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Venus of Urbino (1538, detail) by Titian. The frankness of Venus' expression is often noted; she makes direct eye contact with the viewer
Venus of Urbino (1538, detail) by Titian. The frankness of Venus' expression is often noted; she makes direct eye contact with the viewer

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This page is dedicated to Italian erotica and Italian sexual mores.



Roman erotica


Renaissance erotica

17th century

With publication of L'École des filles, France took over from Italy as the center of European erotic literature. France's reign would be long.


Bernini, Venus in the 17th century, 17th century Italian art

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (7 December 1598 — 28 November 1680) was an Italian artist who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age and also a prominent architect. In addition he painted, wrote plays, and designed metalwork and stage sets.

Working in 17th century Rome, best-known for his marble sculptures the Ecstasy of St Theresa[1], The Rape of Proserpina[2] and the Beata Ludovica Albertoni[3].

18th century

Venus in the 18th century


Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, The Repentant Mary Magdalene

Antonio Canova (November 1, 1757 - October 13, 1822) was an Italian sculptor who became famous for his marble sculptures that delicately rendered nude flesh. The epitome of the neoclassical style, his work marked a return to classical refinement after the theatrical excesses of Baroque sculpture.


Casanova, Histoire de ma vie

Giacomo Casanova (1725 in Venice1798 in Bohemia) was a famous Venetian adventurer, writer, and womanizer. He used charm, guile, threats, intimidation, and aggression, when necessary, to conquer women, sometimes leaving behind children or debt. In his autobiography Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century, he mentions 122 women with whom he had sex.

In spite of him being a historical character and Don Juan being a legend, Casanova is often associated with him.

Histoire de ma vie (Story of my Life) is both the memoir and autobiography of Giacomo Casanova, a famous 18th century Italian adventurer. A previous, bowdlerized version was originally known in English as The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova (from the French Mémoires de Jacques Casanova) until the original version was published in 1960.

Although Casanova was Venetian (born 1725 in Venice), the book is written in French, which was the dominant language in the upper class at the time. The book covers Casanova's life only through 1774, although the full title of the book is Histoire de ma vie jusqu'à l'an 1797, (History of my Life until the year 1797). Its first publication was in German in 1822.

20th century


Italian sex film

Comic books

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European erotica

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