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The classical name for the island of Greece in the north-eastern Aegean Sea.

The word lesbian is derived from the poems of Sappho, born in Lesbos, which contain powerful emotional content directed toward other women and have frequently been interpreted as expressing homosexual love. Because of this association, Lesbos and especially the town of Eresos, her birthplace, are visited frequently by lesbian tourists.


Due to its proximity to the Turkish mainland, Lesbos is one of the Greek islands affected by the European migrant crisis starting in 2015. Refugees of the Syrian Civil War came to the island in multiple vessels every day. As of June 2018, 8,000 refugees were trapped when a deal between Europe and Turkey removed their route to the continent in 2016. After that, living conditions deteriorated and the possibility for movement on to Europe dimmed. Moria Refugee Camp is the largest of the refugee camps and holds twice as many people as it was designed to accommodate.

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