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"Western civilization rests on four columns, two are Jewish, two are Greek. The Jewish one: the sanctity of life, and monotheism, the Greek: property and monogamy."--Debate: Europe’s Future - 83 Years after the Outbreak of WWII | TVP World, 2022

"What attracts young men is the sight of the burning match—not the cause itself. The more ingenious seducers operate by holding out the prospect of an explosion, and do not urge their cause by means of reasons; these powder-barrels are not won over by means of reasons!"--Gay Science by Nietzsche cited by Heinsohn


"Das, was [ junger Männer] reizt, ist der Anblick des Eifers, der um eine Sache ist, und gleichsam der Anblick der brennenden Lunte, - nicht die Sache selber. Die feineren Verführer verstehen sich desshalb darauf, ihnen die Explosion in Aussicht zu stellen und von der Begründung ihrer Sache abzusehen: mit Gründen gewinnt man diese Pulverfässer nicht!"

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Gunnar Heinsohn (1943 – 2023) was a German academic and author mainly active in sociology and economy.

Heinsohn published on a wide array of topics, starting from economics, demography and its relationship with security policy and genocide, and revisionist chronology theories in the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky.

He is the author of Söhne und Weltmacht (2003).


Life and work

Heinsohn grew up in Brodau (part of Schashagen) and Pützchen (close to Bonn) after the family fled from Gotenhafen at the end of the War. He attended school in Oberkassel, Bonn and Sankt Peter-Böhl, where he received his Abitur in 1964. He studied from 1964 at Free University Berlin. He graduated 1971 in sociology and gained a 1974 summa cum laude doctorate in social sciences, Heinsohn received a second doctorate in economics in 1982. In 1984, Heinsohn became Professor at the University of Bremen. He founded the Raphael-Lemkin-Institut für Xenophobie- und Genozidforschung, a center for comparative research in genocide and xenophoby. The center was dissolved after Heinsohn went in retreat. Heinsohn has taught at the Management Zentrum St. Gallen, at Hochschule Luzern and in demographic studies at the Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik in Berlin and at NATO Defense College in Rome. He has written various books and articles, been a regular in various media and talk shows and published entries at the Achse des Guten weblog[4] and Schweizer Monat.

Youth bulge and lack of fertility

In his theory about the "youth bulge", Heinsohn argues that an excess in especially young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war and terrorism, as the "third and fourth sons" that find no prestigious positions in their existing societies rationalize their impetus to compete by religion or political ideology. Heinsohn claims that most historical periods of social unrest lacking external triggers (such as rapid climatic changes or other catastrophic changes of the environment) and most genocides can be readily explained as a result of a built up youth bulge, including European colonialism, 20th century Fascism, and ongoing conflicts such as that in Darfur, The Palestinian uprisings in 1987-1993 and 2000 to present, and terrorism.

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