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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

L'Entretien infini]] (1969, English: The Infinite Conversation) is a collection of essays by Maurice Blanchot.

Table of contents

Foreword. This Double Exigency: Naming the Possible, Responding to the Impossible / Susan Hanson

I. Plural Speech: (the speech of writing). I. Thought and the Exigency of Discontinuity. II. The Most Profound Question. III. Speaking Is Not Seeing. IV. The Great Refusal. V. Knowledge of the Unknown. VI. Keeping to Words. VII. The Relation of the Third Kind (man without horizon). VIII. Interruption (as on a Riemann surface). IX. A Plural Speech

II. The Limit-Experience. I. Heraclitus. II. Measure, the Suppliant. III. Tragic Thought. IV. Affirmation (desire, affliction). V. The Indestructible. VI. Reflections on Nihilism. VII. Reflections on Hell. VIII. Forgetting, Unreason. IX. The Limit-Experience. X. The Speech of Analysis. XI. Everyday Speech. XII. Atheism and Writing. Humanism and the Cry. XIII. On a Change of Epoch: The Exigency of Return

III. The Absence of the Book (the neutral, the fragmentary). I. The Final Work. II. Cruel Poetic Reason (the rapacious need for flight). III. Rene Char and the Thought of the Neutral. IV. The Fragment Word. V. Forgetful Memory. VI. Vast as the night. VII. Words Must Travel Far. VIII. Wittgenstein's Problem. IX. A rose is a rose... X. Ars Nova. XI. The Athenaeum. XII. The Effect of Strangeness. XIII. The End of the Hero. XIV. The Narrative Voice (the "he," the neutral). XV. The Wooden Bridge (repetition, the neutral). XVI. Literature One More Time. XVII. Tomorrow at Stake. XVIII. The Absence of the Book.

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