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Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Train wreck at Montparnasse (October 22, 1895) by Studio Lévy and Sons.
Virus B-23

This article is a list of fictional diseases — nonexistent, named medical conditions which appear in fiction where they have a major plot or thematic importance. They may be fictional psychological disorders, magical, from mythological or fantasy settings, have evolved naturally, been engineered artificially (most often created as biological weapons, but not always), or be any illness that came forth from the (ab)use of technology.

Items in this list are followed by a brief description of symptoms and other details.


In literature

Name Source Symptoms
Andromeda Strain also known as La Linea Verde de Muerte; The Line of Green Death. Andromeda StrainThe Andromeda Strain
by Michael Crichton
A deadly, green, crystalline, extraterrestrial agent of indeterminate origin. It erodes the vessel walls of the circulatory system, causing death by either triggering the body's coagulation response (resulting in the entire system clotting in a few seconds), or by cerebral hematomas (accompanied by dementia) if clotting is prevented. It evolves at a rapid rate, is spread by airborne transmission, and is extremely contagious.
Arcan virus Arcan-Virus
by Andreas D. Hesse
Everyone on earth must get a weekly dose of the antiviral drug Carviron to keep from dying.
Atlantis Complex Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
by Eoin Colfer
A psychosis common in guilt ridden fairies, but is contracted by Artemis by his dabbling in fairy magic. The symptoms include obsessive compulsive behavior, paranoia, multiple personality disorder, and in his case professing his love to Holly Short.
Bloodfire Blood Nation A virus that gestated in wolves two thousand years ago. The first to be infected was Genghis Khan. It causes the symptoms usually associated with vampirism, photosensitivity and invincibility. The entire nation of Russia is infected, except for a few feral children. The virus can cause extreme mutation, for example the snake's tail present in the Khan's head scientist.
Captain Trips StandThe Stand
by Stephen King
A deadly, flu-based virus. Created as a biological weapon codenamed Blue. Causes a lethally high fever and is highly contagious. It is deadly because as the body fights off the disease, it mutates into different strains of influenza, making immunity next to impossible. Also called "Superflu", "tube neck", and "project blue".
Clone-Killing Nanovirus Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact
by Karen Traviss
A nanovirus developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems designed specifically to kill the clones of Jango Fett. Its creator, Ovolot Qail Uthan, is captured by Republic Commandos before her research is complete, however. In later books in the series, it is revealed (though not to any of the main characters, but to the reader through both Palpatine's and Dr. Uthan's private journals), Chancellor Palpatine secretly chooses not to completely destroy all evidence or research of the virus, but rather opts to hold onto it as a back-up plan, should the clone army ever be turned against him.
Brainpox "Cobra" The Cobra Event A genetically-engineered recombinant virus made from the nuclear polyhedrosis virus, the rhinovirus, and smallpox. It causes nightmares, fever, chills, runny nose, encephalitis (brain swelling), and herpes-like boils in the mouth and genitals, followed by a short period of aggression and autocannibalism preceding death. Used as a bioterror weapon.
Cooties Various A term used by children in the USA, with varied meaning. "Cooties" generally refers to an invisible germ or bug, transferred by skin to skin contact, usually with a member of the opposite sex.<ref>Template:Citation</ref>
Descolada Speaker for the Dead
by Orson Scott Card
A quasi-conscious self-modifying organism capable of infecting any form of life. "Descolada" is also the Portuguese word for "unglued". In the context of the book, this refers to the Descolada virus's effects: it breaks the link of the DNA double helix (ungluing it) and induces mutations.
Diseasemaker's Croup Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman A disorder 'afflicting those who habitually and pathologically catalogue and construct diseases.' It is characterized by increasingly nonsensical speech and writing patterns and an obsessive insistence on trying to repeat previous statements out of context.
Fire-Us (Sounds like "Virus") Fire-Us series A viral infection that infects extremely fast and only infects those that produce sex hormones (i.e. those after puberty and women before menopause) or are taking medicine that include similar hormones. It was released by the President of the United States of America to start the world over, killing almost all adults within 2 weeks. As a result, children were left to fend for themselves, most of whom failed. Once all the targets of the virus were gone, it died out.
Foul-Drought Heir of Mistmantle by M. I. McAllisterThe Heir of Mistmantle
by M. I. McAllister
Disease caused from drinking poisoned water. Animals who have it will have pain, blurry sight and some will eventually die.
Dryditch Fever Salamandastron
by Brian Jacques
A deadly disease causing weakness, hot flashes, chills, and dizziness. The victim is usually bedridden until eventual death. The only known cure are Flowers of Icetor boiled in spring water.
Gray DeathThe Gray Death Gail Carson Levine's The Two Princesses of Bamarre Disease created from the noxious gas from the defeated dragon Yune's stomach. It comes on with no warning and is not contagious. There are three stages of the disease. The first stage is the weakness, and it can last anywhere from a week to six months. The second stage is the sleeping, and it always lasts nine days. The last stage is fever, and it always lasts three days. At the end of the fever stage, the victim will die. The only cure is water sent down from the fairies' Mount Ziriat. The cure will only be discovered when cowards find courage and rain falls over all Bamarre.
DX The Lost World
by Michael Crichton
An unknown prion dubbed "DX" by scientists on Isla Sorna. It is similar to mad cow disease and was the result of feeding ground-up sheep to carnivorous dinosaurs. DX increased the mortality rate of newborn dinosaurs and is eventually fatal to adult dinosaurs. In order to combat DX, InGen scientists released animals into the wild of Isla Sorna. The prion initially infected carnivorous dinosaurs such as velociraptors and procompsognathus, which would then spread the disease to herbivores such as apatosaurus, and the apatosaur carcasses would be eaten by compys, which would then spread the disease to other carcasses, and the cycle would repeat. Ian Malcolm said at the end of the novel that, because of the imbalance of carnivores and herbivores due to DX, the dinosaurs were doomed to die out.
Ebola Gulf A DC Comics Also known as "the Clench", due to the victims clenching their stomachs, Ebola Gulf is an evolved form of the ebola virus created by the terrorist mastermind Ra's Al Ghul after he consulted the Wheel of Plagues.
I-Pollen Degenerative Disorder DC Comics


