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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

Die Serapions-Brüder [‘The Serapion Brothers’] (1st and final ed., 4 vol., 1819–1821) is a literary collection by E. T. A. Hoffmann after which the Serapion Fraternity of writers in early 20th Century Russia was to name itself


    • Vol. 1 (1819)
      • “Vorwort [‘Foreword’]” (1st and final ed., 1819)
      • “Erster Abschnitt [‘First Section’]”
        • “Der Einsiedler Serapion [‘The Hermit Serapion’]” (1819)
        • “Rat Krespel [‘Councilor Krespel’]” (1817)
        • “Die Fermate” (1815)
        • “Der Dichter und der Komponist” (1813)
      • “Zweiter Abschnitt [‘Second Section’]”
        • “Ein Fragment aus dem Leben dreier Freunde [‘A Fragment from the Life of Three Friends’]” (1818)
        • “Der Artushof [‘The Court of Arthur’]” (1816)
        • “Die Bergwerke zu Falun [‘The Mines of Falun’]” (1819)
        • “Nußknacker und Mausekönig [‘Nutcracker and Mouse King’]” (1816)
    • Vol. 2 (1819)
      • “Dritter Abschnitt [‘Third Section’]”
        • “Der Kampf der Sänger [‘The Contest of the Singers’]” (1818)
        • “Eine Spukgeschichte [‘A Ghost Story’]” (1819)
        • “Die Automate [‘The Automaton’]” (1814)
        • “Doge und Dogaresse [‘Doge and Dogaressa’]” (1818)
      • “Vierter Abschnitt [‘Fourth Section’]”
        • “Alte und neue Kirchenmusik [‘Old and New Church Music’]” (1814)
        • “Meister Martin der Küfner und seine Gesellen [‘Master Martin the Cooper and His Journeymen’]” (1818)
        • “Das fremde Kind [‘The Mysterious Child’]” (1817)
    • Vol. 3 (1820)
      • “Fünfter Abschnitt [‘Fifth Section’]”
        • “Nachricht aus dem Leben eines bekannten Mannes [‘News from the Life of a Well-Known Man’]” (1819)
        • “Die Brautwahl [‘The Bride Selection’]” (1819)
        • “Der unheimliche Gast [‘The Uncanny Guest’]” (1819)
      • “Sechster Abschnitt [‘Sixth Section’]”
        • “Das Fräulein von Scuderi” (1819)
        • “Spielerglück [‘Gambler's Luck’]” (1819)
        • “Der Baron von B. [‘The Baron of B.’]” (1819)
    • Vol. 4 (1821)
      • “Siebenter Abschnitt [‘Seventh Section’]”
        • “Signor Formica” (1819)
        • “Zacharias Werner” (1821)
        • “Erscheinungern [‘Manifestations’]” (1817)
      • “Achter Abschnitt [‘Eighth Section’]”
        • “Der Zusammenhang der Dinge [‘The Coherence of Things’]” (1820)
        • “Vampirismus [‘Vampirism’]” (1821)
        • “Die ästhetische Teegesellschaft [‘The Aesthetic Tea Society’]” (1821)
        • “Die Königsbraut [‘The King's Bride’]” (1821)

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