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"Herein lies the importance, in a cultural and historical sense, of the phonograph record to jazz, more vital than the printed score to Western music."--Shining Trumpets, a History of Jazz (1946) by Rudi Blesh

Generic Salsoul Records twelve inch sleeve (1970s)
Generic Salsoul Records twelve inch sleeve (1970s)

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A gramophone record (also phonograph record, or simply record) is an analog sound recording medium consisting of a flat disc with an inscribed modulated spiral groove starting near the periphery and ending near the center of the disc. Gramophone records were the primary medium used for commercial music reproduction for most of the 20th century. They replaced the phonograph cylinder as the most popular recording medium in the 1900s, and although they were supplanted in popularity in the late 1980s by digital media, they continue to be manufactured and sold as of 2007. Gramophone records remain the medium of choice for many audiophiles and music aficionados, especially in the electronica genre.

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