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Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel
Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel

Destricted is a 2006/2010 British-American drama film series that explores the line where art and pornography intersect. The UK and US film releases had overlapping but different film lineups.

The UK version released in 2006 runs at 112 minutes and includes seven short films: Marina Abramović's Balkan Erotic Epic, Matthew Barney's Hoist, Sync - Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark's Impaled, Gaspar Noé's We Fuck Alone, Richard Prince's House Call, and Sam Taylor-Wood's Death Valley.

The US version (2010) runs at 129 minutes and includes eight short films: Marilyn Minter's Green Pink Caviar, Barney's Hoist, Cecily Brown's Four Letter Heaven, Clark's Impaled, Noé's We Fuck Alone, Prince's House Call, Sante D'Orazio's Scratch This, and Tunga's Cooking.


Destricted can be described as seven short art-house porn films:

  • Impaled (Larry Clark) - A casting for a porn film, but not with the insecure women often displayed, instead with insecure young men. (37min 28s).
  • Balkan Erotic Epic (Marina Abramović) - An erotic comedy about myths from the Balkan around the sexual organs. (13 min 04s).
  • House Call (Richard Prince) - A vintage sex scene that comes closest to pornography. (12min 29s).
  • Sync (Marco Brambilla) - Consists of very fast cuts from different porn films and plays for about two minutes. (2min 15s).
  • Hoist (Matthew Barney) - A general art film. (14min 37s).
  • Death Valley - Opens with a beautiful shot, but then continues with an eight-minute masturbation scene. (8min 25s).
  • We Fuck Alone (Gaspar Noé) - A doll is the protagonist. (23min 31s).


  • Daniel as himself
  • August as herself
  • Jasmine Byrne as herself
  • Destiny Deville (uncredited) as herself
  • Dillan Lauren as herself
  • Sativa Rose as herself
  • Angela Stone as herself
  • Nancy Vee as herself
House Call
  • Kora Reed as The Patient
  • John Saint John as The Doctor
  • Vincente Pinho Neto as Blooming Greenman
Death Valley
  • Chris Raines
We Fuck Alone

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