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"If you want something to play with go and find yourself a toy."

--"Tell It Like It Is" (1966) by Davis and Diamond

  1. Something to play with, esp. as intended for use by a child.
  2. A thing of little importance or value: trifle.

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A toy is an object used in play. Toys are usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual for adult humans and some non-domesticated animals to play with toys. Many items are manufactured to serve as toys, but goods, or (game-centric) services produced for other purposes can also be used as toys. A child may pick up a household item and 'fly' it around pretending that it is an airplane, or an animal might play with a pinecone by batting at it, biting it, chasing it, or by throwing it up in the air. Some toys are produced primarily as collector's items and are not intended to be played with.

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