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"She hath breasts like two globes of ivory, like golden pomegranates, beautifully upright, arched and rounded, firm as stone to the touch, with nipples erect and outwards jutting. She hath thighs as unto pillars of alabaster, and between them there vaunts a secret place, a sachet of musk, that swells, that throbs, that is moist and avid." -- a passage from One Thousand and One Nights says The Erotic Arts on page 84, which has it from Jewel in the Lotus (page 1).

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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Jewel In the Lotus: A Historical Survey of the Sexual Culture of the East (1959) is a book by Allen Edwardes. With a foreword by Albert Ellis.

Table of contents

Preface -- PART 1. WOMAN: PASSIVE CREATURE: Concept ; Virginity and marriage ; Sexual diversions ; Creation -- PART 2. GENITALIA: SYMBOLISM AND REALITY: Female ; Male ; Aspiration -- PART 3. CIRCUMCISION: BLOOD COVENANT: Male ; Female -- PART 4. AUTOEROTISM: STERILE PLEASURES: Demonkind ; Masturbation -- PART 5. FEMALE PROSTITUTION: LUXURIOUS CUSTOM: Purple and incense ; The Moslems ; The Hindoos ; Anglo-India -- PART 6. EUNUCHISM: HONOR IN DISHONOR: Bondage ; Emasculation -- PART 7. SEXUAL PERVERSION: MATTER OF TASTE: Sodomy ; Pederasty ; Sapphism ; Bestiality -- PART 8. HYGIENE: RITUALISTIC COMPUSLION: Sacred ablution ; The calls of nature ; Depilation ; Flatulence -- Conclusion.


Secrets of Love by Nigel Cawthorne seems to copy copiously from Jewel In the Lotus.

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