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"Jordan Peele and Ari Aster became new masters of American horror after their debut films, Get Out and Hereditary, instantly became genre classics upon release." IndieWire, June 6 2019, Zack Sharf

"[Nightmare on Main Street] argues that America now has a bloated Id, a lascivious and cruel Superego, and almost no Ego at all: almost no moral resolution or political will."--Richard Rorty

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The first published American horror story was Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.



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In France, Poe and Lovecraft are both considered to be among the greatest American writers. Beginning with Baudelaire's translations of Poe in the 1850s, American horror has been held in high esteem by every generation of French literati.

Horror films: The Brood - Carnival of Souls - Masque of the Red Death - Night of the Living Dead - Psycho - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


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American horror film is prudish

"In any case, Clover and other feminists deprive themselves of great potential material with their near exclusive dependence on American horror. American horror, like its popular culture in general, is generally prudish and too deeply entrenched in a Puritan past to really engage in sexuality, which is so important to the horror film."[1] Donato Totaro

American horror vs European horror film

Donato Totaro has pointed out that contrary to the American horror film, the killers/murderers in Euro horror are often female! [...] There are many instances where (a) the victims are exclusively or mainly male, and (b) the male victim/hero is sexually attracted to the female killer, not repulsed, as with the monstrous-feminine, and hence there can be no disavowal of her femininity. --after

Current trend in American horror movies

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