The hero Spider Jerusalem has I-Pollen Degenerative Disorder, a disease he gained as a result of coming into contact with Information-Pollen, pollen used to transmit information. In 98% of the cases, the disease will cause the victim to lose all motor and cognative skills. It is comparable to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Jason Strain Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain
by Christa Faust
A virus created when an artificial virus was exposed to undead killer Jason Voorhees, it was originally meant to be a cure-all and age retarding super drug. Those infected by the virus gain some select powers of Jason Voorhees, including superhuman strength and the inability to feel pain, but intelligence is severely reduced. Those infected with the virus can only be killed via decapitation. A cure for the virus is developed and released into the air and the original carrier, Jason (who was not affected by the airborne cure due to unique physiology) is rid of it when a heavy dosage of the cure is injected directly into his brain.
Life-Eater Virus Warhammer 40,000 novels The Life-eater virus is a form of necrotizing fasciitis that causes all biological matter to break down into its component parts, releasing toxic, flammable gas that can be ignited with a single explosion. The virus eats itself when there is nothing else to attack. It is quite effective against Tyrranids. In the short-story anthology Planetkill, an updated strain goes after the soul, turning the population into zombies, created by a Techpreist inhabited by an Unclean One.
Krytos virus Star Wars Expanded Universe"Star Wars Expanded Universe" The Krytos virus was a deadly and highly contagious virus that only attacked non-human species. It could spread via a number of avenues, including by water supplies and by air. The virus often killed its host in less than two weeks, resulting in a painful death.
Red DeathThe Red Death Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe"The Masque of the Red Death"
by Edgar Allan Poe
Victims bleed from their pores before eventually dying. See also: Scarlet Plague.
RipleyThe Ripley Dreamcatcher
by Stephen King
An alien parasitoid macrovirus. The adult aliens resemble deformed potato beings with legs, while the younger aliens — nicknamed "shit-weasels" because they can be created in a host organism's stomach and escape by eating their host's body between the stomach and anus — are legless, smaller versions of the adult alien. Both adult and young aliens have a mouth consisting of a slit on the underside of the head that goes down the length of the worm. The lips separate to reveal hundreds of teeth that can bite through steel.
Mycetic Spores Warhammer 40,000 novels Tyranid organisms that infect and break down aerobic organisms (creatures that survive in oxygenated environments) into raw biomatter for collection by Ripper swarms and subsequent digestion and manipulation. There are larger strains, such as Spore Mines, which are filled with acid, smaller Mycetic Spores, or bone shrapnel, and even ones developed into drop-pods. Apparently named for the real-life fungal infection mycetoma, which causes a rash and pustules.
Neurodermatitis Dark Benediction (1951)
by Walter Miller Jr.
A pathogen causing rapid nervous system evolution and development of new sensory organs, which causes synesthetic psychosis in unprepared hosts. Sent to Earth by an alien race living in symbiosis with it, in the hopes of furthering other races' advance. Designed for controlled delivery, it is turned into a plague by a curious retriever's cutting the vessel with an hacksaw.
Scarlet Plague Scarlet Plague by Jack LondonThe Scarlet Plague
by Jack London
This 1912 novella, also known as the Scarlet Death, is a work of post-apocalyptic fiction treating the world after civilization has been destroyed by this fictional disease.
Shiva Rainbow Six
by Tom Clancy
A artificial virus created by the means of biotechnologie and based upon the Ebola agent to help the aim of a group of eco-terrorists in annihilating mankind.
Snow Crash Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson
A dangerous drug which is both a computer virus capable of infecting the brains of unwary hackers in the Metaverse and a mind-altering virus distributed by a network of Pentecostal churches via its infrastructure and belief system. Both forms cause glossolalia, and the computer virus form appears as a snowy pattern of pixels.
Solanum The Zombie Survival Guide
by Max Brooks
A virus that creates zombies, by transforming the brain, then reanimating the infected. (The infected brain's oxygen-independence is stressed) Other bodily function vary in how they are affected by the virus; some function in their original or modified state, while others remain dormant. It is also highly toxic; animals simply die from infection (reanimation occurs solely in humans) and ingesting flesh is permanently fatal. It is contracted by direct contact with infected individuals/bodies. (With the exception of ingesting flesh, so long as the individual has no open sores)
Spattergroit Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows A disease that covers the victim in purple pustules and renders them unable to speak. It may be a type of fungus, as Ron Weasley says that the effect of being unable to speak occurs “once the fungus has spread to your uvula”. The only known cure, according to the portrait of a Healer in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, is to bind the liver of a toad around the victim's throat and stand nude in a barrel of eel's eyes under a full moon. The portrait said that he believed Ron had this disease, due to the "unsightly blemishes" on his face. Ironically, Ron would later use this disease in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as an excuse as to why he was unable to return to Hogwarts, when in actuality he and his friends were out searching for Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes.
"Teen Plague" Black Hole by Charles Burns Also known as the "bug." It is a mutagenic STD which causes grotesque mutations, such as extra body parts, to grow all over the body. Seems to affect only teenagers.
V-CIDS ImmortalsThe Immortals An AIDS-like virus.
Vampiris I Am Legend
by Richard Matheson
A bacillus (rod-shaped) bacterium that causes photosensitivity, hysterical blindness near mirrors, overdevelopment of canine teeth, and production of a bulletproof adhesive. Victims feed on blood. While in the body, it is anaerobic, and causes the victim to exhibit zombie-like behavior. Outside the body, it sporulates into dust. If an infected person is cut deep enough, the bacteria turns them into powder. Can be treated, but not cured, with a pill containing a fusion inhibitor and dehydrated blood.
Venus Particle Tyrannosaur Canyon An extraterrestrial infectious particle found in a lunar rock sample and within a fantastically well-preserved tyrannosaur fossil in the New Mexico desert. It is later revealed that the organism came to Earth via the Chicxulub asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs. The particle, which was named for its resemblance to the symbol of Venus and femininity, causes rapid mitosis and apparent cellular differentiation in its host.
White Blindness Blindness
by José Saramago
A mysterious epidemic of sudden blindness affecting virtually all humanity, leading to society's collapse. So-called because victims see nothing but a white glare. Not to be confused with the White Blindness in Watership Down which is a name the rabbits use for the real illness Myxomatosis which affects rabbits causing blindness and death.
Plague of Insomnia One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel García Márquez
An epidemic brought into the Buendía household and the town of Macondo by Rebeca; the adopted daughter of José Arcadio Buendía and Úrsula Iguarán. This plague, originally coming from the northern Indian kingdoms in La Guajira (Colombia), is identified by the symptoms of wide-open, glowing eyes like those of a cat, and the impossibility of sleeping. Those infected (in the novel consisting of the entire town of Macondo) feel no tiredness or sleepiness whatsoever and hence can work all day and night. However, as time advances, those infected begin to lose all their memories and knowledge of the world; ultimately leaving them in a state in which they have forgotten the names and uses of all things and their own identities. The plague is generally seen as one of the most prominent demonstrations of magical realism in García Márquez's literary works.
White Disease White Disease by Karel ČapekThe White Disease
by Karel Čapek
An incurable mysterious form of leprosy, killing people older than 30.
White Plague White Plague by Frank HerbertThe White Plague
by Frank Herbert
A genetically engineered virus that kills only women. Released only on Irish, English, and Libyan populace.
Legacy Virus Marvel Multiverse A disease that targets only mutants.

