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"Before repressive tolerance became a tactic of the past, Oz could fool itself and its readers that, for some people at least, the alternative society already existed. Instead of developing a political analysis of the state we live in, instead of undertaking the patient and unsparing job of education which must precede even a pre-revolutionary situation, Oz behaved as though the revolution had already happened."--"Oz Trial Post-Mortem" () by Germaine Greer

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The Madwoman's Underclothes is a collection of early seventies writings by Germaine Greer and includes articles such as "The Politics of Female Sexuality" and "Lady love your cunt".

Table of contents

Flip-top legal pot -- A groupie's vision -- Dear John -- The million-dollar underground -- Mozic and the revolution -- The slag-heap erupts -- Strenuous February -- The politics of female sexuality -- Hey, Jimi, where you gonna run to now? -- Welcome the shit-storm -- Women and medicine -- The wet dream film festival -- Oz trial post-mortem -- Body odour and the persuaders -- A needle for your pornograph -- Sentimental education -- The expense of spirit -- Lady love your cunt -- My Mailer problem -- Going without -- Towards a standard of morality -- Saigon -- The new maharajas -- 'Sex and society-whose rules?' -- Contraception -- 1972 -- Raped women in refugee camps -- Abortion I -- Abortion II -- Abortion III : Killing no murder -- Hippies in Asia -- The other woman -- The big tease -- Not a time to die -- A seasonal wish -- Seduction is a four-letter word -- Women tied down -- King Cophetua and the beggarmaid -- 'Unhelpful to the workers' cause' -- What turns women on -- Review of Conundrum by Jan Morris -- On population and women's right to choose -- International Women's Day, International Women's Year (1975) -- A modest proposal -- Eternal war : Strindberg's view of sex -- Chemistry and fertility : review of Carl Djerassi -- The Dalton syndrome -- The Pulitzer divorce -- One man's mutilation is another man's beautification -- The Sao Francisco -- Women and power in Cuba -- Resettlement, Ethiopia, 1985 -- Ethiopia between the lines.

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