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This type of amnesia is used as a plot element in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which a company (appropriately named Lacuna) offers the service of having a specific person erased from someone's memories by removing all memories of them.

Similarly, in the manga Fruits Basket, the character Hatori Sohma has the ability to erase a persons memories. This ability is used by the head of the family, Akito, who instructed Hatori to use it when people outside the family discovered their secret. He also had to use the ability to make his fiance, Kana, forget about him because he'd caused her too much pain.

In the movie Heroes the protagonist Jack Dunne (Henry Winkler) learns a horrible truth about a friend of his about which he had known, but has forgotten.

In the BBC series Doctor Who, the character Donna Noble experiences amnesia of this sort when her memories are altered to remove any trace of the Doctor, aliens, or any sort of unearthly strangeness to prevent her mind from burning itself up.

In the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers (TV series), the male protagonist, Gu Jun Pyo, forgets the female protagonist, Geum Jan Di, after being hit by a car.


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