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Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary (1758) is a two volume compilation of essays by David Hume. Part I includes the essays from Essays, Moral and Political, plus two essays from Four Dissertations. The contents of this part largely covers political and aesthetic issues. Part II includes the essays from Political Discourses, most of which develop economic themes. The total two-part collection appeared within a larger collection of Hume's writings titled Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects.

Chapter listing

Part I

  1. Of the delicacy of taste and passion
  2. Of the liberty of the press
  3. That politics may be reduced to a science
  4. Of the first principles of government
  5. Of the origin of government
  6. Of the independency of parliament
  7. Whether the British government inclines more to absolute monarchy, or to a republic
  8. Of parties in general
  9. Of the parties of Great Britain
  10. Of the superstition and enthusiasm
  11. Of the dignity or meanness of human nature
  12. Of civil liberty
  13. Of eloquence
  14. Of the rise and progress of the arts and sciences
  15. The epicurean
  16. The stoic
  17. The platonist
  18. The sceptic
  19. Of polygamy and divorces
  20. Of simplicity and refinement in writing
  21. Of national characters
  22. Of tragedy
  23. Of the standard of taste

Part II [Political Discourses]

  1. Of commerce
  2. Of refinement in the arts
  3. Of money
  4. Of interest
  5. Of the balance of trade
  6. Of the jealousy of trade
  7. Of the balance of power
  8. Of taxes
  9. Of public credit
  10. Of some remarkable customs
  11. Of the populousness of ancient nations
  12. Of the original contract
  13. Of passive obedience
  14. Of the coalition of parties
  15. Of the Protestant succession
  16. Idea of a perfect commonwealth

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