In film

Name Source Symptoms
Brain Cloud Joe Versus the Volcano The brain cloud has no symptoms—apart from quickly and painlessly killing in about six months.
ComaThe Coma PlagueClive Barker's The Plague Affects all children. Induces a 10 year coma, after which the children simultaneously wake up and desire to kill all adults.
La Muerte Roja

(Red Death)

Osmosis Jones' A virus that damages the hypothalamus gland, causing the victim's body temperature to skyrocket to deadly levels. Also damages cells upon contact.
Fever"The Fever" Cabin Fever Cabin fever 2:Spring fever Necrotizing fasciitis which causes massive hemorrhaging and tissue necrosis. Victims typically bleed directly through the skin in early stages. In later stages, tissues become soft and slough away. It is known to be transmitted through drinking contaminated water.
Geostigma Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children A disease caused by Jenova's presence in the Lifestream as it rose to destroy Meteor in the ending of Final Fantasy VII. Decreases the efficiency of the body's immune system-like inner Lifestream current. Also causes exhaustion and black sores appearing on the skin. Mostly affects children due to their weaker constitutions. Healed by Aerith Gainsborough's Great Gospel healing rain. "The Stigma. It's a symptom of alien matter infesting the body. The body tries to eliminate it, and overcompensates. Inside our bodies is a current like the Lifestream. That current is what fights off any malevolent intruders." - Vincent Valentine
Goldfield Syndrome 50 First Dates A form of anterograde amnesia in which the sufferer begins each day with no memory of the events of the previous day. The person believes every day to be same day on which they acquired the condition.
Hemoglophagia (HGV) Ultraviolet Disease responsible for turning many humans into vampire-like creatures. Contrary to most vampiral diseases, hemoglophagia drastically shortens the lifespan of an infected individual to little over a decade.
The Host's Disease The Host The unnamed disease carried by the giant monster terrorizing South Korea. In actuality, there was no virus; the government claimed the monster was spreading a disease just to save face.
Infertility epidemic Children of Men A mysterious epidemic has led to worldwide infertility in women. All the human race has the inability to reproduce.
Krippin Virus (KV) I Am Legend A genetically re-engineered measles virus originally created as a "miracle cure" for cancer, but mutated into a lethal, highly-pathogenic strain. KV has a 90% mortality rate; less than 1% of humans are immune. Two transmission vectors for the pathogen are inhalation and infected blood, with two corresponding immunity profiles. Infected humans who did not die began exhibiting early symptoms of rabies and degenerated into a state driven by rage. A major symptom is that the adrenal glands are "permanently open", giving victims increased strength, speed and agility but also a faster metabolism. This results in increased body temperature, heart rate, and breathing speed, making those infected hyperventilate constantly. Pupils became permanently dilated and skin became hypersensitive to UV radiation, forcing infected hosts into a nocturnal life cycle. Loss of body hair is another symptom. Non-humans such as rats and dogs are also susceptible to KV. They are sensitive to blood. These infected are similar to vampires.
Lampington's Disease Last Holiday In the original 1950 film, the disease seems to have been a tumor in the abdomen (the patient's x-ray is used to indicate something "between the stomach and the small intestine," although a shot of the pelvis is actually being shown). Here, it is an untreatable, terminal condition which is nearly pain-free, but which leads to coma and death within a couple of weeks to a couple of months at the most. It is explained as a recently discovered condition, described by and named for Sir Trevor Lampington, a character who also appears in the plot. In the 2006 remake, the disease has morphed into a neurological disease causing multiple brain tumors, rapidly progressing to death within a few weeks if not treated with an exorbitantly expensive operation.
MacGregor's Disease Batman & Robin A four stages disease that Mr. Freeze's wife, Nora, was suffering from and placed in cryogenic stasis for. The film also revealed that Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, was also suffering from Stage-1 MacGregor's. Mr. Freeze successfully created the antidote for Stage-1 of the disease, and gave some of it to Batman as an apology for thinking that Batman killed Nora (which was actually a lie fabricated by Poison Ivy).
Mad Zombie Disease Zombieland (film) The disease which caused people, upon receiving a bite from one of the infected, to become zombies. The disease is a mutation of Mad Cow Disease, which became Mad Human Disease and then mutated to form Mad Zombie Disease.
Malignalitaloptereosis The Sword in the Stone A rare disease which causes the victim to break out in spots, followed by hot and cold flashes, then violent sneezing. During the wizard's duel, Merlin had transformed himself into the germ that caused this disease and infected Madam Mim with it.
Motaba Outbreak A deadly, virulent virus from the jungles of Zaire. Early stages resemble the flu, with pink eyes, coughing and fever. In later stages, the fever rises as high as 108, and victims seize violently, break out in skin lesions and bleed internally, causing a dark rash on the skin. Motaba incubates in 24 hours and kills in 48. The virus is 100% fatal. There is an airborne strain of Motaba. There is no treatment, but a large outbreak in a small California town was stopped when antibodies were taken from a carrier.
NAM37 PatriotThe Patriot (1998) A highly contagious airborne virus which has been stolen from a government biological warfare laboratory. Its early symptoms include a rash, and it is quickly fatal. It is not clear in the film whether the virus was supposed to have been harvested from the wild (such as Ebola) and then grown as a weapon, or whether the laboratory first engineered it in some way. In the film, the leader of a local militia has obtained both the virus and what he believes to be a vaccine for it, and decides to start an epidemic with the virus, believing that he will be safe because he has taken the vaccine. A local doctor of Indian (Native American) ancestry fights to find a cure for it.
Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS) Johnny Mnemonic Causes uncontrollable seizures at complete random. It is apparently caused by the overload of electronic interference present in the film.
Rage (Human Cortico-Deficiency Virus) 28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
Rage causes extreme aggression in a victim only seconds after being infected with the disease. The disease is easily transmissible through any bodily fluid, except apparently semen. Because of this extreme contagiousness and very short incubation time, a crowd of hundreds could be infected by one single individual in a manner of minutes. A graphic novel based on the films purports that Rage is a recombinant strain of Ebola, though its symptoms are similar to that of rabies. Animal testing was being performed on the disease but one animal was released by activists unaware of the virus. The infection soon spread to eliminate the entire population of Britain save a few lucky individuals who managed to survive. Infected organisms die out in a few months, succumbing to starvation, since they do not actually eat their victims. They also seem to drool blood constantly.
Reaper Doomsday Reaper causes effects similar to black plague. It appears in Scotland in year 2008 and kills most of it inhabitants. Scotland is put under quarantine. Some decades later, Reaper reappears in London. A cure is found several days later, but it is unknown whether or not it will be given to the population.
Satan Bug The Satan Bug (1965) A biological warfare agent that could kill all life on Earth in a matter of months is stolen from a government lab. Why was it stolen, and can it be recovered before it is too late?
Venomous (2002) A contagious virus spread by genetically altered poisonous snakes, and contact with infected people.
SP-43 Derailed (2002) SP-43 is a modified form of smallpox (variola) that has an extremely short incubation period. Its development is part of the back story, which is not completely clear, but given the fact that it appears to have been stolen in Slovakia and is being transported to Munich by a NATO agent, it appears to have been developed by the Czechoslovak government or some other Eastern Block country during the Cold War.
Space Rabies Howard the Duck Disease Howard claims to have in order to intimidate would-be attackers and make an escape. He claims it causes "agonizing death in fifteen seconds".
St. Mary's V for Vendetta A biological weapon engineered and released by the Norsefire party as a means of clandestinely gaining control over their own country.
Synaptic/Neural Overstimulation Syndrome Repo! The Genetic Opera A disease of unknown origin that killed roughly ten million people at the beginning of the 21st century in the Repo!-verse. It creates massive organ failure and apparently has no cure.
Synaptic Seepage Johnny Mnemonic Caused by downloading too much information into the brain. Causes cerebral hemorrhage and data corruption. It kills in approximately three days, and causes intermittent seizures.
T-Virus Resident Evil movies An artificial virus created by Umbrella. When a human is infected by it, the virus will destroy all cells, killing the host. Among two and four hours, all cells will be revitalized. But the virus will only activate one brain function: the hypothalamus, where feeding is controlled. The host becomes a violent mindless cannibal, and can infect other people by biting. Because of this effect, the virus was called the "cannibal disease".
Unknown Daybreakers A mysterious plaque spreading like a epidemic, transforms the majority of the world's human population into vampires.
Thing cells ThingThe Thing Triangle-pyramid viruses that makes up Thing monsters. If it enters another animal, it fuses with every cell of the host, possessing the host entirely. Each infected cell becomes an individual life form with its own desire to survive. An infected cell will seek out other cells to infect with its virus, and will work together with other infected cells to imitate other life forms. Because infected cells can rapidly duplicate and shapeshift, and because dislocated pieces of an infected host will shapeshift and become separate entities, infected hosts can only be killed if every individual cell is destroyed. Finally, hosts retain their knowledge and memories, allowing the virus to perfectly imitate any person and remain undetected.
Pandorum (Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome) Pandorum Psychological disorder stemming from excessive amounts of time spent conscious during space travel. The ailment takes full-blown effect when the victim is faced with unpleasant or painful truths. It starts with minor twitches, then auditory and visual hallucinations before becoming a severe psychotic episode. The most famous example is the first recorded case: a spaceship technician murdered his superiors before launching all 5000 cryosleep pods into space to their death, vertigo is a sub-branch of this fictional disease.
(unknown) Transporter 2 Created by scientists working for an assassin named Gianni, this unnamed virus kills everyone it infects within 48 hours. Whoever the infected person breathes on contracts the virus, and whoever they breathes on contracts it, etc. The Colombian drug cartel hires Gianni and his minions to use the virus to assassinate Jefferson Billings, the director of the National Drug Control Policy and all of the attendees of a major anti-drug conference. An antidote was also created, just in case, but was retrieved by the Billing Family's personal driver, Frank Martin.
(unknown) What's So Bad About Feeling Good? A highly-contagious virus, carried over from South America via a Toucan, causes intense feelings of giddiness, happiness and kindness in those affected.

