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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

Scatology is the first LP and a second album produced by Coil.

Scatology was released in three different formats with two different covers. For the original LP release, the black sun design that was first put on was pasted over by a postcard with a swirling and descending staircase known as the "Anal Staircase." The second edition had the "Sexual Architecture" postcard pasted on random covers with uncovered ones revealing the original black sun design.

The CD edition featured a cover with the title of the album and an upside-down cross below it, finishing off with the original black sun below everything.

The cassette version was actually a bootlegged version recorded on a generic cassette by Stable Records from Russia. It is not endorsed in any way by Coil.


Track listing

LP Release

Side A:

  1. "Ubu Noir"
  2. "Panic"
  3. "At the Heart of it All"
  4. "Tenderness of Wolves"
  5. "The Spoiler"
  6. "Clap"

Side B:

  1. "Solar Lodge"
  2. "The Sewage Worker's Birthday Party"
  3. "Godhead=Deathead"
  4. "Cathedral in Flames"

CD Release (Force & Form FFKCD1 version)

  1. "Ubu Noir" - 2:09
  2. "Panic" - 4:21
  3. "At The Heart Of It All" - 5:13
  4. "Tenderness Of Wolves" - 4:25
  5. "The Spoiler" - 4:10
  6. "Clap" - 1:17
  7. "Restless Day" - 4:45
  8. "Aqua Regis" - 2:51
  9. "Solar Lodge" - 5:35
  10. "The S.W.B.P." - 4:24
  11. "Godhead=Deathead" - 5:16
  12. "Cathedral in Flames" - 4:39
  13. "Tainted Love" - 5:53
  • The version of Spoiler is not the same as the 12" release.

Cassette Release

  1. "Ubu Noir"
  2. "Panic"
  3. "At the Heart of it All"
  4. "Tenderness of Wolves"
  5. "The Spoiler (Alternate Version)"
  6. "Clap"
  7. "Restless Day"
  8. "Aqua Regis"
  9. "Solar Lodge"
  10. "The S.W.B.P."
  11. "Godhead=Deathead"
  12. "Cathedral in Flames"
  13. "Tainted Love"

Scatology demos

The Scatology demos are a group of recordings by Coil that are unique in form from other versions of the same songs found on Scatology, Gold is the Metal, The Angelic Conversation, and contemporaneous compilations.

Alphabetized song listing

  1. "A Minor Catastrophe" aka "Either His Or Yours" - 2:45
  2. "Boy In A Suitcase" - 6:53
  3. "Ergot" - 6:24
  4. "Escalation" - 9:42
  5. "Never" - 5:27
  6. "His Body Was A Playground For the Nazi Elite" - 3:39
  7. "Sicktone" - 3:33
  8. "Swelling Of Leeches" - 2:14
  9. "Tenderness Of Wolves" - 4:32
  10. "The Pope Held Upside Down" - 3:45
  11. "The Wheel" - 3:01
  12. "Ubu Noir" - 1:08
  13. "Various Hands" - 3:33

Tracks 1, 4-8, 10, 12, and 13 are early or alternate mixes, some quite different; Track 4 misses five minutes of ocean sounds from the beginning. Track 2 is in a greatly extended early version, including a minute-long organ introduction and several verses. Track 9 is an instrumental demo. Tracks 3 and 11 are early vocal demos; the former became "Godhead<=> Deathead", while the latter was re-recorded, the original becoming, in instrumental form, "The Wheal".

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