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"In 1963 [ Paul Krassner ] created a miracle of compressed intelligence nearly as admirable for potent simplicity, in my opinion, as Einstein's e=mc2." Vonnegut explained: "With the Vietnam War going on, and with its critics discounted and scorned by the government and the mass media, Krassner put on sale a red, white and blue poster that said FUCK COMMUNISM. At the beginning of the 1960s, FUCK was believed to be so full of bad magic as to be unprintable. ... By having FUCK and COMMUNISM fight it out in a single sentence, Krassner wasn't merely being funny as heck. He was demonstrating how preposterous it was for so many people to be responding to both words with such cockamamie Pavlovian fear and alarm." -- Kurt Vonnegut's foreword[1] to Krassner's The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race

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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

FUCK COMMUNISM! (1963) is a bumper sticker and poster conceived by Paul Krassner. It combined an anti-communist message with the censored word fuck.

Beneath the words "Fuck Communism" is written "Additional Copies Available From The Mothers Of The American Revolution, Washington, D.C.", "a fake organization created by The Realist for use on this poster, and for letterhead for occasional correspondence with parties of differing political opinion that would most likely not communicate with The Realist itself."[2]

The word "FUCK" is written in blue and red and feature stars and stripes from the American flag, the word "COMMUNISM" features a hammer and sickle.

The poster was sold through The Realist magazine.

"It became one of the most financially successful and culturally memorable pieces of the magazine's history, and a high point of satire upon politics and obscenity, during the early 60s."[3]
"Original "Fuck Communism!" Typography and Design by John Francis Putnam, who also designed The Realist logo. Poster concept was a collaboration with the suggestion for "Fuck" belonging to Putnam, followed by the suggestion for "Communism" belonging to Krassner. Putnam was a regular contributor to The Realist, best known for his MODEST PROPOSALS column."[4]

In advertising this item, Krassner advised that if anyone displaying the sticker received criticism, the critic should be told, "Go back to Russia, you Commie lover."

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