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"R. E. L. Masters is the author of several studies dealing with unusual or unexplored aspects of human sexuality. These widely acclaimed books include Forbidden Sexual Behavior and Morality (an objective reexamination of perverse sexual practices in different cultures); The Homosexual Revolution (an account of homophile cults and organizations, past and present); and The Cradle of Erotica (a survey of African and Middle and Far Eastern sexual behavior, written in collaboration with Allen Edwardes)."--Penguin books, to the 1974 edition

"And how nicely can doggish lust beg for a piece of spirit, when a piece of flesh is denied it!" --Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nietzsche

"The origin of demons was for many centuries a critical and perplexing problem for theologians. That God might have created them directly was an unpalatable doctrine, though one occasionally presented. However, granting the malefic character of demons, it seemed that to accept God as their creator would be to accept also the belief that evil might flow directly from God, among whose attributes was that of Perfect Goodness. This being the case, and such a contradiction not to be endured, it seemed better to suppose that the demons were creatures endowed by their Creator with free will, and who freely chose evil (as human beings are wont to do)."--Eros and Evil (1962) by Robert Masters

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Eros and Evil: The Sexual Psychopathology of Witchcraft, Contains the Complete Text of Sinistrari's Demoniality (1962) is a book by Robert Masters first published by the Julian Press.


Eros and Evil is the first systematic modern study of the sexual behavior of witches (and of witch hunters) and, as such, is an important contribution to psychological literature. Emphasizing the period between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries (the witch era, when sexual licentiousness in fact and fantasy was rampant), R. E. L. Masters contends that intercourse with devils and demons was the central fact of witchcraft. His discussion ranges over such subjects as the anatomy of the devil, the sexual psychology of demons, and erotic cannibalism, and he shows how hysteria, mental disorders, and drugs may explain some of demonic sexuality's strangest aspects. Most significantly, Eros and Evil throws light on the origins and development of Western sexual (or antisexual) morals. No other work makes so clear the superstitious and often diseased foundation of the sexual code by which we are attempting to live. This edition of Eros and Evil contains the complete text of Ludovico Maria Sinistrari's Demonality, one of the great classics of demonology.


Table of contents

1. Origins of incubi and succubi 3
2. The anatomy of the devil 11
3. Problems of demonic substance 29
4. The semen and the demon 34
5. Offspring of demoniality 41
6. Sexual psychology of demons 49
7. Demoniality: forms of the union 58
8. The witches' Sabbat 82
9. Murder and cannibalism 88
10. Scatology 9
11. Cruelties and cuckoldries 99
12. Devils in the convents 104
13. Defense and counterattack 111
14. Points of law and order 117
15. Sexual magic 126
16. Sources of the witch belief 142
17. Drugs and the witches 150
18. Disordered minds 156
19. Eros and evil 167
appendix a Celebrities of demonology 173
appendix b Demoniality by Ludovico Maria Sinistrari 191
Notes 269
SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY of English language works 309

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