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cord (countable except where indicated; plural cords)

  1. The string of a musical instrument.
  2. A musical tone; an audible musical note composed of one or more sounds.
  3. A long, thin, flexible length of twisted yarns (strands) of fibre/fiber (rope, for example); (uncountable) such a length of twisted strands considered as a commodity.
    • The burglar tied up the victim with a cord.
    • He looped some cord around his fingers.
  4. A small flexible electrical conductor composed of wires insulated separately or in bundles and assembled together usually with an outer cover; the electrical cord of a lamp, sweeper vacuum cleaner), or other appliance.
  5. A unit of measurement for firewood, equal to 128 cubic feet (4 x 4 x 8 feet), composed of logs and/or split logs four feet long and none over eight inches diameter. It is usually seen as a stack four feet high by eight feet long.
  6. (in plural cords) See cords.
  7. A cross-section measurement of an aircraft wing.


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