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A death toll is the number of dead as a result of war, violence, accident, natural disaster, extreme weather, or disease.

Below is a list of death tolls for various infamous natural disasters. Most numbers are estimates and are often in dispute. The incidents are ranked by the highest estimate given.

Some events overlap categories.



A severe earthquake occurred on 5 July 1201 in the area of the eastern Mediterranean - (Upper Egypt, Syria). Every major city in the Near East was disrupted, and contemporary estimates put the total number killed at 1,100,000.

Volcanic eruption

A supervolcano that erupted at Lake Toba 74,000 years ago is thought to have reduced the global modern human population to less than 10 thousand individuals; see Toba catastrophe theory.


Limnic eruption

Extreme weather


Tropical cyclone, hurricane and typhoon

Floods and Landslides


Contractible disease


some of these famines may be partially or completely caused by humans

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