1920 1918 flu pandemic influenza <ref name="Patterson1" />
Russia 1918–1922 typhus
Egypt 1942-1944 malaria <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
China 1946 Manchuria bubonic plague
Egypt 1946 relapsing fever <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
Egypt 1947 cholera <ref name=Kuhnke /><ref name=Gallagher/>
2,000,000 worldwide 1957–1958 Asian flu influenza <ref name="Paul2008">Template:Cite book</ref>
worldwide 1961-present seventh cholera pandemic cholera <ref name=Hays2005/>
1,000,000 worldwide 1968–1969 Hong Kong flu influenza <ref name=Paul2008/>
Yugoslavia 1972 1972 outbreak of smallpox in Yugoslavia smallpox
15,000 India 1974 1974 smallpox epidemic of India smallpox
25,000,000 worldwide 1981–present HIV/AIDS pandemic HIV/AIDS <ref> UNAIDS (2010) report on the global AIDS epidemic' </ref>
South America 1990s cholera
52 India 1994 1994 plague epidemic in Surat plague
West Africa 1996 meningitis
Central America 2000 dengue fever <ref>Dengue in the Americas: The Epidemics of 2000</ref>
Nigeria 2001 cholera <ref>Nigeria cholera outbreak kills 400</ref>
South Africa 2001 cholera <ref>Cholera Spreads Through South Africa Townships</ref>
775 Asia 2002–2003 SARS SARS coronavirus
Algeria 2003 plague <ref>Plague reappearance in Algeria after 50 years, 2003.</ref>
Afghanistan 2004 leishmaniasis <ref name="WHOint" />
Bangladesh 2004 cholera <ref name="Pubmed" />
Indonesia 2004 dengue fever
Senegal 2004 cholera <ref>Cholera epidemic takes hold in Senegal</ref>
Sudan 2004 ebola
Mali 2005 yellow fever <ref>Mali: Yellow fever epidemic in Kayes</ref>
19 Singapore 2005 2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore dengue fever
Angola 2006 Luanda cholera <ref>Worst cholera outbreak in Angola, BBC</ref>
Congo 2006 Ituri Province plague
India 2006 malaria <ref>Malaria Epidemic Sweeps Northeast India</ref>
50+ India 2006 2006 dengue outbreak in India dengue fever <ref>Dengue epidemic threatens India's capital</ref>
India 2006 Chikungunya outbreaks Chikungunya virus Chikungunya in India]</ref>
50+ Pakistan 2006 2006 dengue outbreak in Pakistan dengue fever
Philippines 2006 dengue fever
Congo 2007 Mweka ebola <ref>"Mourners die as fever grips Congo." Sydney Morning Herald, August 30, 2007</ref>
Ethiopia 2007 cholera <ref>Fatal outbreak not a cholera epidemic, insists Ethiopia</ref>
49 India 2007 cholera <ref>Cholera death toll in India rises, BBC News</ref>
10 Iraq 2007 2007 Iraq cholera outbreak cholera <ref>Cholera outbreak in Iraq growing, Associated Press</ref>
Nigeria 2007 polio <ref>Vaccine-linked polio hits Nigeria, BBC News</ref>
Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico 2007 dengue fever <ref>Dengue fever epidemic hits Caribbean, Latin America, Reuters</ref>
Somalia 2007 cholera <ref>Somalia cholera death fears grow</ref>
Uganda 2007 ebola
Vietnam 2007 cholera <ref>Cholera epidemic losing its sting</ref>
Brazil 2008 dengue fever
Cambodia 2008 dengue fever <ref>Cambodia suffers worst dengue epidemic, 407 dead, Reuters</ref>
Chad 2008 cholera <ref>Cholera epidemic in western Chad kills 123</ref>
China 2008 hand, foot and mouth disease
Madagascar 2008 bubonic plague <ref>Madagascar: eighteen dead from Bubonic Plague, five in hospital since 1 January 2008</ref>
Philippines 2008 dengue fever <ref>Dengue cases in Philippines rise by 43 percent: government</ref>
Vietnam 2008 cholera <ref>Vietnam PM urges action against diarrhea outbreak, Thanh Nien Daily</ref>
4,293 Zimbabwe 2008–2009 2008–2009 Zimbabwean cholera outbreak cholera
18 Bolivia 2009 2009 Bolivian dengue fever epidemic dengue fever
India 2009 2009 Gujarat hepatitis outbreak hepatitis B
Queensland, Australia 2009 dengue fever <ref>"Dengue fever epidemic hits northern Australia". March 9, 2009.</ref>
worldwide 2009 Mumps outbreaks in the 2000s mumps
931 West Africa 2009-2010 2009-2010 West African meningitis outbreak meningitis <ref>"West Africa has worst meningitis epidemic for 10 years". April 21, 2009.</ref>
14,286 worldwide 2009–2010 2009 flu pandemic influenza <ref>{{
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