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  1. evil or mischievous by nature...twisted
  2. (UK, US) slang: excellent, wonderful, awesome, cool

Etymology 1

--From Middle English, an alteration of wicke, ultimately from the Old English word wicca or sorcerer. In the age that the Bible was written, the British candle makers used to twist their wicks before they dipped them into the candle wax so the wax would adhere to the wick. Thus the term ‘wicked’ came to mean ‘twisted’ and in the King James Bible that was written in the Old English times, being ‘wicked’ meant twisting what was righteous. [1]

"Very" or "extremely"

Wicked can be used as a slang term meaning "very" or "extremely". This use is most common in New England, especially Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, also in Upstate New York. Example: "That was wicked cool"

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