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"The kodak has been a sore calamity to us. The most powerful enemy indeed. In the early years we had no trouble getting the press to “expose” the tales of mutilations as slanders, lies, inventions . . . and by the press’s help we got the Christian nations everywhere to turn an irritated and unbelieving ear to these tales. . . . Then all of a sudden came the crash! That is to say, the incorruptible kodak ... The only witness I have encountered in my long experience that I could not bribe." --King Leopold's Soliloquy, Mark Twain

"Morning, noon and night we were subjected to jeers, insults and blows because we were "Negroes". Who will ever forget that the black was addressed as "tu", not because he was a friend, but because the polite "vous" was reserved for the white man?" --Patrice Lumumba, "Congolese Independence Speech" from The Truth about a Monstrous Crime of the Colonialists, Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961, pp. 44-47. [1]

“We must be careful, skillful and ready to act…[to] get us a slice of this magnificent African cake” --Leopold II of Belgium cited in Divide and Rule: The Partition of Africa, 1880-1914 (1991) by Hans Wesselling, page 71

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The term Congo may refer to two countries that border the Congo river:

The name may also refer to:




  • Kongō, one of the five schools of Noh acting





Languages and ethnic groups


  • Kongō Masahiro (born 1948), former Japanese sumo wrestler
  • John Kongos (born 1945), South African musician, leader of the band Johnny Kongos and the G-Men
  • Kid Congo Powers (born 1960), American rock guitarist and singer
  • Louis Congo (fl. 1725), emancipated slave appointed public executioner of the French colony Louisiana
  • Cheick Kongo (born 1975), a.k.a. Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo, French mixed martial arts fighter and kickboxer


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Historical states

Administrative regions

  • Kongo Central, former Bas-Congo province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Other places

Cities and towns


Other uses

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