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"Sade's inverted morality is reflected in his sense of turned upside down eroticism. Where normal people prefer pleasant smells, Sade prefers foul stench. Where usually the beauty of youth is praised, Sade praises the ugliness of old age. "If it is dirt which gives you pleasure in the act," he writes, "then the pleasure will rise in proportion to the dirt." A typical sentence in Juliette: "I did everything this libertine required of me. I licked his balls, let him fart in my mouth, shit on my tits, spit and piss on my face, squeeze my nipples, slap my face, kick and fuck my ass, and afterwards let him come in my mouth with the explicit order to swallow his sperm." -- The History of Erotica (2011) by JW Geerinck

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Notes on Marquis de Sade and olfaction


"Those women, as you are not unaware, Monseigneur, exude an infinitely more violent underarm aroma, and his sense of smell once stung, no question of it, by ripe odors, his pleasure organs would be aroused at once. ... --The 120 days of Sodom and other writings

The sense of smell is excited by the number of perfumes. In the "Society of the Friends of Crime" all participants in the orgies were cleaned and perfumed by young girls and toys (Juliette III, 30). Rabelais described in Gargantua the ...-- Marquis de Sade: His Life and Works - Page 235

"Braschi, like Henry IV," the Cardinal wrote, "prefers that each thing smell as it should smell; he abominates art, stands fast for Nature. Hence it is essential that you abstain even from the bidet." Obedient in all these points, ... -- Juliette

"Look at your body — dirty, filthy, unclean ... By fuck, you stink! You're rank, I say! The smell of you fills the room! You must be made to pay for this insult you offer my nose!" Now she tore into the child with unbelievable fury, ...--The Complete Marquis de Sade: Volume 1 - Page 105

When the girl was swimming in perspiration, she approached the libertine, raised an arm, and had him smell her armpit where the sweat was dripping from every hair. “Ah, that's it, that's it!” cried the tycoon, staring with furious ... --The 120 Days of Sodom

"Good God, how right he is when M. Duclos tells us on page 101 of his Confessions that the witticisms of barristers always stink of the backstairs. Allow me to go him one better and say that they smell of the outroom, of the outhouse: the brainless platitudes your mother and her Keeper of the Tables invent are of an odor not to be suffered in any proper salon." ... --Justine, Philosophy in the bedroom, and other writings

Smell of a rose

Three-quarters of the universe may find the rose's scent delicious without that serving either as evidence upon which to condemn the remaining quarter which might find the smell offensive, or as proof that this odor is truly agreeable. ...-- Justine


"Les trois quarts de l'univers peuvent trouver délicieuse l'odeur d'une rose, sans que cela puisse servir de preuve, ni pour condamner le quart qui pourrait la trouver mauvaise, ni pour démontrer que cette odeur soit véritablement agréable."

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