In music

Name Source Symptoms
The Hippy Hippy Shake Chan RomeroHippy Hippy Shake (1959) Though little is known about this condition, it is presumed to be some kind of motor neurone disease, and is probably spread aurally. The symptoms include involuntary movement of the greater trochanter, and an inability to remain seated in anything approaching a static manner. Cure unknown.
Reggaemylitis Peter Tosh — Reggaemylitis (from Wanted Dread and Alive (1981) Sometimes your temperature / It really gets higher / And the music / Sets your soul on fire
Funky Fever The Jackson 5Blame It On The Boogie (1978) I'm full of funky fever/A fire burns inside me/Boogie's got me in a super trance

In television

Name Source Symptoms
Bliss Virus Doctor Who: Gridlock Appeared around five billion years into the future on New Earth. It began when New Earthlings developed a new mood-drug called Bliss. The world became addicted to it and, in Novice Hame's words, "A virus mutated inside the compound and became airborne. Everything died. Even the virus in the end. It killed the world in seven minutes flat."
Blue Shadow Virus Star Wars: The Clone WarsTemplate:Dn An extinct virus that recreated by Separatist scientist Dr. Nuvo Vindi as a weapon against the Republic. Can only be cured with the root of the reeksa plant. symptoms include muscular weekness, cough, and fainting, and if not cured in time, the victim will die.
Bone-itis Futurama In the Future Stock episode, That Guy suffers from bone-itis and cryogenically freezes himself in order to sustain him until a cure is found. Upon waking up, however, he neglects to get it cured, and dies suddenly as his bones contort horrifically. Not to be confused with osteitis.
Template:AnchorBonerplasia Saturday Night Live In the October 4, 2008 episode, Bonerplasia is a fictional condition which is allegedly a kind of chronic priapism. A man (played by Jason Sudeikis) used it as a fake explanation for why he constantly got erections around a woman, Amber (played by Anne Hathaway), he was secretly attracted to though claiming to be gay. However, she honestly believed him, because she "read the Bonerplasia article on Wikipedia", only for the man to then reveal "I actually wrote that article".
Bowden's Malady Firefly A degenerative disease that affects the bone and muscle, the only known treatment being a drug called Pescaline D. The disease is considered a "quirk" of planetary terraforming – the result of underground air mixing up with a mine's ore processors.
Closed Shell Syndrome Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex A type of autism caused by cyberbrain implants.
Cyberbrain Sclerosis Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Cyberbrain implant malady resembling multiple sclerosis, eventually fatal.
Croatoan virus Supernatural A virus that is Demonic in origin. It creates an unnatural murderous rage in infected people.
Dave's Syndrome Black Books A condition which is known to affect Manny, it is triggered by being exposed to a temperature of at least 88°F (31°C). While the exact effects of the disease are not described, a scene at the end of the episode shows the results — Manny is driven to madness and totally ransacks the area outside the shop, before using a hot water bottle as a loincloth, grabbing a flaming torch and painting "EAT ME" on his stomach, whilst jumping on the roof of an abandoned car. Bernard dismisses it as "attention-seeking rubbish" throughout the episode.
Dermatemeculitis Drake & Josh A skin disease that causes the hands and feet of the body to turn a sickly green color. This can usually only be cured by a series of painful injections. A rumored alternate cure is to soak the hands and feet in buckets of a substance called zypholic acid, which can be found in lizard urine. The hands and feet must be soaked for no less that 45 minutes. Megan tricks Drake into thinking he has this disease because he ate a cookie that was hers, and later states, "You know, there's another cure: Next time, don't eat my big cookie."
Desperation Disease Eureka 7 A disease that strikes randomly and has no known vector of contagion. Individuals gradually become detached from the world until they are completely catatonic. The name of the disease does not come from the victims' state, who seem to be communing with something metaphysical, but rather, from their families who despair of trying to wake them.
Dark Gundam Cells Mobile Fighter G Gundam Nanomachines from the Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam in North American dub) infect living organisms and undergo mitosis, allowing the Devil Gundam to control the victim. The victim will gain super-strength and self-recovery abilities and if inside a Mobile Fighter, will spread the cells to the Mobile Fighter and give it the abilities of the Devil Gundam, often mutating the Mobile Fighter into a stronger robot. If the cells have not reached the brain, the victim can be cured.
Drafa Plague Babylon 5 Neutralizes chemicals in the synaptic gap, thus inhibiting nerve signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Without clear direction from the brain as a result of the signals being blocked, the organs lose their ability to function correctly. For those that can be affected, the disease is 100% contagious, and if left untreated 100% terminal.
Ecola Spaceballs: The Animated Series A barf-borne disease made from Ecoli and Ebola
Electrogonnorhea Futurama An STD humans can contract from robots. Called the "Noisy Killer".
Electric flu Pokémon A condition when an electric Pokémon builds up too much electricity in its body or makes contact with an electromagnetic field. Characterized by sparks coming from the Pokémon's cheeks, a red face and uncontrolled bursts of electricity. Curable by having the Pokémon expunge the excess electricity.
Epideme Red Dwarf An intelligent virus, originally created as a smoking cure but long since mutated.
European flu Survivors (2008 TV series) A strain of flu based on the real Spanish flu but killing 99.9% of mankind.
Genie Flu Genie in the House A disease of Genies which causes them to change colours, become invisible and have squeaky voices.
Geodermic granititis Look Around You A disease that attacks the central nervous system, fooling it into calcifying the bodily tissue, eventually turning the victim into what is, essentially, a pile of rocks. More commonly known as cobbles.
The Gobloots I love Lucy Imaginary disease Lucy is "diagnosed" with in the episode [Lucy Fakes Illness]
Groat's Disease Curb Your Enthusiasm Groat's Disease is understood to be a potentially fatal neurological disease with symptoms of extreme hyperactivity "like after 5 cups of coffee." In the Season 7 episode "The Table Read", whilst pretending to have Groat's disease Leon, who has no knowledge of the disease, makes up more symptoms of it: "Everything I ate tasted like peaches! I forgot how to multiply.
Hades Covert One: The Hades Factor A blood-borne/air-born virus that causes sever internal hemorrhaging and bleeding from every orifice. Incubation period of 12 – 24 hrs. Kills within another 24 hours.
Hate Plague Transformers Bacterial spore of unknown origin transmitted by touch. Induces extreme paranoia and aggression in the infected, causing them to strike out against anyone or anything in an increasingly maddening desire to destroy. Symptoms include a deep reddish glow emanating from the infected. The only curative is intense logic and wisdom, which presumably counters the extreme irrationality the disease causes in its victims. First appearing during the Autobot-Decepticon wars (which necessitated the second resurrection of Optimus Prime), a relatively milder strain is seen again during the events of Beast Machines; Megatron triggers a pre-planted virus in Silverbolt, infecting him and the rest of the Maximals. The strain is cured, again, by intense logic and wisdom.
Heart virus Dragon Ball Z Is a virus that affects one's heart, Goku acquired this virus from a unknown location and had to be bedridden for days. In an alternate time line Goku dies from this virus leaving the rest of Earth's special forces to be killed by androids 17 and 18, who were activated six months after Goku's death. Bulma creates a cure for this virus so that Trunks can take it back in time to save Goku and stop the androids.
Holovirus Red Dwarf: Quarantine Discovered, contracted and possibly created by viral researcher Hildeguard Lanstrom, this nasty condition can only be passed between holograms. It can be transmitted across radio-waves and drains the victim's life-force while endowing them with powers such as telepathy, telekinesis and hex-vision. The sufferer tends to go insane long before his or her demise.

Suggested treatment: A remote link to the hologram disk projection system, a detachable power transfer adapter capable of holding spikes of up to five million volts, and a B47/7RF resistor. Plus confiscation of equally deranged penguin glove-puppet

