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When a woman suffers from hysteria or difficult labour an attack of sneezing is beneficial --Hippocratic Corpus

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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.

The Hippocratic Corpus (Latin: Corpus Hippocraticum), or Hippocratic Collection, is a collection of around 60 early Ancient Greek medical works strongly associated with the physician Hippocrates and his teachings. They are, however, varied in content, age and style, and are largely of unknown authorship.

List of works of the Corpus

Possibly genuine works of Hippocrates
  1. On Ancient Medicine or Tradition in Medicine (LCL 1)
  2. Prognostics (LCL 2)
  3. Aphorisms (LCL 4)
  4. Epidemics I and III (LCL 1)
  5. On Regimen in Acute Diseases (LCL 2, 6)
  6. On Airs, Waters, and Places (LCL 1)
  7. On the Articulations or On Joints (LCL 3)
  8. On Fractures (LCL 3)
  9. On the Instruments of Reduction or Mochlicon (LCL 3)
  10. On Injuries of the Head (LCL 3)
  11. The Hippocratic Oath (LCL 1)
  12. The Law or The Canon (LCL 2)
  13. The Physician's Establishment or Surgery (LCL 3)
Works of Polybus
  1. On the Nature of Man (LCL 4)
  2. Regimen in Health (LCL 4)
Works predating Hippocrates
  1. Prorrhetics I (LCL 8)
  2. The Coan Praenotions (LCL 9)
Works of the age or spirit of Hippocrates
  1. Prorrhetics II (LCL 8)
  2. On Ulcers (LCL 8)
  3. On Fistulae (LCL 8)
  4. On Hemorrhoids (LCL 8)
  5. On the Sacred Disease (LCL 2)
  6. On Airs or Breaths or Of the Pneuma (LCL 2)
  7. On the Places in Man (LCL 8)
  8. The Art or The Science of Medicine (LCL 2)
  9. On Regimen (LCL 4)
  10. On Dreams (LCL 4)
  11. On Affections (LCL 5)
  12. On Internal Affections (LCL 6)
  13. On Diseases (LCL 5, 6, 10)
  14. On the Seventh Month's Foetus (LCL 9)
  15. On the Eighth Month's Foetus (LCL 9)
  16. Epidemics II, IV–VII (LCL 7)
  17. On the Humors (LCL 4)
  18. On the Use of Liquids (LCL 8)
Gynecological works
  1. On Semen or Generation or On Intercourse (LCL 10)
  2. On the Nature of the Child or Pregnancy (LCL 10)
  3. On the Diseases of Women
  4. On Sterile Women or Barrenness (LCL 10)
  5. On the Diseases of Young Women or Girls (LCL 9)
  6. On Superfoetation (LCL 9)
  7. On the Nature of the Woman (LCL 10)
Post-Hippocratic works (age of Aristotle and Praxagoras)
  1. On the Heart (LCL 9)
  2. On Aliment or Nutriment (LCL 1)
  3. On Fleshes (LCL 8)
  4. On the Weeks or On Hebdomads or On Sevens (survives completely only in Latin translations: text Roscher 1913)
  5. On the Glands (LCL 8)
  6. On the Veins (an excerpt from On the Nature of the Bones, LCL 9)
Late and dubious works
  1. On the Physician (LCL 2, 8)
  2. On Decorum or On Honorable Conduct (LCL 2)
  3. Precepts (LCL 1)
  4. On Anatomy or On Dissection (LCL 9)
  5. On Dentition (LCL 2)
  6. On the Excision of the Foetus (LCL 9)
  7. On Vision (LCL 9)
  8. On the Nature of the Bones (LCL 9)
  9. On the Crises (LCL 9)
  10. On Critical Days (LCL 9)
  11. On Purgative Medicines or Remedies (not in Littré or LCL editions: text Schöne 1920–1924)
  12. Letters and Speeches (Hippocrates: Pseudepigraphic Writings, Leiden: Brill, 1990)

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