Macron’s Clash of Civilizations Is Misguided  

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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

"Macron’s Clash of Civilizations Is Misguided" (October 28, 2020) is an opinion piece by Pankaj Mishra published on Bloomberg. It deals with the Macron's reactions to the murder of Samuel Paty.

Mishra gives the impression that the problem is not really islam but "online radicalization" of the "Chechnya-born" perpetrator, "a widespread social pathology."

He questions the motives of Macron, saying that he wants to "out-maneuver his far-right rival Marine Le Pen."

He calls secularism an "outmoded" ideology.

He mentions the "white man's burden" that Macron has taken upon himself via secularism, a system "unsuited to an increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-racial society."

He mentions the comments of Nicolas Sarkozy that “the African has not fully entered history,” or Macron’s own remarks in 2017 that Africa had an intransigent “civilizational” problem, stemming from African women who breed “7 to 8 children,” have not given those people much reason to reconsider their disdain."

He cites Macron from his own book Révolution in 2016: “In the spirit of France there is an aspiration to the universal that is at once an unceasing indignation at injustice and oppression, and a determination to tell others what we think of the world, here, now and on behalf of everyone.”

He accuses Voltaire, and other "greatest hits of the French Enlightenment" of causing "the long-term consequences" of what they said about "black people (evidently, animal-like in their stupidity) and Jews (all born fanatics)."

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