Irumodic Syndrome Star Trek The Next Generation A neurological disease caused by a defect in the brain's parietal lobe. It can take years for the illness to actually develop. In one potential alternate reality, Jean-Luc Picard had this defect and developed the syndrome over a 25-year period.
Lackadaisy-Cathro Disease Ed, Edd n Eddy Main symptoms include "rationalising of mundane circumstances, habitual cleanliness and an abnormal fixation to head wear. Other symptoms include mumbled words and "weakness in the lower extremities". This was shown in an Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "A Case of Ed."
Lazar's Disease Doctor Who: Terminus A leprosy-like disease, the only cure is a dose of radiation
Lurgy (The Dreaded Lurgi) Goon ShowThe Goon Show A disease that causes anyone who catches it to say nothing but 'Eeee-yakkaboo!'.
Macrovirus Star Trek: Voyager An airborne pathogen-by-proxy that infects endothermic humanoids with a virus, causing the host to get lethargic and churn out more macroviruses until he/she/it wastes away and dies. When some of the bugs invaded Voyager, the EMH was able to synthesize a cure.
Mad Snail Disease Spongebob SquarePants A disease that spread by infected snail bite. In the first stage of the disease, after being bitten, toxins enter the body through the vibradious, moving through the host until the host's body is taken over. Symptoms include: severely untrimmed toenails, ticklish ribcage, and loss of balance. After final stage, the host becomes a zombie. In the episode, Gary bites Sqwidward and most of the citizens of Bikini Bottom. They think they were zombies and chased Spongebob until Dr. Gil Gilliams, SDE, SE (Snail Disease Expert and Snail Expert) informs them that "Mad Snail Disease" is nothing more than an urban legend.
Monkeynucleosis Hey Arnold! A disease that is caused if a person is touched by a monkey. Helga thinks she had this disease when a monkey trainer's monkey kissed her on the arm. It seems that the disease leads to death (Or, as said, "Expiration") There are four symptoms: 1) puffy rash where infected, 2) sweaty palms, 3) loss of appetite, and 4) irritability.
Monoorangeosis Wizards of Waverly Place A disease that seemingly does not allow one to experience the color orange in any of the five senses. It is mentioned by Max (Who obviously made it up) in the episode Art Teacher
Moon Fever H2O, Just add Water A Mermaid disease that affects them when they see a full moon. This illness makes them catatonic and draws them to water like a magnet.
Motaba The Pretender The A Virus among us episode borrows from the Outbreak film its center plot disease.
Petrifold Regression Doctor Who: New Earth A condition that causes the sufferer to turn to stone (similar to petrification). Unknown origins.
PhageThe Phage Star Trek: Voyager A necrotizing plague that affects members of the Vidiian species. Organ transplants are required for survival. Klingon DNA seems to be highly resistant to the phage. It was cured by the Think Tank.
Proxyglossariasis Duckman A condition which causes someone, while speaking, to occasionally use the next word in the dictionary instead of the one they wanted. Appeared in the episode "Research and Destroy".
(Unknown) Star Trek A mutated form of water from the planet PSI-2000 that spreads by touch which causes its victims to act in a way similar to being drunk. However, the effects do not wear off and eventually will cause victims to make dangerous decisions.
Re-vitiligo BoondocksThe Boondocks A disease that turns a white person's skin black over time. Uncle Ruckus claims to have it, though every flashback in which he appears, features him as black as he is in 2005–2008. He regards Michael Jackson as a "lucky bastard", as his skin turned from black to white.
Rigellian Fever Star TrekRequiem for Methuselah A disease originating from the Rigel system, the only known cure for which is the rare mineral ryetalyn.
Shanti Virus Heroes A virus that only affects individuals with superhuman abilities or powers, deactivating those powers and slowly killing the infected. At least one strain exists which affects humans without superhuman powers, which is simply lethal and was shown to have killed 93% of the world population in a possible future.
Spectrox Toxaemia Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani A fatal condition caused by touching the raw form of Spectrox, a residue from the saliva of bats found on the planet Androzani Minor, that contained a chemical similar to nitrogen mustard. The lifespan of the sufferer is then reduced to between two and three days; symptoms include a rash and/or cramp, followed by spasms, paralysis and finally Thermal Death Point. The only known cure was the milk of the Queen Bats.
SuddsThe Sudds SpongeBob SquarePants The sudds is an illness that only sponges can catch, which makes them sneeze out bubbles constantly. It is essentially a common cold. The sudds can be cured by washing the sponge and using it to clean various things, as shown in the episode "The Sudds."
Super Diarrhea American Dad! Francine experienced this disease while on a good-will mission to India.
Torsonic Polarity Syndrome (TPS) South Park A genetic condition which causes humans to be born with a set of buttocks over their facial organs. TPS is seen in South Park Ep.510 How To Eat With Your Butt. Over 11 people worldwide are affected.
Tree-Rush One Piece A virus which had almost destroyed the Shandian Tribe 400 years ago. The disease causes black spots to appear all over the victims body and eventually results in death. The disease was cured by Montblanc Norland by using a substance known as Connie from the Kona Tree.
(unknown) The Tribe Unknown virus that has killed all the adults, leaving only children and teenagers alive.
Uromysitisis Poisoning Seinfeld Poisoning that kills the infected person if they are unable to urinate.

