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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Jan Łukasiewicz (Template:IPA-pol) (21 December 1878 – 13 February 1956) was a Polish logician and philosopher born in Lwów (Lemberg in German), Galicia, then Austria–Hungary. His work centred on analytical philosophy and mathematical logic. He thought innovatively about traditional propositional logic, the principle of non-contradiction and the law of excluded middle.


  • 1903 "On Induction as Inversion of Deduction"
  • 1906 "Analysis and Construction of the Concept of Cause"
  • 1910 "On Aristotle's Principle of Contradiction"
  • 1913 "On the Reversibility of the Relation of Ground and Consequence"
  • 1920 "On Three-valued Logic"
  • 1921 "Two-valued Logic"
  • 1922 "A Numerical Interpretation of the Theory of Propositions"
  • 1928 "Concerning the Method in Philosophy"
  • 1929 "Elements of Mathematical Logic"
  • 1929 "On Importance and Requirements of Mathematical Logic"
  • 1930 "Philosophical Remarks on Many-Valued Systems of Propositional Logic"
  • 1930 "Investigations into the Sentential Calculus" ["Untersuchungen über den Aussagenkalkül"], with Alfred Tarski
  • 1931 "Comments on Nicod's Axiom and the 'Generalizing Deduction'"
  • 1934 "On Science"
  • 1934 "Importance of Logical Analysis for Knowledge"
  • 1934 "Outlines of the History of the Propositional Logic"
  • 1936 "Logistic and Philosophy"
  • 1937 "In Defense of the Logistic"
  • 1938 "On Descartes's Philosophy"
  • 1943 "The Shortest Axiom of the Implicational Calculus of Propositions"
  • 1951 "On Variable Functors of Propositional Arguments"
  • 1952 "On the Intuitionistic Theory of Deduction"
  • 1953 "A System of Modal Logic"
  • 1954 "On a Controversial Problem of Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic"

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