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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Thryallis and Myrrhina is the story of a beauty contest (also called the matter of buttocks) found in Letters from the Country and the Town of Fishermen, Farmers, Parasites, and Courtesans.

But the thing that gave us the greatest pleasure, anyhow, was a serious rivalry that arose between Thryallis and Myrrhina in the matter of buttocks - as to which could display the lovelier, softer pair. And first Myrrhina unfastened her girdle (her shift was silk), and began to shake her loins (visible through her shift), which quivered like junkets, the while she cocked her eye back at the wagglings of her buttocks. And so gently, as if she were in the act, she sighed a bit, that, by Aphrodite, I was thunderstruck. -- tr. unknown


Quod vero maximam nobis peperit voluptatem, gravis quaedam contentio fuit inter Thryallidem et Myrrhinam de natibus, utra pulchriores et teneriores monstrare posset. Primum Myrrhina soluto cingulo (bombycinum erat indusium) per hoc tremulos, tanquam adipem vel recens coagulatum lac, lumbos agitabat, respectans retro ad motus clunium. Leviter autem veluti patrans quiddam Venereum nonnihil suspirabat, ut ego, ita me Venus, obstupuerim. Non tamen animum despondit Thryallis, immo protervitatis gloriam ei praeripuit : " Non enim ' inquit ' ego per vela certabo neque tergiversando, sed tanquam in gymnico certamine : nullos enim amat praetextus certamen." Itque exuit indusium et paululum obliquans lumbos " En adspice colorem " inquit "quam exactus, O Myrrhina, quam intemeratus, quam purus !

purpuram natium hancce vide et commissuram in femoribus, et ipsa neque nimis turgida neque macilenta, gelasinosque in extremitatibus. Sed non tremunt profecto ut Myrrhinae " inquit simul subridens. Turn vibrationem natium tantam excitavit totasque supra lumbos hue illuc tanquam fluentes circumagitavit ut plausum tolleremus omnes et victoriam Thryallidi adjudicaremus. Fuerunt etiam coxarum comparationes et de mammillis certamina. Philumenae quidem ventri nulla suum comparare ausa est ; nondum enim pepererat et succulenta fuit.

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But that gave birth to us the greatest pleasure, a kind of a grave there was a dispute between the Thryallidem of myrrh and out of the with their buttocks, and which merely to point out the beautiful, and all could be more tender. The first payment of it with the girdle of myrrh (SILK GARMENTS was SHIRT) by the fact her trembling, as if the fat or fresh and clotted milk, loins were aiming at, looking back behind him to the movements of clunial. But the Levites, as it were something patrans adore; sighed somewhat, as I am, so help me Venus, it shrank. Not, however, espoused a Thryallis the mind, or rather snatched rowdy living and glory to him: "For it is not 'he says, " I also, in the veils of rife, nor chance of evasion, but gymnasts, as it were in the fight: for no one loves a pretext for an action. "And goes for a little while and put off his SHIRT obliquans loins, "Behold, look at the color of" says he, "which nicely framed, O of myrrh, stainless and than, How pure must have!

purple hancce original standing in the see, and the junction of the thighs, and the same, nor who is not too swollen and his master, on the extremities of gelasinosque. But it is not then certainly to stand in awe of myrrh "said he with a smile at the same time. Then the vibrations of the original standing so much stirred up the loins above totasque far, this side as it were flowing with circumagitavit would be taken away so that all the applause, and victory, clared a Thryallidi. There have also been coxarum mammillis and out of the comparisons in a conflict. Philumenae no, indeed, the belly is she dared to compare his ; For as yet he had borne to and was watery.

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