In video games

Name Source Symptoms
The Affliction "Guild Wars" Also referred to as 'The Canthan Plague'. A disease that spread in Cantha, causing victims to become hulking, aggressive, pained creatures known as 'the afflicted'. It was seen to affect humans, cattle, and various animals in a menagerie. The sufferers were initially believed to be contagious, but this was later found out to be false.
Ancient virus Resident Evil series A rare viral strain found in queen ant genes. It was discovered by Alexia Ashford, while she was studying ants. When combined with Mother Virus (or Progenitor Virus) it creates the powerful T-Veronica virus. Probably the control power of it is due the Ancient virus.
Angel Toxicosis Tales of Symphonia A disease that cannot be transmitted, and affects only those with an unmounted Cruxis Crystal. Causes victim to eventually lose ability to taste, sleep, cry, feel pain, and talk. Also increases the victim's hearing, strength and sight abilities, as well as eliminating the need to eat and sleep. In early beginnings it allows the victim to gain crystal-like wings and fly until the disease is destroyed. The final stage of this diseases causes the victim to give up his/her heart and memory, and ultimately their life. The disease lasts for an unknown time, those afflicted are slowly "given" the symptoms via blessings of a person with a mounted Cruxis Crystal. A major example is Collette, one of the 8 protagonists of the game.}
Anthrax Beta/Gamma Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour Biowarfare agents concocted by the GLA. Unlike normal Anthrax, these agents kill in seconds, not days, and are powerful enough to corrode metal and ceramic armor.
Apathy Syndrome Persona-Trinity Soul, Persona 3 (video game)- Technically not a real disease, Apathy Syndrome is caused when a human's soul is "destroyed" by a Shadow. The affected person becomes unresponsive and "apathetic" to everything around them like the name suggests.
BLACKLIGHT Virus [PROTOTYPE] The Virus is a small infection agent that can replicate only inside the living cell of other organisms. It is the driving force behind the story plot that turns the humans into zombies, spawns Hunters and creates the vegetation. The Supreme Hunter is created when Alex injects Elizabeth Greene with a catalyst that eradicates the BLACKLIGHT virus, this back fires and the serum is rejected and rapidly multiplies into the Supreme Hunter. The BLACKLIGHT virus is made to re-write D.N.A. in living organisms by combining genetic traits, this causes Alex's powers in the game. The BLACKLIGHT virus originates from the REDLIGHT virus and multiple toxins (both harmless and fatal) have been produced from the BLACKLIGHT virus.
Blorbs Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story A disease caught by Toad's after ingesting "Blorb Mushrooms".
Chimera Virus Resistance: Fall of Man It mutates the infected into the enemies of the series.
Corprus The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Corprus causes incredible mutations in humanoids, but it is an almost non-communicable disease. People infected with blight are often sent to a special institution called the Corprusarium, which was made for researching corprus. Corprus is caused by the volcanic ash that emanates from Red Mountain, but, as a positive side effect, grants 100% disease immunity. The only known antidote is proven to destroy corprus, but ends up killing the victim as well. However, the player is able to take the antidote without any adverse effects, presumably because he is the reincarnation of the demi-god Nerevar.
Corrupted Blood World of Warcraft Initially contracted from fighting Hakkar, the God of Blood, in the dungeon of Zul'Gurub. Highly infectious, with an incubation period of 2 seconds and can infect any person in the immediate area. Referred to players as "the Plague", "Hakkar's SARS" or "WoW AIDS" for a major outbreak of the virtual plague in the game due to a design oversight.
Creeping Derangea Advance Wars: Days of Ruin An artificial virus that is revealed to be a failed Bio-Weapon created by Dr. Caulder to test the extent of IDS technology. Due to its inherent flaw of photophobia, creeping derangea is only able to thrive when the sun was effectively blocked out by the vast amounts of dust that were kicked up into the troposphere and stratosphere by the apocalyptic meteor impact events. The Virus is initially only able to infect those under the age of 20 but a new strain is somehow introduced that can infect older hosts over time. Symptoms include headaches, paranoia, and a black diamond on the skin called "the mark". It causes flowers to grow inside a person and break out of the skin. A beautiful, albeit excruciatingly painful, way to die. Its scientific name is Endoflorescens terribilis. It is also known as The Creeper and the Green Thumb.
Diathronitis Larn Afflicts daughter of player character; serves as primary motivation for gameplay.
Doll Syndrome hack GU.hack//G.U. A mysterious medical condition in which a person falls into a completely unresponsive state. Doll Syndrome is in fact a physical side effect to an infection by AIDA. Salvador Aihara tries to do an undercover investigation regarding Doll Syndrome in especially young children for his show "Online Jack".
Flood Parasite Halo The Flood Parasite is depicted in the Halo franchise as a Parasite that mutates infected hosts into creatures similar to zombies. Depending on the size or condition of the Host's body, the Parasite mutates the hapless host into various specialized physical forms.
Forced Evolutionary Virus Fallout Originally known as the Pan-Immunity Viron Project, FEV, along with radiation, is responsible for many mutations in the wastelands. The most visible of these are the super mutants, former humans granted incredible strength and endurance as result of being infected. Exposure to the virus is also known to be fatal in many cases. FEV serves as a major plot element in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3.
FoxDie Metal Gear Solid FoxDie is a virus responsible for killing people with certain genetic markers via cardiac arrest. FoxDie is given to protagonist Solid Snake by Dr. Naomi Hunter, only it is engineered to go off at an indeterminate time. FoxDie was also the cause of death of Liquid Snake, Decoy Octopus (impersonating DARPA chief Donald Anderson), and the ArmsTech President.
