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The Ladies Delight (1732) is a short anonymous text of British erotica.

"The tree is of slow growth, and requires time to bring it to perfection, rarely seeding to any purpose before the fifteenth year; when the fruits coming to good maturity, yield a viscous Juice or balmy succus, which being from time to time discharged at the Pistillum is mostly bestow'd upon the open Calyx's of the Frutex Vulvaria or flow'ring Shrub usually spreading under the shade of this tree, and whose parts are by a wonderful mechanism adapted to receive it. The ingenious Mr. Richard Bradley is of opinion, the Frutex is hereby impregnated, and then first begins to bear; he therefore accounts this Succus the Farina foecundans of the plant: and the learned Leonhard Fucksius, in his Historia Stirpium insigniorum, observes the greatest sympathy between this tree and shrub, They are, says he, of the same genus, and do best in the same bed, the Vulvaria itself being indeed no other than a female Arbor Vitæ."

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