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"Dolf Zillmann, Edward Donnerstein and Neil Malamuth form a relatively small group of experimental psychologists whose work has been cited recently in the U.S. Attorney General's Commission on pornography, the 1985 Fraser Committee in Canada and the Klugman Committee in Australia over the need to control "aggressive" pornography." --Canadian Journal of Law and Society

"In 1987, Bundy started quoting the research of Donnerstein and Linz on the change in attitudes about women found in lab settings after subjects were exposed to violent pornography. He failed to include the authors' insistence that in no study "has a measure of motivation such as 'likelihood to rape' ever changed as a result of exposure to pornography .... There is no reason to think that exposure to violent pornography is the cause of [a] predisposition [to rape]."" --Sense and Censorship: The Vanity of Bonfires, Marcia Pally

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Edward Donnerstein (born ?) is an American psychologist and media violence researcher. Rae Langton cites his contribution in The Question of Pornography : Research Findings and Policy Implications.

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