G-Virus Resident Evil 2 A mutagenic pathogen which causes the host to become a big, constantly evolving, practically unstoppable killing machine, with exceedingly high attack power and immense vitality, in addition to the ability to regenerate and mutate so quickly the carrier virtually loses its mortality. The purified virus can be injected directly into the host, or a mutated host can implant a small larvae, called a G-embryo into another host. The latter mode of transmission is most successful when the host and the new victim are genetically similar. The virus would later merge with the T-Virus, creating an extremely dangerous, electromagnetic-capable variant called T/G Virus
Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin (GUILT) Trauma Center: Under the Knife A series of eight parasitic pathogens created by the medical-terrorist group Delphi. Despite its ingame introduction as a toxin, GUILT is referred as a "moving tumor", but behaves more like a parasite. During ingame sequences where the player operates on patients, GUILT diseases are normally shown as a pseudo-sentient core that attacks the patient from within, using lacerations, tumors and other ailments. Individual strains are named after Greek days of the week (Kyriaki, Deftera, Triti, Tetarti, Pempti, Paraskevi, Savato), the only exception being the eighth strain, called "Bliss". Neo-GUILT strains, which were developed independently from the original GUILT project, introduce four more strains (Nous, Bythos, Sige, Aletheia). Some GUILT survivors were also inflicted with a variation of the disease, dubbed the PGS (Post-GUILT syndrome).
Gray Death Deus Ex A global plague engineered using nanotechnology within a Universal Constructor by Majestic-12, the Gray Death virus is actually a hybrid (cyborganic) disease of biological and mechanical structures. It is based on the adverse and ultimately lethal effects of nanotechnology on an unmodified human body. Named the Gray Death because of the gray patches of discolored scar tissue that cover its victims' skins, if and when the disease is cured. Symptoms include the aforementioned discoloration of the skin, coughing, physical pain and death.
Hyper-evolutionary virus StarCraft The Hyper-evolutionary virus is a retrovirus produced by Zerg Queens. It is used to mutate "lesser" creatures into zerg warrior breeds. Only a small percent of humanity is fully compatible, who retain personality, intelligence, and psionics. Others mutate into living bombs, utterly dominated by the Overmind. It has a re-animation side-effect. It is transmissible through fluid transfer only, much like Solanum.
Incuritis Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney A rare, but lethal disease, curable only through the use of a medicine made from the Borginian Cocoon. The cure is very difficult to make, and if made incorrectly, it is a deadly poison, and thus the exportation of such a cocoon is illegal. The Chief Justice's son is afflicted with the disease.
Khyme Syndrome Star Trek: The Next Generation — The Transinium Challenge No details are given aside from the fact Beverly Crusher won a Nobel Prize for her work on this disease.
Las Plagas Resident Evil 4 A parasitic, organism which can infect a variety of hosts, including humans. It has the ability to control its host's behavior, inducing a hive-like mentality among the infected and extreme hostility towards uninfected individuals. The infected retain most of the characteristics of humans such as fine motor skills as seen through their use of simple weapons such as scythes and axes, and more complicated weapons such as chainsaws and chainguns. They are seen to obey "Queen" parasites, much like ants.
NE-Alpha Parasite Resident Evil The NE-Alpha Parasite has an immunity to the T-virus, and is used to protect the higher brain functions of B.O.W.'s.
Porphyric HemophiliaTemplate:Dn Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Causes vampirism after an incubation period of three days. If the player is infected, they can go through a quest to cure the disease, however it is not necessary to be cured to complete the quest.
Pox of LeChuck Tales of Monkey Island The Pox of LeChuck (also named LeChucken Pox in the final episode) is a plague apparent in Tales of Monkey Island that swept across the Caribbean when Guybrush stabbed LeChuck with an enchanted voodoo sword at the Rock of Gelato. This caused LeChuck to be stripped of his voodoo powers, releasing a pandemic that transformed many pirates into green-skinned, foul-mouthed monsters. It also spread to Guybrush's hand, giving it a life of its own (even after being cut off by Morgan LeFlay), as well as infecting his wife, Elaine Marley. The only known cure is La Esponja Grande, which Guybrush embarks on a quest to find after speaking with the Voodoo Lady.
Progenitor Virus Resident Evil In the back-story of the series, the Progenitor virus is the primary virus created by the Umbrella Corporation, a mutagen based on ebola. Successor viruses include the T-Virus, the G-Virus, and T-Veronica Virus.
Phazon Madness Metroid Prime A virus transmitted by being in close proximity to Phazon. The victim's mind is warped so they can no longer tell friend from foe, and exist only to destroy. Phazon Madness is extremely contagious, and it later develops into Phazon Fever, wherein the victim gains an obsessive compulsive disorder regarding Phazon. Infected victims can utilize Phazon as a weapon and normally can only be killed by Phazon itself.
Pokérus Pokémon A virus that afflicts Pokémon. Though it is incurable, it has no negative effects, and is in fact helpful. Pokémon afflicted gain double effort values in battle. The Pokémon retains this ability even after its contagious period of 48 hours has passed. Transmission is by proximity in a party, and the 48 hour "clock" is stopped by placing the Pokémon into a PC.
Rust Lung Gears of War 2 When the Lightmass bomb that killed the multitude of Locust monsters in the first game vaporized the liquid element "Imulsion", the gas seeped into the atmosphere of planet Sera, resulting in 'Rust Lung', a disease that spreads quickly and deadly.
Scurge Scurge: Hive A parasite that can infect biological, technological, or coherent energy systems. It takes about one minute to overwhelm the special filters designed to ward off its infection.
Green Flu (Previously Unknown) Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2

