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In the Vedic pantheon Dyauṣ Pitṛ is the Sky Father, divine consort of the Prithvi and father of Agni, Indra (RV 4.17.4) and Ushas, the daughter representing dawn. In archaic Vedic lore, Dyaus Pitṛ and Prithivi Matṛ were one, single composite dvandva entity, named as the Dyavaprthivi.

Etymologically, Dyaus is derived from Proto-Indo-European root word morpheme *Diw- with the meaning to shine. Words related to Dyaus in Sankrit include Divasa (Day), Dik (Direction) etc.

According to one versionTemplate:Clarify me of Creation as embodied in the Rg Veda (RV), mortal life emerged from the procreation by Dyausa Pita, whereby the mother Earth, goddess Prithivi was impregnated by the Dyauṣ Pitṛ by way of rains.

Dyauṣ Pitṛ is the Sanskrit version of the Proto-Indo-European sky god concept personified by *Dyeus, who appears in many other Indo-European religions with similar attributes. Dyeus was addressed as Dyeu Ph2ter, literally "Sky Father" or "shining father", as reflected in Latin Jupiter, Dispater and deus pater, Greek Zeu pater.

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