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All language, by the nature of its 'transferring' relation to 'reality' … is fundamentally metaphorical ... metaphor is a function of language ... it is the 'omni-present principle' of all language … All languages contain deeply embedded metaphorical structures which covertly influence overt 'meaning' ... Metaphor in short is the way language works" --Metaphor (1972) by Terence Hawkes, p. 60

"So metaphor is hardly an amusing embellishment or diversion, an 'escape' from the harsh realities of life or of language. It is made out of, and it makes those realities." --Metaphor (1972) by Terence Hawkes, p. 61

That the process of metaphor is located at the heart of language and indeed defines and refines it, and thus man himself, remains the central stance of most twentieth-century writers on the subject and their overriding preoccupation" --Metaphor (1972) by Terence Hawkes, p. 67

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Metaphor (1972) is a book on metaphors by Terence Hawkes.


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