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Morph is from the Greek morphe meaning shape or form. For example, the word metamorphosis means a change in shape or form.



The ancient Greek word for form was μορφή (morphe; confer morph) and also εἶδος (eidos) "kind, idea, shape, set", the latter word was famously used in a technical philosophical sense by Plato (and later Aristotle) to denote the ideal identity or essence of something (see Theory of forms). "Eidos" can also be associated with thought, proposition or even concept.

Common uses of the term include:


  • Morph (comics), an X-Men character of Marvel comics
  • Morph (character), an animated plasticine character that appeared with Tony Hart
  • Morph, a character in the 2002 Disney movie Treasure Planet
  • A tactic commonly seen on Power Rangers whenever the ordinary humans transform into the Power Ranger.


  • Morph (zoology), a visual or behavioral difference between organisms of distinct populations in a species
  • Muller's morphs, a classification scheme for genetic mutations


  • Morph targets, in Computer generated imagery, the technique of providing an alernative shape for a specific mesh. Typically, this requires the base mesh and the morph target to contain the same number of vertices in the same order, though some newer techniques allow for the transfer of morph targets between disparate meshes.
  • Morphing, in motion pictures and animations, a special effect that changes (morphs) one image into another through a seamless transition
  • Morph target animation, a method of animating computer generated imagery by applying different morph targets for each frame.
  • Gryphon Software Morph, a software program for morphing images (see below) by Gryphon Software
  • Morph (Java), a Java framework for type and object graph conversion
  • Nokia Morph, a bendable concept mobile phone
  • Morphic (software), user interface built out of graphical objects known as morphs
  • MorphXT, Fork of the p2p program eMule


  • Morph, in linguistics, the vocal form of a morpheme
  • Morphism, an abstraction of a structure-preserving mapping between two mathematical structures

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