The Green Flu,commonly referred to simply as The Infection, has caused most humans who come in contact with it to change into homicidal, zombie-like beings. Anyone can catch it, but there are few out there who show no symptoms of the virus. They can, however, spread it to whoever comes in contact with them. These carriers seldom realize they are spreading the virus, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.
The Plague Mass Effect 2 The Plague is a nasty virus possibly created by the Collectors which infects all species except Humans and Vorcha. Causes horrible sores, a bad cough and coughing up blood. It was being spread through the ventilation system by the Vorcha under orders of the Collectors but was stopped by Shepard. Before the Plague epidemic began that part of Omega was under the control of Mercs who let people live there provided they paid protection money. When the virus struck many Mercs died and the Vorcha began to move in, the district became a war zone when the Mercs fought to keep their control and was quickly quarantined. Shortly after the Plague epidemic began the Mercs began to lock people in their houses, one house contains a dead Batarian with a message saying how he'd rather have the Plague than starve to death, describing the starvation as "it feels like my stomach is digesting itself".

The fact that Humans were not affected by the virus led many aliens (especially the Batarians.) to come to the incorrect conclusion that Humans created it.

The Plague of Undeath Warcraft III The Plague is responsible for the entire Undead race. It can re-animate dead creatures with a reasonable degree of sentience, and keeps the undead creature together even after its flesh has rotted away completely, similar to Necromantic sorcery. However, the creature is usually dominated by the undead command structure, but they can escape from the tyranny of undeath. It also causes the soil beneath and around Undead structures to change into a substance known as Blight, which is poisonus to most plants.
Rosalia Virus Trauma Team A variation of viral hemorrhagic fever, capable of killing patients in days. The viral disease was originally found in the blood of Rosalia Rosselini by Cumberland Institute researcher Albert Sartre. Sartre and a lab assistant attempted to use the virus to cure all disease, but instead found that it could not be used for positive means. An outbreak of the disease occurred, resulting in the Cumberland Incident, where Sartre and Rosalia escaped to Mexico, and the assistant lost all memory of the incident, but was arrested and sentenced to 250 years of imprisonment under the ID "CR-S01". However, Sartre was inflicted with the virus, causing him to fall to insanity, killing Rosalia. Rosalia's blood splattered onto nearby flowers, which monarch butterflies fed upon, acting as vectors that caused a second outbreak. A variation of the Rosalia virus was encountered once, when one of the Rosalia patients also had a pre-existing permanent genetic disease (thought to be related to GUILT). Interactions between the genetic mutation and Rosalia gave birth to a "Twisted Rosalia" strain, which only one case was known to be documented.
Stigma Trauma Center: New Blood A virus accidentally created by Markus Vaughn and Lloyd Wilkens. It later is used as a bioterror weapon by the group Parnassus. It comes in six strains, named after body parts it resmbles or attacks (Cheir, Soma, Ops, Onyx, Brachion, Cardia).
T-Virus Resident Evil A virus that causes dementia and cellular necrosis. It can easily mutate into other strains, some of which have mutagenic effects on the host. In insects or amphibians, the resulting mutation often involves increased aggressiveness, increased size, and (almost always) the development of poisonous traits. In mammals, the results include aggressiveness, physiological changes of varying degrees, and an extremely increased evolutionary rate. Variants include the NE-T virus, T-G Virus, the T-JCCC203 (used for pharmaceutical, but killed two people) and many other variants.
Technocyte Virus Dark Sector The metabolism of victims are increased and the surface of their skin hardens and forms a metallic exterior. The infection continues to mutate the host, driving them insane from the intense pain. The infected then become wildly aggressive and unpredictable, attacking anyone that is not infected on sight. The disease can be spread by physical contact and can affect animals as well as humans.
Tiberium poisoning Command & Conquer Tiberium crystals start to grow on a person's skin. These skin crystals eventually force their way through the persons vital organs, killing them. If the infestation is in a certain proportion, the victim mutates into a living bag of rotten skin and organs, called a visceroid.
Uroboros Resident Evil 5 An advanced strain of the Progenitor virus, the Uroboros virus was created by Albert Wesker, with inadvertent help from Jill Valentine. Exposure to Uroboros can lead to one of two things – forced evolution via DNA integration, leading to extremly heightened abilities, or rejection via the virus, leading to the parasitic nature taking over and forming a mass of black, leech-like pustules, which can grow in size if exposed to more organic matters. The only individual known to survive the process was Albert Wesker, which was more than likely due to the fact of his previous exposure to the T-virus. Other beings that took positive mutations from the Uroboros virus include the Reapers; cockroaches exposed accidentally to the virus, who then in turn grew largely in size, gained armour-like carapaces and scythe-like appendages, explaining the name.
Wailing Death Neverwinter Nights A bubonic-like plague that infects almost the entire city of Neverwinter. Thought to be just a natural plague, it is later discovered that it was magically created and unleashed upon the city.
(unknown) Madworld A disease created by the Organizers to force innocent people to compete in the bloodsport Deathwatch for an antidote.
Fleas "Animal Crossing" Though the player cannot be affected by them, animal villagers can contract fleas which in turn can spread across the town to all villagers except the player. The only way to cure Fleas is to sneak up behind and hit the villager with the bug catching net to disperse the Fleas. Fleas can cause the villager to become irritable and more difficult to please. Additionally, in Animal Crossing City Folk villagers found the city can contract Fleas as well, causing a true epidemic.

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